Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - America - full transcript

Everybody expected Caleb Haas to be expelled, but instead he's selected as analyst, to be paired to the field officer recruits. An assignment to meticulously examine reconstructed terror crime sites holds new surprises. Miranda worries the experiment with Latina twins Nimah and Raina Amin posing as a single recruit may fail as the neglect acting identically. AFter the bombing, Liam's relief to have caught prime suspect Alex turns nightmarish as Rita arranges for her escape.

My name is Alex Parrish.

Protecting our country
had always been my dream,

but my life
took a very drastic turn.

You're the closest survivor
we've found to the blast site.

But I don't remember

You might remember
more than you think.

It all started
nine months ago...

on my way to the FBI Academy.

Ryan Booth.

We had sex in your car
six hours ago.

- They wanted the best.
- Your father.

He's a hard man
to find.

I can ask,
or you can just tell me.

I didn't tell the whole truth
in my interview yesterday.

My mother
didn't shoot my father. I did.

This is my father.
Who was he?

When I volunteer
to go undercover,

I don't expect the Academy.

Just stay close to her,

Tell me what she does,
what she says.

ALEX: You think one of these
people is a terrorist?

We're pretty sure they already
were a terrorist

when they got to Quantico.

And we checked your gun.

It was fired recently
at your apartment.

Agent Booth?

I never thought
before I'd save our country,

I'd have to save myself.

What are you doing here?

MIRANDA: I'm gonna get you
out of here.

Hold on!

I need to find the truth.

Run! Run!

[sirens wailing]


MAN: Name?

Alex Parrish.

Why do you want to be
in the FBI Academy?


'Cause I learned
from an early age

that things
aren't as they seem.

Because I want to make sure that
what happened to my mom and dad

never happens
to anybody else.

Because I can only do so much
as a cop.

You guys like cops,

'Cause I'm grateful...

for the peace, safety,
and stability

this country
offered to my family.


That's her.

She's your mark.

Because I believe in this
country and what it stands for.

And I want to protect it
at all costs.

[Cat Power's "Ruin" plays]



♪ I've seen gypsies
who made it all the way ♪

♪ And kept going ♪

♪ Kept rolling
with nowhere to go ♪

It's okay.

- I'm done.
- ♪ Nowhere to go ♪

Get her trust back.

I'm trying.

But ever since I
interrogated her for your class,

she's been cold.

I pushed her
too hard.

♪ Some little, bitty island
in the middle of the Pacific ♪


She'll come around.

♪ All the way back home ♪

Keep trying.

♪ To my town ♪


♪ To my town ♪

- ♪ What are we doing? ♪
- _

Odd means me
this morning.

We switch
at lunch?


♪ What are we doing? ♪

Hey, I figured
you might be missing home,

so I got some orange flower
water to make a kahweh baida.

Later today?

Having trouble,
Trainee Amin?

You did better yesterday.

Numbers should go up,
not down.

Simon is
distracting me again.





♪ Some little, bitty island
in the middle of the Pacific ♪

All right, you got 30 seconds.
Let's get those guns built.

♪ All the way back home
to my town ♪

You've got
a shadow.

♪ To my town ♪

All day,
every day.

It's because you're the best.

Second best.

It's like
you've done this before.


Oh, right,

Hey, Parrish.

Forgot the extractor.

♪ What are we doing? ♪

♪ We're sitting on a ruin ♪

♪ What are we doing? ♪

Looks like
it's a tie, huh?

Not anymore.

♪ We're sitting on a ruin ♪

How are you guys
not exhausted?

It's like we had the Olympics
in the morning,

and then we have to pass the bar
every afternoon.

Or if you have
any energy left...

I'm trying
to stay focused.

your Golden Boy.


absolutely not.

I have actually loved the quiet
since Caleb got booted.


And there's a no hook-up rule
between NATs.

Need I
remind you guys?

I mean, technically Alex
broke that, but...

that was a one-time thing,

and I didn't even know
who he was when it happened.

I still don't.

I used to have better instincts,
you know?

It seems your shadow
found a new Peter Pan.

She can have him.

Whoever he is.

Oklahoma City.

