Psych (2006–2014): Season 5, Episode 5 - Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing) - full transcript

Shawn and Gus infiltrate a ring of street racing car thieves to catch a killer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You ready?

Oh, no! Oh, no! What?

I can't reach the brake!
Gus, get down there and stop us.

Wait, why do I have to be the feet?
How come you just can't be taller?

No, whoa, whoa, Shawn!
What do you think you're doing?

Well, the important question
is what are you doing home?

I'm a detective.
New job. New hours.

Can you write those down for me?
Give me the keys.

Give me the keys.

We were only going to go as far
as the end of the driveway.

I don't care how far you
were going to go, Shawn.

You're not old enough
to drive.

Get out.
Out. Now!

Right there, right there.

- Copy.Load it in.

Back away!
Everybody back away!

Come on. Get out.
Out of the car!

Get out
of the car!

All units be
advised 2- 11 of a vehicle

just occurred at
40765 Mariposa.

Property taken was a white
Lamborghini Murcielago.

Suspect last seen
travelling southbound.

Stolen car. Not a car.
It's a Lamborghini.

Copy! Car 7-0,
en route to assist.

I have a pretty good idea
who's behind this carjacking.

Who? I've been investigating
a group of car thieves

who have been working in town for the
last few months. They're street racers.

They finance their lifestyle
by boosting exotic vehicles.

Whoa! Slow down!

And how do you know these are the
guys you've been investigating?

Oh, it's them.
I know it.

There they are.

Car 7-0, we have visual on the
Lamborghini traveling south on Mariposa.

Requesting backup.

Damn it!

Carlton, we lost him.

I'm not giving up that easy. I've spent too
long trying to nail this son of a bitch.

He's halfway to the
city limits by now.

O'Hara, if you don't wanna help, you're
more than welcome to get out right now.

We are three miles
from the station.

All units be advised
stolen Lamborghini located

at the corner of
Eighth and Waterfront.

This is Detective

Secure the area
and stand down!

No one approaches that
vehicle until I get there.

Do you copy?

stand down!

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

And that, my dear Gus, is why
one should not text and drive.


Spencer, get away from the vehicle!

This is an absolutely lovely crime
scene you have here, Lassie.

I especially enjoy what you do with the...
What's that called?

Yellow tape.
Crime scene tape.

It's there
for a reason.

Look, we only came over to get a
closer look at the ride because

I used to have
one just like it.

Gus and I built it from
scratch in auto shop.

Spencer, you don't
want this case.

Oh, but I do.
But you can't have it.

Oh, but I will.
Stop it.

Look, Lassie, I know we've had
our kerfuffles in the past,

but let's be honest.
This has all the makings of a Psych special.

Fast cars. Fast food.
Fast women.

That, too.

The answer is no.

I've done too much work on this
case already so I will thank you

to get lost. In fact,
I'll even help you.

Miller, escort these two
out of here, please.

Well, in that case, I guess we'll
just have to race you for it.


Go give them a ticket.

We know the Lamborghini
was traveling approximately

90 miles an hour when
the driver was killed

so we can extrapolate the shooter's
location based on how long it took

the dead man's car
to come to a stop.

Well, how did the
shooter even find him?

They found an illegal tracking
device under the hood.

Now watch.

Awesome driving.

Thank you, McNab.

There's actually quite a bit more to
pursuit driving than most people think.

I was talking about
the other guy.

Watch for the flash, Gus.
As soon as Lassie hits 88, he goes back in time.

And this time, he does not go
to the prom with his sister.

It was his mother, and it was the
"Enchantment Under the Sea" dance.

Come on, man.
It was a throw-away.

So we could make an entrance.
But you got it wrong.

I can't do this
with you right now.

Spencer, I am trying to
investigate a murder,

so unless you have a
reason to be here, leave.

Oh, I have a reason.

I'm getting that the shooter was in a
second car, one with wide tires found

on street-racing
hot-rod type vehicles.

Tell me something I don't know.
All right.

America's never lost a war when donkeys
were in use and the Lamborghini's vehicle

identification number was altered,
which means it was stolen before.

