Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Cover - full transcript

Alex receives information about her father and his past at the FBI; the recruits learn the art of profiling.

My name is Alex Parrish.

Protecting our country
had always been my dream,

but my life took a drastic turn.

It all started nine months ago,
on my way to the FBI academy.

My mother didn't shoot
my father. I did.

- Who was he?
- He worked for the FBI.

I'll have more for you soon.

You think one of these
people is a terrorist?

We're pretty sure they
already were a terrorist

when they got to Quantico.

I never thought before
I'd save our country,

I'd have to save myself.

There's a terrorist out there,
and no one's even looking for them.

I can help, but I have to make it

look like I think you're guilty.

- Do you have any idea who shot you?
- It was Alex Parrish.

I need to find the truth.

FBI! Hands! Show me your hands!


[Josephine's "What a Day" plays]


♪ What a day, what a day,
what a day, what a day ♪

♪ what a life, what a life,
what a life, what a life ♪

♪ honey, oh, there's a
hungry lion on the time ♪

♪ it's gonna see a body bleed ♪

Liam: This is sink or swim,
ladies and gentlemen.

Break free of your ties
and get out of the pool.

Show me you and your partner
know how to work together

or... Fail and sink to the bottom.


♪ What a day, what a day ♪

Did you cross your wrists
before they closed the zip ties?

No. Why?

'Cause it gives you
enough slack to do... This!



[Laughs] There you go.


- [Laughs] Way to go, partner!
- Whoo!

I think if we lock our elbows,

we could use the leverage
to break the straps.


Pulling real hard works, too.

♪ Trying not to look, it's
inappropriate to seeeee ♪

♪ why you using me like that? ♪

♪ Leaves me searching for clues ♪

♪ and gives more power
to you and your attitude ♪

I thought we were supposed
to do this together.

You'll feel better if you
figure it out yourself.

♪ What a day, what a day ♪

♪ every single word in a simple way ♪

♪ what a life, what a life,
what a life, what a life ♪

♪ all the games we play,
all the games we play ♪

♪ what a waste, what a waste,
what a waste, what a waste ♪

♪ all the games we play,
all the games we play ♪

♪ and it's a shame, what
a shame, what a shame ♪

Eyes on the road, Georgia Peach.

♪ All the games we play ♪

[Cheers and applause] _

A hero's welcome.

Taking a bullet doesn't make anyone a hero.

It's what we do today that matters.

Are you sure you're ready for
this? You don't need to be here.

Yes, I do.

Right answer.

The executive assistant
director's ready for you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm walking into that conference room

with no new information.

When I walk out, I want answers.

I want progress.

I want to know where Alex Parrish is.

[Indistinct talking]

It's good to see you.

You too.

Oh. I cut myself getting out
of those zip ties. No big deal.

Oh, my wrist could use a
little tender loving care, too.

You worked me over in there.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, Shelby.

But you have to admit, you
were dragging a little today.

[Both chuckle]

Maybe you're tired from all
those late-night phone calls

you take in the bathroom.

Someone missing you back home?

Just the family business.
Money never sleeps.

And, apparently, neither does Alex

if she's awake before
the London opening bell.

I hate that I barely finished
in time... no thanks to her.

Don't blame yourself.

Vasquez just plays to win.

So do I.

I'm just getting tired of losing.

Hey, really cool spy training. What's next?

How fast you can close a
sandwich in a Ziplock bag?

Admit it... you miss it.

Looks like you have a fan.

More like a stalker.

Guy's obsessed with poking
holes in everything I tell him.

Guess he's been away from
the courtroom so long,

he's decided to put me on trial.

Well, what's wrong with that?

You afraid you won't
hold up under scrutiny?

I have a boyfriend.

You wanted to know about your father.

Here's your answer.

What is it?

Everything the Bureau has on him...

commendations, field reports.

20 years of his service, all right here.

Are you sure you want to read it?

That's why I'm here, Liam...

to find out what kind of man he really was.

I just want to prepare you.

You've been waiting for
answers for a long time,

and these may not be
the ones you hoped for.

