Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 22 - Killing Your Number - full transcript

According to Michael's plan, Mahone hands a fake Scylla to Christina. It's booby-trapped but ends up in the hands of FBI Agent, Chris Franco. Bagwell meets Sucre and C-note, but is caught ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Nothing. It's dead.

They're figuring it out.

What kind of explosives
are we talking about?

Little home brew.

Michael says
it has the energy release of C4.

Run the diagnostic again.

Run it.

Almost C4?


This is it.

Last chance for everybody.
And we're gonna need a little luck.

If anything happens to me...

...make sure L.J. and Sofia...

You got it.

- Same for me?
- Yeah.

Yeah, put your head down, let's go.

Let's go.

You know, someday,
weeks will go by.

Maybe even years.

It won't even cross our minds.

Yeah, all we gotta do is survive.

We will.


- What happened?
- Nothing.

The detonator must have failed.

Distract them.
We'll be there in five minutes.

- No, we don't have five seconds.
- Then you'll have to trigger it manually.

How much time
is that gonna give me?

Out. Now.



It's wiped clean.

- That's not possible.
- Really?

- Then where is it? Where is the data?
- It was intact when I took it.

I'll tell you what.

It doesn't boot up in 10 seconds...

...I'm gonna splatter your skull all over
these walls.

I came to you.

I want this over,
I wouldn't jeopardize that.

I don't believe that Michael
just let you have it.

He didn't. He left me alone in a room
and I took it.

And that wasn't
the least bit suspicious to you?

Maybe, I...

I don't know.

Are you lying?

Kill the junkie.

Your breathing's short? Does it hurt?

- I'm fine.
- Like hell, you collapsed your lung.

No hospitals. Hospitals mean jail.

Come on, come on.

- Can you treat him?
- I need a better look before I can try.



You pathetic slug.

Sara was the only leverage we had.

Scofield's donned many a chapeau,
but human fly?

I should anticipate him
scaling the building?

Move on Panama.

Broffer, your 9.

Men in my employee, Bagwell...


They cover their bases.

They refuse to fail...

...which you seem to do
with unyielding consistency.

That's gotta be Sara's phone.

I should answer it.

What do you got to lose, general?


Who the hell is this?

Is this Fernando Sucre?
Oh, thank you, God.

- Bagwell?
- Yeah.

And we're on the same team, brother.
Same team.

The old boy's in a hell of a pickle.

Where's Michael?

His mother snatched him and Tancredi,
Linc too.

And I, personally,
took a nasty beat down.

- Where does she have them?
- I got an idea, I can't say on the phone.

I'm running scared.

Okay, cool it, you know what?

We got somebody who can help us
but I need to get ahold of Michael.

We should get together
and pool our resources.

The park on 72nd Avenue.
In an hour.

- Okay, I'll be there.
- Excellent, perfecto.

You got someone
who can help on his cause.

I'm certain he can draw out Scofield.

You're certain of nothing.

Yet I do have a sit-down
with Scofield's friend in an hour.

You got no better hand, general.

Go with him.

If he gets squirrelly,
put a bullet in his brain.

You are a sight for sore eyes,
my friend.

Can the reunion.

- Where can I find Michael and Lincoln?
- Apparently they're at dire straits.

Are you deaf?

Unlikely, amigo, I just heard the dime
drop on your sorry ass.

From the bench over my left shoulder,
the gentleman in the Wayfarers.

Like in Fox River,
you never thought things through.

You're gonna name the friend who said
he'd show up and help out the brothers.

No, you're gonna hand Sara's phone
or I'll break your face.

You accuse me of being deaf,
you're the one who's gone blind.

The man's a Company
operative-trained assassin.

What's up, Jethro?

We're a long way from Fox River,
T-Bag. Let's go.

Yeah, I got Tancredi's phone.

There's a bunch of calls
made to a single number.

I think it's Michael's.

Is he diabetic?
Medication he may have missed?

I have no idea.
Any chance he's faking it?

No, pupils are dilated.

He needs a head CT stat,
EKG and a chest x-ray.

May have bled into his brain
or had a heart attack.

Franco. It wasn't just Scofield
and Burrows.

This is the team that Self had
at the warehouse.

Former federal agent.

Yeah, Self was into something nasty.

Agent Self, can you hear me?

Agent Franco, we have to move him.

Where are Scofield and Burrows?

We're going now.

Wait, his finger moved.
He can hear me.

Agent Self, can you help us?

He's not going anywhere.

Michael, what's the plan?

Who do we trust?

No one.

We're out of options.

Then maybe we destroy it.

Is that it?

Is that where we're at?

What if the general decides
to retaliate?

He will even if we give it to him.

We can crush it, incinerate it.

Throw in the ocean.

