Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 3, Episode 3 - Crate Expectations - full transcript

When a nightmare about Maddy leaves her reeling, McKeyla comes clean to the Falcon. Bry and Cam kill it at auditions and zero in on a new suspect

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Come on, Maddy.
Please be in there.

- I know you're in there.

--Little sis,

what's it gonna take
for you to leave me alone?

Just tell me what's going on.

I promise I won't freak out.

Be careful what you wish for.


What is with everyone sneaking
into my room while I'm sleeping?

Who else has snuck into your room?

Nobody. Uh, active imagination.

- Uh...
- so... Aunt Montana,

to what do I owe this early morning visit?

Well... after having observed you
for the past 24 hours

and being an expert on body language,

I think you and I both know
there's something you're not telling me.

Yeah... I... uh...

I drank your entire bottle
of cold-pressed green juice.

Sorry. Bad fridge etiquette.

Did I also mention you talk in your sleep?

I do?
Uh... what exactly did I say?

Well... lots of things.

The Maywood Glen docks.
The missing three-T's.

Fro-yo Friday.

Boy, aren't dreams crazy?


Especially when they end
with you muttering

about your sister, Maddy, going rogue.

You need to be honest with me.

And not just because I'm your aunt.

I'm also your supervising agent.

Maddy may be working for Havoc.

I saw her
when we were taking down Lazarus,

which means she may have gone bad.

But... I don't believe it.

I won't believe it.

I understand.

I would've felt the same way
if it were my sister.

However, we don't do things on our own.

We work together, as a team.

Am I clear?

Yes, ma'am. Won't happen again.


Your sister is one
of the most highly-trained agents

we have in the field.

She's brilliant. She's fearless.

She doesn't play by the rules.

You don't mess with that combination.

I'm starting to get that.

Just remember, proceed with caution.

-And don't be led by your emotions.
-Got it.

And I better see
some cold-pressed green juice

in the fridge, next time I check.

Right. Heading to the store, right now.

Uh... you might wanna get dressed first.

Right again.

After the dock,
which was really disappointing,

our prime suspect
turned out to be innocent

because she was there to pick up
a crate of misspelled EliTe T-shirts.

So, when I stayed up all night
at Cam's house

so we could rehearse for the audition,
and BT-dubs,

we came up with something
we think is pretty cool,

which is not why I'm still talking.

I am still talking, right?
I've lost all feeling in my lips.

I'm guessing you didn't get much sleep.

Uh, we decided that as much fun
as it would be to open for EliTe--

And for Cam to impress Simon.

We really thought that we should focus
on the three-T case.

Guys, auditioning for the show
is working on the case.

Remember, all the evidence still points
to someone connected to the band.

You've got to be our eyes and ears
on stage,

'cause it's obvious
we're missing something.

Of course.

We will kill it in the audition
and we will take down a bad guy.

Awesome. Multi-tasking, NOV-Eight style.

Why didn't we think of that?

Here you go. Tres burritos de desayuno.

One spicy. One muy spicy.

And one for McKeyla.

Uh... these are see-through.

Aren't they fun?

I made it using edible film
made from potato starch and soy lecithin,

then gluing it together with egg whites.

Mmm, freakishly delicious.


McKeyla... I've been thinking...

after seeing Maddy in the hotel...

maybe it is time
to tell the Falcon about her.

-She already did.

I spend 15 minutes in the kitchen,

and I miss
all of the juicy secret agent talk.

Mmm... no importa.

Guess more for me.

I may be asleep, but I'm still hungry.

What about the stagehand
with the baggy pants?

I don't think so.
Those guys never get to leave.

We're gonna need more spots
and two six-inch Fresnels with a blue gel.

Hey, nice kicks. Where'd you buy 'em?

Uh, made 'em.

- Cool. Good luck with the audition.

You're already better
than that guy playing the air guitar.

M, what are you doing here?

You didn't think we were gonna miss
cheering you on, did you?

Woo-hoo! Yee-haw!


Guys, uh, you're up next.
And... computer's all set up.

Hey, McKeyla.

Hey, Kyle. How'd you get this gig?

Oh... I kinda lucked out.

My brother and Eli were in class together,
and they were friends,

so, he uh, pulled a couple of strings
and uh, here I am.

You know,
I'm surprised you're not auditioning.

You told me
you could play the ukulele, right?

Yeah, um...
I'm still not sure why I told you that,

um... I'm not exactly... good.

I doubt it.
I'd love to hear you play some time.

Yeah, sure. Okay.


- Go get 'em, Circuit Beats.

Hey, uh... Devon. Um...

I don't have you down here
for an audition.

Because I'm not.
I'm just doing a favor for Bree and Pam.

I got these color filters
for your light show.

Trust me, you'll like it.

Do we have a choice?


Uh... it's Bry and Cam.

She does not care.

Yeah, she still calls me Lyle...