I'm, uh, I'm here if you need to talk.

Thank you.

Miranda: Lance Corporal Ryan Booth.

Served four years in the marine corps,

including two tours of duty in Iraq.

Recipient of the bronze star.

Ms. Shelby Wyatt.

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Champion marksman, Rhodes Scholar...

- Man: Whoo-hoo!
- And proud debutante.

These are the faces you
present to the world...

the story you tell about yourself.

But underneath that narrative

lies the psychology that drives you.

When dealing with the crime,
the evidence tells you how.

The psychology tells you why.

It allows you to know the criminal.

Before you know the enemy,
you have to know yourself.

When you applied to the FBI,

we constructed psychological
profiles of you...

breakdowns of your mental strengths

and emotional weaknesses.

But it's not enough for
us to look inside you.

You have to prove that you
can look inside each other...

NAT and analyst alike.

In the field, this is the kind of work

that you do with a
subject you've never met.

Here, you've been together for three weeks.

So you are going to conduct profiles

based on the strengths
and weaknesses you find.

Get real, get deep,
don't hold anything back.

I'd better be impressed.

Profile me all you want.

I'm an open book.

Yeah, I've heard of it "American Psycho."

This will be easy.

I've never had trouble reading people.

It's usually the smartest people

who have the biggest blind spot.


Clayton: Alex Parrish.

Second-generation special
agent, first in her class,

or should I say first in
your class, O'Connor?

You must be so proud.


No, I talk. You listen.

Somebody has to tell me why the next 9/11

was pulled off by one of our own.

Because I have to tell the
press something...


We have Miranda in custody
for helping her escape.

More Bureau fingerprints. What else?

We have a planeload of evidence

from the site where
Parrish constructed the bomb

en route to Quantico as we speak...

components, blueprints.

All you're giving me is how.

What I need is a why.

There's a big country out there,

we need to take it by the hand, tell

it a story. We wait too
long, somebody else will,

then we'll never get control of this thing.


The VAN just landed.


Is there someone more
important you need to see?

Yes. And so do you.

You want to know why
Parrish bombed Grand Central?

Ask the woman who raised her.

But I already said I
don't know anything. I...

why won't anyone listen?

Will she talk?

I'll make sure of it.

Good, because you and I
go on-camera in an hour.


Looks like you got the message.

You give me one good reason
why I should help you.

Because if we don't find out
who really bombed Grand Central,

who knows what they'll do next?

Ryan called.

He asked me to help.

I told him I didn't trust you.

He said I didn't have a choice.

And he was right.

You think I did it, Simon?

The Alex Parrish I knew at
Quantico wasn't a terrorist.

I'm still the same person.

Are you?

Help me figure out who did this.


You're the FBI agent.

I'm the guy that got kicked
out of Quantico, remember?

And that wasn't fair.

And I was always on
your side. You know that.

You deserved better.

Yeah, well, maybe Agent
Asher could have helped you,

but Simon Asher only works for a startup.

A tech startup...

With equipment you can
use to analyze this.

Whoever framed me staged my apartment

to look like I built a bomb,

but they left that behind.

I'll never forget how you
handled that bomb at Quantico.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, did it?

Everybody got to see the real me...

and didn't really like
what they saw, did they?

I did.

Besides, looks like you
landed on your feet all right.

Look, Simon, these are the
only bread crumbs I have

to find out who the real terrorist is.

And you're the only one who can help me.

Please, just...

Just take a look.

It's C-4, so it's military.


It could only be made in
America or Britain or Iran.

America, Britain, Iran, okay.

My firm, uh, does have government contracts

that allow me access to secure databases.

I could poke around, maybe...

- Yes...
- And see what I can find.

Look, uh, pack up.

- Let's get moving.
- Okay.

[Beck's "Dreams" plays]

♪ Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh ♪

Tell me what you see, Alex.

I see a narcissistic sociopath
that's in over his head.


I see a butterfly.

How would you say you
feel about your mother?

Not as good as I feel about yours.

