Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 4, Episode 304 - Totally Marble Nailed It - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme song playing]

[overlapping chatter]

Okay, hold on!

I can tell you're all clearly amped.
I get it, I've been there. I live there.

So I'm gonna teach you all
a Naam Yoga hand trick

that'll bring us to peace and tranquility.

Hands up everybody. Up. Up.

By applying pressure
between your second and third knuckle,

it activates a nerve
that loosens the area around your heart,

and brings a lasting sense of insta-calm.

[all breathe deeply]

Freaky. Major respect to your Zen class.

Okay, so here's what we know.

Professor Kato is still safely locked
in the bunker.

Cam, Ember and I were able
to escape the airlock...

And rescued the blogger named Ryker.
Formerly known as Gordon.

The only part missing is
who trapped you inside.

Actually, we may have a lead.

I got a text from Ryker a few minutes ago.

He's leaving the Mars program.

"Off to my next I Dare Ya! adventure.
Sledding Glacier National Park.

It's safer."

Good luck with that. It's melting.

Making it more like Slushy National Park.

Thanks, global warming.

Yeah, well,
here's where it gets interesting.

I texted him back that
at least he's got footage for his blog.

But he told me
his phone's been wiped clean.

All of his photos, videos, gone.


Almost losing your life is one thing,
but losing everything on your phone?

A total nightmare!

So, wait.
If all of Ryker's footage was erased,

then maybe he filmed something
he wasn't supposed to.

Maybe someone wanted to eliminate him
and the evidence on his phone.

Bry, if someone can remotely erase data,

is it possible for us
to remotely retrieve it?

Like, from the cloud?
I'm already on it.

Any self-respecting blogger will
definitely back up their data.

Total emoji shock face!

Even the backup is wiped!

I can rebuild the files and recover
the data but it'll take a few hours.

-Go for it.
-[cell phone chimes]

[Kyle] Hello? Where have you been?

[A.D.I.S.N.] What's the biggie, guys?
McKeyla got a text.

It didn't have to be from Kyle.
I mean, sure, McKyle's a cute name...

Adorbs, actually, but...

[sighs] Sweet relief.

Got a sec?

-Uh, actually, I'm...
-Yeah, not really asking.

Look, we all know
you're confused about Kyle...

I... I really like him.

I just don't have time to focus
on a relationship right now.

I get it. But if you're gonna end it,
do it in person.

Don't ghost him.

I know face-to-face is the right thing.

But... come on, you've seen his face.
It's such a sweet face.

Stop making that face.

Fine, I'll see him.

"Meet me at the park. Six o'clock."

[Adri] Still waiting...

Cam, can you please tell Adrienne
that I'd appreciate it

if she wouldn't stand over me,
breathing down my neck!

-It's not like she's my boss at the café.
-[inhales deeply]

Ember, can you please ask Bryden
why this process is going so slowly?

It's not like she's busy cracking eggs
for another soufflé disaster.

Any idea what's goin' on with these two?

My brain's already on overload
dealing with my dad's dating life.

Guys, we'd love to help you out here,
but we gotta get back to camp.

Tonight's our overnight
inside the Mars Hab.

Gonna be learning about life
in -85 degrees Fahrenheit.

A tad warmer than the chill in this room.

Devon, please tell Bryden that
I will be patiently waiting over here.

Devon, please let Adrienne know
that she can talk to the handbag.

Okay, enough.

Even though seeing how much
you all love each other

sometimes makes me wanna heave,

this, whatever it is that's going on,
is actually worse.

It's clear you guys can't resolve
your problems using your words,

so... it's time to use your hands.

-You're gonna paint it out.
-[Adri] Hmm?

Welcome to the Hab, trainees.

Your nine-month journey to Mars
is complete.

And now it's time
to actually live and thrive there.

The Hab will be your home sweet home
during your time on the Red Planet.

On the deck, you'll find your bathroom,

your science lab, greenhouse
and work area.

