Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 23 - The Old Ball and Chain - full transcript

Michael and Sara's newfound happiness is short-lived, as Sara soon finds herself in prison, and Michael must break her out before a vengeful Krantz has her killed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You ready?

Didn't think I'd be
this nervous.

Now or never.

Alright, papi,
let's do this.

He's over there.

You must be

Your friend,

tells me you could
use my services today.

Very much so.

And I assume that's
the other half of your team?

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

And it's my understanding
you'd like to keep this simple?

We've never actually managed
to keep anything simple...

You could try.

Let's begin then, shall we?

Family and friends,
we gather here...

to celebrate the union between
Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi.

- Sorry to break up the party.
- What the hell's going on?

We have
an arrest warrant.

- What?
- Wait, wait, wait.

We talked to
Agent Paul Kellerman in D.C.

We've settled this
with the feds.

We settled this with
the feds weeks ago!

Sir, back up!

- We were exonerated.
- Sir...

- We were exonerated!
- Back up!

We're not here for you.
We're here for her.

She didn't do anything.
She wasn't involved.

Don't make this

Sara Tancredi,

you're under arrest for
the murder of Christina Hampton.


She didn't kill

Funny. Surveillance camera
footage says different.


- Please, right this way.
- Michael.

- Second car, please.
- Michael!

- Second car.
- What's going on?

Back up, please.

The Old Ball And Chain

They're not gonna
let me see her.

Why did Kellerman send you
if you can't do anything?

They're trying
to break both of you.

Look, she has a constitutional right
to reasonable visitation.

I'll draw up an order to show cause
and get it before the judge immediately.

While you're at it,

- can you argue in self defence?
- How?

Anything that might help her
is out of frame.

Security camera only shows Sara
stepping up and firing at the victim.

- Pull the trigger, Michael.
- Drop... the gun!


- She worked for the Company.
- To you.

To a jury, she's Christina Hampton,
Technology Consultant.

And because she was so good
at hiding her true identity,

we can't
prove otherwise.

you were all exonerated.

It did not sit well
with law enforcement.

If they can make Sara
pay for it, they will.

How much time
is she looking at?

25 to life.

Over here.




This one's yours.

Am I supposed to be
in a different facility?

I don't think so.

I haven't been convicted
of anything yet.

I'm supposed to be in a jail.
This is prison.

and budget cuts, fish.

This is the jail.
That's the prison.

'Sup, homie?
You need some help?

You got everything
you need over there?

Why don't you go help
and make her bed?

Don't let them spook you.
They just like to intimidate.

They are good at it.


This jail-prison
hybrid thing's B.S.

Come on.

The other one's
practically empty.

You can ride it out
to your court date there.

Thank you.

Here. This should be a little bit
more comfortable for you.


What's going on?

You know...

At first,
I couldn't place your name.

It sounded so familiar.

But then, Haggs here,
figured it out.

I remembered your pretty face
from the papers.

You're not
going anywhere, fish.

This is going
to happen.

Half a dozen guards

lost their jobs and pensions
at Fox River.

Another dozen
were put on probation,

after you decided

to leave
the door open

for your boyfriend
and his seven convict pals.

And we...

ain't gonna let anything
like that happen again.

Don't worry,

we won't hit
the baby basket.

That's right.

Looked like that welcome wagon
ran over your face.

It looks
that way, huh?

Alright, well...

You need something,
you just ask for me.

Everybody calls me

Special delivery.

You know,
all we need is a little cash,

spread around
in places.

I told you.

The government's
exposing my assets.

You tellin' me you can't get
your hands on the cash?

Unless, that's the least
you could do.

Considering you was gonna kill me
not too long ago.

Goodbye, Theodore.

You ain't never been
incarcerated before,

and I never been
incarcerated here.


now let's just say
this handicapped connie

got the juicy hand back
in Fox River.

Your pathetic existence here
could be ameliorated.

As can my life,

all with a little
"Roberto de Niro".

One of our friends has been
apprehended by the authorities.

Looks like we've got
a new neighbour.

I'm never gonna get out
of this prison alive.

I know that.

I wanna bring my enemy
down with me.

I want her dead.

Either way, it's going
to require a capital.

A capital
you no longer have.

My rainy day plan.
Do you know where it is?


I'd assume that that would be
used for your defense.

It's good money
after bad, Joe.

They're not gonna
let me out of here.