♪ And wake up from your reverie ♪

♪ time is here, don't go to sleep ♪

♪ streets are running on the brink ♪

♪ they say that we got nothing ♪

I didn't do anything.

You squinted. That signals contempt.

It's a reflex.

You want a signal
that's not a reflex?

You reach a river in the forest.

Do you cross it or go around?

I would have checked the map first.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ running circles
around, around, around ♪

Show you mine if you show me yours.

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ when nothing's right ♪

♪ just close your eyes ♪

♪ close your eyes, and you're gone ♪

Hey, let me ask you a question...

♪ dreams, dreams ♪

♪ d-d-d-d-dreams ♪

♪ ohh ♪

♪ she's making me hot ♪

♪ she's making me hot ♪

♪ dreams ♪

♪ dreams, dreams ♪

♪ d-d-d-dreams ♪

♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ she's making me high ♪

♪ I wanna get me free ♪

♪ nothing gonna get me in my world ♪

♪ nothing gonna get me in my world ♪

[Sirens wailing]

Your daughter blew up a landmark.

She killed 118 people.

And those are just the ones we've found.

Ryan: Maybe we should give her a minute.

We don't have time. And
she's wasting it, anyway.

- Natalie...
- Clear the room.

Hello, Sita.

Can't even look an old friend in the face?

Do they all know?

About you and my husband?

My history with Michael
is a matter of record

and totally irrelevant right now.

Sita, we have to bring your daughter in

before she hurts someone else.


I barely know her anymore.

I live across the country.

We haven't even talked
since she graduated Quantico.

You know her better than
anyone. You're her mother.

Okay, look, I know you want to protect her,

but it's in Alex's best
interest that you let go.

I asked you to dig deep.

And you delivered.

Beyond expectations.

Perhaps the most searing
insights into one another

that I have seen in my time here.

I'm very proud.

You can see the results of
your profiles posted outside.

Enjoy your evening.

[Indistinct talking]

Wait. That's not... that's not my score.

That's my profile.

Elias: They took our profiles

and boiled them down to the greatest hits.

"Amin is clearly the weakest
link among the trainees.

Her ability is subpar,

and her attitude so unpredictable,

she almost has a split personality,"

Says Vasquez.

"Alex relies on the approval
of authority figures,

but only men... "

Are you serious, Nimah?

"A jarhead drone who will
follow anyone's orders

and never question anything."

Nice one, buddy.

"Wyatt exploits her personal tragedy

to justify a simplistic
black-and-white crusade."

How dare you.

The truth hurts.

But it's what's most important.

Knowing the truth about yourself,

no matter how painful,

is what your training here is all about.

Your lives will depend on it.

So, this wasn't about
proving we could profile.

It's about exposing what
we think of each other.


So you can use it.

Each of you will submit
three names of trainees

who you think should be
cut from the program...

who's too weak to carry a badge,

who you wouldn't trust with your life.

You have two hours.

What if we don't play along?

Then I'll cut 10 myself.

3 or 10... it's your call.

[Students murmuring]

There's nothing to worry
about. Nobody's here.

After what happened this morning,

I told everybody not to come in today.

What do you do here?

I handle their tech.

They let me have all the toys I want.

Now, I think I can isolate
the country of manufacture

based on the chemical taggant,

but we should also run your fingerprints.

Oh, they told me my
fingerprints were all over it.


That's confirmation bias.

They weren't looking for anyone else's.

Sometimes, people make
the simplest mistakes

when under pressure.


[Camera clicks]

[Keyboard clacks, computer beeps]

How do you still have access
to the fingerprint database?

I'm a fan of backdoors.

[Rapid beeping]

[Beeping stops]

The prints are yours.

As they said.


Where's my scar?

- Your what?
- My scar.

You remember that sink-or-swim
exercise we did at Quantico?

I cut myself breaking
out of those zip ties,

- but these fingerprints...
- Don't show it.


When was the last time
you were fingerprinted?


When we got our I.D.s at Quantico...

same as everyone else.

I see the scar. That's significant.

- Yeah.
- It's not on the C-4.

Oh, my God.

