Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 4, Episode 301 - If You Fail on Mars Can Anyone Hear You Scream - full transcript

The girls try to stop an intruder from stealing a prototype from Space Inc. When things go awry, McKeyla starts to doubt her sleuthing skills.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[theme song playing]

[wheels squeaking]

Hey, McKeyla!

[chuckles] Aren't you working
a little bit late?

An intern's job is never done, Sam.

Oh, you gotta love working at Space Inc.

At least that's what they tell me.

-New notebook?
-Uh, yeah.


-'Night, Sam.

-[earpiece chimes]
-Position report.

East exit secure.

West exit secure.

Video is live.

[Adri] And the nanotechnology is secure.

Remember, it's our job
to keep it that way.

NOV-Eight intelligence says
there's a high probability

of an attempt
to steal the prototype tonight.

We're not gonna let that happen.

Not on my watch.

This nanotechnology is amazeblogs.

And so pequeño.

I've not seen anything
so small and powerful

since watching Simone Biles
on the balance beam.

I can't actually see it. Can you?

[Bry] You can't see it with the naked eye.

Inside the vial
are thousands of molecular machines

so tiny you need an electron microscope
to see them.

Check it out. I love Professor Kato.

With direct control of matter
on an atomic scale,

we're on the verge of creating
many new materials and devices

with a vast array of applications,

from nanoelectronics,
nanoenergy production

and this, uh, nanomedicine.

Now, I like to think of them
as itty-bitty little molecular doctors

traveling through the body

to deliver a dose of medicine
directly into bad cells.

-P.T.M.T.C.I.O.A.M.L. is off the chain!
-[Cam] I agree.

Programming tiny matter to change itself
on a molecular level is off the chain.

Could you imagine if our clothes
could be made with nanotechnology?

[Bry] We could code them to change colors.

Highly sensitive nanotechnology
attached to our bodies

could create energy
powered by our emotions.

[whirring and beeping]

[McKeyla] With programmable lip gloss,

I'd always have the perfect shade
for any disguise.

This kinda thing really burns me.

Why would anyone wanna steal a technology

that could advance medicine
and help so many people?

-To sell it for money?
-Money works.

-Perfect motive.
-Greed makes sense.

[cell phone vibrating]

[A.D.I.S.N.] You might wanna answer that.
It's Kyle!


[Kyle] Hi! We still catching a movie
when you get off work?

-[McKeyla] For sure.

Super Agent the Owl by day...

Super half of McKyle by night.

-McKyle. I like that.

All right, let's focus, shall we?

[sighs] The Owl seems muy cranky tonight.

I agree.

She is kinda extra wiggy.
But, I mean, it's a big night for her.

It's her first assignment
in charge as the Owl.

[Ember] Uh, guys, we can still hear you.

-I thought you muted.
-Sorry, wrong button.


[Devon] Um, moving on.

Cam, Ember, I never congratulated you guys

on getting into the Destination Mars Camp
during summer break.

-You gotta be psyched.
-Super psyched.

Four straight days
right here at Space Inc.,

simulating a future space station journey
and eventual colonization on Mars.

I haven't been this excited
since I cross-pollinated our wheat crops

and doubled its yield.
Take that, GMOs!


[Bry] You guys, we have an unidentified
figure entering the building.

All right, this could be it.
Remember the plan.

When our uninvited guest
enters the east corridor,

we surround him and move in.

Wait for my command.

-We're with you, Owl.

[McKeyla] You heard the Quail.

It's critical to the mission
we capture the intruder.

[Bry] I've got him on infrared as well.

What I can tell you is, whoever it is,
they're sweating.

In this case, it's likely due to nerves.

Which makes sense,
'cause they're about to go to jail!

[both chuckle]

-We lost picture!
-What? Why?

Not sure. Bry's working on it.

I'm rerouting the network paths.
They must have timed out.

Talk to me.

-We're back! We have a visual.

[Bry] The intruder
is entering sector three.

-We move now.
-But the intruder's not in position.

-Shouldn't we wait?
-I agree.

Hey, I know I'm new here, but I feel
like we should stick with the plan.

He could be jamming the signal.

We can't afford
to lose visual on him again.

You heard me. Move in!
We have to take him!

[both grunting]

[speaking Bulgarian]

He's heading for the exit!


[car accelerating]

Quail, I just wanna say

that I take full responsibility
for the failure of tonight's mission.