No matter how many shots,
it's that hard.

Get that.

To our friend, in the sister cells,
across the compound.

Officer Johnson...

Officer Riley, could you come
to your extension

in 30 seconds...

Excuse me.

Bad move.

Last time someone touched her,
they got a crack kneecap.

You're much braver
than I gave you credit for.

Either that,
or you're amazingly nice.

Do I look like
I wanna talk to you?

I just say,
a woman in your position

laid up
for some protection.

Join the prison gang?
I don't think so.

Not a gang.

A family.

They don't call her "Daddy"
for nothin'.

That's her wife.

And those are
her kids.

- Are you okay?
- Stay the hell away from me.

I need
to go down the infirmary.

Can't go down the infirmiary
without a release form.

I'm having muscle contractions
on my throat.

And my jaws'
tightening up.

It's--It's just
could be indigestions,

I'm not poisoned.

No. That's the government cheese.
You'll get used to it.

If I don't get to the hospital
in the next 15 minutes,

I will die
and my baby will die.



Why don't you let her
go see the doc?


This is Kaorla.

Inmate going
to the infirmary.

We were able to administer
the charcoal labrigintein.

You and your baby
are gonna be okay.

You know the strignein didn't get into
my meatloaf all by itself, right?

Well then, you need to talk
to the warden about it.

Then how about talking to me
about your face?

You want to tell me
how that happened?

I caught an elbow
playing basketball.

We should discuss your...

As I'm sure
you've ascertained

this isn't going to be
a run-of-the-mill pregnancy.

Do I deliver in here?


The day we induce,
we'll secure you in an ambulance.

We'll take you to St. Lucia
down the road.

We'll cordone off a room.

There'll be three armed guards
in there with me,

when you give birth.

Do I get
to see my baby?

You'll have 30 minutes
before we take it away.

I've seen this process
a dozen times.

After the mothers come back here,
the depression's almost unbearable.

My advice,

it's a lot
less messy,

if you'd just think of yourself
as a surrogate.


it's Lou Phillips.

Listen, um...

Your wife had
an incident earlier today.

Someone tried
to poison her.

What are you
talking about?

I need you to focus.

Do you have any idea
who might have done this?



Go ahead,
let him in.

If I had a list of all the people
who might come to visit me...

your name would be at the bottom,
somewhere below

Jesus Christ
and Scooby Doo.

- Someone tried to poison Sara today.
- Mercy--

Only you
would be depraved enough,

to think that killing an innocent woman
and her unborn child

would bring you some kind of peace
before your execution.

Sara is with child?


This is like the 4th of July
and Christmas Day rolled into one.

I am asking you,

father to father,
to leave her alone.

You can kill me
if you want to kill me,

I'll trade my life
for hers.

But leave Sara alone.


If you were killed,

your pain would last
a moment.

If Sara were killed,

your pain would last
the rest of your life.

Now that's got to be appealing
to whoever put out this hit.

But don't worry,

If I find out anything,
I'll be sure to let you know.

Prison life
can be tough.

If I remember correctly,

you have two missing toes
that can attest to that bag.

I don't think you understand.
She's not safe here!


Please just approve the transfer
to another facility.

If I grant her a transfer,
everybody's gonna want one.

What about
segregrated housing?

Is there something
that I should know about

the structural integrity
of shoe?

I can see
where this is going.

I know who you are.

And I'm not going
to let you turn my prison

into the next
Fox River.

All I'm trying to do,
is keep my wife alive.

You do know
she's pregnant.

I don't care.



In case I haven't
made myself clear--

Sara Tancredi is not getting
any preferential treatment.

And you've made
yourself perfectly clear.

Thank you
for your time.

- What happened?
- The General wants Sara dead

and the warden's just
gonna let that happen.

We gotta lure in the case
if he's gonna get her out, right?

Which is
not enough time.

She stays in that prison,
someone's going to kill her.

I guess we don't have
a choice.

We're breaking her out.

In my 16 years
in the Bureau,

I've worked cases under
43 different agents.

Alexander Mahone,

is the smartest,


most honorable man,

I've ever had the pleasure
of serving with.

As one of those 43 agents,
I can't help but feel a bit offended.

Because obviously, I am not as honoured
as this drive-addicted murderer.

Alex has been clean and sober
for four months.

And he's been completely
exonerated of all crimes

associated with his involvement
with the Company.

