Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 4 - The Prisoner's Dilemma - full transcript

Michael must make a difficult choice when he feels he has run out of options.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I called earlier about a missing
U.S. citizen in the middle east.

How are you, Sara?

I wanted the state
department, not you.

Any chance Poseidon will
just let us kill her?

I've learned some things

about who it is we're
apparently both looking for.

You think Michael's in Yemen?

We're gonna get you out of here.
I don't know who you are.

C-note: Your brother was using
this shop for his escape.

We're here for passports.

Figure we got a day
to get out of this hole.

We're still getting out.
All of us.

Poseidon put us in
here to get ramal out,

but then he abandoned us.

Ramal's Poseidon's guy,

not ours.

Our friend told me
about the escape.

He will betray you.

When those lights go black,

we're gonna disappear
from this place like ghosts.

I can't get it open.

Help me out.

You pull my brother up first.

Mosa! Mosa!

Don't shoot.


How you feeling?

Body is fine.

My head is

trying to figure out
how to get those passports

we couldn't get last night.

For you, those kids.

Well, that's something
you shouldn't

be worrying about right now.

You should rest up.
We're gonna need you.

I can rest when I'm dead.

Well, that's what
I'm worried about.

Didn't know you worried.

About the right things.

Your brother.

He make it out?

I'm sorry.

Sheba, do you mind if I borrow
Linc for a second?


Please get some rest.

Listen. We got
to start talking

about leaving the country.

What are you talking about?

I spoke to my friends
at the mosque.

Isil is taking
neighborhoods by the hour.

If they cut off the
route to the airport...

I'm not leaving Michael.

If they cut off the airport,
no one is getting out.

Not you, me, sheba.

As much as it
kills me to say...

We can't risk
all of it for...

Just one man.

You're right.

You can leave.

But I can't.

Get that family to the airport
as fast as you can.

I'll work something out.

Mr. Burrows?

I wanted to thank you
for saving my daughter.

And offer you something
in appreciation.

I might have a solution
for how to get your brother

out of that prison.

Before the city goes to hell.

You hear that?

That was the closest one yet!

100 yards!

Just when you think
it couldn't get worse

locked up in a porta-potty,

they start dropping 2,000-pound
bombs on the porta-potty.

Whip. Keep it together, please.

The escape artist is nervous.

You should be, too.

Those artillery strikes,
they don't discriminate.

The difference is I have faith.

Allah will deliver me.

What do you have?


Ja, are you there?

I'm here.

Whip's right.

The strikes are

getting closer.

I pity you.

I triumph either way.

Either I will be in paradise
or Allah will save me.


you're just
going to die.

Isil has broken through
the checkpoints.

They're coming
into the city.

These uniforms
are like targets

on our backs.
Isil isn't here yet.

The government says
it will push them back.

You out of your head?
This is happening.

Sana'a is falling.

They're going to retreat.

I've seen that look before
in the army.

Men who will do anything
to save themselves.

And how do we
save ourselves?

Isil takes this prison, we'll be
the first they slaughter.

When they take this prison,
it will be

to liberate their leader, ramal.

But if, when they get here,

we have him with a knife

to his throat,

then we call the shots.

And we might just live.

Whip, I got a hail Mary.

That a prayer or a plan?

I left something the last time
i was in here.

Let me guess,
you got a contingency.

They lock me away in a box
for four years.

I'm not just gonna sit there.

It's a long shot,
but it might get us out.

Abu ramal:
The infidel still
tries to escape.

The desperate rat.

The desperate rat's
gonna light you up

once we get out of here,

you bugged-eyed freak.

Whip! An "s."
Is there an "s"

carved in your wall
chest high

in the corner?

Come on, come on.

That's not it.

I'm not seeing anything.

I'm not seeing it.

Ja, it's got to be you.

Come on. Tell me you got an "s"
carved in your wall.

It's our last chance.


It's not here, no.

That's because
i have it in my cell.

My armies of the caliphate

are coming closer.

The moment they reach
this place,

all of you will be put down
like the dogs that you are.

All right, Sara.

Our friend Poseidon
has surfaced.

Good god.

Another isil attack.

They're ripping the city apart.

They're animals.

