Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 4, Episode 306 - Stone Acres Is the Place to Be - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme song playing]

[reporter] It's the perfect day
for the grand opening of Stone Acres,

Maywood Glen's newest urban development.

Stone Acres and its eco-friendly footprint
is spread over several acres

and utilizes the latest
in sustainable technology,

ranging from recycled materials
to rooftop solar panels.

The project's design
was personally overseen

by entrepreneur and friend
of the environment, Bobby Stone.

Stone, you may recall, is the founder
of Stone Television Network,

one of the fastest-rising
new streaming services,

as well as Stone Water,

noteworthy for its natural
brain-enhancing qualities.

Mr. Stone, may we have a word?

Of course.

First, congratulations.
You must be very excited.

Oh, I am.

And so is my entire family.

We just hope the fine people
of Maywood Glen

love Stone Acres as much as we do.

You've become quite the local hero.

Not only for generously supplying
Stone Water to the city of Maywood Glen,

as it enters its third
and many say worst year of a drought,

but also for making sure
the construction of Stone Acres

had a low environmental impact.

Well, first off, I'm no hero.

-In fact...

I'd like you to meet McKeyla McAlister,

who mobilized our Supporting Tomorrow's
New Engineer program.

Uh, hello.

You got this.

McKeyla, can you tell us
about some of the programs

you and the others have contributed?

Uh, sure.

Right this way.

Uh, so this is Ember Evergreen
and Bryden Bandweth, and they've created...

Created Maywood Glen's
very own vertical forest

by planting hundreds of plants
and vegetation all over Stone Acres.

We calculate that
the plants will consume carbon dioxide

and deliver between 75 and 100 kilograms
of oxygen per day.

And with my sick Computerized
Controlled Drip Irrigation System...

I mean, sick like amazing,
not sick like blah.

We'll be able to minimize water use
by 75 to 80%.

-We like to say "drip is the new cool."
-We don't say that.

-We could.
-We won't.

Okay. Thanks, guys.

Amazing, right?
Okay. Now you have to try this.

[softly] Good job, girls.

[both giggling]

And this is Adrienne Attoms
and Camryn Coyle,

and they've created Cyclecicle.

[panting] Using pedal power,

the ice and salt churn
at a higher rate, creating...

A culinary explosión
of flavored helado. Ice cream.

[Stone] Using zero energy from the grid.

Try my culinary white chocolate
with ancho chile pepper.

Like me, fabulous with a bit of a kick.

Wow. So inventive.

Don't look at me.

The students of Maywood Glen
deserve all the credit.

McKeyla in particular.

She is a wonderful role model
for all young women,

including my daughter.

[chuckles] Hey, sweetie.

Mr. Stone, Bryden Bandweth.

I remember. "Drip is the new cool."

I knew it would catch on.
Hashtag, trendsetter. [chuckles]

I just wanted to let you know that I am
a huge fan of Stone Television Network.

I watch it all the time.

And it actually inspired me
to make my own web series.

It's called Bry-ence. You know,
Bryden, science, Bry-ence. Get it?

I do. I'll have to check it out sometime.

-Send me the link. I want to see it.

[Bry] OMGsies,
he's going to watch the show!


I just want to thank you again for
spearheading the New Engineers program.

Especially considering my history
with your father.

[stammers] I was glad to help.
And it's okay.

My father hasn't been a part of my life
for a long time.

Well, as a way of saying thank you,

my wife and I would like to invite all
the volunteers from Maywood Glen Academy

to our home for dinner one night.

That'd be great.
I'm sure Bry'll be there. [chuckles]

Excuse me.

[A.D.I.S.N.] McKeyla, red alert.
There's something you need to see.

This video was just posted
on Bobby Stone's public website.

Evacuate the building.

-What's going on?
-A.D.I.S.N.'s found something.

We've had enough of your lies, Stone.
You're poisoning our world.

But today is the day
we take away your power. Boom.

Hey, come on!
Everybody, let's go!

I don't understand.