--Yeah. Anyway, good luck.

- Yo, Camsterdam.

Congrats on...

if you're lucky, second place.

You know what else is number two, Justin?

Yeah, let's not go there.
He's trying to get in your head.

Well it's working, he's in there.

This is my one shot
to make an impression on Simon Temple.

What if he doesn't like what I've created?

Are you kidding?

Simon's gonna flip when he sees
how insanely talented you are.

Plus, with my EDM beats,
we are gonna crush it!

Circuit Beats, you're up.

Let's do this.

♪ Don't stress
It's a puzzle ♪

♪ Mix it up
We do it double ♪

♪ We find our way through the struggle ♪

♪ Mad skills on the move
This is what we do ♪

♪ We find our way through the struggle ♪

♪ Mad skills on the move
This is what, what ♪

♪ One day ♪

♪ We will fill our hearts ♪

♪ With everything ♪

♪ We recharge ♪

♪ One day ♪

♪ We will fill our hearts ♪

♪ With everything ♪

♪ We recharge ♪

♪ We find our way through the struggle ♪

♪ Mad skills on the move
This is what we do ♪

♪ We find our way through the struggle ♪

♪ Mad skills on the move, this is what
What, what, what, what, what ♪

I think we've found our winner.

I'm happy to announce that Circuit Beats
will be the opening act for EliTe.

Congratulations, ladies.

It's, uh, Camryn Coyle, right?


Yep, it's Camryn Coyle! The one and only.

Two-time winner
of the Young Inventors Society Award,

future X Games gold medalist
in skateboarding.

That is, until they add
the hoverboarding competition.

And not to mention, my best friend,

which I could have led with,
but it probably doesn't matter to you.

You're a rambler.
That's okay. I ramble, too.

But since I'm an eccentric millionaire,
no one ever tells me to stop.

Camryn Coyle!

Yeah, I knew that.

I'm impressed. And I only won
the Young Inventors Society Award once.

See you at the concert.

OMG, Simon Temple knows my name!

And we've mentioned it three times.
And he loves your work.

Thank you so much, Devon.

Your art and lights
kicked everything up a notch.

-We won.
-You won.

But my art did look killer.
Best part though,

watching Justin and his boys
turn three shades

of "we just got schooled."

Good luck on the show.
Here you go.

-What's this?
-It's a USB drive.

Has all the lighting design
for your performance.

So, tomorrow,
just plug it in and hit play.

Wait, you're not going to the show?

Don't have to be there.

Once I hand you that flash drive,
my work here is done.

Besides, I have other plans.

Like what?

Literally anything else.

But you're a part of the whole thing.
Don't you want to be there

where everyone's going to see
what we've created?

Like I said, I'm a "me" person,
not a "we" person.

Do you realize what this means?

Yeah, Devon is seriously
not a "we" person.

It also means that if the lights
can be programmed ahead of time...


Grady, the lighting dude,
is suspect number one.

I've scanned the leaf
for any hidden clues or invisible ink.


And I think I may be allergic.

Ooh, M, you only get your microscope out
when it's serious business.

What're we looking at?

Maddy dropped this
outside the elevator.

I think it might be a clue
as to what she's up to.

One clue?

It's a strange thing
to find in Maywood Glen.

It's a piece of a banana leaf.

Unless your sister went out
for Guatemalan tamales

with ancho chile sauce
wrapped in banana leaves...

I've got nada.

Did y'all know
the banana is naturally radioactive

because of the potassium content
and the teeny amounts of potassium-40.

Are you suggesting
my sister might be radioactive?

Don't fret.
The levels are insignificant.

Not like she's gonna start glowing
in the dark.

Good afternoon, agents.
Hoping for a progress report.

Well, I did restock the fridge
with your cold-pressed green juice.

Nicely done.
But I was referring to the three-T's.

Our latest suspect is
EliTe's lighting engineer.

Cam and Bry are on it.

And we were just discussin'
this harmless piece of a banana leaf.

Same one I noticed on your night stand,
Agent McAlister.

Maddy dropped it
when we saw her in the hotel...

which I forgot to mention.


But we did see those banana leaves
down at the Maywood Glen docks.

Which means your sister
might've been down at the docks,

the same docks
where the three-T's are arrivin'.

Your colleagues are raising
a very interesting possibility.

Which I refuse to believe.

There's no way Maddy could be involved
with the three-T robberies.

Is that Agent McAlister talking
or a worried sister?

I adore them both,
but this is definitely worried sister.


Well, here's what I think.

Maybe Maddy was
trying to leave us a clue.

Maybe she really is in danger.

We're going down to the docks.

So, whatever the truth is,
we're gonna get some answers.

- Right.
- Good idea.

You know what you need to do.

And I know you guys are giving me that
"McKeyla's got it all wrong" look.

-Don't be silly.
-You've got it all wrong.