I've been a bureaucrat
my whole life.

Hated it.

Corruption, backslapping.

But today, maybe some good
will come of it.

I went to grammar school
with this boy

named Ibrahim.

All the years later,
he's a federal judge.

You, uh, saying this
judge can help us?

I called him a few hours ago
and told him

about your brother's case.

Redecorating, I see.

Just readying for
the coming change of seasons.

Luxury is something
the wahabbists frown upon,

so luxury will stay
behind closed doors.

You should flee the country.

I'm a survivor, you know that.

I thought Mr. Burrows
could perhaps

help with
his brother's cause.

Ah, yes.

A full pardon from
the supreme judicial council.

But you will have to uphold
your end of the bargain,


German engineering.
77,000 miles.

Five liter,
seven speed, v10.

It will be a welcome
bit of luxury.

Behind closed doors,
of course.

Best of luck
to both of you.

I really appreciate this.

Thank you.

It's already done.

It would've been
left behind anyhow.

May both of our families

get safely out
of sana'a tonight.

We can't just sit here and die.

You-you got a window
like this one, right?

Maybe we can pry it.

It's too small, reinforced.

Built into the
rebar infrastructure.

You got people
on the outside, right?

And they're gonna try
and get us out.

They were supposed
to meet us at the shop

last night and we didn't show.

We can't just quit

and let Poseidon beat us.

There's a way out
if we work together,

but escape has to start
from your cell.

I'm no longer interested.

The only thing left for you
to do is to beg.

Beg that I might let you live
once my armies came,

if only as a slave.

I've been a slave
for the last seven years.

I won't do it anymore!

I will miss you
when you're dead,

but only for a minute.

Then you will be forgotten

by both time
and the world.

Well, she's my kid, too, Cindy.

I have the weekends and...

Well, no, I have the weekends

and I don't want
a Wednesday afternoon.

Why would I want that?

Yeah, nobody does.


No, that's okay, Cindy.


Yeah, that's fine.

What other days?

What other days do you want?

Actually, you know what?

I don't want to
discuss this now.

No, we'll talk about it later.


Of all the things

that mystify me in this world

since I've been released,

is that Kale is the rage.


Theodore bagwell.

Thing that mystifies me equally

is seven years ago,

you exonerated Michael,

Lincoln, all of them,

except me.


That's why you're here?

Because I didn't exonerate you?

A murderer,

a sexual predator
a dozen times over.

"Was" is the key word.

I'm a man moving
toward the light now,

and the light's beckoning me.

I just don't know
who's pulling the strings.

But Sara says
it's you.

Oh, Sara put you onto me?


I don't know who
the bigger idiot is,

you or her.

I was helping her.

You were hacking the phone
and sending those people

after her--



How about you pour me one of
them nasty little Kale jobbies,

and tell me what's all this got
to do with Scofield and myself,

who your friends are,

who you are--
i want to see

the true face
of who's pulling my strings

once and for all.

You have two visitors
in the lobby.

Tell them I'll be
right down.


I got this, grace.

They're in the city.

What are you doing?

What do you think I'm doing?

Don't run, you dog!

Don't run!

It is happening.
Be ready.

This pardon better
get him out of here.
We don't have

much time-- we have
to get to the warden.

What's going on?

They're abandoning the prison.
That's why Ibrahim

gave us that pardon.

He knew it was worthless.

You and c-note get
the others to the airport

as fast as you can--
there's maybe one flight out.

Save two seats.

All right?

What are you
going to do?

I'm gonna get my brother.


Back up!

Back up.
Anyone comes at me, dies.

You think you
can shoot all of us?

Anyone else want
to play the lottery?

Huh? You're filth.

I'll let isil sort you out.


Mustapha! Mustapha, wait!

Don't lock me in here!

You coward.

Mustapha, please.


I need to get in!
I need to get out!

Well, give me the key.
I don't have the key.

You passed the guy who does.

Stay back!
I don't want to shoot you!

The guards are gone!

They're abandoning
their posts!

We're gonna be free!

No. We're not free.

Things just got a lot worse.

Push the gate open!


What are you doing?

We have to get through the gate!
If isil controls the city,

like they say, it will be
a prison out there as well.