It was my call to deviate from the plan,

and I know it led
to the intruder's escape.

Come on, McKeyla,
we're all in this together.

Yeah, we're a team.

While I appreciate your loyalty,
it's clear the loss of the suspect

rests with the Owl's decision
to act prematurely.

What's important now is that we move on.
We can't change the past.

Now, I understand a highly classified
security code was used to enter Space Inc.

That's correct.

Our research indicates that only
three people knew that specific code.

Dr. Allison Crawford...

current director of Space Inc.

and el queso principal, the big cheese,
of the biomedical nanotechnology project.

Professor James Kato...

chief engineer
of the nanotechnology project.

[takes deep breath]


[sighs] And my dad, Charles Coyle...

associate director
of the nanotechnology division.

But there's no way
he's involved in any of this.

I've known him, like, forever.

And I'm just sayin', he may be a nerd,
but he's no thief.

Thanks. I think.

Tonight was his poker night.

He never misses it.
He called me from there.

Fine. Focus your investigation
on Dr. Crawford and Professor Kato.

Owl, you'll continue working
as a Space Inc. intern.

Agents Coyle and Evergreen,

your acceptance into the Destination Mars
Camp allows you an inside presence.

Agents D'Marco, Bandweth and Attoms,

you'll try to determine any connection

the intruder might have had
with someone inside Space Inc.

[sighs] That'll be all.

It's okay, McKeyla.

Yeah, it's not like
the guy got away with anything.


[astronaut] Just a reminder,
your green hook goes to 32, 12.

[Crawford] Ladies and gentlemen,
how great it is to see you all here today.

Good morning.
My name is Dr. Allison Crawford.

I'm the director here at Space Inc.

It is my great honor to welcome you all
to the Destination Mars Camp.

Each of you has been selected
from hundreds of applicants

for your intelligence
as well as your creative instincts.

Your submissions show ingenuity
and forward thinking,

as applied to future exploration
and life on the planet Mars.

[Ember] My submission is a Mars lamp!

While growing vegetables on Mars
with soil from Earth,

microorganisms in the dirt,
called Geobacters, generate electrons.

The energy can then be stored
into small batteries.


[Crawford] So, congratulations.

[Cam] I've created a robot
to work on the Mars surface.

I call it my Voice Command
Hydraulic-Based Space Robot

Sustainable on Mars' Atmosphere.

[all] Hmm.

Break it down.

-[dance music playing]

Now, who wants to see
the space station simulator?


-[Cam] Wow!
-[Tessa] Wow, this is so...

[Ember] Oh, my word!

-[Cam] This is so cool!
-[Gordon] This place is off the charts.

Over the next four days, you will train
for a simulated shuttle launch,

travel on the space station
and live on Mars

in our Deep Space Habitat Geo Lab,
or HAB for short.

A mission that would ordinarily take
nine months.

Oh, this place is awesome.
Did you see that deep space glove box?

They use it to study samples
collected during space walks.

I mean... [mimics explosion]

How about that trash-to-gas reactor?

Developed to recycle in deep space
and convert it to methane and other gases.

-I think I'm dreamin'!

Well, I must be dreaming, too,

because there's no way little Camryn Coyle
belongs here, for reals.

[softly] Who's that?

Justin's brother, Zach.

One year older
and ten times more irritating.

Now, straight from
the International Space Station,

currently traveling 220 miles
above the Earth,

I give you Destination Mars Camp graduate,
Flight Engineer Chris Bryant.

Welcome, trainees, and congratulations.

Your acceptance into the DM program
is quite an accomplishment.

And I should know.

I attended Destination Mars Camp,
and now I'm here, floating in micro-g.

-[Gordon laughs]
-[all] Whoa!

-[Cam] I can't believe that!
-[Tessa] Amazing!

-[Gordon] That's so awesome!
-[Ember] That is so cool.

[Gordon] I need to try that.

But I'm here to tell you
this is no summer fun camp.

This program will be challenging,
so stay on your game.

In space, things go wrong.

But it will be your job to work together
to solve problems as they arise.

Because on Mars, your life and those
of your fellow astronauts depend upon it.

So, for your first question...

who can tell me
what the Mars atmosphere is made of?

Well, then I hope next time we speak,
one of you will have the answer.

Until then...

Why don't you all take a few minutes
to introduce yourselves,

and we'll get started.

Dad, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you again for letting me come here!

You're very welcome, sweetheart.

But you're the one who earned this.