I'm totally having
a major pilomotor reflex!

I'm experiencing serious tachypnea.

Geez, if you two need a doctor...

[scoffs] Come on, Zach,
I'm sure you got 'em, too.

It's contagious? Gross!

It's goosebumps, Zach.

In my case, rapid breathing.

This is all so exciting!

Hey, I was just playing.

But the Zachmeister is used to generating
goosebumps and heart palpitations.

So, where's ol' Gordon? Don't tell me
he's missing our little sleepover tonight?

Gordon took responsibility
for the incident

resulting in the broken airlock glass.

He's voluntarily left the program.

Uh, ma'am, speakin' of the overnight,
where are we gonna be sleepin'?

Your quarters are against the wall.

A bit tight, but cozy.

Oh, boy.

Man, I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic.

Oh, boy. [inhales sharply]

I still don't understand
why we're doing this.

I don't, either. I'm mad at Adri,
and Adri's mad at me. End of story.

Just keep painting what you're feeling.

'Cause here's the deal.
Art is more than pretty colors.

It can help you process emotions,
even resolve conflicts,

when you can't find the right words.

Okay, paint brushes down.

Looks like we have similar themes
at work here.

We do?

For starters,
you both stayed inside the border.

Nothing messy.
Usually means a need for perfection.

Hey, even stick figures
have to be precise.

Speaking of figures,
you both drew more than one.

That's my familia.
Colorful and grande.

Mine, too.

The two big ones are my older brothers
and the little one's me.

You both painted
at the bottom of the canvas.

Usually a sign of insecurity.
But I think we can all agree

that you two are the poster girls
for confidence.

[sighs] Not always.

My papá is a respected diplomat
around the world,

my mamá is fluent in six languages,

and my abuela created Café Attoms
from nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes

to live up to their
standard of excelencia.

I can totally relate!

Both of my brothers
are freakishly accomplished.

I'm always trying to do
something crazy awesome

so I don't live
in their ginormous shadows.

-Sounds exhausting.
-[both] It is.

Sometimes, trying to be perfect
makes me do loco things.

Like losing it over a fallen soufflé
and pushing one of my best friends away.

And sometimes when I feel like
I've failed at something,

like letting down my best friend,

I kinda get uptight and just walk away.

[sighs] I'm sorry, Bryden.


-[alarm beeping]
-Hey, look at that. Your time's up.

Astronauts who are lucky enough
to journey to Mars

certainly won't be cooped up
inside the Hab 24 hours a day.

The spacesuits you're wearing supply you
with oxygen, water and protection

from harsh temperatures
to carbon dioxide danger to,

thanks to the thin EMI
silver-fiber lining, harmful radiation.

Remember, those heavy suits will feel
weightless in zero-G.

[laughs mockingly]
T-Dubs looks like T-Doofus.

Back off, Zach.

-I got you.
-Thanks, Ember.

[Bryant] With practice, it gets easier.

Okay, I'd like you all back here
at seven o'clock sharp for your overnight.

I think my helmet's too big.

Not that I'm complainin', mind ya.

Thought you might enjoy
the extra breathing room.

Switched yours out earlier.

-Who's wearin' mine?
-[Zach] Oh, come on.


[all chuckle]

I knew his big head would be good
for something. [chuckles]

Boy, I sure am glad
you two are on my side.


Cam, can you believe
my mom's going on a date with your dad?

He seems really nice.

Yeah, he's not, really.

That's not true. Yes, he is.

They'll have fun. Or not.
No, they will. They might.

It's just a date, right?
One date. [chuckles]

Gotta go. See ya tonight, T-Dubs.

-Are you okay?

Just took a brief trip
to planet freak-out. [inhales]

It's all good. It is good, right?

You'd tell me if it wasn't good.

I mean, if I'm being honest,
I don't know if it's good.

Which does make me feel kinda bad.

You can understand, right?
Right? [chuckles nervously]

-Let's get you out of here.


