Project Mc² (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Smart Is the New Cool - full transcript

The girls band together in science and friendship. Will they be able to save the prince's life and officially become NOV8 agents?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[computer beeping]

I'm sorry, but I tried my best
to work with those girls,

and now I lost the Prince!

And the whereabouts of his royal staff?

Gone, too!
I have to figure out what's going on.

This never would've happened
if my attention wasn't diverted

by those girls who were...
unfocused and unreliable.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Don't forget "uncool."

No, they are three exceptional
high school students who can help you.

Yes, they're smart,
but they're not operatives.

If you ask me, they'd rather be

sitting around all day
sipping juice shakes and tweeting.

-[slurping loudly]
-[phone keypad clicking]

And if I don't find the Prince
and this launch fails,

I'll never forgive myself.

I understand that things didn't go
as planned, but it's not too late.

Let those girls assist you
so you can find him.

Everyone makes mistakes during training.

Remember your little mishap
with the Bengal tiger?

I thought we were never
going to talk about the tiger.

[A.D.I.S.N.] I deleted that
from all the records.

My point is that you weren't always
this professional and responsible.

[scoffs] It's not that I expect them
to be like me,

but they're not even
close to being like me.

They just couldn't handle it.

I can't believe I tweeted
when we were with the Prince.

It's like my thumbs
have a mind of their own.

Bad, thumbs! Bad!

You didn't know you were
tipping people off to our hiding spot.

I'm the one who left the Prince alone.

Those neighbors probably posted, too,

which is how the bad man
found the real safe house.

Guess we all kind of got distracted.

I just wish we had one more chance,
you know?

To show M that we can
really be great secret agents.

Uh, guys?

Isn't that...

McKeyla, do you really believe
that you gave them a fair chance?



Maybe you're right.
I didn't give them a fair chance.

Maybe they were trying,
and I didn't know how to lead them.

What's wrong with me?

Why am I so stubborn,
so difficult, so... annoying?

-Was I born this way?
-No, sweetie. [chuckles]

[clears throat]
I mean, no, Agent McAlister,

you were not born that way.

But why don't we talk about this later,

after you get the girls
and find the Prince?

I guess I just always want people
to do things my way or just do it myself.


That's right. Now, back to your research.

Maybe I shouldn't be so closed off.
Let people in, let them help me.

Great idea for the future.
Time is ticking.

[monitor beeps]

Just open my eyes and not be so oblivious
to the world around me,

see what's right in front of--

You guys? What's going on?

[all] We got him, M!

I can't believe it!

♪ Go us, go us ♪

-♪ Uh-huh! Secret agents ♪
-♪ Mission no impósible ♪

That's incredible! Amazing!

So, where's the Prince?

We forgot to ask.

[scoffs] I'll be right there.

So why are you connecting him
to a tin of curiously strong mints?

It's my cleverly disguised
portable lie detector.

It flashes green when
you're telling the truth

and red when you're lying.

-Or if you have really bad breath.
-Yeah. Breath mint?

Uh, no, thanks.

All good. It's the last one
and I wanted it anyway. [laughs]

-Now tell us what you did with the Prince!
-And about Black Star's secret plan.

Don't worry, girls.

I'm gonna get some answers
from our new friend here.

I just hope I don't have to
use any unsavory methods.

But that's entirely up to you, chico.

Yes, yes, it's true,
I work for Black Star,

-but it's not what you think!

He's telling the truth.

-I've been trying to warn you.

Warn us? About what?
Your evil plan to kidnap the Prince?

[Cam] Kind of late for that, buddy.

-Nobody's been kidnapped.

Black Star's not after the Prince!
They're after data!

-[lie detector chimes]

Yes, data.

They planted an illegal hacking device
in the Prince's luggage.

[lie detector chimes]

-What do you mean "a hacking device"?
-It's a one-of-a-kind.

It took 'em over ten years
and cost a fortune to make.

They're gonna use it to hack into a
government satellite up there.

[lie detector chimes]

This isn't about the Prince at all.

He's just a foil
to hide their real intentions.

But what about that phone call?

Someone called Space Inc.
to keep the Prince off that flight.

