Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 4, Episode 302 - Nanobots, Soufflés and Gray Goo, Oh My - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme song playing]

Agent McKeyla McAlister,
you are being given this coveted award

for your wisdom and leadership.

From this day forward,
you will be know as the Owl.

-[girls murmuring]
-[Adri] Yes!

[the Quail] So tell me
about your first case as the Owl.

Oh! Uh, well... it was, um...

Remember, you're under oath,
Agent McAlister.

It could've gone better.

Oh, it was not pretty.

[tutting] Very, very bad, chica.

Epic fail, McAlister.

Worse than ten pounds of manure
in a five-pound bag.

Can't top the manure thing.

Okay, I blew it!

I made the wrong call. It was a disaster.

In the words of the court, "Well, duh."

But, Quail...

I knew you weren't ready for this,
Agent McAlister.

You're no Owl.

Well, that was harsh.

[all laughing]

Why are we laughing again?

We can't help it.
We're in McKeyla's dream.

We're just doing
what her subconscious tells us.

[all laughing]

[A.D.I.S.N. muffled] McKeyla!
McKeyla! Little help?

Oh! [sighs]

Sorry about that, A.D.I.S.N.
I was, uh, having a bad dream.

M, you've been up all night
investigating this Professor Kato.

You've barely slept at all.

I don't have time for sleep!

If Professor Kato's
really behind the attempt

to steal Space Inc.'s nanotechnology
and that prototype,

we've got to find him fast!

So... what did you find, Adri?

First, the only physical evidence

found in Professor Kato's trailer,
hair and fiber, belonged to him.

All right.
Well, what about the explosion residue?

So far, I've found trace amounts
of potassium chlorate and peroxides.

Could've easily been Kato's work.

So between Kato leaving in a hurry
and his place being booby-trapped,

-he's our prime suspect.

Bry, find anything on Kato's flash drive?

[yawning] Working on it. Almost done.

Come on, Bry.
I really need you on top of this.

Totally focused!

I am! I've been focused since 5:00 a.m.

Did we really have to come in here
before the sunrise,

especially on our first week
of summer vacay?

I mean, does 5:00 a.m.
even qualify as an actual time of day?

It is awfully early, chica.

And Bryden and I
have so much to do at the café

if I'm going to impress Olivia James.

Guys, being an NOV-Eight agent
is a 24/7 job.

Especially when national...
make that global...

security is at stake!

My case... uh, this case,
has gotta be solved.

McKeyla, I know you feel bad about what
happened on your first case as the Owl.

And I feel bad for you.

Samesies. I mean, almost getting yourself
blown up has gotta be, like, mind-blowing.

Guys, I'm fine!

But I am a little worried about Devon.

It was a really close call.
Things like that can shake up a new agent.

[upbeat music playing on headphones]

Let me handle this. Devon...

Oh, good, you're here. We gotta talk.

-Look, I know last night was traumatic...
-Last night was awesome!

[both] What?

[chuckles] Uh... why don't you go first?

Okay, so I knew when I became an agent
things might actually be fun.

But my first explosion?
Beyond mind-blowing!

Called it.

So nothing's been bothering you?
I mean, were you able to sleep?

Like a baby.
When I woke up, I couldn't sit still.

Oh. Well, that's totally normal...

I was so pumped!

And since my art always centers me
and calms me down,

I had this, like, totally inspired idea.
Check it out.

Characters in my debut graphic novel.

-McKeyla the Unicorn.
-[McKeyla] Wow. Nice.

-Bryden the Mermaid.
-[McKeyla] I love it.

-Ember the Woodland Fairy.
-[McKeyla] So impressive.

-Adrienne the Princess.
-[Adri] Cool. I rule.

-[Bry] Sweet.
-And Camryn the Dragon.

I like Princess Adrienne.

Perfecto combination of sweet and spicy.

Hey, you guys were my inspiration.

I may even have a publisher
in New York interested.

-[computer chiming]

We may wanna hold off
on the happy thoughts.

Kato's flash drive turned up
something else in the nano prototype.

And fair warning,
it'll make your head spin.

[Cam] This M.A.T. is awesome!

[Bryant] The M.A.T., multi-axis trainer,
simulates a tumble spin.

Our astronauts are able to practice
regaining control of the spaceship

if that were to happen.

So, who's up next? Tessa?

