Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 3, Episode 4 - One Track Mind - full transcript

Ember's itching potions sends Grady to the nurse's office, where Adri and McKeyla question him. Bry discovers a mysterious clue in EliTe's music

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So, is anyone gonna tell me

why we're sitting here
and you're giving me the pity stare?

M, uh...

you know how we've been worried
that your sister Maddy might be...

let's just say, less than good?

Like, much closer to bad than good.

Like, she could reach out
and touch the bad she's so close to bad--

- She gets it.

Good. But bad.

- Uh, A.D.I.S.N., show her.

Why do I have to be the bearer
of bad news?

Because as much as I love screens,
I'm not one.

You know I like to keep it upbeat.

Can't I show a cat video instead?

Ooh! Maybe a cute baby duck
and a polar bear sharing ice cream--

- You're not going anywhere.
- Maddy?

I'm sorry,
I can't do this anymore.

You don't have a choice.

You're in
until I tell you that you're out.

You fool!

Sorry, M...

M, maybe it's time to face the facts.

Maddy left a note
with the Gummy Bear tracker.

And it wasn't a nice note like,
"Have a nice day, sis"

with a smiley face and X's and O's.

Then she tried to ship you off
to South America.



maybe Maddy's trying
to protect us from something.

Or worse, she's being controlled
or brainwashed by Kragen Vexx!

The mythical man
we've heard supposedly runs Havoc?

Well, we know
Carson Lazarus worked for someone.

She never mentioned their name.

You gotta admit, Kragen Vexx
is actually a really cool bad guy name.

Hey, we were all thinking it.

Just because no one's ever seen
Kragen Vexx face-to-face,

doesn't mean he doesn't exist.

M, remember how the Falcon said,
"Don't let emotion cloud your judgment"?

You're like a big cloud
of emotion right now

and not the cute, fluffy kind
where you can see fun shapes

like dolphins, bunny rabbits,
and Abraham Lincoln.

And, yes, I have seen
a cloud-shaped Honest Abe.

Look, I'm not being emotional.

I just refuse to believe
my own sister has dark-sided out.

M, let's look at this
McKeyla McAlister-style.

"When you have
eliminated the impossible,

whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth."

Did you just quote my all-time fave
Sherlock Holmes?

Desperate times calls for desperate
downloading of the perfect quote.

I am after the truth.

If Maddy really is involved,
we'll know soon enough.

The three-T's are due to arrive
at the Maywood Glen docks tonight.

Bry and I are at rehearsals
most of the day,

so, we can grill this Grady.


Maddy finding that camera
told Grady someone's on to him.

He's seen you guys.

I got this.

- So, you can help me with this?
- Oh, I can help.

Keep a safe distance, Laverne and Shirley.

Don't wanna mess
with the Toxicodendron vernicifluum.

Also known as the Japanese lacquer tree.

So, run me through the science again.

I was able to extract the urushiol,

the oil from inside the plant that causes
itching when it touches human skin.

When you blend it
with an organic solvent,

you can use it
to cause the same reaction.

A little bit of homemade itchin' liquid.

That lighting designer
won't know what hit him.

Approaching target...

Move in
with your itching liquid.


Special delivery.

If they're for the band, leave them there.


So, if you don't mind,

I'm gonna give these little ladies
a drink for the road.

You have a good day, sir,

with all your fancy equipment.


What'd you say these were?

I might be allergic to them.

Oh. I'm so sorry.

Why, I did pass a nurse's office
on the way here.

Down the hall. Second door on the left.


He's all yours, ladies.

--It's a go.

The enfermera is in.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm having an allergic reaction.

Oh, that is one angry rash.

Take a seat.
We'll need to take your vitals.

Really? For a rash?

We like to be thorough.

We're a school.

It's easy for things
to spread quickly among students.

I'm not a student.
Oh, what are you doing?

This is a pulse rate monitor.

Just... relax.

So, you're not a student?

No, I'm... I'm with the band.


- Yeah... I'm their lighting designer.


I bet turning on and off lights
for a band can be very stressful.

Often, rashes are a sign
of work-related stress.

Yeah, yeah, it's, um... it's stressful.

-Trust me.

Hold still. This won't hurt a bit.

Little nurse humor.

It's working.

It's a holistic mixture of lemon juice,
baking soda, white vinegar,

and just a touch of aloe.

It's only temporary.

We need to get to the root
of this stress of yours.

I can't talk about it.
Can I get some more of that medicine?

In a minute.

