Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 20 - Drive - full transcript

In Quantico, the recruits are teamed up to be tested for zeal in various FBI postings. Caleb stars even on a filing assignment, but thick Iris, whom he asks to stop Shelby from seeking a post near the Canadian border so she can visit her parents, spills the beans, only to see Shelby dump Caleb and resign. Overzealous Alex nearly gets Brandon shot and accidentally finds out about Ryan's secret, having taken the blame for Liam. The flirting-forced twins fail to safely find their contact, yet are let off the book. In New York, Alex and Shelby find Drew terminally hospitalized for radiation and follow his lead to search desperately for the nuclear devise, only ti find out that Drew was the voice and claims Ryan, whom Liam took also,g when promoted to DC, put him up to it.

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- Previously on "Quantico"...
- Drew: My career is over.

What am I supposed to
do? What's left for me?

Agent Susan Coombs, your new handler.

Do you have any idea
what kind of an asset

you're going to be in counterterrorism?

Shelby: Caleb is not only violent,

he is actively engaged with a cult.

He's a danger to all of us.

I don't know you at all, Ryan.

Why do you want to talk to Alex?

Because the last person who
saw Natalie Vasquez alive was Alex.

Find her.

Alex. I'm sick.

I helped build it. The nuke.

You have to find it.


Alex Parrish, we have
a warrant for your...

Caleb: Hey, Booth.

You're just in time for
"Clever Carriage Home."

How much do you think this rusticated
bench will go for?

Talk to me!

Man: Clear! We got nothing.

She isn't here. But Caleb is.

Bring him in. I'll get him to talk.

Yep, you're not gonna find her here.

She hasn't been here since yesterday.

Then where is she?

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Indistinct conversations]

Alex: We called the
tip in six hours ago.

They still haven't found anything.

I don't understand.

Will said that he was
forced to assemble the nuclear bomb

inside the church's catacombs.

Oh, my God.

Maybe the bomb's portable.

- So, what do we do?
- I don't know.

Maybe... Maybe Will can help us

with our next lead when he wakes up.

If he wakes up, Alex. He's in the ICU.

[Sighs] Where are we on finding Simon?

Well, if Simon helped
Will build the bomb,

he would be
suffering from the same levels

of radiation sickness.

I just ran a search
of the city hospitals

to see if there's any other patients

suffering from similar symptoms.

There's a John Doe at
the ICU at St. Luke's.

Male, 5'10", brown hair...

Do you think that could be Simon?

Meet me there.

Be careful. They're looking for you.

I know.

[Gin Wigmore's "New Rush" plays]

You think you're strong?
Well, somebody's stronger.

You think you're fast?
There's somebody faster.

Close quarters combat isn't
about strength and speed.

It's about who can adapt more
quickly to their surroundings.

Technique will help you.

Instinct will save your life.

Welcome to the Box.

The Box is meant to simulate
a real-world encounter

in a confined space.

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

Liam: Because out in the field,

you don't get to
choose the when and where.

You certainly don't get
to choose who you fight.

Speaking of which, meet your
new sparring partners...


Parrish, you're up.

Ready to get your ass kicked by a girl?

♪ To all the fools that
live in my heart ♪


I thought that you might
want to check out

the book Liam was talking
about in class earlier.

Sure. Of course.

How did you know I always wanted to read

"The Standard System for Investigating

and Classifying Violent Crime"?

Eh, you know. I just...

You know you don't need an
excuse to talk to me, right?

I'll keep that in mind.

- ♪ I step on you ♪
- Ready?

♪ To sip on fire ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

♪ I burn my eyes to
see through water ♪

[Both breathing heavily]

Guess that's a rain
check on that ass-kicking.

Looks like everything that's
old is new again.

Iris: [Scoffs] Yeah, you
don't waste any time, do you?

Drew's been gone for, what, 20 minutes?

♪ To feel your rush ♪

♪ And in that
rush, I want your touch ♪

Thank you, sir.

What is he doing back here?

I thought you said you'd handled it.

I thought I had, too.

♪ I step on you ♪

♪ To sip on fire ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

She's watching.

[Speaking indistinctly]

We read the brief on
the Poughkeepsie cell

that you want us to infiltrate,

and, honestly, they are
years away from being a threat.

