Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 4, Episode 305 - Gray Goo on the Loose - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme song playing]


[sighs] Well, look at that.
Slept like a baby.

Got a good, solid...

Seventeen minutes? Oh, come on!

[gasps] Sorry, Tessa.
Don't wanna wake you.

Unless of course you're already up
and fresh as a daisy. [chuckles]

Interesting fact,
the term "fresh as a daisy"

comes from the fact
that a daisy actually does sleep.

It closes its petals at night,
opens 'em again in the mornin'.


T-Dubs, I know these tight quarters
in total darkness

can be spooky-scary,
so I'm wide awake if you wanna talk.



OMG! I'm so sorry, Tessa.




Cam? Uh, what are you doing here?

You were supposed to be
at your Mars overnight.

Uh, yeah, but I was worried that...

She was worried
that you were worried about her.

But it looks like you're fine,
and so she's fine and we're all fine.

-Catch you later, Mr. C.

No, hold on.

Jenny, I know you were here late
the other night.

Like, way after hours late. Why?


I guess you caught me.

I was here late every night...

cataloging and preparing reports
for the research and design teams.

I took on a bit too much and I am playing
catch-up, I'm embarrassed to say.

How did you know I was here, Camryn?

The truth is, I...

[sighs] I overreacted.

To my dad dating and all.


[chuckles] You don't have to apologize.
I totally understand.

Charles, thank you for a lovely evening.

Dinner was delicious,
and the view from here was just as yummy.

But I should go. Good night, ladies.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Dad, I really am sorry.

-Us, too, Mr. Coyle.
-So sorry.

Girls, can we have a moment, please?


Uh, I think he means without us.

Oh, sorry.
I usually share in on the Coyle moments.

But, I guess this time
you mean alone-alone. Which is fine.

No Bry this time. Bye-bye, Bry.
Bryden Bandweth out! [chuckles]

We'll see you tomorrow, Cam.

-Well, I'm just gonna go back...
-Whoa, hold on. Hold on.

I... I have something I need to say.

Camryn, ever since your mom's been gone,

you've spent all these years
trying to fill her shoes.

You're an amazing daughter...
and a great big sister.

And I am so proud of you.

But you don't have to take care of us,

We Coyles, we take care of each other.
That's what families do.

I know, Dad.

[sighs] I guess
I was just being overprotective,

and now I messed up
and ruined your evening.

I just want you to be happy.

[chuckles] I am happy, sweetheart.

I get to come home every night
to my two favorite girls.

Do you have it?

[speaking Bulgarian]

You've done very well, Tessa.

Our plan to use
Mr. Coyle's security clearance

to get what we want has worked perfectly.

His daughter interrupting our date
actually makes it easier.

We'll be long gone before anyone realizes
the prototype is missing.

Let's go.

What are you doing?

This was a bad idea.
It isn't right.

[scoffs] What?

I... I can't do this.

What do you mean you can't do this?

You've been training for this for years.

Our people expect us
to deliver the weapon.

-But I think...
-Wha... You are a young girl.

It's not your job to think for yourself.

I've heard that my entire life.

Until my friends here
convinced me I should start.

This weapon could hurt
a lot of innocent people.


Go away, Ember. Please.

I'm not goin' anywhere.

You're right. You don't have to do this.

You need to walk away. Now.

You have no idea what she's capable of.
I don't want you to get hurt.

We're running out of time, Tessa.
Give me the prototype.

You're gonna have to get by me.

And trust me,
I'm a lot tougher than I look.

What's going on here?

Oh, Dr. Crawford, am I happy to see you.

The child is having second thoughts.
And this one knows everything.

Okay, feeling a little less happy.

Tessa, dear,
you don't know what you're doing.

We're all you've got. We're your family.

You're not my family. You recruited me.
I work for you, that's all.


I won't have these children ruin
everything I've worked for.

-I'm sorry I've been lying to you.
-How 'bout we talk about this later?

Take the prototype...
by force if you have to.


[footsteps approaching]

[speaking Spanish]

I didn't know you knew martial arts.

I don't. But whoever came
around that corner wouldn't know that.

Well, the rooftop bust
was another mistake.

But at least Mr. Coyle's safe.

So we're back to where we started?

Not so fast.

[Bry gasps]

Split up. We have to find the prototype!

[all] Where were you?

Ruining my dad's life.

Uh, by the way,
I owe your mom a huge apology.

Yeah, about that...

She's not my mom.

-Wait, what?

-Tessa, open this door!
-[Tessa] No!

You can't turn back now.