- All three sound good.
- Alex?

All right.

Then it's decided.


Hello, Michael.


You're a tough man to get ahold of.

I heard you were dead.

Those rumors were greatly exaggerated.

No, I was...

...freed by a group working
against the Company.

The group founded by your father,
I'm working with them.

Now I've been working with them
ever since.

Could have used a hand, Paul.

Here I am.

Do you have Scylla?

What do you think?

I think you do.

I also know that you're wanted
by the police and the feds.

Not to mention the general
and your mother.

She won't be a problem.

There is a U.N. attach?
who will be in Miami today at 5:00... receive Scylla from you.

Is that so?

He's chief counsel to the secretary
general of the United Nations.

The secretary has been briefed
on the Scylla program.

He's prepared to assume responsibility.
All you have to do is deliver it.

We need to stop the general
from coming after our families.

Fine, but you need
to make this meeting.

Why should I trust a word
coming from your mouth?

Once Scylla is delivered,
your slate is wiped clean.

All of you.

You're free.

That's not an answer, Paul.

I assume you know
that what you have can...

And this is no exaggeration.
- change the world for the better.

All you have to do is deliver it.

And you don't need to trust me,
just trust the people...

...that worked at the United Nations.

Phone died.

- He's not getting any better.
- Come on. Let's get him up.

- I gotta get some supplies.
- Okay.

No word from Agent Frost or Bagwell.

That simpering little rat.
If he's AWOL, I'll skin him alive.

No way he got over on Frost,
he's captured. Or dead.

So we're exposed here.

This is the end.


There's no shame in retreating
to regroup, sir.

That, son, is a tremendous load.


Lincoln Burrows' phone.
Pinged to cell tower downtown.

We have his location.

Then what are you doing here?



And that was Kellerman.

This Alabama trailer trash
has been making good.

You hooked up with General Krantz.

- What is it to you, rug head?
- Well, where is the general now?

Same place as your daddy.
Location unknown.

Do you remember that day
we were in the chow line?

Fox River.

You made that off-handed comment
to me.

I believe it had a racial bent to it.


Do you remember your broken jaw?

Now, just imagine what I can do to you
now with something real on the line.

Such as?

We want safety for Sofia, L.J.
and Pam Mahone.

That means we need
the general's location.

What's in it for me?

If we take Scylla to the place
it's supposed to be...

...there'll be an immunity list.

You could be on it.

No, where I'm sitting,
I'll be momentarily compromised.

You're backing the wrong horse.
Scofield cannot pull this out.

You help me get him to the general,
we are set for life.

I don't have time for this, man.

It's time you back the winner for once,
my chocolate friend.

Sit down.

Now, where is the general?

Now, where is the general?

You holding up?

You're gonna give Scylla to Kellerman?

I don't know. Do you trust him?


The thought of walking free from this
sounds good.

I mean, that was the goal.

Five o'clock, Declan Plaza.
It's right across town.

If you have to leave, Michael,
you should.

I'm not leaving you, Linc.
You're my brother.

Not according to Christina.

Don't let her mess with your head.

Maybe it's true, you know.

I keep playing things over my head
from our childhood...

It doesn't matter what she said.

It doesn't change anything.

You are stuck with me
whether you like it or not.

So where are they? Here?

Scofield and Burrows
are hiding here in Miami?

Okay, look,
write the name of the street.

Give me the number of the address.

You're negotiating with me, Self,
you vegetable?

Doc said the CT scan is free.
We gotta take him now.

He stays till he talks.

He's worse than he was
10 minutes ago, he won't talk.

Yeah, but you can write, can't you?

So you give what I need and you'll
get top-notch care and a pension.

Or you can waste away
in front of us...

...until you have the brain capacity
of a peanut.

Your choice.

All right, all right, all right, come on.
That's enough.

Just leave him.

Cool it, all right? Just cool it.

- I'm good.
- He's gonna take a CT scan.

You're gonna stay here.

- Got it.
- All right?

Bring it together.

Excuse me.

May I speak to you for a second?

I was...

Alex was arrested, federal agent.

We need to get him.

If we give Scylla to Kellerman...

...Alex gets exonerated, he's fine.

He's fine.

We need to get the fluid out,
ease the pressure, help him breathe.

Can you hold that?

That won't last long but we can go.

Mind if I drive?

The general, T-Bag...

...where is he?

You know, I saw
some pretty nasty behavior in Iraq.

Disgusted me.

I ratted at the chain of command
and it got me a whole world of trouble.

No good deed, eh?

So the fact that we are about
to get busy...

...with some of that same stuff
that ruined my career...

...the irony doesn't escape me.

Hell, as long as you got
your thinking cap on...

...why don't you consider
who's really the one in power?

We are.

Battered and bruised.