We're wasting our time.

[Sighs] I think what
my sister means is...

No training wheels.

If we have to go into a
cell, I want the biggest one.

I was us to go after the
men who attacked Quantico.

We're ready.

I don't need to tell you what happens

if you're not ready.

♪ I step on you ♪

- I'll talk to my supervisor.
- Thank you.

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

♪ I got this feeling
that I can't go back ♪

♪ I burn my eyes to
see through water ♪

Liam: Good job today.

Let's go get cleaned up.

A little late to be turning
in your field assignment form,

don't you think?

I asked O'Connor if I could redo mine.

Buffalo, Cleveland, Milwaukee...

Those are old-age homes.

Weren't you and Alex
applying for New York?

All three of these offices

are a few hours by car
to the Canadian border.

I could see them every weekend.

Look, I know you're probably
upset Caleb's back,

and so am I, but I don't want you

making a choice you're
going to regret later.

Iris, just because I
don't want what you want

doesn't mean that I'm making a mistake.

For the record, you just got lucky.

Even Ronda Rousey loses sometimes, okay?

I want a rematch.

What, you're not gonna say anything?

- Well, this is way more fun.
- [Gasps]

Where did you learn that move anyway...

the backflip thing?

[Sighs] I don't know.

But it saved my life in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, huh?

- Two tours.
- I know.

I just wasn't entirely
sure if that was real.

Um... wow.

The real Ryan Booth... still a mystery.

Well, that part was true.

And everything else?

Oh, you know, I don't know. I just...

I was a different person back then.

- [Chuckling] Shut up.
- You know, it was...

Okay, okay.

How about, when I'm
not your trainee anymore,

maybe we could get caught
up on everything over dinner.

T-minus two weeks before
I'm your equal.

Well, not quite equal.

I'll rise fast.

All right, two weeks,

and you might need more than one dinner.

There's still a lot you don't know.

Liam: Panic attacks, insecurity,

insubordination, exasperation,

crippling self-doubt...

These are all symptoms trainees
have experienced

on their first day of
work at their new field office.

So, here at the Academy,

we're trying something different.

We're gonna give you a
chance to visit a field office

before you graduate.

Ryan: You'll shadow real
agents working real cases.

And as these agents
don't know you personally,

they will be evaluating you...

specifically your readiness to work.

Liam: So, if I were you,

I would put my best foot forward.

Ryan: All right, since the
entire class can't visit

the same field office, we
split you up into groups.

So, Parrish, Wyatt, Chang,

Fletcher, Haas, and the Amin twins,

you seven are coming with me
to the Richmond field office.

We move out in 20.

Man: The following trainees are coming

to the Norfolk field office...

I may not be able to
prove what you did to Will,

but are you why Shelby is changing

her field office assignment
request to Buffalo?

What are you talking about?

Okay, I don't believe all that

"I just want to be
closer to my family" thing.

I think it's you.

T-That's a huge mistake.

You got to stop her.

How about I stop you instead?

I don't care who your
family is, but you're done.

You just don't know it yet.

I spoke with my supervisor,

and we're going to test you today.

Let me guess...

You want us to play one
person and swap back and forth?

Yes, but that's not the hard part.

We've already told an
agent in the office

that you will be posing as one trainee.

This agent knows who you are, but
you don't know who they are.

The test is simple...

Identify your contact without
blowing your cover.

Just like in the field,
they can't walk up to you

and say, "Nice to meet
you. I'm your contact."

You have to figure out who
they are by looking for cues

and arranging to meet without
being found out.

We'll do our best, but...
what if we fail?

If you fail, I won't even be able

to send you to Poughkeepsie.

Alex: Oh, hey.

By the way, I figured out what
I'm going to be working on.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


I'm gonna figure out
everything that's worth finding out

about the elusive Ryan
Booth once and for all.


John Doe should be in Room 16.


Woman: Trauma team to the E.R., please.

Trauma team to the E.R.


Is it over?

Did you get him?

Who? Get who?


It started a few months
after I left the Academy.

I was working for this
private security firm

in New York when I got a call...

unknown number.