September 11th.

The Boston Marathon.

while these tragic attacks

may be the reason
you think you are here,

you are actually here
because of Los Angeles in 2000,

Detroit in '06,
and Chicago in 2014.

the FBI stopped.

That is correct,
Trainee Parrish.

The Bureau's job is not
to clean up tragedies.

It's to prevent them from
happening in the first place.

And in order for you to do that,
you'll need help.

Meet the analysts.

The analysts
are working at H.Q.

to help bridge the gap between
what you find and what it means.

These 12 are here training
just like you.

They'll be working with you
for the next few weeks.

The agent-analyst relationship
is integral,

so I urge you
to get to know one another.

Some of you may already
know each other.

Mr. Haas,
welcome back.

It's good
to be back, sir.

Now on to the exercise...
learning how to identify

and stop an attack
before it happens.

How do we begin
to figure out

when and where
an attack may occur?

We... find... evidence.

each site you see here

is where a different real-life
terrorist plot was hatched.

Each site has been
meticulously reconstructed

with everything that was present
when the FBI raided them.

In each case,

the attacks planned in
these very rooms were foiled.

As agents,
you're going to need to be able

to study scenes like this

and separate evidence
which is meaningful

from that
which is meaningless.

So, divide yourself
into three teams,

and each team
pick one room.

There are clues in each, which
point to credible threats...

threats that will come
to fruition in six hours

if you can't find out
what they are and stop them.

We've given you
the haystacks.

Let's see
if you can find the needles.

- ♪
- _

[sirens wail]

This was just found
two blocks away under a car.

She can't
have gone far.

We radioed checkpoints at
every bridge, tunnel, and pier

to keep an eye out,

but I doubt she'll make it
more than a few blocks.

I want a status report
right now.

MAN: Sixth Avenue,
no sign of Parrish.

MAN #2:
40th Street is clear, sir.

Fifth is also clear.

MAN: We're taking Agent Shaw into custody.

All agents be advised...
proceed with caution.

Suspect is armed,

extremely dangerous,
and highly trained.

I want her alive.
If possible.

Really, Liam?

If possible?

where are you?

You think
I'd tell you that?

Look, come back in.
We can help you.

Like you were helping me
by sending me to jail, huh?

Look, if you didn't want
to go to jail,

you should have thought about that
before you detonated that bomb.

How could you even think
I did that, Liam?

You know me.
You know me better than anyone.

All agents switch channels.

No more walkies.
She burned them.

I thought I knew you
until we raided your apartment

and found an agent
bleeding out on your floor

surrounded by
plastic explosives.

When I left my apartment at
5:00 this morning, it was empty.

Someone had to have broken in
after I left,

someone who shot Ryan.

And instead of looking for
that person, you're after me?

You better pray Agent Booth
corroborates your story

when he gets out of surgery
'cause if he doesn't,

I am putting your face
all over the news.

You won't last a day
in the wind.

A day
is all I need.

Triangulate the signal
and find her.

What are
you gonna do?

I'm gonna find
the needle.

LIAM: Remember, NATs,
you have two hours

to find evidence in your rooms
of potential terrorist threat.

♪ Mirrors on the ceiling ♪

♪ Cameras on the corners
of my bed ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I barely know you,
but I'm feeling ♪

♪ Like you really did something
to my head ♪

You can talk to me
outside of class, you know.

This isn't high school.

What's on your mind?

Have you found anything
on my father yet?

I mean,
was he even in the FBI?

I told you I'd let you know
if I found something.

And I will.

♪ And I'll be all right ♪

Team's looking
for you.

♪ As long as I feel your body
right there ♪

♪ It seems so crystal-clear ♪

A NAT killed himself
in front of you.

And the FBI just let you back in
like nothing happened?

You mean after I saved them
from letting a ticking time bomb

into their ranks?

Hell yeah, they let me
back in... with commendation.

Yeah, but as an analyst,
not a NAT.


That's my choice.

Being an analyst is...
it's way cooler.

I get to sit back,
I get to put my feet up,

scroll through all
the #whitehuskies on Instagram

while you have to pick through
five years

of some
crazy dude's garbage.