You're part of this.
Now give us the prototype.

You have the prototype?


[door alarm beeps]

What's with all the noise?

I don't get this handsome
without my beauty sleep.

Tessa, I'm warning you.

Dr. Crawford?

[sighs] Tessa's been working with Jenny
and Crawford to steal the nanotechnology.

What? You've been playing us?

Well, yeah.
She had a change of heart, though.

I knew there was something wrong
with the kid.

I say we turn her in.

No one goes in or out
until the authorities arrive.

Are we clear?

Okay. You don't have to get
all attitude-y.

Get control of your operative. Now!

They've locked themselves inside.
There's nothing I can do.

I want that prototype.

I'm leaving. With any luck,
I'll be out of the country by midnight.

Looks like your luck's run out.

[in Bulgarian accent] Get out of my way
and no one will get hurt.

Oh, someone's gonna get hurt.

[both grunting]

-Told ya.

I give up. Don't hurt me.

Would you look at that. It worked.


But if I'm going down for this,
we all are.

No, no, no, no, no!

-What? What's happening?
-The nanotechnology.

Its protective cocoon just shattered.

-Is that bad? That sounds bad.
-It is. Now there's nothing to stop it.

Stop what? All I really see
is this goopy weird stuff.

Don't touch that.

It's disgusting.

And deadly.
The nanotechnology is self-replicating.

It'll consume everything in its path.

Okay. By everything, you mean...

-All carbon-based matter.
-Including us.

-Okay, well, now I'm outta here.
-[all] No!

You can't leave.

None of us can.

If the goo escapes the HAB,
the entire planet is in danger.

[chuckles] Say goodbye to your friends.

Lock them in a closet somewhere.

[Crawford chuckles]

[gasps] My babies!

The space suits.
Everyone get in their space suits.

They're woven with an experimental
silicon-based Kevlar

that's five times stronger than steel.

The nanotechnology can't eat through them.

Are you sure?

Let's just say I'm more hopeful than sure.

But it will buy us some time.

[electricity surging]

[gasps] This is a nightmare.

Even worse than the one where none of you
come to my birthday party!

My point is it's very bad.

There's gotta be a way
to get rid of the goo.

You heard Professor Kato.
There's nothing we can do.

I can't believe this is really happening.

I always thought I'd bite the dust
by something cool,

like lava or an avalanche,
not by chocolate pudding!


This is all my fault. I'm so sorry.

Hey, you ended up doin' the right thing.

That counts for somethin'.

We'll get ourselves outta here.

[sighs] Okay. We may not get outta here.

So... I just wanted to say

it's been an honor
working with you ladies.

Y'all are my best friends.

Adri, I need you to do something for me.



Bry's gonna need a new best friend.

Can you guys promise to always get along?

[both] We promise.


And I love you with all my heart.

Don't worry, Cam. I already apologized
for getting upset over my soufflé.

And I'll be there when she makes
another awesome one.

When I checked in on the last one,
it looked delicious.

Wait. You opened the oven and looked in?

Before the timer went off?

Was that a problem?

Guys, maybe now is not the time.

Cam's right. Now is not the time.

Besides, you couldn't have known

that once the oxygen and nitrogen
in the whipped eggs

comes into contact with the air,
it cools and collapses.

I should have said something.


M, I know you're still takin' this hard,
but this wasn't your fault.

Hey, if anything, it's the kid's.

Come on,
I can't be the only one thinking it.

The oxygen!
It's what destroyed the soufflé!

The gray goo is made of carbon.

All carbon-based life-forms
require oxygen to survive.

Without oxygen, it can't grow.

-Meaning it can't replicate.

It'll die!

But the HAB is filled with air.
That's 20% oxygen.

How in the world are we
supposed to get rid of all the air?

By turning it into Mars.

We'll simulate Mars' atmosphere
inside the HAB.

95.32% carbon dioxide,

2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon,
and trace amounts of carbon monoxide.

It'll kill the goo!

But the HAB is designed
to keep the Mars atmosphere out.

That's why we're gonna fail the HAB.

We'll remove the oxygen by feeding in
as much carbon dioxide as we can.

Failure is the key to success.

That's brilliant! A bit risky, but...

It can work.

Carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen.
In a confined space, it'll displace it!

Carbon dioxide tanks feed
the soda machines.

I'll check the cafeteria.

Fire extinguishers.
They contain carbon dioxide.

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide.
I can retrieve it from the lab.

Let's do this.

We're gonna have to rewire
the oxygen compressors.

Right. As opposed to pumping
oxygen in from the exterior,

they need to suck it out.