I answered, and this voice tells me

to rent a van and park it on
Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

At first, I refused,

and then they texted
me photos of my sister,

her little kids.

After that, I stopped asking questions.

What was the make and model of the van?

It was gray.

That's all I can remember.


The van that brought
you to Grand Central

the day of the attack?

Tell me what happened next.

They kept calling and
asking me to do more...

gather information on train routes

to Penn Station and Grand Central,

scout CCTVs around the city.

I had no idea what they were up to.

And then, the first attack happened,

and I saw you on the news.

I felt horrible, Alex.

Why didn't you turn yourself in?

To who?

The FBI?

I knew whoever was doing
this was inside the Bureau.

That doesn't mean it was Ryan.

No, it doesn't.

But two nights ago, I
delivered a nuclear fuel core

to a warehouse in Yonkers,

and I waited across the
street to see who'd show up.

It was Ryan.

And he had Will, handcuffed.

What about Simon Asher? Did you see him?

If you didn't tell anyone before,

why are you telling us now?

Why should we believe you now?

I have no reason to lie to you, Alex.

Just look into Ryan.

Look in his
computer, his phone, his car.

My thought is, at the very least,

we'll find the
voice-modification software

he's been using this whole time.

Look... Check my pants pocket.

There's a flash drive I stole from work.

It has a brute-force algorithm in it.

It'll decrypt Ryan's computer passwords.

I was on my way to get
it to you, and I collapsed.

Alex, look...

I know that you care
for Ryan, but he built

his entire
relationship with you on a lie.

Don't forget that. Just
do a little digging.

You'll see for yourself.

I promise you, Alex.

- Kent: Welcome to Richmond.
- [Elevator bell dings]

My name is Agent Jordan Kent,

and I'm the Special Agent in
Charge of this field office.

We investigate over a
thousand cases a year,

and every single one of them is crucial.

Now, a few words of
advice as newbies on the job...

eyes open, mouths shut.

Follow those rules, and who knows?

A few years from now, you
may be standing where I am.

And if you don't, maybe you'll
be substitute teaching

like my old friend Booth here.

When I call your name, report to
the agent you're assigned to.

Amin, you'll be working with
Garnett, counterterrorism.

Mmm, that's quite a special agent there.

Wyatt and Haas,

you'll be with Agent
Alonzo, property crime.

Uh, excuse me, I'd like
to request a new partner.

Yeah, and I'd happily sub for her.

Did something give you the
idea assignments are optional?

And Parrish, Chang, and Fletcher...

you three are with me.

Come on.

[Bonnie Raitt's "Need
You Tonight" plays]

You two will be working the
biggest case in the office.

Big case... a lot of paperwork.

Start alphabetizing.

Four days ago, we had a break-in

at the Norman Avenue post office.

Nothing was taken, but
we're still canvassing for leads,

talking to people who live nearby.

Nobody stole
anything from the post office,

and you're applying FBI
resources to this?

You'll be cold-calling
everyone in a half-mile radius.

Here in Richmond, that's
about 2,700 people.

Every call will follow this script.

Any questions?

Just check the script. Have fun.

- ♪ I've got to let you know ♪
- Alex: Good morning.

I'm calling from the
Richmond FBI in regards...

Iris: to a recent burglary at
the Norman Avenue post office.

We're talking to
everyone who lives in the area

in the hope they...

I'm sorry.

I did not know Ellen
was dancing right now.

What am I wearing?

Tights and heels.

Of course the mailman
shouldn't be walking on your hydrangeas,

but I'm the wrong person to talk to.

You can buy stamps online.

"What's a post office?"

[Receivers slam]

♪ Unh ♪

Agent Kent, um, I think
I may have found a lead...

a Scott Walker, 961 Lincoln Road,

says he saw something the
night of the break-in.

Let's go pay him a visit.


So [sighs] I've got
good news and bad news.

Which do you want first?

You pick.

Well, I just finished
a huge case yesterday,

so I've got nothing for you to do.

What's the good news?


I thought you'd think
that was the good news.


Then, what's the bad news?

I can't have you do nothing,
so unless you want to scan

old crime-scene
photos into the database,

we're going to have
to make something up.

[Cellphone chimes]

Excuse me.