Staring death in the face.

Surprising that you need more assurance
that you've come to the end of the line.

We don't have Scylla.


...your brother is dying.

It's fascinating... watch the blood
drain from his face.

Do you suppose that he would like
to see that happen to his girlfriend?


You give me Scylla or he can sit there
and watch as Sofia's throat is slit.

In two minutes...'re eyeballs
are gonna pop out of your head.

Now, that's worse than death.

I can't betray.

My destiny is to be...

...a respected gentleman.

Where's the general,
you son of a bitch?

Clock's ticking.

Ruger Mini-14,.223 caliber.
The gun that killed Naveen Banarjee.

We pulled Lincoln Burrows' thumbprint
off the stock.

We have video of you outside
the crime scene with Burrows.

Isn't that a coincidence?

You know, I never thought I'd see
a bigger disgrace than Don Self...

...but lo and behold.
- You have no idea...

...what you're talking about.
- Yeah, I got eyes, don't I?

You had a badge and now
you're abetting an assassination.

Lincoln didn't kill Banarjee.

He was set up.

Well, then by whom?

It was the Company.

you know what I'm talking about?

They've developed a device
that's called Scylla.

Wait, no, can we just stop
for two seconds, please?

Device called Scylla?

What planet are we on now, Mahone?

If you wanna see the light of day as a
free man, give us Scofield and Burrows.

You're missing what's right
in front of your face.

The brothers didn't kill anybody.

You say you're here
because you wanna do the right thing?

Then listen to me.

Listen to what I'm telling you.

Scofield and Burrows...

...where are they?


Granted, it is a fretful decision.

But you pondered it long enough.

You have me.

I don't really care about you, Lincoln.
I just want my property.

All right. Let's say I do know where it is,
why should I tell you?

You're just gonna kill us anyway.

True. You and your brother
are walking dead...

...but if I get Scylla
within the next half hour...

...I'll release Sofia.

And what about Sara?

We're negotiating for Sofia right now.

- I want you to let her go.
- And I want a decision, Michael.

Let her go!

All right.

Don't move.

Let Sofia go.

Now. Make the call.

Just let her walk away.

Yes, immediately.

All right.

- And this is where we say goodbye.
- Michael, no.

- Kill him.
- No. We leave.

- Listen to her, Michael.
- Kill him.

I'm just an old man.

Who's lost everything.

You win, Michael.

And you, Lincoln.

You win, Michael.

You both win.

Because it's all just a game, isn't it?

When you get to be as old as I am,

...should you survive so long..., too, will see that that's exactly
what all this is.

Kill him.

Listen to me.

Just listen to me.

I didn't risk everything
to come down here for our revenge.

I'm here to clear my name.

Do you have Scylla?


Then let's go.

Come on, general.

Never thought
I'd be so happy to see you.

- Tell me something.
- Yeah.

Are you sure we can trust Kellerman?

You know the only thing I'm sure of
is that he's our last option.

Gentlemen, we gotta leave.

Come on. Let's go.

Wait for me.


Freeze or I'll shoot.

Go, go.

Michael, go.

He's not gonna make it much longer
without a hospital.

No. Not till this is done.

Linc. Linc.

I need your phone.


Dial Kellerman's number.

- Don't tell me you're getting cold feet.
- Just dial it, please.

It's a voice mail.

You better be telling the truth.

And you better come through for us
in the end.

He will.

Yeah, well...

We know him a little bit better
than you do.

Make sure to turn the phone off.

It's how Krantz found us.

Somebody already has.
Hey, get out, get out, get out.

Yes, sir. Sir, got it.

You ever play musical chairs
in Puerto Rico when you were a kid?

- I guess so. Why?
- It's kind of what we got going on now.

Got one seat left,
couple of folks vying for it.

Scofield and Burrows, help bring them in,
you go to Miami International...

...catch a flight to Chicago.
- Mahone is two doors down.

Did I mention
that we got one seat left?

Michael and Lincoln are trying to bring
down this thing called the Company.

Where are Scofield and Burrows?

That's the only thing we wanna know.
That's what's gonna help you out now.

We've been screwed by every cop,
every fed...

Do you want to know what's gonna
happen to your wife, to your kid?

- Yeah, he said it.
- You're gonna know...

...what getting screwed over feels like
if you don't help us bring those two in.

Drop it!

Where do you think you're going?

Turn around.


Drop the gun.

- Do it now.
- Michael, when you were...

Save it.

I don't care.

Drop the gun,
put Scylla on the ground.

And I'll let you walk out of here.

If you don't...

...I'll kill you.

You can't kill your mother, Michael.

You were never my mother.

And I'm no longer your son.


- Then pull the trigger.
- Don't tempt me.

Pull the trigger, Michael.

