Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 6 - Phaecia - full transcript

Michael, Lincoln and the Ogygia gang race through the desert pursued by Cyclops; A&W and Van Gogh question their roles when their trailing the escapees leads them to Graceland.

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Legacy, Gotham
and shots fired.

The department
is obviously corrupt.

Only on fox.

We're gonna get
you out of here.

Poseidon put us in
here to get ramal out,

but then he
abandoned us.

Ramal is Poseidon's
guy, not ours.

The escape is on.

He's my brother!

Who the hell
is this Poseidon guy?

A frustrated policy wonk

in the CIA,
who created a cell

within the CIA called 21-void.

And he needed my help

breaking out people imprisoned
all over the world.

We've awoken something.

Any chance Poseidon
will just let us kill her?

It's three and four.

The man, and the woman
was the shooter.

Step back!
That's not
gonna happen.

Go to hell!

Whip: Let's get
the hell out of here!

C-note: The only way out now
is up, brother.

I'm so sorry.
Sorry, brother.

We got to move.

No. We go out on the streets
tonight, we're dead.

You know it
and I know it.

Even on the outside,
i feel the world crushing in.

Lincoln: That's what
being locked up does.

You carry the prison
with you on the outside.

I can't live that way.

I've got to know
the walls disappear.

It's called being scared.
Happens when you're sober.

Don't give me the pill talk.

I won't give you
the poor little orphan talk.

How your friend here

isn't the father figure
you thought he was gonna be.

This isn't helping.

The walls are going
away, brother.

We're gonna make 'em go away.

We're getting out
of this country.

All of us.

Whip: Oh, really? Which
contingency's that gonna be?

You burned
through them all.

Truck to border, train, airport.

None of those.

We're exactly where

I don't want to be:

Well, we need to
improvise something real fast

or it's gonna be us down there,

strung up like that.

Omar. Sheba's guy.

She said he
had a way out.

We can trust him?

No. But he's our last option.

You made bail.
You're being released.

Mmm! Don't be a stranger, sugar.

Poseidon got you out first.

I thought I was his favorite.

A&w: Son of a bitch
really escaped.


But why kill ramal?
I thought they were allies.

It's not our job
to ask questions.

Maybe we should.

Poseidon says we find
kaniel outis and kill him.

That's what we're gonna do.

And I think I know how to do it.


What are you doing here?

You're radioactive, my friend.

You killed abu ramal. Really?

That was a very stupid move,

Just tell us
where you're headed.

300 miles across the desert.

Old smuggling

Uh, autonomous zone. No isil.


Not perfect.

Four of you, one of me.
Not enough seats.

Okay, okay, all right. What
about getting another vehicle?

Tell you what.

Because it's sheba
and I owe her,

maybe we can help each other.

I have another vehicle.

A land cruiser.

I was going to
leave it behind,

but if you can get it,

it's in a parking garage
two blocks from here.

I'll let you follow.

Deliver my second vehicle,

and maybe I get the phaeacians
to get you a boat somewhere,

to Europe, France, Italy, Spain,
wherever you want to go.

How's that sound?

Keys are here.

Uh, left side, the red brick.
First floor.

Battery might be dead,
so you might need

all of you to push.
We got it.

Whip, you stay with him.
Let's move.

He always give you orders
like that?

It's complicated.

I got an order for you.

Load up.

One more bag inside.


Give it a push on my say.

Battery's working

How far away is this garage?

Only two blocks.
No problem.

Someone says there's no problem,
there's always a problem.

He set us up.
Get in!

Hold on!

nothing personal, my friend.

In another life, no doubt
we smoke the hookah together.

Lincoln: No!
No, you don't!

Whip, you okay?

Thought you were gonna be
a millionaire, huh?

I didn't have a choice.

Come on! Coldcocking
son of a bitch!

Hold on, hold on. Easy
now, we may need him.

Yes. You need me.

I want a map
to this phaeacia place.

You do realize this is Yemen,
don't you?

is a hundred people.

Mud huts. There is no map.

But I can lead you there.

You want to
trust this guy?