Is this the list of all
the agents in the field office?

Yeah. All 25 of them.

Will you introduce me?

I'd like to be able to
put a name on every face.

Consider that my work for the day.

Come on.

So, um, you and Ryan go
pretty far back, huh?

Yeah, you could say that.

You worked in Chicago together.

I'll take it you're familiar.

You could say that.


My advice... be careful.

Around Liam?


After Chicago, I'm
surprised he still has a badge.

Okay, look, I-I know
about Chicago, okay?

And I don't?

I can still feel it every morning.

A .45 will do that to you.

You got shot?


Sounds like Booth and
O'Connor may have left out

some key details of the sting.

Blown sting.

Yeah, and he's the one that blew it.

The guy left his post the same night

that cell just
happened to plan their attack.

So, you think that Ryan
turned his back on purpose?

What did he tell you, that
it wasn't his fault?

That it was just an
unlucky turn of events?

When an agent tells you "coincidence,"

what he's really saying is "cover-up."

Don't they still teach
you that at the Academy?

Looks like we're here.

I'm sorry that I don't have any milk.

I read this article about
all the, uh, antibiotics

and hormones that they give the cows.

I'm fine.

We just want to know what
you saw, Mr. Walker.

Well, there was a man, but
I couldn't see his face.

Why didn't you come forward last week?

Well, I thought the man
was probably an employee,

most likely my replacement.

Your replacement?

Yes, I used to work at that P.O.

till about a couple of years ago.

I'm still friends with some of the guys.

Why did you stop
working at the post office?

Did you lose your job, or...

Okay, I think we had enough for today.

When you've been doing
this for as long as I have,

you can tell the good
guys from the bad pretty quick.

[Chuckles nervously]

[Clears throat]

Sorry to bother you.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Alex: I want to believe
Drew, but I just can't believe

that Ryan would be behind all of this.

- It makes no sense.
- I know. I get it.

But Drew is right.

I mean, from the first time you met him

on the plane that day, Ryan lied to you.

He hid his true self from you.

He became pretty obsessed with you.

He has a new position
of power within the FBI.

He was attached at the
hip to you the last time.

I'm sorry.

Are you gonna stop me, or
is any of this starting

to make sense to you like it is to me?

Shelby, he got shot for me... twice.

And who exactly shot
him the first time around?

It wasn't Elias. That much we know.

And if you're gonna shoot yourself...

easiest place to do it.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe Drew is.

All we have to do is
get inside his computer

and see what we find.

You always said Drew
was a straight-shooter.

He never lied to you.

Even if I wanted to,

how could I get inside the
New York Field Office?

The Bureau has a warrant
out for my arrest.

Well, lucky for us, we have me.

McGregor-Wyatt is already inside.

Where's Alex? Where is she?

Has anyone talked to Senator Haas?

Because I bet she won't like

her junkie son being traipsed

throughout the New York Field Office

just 24 hours prior to
the presidential election.

Public perception is
not my concern, Caleb.

Public safety is.

Well, if that's what
you're worried about,

I'm pretty sure that computer's on fire.

Then again, I have been hallucinating
a lot lately.

- [Alarm blaring]
- What did you do?

Well, I'd like to say

that I Human
Torch-ed an electrical fire,

but I think even that
is beyond my reach.

[Blaring continues]


Alex: You made that look easy.

Shelby: Used the
McGregor-Wyatt security system

to hack into the
desktops, kill their fans,

and run every single
program in the system

until the CPUs overheated.

Don't worry. They'll blame China.

Still, you need to act fast.


How'd it go with Walker?

Well, he used to
work at that post office,

but Kent wouldn't let me question him.

He didn't pursue it at all?

No, he ended the interview, and
when I asked him about it,

he just shut me down.

- [Scoffs]
- This guy needs to be pursued.

There was something so off about him.

You know, we should really be
sitting on his house right now.

And I finished my calls.

I can head over there and try my luck.

Would you just babysit
him till you hear from me?

And I'll try and go around Kent

and see if I can get
someone to the house.

You sure you don't mind?

I spent the last 20
minutes troubleshooting

an 80-year-old's WiFi
router, so, no, I don't mind.