Are you sure it's not too expensive?

Oh, I'm sure. Now go meet the others.

[Cam] All these submissions are amazing!

-That was very sweet.

Yeah, yeah, she's a great kid.

-[clears throat]
-I'm Jenny.

Jenny Wallis.

[stammers] Charles Coyle.
My friends call me Chuck.


Actually, no, that's not true. Uh...

No one calls me Chuck. I don't know...
I don't know why I said that.

-Let's just stick with Charles.

Okay, Charlie it is.

[chuckles] That's my daughter, Tessa.

It's a silver-based
astronomical telescope.

Not only does it have
a high reflectance rating,

but its coating makes it less susceptible
to stress in the Mars atmosphere.

Amazing! I can't believe you made that!

[Cam] So this is what you submitted
to get into Mars Camp?

[Gordon] Yep.

It's a retractable treadmill,
built so astronauts can exercise more.

In space, due to microgravity,

our proximal femoral bone
loses up to 15% of its mass per month.

You mean 1.5% bone mass per month.
Right, Gordon?

Right, of course.

Either way, it'll help me
keep my awesomely toned bod on Mars.

Hmm, I'd show you both a real six-pack,
but it'd be like staring into the sun.

Please, don't.

First lesson of DM Camp:
don't pay any attention to that guy.

You know you can't do that, Camelot.

In space, I'm a bright shining star.

Camelot? He even sounds like Justin.

Where do you think Justin learned it?

Doctor Crawford?

[A.D.I.S.N.] Please hurry, Owl.

I only jammed the camera feed
to this office for one minute

so you can look through
Dr. Crawford's files!

Relax, A.D.I.S.N.

[A.D.I.S.N. panting] You know,
I'd pace if I had legs.

McKeyla? Can I help you?

Uh, no, ma'am. I was just dropping off
these files you asked for.

Thank you.

Um, I, uh, actually have some others
for Professor Kato,

but I haven't seen him.

Neither have I.
I'm starting to get concerned.

Well, would you like me
to try to reach him?

No, no. I'm sure he'll turn up.

Oh, McKeyla...

You're doing a very nice job here.

-Thank you, Dr. Crawford.
-Keep it up.

Start a search of Professor Kato's
last known addresses.

[A.D.I.S.N.] I will.
Right after my bit rate returns to normal.

That was close.

There you are. Two of Café Attoms'
sweet polyphenol teas to go.


Very good, Bry.

I'm just so excited.

Thank you so much again
for hiring me this summer.

It's my pleasure, cariño.
We're going to have so much fun.

Totally. And with the extra money,

I'm finally in that meditation class
I've been wanting to take.

Did you know that through MRI,

scientists have found that meditation
leads to enhanced creativity,

better focus, lower anxiety,
and a lasting sense of calm?

I can't think of anyone who could use
a little meditation more than you!

Wow. This place is awesome.

Adri, Bry, this is Tessa
and her mother, Ms. Wallis.

-Bienvenido al Café Attoms.
-Hi, Mr. Coyle.

Hello, Bryden, Adrienne.

In honor of your first day
at Destination Mars Camp,

I'm going to make you all Café Attoms'
special cotton candy milkshake

with liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Sounds great.

Warning, major brain freeze. [chuckles]

Has anyone been able
to reach McKeyla today?

She's not answering her phone.

No, I'm beginning to worry about her.

She did take last night's fiasco
pretty hard.

Doesn't she also have
her driver's license test coming up?

Ooh! Talk about being stressed.

Some meditative controlled breathing
exercises would work for her about now.

Breathe in through the nose...
[inhales deeply]

and out through the mouth.
In through the nose...

[inhales deeply]


It's harder than it looks. [sputters]



[sighs] Sorry.

Thanks again for volunteering
to give me some driving lessons

before I go in for my license.

My mom's non-stop instructions
were driving me crazy.

Well, you can relax. You're in good hands.

I've been drivin' since I was 13.

I'm kidding... kinda.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Maybe this isn't a good idea.

Okay, let's do this.

-[cell phone chimes]
-It's Kyle. Again.

[Kyle] Hey, McKeyla.
You forget about the movie last night?

-Okay, now ease out slowly...

-[cell phone chimes]
-And no texting while driving.

[Kyle] Are we okay?

All right, what's up with McKyle?

[scoffs] Why would you just
automatically assume that this is...

Okay, fine.

I just think, you know,
with what happened last night,

right now's not the best time
to be in a relationship.