We will be persecuted,

as we have been in here,
only worse!

At least there's
a chance!

You want a chance?

Our chance lies in there,

in solitary.

Our bargaining chip.

We get abu ramal!

We negotiate passage

out of the country.

No, it's madness.

Come on. If we work together,
we can push open the gate.

Is that you,

It is you.
We remember this one!

Right? We remember him!

Friend to kaniel outis,

the man who would not
lend my brother a hand!

The man who
killed my brother,

as far as I'm
concerned, right?

We are going to go in there
and get abu ramal!
No! Please!

No! Please!
And when we are there,

I am personally going to slice
kaniel outis' throat.

And you are going to be the one
who's going to help me do it.

No! You sent him!

Take him!

All of you!

Will you stay here?

And let isil slaughter you?

Or will you stand with me?

And fight!

Doesn't sound very promising!


you want to rethink
helping us?

Escape has to start

from your cell!

All you infidels can go to hell!

We are in hell, ramal.

Question is do you want out?

Smash through the door!

Tell me what to do.

Come on, come on...

I'm not hacking
anybody's phones.

You're so off
base on this,

you have no idea.

Am I?


That is terrible,

by the way.
What is that,

an act of contrition?

Like a hair shirt?

Torture yourself with Kale
to make up for your sins?

I don't have any sins
anymore, man.

That's you.
How about
the sin of deceit?


A Kale-drinking man named
Kellerman by the light of day,

a murderous CIA rogue
named Poseidon at night.


His eyes light up.

She was right.

Oh, you think I'm Poseidon?


Are you mixed up with Poseidon?

Oh, hell,

we got to go old school
with this?

Is that what you want?

snapping fingers.

That's very-- you just gave
me something to work with.

Poseidon? Poseidon.

I'll tell you
about Poseidon.

I mean, he's one of those myths
you hear about in the system.

He's an operative
so untouchable,

so deep, you couldn't find him
with a nuclear sub.

Hence the nickname.

And how does this involve me?

What's he want with Michael?

Ramal, listen closely.

The brick with the
s-- it's loose.

You got to remove it.

It's a spoon, string.

A string a day
from my uniforms for four years.

A spoon a guard overlooked
one time in a thousand.

There's a water pipe above you.

Hook it,
pull it down.

Do it!

Hey. Let me get this straight.
This is getting him out?

Michael: It's
getting us all out.

This is a two-cell job,
mine and his.

That's why I couldn't
pull it off

when I was in that cell,

because the guy
across from me,

the guy in this cell,
wouldn't cooperate.

We have to work together.

Come on!


I'm not working with you.

No. No.

Come here!
Come on, sweetheart.

Show them your pretty face!
Come on, get up here!

Look! Stop
what you're doing

and tell kaniel outis
i will kill the girl!

Torrent downloaded from RARBG

Take him!

Come on! I'm not
through with you yet!

They're beating the crap
out of sid. They'll kill him

unless we surrender.
If we surrender,

they'll kill us.
They only want ramal.

Our best chance of saving
sid is getting out of here.

Make them forget about him,
start chasing us.

Okay, good.

Now pick it up.
String the cord

and pull it through.

Come on,
come on!


I will kill the girl,
i swear it!


I will say it again,

there will not be any killing
in this prison.

Not on my watch.

Whip: This is
completely insane.

It's a frigging Mexican
soap opera out here!

Ramal, don't stop.
Don't start thinking.

Don't pin your
hopes on one guard.

Walk away!

Hide in the cell block!

What are you doing?

The prison is done, brother.

For the love of god.

For the love of god,
a man seeks justice.

In everything he does,
at all times.

Now, everybody,
back in the block.

There are no prisoners
and guards anymore.

You realize that, right?

If isil gets in here,

we are all the enemy.



And those
that locked up their leader.

You will be the only
guard that they catch.

The noble one.

They will behead you for it.

If we work together,

we get ramal,

we have a bargaining chip.

I will see to it

that you will get out
with the rest of us.

Just give me the keys
to solitary.

I don't have the keys.

I know you do.

Join us

and you will live.

I give you my word.

I don't have them.

Kill him!

But you have something
much better, huh?