Do it for Lincoln.

Drop the gun!

You can't do it, can you?

Oh, dear.


I guess that's what they call
a Pyrrhic victory.

You were born a Scofield...

...but you'll die a Burrows.

Okay, we have to get him and Lincoln
to the hospital.

I'll get this to Kellerman.

It's all on you again.

Thank you.

Just make the call.

Get Scofield or Burrows or whoever
they're in business with. Get them.

This is your last chance
before we take the deal to Mahone.

If Mahone was talking,
you wouldn't be here.

What kind of man are you? You got
your woman and your baby up north.

Don't you wanna look out for them,
get their back?

Give that up for guys you did time with?

Something went down at Fox River?

Are you blind? Don't you see they're
doing something that's bigger than this?

- Then you're dumber than you look.
- Are you gonna make the call or not?

Last chance.


When you're back in lockup,
tell your celly... you shook your fist at the only
feds who were trying to help you.

When he gets released,
be sure to tell your next celly...

...and the one after that.

Because you're going away for 25 years.
Get this idiot out of here.



Let's go. Now.

Nice and easy, you're coming with us.

Sorry about all of that.
Had to make sure you weren't followed.

Solomon Okella, United Nations,
this is the man who gets this thing done.

Is this Scylla?

Okay, Michael.

You can trust me. We're gonna do this,
and get you patched up.



Mahone. Sucre.

Exonerated. All of them.

It's okay.


Something's wrong.
There's a piece missing.

What are you doing?

How is someone from the U.N.
supposed to get us exonerated here?

- You are wasting time. We're in danger.
- What is going on here?

Need to know who his contacts are
in the government.

Been telling everybody what a genius
you are, don't get stupid.

I'm not waiting.
He either has it or he doesn't.


If you have it, please give it to me.

And we can be done
with all of this, finally.

And if you don't, fine.

But just tell me so we can hurry up
and run for our lives.

I don't wanna run anymore.

Neither do I.

I'll make the call.

You did it.

It's over.

Hands up!

Jonathan Krantz?

General Jonathan Krantz.

Just put your hands
behind your back...


Okay, we got everything we need.

We're done here.

And this is it?

There'll be some follow-up interviews...

...but this is it.

Sign it...

...and you're free to go.

Can I keep the pen?



Pam's been located. She's safe.

Mr. Burrows, Sofia and L.J.
are safe as well.

Police station in Panama.

Now, last bit of business.

Bagwell, T-Bag.

Claims he helped find Scylla.

He was helpful here in Miami,
wants exoneration as well.

I can make that happen.

I'll leave it up to you.

And be kind to one another.

Forgiving each other just as God
in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32, let's forgive each other,
Lincoln, Michael.

In God's name
because there's too much pain.

There's too much hate in our hearts.

We took a vote. You're in luck.

Oh, lucky day.

What we voted on...

...was whether or not you took
a stick of gum on the van ride back... prison.

You rot in hell, both of you!

You don't abandon me,
you hear? No...

I want you to know
I'm totally gonna be a hands-on dad.


Like if the baby needs a bottle
in the middle of the night...

...I will totally keep your side
of the bed warm until you get back.

When do they start walking?

A year?

- Better get some baby books.
- Yeah.

Because I plan on being
the most over-informed dad in Chicago.

No kidding.

I'm happy right now.

So am I.


I love you.

I love you too.

When do you leave?

Eight o'clock.

Gonna miss you.

I'll be back soon.

Did L.J. make any decision?

I made it for him,
told him to take his finals.

- Next year.
- Yeah.

Always next year.

- All right, sweetheart. Love you.
- Okay. Bye, Lincoln.

- Get home safe.
- I will.


Daddy's gonna come back
in two days, okay?

- It's been a pleasure meeting you.
- Pleasure meeting you as well.

You fight those bastards
in Washington.

- Don't let them give you any guff.
- You know what? I'm not gonna.

- Thank you.
- No, thank you.

All right, thank you.

Remember me, Paul?

I'm Danny Hale's widow.

Remember Danny?

Of course, Allison,
Danny was a true American hero.

Get her out of here. Look, get back.

It's okay. It's okay.

Who was that woman?

Are you ready, my son?

The captivity of negativity.

It's what it is.

- It's what it is.
- What's that?

It's just this book I got.

I don't ever wanna see
this book again.

You hear?

Yes, sir.

Those right there.

Perfect. Thank you so much.

Michael, we gotta go.

What do we have here?

Oh, you're so tough, huh?

Here we go.

Come on, let's go see your daddy.

And thank you very much, sir.

You wanna do a skip?

All right, let's go.

Let's skip down.

And on three, biggest jump you got.
One, two, three.

Not two, on three.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, my goodness.

How you doing? You good?