After all Señor Stone has done
for Maywood Glen,

why would someone want to harm him?

That's not what they said.

You're right.
They said take away his power.

But how?

The Stone Acres power grid.
If it was damaged...

It would certainly take away his power.

[Stone] Girls, you must evacuate!

[McKeyla] A.D.I.S.N. said we'd find
the power grid in the basement.

Why do bad things
always have to happen in basements?


I agree. Nothing I hate
more than creepy-crawlies. Ugh.

Do you realize creepy-crawlies
are essential to the ecosystem?


That, however, can't be good.

-NH4NO3. Ammonium nitrate?
-It's a fertilizer bomb.

The detonation device creates
a detonation wave,

turning the ammonium nitrate into gas.

Intensifying the explosion.

That would destroy the power grid
for the entire development.

Well, how do we stop it?

Maybe I can disable the initial explosive.

Or we can run.

Whatever we decide to do,
we have three minutes.

Well, 2:59, 2:58, 2:57...

You get the idea!

On the way down here
I saw some pesticide tanks.

Pesticides are made with ammonium sulfate.

If we can mix in enough
ammonium sulfate solution

with the ammonium nitrate powder,
it could slow the reaction.

-Minimizing the explosion.
-Or we can run!

2:45, 2:44...

-[Ember] Come on!

I'm having trouble
disconnecting the primer.

It's hard to determine
if it's a movement or a pressure switch.

Shall I point out that we only have...

[all] No!

Will there be enough
ammonium sulphate solution?

I don't know.

-Well, we're about to find out.
-Time to run?

[all] Yes!

[McKeyla] Go, go, go!

[explosion in distance]

-It worked!

-Take that, creepy-crawlies!
-[all laughing]

♪ Go us! Go us! Go us! ♪

I still don't understand
who'd want to sabotage Mr. Stone's work.

After all the water he's supplied
for Maywood Glen.

His care for the environment.

His willingness to watch my videos.

[sighs] With the Quail on assignment,

I'd like to make it our job to find out
who'd want to go after him.

I'm confused. Who exactly gives
assignments to the Quail?

I thought she was the head honcho,
the top dog, el jefe of NOV-Eight.

Maybe it was the Eagle?

I thought the Eagle was a myth.

Like el chupacabra? Like your Bigfoot.

Or the Loch Ness monster.

Nessie is no myth.

On several occasions,
underwater radar has detected

a large, possibly prehistoric,
amphibious creature.

All right, MythBusters.
Stay focused, shall we?

What have you found?

Not much. The detonator's wiring is
pretty common among bombmakers.

And what a fun group that must be.

My analysis of the fertilizer
that was used

shows it to be
a readily available variety.

And I'm reviewing the security footage.

Maybe we should investigate SPIN.

The environmental group protesting today
didn't seem very happy with Stone.

-Really? They seemed like nice folks.

Plus all their signs were made
of biodegradable paper.

Have any other suspects in mind?


No. Do you want to bring up her father?

What's all that alphabet soup about?

They're talking about my father.

[softly] I thought y'all said never
bring up the f-word in front of McKeyla.

To understand why they're bringing him up,
there's something you need to know.

I used to live in Maywood Glen.

My mother, sister and I left
when I was five.

At the time, my father was a highly
respected professor of biochemistry

at Maywood Glen University.

It's why Bobby Stone hired him to verify
the neurological benefits in Stone Water.

Stone gave a lot of money
to the university's research facility,

but before my father's work
was completed...

Stone accused him of stealing
a large portion of the money.

My father swore he was innocent,

but before the case came to trial,
he disappeared.

Never said a word
to my mother, sister or me.

That was the last time we ever saw him.

Chica, I am so sorry. It must have been
so hard for you and your family.

It was. But it was a long time ago.

I'm sure he'd be very proud of everything
you've accomplished at NOV-Eight.

He never knew about NOV-Eight.
Quail kept it a secret.

I remember following the case
in the newspaper.

You were five. You read the newspaper?