Which means whoever's framing me...

they didn't start last week or last month.

They started to frame you

the day you walked into Quantico.

[Simon chuckles]

You found something?

Did I ever.

Okay, now, the C-4...
all right, that's useless.

Now, whoever did this,
they wanted us to find it.

All right, that's... that's
why they put it there.

But this wire...

this wire is the rara avis.

It is a total black swan.

They fabricate these
things for nuclear warheads.

So they can sit on the shelf
for a century without corroding.

Wait... are you telling me

the entire bomb was made
with government resources?

Okay, we can find that out with time,

but this wire is the key.

This is the only piece
of evidence that's real.

The question is, who left it there?

[Chuckles lightly]

[Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Mosquito" plays] _

♪ Mosquito sing ♪

♪ mosquito cry ♪

♪ mosquito live ♪

I'm sorry.

I guess the zealot who exploits 9/11

should be more careful.

Oh, it's okay, you know.

This control freak teacher's pet

who only looks out for
herself didn't even notice.

Oh, really? It seems
like you notice plenty.

Like my... my secret phone calls
that apparently I lie about.

Hey, sweetheart,

maybe if you made a couple friends,

they'd call you, too.

[Both grunting]

[Grunts loudly]

[Grunts loudly]

Not to be...

what was that incisive
clinical term you used?

Uh, "creepy," but could you
ease up on the body blows?

Hey, sorry, bro... just following orders

in my willfully ignorant
and potentially lethal way.

♪ He'll suck your blood ♪

♪ he'll suck your blood ♪

♪ he'll suck your blood ♪

♪ he'll suck your, suck your blood ♪

When did you get so good at this?

Guess you missed something
about one of my personalities.


Border cop?

You proud of yourself?

Maybe. A little.

This is not how we do things around here.

I mean, do you want
them at each other's throats?

I want them to get stronger.

There's no place here for the weak.

You're worried about
them killing themselves.

You keep this going, they're
gonna be killing each other.

I told you I was gonna turn up the heat,

and I did.

You'll thank me later.

Liam: Sita, look at the evidence.

Her apartment, where she
planned and built the bomb.

Her request to work perimeter detail

at the DNC in New York,

giving her access to Grand Central.

Her go bag... everything she
needed to make her escape.

How long was Alex in the FBI Academy

before she finally admitted to you

she wasn't in grad school?

You believed that lie.

What else are you holding on to?

If Alex is secretive, it's my own fault.

We kept too much from her as a child.

Like the fact that her father was an agent.

She deserved to know.

But you wanted to protect her.

Just like you did

when you took the blame for his death.

Sita, we both know she
pulled the trigger that night.

You took the blame, but
she carried the guilt.

Maybe the weight of it...
you know, that secret...

maybe that one action changed her forever.

Sita, don't let what you wish were true

keep you from admitting
what you know is true.

I wasn't only protecting Alex that night.

I was protecting you.

I still am.

I never told anyone
what you and Michael did.

Come get her. Take her away.

[Indistinct conversations]

Alex: Shelby.

Talk to me.

It's not a lie when you don't tell somebody

who you're talking to on the phone.

That's normal.

Not when you hide in the bathroom to do it.

You don't have a boyfriend.
What are you hiding?

- Oh, you want to talk about hiding?
- Yeah.

Well, great. What's the file in your...

None of your business.

Get your hands off me.

Look, it's okay.

We both said things we didn't mean.

Yeah, and some things we kind of did.

[Chuckling] Wait... I'm sorry.
Was that too slippery for you?

Hey, you really think me
being a vet makes me unstable?

Why don't you ask Timothy McVeigh?

Nimah: I don't know why you're mad.

Everyone was criticized.

Everyone wasn't.

But you said they wrote we
were average and aggressive.

I did, but...

Then why are you mad?

They're foolish.

I'm not mad at them, Nimah.

The things they were saying...
they were talking about you.

Your aggression, your bad performance

that I have to match.

You are average. That's why I'm mad.

I didn't even want to be
here in the first place,

and now that I'm here, I'm
not allowed to do my best.