Maybe what you really need is a vacation.

Like, to get out of town.
Like a little getaway.

In a getaway car.

What I mean is...

you must have a boss
breathing down your neck.

- No.

No, I could really use that medicine.

You'll get more medicine
when we get more answers!

Now, tell us more about this job.

How long have you been on the tour?
Do you have to be at the concerts?

What does this have to do
with my rash?

I thought nurses
are supposed to be nice.

You thought wrong.

You want some of this?

Then spill!

- Adri, we went over this.

I was supposed to be
the bad nurse.

Sorry, I can't help myself.

You make being bad look so fun!

Come on,
I'm itching like crazy here!

Okay, look...

we all know
you're hiding something.

So, you can make this really easy,
or you can make this really hard.

Okay, fine!

I'm sorry I ever took the job.

I do what I'm told.

You wanna know
why I'm stressed, talk to Eli.

- He's a fraud.

His music fooled me
and he's fooling all of you.

Real nurse coming!
You have ten seconds.

Uh, well, you know, gotta go.
You know, more patients to see.


Knock yourself out.

When the school nurse came back,

that might've been our last chance
to get answers from Grady.

And I didn't even get to question him
about Maddy.

Well, he did drop that weird bomb
about Eli being some kind of fraud.

What do you think that was about?

Guys, Grady wasn't lying about Eli.


Look, as you guys know,
I've been an EliTe mega-fan forever.

She's broken down
and dissected every one of their songs.

Over and over.

And I always thought I detected
a mysterious frequency in their music,

but I just thought it was their thing.

- Anyways, listen to this.

-Sounds awesome.
-I love "It Worked."

What're we looking at?

"It Worked" in music production software.

I can filter it
and separate the tracks.

Now, let me isolate the frequency spike.

- Now listen again.

-Sounds terrible.



listen again.

--Totally better.


Crazy whoa.

It's the biggest OMGsies
in the history of OMGsies.

There's a hidden sound enhancement
in EliTe's music.

An ultrasound tone
was laid in as a secret track.

Okay, I may be smart,
but when it comes to music, you lost me.

Basically, Eli's music,
and his whole sound, isn't great.

It's barely even average.

But he found a way
to make us think it's good.

I can't believe
I didn't find this secret tone before.

I mean, I did find it.

But I told myself
that it was just a part of Eli's genius.

Turns out, it's a part of his evil genius.

My love for EliTe
clouded my judgment.

Not that I'm saying
that's true for you and Maddy.

I found something!

What do you have?

It's a video of Eli
in high school, before EliTe was formed.

Welcome to
My Grandma's Garage Science.

My latest project is in the field
of subliminal sound enhancement.

Using sound frequencies
to improve your listening experience.

It's gonna be epic.

That's Eli?

Looks like he's always been
into this kind of thing,

even back in his grandma's garage.

So, now that we know Eli's found a way
to change how his music sounds...

And that three-T minerals are used
in making electronic devices...

Eli could be building his own equipment
using the stolen three-T's.

Meaning we have a new suspect.

But he's always on stage
during the concerts.

Which is right
where Bry and I will be.

We can shadow Eli.

Adri, Ember, and I will be
at the warehouse by the docks.

We're gonna get some answers tonight.

You have a visitor.
It's a boy.

I'll just keep the door open.


why I'm called the Falcon.

I see everything.

Hey, McKeyla.

I was... just in the neighborhood.

I explained to your aunt
that we're study buddies.

Oh! Oh, I'm sorry, Kyle.
Did we have a study session--

No, uh, actually, I came by
for a different reason, uh...

But I probably...
I should've texted you

or, um, called you,

or just not surprised you
by stopping by, um...

-My bad.
-What? Wait, no, I mean...

it's okay. I have a few minutes.


So, the reason that I stopped by was...

I thought I'd take you up on that offer.

To hear me play the ukulele?

Unless, of course,
you were just being nice.

Which, I mean, you usually are so--

Yeah, no, no, no.
I wasn't just being nice. I meant it.

I'd love to hear you play.

True, uh, confession, I...

I actually just came
from my ukulele lesson and...

yes, before you laugh,
there is such a thing as a ukulele lesson.

Feel free to... pity compliment me
if I'm, like...

really bad.

♪ Every mornin', every evenin' ♪

♪ Ain't we got fun ♪

♪ Not much money
Oh, but honey ♪

♪ Ain't we got fun ♪

♪ The rent's unpaid, dear ♪

♪ We haven't a car ♪

♪ But anyway, dear ♪

♪ We'll stay as we are ♪

- ♪ In the meantime, in-between time ♪

--♪ Ain't we got fun ♪

And, uh, I'm sure you've heard enough.