Oh, look at this one.
Isn't this one just adorbs?

♪ Right on ♪

♪ Can I be yours, yours? ♪

By the way, you got a tissue
stuck to your arm.

that's not a happy tissue.

You know, I would have thought that
you'd changed after everything,

you're still the same.

They shouldn't have let you
back in.

Hey, if you want to call the Director
and complain, I got his number right here.

It's under "Favorites."

Did you know that there was an
undercover agent in your class?

- Ryan Booth.
- LIAM: No. Why is he here?

I'm thinking that
the Executive Assistant Director

sent him down here
to spy on me,

see how I'm doing
running this place.

He never
wanted me appointed,

but it's hard firing
your highest-ranking woman

without cause.

Just goes to show you no matter
where you are in the Bureau,

Assistant Director
or Agent Trainee,

there is always someone
who knows something you don't.

It's a good time to ask what
you're doing with those twins.


How to keep secrets

from the people you're
supposed to trust the most.

You know, you really
should teach that here.

You learn pretty quick
once you're out.

The needs
of the Bureau...


they never finish that sentence,

but we somehow always know
what they mean.

See ya.

I hear you're having
performance issues.

I'm not.
Are you, Nimah?

Of course not.

No one's gonna believe
you're the same person

unless you match.

Which means you have to act
and perform the same.

If one of you
can only do 10 pull-ups,

the other one
can't be seen doing 12.

So if Raina likes
to hang out with Simon Asher,

I have to
do the same?

He pulls my focus,
always talking about nothing,

about coffee.
I don't even like coffee.

I like him.

He reminds me
of people back home.

He never distracts me.

Trainees Amin.

You're the first experiment
of your kind in Bureau history.

Please don't
screw it up.

Stay away
from Simon.

And all
of the other NATs.

The assignment waiting for you
at the end of your training

cannot happen
if your cover is blown.

Are we clear?

Are we clear?

I know how important this is
for you.

We will match.

[siren wails]


Get out of here.

Did you,
a former Assistant Director,

disguise yourself,
take out two guards,

a prison transport,

and help
a suspected terrorist escape?

You're the one
helping the terrorist escape

by chasing after
Agent Parrish.

Miranda, a bullet from her gun
is in one of our agents!

Her go bag was found
two blocks from here.

The access point used to get
the bomb into Grand Central

was part of a perimeter detail
she personally requested.

Evidence lies!

Especially when it's been
put there on purpose.

Alex would never do
something like this.

Why do you think
she's innocent?

You only ever see
the best in people,

and it blinds you
to who they really are.

Just like it did
with your son.

Tell me something,

When you look at her,
what do you see?

The recruit
you fell in love with

or the terrorist
who rejected you?

[cellphone rings]

[cellphone beeps]

- Yeah.
- Vasquez here.

I'm at
Parrish's apartment.

Beyond what S.W.A.T. found this
morning, we've come up empty.

I think
this was a dry run.

How do you mean?

There's no way
she could have built a bomb here

to take out
a whole block.

I'm sure
she has a safe house somewhere.

She's there now.


Okay, look, just, uh, bag
and tag everything you have.

Get back
to the command post.

We're gonna need
all hands on deck to find her.

You're never
gonna catch her.

She's too good.

We taught her
too well.


We're closed.

- Deliveries only.
- I need your help.

Does that security camera
record 24 hours?

I need
to see what it got

between 5:00 and 9:00 A.M.
this morning.

[Jacob Banks' "Monster" plays]

♪ They made a monster
out of me ♪

Hey, I just want to apologize
for this morning.

It's okay.

♪ They did me
to the count of three ♪

So many clothes,

For just a mom
and her teen daughter,

there are so many styles,
eras, sizes.

Looks my grandmother's basement
in Forest Hills.


Uh, these clothes are all
made of synthetic fibers,

highly flammable.

You think
that's a needle?

thank you.

All these receipts and ticket
stubs are apparently a dead end.

What you got?

E-mails between
our hacker

and his long-distance girlfriend
in Oslo.

They keep planning
these vacations everywhere.

They never
go anywhere.

Most hackers
are lone wolves,

so maybe
he was just stringing her along.