The compressors must be behind this wall.

Uh, guys, can we hurry this along?

Hey, Camryn, I have to tell you something.


If all this doesn't work and,
you know, we don't make it...

Zach, why don't we talk about this later?

Sure. Okay.

[Bry] Seal the door.

Pouring hot water onto dry ice,
frozen CO2,

changes it from a solid
to its gaseous state.

I know. It's called sublimation.

Zach knows chemistry.

[gas hissing]



[Cam] Once the oxygen is removed,

we'll only have an hour left
to survive in our suit!

Something's happening.

-[Adri] It's working!
-[Ember] It is!

[all laughing]

-[Tessa] We did it!
-[all cheering]

[Zach] Give it here.

[all laughing]

♪ Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! Go us! Go us! ♪

[all laughing]

-Congratulations, Owl.
-We never doubted you.

Phew. That was close, huh?

Too close.

So, I just wanted to say
that these last few days,

when I was giving you a hard time,

I guess, what I was really trying
to say was... I like you.

It was just my way of showing it.

Zach, I am shocked that after all your
name-calling and your nasty jokes,

you think saying you like me
would make it all okay.

Grow up, Zach.

If you ever want a girl to like you,
you might try showing her some respect.

I'm beginning to think she and Cam's dad
aren't gonna work out.

[girls chuckle]

[stammers] I don't understand, Allison.
Why would you do this?

Do you know how long
I've remained in the shadows

and watched all of you applauded for the
innovation that comes out of Space Inc.?

This was my agency.

I decided it was time
I reaped some of the benefits.

That's where you're wrong, Dr. Crawford.

Science is a gift we all share.

You can't sell it, you can't own it,
and you can't stop it.

Hashtag, we're the resistance.


I made sure the authorities knew

you decided not to steal
the nano prototype.

Thanks, Ember. But I made a mistake,
and I need to take responsibility for it.

I'll be okay.

It was very brave of you.

It was easy. It was the first time
I knew I had a friend who had my back.

When they sort all this out, I'll be here.

You can hang with me and my moms.
I have two of 'em.

Plenty of love to go around.

Tell 'em T-Dubs will be there.


What were NOV-Eight Agents Gallagher
and Curry doing here?

Let's just say Tessa has some new fans
in very high places.

NOV-Eight can always use another tough,
smart, young woman... just like us.

[A.D.I.S.N. beeps] McKeyla, we gotta go.
Your driver's test is in a half an hour.

I know. I'm just debating
exactly what to say here.

[A.D.I.S.N.] You basically just saved
the world. I think you can handle this.

Hi, you dropped this.

I could've run off with it.
My little brother loves soccer.


These things are worth a bundle
on the open market, so...

[both chuckling]

You could buy me a froyo as a reward.
Unless a movie sounds better?

Or we could just hang out, you know?
Whatever you...

Um... Hannah,
you're really awesome and all, um,

but... I'm still kinda hung up
on somebody else right now.

Okay. I understand.

-McKeyla's a lucky girl.

Lucky girl.

[Adri] Here you go, Ms. James.

One Café Attoms soufflé
for our space program.

It looks... impressive.

It tastes even more impressive, Ms. James.

I agree.

-[girls giggling]

Sorry. Don't mind us.

We're just proud friends.

We can spell soufflé.
Just can't make one.

They're my best friends.

And Bryden was my partner in the kitchen.

Cracked the eggs with zero trace of yolk.
Hold the applause.

A soufflé certainly raises the bar
for space food.

Our men and women traveling to Mars would
be quite thrilled with this new menu item.


[girls giggling]

They're very proud of you, Adrienne.
And they should be.

To your success.

To our success.

Here's to bringing
a little Latin flavor into space.

Hey, can one of you guys
give me a ride home?

-Oh, wait, I can!
-[girls exclaim]

-Nailed it?
-Nailed it.

[A.D.I.S.N.] You should've seen her.

Wind in her hair, two hands on the wheel.
My bestie owns the open road!

Wait. Where's Devon?
I wanna thank her for her help.

Are you ready for this?
She's on a plane to New York.

That big publisher she was talking about
is interested in her graphic novel.

Well, then here's to Devon D'Marco,
soon-to-be-famous artist.

Oh! I almost forgot.

-This came for you.
-[McKeyla] Really?


[gasps] Wow. Is that an origami crane?


And the horse can do a somersault
by tapping under his tail.

[both chuckle]

Thank you, Daddy.


I love your gift.

[speaking Spanish]

So who's it from?

-No one.

[theme song playing]