Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 9 - Greatness Achieved - full transcript

Lincoln unsuccessfully beats up Wyatt, trying to force him to call General Krantz and tell him that he killed the brothers. Then Self arrives with a wallet and says that he needs to talk with Wyatt - Sara goes to the cell under the surveillance of Mahone. Lisa tells Krantz that she needs three days to move Scylla, and he orders the distribution of the pictures of Michael and his group to the press. Michael, Lincoln, Bellick and Sucre go to T-Bag's office in Gate, find the pipe conducting the water supply of LA and conclude that it is impossible to dig the concrete beneath. Self tells Mahone that he sympathizes with him and he also lost his wife and baby. White is worried with the disappearance of Andy Blauner, and T-Bag is interrogated by a detective that is investigating it. Gretchen arrives with a pistol in General Krantz's office; he calls her "my girl", kisses her and recalls her failure in the Police Academy because of her psychological test. T-Bag changes Andy's sale records and convinces White that he has embezzled Gate. Bellick has a surprising attitude in the water duct.

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Previously on Prison Break:

-What do you want with Scylla?
-Same thing. Bring down the Company.

We need the pages.

-Are we partners?

Your brother told me
about your nosebleeds.

-I'm fine.
-You don't look fine.

-I'm sorry.
-Consider this a warning.


Linc, pull back. It's a trap.

You all right?

Damn, you're hit.


LINCOLN: All right. You'll get your shot.
Now back off.

This is an attempt on my card.

-How do you wanna proceed?
-I want it moved. Move Scylla. Now!

Now, tell the general you killed us.

Otherwise, my hand,
it ain't gonna get tired.

I just hope your mouth gets tired.

That's funny.

Come on, Linc. Come on.
Enough already. Come on, Linc.

SARA: Believe me now?
Beating him isn't gonna work, Lincoln.

You tried your way.

We want General Krantz
to think Wyatt took us out.

Even if you do break him
and he does call the general... don't think a military veteran
is gonna hear the fear in his voice?

They're gonna know he was coerced.

Yeah, well,
I need some more time with him.

I hear you, but he can't make the call
if he's unconscious.

However we do it, we better get
what we need from Wyatt soon...

...because Mahone ain't gonna wait.

I'm trying to find the son of a bitch
who killed my kid.

Lisa, what are we looking at?

Estimate is three days
to complete the move of Scylla.


Respectfully, this is not as simple
as unplugging a laptop...

...and moving it to another room.
The data on Scylla is too delicate--

I don't want excuses.
All I care is that it's done right...

...and done right now.

I understand the urgency,
but it will take three days.

I think it's a mistake to move Scylla
to the Raven Rock bunker...

...when the L.A. facility
is one of the most secure we have.

The most secure location we have
is the one they don't know about.

Sir? Still no word from Wyatt.

He only uses the Company cell.
We can't track him.

We have no way of confirming
if he completed his operation.

Keep calling him. Draft a press release.
Photographs. Criminal records.

Everything we have on Scofield,
Burrows, all of them.

Tell our friends in the media I want them
to saturate the news and the papers.

I want it impossible for them to
walk down the streets of Los Angeles...

...without being spotted.

I assume we haven't made
much progress with our friend there.

-Any suggestions?
-How about we talk to him?

Great. You wanna give him some milk
or cookies while you're at it?

No. How about just
some nice conversation?


So they sent Florence Nightingale
to get me all ready to cooperate.

Actually, I'm here to help you,
despite what you've done.

-I'm still a doctor, and you're a prisoner.
-You're going to save me.

Don Self has a metal case,
and I don't know what's in it.

I imagine you don't wanna find out.
If you and I had a talk--

You'd make me see the light?

If you don't call the general,
you're as good as dead.

I've already been a lot of things
worse than dead... my life, doctor.

You better have more than that
to threaten me with.

SELF: Come on, Mike, she's okay.
-He's a professional killer.

Don't worry, he's locked up. Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

-So, what'd you do with Roland's body?
SELF: Roland?

He's been, uh, reconfigured
and given a permanent resting place.

Good. Take his bowling shirts and the
rest of his crap with you when you leave.

-Come on. The guy died.
-He died a punk. He ratted us out, Bellick.

SELF: You guys,
let's deal with the matter at hand.

Assuming these pages are correct, and
there's no way of knowing if they are...

...we follow this hallway
through the boiler room to here...

...where there's some walkway.

We follow that, we'll have covered
most of the distance...

