Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 5 - Contingency - full transcript

Lincoln tries to find out what happened to Michael and C-Note hopes to execute a new escape plan with Cyclops close behind.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Kaniel outis.
He's been working with isil.

You know that's not Michael.

We're gonna need you.

I can rest when I'm dead.

That's what I'm worried about.

I'm not leaving Michael.

We can't risk all of it
for just one man.

Isil has broken through
the checkpoint.

Sana'a is falling.

We work together or we both die.

You have my word.

It's abu ramal
that Poseidon wants free.

Poseidon sent you?


Who the hell is this guy?

He's my brother.
Back at the prison...

I had to deny who you were.
They were filming me,

and they can't know.

Abu ramal has been martyred.

The entire army of isil

just declared war on us.

Behold the villain.


Hey. I, uh, I ran into town
to get some coffee.

Do you want anything?
No. I'm good.

Thanks, honey.
I'm almost done here.

I will see you at the lake
in a little while, okay?

Okay. I'll see you
back at the house.

The hubby?

Uh, what did you learn
from Kellerman?

There's no easy way
to deliver this news, darling.

It's a heartbreaker.

Doesn't get any better.

He's rotten all the way
to the core.

You've been sleeping
with the enemy, baby.

I don't understand.

I followed them two monkeys
from Kellerman's house

right after they put
a bullet in him.

Needless to say
he wasn't our guy.

He did say some
pretty alarming things

about your boy, Poseidon,
the world shaker.

Didn't give me enough
to put all the pieces together.

Back up, back up, back up.
What did they say?

Jacob? His words?

I couldn't get close enough
to hear much, but what I did...

What I did hear was
your name and Michael's.

Yes, they seemed pretty cozy,
the three of them.
Oh, my god.

It's a nasty bag of conspir...
Where are you going?!

To my son!

Stay down. Stay down.

It's another
artillery strike.

Lincoln: But they sure
as hell are used to it.

Go, go!

Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar.

Allahu akbar.

Sid: Isil just offered
ten million for our heads!

Wait. Wait. Stay here.

We got to get off these streets

or we're dead.

Ten million rial?

You give up your mother

for cash like that.

It's about what I paid

for Freddie Mercury's ashes.

Freddie Mercury now, really?

It's better than talking
about 500,000 people

looking to kill us.

Come on.

Found a place
to figure out next steps.

Let's go.

This is the part
you tell me what's going on,

the whole thing.

No. Th-there's no time.

Country's about to fall.

You'll get your
answers, I promise.

Right now our window is closing.

We need to...

We need to pivot
to the next contingency.

Train station.
Get up to the north.

Exit the country that way.

Things have changed
in the four years

you've been locked up
in ogygia, Michael.

Your plan's redundant.

Isil control the north, roads,
checkpoints, train stations.

Even if we make it across
the city, it's suicide.

No. You're wrong.
It's a shell game.

You go where
they never expect you.

Wait. You came all the way
to Yemen looking for him.

You think he was
lost or something?

Come on.

You want to live?

The airport's
the only option.

The airport's known as the main
artery to the outside world.

It's the first thing
isil will shut down.

Planes were flying an hour ago.
You got a phone?

No, but he does.

Burned it up
getting off to queen, though.

Guilty as charged.

C-note's organizing a passage
on the flight as we speak.

No, I'm telling you,

my plan will work.

Once... once you leave

the northern part
of sana'a...

Enough. We shouldn't even
be talking about this.

Get off me!

How are you alive?!

In Yemen?!

What happened to you, Michael?!

Now, I'm not moving
another inch until you tell me

what the hell's
really going on here.

Michael Scofield had to die.

I had to fake my death.

Go away.

It was part of the deal I made.

If I went to work
for a deep-cover operative

named Poseidon...

...we would all go free.

We were free.

We were exonerated.


That's what we thought...

But we were wrong.

A few weeks
before I married Sara...

I was approached by Poseidon.

You think I'm showing?

I'm not used to that yet.

I got to...
I got to tell Michael.

Here you go. Burgers
will be just a second.

Yes, this is Michael.