I'm stuck doing your best.

They are going to vote us out.


I hope they do.

What... since we're being honest here,

what is it that makes me creepy?

Okay, you can tell me!

All right, you following
me right now. How's that?

Okay, that's not an answer!

All right, does it...
does it make me creepy

that I notice that you get up
every time Alex leaves a room?

Or that you go on long runs
in the woods by yourself?

Or that you somehow
seem to know this campus

like the back of your
hand... that's creepy!

You really want to know what's creepy?!

- Yes, I do!
- You want to know?!

Every time you talk, every time you smile,

I can see the little wheels
spinning in your head.

Every gesture, every laugh,
every move that you make...

it's like a calculation.

It's a performance.

You're not just a creep. You're a frea...

[grunts, chuckles]

You sure you want to do that?

You want to call your imaginary friends

at the marine base to help you out?


This is what Miranda wanted, all right?

For us to turn on each other!

Which is exactly why we shouldn't.

But if we don't vote, she'll cut 10.

Let her!

But if we turn on one of our own,

we'll never be able to
live with each other.

Or with ourselves.

10 from her is better than 3 from us.

Where's Simon?

[Knock on door]

Come in.

May I help you?

There's been a turn upstairs.

We decided not to cooperate
with your exercise.

That's unfortunate.

I'll have to cut 10.

No, you won't.

Life's full of hard choices.

This wasn't one of them.

Looking out for yourself?


It's for the greater good.

Alex: Found anything yet?

Still looking.

It's been almost an hour, Simon.

We're talking about a
military-supply database.

You can't just click "search."

Maybe if you stopped hovering.

[Alarm blaring]

I'm sorry.

You gave me no choice.

[Breathing heavily]


Sir, we just got report

of an intruder matching
Parrish's description

at a technology park in the Bronx.

Security I.D.'d her off the
CCTV and passed it up the chain.

We have the footage?

Get the local police up there now

and get the footage to the media.

We got her.

- [Alarm blaring]
- I know how this looks.

I'm guessing so do they.

Look, I can't get away with helping you

unless I can prove that
it was under duress.

I needed to do everything in my power

to make it look like I
alerted the authorities.

By getting me arrested again?!

Okay, I'm gonna get you out
of here before that happens.

Why should I trust you?


I'm good at this.

[Inhales sharply]

You better be.


They're really doing it.
They're sticking together.

For now.

One defection, and it won't even matter.

You take care of everyone else.

You ever let anyone
take care of you?

You've been distracted.

And not just by this. I can tell.

It's nothing I want to talk about.

Caleb: Hey, buddy.

Where you been?

I just went for a walk.

After curfew?

What do you care?

Oh. Right. I forgot. I intrigue you.

I'm sorry I can't say the same.

Wait... Simon, did you vote?



And so should everybody else.

Why would you do that?

Because every single person
here worked so hard to get in.

Now, if it's a choice between
losing 3 of you or 10 of you,

that's no choice at all.

I thought I knew you.

Nobody knows anybody else.


You guys, we can't do this.

We have to stick together.
We have to be unified.

Everybody should go to
Miranda's office and vote.

It's the only fair way.

I mean, isn't it time to end this?

So we can get back to doing
what we are here to do...

training to be agents.

Some of us, anyway.

Sounds good to me.

Come on.

Come here. Come here.

Raina: They caved.

People are going to vote.

Maybe you'll get lucky,

and you won't have to carry
me on your back anymore.

I might as well put down our name myself.

We should have never come here.


Or maybe we should have stayed home

in our boring, safe, traditional lives,

just like all the women in our family,

where you never get to regret anything,

because there's nothing better
than what you already have.

I want more, and you should, too,

especially since you're so good.

I can learn to run faster or fight better,

but you can never learn
to be your own person.

If you leave now,
the only thing you'll ever be

is someone's daughter, sister, or wife.

All right.

As hard as it is for you here,
you still want to stay?


But if I have to match you,
you have to match me.

[Indistinct conversations]

Are you going to vote?