-That was me!

I've been doing whatever I can
to get this launch canceled.

If that device makes it onto that ship,

Black Star's gonna have the ability
to do all kinds of terrible things,

like steal people's personal data.

I never thought Black Star
was capable of anything like this.

Darone made us believe
that he was a humanitarian,

an innovator that wanted to
use technology for great things.

-But it was all a front.

Why not go to the polícia?

-I tried.

Ha! Lie!

Okay, okay, okay.

The truth is...

I'm scared of Darone and
what he might do to me if he found out.

[lie detector chimes]

He has all this information in his hands.
Who knows what he's capable of?

But why would an Internet security giant
want to steal personal data?

Why else? Greed.

Darone wants to get his slimy hands
on as much info as he can

so he can sell it for billions.

Personal info?

You mean, like,
all our emails and contacts?

Photos and texts?

Tumblr? Facebook? Twitter?
Snapchat? Instagram?

Yeah, all that stuff.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

We have to stop them.

Looks like we might be too late.

[reporter] Now, just moments away

from watching Prince Xander
take off into the skies.

Cam, call your dad!

He's gotta be in the control room already.

There's no way I can reach him now.

The hacking device.
If we can find a way into Space Inc.,

we can stop it from
getting on that spacecraft.

I say we destroy it so Black Star
won't be able to harm anyone, ever.

Cam's right.
We have to get in there and wipe it out.

We're running out of time.

One thing I still don't understand.

If nobody kidnapped the Prince,

then who took him
from the safe house to the launch?

I bet one of his staff members
is working with them.

-A mole?
-A dirty, rotten mole.

And I think I know exactly who it is.

-Who is it?

Good luck!

Guess I'll just wait here
till you get back.

[lie detector chimes]

[Darone] Excellent work
getting the Prince out of there.

I knew I made the right choice with you.

Now that he's away from
those silly little girls,

no one can stop my plan.

After tonight, no government agency
can ever touch me again.

I'll see you at the launch.

-It's going to be a glorious night.
-[disconnects call]

Oh, after tonight,
everything's going to change.

[upbeat music playing]


-So, where's that sweet prince?
-[McKeyla] Well, he can't be far.

Just look at all these
irrepressible fan girls

screaming and bouncing
up and down like crazy.

[Bry gasps] There he is!

I'd like to thank all you awesome people
for coming out here tonight

as I embark on this epic journey.

A real-life, once-in-a-lifetime
historical event.

Well, there's one saving grace today.

We don't have time
to listen to his speech.

As I soar through the clouds
and into space

and post my Snapchat story,

I'm going to eat a Milky Way bar
while actually looking at the Milky Way.

-How sick is that?
-[crowd cheering]

We've got to figure out
how to get inside that central building.

Any thoughts?

Maybe it's time for a little... eruption?
I have all the ingredientes.

Now, here's what we're gonna do.

[Cam] Hey there, George!

How's my favorite security guard ever?

Hey. Hello, Cam.

[Cam] This is my friend Bryden.

We just wanted to wish my dad
good luck before the launch.

So, if you could let us in,
that would be--

Uh, no, no. I'm afraid
the building's on full lockdown.

No visitations during launch time.

Oh, man, you're kidding.

-I was really hoping to go--

[gasps] Oh, no! The sculpture!
What happened? What a mess!

A very pink mess.

-[flicks switch]
-[alarm sounding]

-I thought you said "a little eruption."
-[alarm blaring]

-I might have overshot it a bit.
-[McKeyla] That was awesome!

Central, this is George in North One.
We have a possible break and entry.


So, Bry Bandweth from Maywood Glen,
do you pick door number one,

door number two or door number three?

Ooh! I don't know. I like the number one,
but two could be twice as promising,

-and then there's three--
-Door number three it is!

[Cam] It's a voice-recognition lock.

An authorized voice
is the only way that door opens.

Perfect job for A.D.I.S.N.
She matches voices flawlessly.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Aw! Love you, too, bestie.

[Charles] Hi, Cam. It's your dad.
Call me back.