Yeah, and I'll look into Walker.

Maybe we'll catch a criminal

and a crooked agent in the same day.


We need to talk.

About what?

You dropping out of the
Academy before graduation?

You know, you can go full
Furiosa on me later,

but right now, the only
thing that you need to focus on

is making sure Shelby
doesn't change her field office.

And why should I believe you?

First, you lie about Will,
then Sistemics, now Shelby.

Because the only reason... [Sighs]

The only reason that her
parents met up with her

was to con her out of more money.

You honestly expect me to believe that?

I caught them myself.

Then why didn't you tell her?

Because w-with everything that
Shelby's going through,

she wouldn't survive it,

so why don't you just
channel your anger at me

into helping Shelby?

She'll listen to you. Just...

[sighs] don't tell her the truth.

Raina: You look happy.

Did you figure out who our contact is?

Not yet.

But I'm enjoying very much
working with Agent Garnett.

I still did my job.

This is a list of all
the agents in the office.

I've crossed out 10 I know for
sure weren't assigned to us.

If he flirts, flirt back.


Hey. I was wondering where you'd gone.

[Sighs] One of the NATs wanted to know

what I thought of my assignment.

And what did you tell them?

Can I tell you all about
it on the rest of the tour?

There are some agents I haven't met yet.

Yeah, we could do that.

Or we could get out of
here and go grab some lunch.

Well drinks are
half-off over at the Tavern,

unless you don't drink.

Oh, I do. Just not on a working day.


Well, um... how about tonight?

I haven't been to the
Globe and Eagle in forever.

Um, can I get back to you? Is that...

Yeah, no, of course. No pressure.

Come on, let's go find the
rest of those agents.

Just pretend you need me for something

so I don't have to see
Caleb the next two minutes.

I didn't mean to give
you a hard time this morning.

I just wanted to make
sure your parents were,

you know, doing the right thing.

They risked getting arrested to see me.


they still are.

They've been writing to
me... under assumed names, of course.

"We can't wait to see you
again, but next month will be hard.

How about Marrakech, when
tourist season dies down?

Until then, know that
we are thinking of you.

We love you.

I'll write again this weekend."

I'm sorry I doubted them for a second.

Scott Walker was investigated

for possession of child
pornography 10 years ago,

but there were no charges made.

So your instincts were right.

I'll be back.

14 more names off the list.

That's everyone in the office.

Did you look hard, really
look for their tells?

How about you?

You maybe missed some signs
while flirting with Garnett.

He asked me out... you out.

He did? For when?

There's no time for this.

We have to find our contact.

Yallah. I'm such an idiot.

He's not interested in you at all.

Yes, he is.

He's our contact.

He asked us out to
have us pass the test.


You'll see I'm right.

Did you tell a trainee

that I intentionally
left my post in Chicago?

"A trainee"?

It seems like you're on

- a first-name basis with her to me.
- Yeah, don't go there, Jordan.

Don't go where?

She was on a fact-checking
mission, not me.

- I just told her the truth.
- And what truth is that, exactly?

About Chicago.

Now, why would a great
agent, clearly a responsible man,

a hero, just happen to leave his post

an hour before his shift was up?

I was investigated on that.

I paid for my mistake.

Why the hell are you still digging?

Because I don't
believe it was a mistake.

I think you wanted that
militia to carry out their plan.

And if we hadn't raided that night,

hundreds of people would have died.

Yeah, and what possible
reason would I have

for wanting to hurt innocent people?

Why would I want to
destroy my own career?

I don't know.

Maybe Afghanistan broke you.

Maybe you realized what
a worthless war it was

when you got back and you got to talking

to one of those cell
members one day and realized

you were fighting on the wrong side.

- I...
- Let me tell you something.

If you ever say something
like that to me again,

you're gonna have a whole

- new set of problems.
- Yeah.

I love this country.

Isn't that what they
said when they attacked it?

Make America great again?

- Agent Kent, I...
- Ryan: You better back up.

What do you want?

Um, I found this on
Walker in 20 minutes,

which means you probably know, too,

so why did you drop it?

Who says we did?

Over the past few
years, as ISPs clamp down

on child
pornographers, they've taken to using

the postal system as
a way to go undetected.