Move. Move!

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.
They killed the guard!

They got his gun!
They're coming for us!

Got to make this count, ramal.

String that fishing pole
through that slot.

That's right.

Now, you can
remove the pinions

on my door-- the hinges.

There are
two of them.

No way.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'm doing mine.

We don't have time
for this, ramal!

I'm telling you,
it's a two-cell job,

that's the point.
That side of the wing

is new construction.
The pinions

are covered in the hinges--
you can't pull them.

This side is original.
They're open, loose.

You want me to free you?

Yes, and I, in turn, free you
with those keys, down there.

Why would I trust you more than
the madman out there?

'Cause you just heard
what his word is worth.

Kick it.

This is it. It's all about
whose word you trust.

I promise you-- you release me,

I release you.

Little more,
little more.

Thank god. Come on.

Okay, the bottom.


Come on,

come on. Come on.
Come on.


Almost there!


Come on.

Got to hurry up, come on.

Yes. Yes, come on!

Where are you going?

Open my door.

I'm getting the hell
out of here.

Open my door.

Leave him, man, you crazy?
Open my door.

Once we're outside
these walls, we need

safe passage out of the country.

Even now, you negotiate.

We work together or we both die.

You have my word.

Open the door.

We got to go now.

No, no!

Mr. tic tac.

What are you doing here?

You gonna fight isil men?

Get out of here,
kid, hide!

This is no place for you.
You gonna fight isil men?


Listen very closely,
all right?



You go to bubble gum man now?

Thanks for your help.
Here, take that.

Get somewhere safe, okay?

Mr. tic tac goes
to bubble gum man!

Ramal... don't want to kill you.

Just your friends.
You understand?

What are we doing in here?
This is not helping us.

You're gonna make
a phone call

so you can hold up
your end of the deal.

There's an auto body shop
off nashwan Plaza.

I want vehicles there,
full tanks of gas

so we can get to the border,
all of us.

I'm not going with you
to the border.

You don't have a choice.

We're gonna ride to the border,
then say sayonara.

You're our insurance.

Ramal, I don't want to kill you.

You understand?

Or would you rather be
their insurance? Take it.

I want to know what he's saying.
He could be screwing us.

He's screwing with us,
all right.

We just need to screw
with him first.

Where's ja?

I don't know.

Hey, we got to peel.


Come on, you Japanese
junkie son of a bitch.

I'm Korean,
you Canadian monkey.

Canadian? Oh, that's
really funny, ja.

You'd split my sides if we
weren't about to be slaughtered.

Hey, remember what
Woody Allen said.

What did he say?

"I don't mind dying.

I just don't want to be around
when it happens."

Hey, come on.

We need you, okay?

What's the holdup?

Scofield's a dead man.

He's tangling with Poseidon.

I see what you're
doing here.

Talking Poseidon,
"third person,"

like you're not him.

State department has been

looking for Poseidon for years,

you idiot. He's a
rogue CIA operative.

Nobody knows who he is.

Here we go.
I know it's a little

above your pay grade,
being a common criminal.

I mean, we're talking
about a single man.

Right? A hawk

who apparently doesn't
like how the white house

goes about foreign policy,

and decided to take matters
into his own hands.

Not with armies,
not with invasions,

but by getting a
single person killed,

by getting a single person
elected to office,

by getting a single person
released from prison.

Prison, like the one in Yemen,
where Michael's at.

You want my guess?

It's abu ramal that
Poseidon wants free.

Guy I seen on the prison telly.

Wait, I thought the CIA was
supposed to kill terrorists,

not release them.
Poseidon is no longer CIA.

He doesn't report
to anybody.

He just pursues
his own ideology.

Okay, for instance, listen.

Let's say you think
Russia and Iran

are having too much influence
in the middle east,

and you don't
think Washington

is getting the job done.

You free ramal.

Sure, he's an islamic
radical nut job,

but he will fight Iran
and Russia for you.

The enemy of my enemy
is my friend.

And what's so shrewd
about Poseidon

is he does it all
without a network,

which is why he's
so hard to find.

One man can pull strings
like that?

One man manipulating
a handful of others.

Abu ramal is a monster.