I knew that
already as well.

The part about the VIN
number, not the donkeys.

That's an interesting fact.
What I need to know is where the shooter's car was.

Well, why don't you just
extrapolate based on how long

it took for the dead man's
car to coast to a stop?

Yeah. What chocolate
Einstein just said.

Um, Lassie, are you
humming danger music?

We're done

O'Hara, we got an ID
on that victim yet?

His name is Max Contreras. He's a known
street racer, has a long list of priors.

And get this.
He's a huge gambler.

Owes a bundle to none
other than Logan Paget.

Who's that?

Paget's a big time exotic car
collector and suspected loan shark.

That's interesting.
By the way, it's pronounced "Paget."

No, it isn't.
It is when I say it.

Now let's saddle up
and go talk to this frog.

He is not French, Shawn.
And that term is a slur.

Oh, please.
He won't be offended.

The French are known for their
wonderful sense of humor.

Excuse me. You're not going
anywhere on this, Spencer,

because you're not
on this case.


They're on the case.


With all due respect, Carlton, you've
been after these guys for months

with no luck, and now
someone is dead.

It's time for
all hands on deck.

That comes straight
from the chief. Not me.

I don't need help questioning Paget.

Shut up. That's why we're
sending Shawn and Gus to see

if they can find any street
racers that Contreras hung with.

Maybe they can help.

What do you even know about
street racing anyway?

Only what we learned from The
Fast and the Furious.

So everything.

Fine. But don't think we're partners on this.
I'm in charge.

I promise to follow
you to the letter.

As long as that
letter isn't "Q."

Or any other vowel,
for that matter.

Shawn, you're to play
by the book on this one.

You find anything out,
you make any move,

you first report
to Lassiter. Got it?

Done and done.

Are we really going to check
everything with Lassiter?

Of course not.
Don't be ridiculous.

That's a '93 Avanti.

They only made 189
of these things.

Its design was inspired by
the '64 Studebaker Avanti.

Here, see the square

Seven "Z" type.
'09 Aston Martin.

We have work to do,
Mister Bond.



Mister Paget.

It's pronounced "Paget."

I've heard it
both ways.

I'm Detective Lassiter.
This is my partner, Detective O'Hara.

We have a few questions
for you about Max Contreras.

We understand
you knew him.

Max was a
business associate.

He worked for me occasionally.
He was a gifted mechanic.

An artist.

Just like one of your
precious porcelain dolls.

You see, I don't
collect dolls.

You look like the
kind of guy who does.

We also know that Max
owed you a lot of money.

Am I to assume that I'm now a
suspect in your murder case?

Don't touch, please.

Don't be stupid, Mister Paget.
We both know that even the lowest of two-bit loan sharks

doesn't kill someone
who owes them money.


When did you last
talk to Contreras?

Ah, it's been
weeks. Weeks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to
prepare this baby for an auction.

Yeah, just one
more question.

You were the...

You were the...

Would you turn
that off?

Turn off the car!

You're the registered
owner of the vehicle

that Max was driving
the night he was murdered.

Yes. It was taken from
a restaurant valet.

That's interesting because we don't have
any record of you reporting it stolen.

Hmm. Must have
slipped my mind.

See, I think you are
hiding something.

Maybe I just have
that kind of face.

Dude, we've been to five
of these places

and no one's heard anything about
street racing or even heard of Max.

Just do this one, and then I'll
get you some astronaut ice cream.

Damn right, you will. Excuse us.


I'm Shawn. This is my
associate, MC Clap Yo Handz.

With a "Z."

We're looking for some street racing action.
Or any kind of action.

Don't know anything about that so
you can get the hell out of here.

With a "Z."

Dude, she's lying. I know.
There's no "Z" in asses.

I'm talking about
the street racing.

Right, right.


Dude, do that again.

I've been trying to come
up with an entrance bit

like that since I accidently threw
Gus' wallet into a fireplace.

I knew a squirrel didn't
swipe it off a windowsill.

There was a squirrel outside
and it was eyeing your wallet.

You lying bastard.