Um, I kind of have an issue
with spinning machines.

Translation: she's a barfer.

That might just be
when she gets an eyeful of you, Zach.

[inhales sharply] Ooh, burn.

Don't sweat it, Tessa.

Yeah. Because the M.A.T. doesn't spin more
than twice in a row in the same direction,

inner ear fluid doesn't shift very much.

Meaning no dizziness.

-All right, then let's do this.
-[Cam] Just take a deep breath and...

[all sighing]

Looks like Professor Kato's research

found a dark side
to the nanotechnology prototype.

Like doomsday dark.

See, even though nanotechnology
can really benefit medicine

and help to cure diseases,

this prototype seems to have
the ability to replicate. Like, nonstop.

So it could multiply out of control,
devour all organic matter

and cause mass destruction.

[sighs] I've read about this.

Years ago, some scientists called it
the gray goo scenario,

where these microscopic robots
would go unchecked

and consume the entire biosphere.

English please.

Put it this way. In social media,
everyone shares viral memes.

It starts with one post,
then two people share it,

then two of their friends share it,
and it continuously grows exponentially.

Two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two...
You get the math.

Anyways, after a matter of hours,
it's been shared a million times.

These little guys
are just like viral memes.

Except, their friends
devour everything in their path,

turning life on Earth into mush.

And if Kato's research
gets into the wrong hands...

It could be used as a weapon.

Before we get too far
into this end-of-the-world talk,

let's see if anyone else at Space Inc.
knows about what Kato found...

starting with Dr. Crawford.

Dr. Crawford, I'm Federal Agent DeFazio.

This is Agent Feeney.

We have some questions about
the recent break-in here at Space Inc.

And the whereabouts of one of your
employees who may be a possible suspect.

Certainly. Uh, I'm sorry,

but you both seem awfully young
to be federal agents.

We're part of the new youth
government task force, ma'am.

That's all we can say for now.

Feel free to call this number
at the bureau.

Should put your mind at ease.

Actually, I have a contact there myself.
Agent Dale Cooper. If you don't mind.

Don't mind at all.

-Cooper's a good man.
-Just make it quick.

Our nation's security is at risk.
I'm sure you understand.


Five, five, five...
seven, seven, four, three.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Got it. We're in!

And we control the phone line.
Voice altering app ready?

You're all set.

[phone ringing]

[in British woman's voice]
Special Agent Cooper's office.

Liking the British accent.

You wanted official.
Everything sounds official in England.

Yes, this is Dr. Allison Crawford
at Space Inc.

I need authorization from Agent Cooper
regarding two...

Agent Cooper's in a high-level
security meeting right now,

but wants to confirm
Agents DeFazio and Feeney have arrived.

They have.


Professor Kato did tell me
the prototype could be very dangerous,

but... I can't believe
he'd try and steal it.

That's why his disappearance
is a cause for concern.

If he's innocent,
he's got nothing to hide.

But in the wrong hands,
the research could be used as a weapon,

making its owner very powerful.

If the professor contacts you,
you'll let us know?

Uh, of course.

One more thing.

We've learned Olivia James
is coming to Space Inc.

to improve the menu for missions to Mars.

Uh, yes. Is she a suspect?

Not at the moment.

But do you have any idea what type
of culinary delights she may enjoy?

We're through here.

It was worth a shot.

[Bryant] These wires simulate
the feeling of being in low gravity.

Ember and Tessa will be practicing
the bunny hop,

the slow-motion jog and the side-to-side.

All these maneuvers were used

by our Apollo astronauts
for their walk on the moon.

Whoa! Uh-oh!

[snickers] Dude, that right there
is why Neil Armstrong called it

"one small step for man."

You're getting it, Tessa.
Come on, girl. Follow my lead.

[Bryant] Excellent!

And that right there is why we can now
call it "one giant leap for womankind."

Son, you just got schooled!

[Bryant] The good news
for you future astronauts

is that eating in space
has come a long way.

Each shuttle packs enough food
to last the length of a mission,

with a safe haven system
providing every astronaut

even more weeks of food
in case of emergency.

And you've told us that on any mission,
things can and will go wrong.

Which means we have to be prepared
to handle any problem.

-Funny you should bring that up.
-[device beeping]

Let me guess.

We're about to have
one of those "be prepared" moments.