...between GATE
and the Company's headquarters.

-What's this at the end of the walkway?
MICHAEL: I don't know.

Whistler marked it with an X. I'm thinking
it's some wall or serious impediment.

That's why we're going down prepared.
Tools, thermal lances, sledgehammers.

Okay, we get through that wall,
what's on the other side?

Again, I don't know. That's because
Gretchen has the rest of the pages.

But once we're through this, we can't
go further until she gives them back.

What's her game?

If she wants the Company to go down,
she should give you the pages.

Look, we're gonna deal with Gretchen
when the time is right, okay?

You go to GATE and get started.

I'm gonna stay here with Wyatt
and make sure we get what we need.

No more dawdling, now. Move your ass.

High gear, gentlemen, high gear.
The boss will be here any minute.

I assume I don't have to mention
that discretion is paramount.

In other words...

...silence is golden.

You just make sure you stay in your
office and you keep other people out.

I'll stay in my nice air-conditioned office,

And you can crawl down
into your little hole now.

Go on.

Go ahead, crawl.


-Cole, what the hell is going on here?
-Mr. White, are you back already?

-How are you?
-Fine. Until I found a resignation fax...

...waiting for me from Andrew Blauner.

-A resignation?

I can't get him on the phone.
I reached out to his fiancée.

She hasn't seen or heard from him.
She's worried sick.

He's probably on a bit of a bender,
sleeping it off somewhere.

Blauner? He's a boy scout.
None of this makes any sense, Cole.

But I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna look into it.

Let me know
if I can be of any assistance.

MAN: Good morning, Mr. White.


What is that sound?


MAN [ON TV]: High pressure moving
southwest should bring temperatures up.


I hope you're having a lovely morning.
While you are nowhere to be found...

...there's sleuthing going on regarding
the whereabouts of Andrew Blauner.


If I'm going down for this homicide,
I ain't going alone.

-We're going together.
-Relax, okay?

They'll never find the body
where I put it.

Now, where are Scofield
and Burrows?

Doing their end of the bargain.

Which begs the question:
What the hell are you doing?


I'm getting ready for a meeting.


So your friends have been
calling a lot.

They must be wondering
where you are.

That's right.

They're wondering.

And the longer they do,
the more danger you're in.

Call the general,
and say what they want you to say.

And what? You'll let me go?

No. But Don Self will make sure
you spend the rest of your life... a decent facility
without the death penalty.


Either way, if I make the call or not...

...I'm dead.

You know that.

And we both know that you... a doctor, won't let that happen.

So please, let's you and I
figure a way out of this mess...

...that works for everybody.

SELF: Whoa, sit your ass down.
-Out of my way.

I'm not--
I'll cuff your ass to that table, okay?

I know this is hard,
and I know what you wanna do.

But I'm trying to do something here
and you need to deal with that reality.

-Have you lost a kid?
-Yeah. I did too.

My wife was pregnant...

...and there were complications,
and the doctor messed up.

And she....

And they both....

They didn't make it, okay?
So I understand.

What would you do if you were me
and that man was right there?

-He's right there. What would you do?
-I don't know what I would do.

But, look, I'm giving you my word.
When the time is right...

...I won't stand in your way.

When the time is right, I won't let you.


BELLICK: Did you see the way Mahone
was looking at Wyatt?

-The guy's hurting.
-He's more than just hurting. That's pain.

I never cared about anything like that.

I look what I've done with my life...

...beating on cons at Fox River,
chasing money...

...trying to keep my own ass
out of prison....

LINCOLN: This the pathway
you're talking about?

MICHAEL: According to the map, this
runs almost the length of that courtyard.

It should put us beneath
the Company headquarters.

Shh. Listen.

There it is again.


-What's that noise, Scofield?
-I don't know.

Just so we're clear, we go up
that ladder towards the noise...

...that we don't know what it is.

But if we’re lucky, we get to basically
just walk smack into the Company?

Sounds about right.

You up for it?

Oh, yeah. After you.

I am no different
than that man over there...

...who wants to kill me.

Alexander Mahone was forced to do
things by the Company, and so was I.

But I know people, people in
government, people that can help you...

...and Michael.

I can give you a phone number.

Arrangements can be made.

All you have to do is trust me,
and this will all be over.

It is over.

Has, uh, White had anything new
to say about Blauner?

No. But he might.

Mr. Pfeiffer?

-That would be moi.
-Detective Conor Mara.

I was hoping I could talk to you
about Andrew Blauner.

