Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 3, Episode 6 - Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow - full transcript

The girls arrive at the Maywood Glen art opening to search for Vex, but they have no idea what the elusive mastermind looks like

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
--Sorry, I'm late.

Couldn't figure out what heels to wear,

so I went with my dress boots instead.

Nice, and you made great time.

Thanks for the lift, A.D.I.S.N.

It was an honor to serve you,
Agent Evergreen.

Man, if only life moved
in slow motion.

How awesome would that be right now?

It's go time, girls.

The guests should be
arriving any minute.

- We're as ready as we'll ever be.
- It's amaze-craze, right?

Like, how Maddy
orchestrated the whole thing.

How she got inside of Havoc,
buddied up with Simon Temple.

Got the three-T minerals
so Eli could finish the sound weapon

and all along had us thinking
she was bad.

When she was really totally good.

And now look at us, we're all
a part of taking down Kragen Vexx.

- We're like mega agents.

Once Maddy has eyes on Vexx
and the weapon's been exchanged,

she'll give us the green light
to move in.

Until then, it's critical
we're not spotted by Simon. Clear?

-Got it.

Until the sleeper
has eyes on the hard target,

we stay low or we're burnt.

Agent lingo?


Am I the only one who's been catching up
on secret agent movies?

Research, ladies, research.

Bring it in.

Look at y'alls'
fancy-shmancy marbled nails.

And Adri, that butterfly dress. Wow!

Cam built a sensor into the design.

My idea was to blend
fashion with engineering.

I call it "fashioneering."

Oh, hey! That name actually works.

Okay, let's do this.


Nice to see you.

I've got eyes on Simon.

Adri? Ember?

Affirmative. Smart lens in.

And working.

Sí, I see him, too.

Banana, lime
and priprioca caramel ravioli?

Compliments of Café Attoms.

I recognize that look.

Your mind, totally blown, right?

It's what I do.

So we really have no clue
what this Kragen Vexx fella looks like?

Nope. He'll be the one man
in the room with no name.

No data. No nothing.

The mayor's arrived.

Oh, it shows here he has
four outstanding parking tickets. Busted!

This is brilliant.

Using the coat check room as cover.
I'm actually making tips.


We're in this together,
so we're both making tips.

Any sign of Maddy?

Uh, not yet.

I have a bead on all of you.

I hacked into the art center's
surveillance cameras.

Both the perimeter and interior rooms.

No one can get in and out
without me seeing.

Hey, Devon!
What are you doing here?

This doesn't exactly
seem like your scene.

I mean, I had you pegged as more
of the free-spirited, antiestablishment,


well, everything kinda artist.

The board of directors
requested a few pieces of my work.

And they promised
there'd be mini hot dogs, so I'm here.


Actually, I'm here because...

well, this is my world.

Art's what matters to me.

If you didn't notice,
I'm not, like, a big people person.

No... Really?

Maybe I'll see you in there, Pam.


And again, it's Cam.

You can run, but you can't hide.


I've been looking all over for ya.


It's you. I'm... so glad it's you.

Whoa! Well, I am glad you're glad it's me.

You ready to check out some art?

Uh, you know, I, uh, I can't.
I actually, uh...

I volunteered to help Adri tonight.

Café Attoms is catering
and they were short-handed.

Oh, uh, okay.

-Melon caviar on prosciutto?


Good, right?

Very good.

I... can't take my eyes off them.

Uh, hey, do you mind,
uh, getting me a drink?

Like, something cold,

like a grapefruit juice
with a twist of lime?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Anything. Of course.

Maddy's arrived.

Thank you.

We're connected to Maddy.

- She's sending a text.

Art storage room.

The weapon exchange
must be happening there.

You're touching my artwork.

Two paces back.

It needs room to breathe.

Oh, sorry.

Well, I'll be doggoned.

You did that?

It's real nice.


I call it, Please don't explain to me
why you're clearly hiding from someone.

That's ironic,

because it just so happens
I'm hiding from someone.

I'm on a very important secret mission.

So, I can't tell you any of the details.

Gotta go!

- What a night, am I right?

I'd like to thank everybody for coming out

to celebrate the opening
of this beautiful art center.

And just a reminder, there is still time
to bid on the silent auction,

and take home a piece
by one of your favorite local artists.

Proceeds will fund scholarships
for aspiring artists in your community.

As I've shown with bands like EliTe,

helping young artists
is what I'm all about.

Yeah, right. What a phony.

I can't believe I looked up to him.

Worshipped him.

We had so much in common.

Both won
the Young Inventors Society Award.

-Both into hoverboards.
-Both super competitive!

if we're so much alike,

maybe we're both
wired the same way.

Maybe it's in both our DNA.

Is it possible I'm destined for evil, too?

Puh-lease, Camryn Coyle,
backspace right now,

and think about what you've just said,
then delete it.

You'll never be a villain.
You can't.

You're my friend,
and I won't let you.


Pinkie swears.

Remember, don't move in
until I've ID'd Vexx

and the weapon exchange is complete.

Maddy, be careful.


They're on the move.

I've got 'em.

I've got two guards inside, but no Vexx.
Maybe he didn't show.

He's here.

He's waited too long
to get his hands on that weapon.

I'm going after them.

Your drink, milady.

"The wheel is come full circle,
I am here."

Uh, I'm sorry,
I was just trying something out there.

King Lear, right? I liked it.

Thanks. Uh...

got that audition coming up for school,
you know,

so, gotta be prepared.