Yeah, didn't you guys?

-Of course.
-Every day.

I love the style section.

McKeyla, do you really think your father
could be involved in something like this?

Possibly out for some sort of revenge
against Stone?

I don't know.
I didn't really know my father.

But I can't believe that's who he is.
I mean, maybe I don't want to believe it.

Has he ever tried to speak to you?

No. Not directly.

I mean, sometimes he'd let me know
he was around.

He did recently,
when I got my driver's license.

Hey, guys, check it out.

I've been scanning
the Stone Acres security footage.

It's the back entrance to the building
with the electrical grid

right before the message
threatening Stone was released.

And look who snuck out.

-Okay. Enhancing C-6.

Okay. Enhancing D-5.

And enhancing E-3.

"No regrets."
That's certainly a bad guy tattoo.

I agree. We have our suspect.

[electronic music playing]

Hey, y'all! Welcome to Bry-ence,

where you guys get to see
some amazeblogs science,

and listen to some fresh music
at the same time.

Today, we're gonna be talking engineering
with my BFF, Camryn Coyle!


[both laughing]

I love your supes spectacular
cat ears, Cam.

Oh, these aren't just any cat ears, Bry.
They're speakers built into a headband.

Forget meow. That's me-wow!

It's where you hear the scratches
from my Invisible Electronic DJ.

Invisible? I'm confused.
I can see it right in front of me.

Invisible because it works
with active ranging.


It's an unseen signal sent up
by the transmitter,

bouncing off of my hand
and back down the receiver.

-Your hands never touch the sensors.
-No way.

Uh, way. The signal rebounds back
just like a radar signal.

Radar? Next you're gonna be telling me
you're tracking satellites.

[chuckles] No, just laying down
some Cam-tastic beats.


Science you can dance to!
It's awesomesauce!

You gotta love her Cam-do attitude.

-Until next time.
-[both] B.F.N.

Translation, "Bry for now."

-[electronic music playing]

Hi, Dylan. Hi, Taylor.

-Hey, uh...




Bryden Bandweth. And Camryn.

We're in your chemistry class.

We're... we're lab partners.

Right. You're the ones killing us
on the grading curve.

Guilty. [chuckles]

-You guys coming to the masquerade dance?
-For sure.

[both] See you there.


[Bry sighs]

Great show, guys.
I really loved the music.

It was like a fiesta of science.

More fun than watchin'
a chicken eatin' a corn cob.


Oh, hi, Bry. Hi, Cam.

It was a great show.
I loved the Invisible DJ.

-Thanks, Zach.
-It was really clever.

Nice shoes, Adri.

Okay, what did you say to that guy?
And why is he being so... friendly?

Yeah, Zach 2.0 is kinda freakin' us out.

I told him that he needed to learn
to respect women. At least he's trying.

But he's going to have to do better
than a few compliments.

I'll say. He said my shoes were "nice."

They're so much more than "nice."
They're magnífico.

[speaking indistinctly]

McKeyla, just ask him.

Ask who? What?

-Ask Kyle to the dance.
-We know you want to.

You guys are right.

I'm just gonna do it.

[Kyle] Yeah, see you later.

Kyle, you and I belong together.

We'll start by going to the dance
and from there, anything is possible.

[chuckles] That's all I've ever wanted.

[Bry] Well, if you're gonna do it, do it.

-Kyle, hi! How's it going?
-Oh, hey.


Increíble! She's like a shadow
on a sunny day. He can't shake her.

You always, uh, seem to end up
right behind me.

[chuckles] I know, right?
So, you going to the dance?

Um, I'm thinkin' about it.

-Guess I'll see you there.

It looks like Kyle and I
just weren't meant to be.

Game faces, ladies.
It's time to track our tattooed bomber.

-[tattoo gun whirring]
-[man screaming]

Grow up, you big baby.

Ladies, how can I help you?

-We're thinking about addin' some ink.
-We heard you were the man to talk to.

That's right. What did you have in mind?

