Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Run - full transcript

One of the diverse recruits -- the best and the brightest -- who arrive at the FBI Quantico Base for training is suspected of masterminding a terrorist attack.

[sirens wailing,
cracking, rumbling]


[loud thud]

[wailing continues]

[Massive Attack's
"Paradise Circus" plays]



♪ It's unfortunate
that when we feel a storm ♪

[door opens]

You're going to be late
for the train.

- ♪ We can roll ourselves over ♪
- I printed your ticket.

♪ 'Cause we're uncomfortable ♪

♪ Oh, well ♪

♪ The devil makes us sin ♪

♪ But we like it
when we're spinning ♪

Train station, yes?

- ♪ In his grip ♪
- No, the airport.

[engine turns over]

MAN: ...Aboard flight 861,
nonstop to Washington, D.C.

We are currently cruising at
an altitude of about 33,000 feet

with an airspeed
of about 400 miles per hour.

Weather looks good...

Ryan Booth.

Nice to meet you,
Ryan Booth.

You from D.C.?

Just connecting there,
on to Chile.

Oh, well...


Doctors Without Borders.

And suddenly I'm out of
my league in this conversation.


[chuckles] Thanks.

What about you?

I'm heading back
to my family.

- Back?
- From the Philippines.


Last night of freedom
for us both.

I'll drink to that.

[Cold War Kids' "All This
Could Be Yours" plays]


♪ I've been silent partner,
I've been your shrink ♪

♪ I have heard you say,
"Look, misfortuous speech" ♪

♪ But I'll have sympathy
when you get off your seat ♪

♪ Before "there's been a mess"
becomes a disease ♪

♪ I have cracked the code
on this old machine ♪

♪ 10,000 hours to be released ♪

♪ But I've been wondering,
"Why can't you see?" ♪

♪ If the door opens up,
we go where it leads ♪

Hey, hi.
Uh, thanks for doing this.

I'm... I'm Simon.

Uh, I'm Max.

Uh, we had coffee.

[camera shutter clicks]

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Uh, where you headed?

Uh, sorry.
I'm late.

Thanks for the coffee.


♪ Could be yours ♪

♪ You were packing up,
but I gave you a bed ♪

♪ You would rather crash
than go straight ahead ♪

- [bell dings]
- Do you have a restroom?

♪ I wrote this years ago,
but it's finished today ♪

It's, uh, out of order.

♪ With the help of a friend
who is finished the same ♪

[bell dings]

No key
without a purchase.

♪ And I ♪

♪ I have been patient ♪

♪ But you've got to try ♪

♪ Then all of this
could be yours ♪

♪ Be yours tonight ♪

♪ Could be yours,
could be yours ♪

♪ Could be yours,
could be yours ♪

[Alex moaning passionately]

[airplane passing]

[breathing heavily]


[both breathing heavily]

So, can I get your number
or your E-mail?

Or... your name?

You're not my type.


Said to the man
you just had sex with.

Well, if you were,
I wouldn't have.

I would have gotten
to know you first.




How about I list
five things about you

to prove that I'm right,

and if any of them
are false,

I'll tell you
whatever you want to know?


One, you're nice.

- [sighs]
- No.

Your good manners probably
come from having grown up

in a house full of women.

No man
taught you how to shave.

Your stubble
grows in different directions.

Two, you're damaged goods.

You were married,
and pretty recently, too.

The callus on that finger
is small, but not soft.

Three, you're slippery...

because you weren't
in Manila.

It's the rainy season in Manila,
and you're wearing...

Tennis shoes?

Right, tennis shoes,
which are spotless, but not new,

which, four, you would have
called "sneakers"

if you really were
from the Northeast,

as opposed to...
the West Coast?

Los Angeles...

Hawthorne, to be exact.

Which makes you, five,
pretty damn untrustworthy,

and while I find that
enough of a turn-on

to get into this car
and do what we just did,

in the long run,
definitely not my type.


- _
- [chuckles]

Who are you?

Guess you'll
never know now.

[vehicle door opens]

GROUP: I solemnly swear
to support and defend

the constitution of the United
States against all enemies,

foreign and domestic.