I still think
it's a clue.

You are
sitting on evidence.

You're not even
supposed to be in here.

The Wi-Fi sucks
over there.

So you'd rather
disturb a crime scene

so you can watch videos of
people falling off of water skis

without buffering.

Whoa, calm down,
Reese Witherspoon.

I'm researching
the psychos

who cited "Catcher in the Rye"
as inspiration

to see if their M.O.s
match the evidence you found.

You did
notice a copy

next to that survivalist's
glass of pencils?

ALEX: Ryan, I think
I'm on to something.

She was
an elementary-school teacher.

Yes, but what
elementary-school teacher

can afford first-class tickets
and five-star resorts?

Doesn't line up.

Like when a marine
from Maryland

owns a car registered
in his name from California.

Means nothing.

On its own,

But pair that

with that marine being in Manila
on tour for months,

but yet
having somehow managed

to get through weeks
of FBI tests and interviews,

it starts to paint a picture,
don't you think?

Do you ever think
your trust issues

impact your ability
to see clearly?

You read my file.
What does it say?

Unlike you
and these E-mails,

I don't believe
everything I read.

I still think
the girlfriend's in on it,

just like I still think
I'm right about you.

Yo, Booth.

If she's bothering you,
come work with me.

I already got
three leads.

She's stuck
on one.

Simon, right?

I thought
I'd introduce myself.

There's not a lot of,
you know, us around here.



You're Jewish?

[chuckles] No.

Ah... you meant...

- I did.
- Yep.

Yeah. I just... [laughs] just,
uh, panicked for a second.

I thought maybe it looked like
I was hitting on you.

Uh, didn't
till just this second.

You know, it's just...

you're the first openly gay
Agent Trainee in history.

You know, there's been
tons of gay analysts,

but never... It's just
an honor to meet you.


Yeah, well, um...
I'm not here because I'm gay.

And I'm guessing you're not,
either, so if you don't mind,

I'd like
to get back to work,

continue showing
I have more to offer

than just
my sexuality.

All right.

Yes, I was right!

The flight numbers,
the hotel rates,

the rental-car models...
they're code.

They're talking code.

That's correct, Trainee Parrish.
Good eye.

Now you got to bring that
to your analyst to find out what it means.

I sent everyone home
like you asked.

Your suspect
lives across the street?


Is that
the suspect?

There's someone
in that apartment.

No one entered that building
after the suspect left.

How did
they get in?

- Ryan.
- WOMAN: Who's that?

You're bleeding.

it's nothing.

That's you
on the camera.

Okay, it's not
what it looks like.

You saw me
leave that building.

The real terrorist is the one
who found a way in after I left.

- I wish you hadn't done that.
- [grunts]


I just thought I'd sit in
and see how things are going.

You know
how I love this training.

Make yourself
at home.

Would the trainees who found
a piece of evidence come down?

The analysts
have information for you.

You've made it
to the next round.

All right.

Let's see what you got
and if there's a threat there.

Simon, uh... if you...

So, you and Simon
are friends?

There are no friends here,
only competition.

I told everyone
he was a virgin.

Now he wants to stay
on my good side.

There's such a thing
as a gay virgin?

I like
making him squirm.

Like with Gaza.


His time there.

With the evidence you collected,
the analysts have been using

the world's largest
criminal database.


To help determine when and where
these attacks might occur.

I found a location.

Our team's survivalist shack

belongs to a rogue member
of the E.L.F.

Intel from a K.A. on file points
to an assassination attempt

on the senator
on the Capitol Steps.


Board it.

Well, look at that.
You are good at this.

With our evidence, looks like the woman
who owned the suburban home

is planning on burning down
a Planned Parenthood.

Her daughter
got an abortion there.

Alex was right.

Our hacker was put on a
terrorist watch list by the FBI.

He didn't like it.

To get revenge,

he and his girlfriend are
going to bomb Independence Hall.


Independence Hall, Capitol
Steps, Planned Parenthood.

Oh, nope, nope, nope, nope.
Not so fast.

Now you know where.

The question becomes,

People who threaten this country
every day.