Poseidon told me
Kellerman didn't have

the authority or jurisdiction
to exonerate our crimes.

He used that as a legal fulcrum.

Told me he could put us
all away for life

within the mandate
of the law unless...

...unless I went
to work for him.

What the hell
can they be talking about

at a time like this?

I don't know.

But big brother's hearing things
i want to hear.

We cannot stay.

We must go now.

Maybe we don't.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Maybe all this running

is just delaying the inevitable.

Die alone here.

Die alone at home.

God, you need a girlfriend, man.

Those voices are heading our
way. They're almost on us.

Who the hell
is this Poseidon guy?

A psychopath.

A frustrated policy wonk
in the CIA

who felt he could do better
than his superiors.

So he created a cell
within the CIA called 21-void,

implementing his own
intelligence operations.

And he needed my help

breaking out people
imprisoned all over the world.


political dissidents...

...rogue agents...

And if I did it, you and Sara,
you'd go free.

Your record's expunged,

but... there was a rub.

I wasn't allowed to have
contact with any of you,

including my son.


So, Michael Scofield
was dead and...

...over the years
i assumed many names.

Kaniel outis... the most recent.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you reach out to me?

I didn't have a choice.

Poseidon made that...
Very clear.


At first, I said no.

I wouldn't do it.

Then within weeks,
Sara was incarcerated, beaten.

And so I gave in.

Everything I did,
i did for family,

for you, for Sara,

for Mike.

So none of you would ever have
to spend another day

inside a prison cell or...

Or live a life on the run.

Look at us now.

They're starting to
search the buildings.

Train station.

Train station.

Gate attendant: All passengers
must present a ticket.

All passengers must
present a ticket.

Never gonna get to our seats.
We need to go through there.

Even the pilot
can't get on the plane.

C-note: This is an airport
full of planes.

There's got to be others.
It's no good.

People will die here today.

We need another option.

My man, Omar.

That slippery brother?

Trust is a luxury
right now.

He can be trusted. To a point.
He has connections on

the western coast,
across the desert.

Lincoln and Michael are
coming here. That's the plan.

They don't have a
next move if we leave.

Now they're out there somewhere,
god knows where.

Your friends are too late.
Look around you.

This airport
is no good to them.

We're not leaving.

What is that place?

Where the
westerners went

when they made
their escape.

I ran into one
at the forger's den.

I can help.

And how do you expect
to find the foreigners

with only one eye?

They're here.
Isil are here!

C-note: Come on, come on.
I have an idea.

The pilot.

Okay, follow me.
Follow me!

Don't lose him.
Don't lose the pilot.

C-note: Come on.
Come on, come on.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

No, just stay down.

Okay. Wait here.

I'll be back.

I'm going alone.

Don't do it.

Isil soldier:

What are you doing here?

On your knees!

Come out.
Come out.

Who are you?

Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.


The infidels
are in the airport.

The killers of ramal!
I've seen them with my own eyes.

I want my reward.

The ten million rial.
I will be rich.

Isil soldier:
Take us to them.
Not until you promise

I will get my
ten million rial.

If you speak the truth,
you'll have the money.

You kick a lot of ass
for a good Muslim.

You can take the man
out of the streets,

but you can't take
the streets of the man.

Pilot: Why do you help me?
Who are you?

I'm a man,
just like you,

trying to get out
of this madness,

but we're not gonna get
out through those gates.

The only way out now

is up, brother.

The 747 is done.

It's been secured
by the rebels.

I'm not talking
about yemenia air.

I have my eyes

on a different
set of wings.

Jacob's father: Sara!

You scared us.

Is everything all right?

Yeah, no, it's fine.
I just... it's been a crazy day,

made more so by the fact that
i forgot Mike's Spanish lesson.

Mike: Spanish?
Sara: Yeah.

That's not today.
We're gonna talk about
it in the car, okay?

Are you sure?
Is everything okay?

Sara: Really. Yes.
We're fine. Thank you.

Well, let me
get Mike's bag.

- No, no, don't worry about it.
- I'll get it tomorrow.

I want you to get in the car
and no matter what...