I will bear true faith
and allegiance to the same.

I take this obligation freely,

without any reservation
or purpose of evasion

and will well and faithfully

the duties of the office
of which I am about to enter...

So help me God.

Welcome to the FBI Academy
at Quantico.

I'm Special Agent
Liam O'Connor.


You made it in.

Now let's see
if you can survive.

[sirens wailing,
glass shattering]

[helicopter blades whirring]

[siren wailing]


[horn blares]

Hey! Over here!

FBI! Don't move!

Keep your hands
where I can see them!

I'm FBI!
I have my crede...

- I said, "Don't move"!
- Okay.

Don't you even think
about moving!

MAN: Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!

Okay, okay.

Jacket pocket.

This area's not safe.

Come with me.

The state of this country

is the most precarious
it has ever been.

Not only are there more threats
than ever before,

but the majority
of those threats

don't come
from known organizations

or extremist groups,
but our own backyard...

a neighbor you grew up next to,
a one-night stand you had,

perhaps even a family member.

You applied here to protect
your country from those threats.

And while your ideals
and your test scores

might have gotten you here,

they will not be enough
to keep you here.

The FBI Academy
is the toughest boot camp,

hardest grad school
rolled into one.

It is not college.

It is life and death.

She's so warm.

- Every class of New Agent Trainees,
- She can't be.

- or NATs...
- She's the boss.

- ...to make sure that only those...
- So what?

- ...who meet bureau standards graduate.
- We do really well here,

best-case scenario,

end up a sexless, heartless,
pontificating robot?

Worked for Hillary.

[light laughter]

You'll receive
temporary credentials,

and a red-handled gun.

Always wear the uniform,
always have your credentials,

always carry
the red-handle.

That way, you're identifiable
to us as a New Agent Trainee,

or NAT, and not visiting law
enforcement, a D.E.A. trainee,

or a neighboring marine.

Guns can be rented
for target practice

by leaving your red-handle.

Return your gun,
recover your red-handle.

I look like Tilda Swinton.


I'm Simon.
Uh, we haven't met yet.


Gender-neutral uniforms.

A win for equality?

I'm conflicted.

[both laugh]

Alex Parrish.

Shelby Wyatt.

- Good to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.

What's this for?

It doesn't even shoot.

It's so you get used

to having the weight
of a gun on your person.

You ever shot
a real one before?

I was
a competitive archer.

That's not the same thing.

The Olympic judges seemed
pretty impressed in 2012.

I-I used to be a C.P.A.

This was my only hobby.


Coffee sucked
in the Marines.



30 years old,
and I am back at summer camp.

Let me help.

I make
mean hospital corners.

Thank you.

You were wearing pajamas
under your clothes?

Wait. Hold up.

Are you "Elder Eric"?

No way!


Do they know?

Of course.
They recruited me.


Well, mormons respect authority,
don't drink or take drugs,

spend time
in foreign countries,

and they speak
several languages.

I'm assuming none of that
applies to you?

- Your mission?
- Malawi.



I've never been
to Georgia.

Ryan Booth.
Nice to meet you.

We had sex in your car
six hours ago.

I didn't think you'd want
everyone to know that.

Why not?

We're gonna
be late.

That Nimah girl
got a single?

uh, devout Muslim women

aren't supposed to be seen
uncovered by men.

They probably put her in there
so it doesn't happen.

Yeah, I know.


I tell you, you don't want
to miss your first big...

Oh! I'm... I'm sorry.

I-I was just telling everyone
about this same thing.

Uh, I'm gay, so...

And that makes
a difference?


Get out.

Inside these folders
is every piece of information

the FBI gathered on you during
your application process...

with one item redacted.

If intelligence is the CIA's
game, investigation is ours.

How'd you beat me?

Someone's identity is stolen,

- a serial killer strikes...
- The elevator.

...a bomb goes off...

Even if there are no leads,
there are always clues.

The smallest detail
can make a huge difference.

So you are going to pick
a fellow trainee,

figure out the missing piece
of their story

in the next 24 hours,
or you're out.