That doesn't include the shooting
and murder of one Oscar Shales

and burying his body
under his bird bath--

That is just an allegation.

Let's move on,
shall we?

All those in favor of
reinstating Alexander Mahone,

a Special Agent in the Federal
Bureau of Investigation--


- All those oppose?
- Alright, alright, I've--

Thank you
for the invite, Richard.

It's always a pleasure.

You know, Alex.
This ruling can't be revisited.

If you're able to
sufficiently demonstrate,

just how committed you are
to a life of service.

Now, as you may know,
Sara Tancredi was arrested recently,

and is currently being housed
at the Miami Dade State Penitentiary.

We have concerns that Michael Scofield
may have other plans for her.

So this...
This is why you invite me in here.

Well obviously, if Scofield were,
to be able to

pull off this plot
of another breakout,

the public embarassment will be
immensed to the Bureau.

So... having someone to get us
credible information,

that would be worth
something to us.

Agent Wheatley is set up in Miami.
He would be your contact.

You're something else.


We both know...

how badly you want
that badge back.

Give me a reason
to give it to you.

What's your plan
after we break her out?

We're on the run

First things first.
Let's get her out of there.

Hey, papi.

The fed that arrested Sara,
is outside, staking us out.

Look, if you're worried about
getting into trouble again,

go back to Chicago,
go back to your family.

I'll understand.

Are you kidding me?

After all the crap we've been through,
I'm just going to leave you here

and Sara in there?

You shut up
and don't bring it up again.

- What's all that?
- Newspaper clippings--

Covering seven
different escape attempts,

from Miami Dade's
State Pen,

over the last 60 years.
None of them--

None of them

So we weigh them all,
and we learn what not to do.

Well, the prison officials
learned a lot.

They re-evaluated,
they retrofitted...

The prison's pratically

- Are you alright?
- I'm fine--

I guess so if we can't go through,
what if we go down?

Like down into the prison?
Like we parachute in.


You parachute in,

- you find her, and we get he rout.
- Are you kidding?

- I'm serious.
- That's suicide!

Hey, hey...

Newspapers clippings only
going to get us so far.

We need some more information
about the prison.

So let's do
some recon work.

Camera, electronic
tape measure, dry ice.

What's this?

It's a shopping list.

You need
to come with me, doc.

I have a doctor's appointment
for my pregnancy in a few minutes.

It'll wait.

In here.

Hold it.

I don't know
what you want,

but I promise you,
I will go down and fight it.

Damn baby,
I ain't gonna hurt you.

Hell, I ain't even gonna
touch you.

See, I run the motor pool
detail in here.

And I was thinkin' if you want
to get yourself a little fresh air,

and not have to worry about
getting stuck in the back,

then you could come in,
work with me...

You're the fed
from my wedding.

Yeah, you can call me
Agent Wheatley.

I could call you
a lot of things.

- Where you headed?
- Sea World.

Sea World?

There isn't one
in Miami.

My loss.

No. What really be
your loss,

is getting
your wife killed,

by doing something stupid.

- Are you threatening Sara?
- No, no. Not at all--

I'm just saying that if you were gonna
try and revoke her sentence.

Bullets fly, Michael.

And if she'd get hurt,
that'd be on you.

Funny hearing that
from the guy

who put her in prison
in the first place.

No, I didn't put her in prison.
State of Florida did.

It's just my job to make sure
that she stays there.

So, uh...

Where's all
your little buddies?

Drop in some more dry ice.

Fence line is four feet...
from the road.

And 32 feet...
from the east camera.

Hurry up.
They're gonna see the laser.

I'm going as fast
as I can, papi.

- He followed you?
- Yeah, but he's gone now.

You guys almost done?



I'll meet you back
at the loft.

Well, you just
a natural.

I bet you was
a hell of a surgeon.

Handing out
condoms to cons

were makin'
no damn surgeon!

What in the hell
is the matter with you?

You ain't even ask me
if she can come...

One day, for real!

Can we go one day
without your mouth? One!

Let it be today.

I'm sorry.

You got to forgive
my old lady, she's...

You just a little bit
easy on eyes, you know?

She's just
the jealous type.

Crazy type
is more like it.

What? You wanna
watch your tone, Agatha.


Or you want me
take off my belt?



It's rough.
It's hard running a family.

It's important though that, uh--
That you have one--

I have a family.
I have a husband.