Looks like there's a malfunction

between Mission Control
and our communications system.

[Bryant] Trainees, this will be
a test of your resilience and creativity.

It'll be your job to fix the malfunction

and resume contact
by the end of camp tomorrow.

Okay, all communication has been cut off,

and we have till end of the day tomorrow
to fix it. Any ideas?

Settle down, everyone.
Zach the big dog's here.

Now, we'll run an analysis
on the comm system,

identify the prob and fix it.

You're welcome.

The system's got thousands of parts.

It could take days
to get us up and running again.

You got a better idea, mini-me?

We could build our own radio.

At my other school, we made contact
with the International Space Station

through ARISS. It was really cool.

Look at you!
Who's the big dog now, Zachary?

Do you wanna fill us in on what ARISS is?

Uh, the program supports putting
amateur radio transmitters

on board the International Space Station.

That way, astronauts
are able to make ham radio contact

with users around the world.

We could maybe strip parts
from the simulator and make something.

Supes easy. We can make
a diode from heating copper wire.

Uh, also we'll need a few other things.
A coil, antenna and a capacitor.


Uh, Gordon,
can you start assembling the capacitor?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah, easy.

Dude, it's just two pieces of metal
separated by an insulator.

Yeah, I... I know that. I...

I just thought, 'cause like,
the day's kind of over, you know...

If we move fast, we could do it.

But I guess there's no need to rush
and chance messing it up.

Okay, we'll start
first thing in the morning.

Mango coconut foam soup.

What was I thinking?

Sriracha pearls made
from cold oil spherification? [sighs]

[speaking Spanish]

Sorries! I know I'm late.

What took you so long?

My meditation class introduced some yoga,
and I got stuck in a cow-face eagle arms.

It's... it's a long story.

Then trying to find everything
on your ingredients list was...

let's just say a challenge.

So which Adrienne Attoms'
culinary masterpiece

is gonna wow Olivia James and change
the face of space cuisine forever?

I've got nothing! Nada!
We've got to start over.

Okay. Okay. [inhales deeply]

I've been researching.

There are muchas cosas things to consider
for the perfect menu item.

Space diets can't have too much sodium.

The decrease in red blood cells
creates unhealthy levels of iron...

[speaking Spanish]

Spanish to English app.
"During deep space travel." Got it.

Astronauts need extra calcium
in a weightless environment.

And there are too many
freeze-dried options.

[speaking Spanish]

"Not enough fresh foods."

Hey, can we just stick
to one language, please?

This is what I do when I'm stressed.

Okay. [breathing deeply]

I need to create something
that is not only delicious but nutritious.

And if it could be stored safely for the
long journey into space, that would be...

[speaking Spanish]

"Icing on the cake."

Wait, that's it!
What about the perfect dessert?

You may be onto something.

We will make something
that's never been tried before.

Like a soufflé!

These sites list soufflés

as a top five choice
for foodies across all ages.

And with a few modifications,

it could be a high in protein, low in fat,
healthy breakfast.

Olivia James, prepare to be dazzled!

Here's what I need.

We will start creating
before Café Attoms opens.

5:00 a.m. sharp, okay? Okay.

Of course we will.
[exhales] Calming breathes, Bandweth.

[breathing deeply]

How much longer, A.D.I.S.N.?

I've tapped into Space Inc.'s database.

Should have the backdated security footage
from Dr. Crawford's office soon.

[yawns] Sorry, M.

You usually put my hard drive
to sleep by now.

I just need to confirm
Dr. Crawford's story

about her conversation
with Professor Kato.

It could shed some light
on where he's hiding.

[cell phone chimes]

[Kyle] Hey, stranger.
Just saying goodnight.

I'm in. Sending it to the monitor.

You've seen the danger.
We have to destroy the prototype now!

We've spent the last ten years
making great progress, James.

We can't just throw it all away.

I trust you to find a way to safeguard it.

Fine. If you won't do anything about it,
I will.

So he did tell Dr. Crawford.

Where is this guy, A.D.I.S.N.?
And what's his next move?

-[A.D.I.S.N. snoring]

[gasps] I'm up! I'm up!

Remember, we need to separate
the egg whites.

So whatever you do...

[both] No yellow.

I know. I know.

How many more eggs have to die
before we can stop this madness?

It must be perfecto, Bryden!

Soufflés are complicated chemistry.