They have inside men at
local P.O.s like Walker

who make sure the packages don't
set off any alarm bells.

We believe he was at
the center of the ring

until he lost his job.

So, he broke into the post office

to keep it going.

- That's why nothing was stolen.
- Yeah.

I figured I'd see if he was on to us

by taking the chance to interview him.

Clearly, he has no idea.

We're just waiting for him to
make contact with the ring

so we'll have evidence
to bring them all down.

I-I have to call Brandon.


I had him stake out Walker's house.

I thought you were blowing this off.

We've got to get him out
of there right away.

- Come on.
- [Sighs]


Ryan: First a bomb
threat, then a forced evacuation.

I've always known it was you.

- Put the gun down, Ryan.
- Yeah, I'll put it down

when you tell me what the
hell you're doing with my computer.

- I'm getting evidence.
- Evidence of what?

I'll know when I see it.

No, you won't, 'cause you're
not moving an inch.

Well, then, you're
gonna have to shoot me

- 'cause I need to know.
- No, I need to know.

I need to know who you're working with,

why you're doing this.

What happened to Natalie?

You know exactly
what happened to Natalie.

The only thing I know is that you

were the last one that saw her.

- Are you screwing with me right now?
- What's on the flash drive, Alex?

Is Natalie dead? Did you kill her?

I didn't kill Natalie, Ryan.

Oh, my God. You didn't know.

I don't know what?

That means it's not you.

What's not me?

[Computer beeping]

What the hell did you do?

Give me your gun, Alex!

Give me your gun.

So, while re-alphabetizing
every single file in here...

just a riveting activity, sir...

there was this.

A witness interview on the Litvack case

that was labelled with
an incorrect date.

If you hadn't have spotted this,

the motion we're filing
tomorrow might not have succeeded.

Nice work.

- Where's your partner?
- Uh, in the bathroom.

But she's the one that spotted it.

I don't get you, Haas.

You just gave credit to Shelby,

who had nothing to do with
whatever you just found,

and yet you still want me

to talk her out of
reconnecting with her parents.

It makes no sense.

Her parents are con
artists. I already told you that.

No, they're not. You are.

She just showed me letters
from her parents apologizing

over and over again for
everything they've done,

planning the next time they can see her.

I wrote those.


You're lying.

"Just know we'll be thinking about you.

We love you. We'll write
again this weekend."

Does any of that sound familiar?

Why would you do that?

Because my future at the Bureau is set,

which means the only
thing that I need to worry about

right now is Shelby, which
is very convenient for me

because I love her.

And her parents
don't, and Shelby deserves

a hell of a lot better than that.

So, I'm just asking you to
help me protect her future.

You know, you may make
a decent agent one day...

but you'll always be a jackass.

[Cellphone rings]

Man: 911. Where is your emergency?

Uh, there's a fire at 961 Lincoln Road.

Is there anyone inside?

Uh... I don't know.

- Stay on the phone.
- [Cellphone chiming]

If you're in a safe
place, stay where you are.

We are dispatching emergency personnel.


Woman: Fire
reported at 961 Lincoln Road.

All units, please respond.

Oh, my God. That's Walker's address.

[Tires squealing]

Mr. Walker.

Mr. Walker.




Ryan, stop! Stop, please!

Everything that I've been
doing is in service of this madman!

He's been threatening
everyone I care about, including you!

Hannah was helping me, but after
what happened with Claire...

[voice breaking] she made
me promise not to involve you.

Please. Please, this is the truth.

Ryan! [Gasping]

You're not fooling me again.


Ryan, please.

There's still another bomb out there.

Thousands of people will
die if you don't let me go.

Alex, please!

You got to stop. You
can't keep doing this.

I'm sorry.

What did I do?

What did I do?


[Vehicles approaching]

[Tires screech]

Man: Spread out!


Walker: Stay back.

- Brandon.
- Nobody told you to come in here.

Scott, listen to me... You
don't want to hurt him.

I never hurt anyone. I
never touched anyone.

I know.

And we're gonna get you the help you

need, but first you got to let him go.

Look at me... I'm
holstering my side arm, all right?

Please, man. You don't have to hurt me.