No, no, it was...

it was great!
Those lessons are really paying off.

- Yeah.

Hey, uh, I was wondering...

do you wanna go
to the EliTe concert with me?

The concert?

Um... I, uh, um... I can't.

I have plans.


aren't Cam and Bry the opening act? And...

your best friends?

Okay, uh, honestly...

there's some major family drama going on.

So, uh...

when I'm not, uh,
destroying with my ukulele skills, um...

I'm actually a pretty good listener.

It looks like my sister's been

running with the wrong crowd.

Oh, well... mine, too.

I mean, she's been, uh...
getting in trouble, and...

staying out past curfew,

climbing in through windows.

Kyle, these people
my sister's hanging around...

they're bad. Like...

really bad. Just trust me.

I hear you. But...

it's probably just a phase.
I mean...

it's not like she's gone
to the dark side, right?



it's like I tell myself.

You can't just give up on her.

I mean...

no matter how bad it gets...

they're all we got, right?


Thanks for listening, Kyle.


you too.

Well, hey, since I can't make it tonight,

there's that Maywood Glen Art Center
opening coming up.

I mean,
that's supposed to be really cool.

So, I mean,
maybe we could hang together there?

Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Well, uh...
I better go, um, you know...

I'll see you at school.



♪ Mad skills on the move ♪

♪ This is what what what what what what ♪

We nailed it out there!
Hashtag, amazeblogs!

Now, it's time to go to work.

--Camryn Coyle...

you got a sec?

- Hi.
- Use your words.

Uh, yes! I have many, many seconds.

86,400 seconds in a day,
just to talk to you.

Your light bracelets
were seriously insane.

They were.

Did you invent that technology?

She did.

I got this. She did.

They're a wearable
that convert gestures to colors.

By responding to our actions
and the music,

the LED circuitry
creates a musical light experience.

I'm impressed.

There's plenty more
where that came from.

Set an appointment with my office.

There's a spot open in
the Simon Sayz summer internship program.

You'll meet our marketing and PR team.

But I can see
you already have one.

OM-are you kidding me-G!

-Could this night get any better?
-Good question.

And equally good answer.
Circuit Beats is trending on Insta!

♪ Go us! Go us! Go... ♪

What are you
doing here?

I wanted to see if you guys
could actually pull it off tonight.

And I gotta say... I'm impressed.

-For real?
-For real.

You know, Devon, you act like
you're all "me" instead of "we."

But there's a "we"
deep down inside you.

And not to get all sappy...
but I will.

It means a lot you came to support us.

Whatever you want to call it.

Group hug?

Don't push it.

Can't leave my girl hanging.

Maybe next time.

What's up, Maywood Glen?

And let's give it up
for Circuit Beats one more time.

And now, please welcome
Maywood Glen Academy's own EliTe!

Eli, I love you!

Oh, my God. Eli, I love you!

Eli's music may be
pure evil sound manipulation,

but it sure is fun to dance to.


The band is present.


Four guards on duty.

Two back, two front.

Area's secure.

Ember, do you see anything?


Sorry, lost focus for a sec.

I'm kinda lovin' how green the world looks
through these things.

There's a reason.

The different shades that make up
the monochrome night vision image

are better distinguished
when they're green.

Well, live and learn.

Plus, our eyes are most sensitive
to light wavelengths near 555 nanometers.


Bottom line, green pictures
are easier on the eyes.

Here's another lesson, ladies.

Sn, W, Ta

are symbols for tin,
tungsten, and tantalum.

Meaning the three-T's are in the henhouse
and the chickens are waitin' to peck.

It's a stretch,
but you know what I'm gettin' at.

The band is still on stage.
Nothing suspicious.

Grady's at the lighting booth
and Kerri's backstage, too.

--You guys hear that?


- Identify yourself.

We have a possible breach
in the perimeter.

This is it.

Everything's normal here.

The band's still on stage.

No puedo creer.

Everything just went from weird...

to so weird,
I don't even have a word for it.

It's Eli!

He's here!

No way.


I know, what is wrong with Eli's face?

Play it again.

Is Eli some kind of projection?

Only one way to find out.

We love you, Eli!


-You guys, Eli--
-Is a hologram?

A hologram?

That's how he can be
in two places at once.

Everything makes sense now.

Call for back-up. We're moving in.