You don't get out, okay?
Hey, hey, hey!
Where you going so fast?

Get in.

Thank you.

How was that department
meeting yesterday?

You usually
meet with killers?

Sara. Sara.
Please, please, please.

I can explain, okay?
Just listen to me.

I was sick with worry.

I needed to protect you,
to-to protect our family,

so I picked up
your phone from the shop

and I took it
to Andrew Nelson,

my buddy in the computer
sciences department.

He did a deep dive,

some kind of data archaeology,
and he did it.

He tracked
those bastards down.

Got their
cell information.

So... so I called them,

thinking I could-i could maybe

make a-make a deal with them.
You called them.


Sara, please, listen to me.

Sara, this was for you.

You're gonna want to get out
of the way right now.

Sara. Sara!

This is it.

Our ticket out of
the country.

Lincoln: I'm telling you,
Michael, this is a bad idea.

Isil are everywhere.

No, I can do this.

You really paid the equivalent
of ten million rial

for some dude's ashes?

Not just any ashes, man.

Freddie Mercury's ashes.

I would've paid
twice that.

Come on.

Keep your head down.

I think it's time we get sane
and head to the airport.

No, no, no.

This is better.
They control the station.

They'll never think
to look for us here now.

They're repurposing
those trains for cargo,

not passengers.

Once we're on, it's...

It's a straight shot
to the north.

They won't check
the cars again.

That's what you see
when you see the train?

I see a bunch of dudes
with ak-47s

who don't look a thing like us.
Do you really believe

we can survive
300 miles on a train

through isil territory?

Now, that's suicide.

It does seem risky.
No kidding.

No, no.

We get in that line of cargo
carriers. Keep our heads down.

Once we're on the train,
lay low the rest of the trip.

Besides, we don't need
to look like them.

Tell the believing men
to lower their gaze

and be modest.

Come on.

From the koran.

All the roads are blocked.

So you'll have to find
a different way to the border.

By train!

Heather, what now?

What now?

I mean, it was all a lie.

Wasn't it? Everything.

Our whole life,
our whole marriage.

He was standing as close
as you were to me right now,

and he was chatting
with the woman who shot him.

You're saying he planned
to get himself shot

like it was some sort of,
uh, sick performance?

I don't know. I don't know.

I mean, I...

Yes. Yes, it was.
But he almost died.

So, the plan was
to wing him, right?

To just put him above suspicion,
but the shot went wide.

He gets hit.

He knows that he's
married to a doctor.
Sara, Sara, stop. Stop.

You haven't slept in
three days, right?

You're upset about
the home invasion

and you're tying
yourself up in knots

because the love
of your life,

the father of your baby,
might be alive.

And I can't
get through to Lincoln.

But I saw that video.

It's him.

Okay, and I...
That's Michael.

And I believe you. I do.

And that matters.

That's all that matters.

No, I know.

But Jacob is a good man.

He's your husband.

And he helped you
start a new life.


And that's him.

I have to answer it.
No. No.

- No, you don't.
- Heather : Leave a message and we'll get back.

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Jacob: Heather, Heather?
Is Sara there?

Please, i-i need
to speak with her.

Look, there's been
a huge misunderstanding

and I can explain everything.

Will you just...
Will you tell her that?

And to call me?

He's tracking me.

Oh, Sara, honey.
I'm your best friend.

Of-of course he's gonna
call here first.

It doesn't make
him deep throat.


let's just see if there's
a simpler explanation.



What was the name of that
computer tech that he mentioned?

Uh... Andrew.

Nelson. Andrew Nelson.

Okay, well, I have an old friend
in that department.

We can find out

if Jacob's full of it
in one call.


Get on the other side
of that train!

Whip: Come on,
come on, come on,

come on,
come on!

Come on, let's go.

What do you want?

Look at the picture
i just sent you.

I can see the murderers now.


Not so fast.

Bring your weapons,
i will stay on them.

And I call the shots now.

We checked. There's enough fuel
to get us out of Yemen.

C-note: Question is, can you fly
an old bird like this?

We'll find out.