Meaning, you've got it all wrong
that we think you've got it all wrong.

- I'm gonna stop talkin'.

I've re-purposed my original Cam's Cat Cam
with Cam's Catch a Criminal Cam.

You don't know what I had to do
to get it off the cat.

Now we just have to get it on that Grady.

Follow my lead.

Whoa... Ah...


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, my gosh.

- I'm so sorry.

I told my friend, Cam, a million times
not to ride that thing inside,

because you never know
when someone's gonna take a left

when you thought that
they were gonna take a right.

And then they take that left
and you take a right and boom!

Uh, don't worry, I'm... I'm fine.

Okay, bye.

Camera planted.
Now wherever he goes, we go.


According to the dock's manifest,

this container was the one carrying
that banana shipment.

It originated in Brazil,
and it heads back there today.

Great work, A.D.I.S.N.

Maddy and I worked a case
in Brazil together, about a year ago.

That could be the connection.
Maybe that's part of the clue she left me.

I kinda wish
there was a window in this place.

Chica, if you're worried,
you can wait outside.

We got this.

No. If you got this,

then Agent-in-Training
Ember Evergreen's got this.

Oh! Oh, no. This is not good.

We're locked in. There's no way out.

And not a whole lot of air.

This was a trap.

Hey, we don't know that yet.

We just need to find a way out of here.

At least we have some light
from my glitter bulb.

- Okay, Ember. Deep breaths, Ember.

It's not like
we're trapped in here forever.

Just until we reach Brazil.

On the plus side,
my cousin Paolo lives in Rio.

On the negative,
it could take two weeks to get there.

Sweet cow's milk!

Okay, look, if this really was a trap,

then whoever locked us in here
clearly wants to get rid of us.

Guys, I'm starting to worry...

-that my sister could be in trouble.
-Your sister locked us in here.


McKeyla, who else but Maddy
would know we'd be here?

I don't know!

But our main priority
is finding a way out of here.

A.D.I.S.N., try breaking
into the ship's computer mainframe

and programming the system
to reload the container onto the dock.

- On it!


Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?

Shh! You're gonna scare him.

Well, we wouldn't want to do that.

-Should we try and squish it?
-I don't have a big enough shoe.

Aw! It's a tarantula.

They're not poisonous.

Its crate is addressed
to the Rio de Janeiro zoo.

Guess he and his friends
are headed there.

Friends? Yeah, of course he has friends.

Uh, A.D.I.S.N.,
how's it going with the ship's computer?

I'm still trying.

Just, um...
keep that creepy crawly far away from me.

Don't you wisten
to the gwouchy wittle notebook.

Spiders are the world's
most misunderstood creatures.

They're vital to the ecosystem.

They eat pesky insects
and protect crops.

If you didn't have corn spiders,
entire cornfields could be destroyed.

No cornfields means no corn.

That means no tamales. No tortillas.

I say vivan las arañas!

Bad news, M.

I can't get enough of a Wi-Fi signal
inside this aluminum death trap!

Anyone else feeling a little caliente?

Tarantulas thrive best

when the temperature's
between 70 and 75 degrees.

They don't do well much above 80.

Then we have something in common.

Something's most likely
keeping tabs on this fella's climate.

Like a wireless thermostat.

With a dedicated signal.

We have one in Café Attoms
to monitor our walk-in fridge.

I can try to hardwire A.D.I.S.N.
into its transmission.


And I think I know where we can find it.

I'd go in there, but...

someone else is gonna have
to hold Bernie here.

I don't think so.

You two seem to have a special bond.

Well, I guess,
Maddy always said "face your fears."

This is just staring mine
right in its hairy eyeballs.

Well, good luck, M.

- Uh, you're coming with me.
- Great...

Hello... I'm coming in.

The camera we planted
on Grady is working great.

Is it me or does it seem like
this guy is in a hurry?

Who's he calling?

- Doing the reverse phone number look-up.

Maywood Glen Cab Company?

Yeah, I need a ride to the airport.
As soon as you can get here.

Why is he leaving town before the concert?

Looks like Grady's trying
to make a run for it.

If he's not stealing those three-T's,
he might know who is.

- We have to stop him.

Or at least slow him down
until McKeyla gets back.

Hotel Millennial.

Hi, this is room 519.
I would like to order room service.

Lots of it. Now.

Found it.
A.D.I.S.N., get us out of here.

Aye, aye, captain.
Rerouting us back to the dock.

It's okay to be impressed.

Sometimes facing your fears
is all it takes to conquer them.


- Come on, room service, get there!


Just checking out.

You're not going anywhere.

Is that...

It is.

- Maddy?
- I can't do this anymore.

You don't have a choice. You're in
until I tell you that you're out.

I deserve to know what's going on.

You don't need to know anything.

She sees the camera.

You fool!

We wanted an answer,
we just got an answer.

Maddy's definitely gone rogue.