- [Breathing heavily]
- Scott, listen to me, okay?

We all know you're a good person.

But the only way you can prove that

is if you put the knife down.


- [Glass crunches]
- [Gasps]

- Okay?
- Aah!

- Get down! Look out!
- Aah!

- Ryan: On the ground!
- Don't move!

Get down! Do not move!

Walker: [Sobbing]

Ryan: You all right?

Kent: Thanks.

- Get up.
- [Whimpers]

- Okay.
- Walk.

You know I'm going to be apologizing
forever, right?

Just so you know.

[Cellphone ringing]

And that is my mom. [Sighs]

I got to let her know that
her baby boy is okay.

- Aww, baby boy.
- [Laughs]

- Hello?
- [Indistinct conversations]

Hey, Ryan.

Hey, you. You good?


You saved Kent's life today.

Yeah, well, despite what
you and he might think,

there's nothing I wouldn't
do to protect a fellow agent.

I believe you.


That's nice for a change.

So, um... [Clears throat]

What did happen that night?

Well, I would have told you over dinner.

I know.

You can tell me now.

I'd been sitting on a cell
house all day when Liam called me.

He knew at the time that
things were pretty rough

between me and Hannah, so
he... told me to head home.

He said he'd cover the rest of my shift,

but he never showed up.

He passed out in some bar somewhere.


I never told anybody that until now.

You just took the blame, huh?

Liam's career was
already hanging by a thread.

If they had pinned that on him,

it would have been over.

He'd been good to me.

Do you regret it... Sacrificing
your career for his?

I mean, you're stuck here at Quantico

while Kent is on track to
becoming Assistant Director.

Yeah. [Sighs]

I did for a while.

And then I stopped.


I met you.

[Chuckling] Hey.

It's the end of the
day. I'm ready for dinner.


Uh, let me just close down shop.

[Door slams]

Ah, you must be...


When you introduced
yourself earlier, I...

I knew you had figured out it was me.

Yes, I did.

I was told you were
exceptional trainees,

but I'm glad I got to see it for myself.

And I will let Agent Coombs
know you both passed your test

with flying colors.

Thank you.

Okay. You ready to go?


[Chuckles] What? What's funny?

I thought you actually
asked me out on a date

before my sister and I
realized you were our contact.

Your sister?

- [Cellphone chimes]
- I don't understand.


That's who you've been texting all day.


So, that's why you only
made eye contact half the time.

You know, I heard a
rumor Shaw was training twins.

Training them badly, it turns out.

You give up your
cover that easy for a date?

It's nothing. Please.

You know, who is your handler, Amin?

Coombs... Susan Coombs.

Well, she doesn't like failure.

And I don't like being made a fool of.

I liked you, too.


Let's go to the Globe and Eagle.

[Receiver clicks]

If by the end of the dinner

you feel that you still
want to call Coombs

and tell her about my mistake,

I'll handle the consequences.

Iris: I had an idea...


It's close to the Canadian border,

and you still get to work

on some of the top high-profile cases.

Iris, you can stop worrying about me.

You're still sticking to Buffalo?


I'm leaving.


I thought that my parents died on 9/11.

That's the whole reason that I
came here in the first place.

But seeing them alive...

All that anger, all that
desire, all that drive,

it's gone.

And then hearing what
happened to Brandon today?

That was a reminder of just
how tough this job really is.

You need a burning
desire to want to do it.

And right now, I don't have that.

My family matters more.

If I move to Europe,

- I can live in the same city as...
- You can't quit.

I knew you were gonna say that.

They lied to you.

Yeah, they did, but they're not anymore.

They only met up with you
for one final cash infusion

before disappearing for good.

Caleb was too afraid to tell you.

Caleb said that?

Yeah, of course he did.

Iris, I showed you the letters.

He's the one who's been writing them.

Ryan! What happened?

Alex. She's still in the building.

- [Sighs]
- [Grunts]

This is Assistant Director
Shaw. Initiate lockdown.

[Sighs] There's another bomb.

We'll find her. Come on. Let's go.

Man: She went down the stairs!

[Cellphone rings]

Male voice: Hello, Alex.


What did you give me to
put on Ryan's computer?