I may not like what anyone said about me,

but I like myself.

And if I voted, I wouldn't.

Miranda: Where are you headed?

Vasquez: To vote.

That won't be necessary.

You know, I have to say...

we've run this exercise
on every class of NATs,

and it always turns out a little different,

but no class has decided actually to vote.

Did any of you think

that the whole point of this
was to test your character?

There will be no cut.

But there will be a price.

Asher, you just earned a formal reprimand.

That puts you on supervisory probation.

Your next mistake...

you're subject to termination
from your training at Quantico

without review.

For what? Doing what you told us to do?

For turning on your people
when they needed you the most.

[Students murmuring]

[Indistinct talking, police radio chatter]

I need to go to the bathroom.

Yes... now.


[Door opens]

[Pounding on door]

Mrs. Parrish...

We need to talk.

Okay, look.

You know exactly where to go
and how to get there, right?

I want to make sure you're safe.

Safe in FBI custody, maybe.

Look, local police will
get here first, all right?

There's no access to the main street

on this side of the building,
so you'll have a head start,

but only if you go right now.

All this time, and I still don't know

who the real Simon Asher is.

Nobody's ever just one thing.

Now, look... when they get here,

they're gonna have a lot of questions,

and I'm gonna have to
be able to answer them,

but only if you make it
look good for the cameras.

I know the playbook they're running on you.

- [Pounding on door]
- I taught it for years.

You can resist it.

Why are you blocking the door?

- They want you to turn on Alex.
- But what if she did it?

I know her... and if you turn on her now.
If you turn on your blood

- you'll never forgive yourself.
- How are you so sure?

[Pounding continues]

I know you.

You're that agent whose son...

Mrs. Parrish, your daughter

has the weight of the
FBI pushing down on her.

If she loses you, what will she have left?


We good?

We're roommates. [Chuckles]

Kind of have to be, right?

I'd apologize, but...

Deep down, you kind of meant it?

Maybe I am creepy.

And maybe you're a drone.

Just 'cause you follow orders
doesn't make you a drone.

You have no idea what it's like over there,

what it does to you.

I know more than you know.

Yeah? Why's that?

'Cause you handed out
blankets on the Gaza strip?

You saw a mortar or two?

It's because I saw what people
are really capable of.

I refuse to go to bed on week-old sheets.

And I refuse to go to bed angry.

Good policy... on both counts.

For the record, in my profile,

I listed plenty of your strengths.

You weren't wrong about my
weaknesses, either, Shelby.

You're right... I-I do
try and control everything.

I just figure that if
I know what's happening,

I won't be blindsided.

Like that file in your bag.

My father was an FBI agent.

I always wanted to know so much about him,

but now that I have it, I...

You're afraid you might find out

something you don't want to know.

[Pats mattress]


Well, you might not know this,

but my dad died on 9/11.


I may have heard a rumor.

[Chuckles] Yeah.

And you know what?

If I can exploit that right
now to help you, I will.

You see,

my dad always wanted me to
be his little country girl,

and I was.

And my mom wanted me to be
her little pageant queen,

and, boy, was I ever.

But, um, I spent a lot of time

trying to make them both
happy when they were alive.

And when they died,

I had to clean up the
mess they left behind.

[Smacks lips]

And, um...

Well, let's just say that
I learned a lot about them

that they probably hoped

their little country pageant princess

would never find out.

I'm so sorry, Shelby.

I'm not.

Because while it might look like

I joined the FBI as some avenging angel,

I'm here for me.

And you are here for you.

[Cellphone ringing]

[Sniffles] Need to get that?

[Ringing continues]


First things first.

Take all the time you need.

[Ringing continues]

Liam: I want you to watch something.

More propaganda?

No, not propaganda,

and not some misguided
ambush in the bathroom.

Just the truth.

This video, taken just moments ago,

shows the suspected
Grand Central bomber,

Alex Parrish, taking
a hostage at gunpoint.

The manhunt continues as
authorities from several states

are going all-out

- to track down this suspect...
- Enough.

Considered the m...