There's another station,

30 miles
outside sana'a.

We can find a way there,
hop a train.

They won't anticipate us
coming that way.

Doubling down
on a bad bet.

Just like you did

seven years back
with the CIA.

Look around you.

Your plans affect people,
you don't even see it.

I don't blame you
for resenting me.

You're damn right
i resent you.

I see it, Linc.
I see it.

Every second
of every day,

the people,
the collateral damage,

the lives I've...

But I can't start thinking
about that.

Because if I do,

then it all falls apart

and none of us
get to go home.

I have to stay focused,

be the man with the plan.

Just like fox river.


We got wheels.

Good work.

The airport's the only play.

The airport
is five miles away.

The border is hundreds.


the airport might be
the right choice,

but I trust
my instincts.

They've gotten us
this far.

And my gut says

we can still make it out through
the north. Choice is yours.

Look, man,

I agree with you, even if
i don't know you from Adam.


Got to go
with the horse

that got you here,
you know? So...

He's my horse.

Craziest horse I've ever met.

But got us this far.

Crazy only works

if it doesn't get you killed.

Heather: Andrew?

Uh, professor Hayden told us
to speak with you?

Andrew: Oh, yeah.
Uh, yeah, right.


Uh, hi, Andrew.

I'm Sara Scofield.

Thanks for taking
the time.

By any chance,

did my husband Jacob ness ask
you to work on my cell phone?

Yeah, he did, uh, yesterday.

What did he, uh...

What did he ask
you to do?

Uh, he said he was looking to
find the contact information

for the people who were
stalking his wife.

So I did a data dive
and gave him what I could find.


They hacked your phone
and lifted the data,

but in the process, left a
very slight electronic signature

that I was able to
track back to them.

Wait, who are "they"?

Don't know.
It was a dummy ip address,

but the cell
and location were correct.

They couldn't hide that
from me.

The man himself.


Sara, listen,
i know you're upset,

but I need you to come to the
Whitney heights police station

right now.


So, now we got
some time to talk.


Well, your name's Michael.


You have a brother.

What else
don't I know?

Serious, I need to know.
I've been traveling so fast,

for so long, I didn't even stop
to think who you really are

or what we're real
doing here.

I don't even know why

you dragged me
into all this, you know?

You got to forget the past,
whip, the details.

None of that matters now.

What have my actions been
all these years?

Who's been taking care of you

through everything, huh?

Me. Right?



Nothing changes.

You're still my whip hand...

Whip hand, yeah, I know,
I'm your whip hand.

It's-it's not good enough
this time, man.

Can you just give it
to me straight?

You know, I'm a big boy,
i can handle it.

There's a reason
you're my whip hand.

A reason that's gonna
change your life.

There's a light at the end
of the tunnel for you.

What the hell was that?

Oh, son of a bitch.

We got to go.

Let's go!

There's no way out.
Back of the hospital's

been shelled to rubble.
It's blocked.

Upstairs is
blocked, too.

We're gonna go

Look for a way out.

You do the same.


What's going on?

Sara, just...

Just come with us.

You'll see. Please.

Hello, ma'am.
Um, Sara Scofield?

Yes, sir.

Thanks for coming in,
I'm detective Keenan.

We'd like you to point out
who broke into your home.


The one who shot
your husband.

It's three and four.

The man and the woman
was the shooter.

Are you sure?

Yes, sir.

Yes, I'm absolutely sure.

There's got to be a way out.

Something... something that
connects to the surface.

Going down's not
gonna work, Michael.

We need to set up
an ambush and fight.

Yeah, well,

fighting is your
default setting.

It's not always about fists.

Ja: I'm telling you,
there's no way out.

Then find something
to fight with, you idiot.

I don't think it's
that kind of a party,

but I like your style.

What are you going to do
with that?

I don't know.

Beats a fist.

Rubbing alcohol?

What the hell
are you doing?

you'll go blind,
you idiot.

It's only 95% alcohol.

I'll only go 95% blind.

There's an air shaft.

Well, it's about fists now.


No. It's them.

My first lover
was much older than me.

He was my
friend's father.