Mimic my dad's voice and say,

"Charles Coyle, access code,

[A.D.I.S.N. as Charles] Charles Coyle,
access code, Echo-Mike-Charlie-Two.

[lock buzzes]


-I can't see a thing.
-Who said that?

-Me. Who said that?

Phones, girls.

[Bry] At least there's only one door
this time.

Hold it!

Uh, Adri, got any baking soda in there?


[girls] Whoa!

How are we supposed to get through that?

Compact mirror.

What? I'm the only one?

-[Cam] Gum.
-Hey, that gum still had flavor!

If it's exactly 3.5 centimeters away
with an angle of approximately 45 degrees,

the velocity should be...

Okay, here it goes.

-Nailed it!

[Adri exclaims]

Let's go.

-[McKeyla] It's a numerical access panel.
-My turn! I love number games.

And I love that you love number games.
Now do your thing!


[computer beeping]

-[door unlocks]
-Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

[door buzzing]

[running footsteps]

-The Prince's suitcases!
-Good eye!

-Hair gel? Mousse? Sculpting clay?
-Dry sculpting clay?

Wet sculpting clay? Ugh.


Got it!

It's a transmitter and antenna,

no doubt with a state-of-the-art
hacking software inside.


It's a beautiful piece of technology.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's gorgeous.
Now, let's kill it.


I got this.


What's wrong?

There's only one full wire.
I can't complete the circuit.

What about us? We can conduct power.

You're right.

We can complete the circuit
using our bodies.


-[fuse blows]
-[machine powers down]

It worked? We did it! Go us!

♪ Go us, go us ♪

♪ Go us, go us ♪


What are you girls doing here?


[Darone] What happened?

What's going on?

[police siren blares]

[rock music playing]

We stopped you, Darone.

You and Black Star
can't hurt anyone anymore.

-Your device is toast.
-Burnt toast!

I don't know what you're talking about.

Why should anyone believe
a bunch of silly, young girls?

I believe them.
And it's all true, every word of it.

Take him away.

No, no! Don't! Get off me!
Call the lawyers.

Call the-- Not so tight!

Call the lawyers!
What are you waiting for? Ow!

And you, Jillian.

All the secret phone calls
and staying back to get the luggage.

I knew there was something off about you,

but I never imagined you could be
involved in such an evil plan.

You nosey, little spy girls
think you're so smart, don't you?

The second I started
working for that stupid prince,

it was, "Get this, Jillian.
Get that, Jillian."

Darone offered me the chance
to be the boss for once,

and you had to go and ruin it!

But I won't forget this or you,
Agent McAlister.

You can go and tell
that stupid organization you work for

they'll regret the day
they messed with me!

Okay, we'll tell them
you send your love... from jail.


Give me one sec.

I can't leave without
apologizing to you, M.

I gave you a hard time
from the very start,

and you didn't deserve that.

Wow! I don't know what to say.

Oh, wait. Yes, I do.

You're right.
I know what I'm talking about.

[chuckles] Yes, you do.

And despite every stupid thing
I did along the way,

you and those clever girls
still managed to save the world.

You're obviously a great leader.

I try to be a good influence.

Well, it worked on them
and it worked on me.

Oh, really? How's that?

You make me want to read another book.

Not a picture book, right?

No, one with lots of tiny words.

Welcome to the smart side.

Well, have a safe trip.
Enjoy battling aliens with laser swords.

See you when I get back.

[man on PA] Attention. Attention.
One minute to launch.

[upbeat music playing]

[space shuttle launching]

[reporter] Prince Xander's space launch
this evening was a huge success

thanks to an elusive group of four girls

who helped Space Inc. thwart
a severe last-minute threat.

Wherever you are, we owe you our thanks.

I can watch that launch a zillion times
and never get bored.

[cell phone chimes]

Guys, Prince Xander
just posted a snap from space!

[Cam] S.I.T.N.C.?

That's easy. Smart is the new cool.

-Go you.

Pretty brilliant!

Congratulations, Agent McAlister,
on closing the case of Prince Xander.

Thanks, but I didn't do it alone.
I had help from my friends.

[A.D.I.S.N.] OMG, what did you call them?

Sorry, A.D.I.S.N., they are my friends.