Well, if he screws with us,

we'll just let whip finish
what he started.

And I will kill you.

I can't wait
to kill him.

You coldcock me, I end you.

Rule number one in my country.

And rule number one
in my country is

when things get bad,
go to the desert.

We are desperate, desperate men.

Not as desperate as Omar
right now.

If there's one man
you don't want

to get on the wrong side of,
it's whip.

That might apply to you, too,

I get the sense the kid thinks
you betrayed him somehow.

I could understand
why he thinks that.

I really am sorry, my friend.

When I'm scared,
i make poor choices.

Zero comes out of your mouth.

I'm having a really bad
couple days. Just the worst.

Agent kishida.

Settling into your new office,
i see.

I still see this
as Kellerman's office, ma'am.

As you probably know,

he was killed,

Kellerman had been
looking into 21-void.

I knew that. Yes.

I need Paul's files.

Obviously, he was getting close
to something

and they killed him
for it.

Actually, I've been
looking into his leads,

and there's nothing there.

I hate to say it, but this file
is full of dead ends.

There's nothing here.

There must be something.

Look, I don't want Paul
to have died in vain,

but we need to look at this
whole thing with new eyes.

Read it for yourself.

Okay, you want to put
new eyes on this? Fine.

Now that you
report to me,

I need you to look
into the possibility

that there was an insider

Here? At the state department?

Anywhere along
the evidence chain.

Will do, ma'am.

Agent kishida.

I wasn't expecting
a call at this hour.

I just wanted to follow up
on our earlier conversation.

The situation
in the middle east?

Situation's developing.

We need to meet soon.

Fair enough.

The moment we're back,
we'll call you.

You worked at NSA?

Team eye in the sky
for ten years.

Watched the most heinous crap
you can imagine

by satellite.

Stonings, rapes.

Just had to sit back and watch
it like a horror film, helpless,

until Poseidon
tapped my shoulder,

gave me a chance to do
something about it.

Emily, good to see you again.


You got my message?
Kaniel outis?

You gonna help
us locate him?

Look, protocol says no.

We stay clear of CIA,
any offensive action.

We're surveillance

We just want to put eyes on him.

I think I can get you
in as observers

under interagency auspices.

I knew I could count on you.

But you owe me.

That b&b we went up to
in Connecticut,

I want that weekend again.

That exact weekend.

What you got
back here, anyway?

What is this, guns, drugs?


Omar: You don't
understand the phaeacians.

They are beautiful. Generous.

They just want to smile.

Unlike you.

Oh, is that right?

Ah, holding grudges.

It's very bad for the heart...

You know what else
is bad for your heart?

If I shove a Roman candle
through the middle of it.

Ja, please.

Don't check out on us.

Still trying to figure out
why you got me out.

I need that great big mind
of yours clean and clear.

Ja: It's the number from
the airport last night.

C-note, what's up?

Lincoln, it's sheba.

I got Benjamin's phone.

Oh, hi.

Did you find Omar?

Yeah, we found him.

We're traveling.

You okay?

We're in Jordan.

Leaving for the U.S. tonight.

How's c-note?

He's fine.

We all are.


We're going to make it.

It's because of you.

Because of my money.

It's because of you.

Come on.

There is nobility in you,

Hey, uh...

When I get back,
I'll, I'll buy you a drink.

I don't drink.

But I'll buy you a drink.

How about that?

Sounds good.

We got a hit;

Franklin's cell phone
lit up in Jordan.

A&w: The one he bought
with a credit card in Yemen

a few days ago.
Making an outbound call
to an unknown number.

Currently right
outside sana'a, Yemen.

Rerouting a drone
to that target now.

We just found our man,
didn't we?

There. Two vehicles
heading west.

Drones in position.

Let's take a peek.

They're stopping.

Tricia: Pull up all known data
on that location.

Why did we stop?

Phaeacia is 300 miles that way.

We need to fill our
gas tanks up to the top.

As-salamu 'alaykum.
Alaykumu s-salaam.

Michael, where you going?

Been under Poseidon's thumb

for the last seven years.