I'm right there, "doctor."

I've already figured you out.

Oh, my dad in Bethesda
will be so happy to hear that.

Got what I wanted.

It looks like
somebody already got yours.

You can't take your own.

Joseph Smith.

I want to see
how many wives you have.

WOMAN: It was only a few hours
ago that an explosion

rocked Grand Central Terminal
in New York City,

not far from where the
Democratic National Convention

was just getting under way
at the Waldorf Astoria.

ASAC Jimenez,
Joint Terrorism Task Force.

We're still piecing together
what happened here,

but we could really
use your help.

Mine? Why?

I've only been an agent
for a few months.

I was on perimeter detail
at the Convention.

And shouldn't we
be helping people? I mean...

No. We've got agents
and local L.E. on the ground,

military personnel
coming in from Fort Hamilton.

You're more useful
to us here.

You're the closest survivor
we've found to the blast site.

That makes you
our best witness.

But I don't remember
anything. I...

You might remember
more than you think.

Follow me.

We got a tip
right before the explosion.

- Too late to stop, but...
- What was it?

That it was an inside job
by one of our own agents.

That's crazy.

But it was more specific
than that.

How well
do you know these people?

I don't understand.

We know
you researched them.

Hell, you lived together
for six months.

We need you to remember
what you found.

Wait. Are you telling me
you think

one of these people
is a terrorist?

Not only that, we're pretty sure
they already were a terrorist

when they got to Quantico.

That's what the tip was.

We need your help
to figure out who they are

so we can stop them
before they strike again.

My guys are getting
the bomb techs in

so we can make sure
there aren't more surprises.

Bridges and tunnels
are closed... no one in or out.

City's on lockdown,
tight as 9/11.

- Okay, keep me posted.
- Copy that.


day two.
What happened?

[The Wind and the Wave's
"Raising Hands Raising Hell" plays]

[shower curtain closes]

♪ You dragged me to the doctor,
and you didn't tell me why ♪

♪ A 9-year-old in headphones
raising hands, raising hell ♪

♪ Raise 'em high ♪

[water running]

♪ Oh, you better
raise 'em high ♪

[running stops, door opens]

♪ I don't want
to go to church no more ♪

♪ I don't want to go to school ♪

♪ Got Jesus on the dashboard ♪

♪ And the devil's sitting
in a pew right next to you ♪

I hate
that I can't stop looking.

- ♪ Oh, he's right next to you ♪
- I don't.


- ♪ Hey! ♪

Didn't you wear that

Fall asleep at a bar?

I didn't realize you were
paying such close attention.

I told you
to pull it together.

And I told you I'd try.

Remember, I'm not your partner
or your girlfriend anymore,

and I'm not your friend.

- I'm your boss.
- Hmm.

You feel
a little more like a warden...

which makes sense, 'cause
this place feels like prison.

You got yourself into trouble,
Liam, not me.

This is the last place
I wanted to see you.

Then why bring me here?

So you could keep
your pension and your pride

and count down the clock
with some semblance of dignity.

Mm. Like you are.

That's not
what I'm doing.


No woman
has gotten higher

than the Assistant Director
of Quantico.

No woman.

It doesn't matter
what I do.

Recruitment numbers are the
largest that they've ever been,

and I'm still here.

The ceiling's only glass
till you break it.


That's exactly the kind of thing
that only a man would say.

I lost my family
to this job.

So did I.

Yeah, but you don't see me
drinking myself to death

over it, do you?

Just giving up
'cause it didn't go your way.

I saved you from drowning.

I could just as soon
toss you back in.

Don't forget that, okay?

P.T., firearms,
defensive tactics...

there's no time
for this assignment.

I started last night.

I'm already done.
Simon's easy.

SIMON: I prefer honest.

I have nothing to hide.

Hey, um...

by the way,
about yesterday...

when I opened the door?

Oh, don't worry about it.
It's fine.

May I ask a question?

I-I noticed that sometimes
you... you pin your hijab

to the left
and sometimes to the right.

Is there a cultural significance
I'm unaware of,

or is it just the way you hold
the pin when you clasp it?