And not only that.

You're all first-rate operatives,

and I'm proud to say I've had the honor
to work with each of you.

-I can't believe you said that.
-[A.D.I.S.N.] Me neither!

Well, believe it, A.D.I.S.N.

[A.D.I.S.N.] Well, you know what they say,

"Any friends of yours are friends of yours
that I can try to be nicer to."

I'm not sure that's an actual saying,
but I appreciate the sentiment.

I admit you were right
about this whole team thing.

I had a hunch.

So, I know I'm scheduled to leave
for my next assignment,

but if you and NOV-Eight approve,

I'd like to stay here
so we can keep working together.


NOV-Eight will allow Maywood Glen
to be your interim base of operations.

[tittering and laughing]

-[McKeyla] This is how you do it, right?
-[girls groan]

Ouch! In a good way.

[Bry] Maybe loosen up the stranglehold.
[Cam] Yeah.

[school bell rings]

[Bry] I.S.C.B.T.P.S.U.A.M.F.O.S.

Yeah, I still can't believe the Prince

sent us a message
from outer space, either.

Oh, come on!

You guys have to teach me
how you do those crazy long ones.

As long as you keep
teaching us secret agent-ing!

So, when do you think
we'll get our next assignment?

[A.D.I.S.N.] Girls, I have
an incoming message from the Quail.

That was quick.

So, what do you say? Are you in?

[theme song playing]

[Ysa Penarejo] Fourteen, Flubber.
Take one. Mark.

[man 1] Fourteen, Flubber. Take two. Mark.
[man 2] So, there's just the odd things...

[screaming joyfully]

Ha! [chuckles]

Bry Bandweth from Maywood Glen,

do you pick door number one,
door number three or door number...

-Oh! That wasn't supposed to happen.
-[girls laughing]

[Victoria Vida] Sorry!

Hold me up. Waiting for...

[man] Action!

-M, hello!
-[Penarejo] Here, come on!

This way!

-You can't see us?
-[girls clamoring]

-Look this way! We're talking to you!
-[Penarejo] Come on! This-- No!

Hola! You speak Spanish?

[man] Hold it out. Perfect. Okay. Cut.

[Mika Abdalla] Careful with that!
[man] Cut. One more time.

I can't leave without
apologizing to you, M.

-[laughing] Okay.

Enjoy battling aliens with lather--
With laser swords.

[man] Let's take it from the book...

-[Penarejo] Gum.


I just taste sugar.


[man] Okay.
[woman] Oh, my God.

[man] One down. Okay, great.
Let's do one more.

-[beaker clatters]
-[gasps] Oh, snap.

-Bring me in a little bit. Yeah.
-[man] Ready.


A real-life, once-in-a-- What is it?

Who's Wiz Khalifa?
Who's Wiz Khalifa?

Who's Cameron Dallas?
Who's Cameron Dallas?

Who's Dwight Howard?
Who's Dwayne Johnson?

Who's Dwayne Johnson?
Who's Dwayne Johnson?

♪ Go us, go us ♪

♪ Uh-huh! ♪

Which one has the most pockets
for carrying gadget and tools?

-[man] Gadgets and tools.
-Sorry. Gadgets and tools.

-Think fast!
-[guard grunts]

[man] Cut. Good.

-Turn around. And...

[man laughing]

Start right here, go here, taste it,

-and then walk out this way, okay?
-Walk out...

[man 1] Take two steps back,
take two steps back.

[man 2] All right, can everybody reset?

I can't leave without
apologizing to you, M.

I gave you a hard time
from the minute we wet.

[all laughing]

Central, this is-- [chuckling]

What the...



That... that was my cell.

-It's so tangled up.
-[man] All right, bring it back.

-Cut. One more. All right...
-[indistinct farting]

Yes, it's true.
Women do run the world... literally.

-Like, I can't even-- I just can't.
-[all laughing]

[crew cheering]

Fourteen, Sarah. Marker.

-Thank you.
-[man] Yeah!

-Thank you so much. It means so much.
-[man] Cool.

[Vida] Thank you, guys. Thank you.
[man] Thank you, sweetheart.