-Of course.

It's down this way.

This is it.

This is where the sound
was coming from.

It's one of the main conduit pipes
for the L.A. water supply.

Thirty thousand gallons of water
rushing through this very spot...

-...every second.

Gotta be some other way to
get around it. Some other pathway.

Nope. This is the only pathway down,
and it leads right here.

How about over it?

We can't risk tunneling too close
to the surface.

What do we do?

We dig.

Truth be told, uh, Mr. Blauner
isn't officially a missing person...

...but his fiancée has a cousin
at the mayor's office, so here we are.

Here we are.

That's not to say, though, that there
aren't some things that concern me.


Really? Such as?

Well, the fax that came into
White's office came from a copy shop...

...but Blauner had a fax machine
at his house.


About a half-hour after he resigned, his
car was seen leaving the GATE garage.

The driver couldn't be identified...

...but it appeared as though a woman's
hands were gripping the steering wheel.

Let me stop you right there.
It always seemed to me...

...that Mr. Blauner was--
How can I put this delicately? Um....

A swordsman.
You know what I mean?

Actually, I don't.

He might be dipping his snout
into a different trough...

...and the fiancée is none the wiser.

From what I've, uh, heard about him
from his coworkers...

...that doesn't sound too likely.

If you don't mind me asking,
what is that banging noise?

That's, uh....

It's trouble with the pipes.

They loosened up in this,
uh, moderate quake...

...and now they shake
more than the trembler itself.

Uh, some people here have told me
that you and Blauner didn't get along.

Would you mind talking to me
a little bit about that?

A few years ago,
a partner did the same move...

...against an enemy combatant
we picked up at the New Mexico border.

This guy didn't wanna talk.
He didn't know anything.

It worked then. It should work now.

Is that ambulance you got us
still out back?


Hey, come on, pal.

I got almost a decade on you.
You don't see me sucking air.

-I got shot, Brad.
-Oh, yeah.

-We ain't making any progress here.
-Nothing beneath this cement but granite.

We couldn't get through it
with a jackhammer.

LINCOLN: Maybe we
should go back, find another way.

There is no other way. This is it.

This is where the plans lead.
This is our way to Scylla.

What? We got millions of gallons
of water in this drainpipe.

We can't go under it,
and we can't go over it.

I know.

But maybe we can go through it.

It's loose.

All right, Linc. This ought to do it.

-After I'm done, how much time we got?
MICHAEL: Not a lot.

Be careful.

You too.

When I was a little boy,
I had an old tomcat named Rufus.

He was a good mouser.

Tough as nails. Solid feline all around.

One day, I bring home
this little kitty...

...from a giveaway box
outside the Pick 'n Save.

Old Rufus didn't like that one bit.

He arched his back,
hissed like a rattlesnake...

...and sprang out his claws
like a switchblade. You know:


That new little kitty
didn't do nothing wrong but be new.

Now, that's all I did.

I was being new...

...and Blauner was being this old tomcat,
spraying his territory.

Now, I don't hold that against him.

If he didn't protect his turf,
I'd question his character.

But aside from a little jealousy
on his part...

...our issues were as thin as tissues,
I assure you that.

Detective, I pulled Blauner's
travel schedule, as per your request.

Thank you.

Uh, what's this?

Uh, sir, uh, we need to step out for a
few more bracket joints for the shelving.

Uh, all right. Yeah.

I ain't paying you to stop
for, uh, coffee and donuts... get back here, tout de suite.

Hey, wait up, Manuel.

I hired some men, uh, out of
my own pocket, of course... add, uh, some built-in, uh, storage
in my closet. I hope you don't mind.


Here's the monthly breakdown
of where he traveled.

-Are you gonna talk to me now?
-Me? No.

We're done talking.

But you're not.

They are all dead. It's over.

This will all be over.

And this will all be over.

All over.

They are dead. They are all dead.
It's over.

I'm gonna take this.


Can you take a walk?

Yeah. Ahem.

Come on, Sara. We should go.

Let's go outside.

My son's autopsy report said
that he'd been shot twice.

Once in the stomach.

Why, man?

Why? Just to terrify my wife?


And then a full five minutes later...

...right in the....

You, too, will suffer.

Then when....

And then when you can't stand the pain
anymore...'ll make a phone call for me.

You know, Scofield said
that torture wouldn't work...

...because the general would hear
the fear in your voice. But the thing is...

...I want the person on the other end
of my call to hear the fear in your voice.

Press release, sir.