I noticed
you're ambidextrous.


FAIRMAN: Good morning.

- MAN: Morning, sir.
- TOGETHER: Morning.

I'm Special Agent Pete Fairman.

And I'll be conducting
your first qualification tests.

When did the investigation
of each other start in earnest?

In between activities, during
lunch, at the shooting range...

Yes, I'm calling about
your client, Shelby Wyatt.

Shelby Wyatt.

- ♪ You saw me slipping on my blind side ♪
- [speaking Swedish]

- ♪ I'm feeling lost, feeling tongue-tied ♪
- [speaking Mandarin]

♪ And now I'm frozen
in your headlights ♪

- [whistle blows]
- ♪ Deep in the haze of your love high ♪


Very impressive,
Trainee Amin.

- ♪ I used to soar on the live wire ♪
- Very impressive.

I saw that one coming.

♪ I'm coming down
from your supply ♪

Don't discount her.

- ♪ And I don't know if you can ♪
- This just isn't in her skill set.

- ♪ Make right ♪
- What is?

- [gunshots]
- ♪ I can't take it ♪

♪ From the day
I saw my heart start breaking ♪

♪ No one saved me ♪

She got famous
hunting with her dad.


American sniper.

2,000 friends?

Who gives everything
five stars?

Why is the only movie on here
"City Slickers"?

Eric's Instagram, it's...
it's... it's just memes.

Thank you
for getting back to me.

Ms. Parrish had you listed
as a reference for the position,

- and I was hoping...
- [cellphone chimes]

I was...


I was hoping maybe you could,
you know...

- ♪ I can't take it ♪
- ...give me a little information

on what type of employee
she was.

- ♪ I saw my heart start breaking ♪
- [cellphone beeps]

- ♪ No one saved me ♪
- [gasps] Gotcha.

♪ I should have known ♪

♪ Known, known ♪

♪ No, no, no, no ♪

[camera shutter clicks]

♪ Watch it ♪

♪ Watch it ♪

♪ Watch it ♪

Well, I have looked
into Caleb all day.

He is a total golden boy.

You know the Director himself
wrote his recommendation?


The only thing they could
have redacted about him

is where he gets
his abs sprayed on.

He must be hiding

Oh, right.

You guys
weren't there.

19... 20...


- [grunts]
- [whistle blows]

I smoke.

I think there's
something wrong with my gun.


Damn it!

So it looks like Golden Boy
might only be gold-plated.

So, what, did he think

he could just coast through
on his looks?


I'm not coasting on anything,
Taylor Swift.

You'll see when I present
what I just found on Packer.

Hey, what's the time difference
to Malawi?

Seven hours.


And then what happened?

It was time for class.

We returned our guns.

You already know
what happened next.

All right, so, you found
something, I take it?

Oh, so much better
than I expected, too.

Okay. I'll bite.

Whoa, Romney, relax.

Don't you want to be surprised
like everyone else?

Though I got to ask... how'd
you pass a background check?


You're lying.

There's nothing.

Lay off him, Haas.

Hey, I just want him
to be prepared...

'cause he knows
what he did.

You should have stayed
in Salt Lake, boy.

Hey, don't let him
get to you.

and whatever he's found,

the FBI already knew
about it, right?

Come on.

The investigation is over.

Now it's time to move on...
to the interview.

Each of you
has a fact you've found,

a piece of information
you believe to be true,

but you need confirmation
from your suspect.

"Investigation and interview"...

the bread and butter
of the FBI...

and if you can't excel at both,
you'll never make it through.

And while in the real world,
a polygraph

might be inadmissible
in a court of law,

I find it
a great tool to learn by.

Stick to
"yes" or "no" questions,

and let's see how far you get.

So, who went first?

- ♪
- _

the Retina camera for?

Eye movement and dilation
are often dead giveaways.

Simon, you can begin.

You grew up in Georgia?

I sure did, yes.

With your family?


Are you an only child?

- Yes.
- [beeping]

Uh, well,
I-I have a half-sister.

She's 10 years older, though.
I barely know her.

Stay calm.
It's okay.

What about your parents?