Did you get my star?

Yeah. Thank you.
That was really sweet.

[stammers] Uh, McKeyla,
I've been thinking,

and, um, you know, we both have had
a lot on our plates lately...

-Yeah, and I was thinking maybe...
-Um... Oh, wait.

Just... let me finish. Uh...

You know how much I like you. [sighs]

But... lately... [sighs]

it just, it feels like
we're kinda off and...

I dunno. Maybe we should just
go back to being friends.

I mean, that's how we started, right?

Um... sure. Of course.


Um, well, I better go.

Oh, wait.

This came with the star.

You named the star MC Squared?

Yeah. McKeyla McAlister.

This way, even if we don't see each other
face-to-face for a while...

I'll see you every time I look up
at the night sky.

[sighs] It'll have to do.

Well... bye.

Bye, Kyle.

Dad, Ember's mom can drop us off
if you're running late.

Cam, I told you I would drive you
to your overnight and I will.

Jenny's meeting me at the restaurant.

And I thought I'd surprise her
with one of Adrienne's

cotton candy liquid nitrogen milkshakes.

She did love those shakes. [chuckles]

Well, how do I look?

-You sure the shirt works?

You're goin' with the perfect color,
Mr. Coyle.

Green's the color of nature.

Not to mention, it's the most
restful color on the human eye.

Just sayin', if you're looking
for a conversation starter.

I appreciate that, Ember. [chuckles]

Now one more gift for you,
Senõr Coyle.

Oh, you've already been too kind,

It's one of my personal favorites.

Vanilla, essential oil
using carbon dioxide under high pressure,

ethanolic essence of fresh pine needles,

and an added touch of violet or poppy.

I... I like that. Thanks, Adrienne.

Well, uh... I think I'm ready.

Oh, almost.
I found this in your closet, Dad.

[sighs] You should wear it.

-Shows off your fun side.
-I love it! [chuckles]

Cam made this for me when she was five.

It was, uh, in her early tie-dye phase.

Unfortunately, it included a pair
of her mother's really expensive heels.

-Remember that look on her face?
-[both laugh]

[Cam sighs]

[both] You ready for this?

[both laugh]

Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, one last thing.

A good luck gummy breath mint.

Hmm. Thanks, honey.

Let's get going
while these are still cold.

[Adri exclaims]

-They grow up so fast, don't they?

Sí. But you have to let them go.

-We're talking about him, right?
-Oh, absolutely.

[both chuckle]

[exhales deeply]


bring up the last case file again.

M, if you wanna talk about today,
I'm all ears.

I'm fine, A.D.I.S.N. I just need to
make sure I didn't miss anything.

I can't afford another mistake.

You think the Nighthawk, or the Falcon,
or the Quail let things slip?

-File, please.
-Here you go, boss.

-Come on, A.D.I.S.N.
-My bad.

Thought you said, "Kyle, please."

This is so awesome.

This was kind of my first sleepover.

Ember, thanks for everything.

[chuckles] Hey, we're friends.
This is what friends do.


[sighs] You know what?
How about we get some sleep?

You take the top bunk.
I kinda like to stretch out at night.

Good idea.

Not a lot of room up here.

[chuckles softly] No, there isn't.

-Night, Ember.

[knocking at door]

Got a minute?


Want to explain
why this was on my dresser?

I can't take the pin.

I don't deserve to be the Owl.
I'm not ready.

McKeyla, you made a mistake.

There's not an agent in the field
who hasn't failed a mission.

I let NOV-Eight down.

I let you down.

You didn't let me down.

You've never let me down.

Is that my boss or my mom speaking?

In this case... it's both of us.

I'm gonna let you in on a little lesson

your grandmother taught me
when I was a new agent.

As painful as it is to experience it,

failure is part
of what makes us successful.

Because the best way
to achieve true success

is to learn from and be strengthened
by our mistakes.

McKeyla, I trust you and your instincts.