Not all of them
follow through.

As agents,
you have to prioritize.

You can't waste
the Bureau's resources.

of these threats...

- If any.
- ...are immediate?

You have to decide
before it's too late.

And you have
five minutes.

Well, clearly,
it's Independence Hall.

Historical sites are the most
targeted in this country.

it's the senator.

You're only saying that
because it's what you found.

Most people
who plan to blow up a building

don't go through
with it.

Assassins do.

Is nobody gonna bring up
Planned Parenthood?

I mean, it's the easiest target.
There's no security.

Well, if someone wanted
to stop abortions,

wouldn't they take down
the doctors, not the building?

Yeah, well, no offense, but
I didn't work with you on this.

Wait, wait,
you guys, I really...

I didn't think I'd say this,
but I'm with Shelby.

Assassinations take
one person.

It's easy.

- It's the senator.
- Hacker.

- An angry mom.
- It could be both.

- What if it's none?
- None wasn't an option.

Agent O'Connor did say, "Which
of these threats, if any."

Yeah, well,
he also said

that Planned Parenthood
was the gun room,

so that's
where I'm going.

I'm winning
this thing.

Look, shouldn't there be
a twist to this or something?

Well, it's not like your intuition
hasn't been wrong before.

I may have been off my game
since I got here,

but not
about this.

I have a feeling.

We can't waste time
waiting some hunch to kick in.

You have three minutes.

I'm going
to the auditorium.

I'm going
to the parking-lot capitol.

I'm going
to the gun room!

you coming?

Uh, Mr. Haas,
not so fast.

Mm, analysts stay
at their desks.

Oh, right.

Of course.

Got it.


Help, let me out!


Please let me out.

Hello! Please.

MAN: We tracked Parrish's
walkie signal.

She's around the corner
inside a building.

Let's go.


You should have noticed
the hacker's threat was a set up

meant to entrap
and identify FBI agents

who put him
on the watch list.

You're all burned.
Game over.

What's going on?
Did we win?

As with most zealots,
this was not an imminent threat.


You picked
the wrong one.

[indistinct conversations]

Our survivalist threat

was still in the planning stage,

We tipped him off that we were
on to him, and he went underground.

Everyone lost?

Where's Trainee Parrish?

- This is it.
- All right, all right, check for exits.

Weapons out.

On my mark.

Seal any other exits.

On the ground!

On the ground now!

Get on the ground right now!

It's her walkie.


She planted the walkie
on him.

- [cellphone rings]
- What do you got?

LIAM: Bistro on 7th.
Right across the...

She's across the street!
Let's go, let's go!

What are you doing
in our office?

The exercise is over.
Everyone failed.

None of the threats today
were real.

The only real threat
was you.

Go on.

The exercise was built
on information

provided to us
by you.

But information
is only worth anything

if you trust the source
that it came from.

So, I went back to the rooms to
see what I hadn't seen before.

You were playing us,

and you even left clues
in each room to taunt us.

Like... like the cup of pencils
in the shack

or... or the ticket stubs that
Ryan found in the hacker's den.

And in
the bedroom...

And you held the key
to all of it

in your hand
the whole time.

Your Kentucky Wildcats.

You used the word
"reconstructed" for the rooms,

and that
was the key.

They weren't real.

Can't just
follow orders.

Got to
trust your gut.

If a person in authority says,
"This is a crime scene,"

would believe it.

You have to
question everything.

You have to look past what
you're told to find the truth.

Evidence lies.

Information can be spun.

Your intellect
may have got you here,

but it will be
your instincts

that will make you
special agents.

This exercise
was set up for you to fail.

Use it.
Learn from it.

Alex is the first recruit in the
years we've run this exercise

to figure it out.

her instincts are very strong.

Good on you
for trusting them.

Thank you.


[pan clatters]

[both grunting]




[pounding on door]

- I didn't do it!
- Open the door.

I didn't do it,

Open the door,

What the...?

MAN: Vasquez,
we're street level.

Suspect is
on the second floor.

Get up here now.

On our way.



She's in
the next building.

Seal the exits.
I can fit.

You guys go around.

Don't move!

I said don't move!

okay, okay!