I was positing a theory to
help cushion the blow for you.

You ruined my wallet and
blamed it on an animal.

Squirrels bite, Gus.
So what?

And you wanted to believe it.
Hey, whoa, hey!

Who the hell
are you guys?

They're nobodies.

And by nobodies, she means
experienced street racers

who also happen to
dabble in flatulence.

What? I'm sorry.
Stamp collecting.

It's "philately," Shawn.

I'm afraid that's
the word for "fart."

You need to get
the hell out of here.

Damn, girl.

Hold on. Take it easy, Gina.
Clearly, these guys are insane.

They're just looking
to have some fun.

I race hard.
You race hard.

You're an awesome key flipper, I can play Sowing
the Seeds of Love on the recorder.

He has that head.

Now we all know each other.
Why don't you tell us where the next race is?

What's your name?

There's an old saying, Shawn.
"If you need to ask, you don't belong there."

I knew that.
Then why'd you ask?

Well, if you must know,
it's a rhetorical question.

Sort of like, "Where's Waldo?
" Or "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?"

If you can find the race,
happy to see you there.

Cool, man.

Gus! For goodness
sake, careful.

I'm sorry.
He's all thumbs.

Are you guys
done here?

Sorry again
about that.

Oh, my...

You're making a mess.
I had that perfectly organized.

I need a map.
Where's the map?

Under my backup breath mints,
next to my lavender scalp oil.

Lavender scalp oil?

You've been using that stuff since
we did that model thing, huh?

Every day. A player needs to shine, Shawn.
What are you doing?

Wait a minute, these are
streets and times and dates.

Gus, I know where the next race is.
We just need wheels.

That's a negative, Shawn.
You already tricked out my car once.

Yeah, and it
looked awesome.

And I almost
got fired.

Fine. We'll have to figure
something else out then.

Everybody else's hood
stays up by themselves.

How long do I have
to do this?

Gus, we have to feature the engine.
We have to show it to people. That's what they do.

Sit tight. I'm going to
go get my Paul Walker on.

This is embarrassing. Your dad's going
to kill you for taking his truck.

Monte Carlo, huh?
It's blue. It's boxy.

What the hell are you
talking about, man?

I'm talking about
your machine, man.

My buddy Max
had one just like it.

Max Contreras. El Guapo.
Do you guys know him?

I know he got a bullet put in his head.
Yeah, I heard that.

Bummed me out.

You wouldn't happen to know
who did it, would you?

You know what we do with little
guys who come around here asking

bitch-ass questions?
I'm guessing he doesn't break into song?

No, we kick their
bitch asses!

Uh... Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Chill out, man.

Chill out!

All right? You're not
going to do nothing.

You're going to turn around.
You're going to walk out of here. You understand?


Side note. That guy
would have killed me.

Yeah. Quickly and quietly.

My body turns up
in a ditch somewhere.

Nah, they would have never
found your body. No body.

And yet, you didn't back down.

Well, you know I don't
really like to...

Think ahead.

I understand
that approach well.

You found the race.
Here I am.

You know I won't say
I'm not impressed.

You're awesome. You have a great crew.
You look like Flea.

Come on, guys.

Gus, look.


This is your ride?


She may look like hell. She may sound like hell.
She may run like hell.

She may smell like hell.

But she is fast as hell.

I guess we should
do this then, huh?

Absolutely! Do what?

How was this a good idea?

What would you have me
do, Gus? Huh? Back down?

No. I've got to
protect my rep.

You don't have a rep.

I'm building it, dude.
Don't you see?

If we're going to get to the
bottom of Max's murder,

we've gotta have
some street cred.

Hey, Nix!
We're racing for pinks.

As in pink slips?
Like ownership papers?

Pink's Hot Dogs.
I have a coupon.

That's my coupon.
It's his coupon.

Good. 'Cause I'd rather
have that than your truck.

Oh, yeah?

You sure about that?

I'm sure.

I think I can
beat this guy.

Are you insane?
I have a secret weapon. What!

Nitrous? You are insane.

You wouldn't believe how easy
that thing was to install.