What about them?

Are they still alive?


They are not.

How did they die?

That's not
a "yes" or "no" question.

Did they die together?


Were they killed?


When I was 16.

What's the piece of metal
you carry with you?


Is that piece of metal
part of a plane?


The plane
your parents were on?


On 9/11.

That's why I'm here.

Well done, Simon.

Well done.

Who went next?

You're gay.

Yes, but that is not a secret.

It wasn't in your file.

Because that would be

And would it be

if it had said
you were a virgin?


Nimah for the win!

That's a lie, right?

Not according
to the polygraph.

Because when I spoke
to your last four boyfriends,

that's what they said.

Nimah, that isn't
Simon's secret.

It should have been.


Clearly you didn't take
the assignment seriously.

You're done.

Simon Asher,
you are a Conservative Jew

a staunch Zionist family,

yet four years ago,
you traveled to Gaza

to live
with the Palestinians,

and to this day,
you never told anyone.

Sorry. I forgot...
yes or no?


He only went to Gaza because
he wanted to be better informed.

Well, that's
what he told you.

We know the real reason.

- What about you?
- What about me?

Oh, I don't need
the polygraph.

Alex won't lie.

Right, Alex?

- That's fine.
- Good.

- See, that's good.
- Yes, that's right.

He's making her feel
like she can trust him.

You can't trust me, by the way,
just so you're prepared.

You and me, in my car.

You do that often?

Not as often as I'd like.


Do you think
perhaps you do it

because of unresolved issues
with men in your life?

I don't have many men
in my life,

so I don't know
how it'd be possible

to have any issues
with them.

Mm. So you don't think
that a person's inability

to connect
with somebody else

comes from something
in their past?

Why don't you tell me?

Your father.

What about my father?

Well, he's a hard man
to find.

You don't have any pictures
of him on your Facebook page.

You untagged any photos
of the two of you together.

In fact,
when he passed away,

you didn't mention him
at all.

I prefer to grieve
in private.

I would agree...

if you'd
actually been grieving.

I can ask,
or you can just tell me.

Whatever makes you
feel better.

[indistinct arguing]

SITA: Get out!

No! You get out!


Do you ever think
of that?!

[indistinct arguing]

You have kids!

Stay away, sweetie.

Daddy, no!

SITA: Do what he says, Alex.
It's not safe.

He's drunk again.

Don't lie to her!

Tell her the truth!
For once, Sita!

- Daddy, stop!
- For once in your damn life!

Daddy, please put
the gun down! Please!

The truth about you?

Daddy, no!


Get help, Alex!

Please, help!



So your mother shot him...

In self-defense?

Yes, that's right.

You can stop now, Ryan.


That was emotional.

But her secret's
got nothing on Eric's.

S.A. O'Connor,
can we go next?

Packer, you're going down.

Elder Eric,
I know your secret.

Come on in.

You ready to come clean,
Elder Eric?

[all gasp]

Put the gun down.

ERIC: You won't tell.

I won't let you!

Look, you seem to think
that if I keep talking,

I'll unlock
some magic memory

to support whatever it is
that you've been told, but...

Maybe you should talk
to the other trainees.

I'm talking to you.

But we're wasting time
in here!

There are people out there who
are hurt, who need our help...

What happened next?

CALEB: Eric...

Eric, put the gun down.

Why'd you have to go looking,

- [pounding on door]
- Why couldn't you just leave it alone?!

- I was bluffing.
- LIAM: Open the door, Eric!

All right?
I didn't find anything.

I looked. I did.
But... but nothing turned up.

Eric, open the door!

I don't believe you!

I didn't find anything,
I swear!

Open the door!

Okay? I was just...
I was just pretending.

I thought that if I pretended

- to find something...
- You're lying.

...and riled you up with it,
you'd just...

you'd let
your secret slip.

And I...
and I needed you to.

Put the gun down, Eric!
Put the gun down!

[shuddered breathing]

'Cause after failing
all those tests,

if I failed this,
they'd send me home.

just put the gun...

Please put
the gun away, man.

- You're a liar. I don't believe you.
- Just come on!