And there's a spot in hell
reserved for him,

but the hottest spot
is reserved for Poseidon,

because he is letting ramal
loose on the world again.

Those men, they have
the blood of thousands,

thousands on their hands.

Compared to them, you and me
are a couple of angels.


You find out who Poseidon is,

and how Scofield
is wrapped up in it,

maybe your fate...

Is to be a patriot.


There's a time for everything.

911? I need help.


They're going over the top.

Let's go.

Go, go, go, go, go!

This way!

It's locked!

It's a dead end.

No, no, no, no. No.
No, no, no, no.



Cross: I don't want to kill you.
Just your friends.

You understand?
Sid, you're alive?

Sid: We'll see about that.

Let's hand
the son of a bitch over.

Won't work.

They'll gun us down anyway.

Can't just wait here and die.

The game is up.

Come out.

Anyone who gets between me

and abu ramal dies.

You understand?!

Where is ramal?

Tell me now!

There's a boy.

Ithaca, New York.
Mike Scofield.

If I don't make it
out of here alive,

tell him his father
loves him very much.

His father?

If I don't smother that gun,

he'll kill us all.

Move back!

Move back! Go!

Let me through!

Michael! Michael!

Michael? Michael!

Poseidon sent you?

Where's your friend?

He's long gone.

Back door.

Locked from the inside.

Van gogh:
He's in here.

Find him.

I was you once,
killing for a lie.

Now you're what?

Dying for the truth?

It's human nature
to find stuff out,

so you will.

Or she will.

And then the lie
has to kill the truth.

Which one of you
is gonna die ne...

Time to get scarce.


What did he say to you?


Auto shop's a
few blocks up.

And your men
better be coming.

They will be there.

Where is ja?


what are you doing?
I'm starving, man.

You know how long it's
been since I seen fruit?

You're stopping to eat?

Are you high?!

Don't come at me, man.
You're not my mama.

You know what? You're done.

You're gone.

I said, walk!
You're a liability!

Wait, wait. You said
you'd get me out,

all the way home.
That was the deal.

Ramal, this man follows us,

tell your men
to shoot him.


Where'd you go, Michael?

Where'd you go?

There you are, my men.

Seize these dogs so that
we can put them down.


Ramal, what are you doing?

You thought you tricked me?

Take the long way around

while your friend...

...gets here first
to get weapons.

You were going to screw me.
That's the American slang.

Isn't it?
You were gonna screw me.

So much for our word.

Lying to enemies.

It's called taqiyya.

Take off the camera.

I will show the world

what happens

when you screw abu ramal.

On your knees!

It's not gonna happen.
Make them on their knees!


Drop your weapons.

Step away from my brother.


How much do you love
this brother of yours?

Why don't you step down
from that truck?

Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
No, it's not going down

like this, okay? Just...

Stop. I got way too many
questions for my friend here.

Step back!
I went to prison
for killing

a guy in a bar fight.
I didn't even want

to get into it, okay? He starts
talking Yang to my girl.

I tell him to beat it.

He pulls a knife,
and I see red.

One second later,

I'm holding his bloody knife,
and it's his body on the ground.

You're not that fast.
One second.

Please don't do this.

You will lose.

Listen to your friend.

I'm talking to you, ramal.

I told you!
Step down from that truck.

Pick up your weapons!

You've got one second till
that one second happens.

Go to hell.

We got more coming!

Whip: And more over here!
This is a big problem.

Whip: Let's get the
hell out of here.

A&w: You wanted
to see us?

Come on. Come on.

Behold the villain.

Who the hell is this guy?

He's my brother.

He's my brother.

I can't believe this.

I just can't believe this.
I can't believe this.

Back at the prison. Why?

Why did you say...
I had to deny you.

You were... you were filming me.

They can't know.
Who can't know?

They can't know
I'm getting out.

I'll explain
everything later, just...

Sara and-and Mike?

They're good.

They're fine.
Oh, thank god.

Thank god.

Questions just keep
piling up, huh?

That's you.

It's all of us.

What are they saying?

That isil has taken over
the government station.

That their beloved
leader, abu ramal,

has been martyred.

That we're the
ones that did it.

The entire army
of isil

just declared war on us.

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