No, Shawn, it's incredibly complicated.
Did you retool the front end?

Nope. Did you adjust the intake?

What's an intake?
Did you exchange the exhaust valve?

Jeez, Gus, you know so much about this.
I should have had you install it.

Let me out
of this car.

Come on!

Come on! Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, dude, ready? Hit it!

Absolutely not.

We can win
this thing.

We can also die.

Stop it! No!


I won't forgive you for this.
Thank you.

I said I won't
forgive you.

Viva M?xico!

You kidding me?

We did it!
He beat us, Shawn.

By so much less than
I thought he would.


I knew it. You must have
accidentally cut the brake line

when you installed
the nitrous.

Please. The only thing I cut was that long cable
going from the pedals to the rear wheels.

I'm going to
kill you, Shawn!

Are we dead?

I'm not. But if you are, can I have
the $6,218 in your your rainy-day

money-market account?
How do you know exactly

how much money
I have in there?

Wild guess.

Wow! That's some of the craziest
stuff I've seen in a long time!


You know you two have
got a lot of balls.

Four, actually.
And a phantom one that I call "Rigby."

Or your asses
are just lucky.

Look, Gina,
don't be...

We live on
the edge, Tommy.

I thought you were
a lot of talk.

We are all talk.
No, we're not.

Gus, we're not.
We're all action.

Listen, we're having a party
tomorrow night at the shop.

You make me laugh.
You two should come.

We'll be there, man.

I almost got killed pulling
out of my own damn driveway.

I warned you two about going
by the book on this one,

so unless you've got something useful from
that little stunt, I'm cutting you loose.

Dad, we've got something
more than useful.

Gus and I have identified
Max's old crew.

We're already
making inroads.

That's right. Pretty soon we'll get nicknames.
I'm thinking Torch and Road Rash.

You lied to us, Paget.

Really? How so?

You said that you hadn't spoken
to Max Contreras in weeks,

but your phone records
tell a different story.

In fact, you talked to him
quite a bit last week,

including Tuesday
night at 8:41.

Right after Max boosted
your Lamborghini.

Tell us again why you never
reported your car stolen?

I've kind of been
busy, you know.

Bull crunch. Max knew exactly who boosted
your car, so he made you an offer.

He was gonna recover it for you and
you were gonna erase his debt.

Only you didn't trust Max.
After all, he was a thief.

So you called him up and sure
enough he had a change of heart.

He was gonna keep the car for himself
so you hopped in your fastest vehicle,

you tracked him down
and took him out.

I've got you on conspiracy
to commit grand theft.

And I'm just
getting started.


Yes, I hired Max. Yes, I called
him after he retrieved my car.

But he didn't tell me that
he had a change of heart.

Well, what did
he say, then?

He said someone
was after him.


He didn't get a chance to tell me that.
And from the sound of his voice,

he was scared.

Whoever it was, he knew they
were going to get to him.

Shawn, you agreed that Lassiter would
be point on this investigation.

I expect you to honor it.
Tell him now.

Tell me what?

All right. It took a brush with death,
but Gus and I were able to infiltrate

Max's old crew
and I am sensing

that is where we will
find his killer.

Huh. Based on what Paget says,
that actually makes sense.

Whoever killed Max had to be
a better driver than him.

Maybe it was an old
street racing buddy

or somebody that he, I don't
know, used to boost cars with.

Things went bad
between them.

Max decides to take
this guy out.

Adequate job,

O'Hara and I will shake
these gearheads down.

Where can I find him?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lassie.

Tap the brakes. You can't just go
in there and slap these guys around

all limp-wristy, expecting
them to tell you everything.

I've never had a limp
wrist in my life.

Look, these dudes are a tribe, all right?
They've very close-knit,

which is why Road Rash and I will
be hanging out with them tonight.

Why do I have to be Road Rash?
Because I'm Torch.

I want a different

They all know you as Road Rash.
Everybody does.

If you switch now, there
will be mass confusion.

Shawn, you made that
name up one minute ago.

Fine. What do you
want to be called?

Mellow Rush.