It sets forth that members of the
Fox River Eight and their accomplices...

...are alive and well in Los Angeles.


Where have you been?

They are all dead.

-It's over.
-Good work.

Your payment will be left
where we arranged.

This is no longer necessary.

Go ahead.

The access code to the covert entrance
is still both your daughters' birthdays.

Everyone, leave us alone.

I said...

...everyone, leave us alone.

It's okay.

She won't hurt me.


I knew you'd come home.

BELLICK: So how you holding up,
you know, not being with L.J. and all?

Good. He's a smart kid.
He'll look after himself.

I can see it, how much you love him.
My dad died when I was a little kid.

But he was a good father.

Let's just focus and get this thing done,
all right?

Michael said the manual override's
somewhere near the main conduit.

This look like the main conduit to you?

One way to find out.

-That look like it to you?
-Looks like it.

Fire it up.

Come on, let's get out of here.

-Hurry up, bro.
MICHAEL: Almost done, buddy.

All right, ease it back.

It worked.

How long we got?

I don't know.

Water cut off to thousands of people.

The city'll probably have that taken care
of in an hour, which means we've got...

...60 minutes to do 90 minutes'
worth of work...

...or we don't get to Scylla.

What's wrong, papi?


Michael. Michael. Michael!

What's wrong, papi? Papi, talk to me.

What's wrong? Talk to me. Michael.

Papi, what's wrong?


You want some water?

I'm okay.

SUCRE: You're a lot of things right now,
my friend, but okay ain't one of them.

You know...

...I may not be the smartest guy...

...but I hear things.

Sara and your brother have been talking
about... not feeling well or something.

Look, I'm just-- I'm just saying.

I need your help.

So, please, just, uh...

...cover for me.

You got it, bro.

Truth is, Gretchen, I know you
better than you know yourself.

So you keep telling me.

When I first met you,
you were a 20-year-old girl...

...who had been dumped
by the Wheeling Police Academy...

...for failing her psych evaluation.

And where those
good old West Virginia boys...

...could only see
an emotional disconnect...

...with traces of sociopathic tendencies,
I saw...

...a Machiavellian streak
that would make failure an impossibility.

I had to let Wyatt do what he did,
because I needed to know...

...what my little bulldog may have known
about Whistler and his plans for Scylla.

I told you that I knew nothing.

You should have believed me.

I knew you'd never
take it personally...

...because you are...

...and have been,
ever since I took you under my wing... girl.

My girl.


The most sensitive nerve endings
are right here.

That's why acupuncturists
avoid placing needles near them...

...because opening up the nerve endings
in the fingertip...

...even a little pinprick,
can result in quite a painful hot flash.

So a 5-inch needle being driven up
the length of the finger...


...can make your insides
feel like they're on fire.

Another fact of physiology:

The human body, when in
extreme duress, begins to shut down.

Brain activity decreases,
and your heart rate slows...

...till you just can't feel the pain

And that's where the heart monitor
and the battery come in.

When your heart rate tips below 50, that
battery will give you a wake-up call...

...preventing your body from
shutting down, and then you will feel...

...every ounce of the pain.

And that's when you're gonna beg me
to make that phone call.



What can I do you for?

I just-- I found some more
inconsistencies in your sales reports.

Listen up, here.

On that little computer of yours,
can you access into GATE's records?

If I access the network
as an administrator...

...I can see the files in non-PDF format.

I don't know what that means.
I assume it was "yes."

You let your fingers do the walking,
and you get me my sales records.

You are hurting my arm.

And don't make me hurt
any more of you. Now go.

That's good work.


I need you to measure this hole...

...and then make one of the same size
on the wall opposite.


You got a belt?

We got less than 30 minutes until
this pipe is flooded with water again.




Acceptance is important, Wyatt.

I had to accept that my son is gone.

And you have to accept
that your life...

...your very, very short life span
ahead of you... just gonna be filled
with agonizing pain.

At least until you do
what I've asked of you.

And then....

Then the pain will go away.

We're running out of time.

-Oh, man.
-What's wrong?

The stupid thing's empty!

All right.

I'm coming in.

You can't do this, bro.

Just finish it.


It's me.

What's going on?

Somebody needs to tell you something.

You call her by her first name.




It's over.

And I love you.

I love you.

-This thing is heavy.

MICHAEL: Sure, show up
when all the hard work is done.

-All right, ease it back.
LINCOLN: We heard on the radio...

...that the DWP is gonna have the water
running in 10 minutes.