[TV shuts off]

After her father died,

I sent Alex to India
to live with my family.

And she stayed there for 10 years.

But we only knew where
she was for nine of them.

She lied.

[Breathes shakily]

When you said you were
gonna turn up the heat,

I had my doubts.

But, uh, I think I get it now.

In order to make our agents stronger,

we have to break them down
to build them back up again.

It's the only way.

Thank you for keeping up appearances.

The trainees think
you're the bad cop now.

Mm-hmm. They're afraid of you.

Well, they're closer to each other.

You should get some rest.

I have an appointment.

I hope you find what you're looking for.


You know what?

You make me sad.

'Cause I'm so much better than you?

Because this is all you care
about. It's all you have.

When we finish here, I
have people to go home to.

I have a family.

What do you have?

Someone's looking a bit woozy.


Well, Elias and I got a little plastered,

so... If I'm not looking directly at you,

it's 'cause there's, like...

There's like 20 of you.


The only thing in my
profile from you was nice.

You could have said so many mean things.

Well, there's too many to choose from.

I couldn't just pick one.

Thank you.


Guess you needed some air, too, huh?

You still don't feel like talking?

My father was a special agent.

I-I had no idea.

Neither did I...

... for most of my life.

I-I just knew him as two men...

the father that I loved,
who made me feel safe,

and the bitter drunk that scared me so much

that one night...

All my life, I told myself that [Sniffles]

the second man was the real one

and the other one was just a lie

or... or an act or a mask.

[Voice breaking] God, I was so wrong.

What are you talking about?

He was a hero, Ryan!

He saved hundreds of lives.

He was one of the most decorated agents

in his 20 years at the Bureau.


My mother didn't shoot him.

I did.

I killed a hero!

[Crying] What did I do?
Oh, my God, what did I do?

Come here. Come here.

[Josephine's "House of Mirrors" plays]

Sita: The daughter I
knew was a good person.

But what she's done...

Cannot be forgiven.

[Camera shutters clicking]

And the truth about her past
should no longer be hidden.

For too long, I ignored the red flags.

You look better.

♪ Love, desire ♪

Are you eating again?

♪ ... help but feel so... ♪

You're still not talking to me?

Why would I?

You put me here.

♪ And this house of mirrors... ♪

Clearly, this isn't working.

No, they think it is.

Which is why I'm gonna get paroled.

♪ I'm making a fool... ♪

I'll see you soon, Ma.

♪ ... of myself ♪

Maybe she felt trapped.


Please put her on.

Man: We went over this.

Please let her talk to her mommy.

I told you if you went
away for five months,

you'd never see her again.


♪ No one wants to see... ♪

Maybe she felt she was
serving a greater good...

Even at the cost of her own soul.

♪ And this house of mirrors
is bending the truth ♪

♪ oh, so well ♪

Raina: Nimah?


♪ ... making a fool of myself ♪

Sita: Or maybe she felt she was
completely alone in the world.

♪ And this house of mirrors ♪

She may have deceived me...

And us all.

But as a mother...

I say this to my baby girl.


Stop running.

Turn yourself in while you still can...

while you're still alive.

Please, my dear.

[Sniffles] My love.

[Tacks rattle]

- My blood.
- Uh...

[Sniffles] How was the debrief?

A couple of field agents questioned me.

I convinced them I had no idea
where you were going, so...

Mission accomplished. [Chuckles]


Hey, look, I can come back. I mean...


We have work to do.


[Tacks rattle]

So, you're setting up
all the NATs and analysts

that were in our class?

Even the ones who washed out...

Or... Died?


You know, the bomber
could have had accomplices.

And we know they were
already there on day 1,

so [Chuckles] at this
point, we can't afford

to take anything at face value...

even me.

I think you're in the clear.


- [Cellphone ringing]
- Oh.

- Yeah.
- It's my boss.

Uh, uh, look, I'll... be right back, okay?

[Ringing continues]

Yeah. No, don't worry.

Thank you, Agent Asher.

Slow and steady on this one.

I'll be in touch.

Maintain your cover.