That sounds like a crappy energy
drink that gives you tongue hives.

How about Crankshaft?

The old, cantankerous
man from the comic strip?

Okay. Fine. Miss
Whiddleberry it is.


Look, Shawn is right.
If he and Gus can go out and get enough

concrete evidence to nail the
shooter, I say it's worth it.

You have six hours to give me a
suspect, and I want the address

where you're going to be. Done.

You ready to go,
G- Force?

Now that's
what's up.


All right, now listen.
When you're with me, what's mine is yours.

Can I have that puka
shell necklace?


Of course.
I was kidding.

Dude, did you make a
chain out of paperclips?

Gus, I didn't have a lot of time.
What I had was office supplies.


Yeah! Whoo!

Worst crash ever,
Phoenix '06. Hands down.

I'm in a GTO
and racing this Supra.

A total ricer kicking
his import ass, doing 90.

All of a sudden my back end
gets loose. Boom!

Hit the guardrail,
flip it six times.

Dag, Stig, you're
lucky to be alive.


Talking about worst crash, how about
Tommy last year at Bonneville.

Oh, man, okay, he's trying
to get to 200, right?

The front end of his Camaro
came off the ground,

flew like what? Like 50 feet?

By the end there was hardly any car left.
It was crazy.

Tommy was in a coma
for a month.

It was barely three weeks. It was a little nap.
I can't wait to try it again.

What do you have,
a death wish?

No. It's just the
opposite, Whiddleberry.

They say that when
you're going that fast,

that's when you really know what it is to be alive.
It's pure adrenaline.

It's not about the speed
and checkered flags.

Anybody with the right engine and
enough horsepower can do that.

It's about freedom
and barriers.

You tell me I can't do something,
I'm going to show you that I can.

Or I'm going
to die trying.

Adrenaline, that's
God's greatest gift.

How close did you get?

187. I could
almost taste it.

You want the ultimate thrill?
You got to be willing to pay the ultimate price.

Point Break.

I think you should go for it, man.
Do whatever it takes.

And what about you, Gina?
Awfully quiet over there.

How'd you get
your war wound?

Vegas, '09.
Dodge Challenger.

Ran a red light and got
T- boned by a big rig.

Yeah. Max was driving.

Gina loses the use of two of her fingers
and Max walks away without a scratch.

Some boyfriend, huh?

Whatever. Son of a bitch never even apologized to you.
I'd never treat you that way.

You know what? I never trusted the
bastard, so I say good riddance.

Hey, Max was once
a good friend to all of us.

That's how we're going
to remember him.

You're right.

Let's go outside.

Not you.

Now she wants to talk, huh?
We can talk.


What are you doing?
That's my car!

She's a beauty.
Nova, huh?

Did you know that no va
means "no go" in Spanish?

These bad boys did not sell well
in the Latin American countries,

except, curiously,

Stig and Juice Box really
hating on Max in there.

What's that all about?

You ask a lot
of questions.

Oh, yeah?



Ooh. Hey! Relax,
I think we got this backwards.

Don't flatter yourself.
I'm looking for a wire.

A wire? Are you... Are you crazy, Gina?
You think I'm a cop?

I'm not a cop.

I'm a car guy,
just like you.

Except you're
a girl, obviously.

Car guy, huh?
Just like me?

Just like you.

Tell me exactly what
you see here.

All right, what do we got?
We got a...

A fan belt, a
radiator, air filter.

Cowl induction.

Rochester four-barrel, Edelbrock
intake, open headers,

4-11 positrac.


Those are the mods
on Tommy's car. Not mine.

Tell me exactly who you are, Shawn.
Right now.

All right. I guess I should
start at the beginning.

It's 1976. Fernando was
at the top of the charts.

A Georgia peanut farmer was
the leader of the free world.

Now, Gina,
don't do anything crazy.

I don't hit women.

Put down the firearm!

Back off, now!

Get your hand
off me, cop!

Punch me in the face.

You're gonna blow my cover!
Now punch me in the face!

I'm not going
to punch you in the face.