It's about time I got
out from under it.



They have no clue we're
watching, do they?

Not at this height.

Who is this?

A friend from far away.

Your government has always
considered us an enemy.


But some of us have
a more enlightened view.

Abu ramal was a great visionary.

You have our
sincerest condolences.

What do you want?

The same thing you do,

to eliminate the men
who killed him.

And as a sign of good faith...

We'll tell you exactly
where they are.

Male voice:
Hey, can you see me?

Not yet.

Blasted computer camera thing.

Who makes these things?

All right, I see you.

Cyclops: Come on, hurry.
Get this off of me.

Hold your hand still.

Just do it already.

Do you want to stay like this?

You're lucky
we cut you loose.

Isil lieutenant:
The men who killed abu ramal,

leaving sana'a, heading west
on highway 80.

Highway 80.

We're leaving now.

I'm coming, too.

This is not your fight anymore.


You know it's been four years
since I've had air conditioning?

I'm done with the heat.

Kind of like it out here.

No walls.

No walls, okay?
Ain't about walls.

My opinion,
you know what you need

more than anything else
in the world?

Got to laugh more.

If he wants to laugh,

phaeacia's the place.

I always wanted
to bring sheba;

for her to see
the people.

No technology,
no politics,

no modern nonsense.

They know how
to enjoy life.

No technology?

Freddie Mercury here
couldn't hack it.

Freddie Mercury?

I could hack it.

I was alive before cell phones.

You're more addicted to
that screen than you are

to them pills, and that
is saying something.

Be ready.

Ah, my friends.
We got problems!

Michael, we got to go!

Let's go!

I got to go.

Hold on, let me try
something else.

Can you see me now?

No. Take a screen capture.

What of?

A screen capture. Take it.

Isil militants
coming from the east.

This should get interesting.

Don't think one bullet is going
to get us out of this.

One bullet? Who the hell carries
a gun with one bullet?

The man who would kill himself
before being captured by isil.


Get closer. Zoom in.

Hold on.

These militants,
how'd they find them?

Lincoln: Goddamn it, what are
you waiting for? Shoot back!

We only got one bullet.

One bullet?

We're seriously
screwed here.

Unless I can make
this one bullet count.


Torrent downloaded from RARBG

You sure as hell
made it count, kid.

Hell yeah, you did.

My god!


He's in a
bad way, Linc.

More coming, we got to get
the hell out of here!

What are they stopping for?

Don't know.

We can't go any further.

We can go a lot further.

We've got to get to phaeacia.

There's no roads, whip.

The roads are in Omar's
head along with the map.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you.

Our map is dead.

We got to head back.

To what?

He's right.

We'll die out there
without a map.

We don't know that.

We 99% know that.

Guess we're not
out of the woods yet!

We got to lose this guy,
whoever he is!

Let's go!
Then move it, damn it.

All targets now bearing 2:15.

Stay with them.

No. Pull the drone.

Time for our visitors to leave.

What are you talking about?

We find kaniel outis in Yemen,

and then rebels show up
to take him out?

Was I supposed to think
that was a coincidence?

This isn't surveillance,
is it?

This is assassination.

You're using me for some sort
of black work, aren't you?

This is way over your head,

Stop asking questions.

If you don't get out of my
sight, I will blow the whistle.

Right now.

Would've been a hell
of a weekend in Connecticut.

Van gogh: It's playing
with fire,

co-opting other
agencies like that.

You think she'll talk?

Run it up the flag pole?

You got designs on killing her?

I'll kill you.

Relax, will you?

I'm getting pretty tired
of chasing outis.

Always being behind him.
Me, too.

That's why I keep thinking about
all that time that he spent

in that gas
station in Yemen.

Isil on his tail,

and he just hangs in there?

What was he
doing in there?

The sun is directly overhead.

I can't tell which way
is east, west...

We got to stop.

Hey, ja.

You got a compass on that phone?

No signal.

We're flying blind.

Completely blind.

But he's not.

We're leaving him a beautiful
set of tire tracks to follow.