What was on that flash drive?

A manifesto implicating
Ryan as the terrorist.

It was you or him.

You already planted the evidence.

Now all you have to do is
support the narrative.

I am not gonna let
you blame Ryan for this.

Then it's just a matter of time for you.

So, what, you're just
gonna let me get caught here,

right here, right now?


We're almost done,

but your story doesn't end there.

There's a car
waiting for you downstairs.

Liam: How'd it go today?

Well, I got to tell you...

I'm not sure this is
exactly where I want to be.

I came here as a favor
to you and to Miranda,

and now it just feels like

this is where I'm
gonna end up being stuck.

Well, then, you're gonna
like what I have to tell you.

I just got off the phone with Clayton,

and I'm being let out of
this penalty box, sent up.

- New York?
- Better.

- D.C.... Headquarters.
- Mm.

I start in two
weeks... Or should I say, "We do"?

I told Clayton I want you with me.

He agreed. You've paid for
Chicago and then some.

Yeah, speaking of Chicago... [Sighs]

I saw Jordan Kent today in Richmond.

He kept asking me why I
left my post that night.

What'd you tell him?

That I screwed up.

Still covering for me
after all these years.


Even more reason you
deserve this promotion.

Well, that's the thing... I don't want

to have to cover for you anymore.

I want to be able to tell
the truth about things.

Well, you can starting
now if you come with me.

Can I think about it?

Take all the time you need.

All right. Thanks.


- [Door closes]
- Tell me all about it.

It was just drinks.

A lot of drinks.

All that time was just drinks?

I wish I had a more fun
story to tell you, Raina.

I'm sorry.


He's a boring guy who
only talks about himself.

- [Sighs]
- What's wrong?

I don't feel well.

I'll get you water.

[Gin Wigmore's "Nothing
to No One" plays]

Shelby, I was
trying to protect you. I...

How is this protecting me?

- [Door closes]
- "We love you and miss you."

You're our whole world. We
can't wait to see you again."

Why would you... Why
would you write these lies?

You were... You were so happy.

And I haven't seen
you that happy in so long,

and I was the one making you happy.

And I... I just got lost in it. I...

I keep trying to believe in you.

God, I just tried to believe
the words coming out of your mouth,

but none of it is real.

You think lying to protect me

makes you a man that I want to be with?

No, a real man shows
up, tells the truth,

and stays strong no
matter what comes next.

I deserve the truth,
and I deserve someone

who believes in me enough to know

that when faced with the
truth, I will not break.

- [Sighs]
- [Door opens]

Liam: You think you're all
ready to take on the world,

lead a manhunt, take
down a terrorist cell,

stop a crime syndicate,

but as far as the Bureau's concerned,

you're babies.

And while you will be
special agents when you graduate,

in a way, you'll still be trainees

with a whole lot of learning ahead.

You're gonna have to make tough choices.

It's not about your son, Mr. Haas.

It's about my parents.

They're alive.

And I need you to help me bring them

and their crimes to justice.

And you're going to have
to live with the results.

♪ I feel the gloss go
quicker than the white snow ♪

♪ Back into the shadows ♪

Nimah, we got our
assignment, and it's not Poughkeepsie.

Coombs is sending us to
the Islamic Front in Queens.

Do you know a guy called Hamza Kouri?

Liam: You'll have to carry the
weight, the responsibility.

Well, Shelby's never
gonna talk to me again.

♪ I am nothing ♪

I was... [Sighs]

I was never trying to hurt her.

- I know.
- Just...

In time, you'll realize

that these challenges made you stronger

and that you're ready to face any danger

wherever it comes from.

[Cellphone vibrates]


Man: [Speaking indistinctly]

Drew: Wait. Hide yourself.

- All clear!
- [Shouts indistinctly]

[Radio chatter]

There's a Tacoma
parked at the end of the lot.

Move to it.

Alex: That's Ryan's truck.

Open the passenger door.

- [Bomb beeping]
- You had your chance, Alex.

Get in.

You have more instructions,

and if you don't follow
them to the letter,

I'll kill Simon and
set the nuke off right now.

The keys are above the visor in front.

Now all you have to do is drive.

[Tires squeal]