Ronald Reagan was a terrible president.
You son of a bitch!

I'll go quietly.

Get up!

There they are.
Nice work, guys.

Thank you, Buzz.

No. I meant nice work
getting owned by a girl.

Okay. For your information, we did not get owned.
We refused to fight back.

We don't hit women.
That's right.

No, but
apparently she does.

We got the preliminary
ballistics on Gina's gun.

It was used
to kill Max Contreras.

Gina was
the shooter?

Not Gina. That was her alias.
Her real name was Mary Armstrong.

I almost made out with a
woman named Mary Armstrong?

You weren't about to
make out with anybody.

Says who?
She kicked you in the belly.

After I disarmed her
and saved your butt.

I'm sorry. She just didn't seem like
a Mary Armstrong to me. Maria? Sure.

Marisol, Mandinga.

Her name's not important.
What's important is that she was Max's ex-Iover

and part of the crew that
stole Paget's Lamborghini.

Max betrayed them when he stole it back,
so she went after him and took him out.

And the good news, gentlemen, is that
she is going away for a very long time.

Your lunch money is safe.

All right, look, guys, the big score
here is that we all worked together.

I think we've
turned a corner.

Great work.

I don't like the way
that shook out at all.

Lassie smugly
breaking down the case,

people laughing
at our expense.

Gina turns out to be Mary.
It's all very vexing.

Don't you feel vexed?

No. We solved the case.
It all worked out the way it should be.

No. That is what
is disturbing me.

It never works out
the way it should.

That's not our process.
Our process is messy. It's haphazard.

It's definitely not
like that. I don't buy it.

Well, you're not going
to get it for free.

What is wrong with you?
You're driving like a maniac!

I think these car people
are rubbing off on me, Gus.

I'm doing it fast and furious.
I'm living life a quarter mile at a time.

Will you get over this thing and
stop talking like a movie poster?

Wait a minute.

Gina loses the use
of two of her fingers.

Tell me exactly who you
are, Shawn, right now.

Why are you singing
Lassie's danger music?

It's catchy.

And the shot that killed
Max came from the right.

Yeah. So? So, Gina can't grip
anything with her right hand.

Not a wrench, not a steering
wheel, and definitely not a gun.

So if she was the one chasing Max, she would
have to steer and shoot with the same hand.

No one can do that.
Not at 90 miles an hour.

You know what this means, Gus?
Gina is not our killer.

Don't you mean Mary?

She'll always
be Gina to me.

All right. Sher-black-Iock.
If it wasn't Gina, who was it?

It's obvious, Shawn.
It's Tommy.

Gus, don't be the second drummer from 38 Special.
It clearly wasn't Tommy.

Why are you not
getting this?

These guys are like the mafia and Tommy's
like a street racing Don Corleone.

There's a code of honor and Max
broke it when he stole that car.

It easily could have been
one of the other dudes.

Stig, obviously
in love with Gina.

Juice Box,
they didn't trust the bastard.

Shawn, it's Tommy. You know it.
He was the one driving Gina's car.

Why is everyone suddenly
breaking down this case but me?

Because you won't. And worse still, you
broke the first rule of undercover work.

You got too close.
You've gone all Point Break.

Okay, that's just nuts.

Is it, Johnny Utah?

Don't you dare use
that name as a slur.

I don't have to stand for this.
Give me your keys so I can storm out of here.

No. Take your motorcycle.

All right.

Hey, windbreaker
or pea coat?


Hands down, worst
stormer-outer ever.

Psychic detective?
That's pretty cool.

You must have
seen some wild stuff.

Oh, you have no idea.
Once there was this shark... Shawn.

Right. This kills me to say, but, Tommy,
you are a thief and you are a murderer.

We know you killed Max.
You pinned it on Gina and you almost managed

to bamboozle me with your
incredible awesomeness.

Almost? Sorry, dude, I will
never doubt you again.

Now who's a liar?

Listen, it's over.
We got you.

You can't kill everyone.

Yeah, you're right.

Max used the car as an insurance
policy against me coming after him.

He thought I wouldn't risk destroying
something that meant so much to me.