Who the hell is this guy?

It's the guy who killed sid.

Son of a bitch is like
a dog with a bone, huh?

You kill someone's
spiritual leader,

they'll follow you to the ends
of the earth, apparently.

Why is he stopping?

He's refueling.


He knows he's got
more gas than we do.

All he has to do
is follow our tracks.

Then wait until we run out.

There are four of us.

Let's just swarm him,
take him out.

Not out here.

Not with an ak-47.

We wouldn't get
within a hundred feet of him

without taking a bullet.

Then we got to outthink him.

What you gonna do
with that, flog him?

Gonna transfer gas
from that tank to this one.

Almost all of it.

It's not gonna help.

It's gonna help this one
get to phaeacia.

We pile into one vehicle?

He still has more gas than us.

He can still follow
our tire tracks.

That's why we leave a little bit
of gas in that one.

And make two sets of tracks.

He's gonna have to choose.

I got four rocks in my hand.

Three red, one white.

Get the red rock,
get in the Jeep, go to phaeacia.

Get the white rock,

deal with our friend.

Stick out your hand.


Whip. Come on.




You knew the rules, Linc.

He's picking up again.

I'm not leaving you out here
to die.

I have no intention
of dying.

Anyway, you've got
the harder job.

You've gotta find phaeacia
out there somewhere.

Leave tracks...
So I know how to find you.

Just one.

You want to play,
you son of a bitch?

Now how the hell
am I gonna get out of this?

We're driving blind.

It's the same damn thing
everywhere we look.

There's something
to be said for that.

Makes you use your senses.

Will you stop talking crap

and talk elephant
in the room, please?

We just left Michael back there.

It's completely wrong.

I'm the last guy
you want to say that to.

Well, why are we doing it, then?

Because he said, that's why.

One thing you
don't understand:

When Michael takes on the world,

the world
always loses.

We've been looking
the whole time.

That's the problem.


Stop the engine.

You hear that?


Not just birds. Gulls.

As far as I know, gulls got
no interest in the desert.

They only got interest
in the sea.

It means we're close.

All you got to do
is follow them.

Maybe we got GPS after all.

Is this phaeacia?

Phaeacia! Phaeacia!

Omar! Omar!

Omar, Omar.


You bring Omar car,
but not Omar?

Omar had to go somewhere safe.

Because of the war?

Yeah, the war. That's right.

He told us to bring
this stuff for you.

Also said you could arrange
a boat for us.

Back in the city...

I told you you would die.

We will both die out here,

A&w: Turns out that gas station
outside sana'a

had a computer
with Internet access.

Van gogh: He sent this
image from Yemen. Why?

We're gonna find out
as soon as as soon as we talk

to the guy he sent it to.

Blue Hawaii in
Portland, Maine.

Think we got a snowbird?

I don't think that's quite it.

Welcome to Graceland.

Don't just stand there
and let the ac out.

Come on in.

What can I do
for you fine folks?

Linc, where are your tracks?

No tracks, no tracks.

No, no, no, no!

No, no. No.

Come on. Come on!

Come on, Mike, come on.

Where are the tracks?

Where are the tracks?

This is for you. Look.

W-wait, go easy, go easy.
Start with the small stuff.

Flowers, snakes, we'll move
onto the artillery later.

Fireworks okay?
Yes, yes, of course.

It's okay to do this?
Thank you.

Omar was right.

This place.

It's like the rest of the world
doesn't exist.

I'll go check on Linc.

Hanging in there?

You're right. I shouldn't
have abandoned him.

If he doesn't find those
tire tracks by nightfall,

he never will.

Where are you going?

Going out to find him.

You can't go out there at night.

You'll never find him.

Doing nothing's not an option.

I didn't say do nothing.

You got to have faith.






That's it.


Thank god, you made it.

He poisoned me.


Need a doctor.

Get the doctor now.

The doctor, the only doctor
is in sana'a.

We can't go back to sana'a.

We just came from there.

It's 300 miles across
the friggin' desert.

We gotta do something.
He's dying.

Michael, Michael.

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