I have responsibilities.

To NOV-Eight, to being the Owl...

Plus, getting my license
adds to my skill sets as an agent.

[sighs heavily]

Hey! What are you doing?

"Hey, Kyle. Driving.
Can't talk. Call you later."

Oh. Okay. Fine.

Excuse me, boss,
an optimal simulation level web search

has located Professor Kato's
last known address.

Nice work, A.D.I.S.N.

Why don't you drive?


Sorry. [chuckles]

Did you know that,
to the ancient Greeks,

that was actually a sign of gratitude?

-No. The straw was invented in the '40s.

[both chuckle]

So, you were saying that since Tessa
was a late addition to the Mars program,

the only place that you could find
to rent was for six months?

Yeah, but on the bright side, I mean,

Maywood Glen's a beautiful place
to call home for six months.

It is beautiful... I mean, here.

[stammering] I mean, it's beautiful here,
is what I'm trying to say.

So you're gonna be here for a while, then?

Yeah. I was thinking of looking
for a part-time job.

Really? Well, maybe you
should check out Space Inc.

Uh, they're always looking for new people.

[stammers] I'll do that. Thank you.

Looks like your dad and Ms. Wallis
are really hitting it off.

-[sighs] I don't know.
-He should ask her out.

Like on a date?

[scoffs] I don't think
he's ready for that.

He's got work, raising me and my sister...
It's too soon.

Cam, your mom passed a long time ago.

I know.

Um, so would, uh...
Would you like to, uh...

Oh, I thought you'd never ask. [chuckles]

-He sure looks ready.

Ember, thanks for inviting me here today.

I don't normally get to do
this kind of thing.

You mean go out for ice cream
with friends?

Yeah. The truth is,
I don't have many friends.

I'm a child prodigy with an IQ of 142,

and I'm a 12-year-old junior
in a high school.

I don't exactly fit in.

Tessa, you knew the answer

to Flight Engineer Bryant's
question today, didn't you?

About the Mars atmosphere?

95.32% carbon dioxide,
2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon

and about 0.13% oxygen.

And they recently discovered
a small percentage of methane.

[gasps] Then why didn't you speak up?

Like I said,
I have enough trouble making friends.

Okay, look, I'm only gonna say this once,

but whoever told you
being intelligent isn't chill was wrong.

So next time, speak up,
or you're gonna have me to deal with. Hmm!

And nobody wants that, you hear?

Got it. [chuckles]


OMGsies! You are not gonna believe this!

Remember when I said I'd find a way
to thank you for hiring me this summer?

And I said it wasn't necessary.

Yeah, yeah, it doesn't matter.
I found a way.

Olivia James is coming to Café Attoms!

Eso es imposible!

I remembered you telling me
how Olivia James is a culinary genius

and how she brought nutritional foods
into classrooms across the country?

Well, she's coming to Space Inc.

to develop a sustainable menu
for Mars exploration.

And she's looking
for outside contributions to her menu!


I can't believe this.
This is a dream come true!

Wait, wait, it gets better.

I used my social media followers
to convince her that,

when in Maywood Glen,
the place to go was Café Attoms!

-She posted about it

and made a point
that she's gonna be here Friday night!


If I can prepare something sustainable,
healthy and delicioso,

maybe she will include it
in her Mars menu!

-Okay, stay calm...

this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

I can use
all of my culinary chemistry skills

to show they have a place in science.

And space!

Promise me you will help me
make something perfecto!

Promise me, chica!

-I will. I promise. Pinkie swears.
-[bones cracking]

Okay, too tight. [chuckles nervously]

Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

[both giggling]

[Devon] I don't get it.
Professor Kato's a big-deal scientist,

and he lives in a trailer?

Looks like someone left in a hurry.

Really? Kinda looks like my room.

So, what?
Kato fails to steal the bio-med prototype

and decides to get out of town
before someone catches onto him?

Could be. Check for anything suspicious.
I'll dust for prints.

By the way, love the new bag.
Digging the purple.

One of the perks of being the Owl.

[Devon] Okay, these are creepy.

Never understood the obsession
with clown paintings.

Looks like the professor
was moving into mixed media.

[McKeyla] Check out the treasure chest.

[scoffs] Of course it's locked.

[Devon] Bingo.

[McKeyla] A flash drive.

[rapid beeping]

[beeping intensifies]

[McKeyla] Run!

[theme song playing]