I'm innocent, Natalie.
You have to believe me.

Hands behind
your head!

Someone's framing me.
Someone... someone we both know.

- MAN: Vasquez, what's your 20?
- Okay, think about it.

If I did it, why would I leave
an apartment full of evidence

that points to me and let myself
get caught at the bomb site?

Why would I
come back here

instead of taking
the opportunity to run?

Why would I shoot the man
we both love?

Over there!
They're on the next building.

[handcuffs click]

Damn it!

[knock on door]

They didn't ask you
to choose.

This was
all you could get.

[Caleb sighs]

When my parents heard that I
got kicked out, they were done.

I was always a screw-up,
but, um...

now I'm the first Haas
to not make agent since Hoover.

My sister's the only one
who felt bad.

Sh-She called
a friend.

An analyst.

here I am.

I came
to watch everyone else

become the agent
I grew up wanting to be.

You'll find
a way back.


Uh... it doesn't work
like that.

This is
a one-way ticket.

did I offend you before?

Well, when you chose
your analyst, it wasn't me,

and when I tried to help
with the group,

you shot me down.

I did?

Maybe I'm reading
into it.

That's... I...
We just met.


I don't even know
your last name.

It's Harper.

And now I know
your last name.

But I don't know you,
so I'm gonna...

How did you
get into Gaza?

Nimah said you spent time
in Gaza in 2011,

but the travel restrictions
in that period were so strict,

the only way
you'd have gotten through

is with
a Palestinian entry permit,

which doesn't exist
in your name.

That database they let me play
on down there is pretty amazing.

Are you accusing me
of something?

God, no.

I'm just
an attorney.

You know, I like...
poking holes in stuff.

Yeah, you can get into Gaza
without a permit.

but how do you get out?


I was
intrigued before.

You were right.
I was hitting on you.

But now I'm...
actually interested.

Are you
gonna tell me the story,

or... do I get to figure it out
for myself?


Is now a good time
for white coffee?

Uh, yeah.

Good luck.


They're fake.

I'll be right back.


[Mikky Ekko's "Comatose"

I'll leave.

Please don't.

♪ I lost my head
out in the cold ♪


I have
three sisters.

♪ Pins and needles
always waiting ♪

We were raised
by my mom.

My dad lives in Bethesda,
but I never see him

because he abandoned us
when we were kids.

I grew up in California...
Hawthorne, to be exact...

while I was married, I...

♪ It feels like waiting ♪

...It ended
three years ago.

I just...

I couldn't take
my ring off for a while.

♪ Push and pull ♪

And the FBI
compacted my interviews

into the two days' leave
I got.

I'm telling you this now

you were right
about me,

just like you were right
about the exercise.

♪ Like an open door
to an empty room ♪

thought you should know that.

♪ Needing part of you ♪

♪ In another life,
we could work it out ♪

♪ But we never speak,
so it's hard to ♪


♪ Do we really
want to live this way? ♪

♪ And all you really want
is me to say ♪

♪ Baby, we can work it out ♪

He's very lucky.

He'll be good as new
in no time.

What a tragedy,


They were just
filling me in.

Listen, your phone's
been ringing off the hook.

Call them back
and let them know you're safe.

Thank you.


MAN: While numerous
terrorist organizations

have been mentioned as possibly
being linked to this attack,

at this point,
no group has come forward.


I need
to be fast.

I don't know how long
I can use this phone.

Start talking.

How'd you know
I was here?


Well, we may keep secrets,
but we still know each other.

Just like I know why
you came to my class yesterday.

Oh, yeah?

I got
under your skin.


Well, when somebody
who knows you for a long time

says that
you've given up...

you start to thinking
maybe they're right.


I had
a run of bad luck.

I let it
get to me.

But not anymore.

I loved
being in that room.

I loved it.


The passion,
the hope...

it reminded me
of why I took this job...

to produce the best agents
the Bureau has ever seen.

And if that means
we graduate 10,

then we'll know
it's the right 10.

And if that Ryan Booth
is here to spy on me...

then let him report that
to the Bureau.

You with me?

The needs
of the Bureau.

The needs
of the Bureau.