Oh, you've got a husband?
Is he here?

They let him bring you in here,
with you, when you came?


I had a husband too.

18 years
is a long time to wait.

So, you know.
If this ain't for you,

that's cool.

Then you pick up
that nasty oil,

take it out and put it
in the repository.


We gotta go, bro.

- Get your hands off me.
- When I'm good and ready.

What's Burrows doing
by the fence?

Please don't make me
ask you again, Sara.

Nobody here to help you,
but yourself.

Are you going
to answer me?

You tried to kill me.

Line it up, cons.

Go back inside.

You, get back to your detail.

I want you to pass along
an offer to your boy.

What he's paying
his people

to dust that Tancredi
chicken bitch pop...

My woman are good
for a cut rate.

Just what kind of discount
are you proposing here?

Tell him, uh...

He's offering a 100 grand,
my girl will take 30.

No, 40.



I'll tell him.

Hey, five star.

So you have no cash,

I'm sorry.

I couldn't hear you over
the sound of that broken record.

Got it.

I won't ask again.

Whose act is stupid
as you look, huh?

Oh, to what do
we owe the honor?

I've been thinking...

Well, no need
to be uh, shy.

Just spit it out.

I've changed my mind.

No, well maybe,
Daddy changed her mind.

Maybe she don't
want you here anymore.

Sport's right.

I recently have rolled up
my welcome mat.


- Please.
- Please, what?

Please, may I be
a part of your family?

Take a walk.

Take a walk!

I would love that. I would--
Sit down. I really would.

You see, its not that easy.
It's just saying "I do".

See, in order
to making a commitment...

to a family...

It's something
you gotta prove.

That's right,
we all did it.

It's a commitment...
to the family code.

It's a code
you gotta wear.


- What's up?
- What--

How you doing,

What's going on?

We gotta talk.


They're watching you.

- We know. We gotta a fed on us.
- No. Not just one.

The whole department.

Sounds a lot like
inside information, Alex.

What you do?
Make a deal with the feds?

They offered me
my old job back,

if I came down here
to spy on you.

Now the fed you're talking about,
his name is Wheatley.

He's running point.

So now we know.

So if you really
gonna do this,

you gotta
do it right.

And I'll help you
if you need me.

What else do you get?

Sara was working the motor pool
today at 4 o'clock.

Motor pool is here.

This hold by two security cameras,
along the perimeter of the prison.

What about
secondary entrances?

No loading dock,
no personnel entrance--


15 feet high,
covered in rave wires.

- Electrified?
- No. Why?

If Sara can get herself back
to motor pool,

I think we can find
a way inside.

With all the different retrofits
over the years,

the fence line
is widened.

But security cameras remain exactly
where they've always been.

They've never accounted
for the difference.

- There's a blindspot.
- Yeah. Right here.

If Sara can get back to that spot,
we can breach the fence.

It's risky, Michael.

That's all we've got.

How much time to tell Sara
where we going to meet her?


We get no visitations,
no phone calls.

It's clean.
Take it to Tancredi.

Remember when I taught you
about flowers?

I wish I was
with you now.

To see you holding one
in your hand.

To see you holding one
in your hand.

Tomorrow. PM.
Seven. Oil dump.

Sure looks like
you've been busy.

Do you have a warrant,
Agent Wheatley?

A warrant?
No, I don't need one.

My testimony would be
that your brother let me in.

Once inside,
saw all this evidence,

right in plain sight.

What judge is gonna take
your word over mine?

What evidence?

Those pictures were taken
from public property.

That prison, was paid for
by the taxpayers.

So all you have
evidence of,

is an exonerated citizen,
standing on a public road,

taking pictures
of a public building.

Last I checked,
it's not a crime.

What if I said that
I could get you on attempt,

just for having
all this stuff?

What if I told you that all this
was peace offering?

The warden won't let me
see my wife.

So I figured, if I found
a few lapses in the security,

pointed them out
as a gesture of good faith,

she might change
her mind?

Is that so?

Find anything yet?

Looks airtight.

Well thank goodness
for that.

You guys will let me know
if anything comes up, right?

You'll be
the first to know.

On the outside, I was known
for getting the job done.

No matter what.

I got paid well
for it.

Now I'm broke.
But I still need things.

- Like what?
- A favor.

I don't do
favors for cons.

Really? It's not what it says
on the bathroom wall.