You'll tell everybody!
Everyone will know!

Eric, Eric, all right,
just give me the gun.

You can believe me.
Put the gun down.

- Just give me the gun.
- [screams, cries]

Come on! Come on!
Give me the gun, man!

[pounding on door]

- [crying]
- Open the door!


- [pounding continues]
- I'm sorry.

I never thought she'd die.


Eric, it's okay!

- No!
- [gunshot]

I just got off the phone
with a whole host of folks.

From what I can piece together,
when Eric was on his mission,

he slept with
a 14-year-old Malawian girl

and got her pregnant.

He took her to get
an abortion...

illegal in that country...

and she died in the process,
and he never told anyone.

And no one on our end
caught it, including you.

No, don't pin this on me.

He was tested, polygraphed,

and vetted before he got here.

You yourself recruited him.

I vouched for you.

They were gonna fire you
after Chicago.

They said
you had lost focus.

Now I see they were right.


I don't know
why I'm still here.

Nobody likes me.
I suck at everything.

I only got in
'cause of my parents.

Your parents?

They're both agents.

I barely passed
my entrance exams.

They had to pull major strings
to just get me in,

and look what happened.

Whatever Eric was hiding,

no one knew about it,
not even the FBI.

Just imagine if he'd
actually become an agent

with that secret
hanging over him.

Who knows what he would have
done to keep it safe?

His secret's out now.

You know,
all of ours are.

That was the hard part,
but now it's over.

Why are you
being so nice to me?

I've only been a jerk
to you.


I know what it feels like
to be discounted.

That's why I decided to do
something about it.

Hear, hear.

MIRANDA: What happened today
was heartbreaking.

It was tragic.

But it was also a reminder.

I have no doubt Eric Packer
had much to offer us,

but he could not face
the truth about himself.

As an agent,
that's the most important thing.

If you cannot be honest
with yourself,

how can you get the truth
out of anyone else?

And the scariest part
about all of this

is that it only gets harder
from here.

So tonight, please, please,

think about what you want
for your life, for your future.

More than that,
think about who you are

and why you're here.

Thank you.

Mr. Haas?

The Assistant Director
wants you to stay behind.

SHELBY: Caleb's gone.

49 more to go.

[door opens]


NIMAH: Who is it?

I should ask you
the same thing.

Is it Nimah or "Mean-ah"?




honestly, I would, uh,
take either one

if you'd let me make you
a cup of coffee...

maybe get back
on the right foot?

I'll be right out.

Uh, oh, great.

I'll... I'll...
I'll be out here, um...

You or me this time?

Miranda said me.


Always to the right
from now on.

[siren wailing]

Assistant Director.

Assistant Director!

Agent Jimenez
is waiting for you outside.

Controlled explosions,
seconds apart.

Multiple levels
beneath the tracks.

If you believe the CIA, it's
tied to Ukrainian nationalists.

Homeland security
says ISIS.

How about our girl?

She's starting to piece it

Maybe I should step in.

You really think
that's such a good idea

after what happened
between you two at the Academy?

All right, keep at her.
Just a little while longer.

We'll get our answer.

All right.


What's going on?
Do you think...

do you think I had
something to do with this?

Because if you do, I...

You can stop now,
Agent Parrish.

We know it's you.

That's ridiculous.

If you were on perimeter detail,
you'd be blocks away,

not 100 yards
from the blast.

There's not a scratch on you,
which is impossible,

unless you placed yourself
where we found you

after the explosion,
which I believe that you did.

And we checked your gun.

It was fired recently,
three bullets,

and there's nothing on file
with the Bureau,

so you better pray
that we don't find them.

[knock on window]

Video feed is live!

Find them where?

At your apartment.

[radio chatter]

Break it down.

We're in!


There's C-4 over here!

Get the bomb squad!

I've got blueprints.

Did you see this?

It's Grand Central!

MAN #2:
Sir, we've got one down.

Alive or dead?

Agent Booth? Agent Booth?

Agent down!

Oh, my God.

I didn't tell the whole truth
in my interview yesterday.

My mother
didn't shoot my father.