[laughing] Wait, let me guess.
Ladybug? Maybe a butterfly?

Something like this.

Oh. That's a little hardcore
for you ladies, don't you think?

Are you kidding? We're muy hardcore.
You have a problem with that?

-[tattoo gun whirring]
-[man screaming]


So, you ever done anything
like this before?

Nah, that's not my style.

I can try and match it for ya.
Take me an hour, maybe two.

All I need is some ID says you're 18,
and, uh... Who's first?

-[man screaming]
-[tattoo artist] Hey, pipe down!

Uh, you know, we're gonna shop around.

Don't we have a Groupon
for that tattoo place at the mall?

-We do. Thanks for your help.
-[all chuckling]

Buenas noches.

Who'd like a 3-D printed pancake?

They're delicioso
and not just for breakfast anymore.

Can I get mine to go?
I have to go and work on tomorrow's video.

[Adri] Mmm-hmm.

Hey, I just had a thought. Why don't we
all go to the masquerade dance together?

-That's a great idea.
-I'm in! McKeyla?

[A.D.I.S.N.] Hold on, M.

Before you give up on Kyle,
I checked Hannah's grades.

A few adjustments and her parents won't be
letting her go to any dance real soon.

You can't do that, A.D.I.S.N.

I'd only make a small adjustment.
It's not like she won't get into college.

We'll go together. It'll be fun.

Guys, Stop Plastics Now
is having a meeting tonight

to plan their next protest
against Stone Water.

If we suspect they're behind the attack
on Stone Acres, we might want to be there.

Check it out.

Every time someone throws away
a piece of plastic,

like a bottle from Stone Water,
it can be felt here.

-This is Midway Island.
-[spectators gasping]

One of the most remote places
on the planet,

and one of the hardest hit by pollution.

Plastics travel several hundred miles to
end up on these shores and in these birds.

Nearly five trillion pieces of plastic
are already in the ocean.

And by 2050, it's estimated
that there'll be more plastic by weight

than fish in the sea.

Many fish already have high levels
of microplastics in their systems,

and they're passing it
right up the food chain to us.

We're poisonin' the poor fish.

I'll never drink
from a plastic water bottle again.

You don't want that sugar. Try my nachos.

They're made with
molecular sodium citrate cheesy sauce.

[sniffles] Excuse me.

[whispers] I found him.

[McKeyla clears throat]

[Ember] Hello.


[footsteps approaching]

[footsteps continue]

From sound catcher to sound projector
at the flip of a switch.

-[elephant trumpets]
-Too much?

People respond on an unconscious level
to various degrees of light.

The color red often invokes
a feeling of fear or danger.

A little trick Devon D'Marco taught me.


What's happening?
Why are you following me?

Is it because I took extra cookies?


You can have 'em back.

Why did you plant the bomb at Stone Acres?

Who are you working for?

Why would you want
to sabotage the opening?

Whoa! This is starting to feel
like the teacup ride at Disneyland,

and that did not end well.

We have evidence placing you
at the scene of a crime.

I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't do anything. I'm innocent.

Well then, Mr. Inocente, why did you run?

Actually, it's Spencer. And I was scared.
I grew up with five sisters.

And when I saw the look on your faces,
I knew it was gonna be bad.

They were big and mean.

[McKeyla] Pull up
the Stone Acres security footage.

-Who are you guys?
-Hey, we're asking the questions here.

Though, if I were you, I'd be asking
where I could find a good lawyer.

Look, that's not me on that video.
I swear.

Zoom in on the tattoo.

That's not my tattoo.

See. That one's spelt wrong.

Hate to break it to you,
but "regrets" is spelled with one "E."

This isn't "no regrets."
It's "no regreets."

As in, "You greet me,
and I don't say anything back."

Get it? "No regreets."

-They misspelled it, didn't they?

Another example of why everyone
should have a good education.

-Especially a tattoo artist.

This is definitely not our guy.

-The real No Regrets is still out there.
-And Stone Acres is still in danger.

[theme song playing]