Now you need to.

I just need to do a better job
of focusing on my work.

Is that why you and Kyle broke up?

How'd you know?

Hello? I'm the head of
an international spy organization.

Comes in handy when you're a mom.

My relationship with Kyle was getting
in the way of my job.

The case comes first.

all NOV-Eight cases are important.

But what's just as important
is to have a life outside of work.

-I guess, but...
-Honey, you need to find balance.

Your father and I struggled
with that, too.

I... I just wish that I'd made more time
while I still had the chance.

Dad's the one who left, Mom.
It wasn't your fault.

The point is, it takes work.

But you can have both a career
and a personal life.

[sighs deeply]

Believe me, sweetie,

there's room to be both
McKeyla McAlister and the Owl.

Thanks, Mom. [chuckles]

[A.D.I.S.N. chimes]

[A.D.I.S.N.] Sorry to interrupt,

but Bry needs you
in the lab, Agent McAlister.

Or can I call you the Owl?


A.D.I.S.N., let Bry know
the Owl is on her way.

[Bry] Okay.

Imagine data's a puzzle with, like,
a million interconnected pieces.

When it's deleted, those pieces
are scattered into cyberspace.

Luckily, my recovery software
was able to find

all of Ryker's lost pieces
and bring 'em back together.

-Show me what you got.

Okay, uh, you might wanna sit down,
or kneel, or take a deep breath.



-Jenny Wallis?

She was at Space Inc. last night
in a restricted,

and I repeat for emphasis and drama,
restricted area.

If she's involved
in stealing the prototype,

she might've thought Ryker saw her.

So it's definitely possible she's the one
who tried to eliminate him in the airlock.

Makes sense
if she thought he'd be a witness.

We find her, we get answers.

And I know where to find her.

-Tonight's her date with Cam's dad.

Yeah, I know, it sounds weird
from my mouth, but it seems appropriate.

[sighs] We need to get Cam.
She'll know where her dad is.

A.D.I.S.N., Devon texted saying
she's stuck at a family thing,

so send a message to Adri.

-Have her meet us at Space Inc.
-[A.D.I.S.N.] On it!


Evening, sir.

[Jenny chuckling]

Sir, huh?
I didn't know you were so important.

-Well, I'm not important. Just old.

-No! No!

-[door opens]

-After you.
-Thank you.

[whispering] We need to talk.

My dad's on a date with a super criminal?

Possible super criminal.

-We're not totally 100% sure.
-It's a gray area.

I knew this date was a terrible idea!

I wasn't sure if he was ready,
but you guys talked me into it!

Cam, we're gonna need you to calm down.

Naam Yoga hand trick. Hands up. Up! Up!

I can't calm down!
This is my dad we're talking about!


I know, I know. And we're gonna find him.

-Check A.D.I.S.N.
-[A.D.I.S.N.] Me? Why me?

I gave my dad one of Adri's gummy hearts
with a tracker inside.

I told him it was a breath mint.

You're tracking him?

Hey, I wasn't gonna just set my dad loose,
free-range on his first date.

[sighs] If he was lost,
I wanted to be able to find him.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Found him!

-He's here at Space Inc.
-Hey, that's good news.

And he's headed towards the roof?

Roof? Bad news! Bad news!
Why would he be on the roof?

[A.D.I.S.N.] What if Jenny's plan
is to push him off?

-[Bry gasps]
-OMG. I'm going up!

En serio? Really, A.D.I.S.N.?

Well, she asked!
It's just a worst-case scenario.

Adri, you make sure
the prototype is secure.

Bry, Cam's gonna need backup.

Todo bien por aquí.
It's safe and sound.


[stammers] Camryn?

You're stargazing?

Hashtag, supes awkward.

Yes. But you startled us so much
we almost went right off the roof!

What are you guys doing up here?


What are we doing up here?

[chuckles nervously]

Eyes on the hall. Area's still secured.

[theme song playing]