As I understand, you'd do favors
for those who reciprocate.

Is that true?

This is bullshit, Boss!

I'm a veteran
around here.

Ain't no reason
to toss me!



You low leaf!

Looky, looky here.

That brown ain't mine, boss.

You know this!

I don't do no drugs!

Who put that
in here?!

You... ugh!

Get your hands off me.
I know where the hole is.

What y'all looking at?

I do no drugs!

Somebody is going
down there!

I love you too.

Sofia's making arrangements
in Central America.

Once we break Sara,
we're on the boat, we're gone.

- Hey.
- It's Lou.

Just got the decision
from the court.

They're ordering the warden
to allow a supervised visitation.

- Where are you going?
- They're letting me see Sara.

Pera, pera, pera, pera--

If they're going to be listening
to every word you say,

you gotta be careful
about this.

If she understood my letters,
she'll find a way to tell me.

How? She's going to blink
the Morse code?

Attention, inmates...

Visiting hours will be over
in five minutes.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!
Who did this to you?

I'm okay.
Baby's okay.

I'm so sorry.

You're in here
because of me.

I'm sorry.
This is hard.

- I miss you so much
- No touching!

I miss you too.

You just have
to hang in there, okay?

I'm trying.
But my protection's gone.

- Did you get my letter?
- I did.

I know sometimes it's hard for me
to express what I want to say.

But I hope you understood...
what I meant to tell you.

I did.

Is he getting cute?

You were there for me.
And I will be there for you.

- Okay.
- Alright, that's it.

Time's up.

See you soon.



I was thinking a lot.

About the photos and the mock-up
that you showed me at the loft.

And I ran a few tests.

Lo and behold,
I've found a blindspot.

Right along the fence line over here,
due to our retrofit.

You didn't know
about this, did you?

No, no,
of course not.

Because you would've
told me or

the warden about it
if you did, right?

Well, it's a good thing
I found this when I did,

before anyone tried
to escape.

Well if we can't go
through the fence,

then that leaves
under or over.

Look, how's she gonna climb
that fence without being seen, huh?

I'm guessing
there's no telephone wire

for her
to climb across.

- Then she's gotta go under.
- Alright, let's get some shovels--

What was that you were saying
about parachutes?


Guys, come on.

You can't be--

Couple of thoughts
on that.

We don't have a plane,

We don't have a pilot.

Have you ever worn
a parachute?

Don't worry.
I think I've got a plan.

But we're gonna need some help
from an old friend.


- You want a favor from me.
- Just hear me out.

Of course.
I mean...

When you and Michael send me
back to that prison,

you did give me
a piece of chewing gum.

I mean what kind of man
would I be

if I didn't
quit your pro-quote.


all you gotta do is sound off
the fire alarm, in here,

tomorrow night
at 7:30.

That's it.

You're breaking her out.

Krantz has put
a hit on her.

That's our one shot,

of keeping her alive.

Well you're on a pivoted
kind of damn, Lincoln.

We'll put five grand on your cake
once this whole thing jumps off.

The love of Michael's life
is only worth $5,000?

That's the best
we can do.

- I need six figures.
- That's all we got.

like a day for you,

I know somebody who does...
the General's man.

He's got to pay out
for Sara's hit.

You wire that money
to me by 7 PM tomorrow,

and we're in business.

What's his name?

It's your brother to you
that agony is.

Come on, you gotta give me
more than that.

Tomorrow. 7 PM.
Go on, fetch.

You should have seen
the look on Michael's face.

When he saw me fixing that fence
and installing that camera.

You did a great job.

Job's over now.

If Michael has this misguided belief
that Sara's life is in danger,

he's gonna find a way back
into that prison.

Your job will be over until
you give us enough evidence

to put him back
behind bars.

So what's the latest?

There's nothing concrete.

But I'll let you know
when I get something.

Good man.

I warned you.

Tough going alone.

I know he's breaking you out.
I'm coming with you.


Krantz sent me
to kill you,

but after what he's put me through,
I'm done taking orders from him.

You're sitting next to me
at the mess

when I was poisoned.

You'd think you would've
lasted this long

if I wanted you dead?

I want you dead.
You're still alive.

Do you think it's hard to stay alive
when you know who's coming after you?

There's 200 women
in this prison.

Could you even get
to Gen Pop?

I'm coming with you.

Or nobody's going.