Massi was his name.

It was the greatest of scandals

that we kept to ourselves.

But his wife
discovered us

and told her brothers.

Massi was taken
into the desert...

And buried.


They brought his eyes
to me in a rag.

I need you to use that on me.

End my suffering.

What, this?

Ja's right. All this
running is pointless.

Do you know what they
will do to me here,

away from seeing eyes?

I can't...

I won't let that happen.

Do you understand?

I won't let that happen.

Listen. Sid.

I'm not giving up.

And queer or no,
you're not, either.

They're in the wrong.

Not you.

What are you gonna do with that?

Michael, come on.

I'm sorry, Linc.

I should have come to you.

I should've asked for your help

when Poseidon offered me
the deal. I blew it.

At the time,
i thought

if I dealt with it myself,
the pain would only be mine.

But instead I opened
this pandora's box.

I wanted to make it better,

but I only made it worse

for everyone.

And somewhere in there...

...i became a ghost.

I made a lot of mistakes.

A lot of foolish,
imperfect choices,

but every one of them...

...every one of them
i made for love.

I know. I know.


you're the smartest person
I've ever known,

but you can't carry the load
on your shoulders alone.

You need to share
the burden.


That's family.

That's what family's for.

Sara, I don't know
what you thought, but...

I'm just a husband
who was worried about his wife.

And yeah, i-i should have told
you what I was doing, but...

Look, I felt like... like
everything was spiraling

out of control and I had to do
whatever I could to protect you.

So you thought
you'd contact two hired killers?

I was trying to play
the white knight.

Not very well.

And it was insanity.

I was scared to death.

A-a blubbering idiot,

but I thought they would respond
to money, you know?

Pay them whatever it took
to make them go away.

More than they were
already making:


Look, I, uh...

I had a tracker in it, Sara.

This little thing, but
they didn't touch it.

I contacted the police
before the meet,

but we nailed
them anyhow.

We nailed them.


I am so sorry
i put you through this.

Let's do this.

A wrench and a pipe against aks.

It'll be fun.

I've always wanted
a crack at these bastards.

Come back.

Get over here...

you're gonna get
yourself killed!

Whip: I love you, you crazy
Japanese son of a bitch!

It's Korean, champ.

Whatever. I still love you.

Isil are like roaches.

More will be here soon.

What do we do now?

I need to take a break
from making decisions.

Linc, airport?



Lincoln: I got someone
I want you to talk to.


Oh, man!

Now that's a voice
i never thought I'd hear again.

Man, you got some explaining
to do, brother,

risen from the dead and all.

Where can we meet you?

Uh, hangar two.
Right off the main runway.

But you better hurry
your ass up.

Hangar two?

We could be there in 20 minutes.

We can be there in 20 minutes.

I don't know if we have
that long.

Wait for us. We'll be there.

We got to move.



I heard your call, infidel.

Wings will not carry you
to safety.

One call, and my brothers

will find your friends
at the airport.

Lincoln: Sid!
Michael: Sid!

Son of a bitch.

No, no, no, no, no.

Michael: Talk to me, sid.
Stay with us.

Stay with us.



He's gone.

Don't waste yourself on him.

You'll beat him by surviving.

You will die, you hear me?

You will all die!

Oh, my...

Pilot: They're moving
more trucks into position.

We can't wait.

There won't be enough runway
to take off. We must go now.

Sheba: I owe Lincoln my life.
He deserves better.

But with so many souls
in our hands,

do we really
have a choice?

Listen, we wait
five more minutes.


And then we take care
of the souls that we can.


What the hell are you doing?

The hell are you doing?

Listen, we are not leaving
my friends!

Shut it down.
Shut it down!

You would condemn us all
to death.

If you stop me, no one gets out.

Your friends can still make it
to safety. We will not.


C-note? You got to get
out of here, man.

Hey, no, no, no, no. W-we can do
this thing, man. We can do it.

No! Go now!

you and the kids are dead!

We'll work something out.

We've been through worse.

Linc, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, brother.

Lincoln? Find Omar. He...


I can't hear you. What?

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