He just didn't know me
as well as he thought he did.

I'm not the one to lose ever.
He was sloppy so he had to go.

For Gina, eventually they're going
to figure out that she's innocent.

But by then
I'll be long gone.

So unfortunately that just leaves
one thing to do before I leave.

You tell me I can't do something,
I'm going to show you that I can.

Or I'm going to die trying.

The Lamborghini. You're going
to steal the Lamborghini again.

Psychic. Who told you, right?

That's insane.
It's locked up in the police impound.

You're not getting it.
This is where you come in.

You're going to go
and you're going to get it.

Is that right? Suppose I go there and
tell them exactly what you're up to.

You're probably
going to have to.

But I just want you to know, Shawn,
that if I see any cops coming,

your friend's
going to die.

That was quick. Guys at impound must
have not been paying attention.

No, they were. Then I busted
out the Rice Krispie treats.

It's like fly paper, man.

Seriously, those things are really sticky.
Where's Gus?

This guy's always entertaining, you know?
I'm going to miss that.

Save your compliments,

Toss me the keys.
Gus first!

I'm in here.
Let me out!

Seriously, dudes?
There's plenty of room in this car!

Why'd you have
to put him in the trunk?

It's a very small
back seat.

Get over there.
Now toss me the keys.

I like you, Shawn.
But I will kill you.

That's a smart move.
Let's go. Get over here.

All right, good.

What is that?
Cops put a tracker on this car.

I'd do the same thing.
Cops aren't stupid, I'm just smarter.

All right, I'd say they're
about two minutes away.

Boys, we're good to go.
Get out of here, all right? Just scatter.

Catch you later.

See you, boys.

You know I was serious when I
said that it would be good

to have a guy like
you come along.

You should come with us. Come on.
You got the kamikaze in you. I can smell it.

It's not the kamikaze. It's CK One.
It's for men and women. And you know what,

you're full of it, man.
God's greatest gift is not adrenaline.

It's friendship.
I would never do anything to hurt Gus.

Even if he betrayed me.
And he feels the same way about me.


Have it your way.

So we're letting
him go?

Shouldn't that sentence start with,
"Hey, man, thanks for saving my life?"

Okay. Thank you. But we're still
letting a murderer go free.

I got three zucchini and a
gourd that says we're not.

That crazy son of a bitch
isn't gonna stop.

No! No!


Maybe he is.

Move in!

Vegetables in the tailpipe.

I don't know if that's
brilliant or stupid.

Probably stupid.
Well, there's a fine line between the two.

Hey, Shawn, still about
freedom and barriers.

No regrets, bro.

Yeah. Good luck selling that to the
other murderers in cell block C, bro.

Mrs. Whiddleberry,
nothing personal.

The name is Gus.

Mrs. Whiddleberry?

It used to be G-Force.

Briefly. Very briefly.

Well, Spencer, this was a big collar for you.

It's a shame I have to put in a
recommendation for your suspension.

What? You stole a car
from the police impound.

He was gonna kill Gus.
He was bluffing.

I'm afraid I couldn't
take that chance.

You don't negotiate with
kidnappers. It's Cop 101.

But we're talking
about Gus. He's one of us.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry.
That was insensitive.

The fact of the matter is I'm
quite fond of you, Guster.

Although, professionally, I do often
wonder what you bring to the table.


I'm being honest.

Okay, Lassie, things Gus
brings to the table.

One, the blueberry.
Two, the super sniffer.

Three, a positive
working attitude.

Four, feng shui expertise.

Oh, it is such a shame that
you didn't get to see me

behind the wheel
of that machine.


What do you say the two of us
take it for a little spin?

It's still
evidence, Shawn.

You know you want to.
No. No. I really don't.

Yeah, you do because you have the kamikaze
in you, and I can smell it from a mile away.

That's disgusting.
That's Point Break!

Never seen it.

You've never seen
Point Break?

Nope. I've seen Fast Break.

Fast Break?
With Gabe Kaplan?

Spencer, get out of the car!

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

I know, you know

I know, you know

I know, you know