Anyway, here's your drink.
A grapefruit juice

with a twist of lime.

Just like thou ordered.

Wait, did I say grapefruit?
I'm sorry, Kyle.

I'm allergic to grapes--
Fruit, uh... grapefruit.

I meant a pink lemonade,
with extra ice...

and a little umbrella thingy.

You got it.

My kingdom for an umbrella thingy.


-I'm coming with you.

We have each other's backs,

Siempre. Always.

Have you brought me... a gift?

Of course.

I told you I'd deliver...


Simon is Kragen Vexx's son?

Yet another crushing disappointment.

We still need a clean shot of Vexx.

You now have
the only one in existence.

A weapon so powerful
it could take down a building.

Could take out a city.

It'll give you unlimited power.

It had better work.

If we're all done here,

I'd like to finally meet the man
I've been working for.

I'm afraid
meeting won't be necessary.

Get rid of the girl.

I'm one step ahead of you, Father.

This innocent little sound prototype

had a slight flaw.

When turned up too high,
it could essentially melt the brain.

When I'm done with you,
you won't even know your own name.

Code red. Maddy's in danger.

We've got company.

I'm on it, chica.

Excuse me, señor.

I'm told el baño de mujeres
is this way.

My shiny nose
needs some dulling down.

You aren't afraid
of a few butterflies, are you?


--Vexx is gone.

Vexx has the weapon.
Nobody leaves the building.

Going already?

But the party's just getting started...

One coat coming up.

Who are you?

-Your worst nightmare.
-We're sisters.

- Maddy!

Nice save.

I learned from the best.

People are starting to leave.

You've gotta keep them here.

--What are you doing?

Looking over the feed
from Maddy's smart contact.

There's got to be
something we missed.

There it is.
Something totally ear-resistible.

Kragen Vexx's ear! Yay!

Yay! Wait, why "yay"?

Ears are the new fingerprints.

Using a shape-finding algorithm,

the outer ear is one of
the most accurate ways to ID someone

with 99.6% accuracy.

Now that we have the image,
we can identify Vexx!

Guys, I need ears.

Copy that.

I hear you, Bryden.

Let's check some ears.

No matches yet. Keep 'em coming.

Problema, guys.

The band is done. People are leaving!

They can't.
This is our last chance to capture Vexx.

We'll search the building.

You just have to keep people from leaving.
Do something. Anything!

Adri, tell the band you want to sing.


You've gotta
keep the crowd entertained.



But I only sing for my family,
never in public.

It's our only chance to hold this herd
from stampeding the door,

so we can find Vexx.

Okay. I'll do it for you guys.

For the team!


Well, I'm sure that if you're like me,
you don't want this evening to end.


I'm doing my best, folks.

We got a lot of coats back here.
So quit your yapping!

- I'm sorry.

- And there goes my tips.
- Our tips.

Come on, come on. Give me a match.


I'd like to sing a little something
in honor of this...

special occasion.


-A duet, actually.

Count us down!

- One, two...
- It's the bass player.

- One, two, three--
- Vexx is the bass player.

Well, that's our show!

Goodnight, Maywood Glen!

He left the bass behind.

The sound weapon is in the case.

Going somewhere, Vexx?

In fact, I am.

Don't think so.

Do you really think
four girls can stop me?

Make that six.

Actually, seven.

And yes, we do.

If you girls don't mind,
I'm putting the "art" in "smart."

Now the party's over.

Well, then...

I guess
we're all going down together.




Is anybody out there? Anybody?

You can't do this to me.

You've captured Simon.



That's what you get when you mix
a little methylene diphenyl diisocyanate

and polyether polyol.
A foam prison.

That explains
the different colored shooters.

The bubbles and surrounding liquid
vibrated out of sync,

dampening the transmission
of the sound waves.

And like an insulator,
it absorbed the sound.

Wow, you can't win 'em all.

What's that, Mr. Vexx?

Oh, you like our work?
Well, you're too kind.

I gotta hang
with you ladies more often.

You rock.

Joke's over.

Let me out!

Let me out of here! Help!

I could not have done this
without you, girls.

I'm proud of you, McKeyla.

Thanks again for believing in me.


So, it looks like
we have some celebrating to do...

starting with, uh...

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

Come on, you know you want to.

Hey, you're kind of one of us now.


Let's do this.

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

♪ Go us! Go us! ♪

-Go you.

Sorry, it took me so long.

Uh, I had a lot of trouble
finding you that umbrella.

I just... I wanted it to be perfect.

It is...

absolutely perfect.

Thank you.

Could you give me a second?


I'll catch up with you guys outside?

Hashtag, it's on!

-All right!
-You two are cute.

Okay, ladies, let's go.

Nothing to see here.

He is a cutie.

Hey, Kyle, um...

I just wanted to say
I'm sorry about tonight.

You know, I really wanted
to hang out. I just--

It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Look... McKeyla...

if you can't already tell...

I like you.


Despite all the...

the weirdness
that seems to happen in your life, it...

it actually,
it just makes me like you even more.

Well, and you're, like...
the only normal thing in it...

and I like that.

You're different in...

in a really, really good way.

Sorry, if you couldn't tell,
I'm not exactly good at social si--


If, uh... if you couldn't tell, I'm...

I'm right there with you.

Well, uh...

Hey, do you mind walking me home?



Okay, great.

Well, I'm gonna go tell my friends.
I'll be right back.

-All right.



Hello, Agent McAlister.

Agent McAlister secured.

Bring them in.