[indistinct conversation]

These people have no idea
what you did two years ago.

You saved
their lives.

He's up
for parole.

He won't get it.

LIAM: You gained
Alex's trust back. Good.

You'll need it
for what's coming next.

And what is that, exactly?

The more
you keep me in the dark,

the harder it is
for me to do the job.

Well, I'll tell you
when I'm concerned, okay?

- You're not...
- Yeah, need to know. Yeah, I get it.

But who is?

I'm starting to think
it's just you.

You know what?

This is Chicago
all over again.

Hey, hey, hey!

You want to get back
to your life, to your family?

You keep
asking questions,

and that gets further
and further off.

You coming?

I want to see
if you can keep up.

[sighs] What were you doing
in my apartment?

Um, I was here
to work the convention.

We hadn't seen each other


I wanted to apologize for what
I did to you back at Quantico...

And when
you got there?

The... the super
let me in.

I-I knocked on your door,
and somebody opened it.

I-it was too dark
to see.

All I remember
was the muzzle flash.

Where were you?

I left early
for work.

One minute,
I'm walking to the subway,

and the next,
I wake up in the rubble.

I don't even know
how I got there.

I must have been drugged.

Who would do something like this
to you?

I don't know, but I took
evidence from my apartment.

I'm gonna start with that,
but I need to act fast.

There's a terrorist
out there,

and no one's even
looking for them.

listen to me.

I can help
if you'll let me.


I can keep the FBI off
your trail, buy you some time.

But I have to make it look like
I think you're guilty.


Their tip was that
it was someone from our class.


I'm gonna find them
and track them down.

All right.

when you find them...

don't trust anyone.

How are you,

I'm all right.

Take care
of yourself.


Agent Booth.


Glad to see
you're still with us.

[laughs] Yeah.

Me, too.

Do you have any idea
who shot you?

Did you see
their face?

Yes, I did.

It was Alex Parrish.

Release her name.

I looked into
your father.

It's true.
He worked with the FBI.

That's all I know now,
but I'll have more for you soon.

Thank you.

MIRANDA: When you applied to the
Federal Bureau of Investigation,

each of you
was asked a question...

why do you want
to be an FBI agent?

Each of you
had an answer,

but how many of you
were telling the truth?

All right, guys,
let's hit the track!

MIRANDA: People hide things
from one another.

They... they lie,
they joke,

they tell you what
they think you want to hear.

MAN: Time!

Good job.

♪ Peace and love
is a famous generation ♪

♪ I'm a lover,
but I'm in it to win ♪

Over the next 20 weeks,

you will learn to see
what people aren't seeing...

You never
wear makeup.

We have to match,

...not just
to the world...

...but to themselves.

Take a good look
at the people around you.

♪ Gotta go deal with DaDa
for nada ♪

Do you trust them?

[I told you not to call me for awhile].

♪ 100,000 hits on the Internet ♪

♪ Even if you're legitimate ♪

- ♪ I want to feel honey now ♪
- [knock on door]

♪ Like I got the money now ♪

♪ But that don't mean a... ♪

♪ That don't mean a... ♪

♪ Even if you're legitimate ♪

Do you trust yourself?

♪ Na, na-na, na-na,
na-na-na, na-na ♪

♪ Na, na-na, na-na,
na-na-na, na-na ♪

I know
why I'm standing here tonight.

I know...
I know what I believe in.

♪ Na, na-na... ♪

Why do you want
to be an FBI agent?

♪ Na, na-na, na-na,
na-na-na, na-na ♪

♪ Na, na-na, na-na,
na-na-na, na-na ♪

I look forward to your answer.

There is now a suspect
in the deadly attack

on Grand Central Terminal.

We are being told
she is an FBI agent

by the name of Alex Parrish.

She is 5'9" with dark skin,
brown eyes, and brown hair.

Parrish is considered armed
and extremely dangerous.

Anyone who thinks
they have seen her

is asked to contact authorities.

The FBI says they do not know
where she is headed

or what she may be
planning next,

but they are warning residents
to stay indoors.

We will keep you updated
as new information comes in.

Godspeed, and God bless America.