They rise because of the egg whites.

When we whip the whites,

the protein solution forms
a protective layer around the air bubbles.

If there is a single trace
of fat from the yolks,

the whole thing falls apart.

Well, all I know
is I'm cracking up over here.

I'm a shell of myself.

Oh, gosh, someone please stop me.
I'm resorting to terrible puns.

I am not yolking.

[Ember] Hello? You've got customers.

[gasps] I'm in here! I'm in here!

I have so missed you guys.

We saw you yesterday. [chuckles]

I've had a total of three hours of sleep
in the last two days.

Time is slipping through
my egg white-splattered fingers!

Cam's dad's driving us
into camp early today.

Gotta get a jump
on a big assignment we have due.

We're building a communications radio.
Piece of cake.

Speaking of food, how's Adri holding up?

[Adri yelling in Spanish]

Oh, no. She's goin' full-on Spanish.

That's not good.
She never goes full Spanish.

Now you see what I'm dealing with.

Speaking of dealing with...

Yes, hello, Jenny, it's Charles.

I'm on my way into the office

and just wondering if anybody wanted
a croissant or a latte or... or both?

Sure. I shall be happy to hold.

It's the third time he's called work.
He's being so weird.

I think he just wants to hear
Jenny's voice. It's kind of sweet.

He likes her, Cam. Maybe you should
tell him you'd be okay if he asks her out.

I guess I'd be okay. Maybe.

It's just so... weird.

Still here.

Uh, got it. I just thought I'd ask.
Yes? Um, I...

[stammering] Well, I need to check,
but I think I'm free.

[chuckles] No. No, it's fine.

[stammers] In fact, I'm flattered.

I'll be in soon.

If... if it's okay with you, Camryn,
I've got a date on Tuesday.

Sure, Dad. Whatever. I'm fine.

How about that? She asked him out!


I did not see that turn of events
coming, either.

Okay, we ready to take
our little home brew out for a spin?

Home brew?

It's amateur radio slang
for home-built equipment.

Learned that from my dad
when I built my first one.

I was six.

[scoffs] What we call a late bloomer.

Station ground installed.
Coaxial cable connected.

I just need to adjust the antenna.

[screw tightening]

[radio beeping]

We did it?

[both chuckle]

It's just a random ping.

You're not helping.

But he is right. It might be random.

ARISS typically uses frequencies
in the 144 to 146 megahertz band

for the best signal.

Tuning to 145.80 and...

[Bryant on radio] This is Mission Control.

Welcome back, crew! Job well done.


We did it!

Thanks to your idea, T-Dubs!

-Tessa Wallis.

Awesome! I've never had
a cool nickname before.

-Yeah! Show me some love, Zach-dog.
-[Cam] Nice.


[Gordon] Dude, don't beat yourself up.
Can't win 'em all.

There was something about that random ping
that might not be so random.

The radio was originally tuned
to 406 megahertz.

The distress signal frequency used
in ground and search rescue missions.

My moms and I learned about it
hiking the Grand Canyon.

Proud to say we didn't need it.

Though locating a bathroom
was a whole other story.

That signal was strong, like it was coming
from somewhere around here.

I have no plans for tonight. You?

You were right, Cam.

This is definitely a distress call.
In fact, it's Morse code for SOS.

Wow, I knew the signal was strong,
but Space Inc.'s basement?

That's super close.

And SOS is really simple to send.

Dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot.

Well, I wanna dash-dash-dash
right out of here.

This place gives me the creeps.

It does look totally deserted.

Adri, can I borrow
your nail polish flashlight?


No one's been down here in forever.

This old maintenance log's last update
was in 1965.

A.D.I.S.N., pull up Space Inc.'s
building schematics from that year.

On it.

Using your fingerprinting kit
to dust for prints?

No. I'm using my perfume atomizer
to block out the stale odor in here.

This hallway smells
like my Uncle Paolo's feet.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Uploaded
the schematics, boss.

This basement used to be
a part of a Cold War-era bomb shelter.

And I think I found the way in.

Looks like the door's the only thing
in this hallway not covered in dust.

Which means someone's been down here.

Or in there.

I just need a bobby pin.

Please tell me he's asleep and he's not...

-[gasps and screams]
-[girls screaming]

[gasps] You found me!

My distress signal worked!

Professor Kato?

[theme song playing]