I did.



This is my father.

The man that I knew

had a simple, small life,

worked a simple, small job
at a factory,

never took a vacation,

never said too much.

The kind of man
that isn't special.

He's definitely
no special agent.

Where did you find this?

That night.

My mother sent me to Mumbai
to live with her family.

[both crying]

I'll protect you.

ALEX: For 10 years,
I kept that with me.

Never stopped thinking
about it.

Never made sense of it.

Now you're here.

[chuckles] My mother
doesn't even know I'm here.

I lied.

I lied to everyone.

But I need
to know the truth.

That man...

if he wasn't who I knew,
who was he?

Was he good?

Was he bad?

Was he both?

Well, I can look into it
for you,

but, um, I'm not sure
you'll like what I find.

I still need to know.

When I volunteer
to go undercover,

I don't expect the Academy,
getting close to some trainee,

sitting next to her
on a plane,

taking her file
for that interview?

It's [laughs]

it's starting
to feel weird.

Just stay close to her,

Tell me what she does,
what she says.

This is screwed up,

The Assistant Director
actually approve all this?

I'm still your superior,
Agent Booth.

Don't question
the chain of command.

And don't sleep
with her again.

Alexandra Parrish, you have
the right to remain silent.

- Anything you say...
- What?

...can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

What are you
arresting me for?!

Where are you taking me?!

I have rights,
you know!

Will someone please
just talk to me?

Just tell me...

Liam, thank God
you're here.

They've arrested me, and
they won't even tell me why.

Well, how about
for what we believe

to be the most devastating
terrorist attack

on American soil
since 9/11?

The bullet
found in Agent Booth's body

matches one fired
from your gun.

So add that to the list of all
the other lives you took today.

Liam, you know me.

I have no ties
to any terrorist groups

or any grievances
against this country.

What possible reason could I
have to do something like this

or to shoot Agent Booth?

Well, maybe he was onto you,
and you had to defend yourself.

Or maybe you found out
the truth about him,

just like you found out
the truth about your father,

and you didn't like it.

The truth?
What truth?

I didn't...
I didn't shoot him.

I didn't do any of this!

Have you even looked
at anyone else?

Have you even talked
to anyone else?

Liam, please don't let them
do this to me.

- Please...
- Get her out of my sight.

Let's go.



[police radio chatter]

This is a mistake,
you know.

[engine turns over]

[electricity crackles]


Stop crying, Agent Parrish.


Oh, my God. Miranda!
What are you doing here?

We have to get you
out of here.

[siren wails]

We both know
you're no terrorist.

This is being pinned
on you

while the real perpetrator
gets away.

- But why?
- I don't know.

But only you can fix it.

You were on the ground
at Quantico.

I was behind a desk.

You have to think back
on every moment,

research everyone,
like you were taught.

But how?
I'll be in jail.

The moment
you set foot in there,

you're never
getting out alive.

Under your seat.

Your seat!

Here's a key.

Agent O'Connor!

The driver of the van,

they found him unconscious
in the stairwell.

Stop the van.
Stop the van!

Stop the van.

DISPATCHER: Calling all units...
10-39 in progress.

Oh, my God.
What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna try
to lose them.

[tires screeching]

They're breaking away!

Calling all... 10-59.

Prisoner escort commandeered

by an unidentified party
or parties.

Proceed with caution.

I'm gonna box them in!

[tires screeching]

Hold on!
I'm gonna try to lose them!



[Cold War Kids' "First" plays]

[indistinct shouting]

♪ Cheated and lied ♪

♪ Broken so bad ♪

♪ You made a vow ♪

♪ Never get mad ♪

♪ You play the game ♪

♪ Though it's unfair ♪

♪ They're all the same ♪

- ♪ Who can compare? ♪
- She's gone! She's gone!

♪ First you get hurt,
then you feel sorry ♪

♪ Flying like a cannonball ♪

♪ Falling to the earth ♪

♪ Heavy as a feather
when you hit the dirt ♪

♪ How am I the lucky one? ♪

♪ I do not deserve ♪

♪ To wait around forever
when you were there first ♪