You all right?

This sleeve is too heavy
to slide it through the pipe.

Two of us are gonna have to go inside...

-...and guide it through that other hole.
-That pipe can flood at any time.

-I'll do it.
-I'll go too.


-I'll do it.
-Oh, no offense, college boy...

...but this sucker's heavy. You're
gonna need a little bulk down there.

All right.

Use this to brace the sleeve
when you pull it through the other side.

And, uh...

...just get the hell out of there,
all right?

How's Emmy?

I didn't come here to listen to you
pretend to care about her.

Or me.

I came here to tell you
that I'm a free agent now.

The community we run with
know that I'm alive and available.

I can just as easily work for one of them
as I can for you.

So the question is, what's your offer?

Actually, the question for you is, why
would you wanna go anywhere else?

It's not a time for grudges, Gretchen.
It's a time for coming together.

The salad days are fast approaching.
Laos worked perfectly.

Soon the populace will turn to us...

...the leaders of the military,
finance and energy, to right the ship.

And then we'll rebuild this country... our own image.

And when we do,
I want you there beside me, Gretchen... my number two,
like I always promised.

What about Lisa?

I have already told you...'re my girl.

Come on.

Over there.

Right up there.

You and I are the same, Alex.

I've done things--


BELLICK: Go. Keep going. Keep going.


That's good right there.

LINCOLN: You got it?
BELLICK: That's it.

LINCOLN: I don't know how long
it's gonna hold.

All we gotta do is pull this thing through.
All right, guys, push!

It broke! The beam, it broke!

Mr. White.

I'm sorry to bother you, but, uh,
after my talk with Detective Mara...

...uh, I was thinking about Mr. Blauner
and some of the conversations we had.

Salesmen are a lot like fishermen.

They're always bragging
about their big catch. Heh.

Well, old Andy never talked about
his sales, no matter how much I pried.

So I took the liberty...

...of looking them up.

And there were, to say the least...


Good afternoon to you too, Andy.

Two of your top buyers
don't have valid Social Security numbers.

I checked out
the Social Security numbers...

...of the clients
he allegedly sold GATE workshops to.

In some cases,
the numbers are just pure fabrications.

But the checks must have cleared.

He must've been money laundering for
God-only-knows-what criminal exploits.

The point is...

...if the good officer gets his hands
on these papers... know you're gonna be
up to your eyeballs in IRS auditors.

I suggest you go tell Mr. Mara...

...that you found some irregularities
in Blauner's expenses.

Writing off personal matters,
et cetera.

This will explain why he disappeared
and will placate the po-po.


Listen, detective,
we've discovered some discrepancies.

LINCOLN: Pick it up. Pick it up.
BELLICK: I can't. It's too heavy.

The brace must've snapped.
Let's try and get it up.

It's not moving.

The water's coming.
The water's coming. Come on.

-We gotta leave it there.
-But then we'll never get Scylla.

We don't have a choice.

-You don't. I do.
-What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?
Brad, don't do this. Brad. Brad!

Grab it. Grab it.

The water's coming.
Get your ass in here now.


Come on, come on!


You hear that?

They're flooding the pipe.
Linc, get out of there.

-It's too loud. He can't hear you.

Come on. There's enough room
for you to fit through the hole.

I let go of this, you could drop it.
It's too heavy.

Brad, drop the sleeve
and get out of there!

-Don't do this.
-You have a son.

-Don't do this. Don't do this!
-Push it.

Push it, Scofield.
Come on, push it through.

Push! Push it!

Push it. Push it.

Brad! Brad, don't!

Brad, no!


Brad! Brad, no!



You can all come back in now.
Everything's fine.

It always was.

-You okay?
KRANTZ: Couldn't be better.

More important,
what's happening with Scylla?

-I'll tell you in private.
-You can tell me in front of Gretchen.

Not until I say something else.

If you ever come near him
with a gun again--

You'll what?

That will do.


We got preliminary safeguards in place
faster than we expected.

We could move Scylla tomorrow,
if we wanted.

But now that Wyatt's eliminated
Scofield and Burrows, there's no need.

Scofield and Burrows are dead?

Dead as Latin.

Go ahead with the plan.

If a couple of boys from Illinois can get
that close, it's time to mix things up.

I want Scylla out of Los Angeles
by the end of the day tomorrow.


He wouldn't climb up.

-He just wouldn't climb up.
-Where does that pipe lead to?

-Maybe we can follow it--

No, he's gone.