Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 21 - Rates of Exchange - full transcript

SPOILER: Krantz holds Sara captive, Christina even shot Linc in a lung for urgency, each demands Scylla as ransom. Michael tries to cheat his mother, but only a driver is hurt in his ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break:

When I sent you those envelopes,
I wasn't playing games.

- Move on subject four.
- My wife is a defenseless woman.

- Execute the order.
- Please don't do that!

Don't call anyone.

You wanted to get in on the action.
Here's your chance.

Three-quarters of a billion dollars
in a numerical account in Luxembourg.

All the data will be delivered
within 24 hours.

- The case.
- I'll take that.

Hi, Mom.

I know you have it.
Bring me Scylla...

...or this time,
Sara's death will not be faked.

- Linc!
- You have a little decision to make.

Scylla or someone you love.

- Just think this through, Michael.
- I have. And we're saving them both.

- How?
- I will figure it out.

- Your brother's bleeding to death.
- Can we get...

...Linc and Sara to the same place?

Your only advantage is
that neither party knows...

...that there's another player
that has leverage on you.

Bring them together,
you lose your tactical edge.

- I'm not abandoning Sara.
- I didn't say that.

Sara has the advantage
of not having a bullet in her chest.

One at a time.

Big surprise.

The dumb one got caught,
the smart one got away.

I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

He's never gonna give it to you.

I disagree. He truly cares for you.

No matter how many times
you've shown you don't deserve it.

You know, you two are truly
a classic study of nature versus nurture.

Same environment, same parents...'re completely different.

Why do you think that is, Lincoln?

Because Mom's a psychotic bitch.

- Hello, Michael.
- All right, you win.

I'll give you Scylla.
Give Linc whatever help he needs.

Not until I get what I need.

Edison's Shipping Yard,
B dock, 45 minutes.

- And bring my brother.
- Forty-five minutes?

Cutting it close.
He doesn't look so good.

Just be there.

Is it worth it, Sara?

Do you ever go back to that night...

...and wonder how things
would have gone...

...if you had just left
that infirmary door locked?

The people whose lives
would have been saved.

Hell, your father would still be alive.

You ever think about that?

And now that Michael's returning Scylla
to me, it was all for nothing.

Assuming he does return it.

Oh, if the situation were reversed,
if Michael were here...

...and you were holding Scylla,
what would you do?

You'd bring it back.

For the same reason
you left that door unlocked...

...because you couldn't let
an innocent man die.

Your heart betrays
your better judgment.

So does Scofield's.

You know, you're probably right because
if Michael used his better judgment...

...the night he stole Scylla out
from under your nose...

...he would have killed you.

Get her out of my sight.

Take it.

And I take my pocket
or I take yours.

- Understand?
- Authorities are blanketing the streets...

...looking for the primary suspects,
Lincoln Borrows and Michael Scofield...

...the brothers famous for
one of the most daring prison breaks... recent history. Our...

- Homemade explosives?
- You got a better idea?

Maybe the best way to save Linc... save everyone... give Christina what she wants.

I'm trying to find a way
where people don't end up...

...on an autopsy table.
- And I'm not?

Better get your story straight, Alex.

You've been saying
give Scylla to the general.

- Hear what he did to Self's wife?
- Self made his own bed.

Yeah, and we're sleeping in it.

Let's see. Best case scenario, okay?

That maybe somehow we're able to get
to Linc and Sara. Okay, what then?

The general has still got somebody
watching my wife.

What's the plan to keep her safe?
What about L. J? What's the plan?

- I can't think about that.
- Go to your mother, make a deal.

There's no love lost
between her and the general.

With her contacts, if we give her Scylla,
she can find out where the agents are.

We're not giving up and we're not giving
it back. We're gonna save everyone.

What the hell are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

You're in recovery, Mr. Self.
Apparently, you had quite a fall.

Luckily, someone found you
and called 911.

I did what?

Doctor will be in
to go over your history.

No, no, no. Tell the doctor... go see the next guy.
I'm going.

Actually, I can't. There's some men here
waiting to talk to you.

What kind of men?

The kind with badges.

Mr. Self,
my name is Agent Chris Franco.

This is Agent Wilson Wright.
We're with the Bureau.

- We'd like to ask you a few questions.
- About what?

Well, let's start with where we can find
Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield.

Be ready to pick us up.

Better not get too close to that thing
when it goes off.

You better not get too far.

All right, if Michael tries anything,
take out both knees.

I don't want him dead, I just want him
immobilized and eager to talk.

And what do you wanna do
with Burrows?

Once I get Scylla,
dump him off the dock.

Yeah, one of them guys from the news,
I think I just seen them.

Interesting choice.

I would have thought
you'd pick something more public...

...for your own protection.
- Something more public...

...isn't safe for me right now.
Thanks to you.

- Did you come alone?
- Did you?

Come on. We can have at least one
honest conversation, can't we?

Actually, I'd like that.

In spite of what you think,
I never wanted to see you hurt.

What did you want?

Understanding, forgiveness.

When I made my choice, I knew
I'd never have any of those things.

But you will have power, won't you?

Yes. And you'll have Lincoln.

I think you're getting
the short end of the stick.

Speaking of, I need to get him
to a hospital, so where is he?

- Where's Scylla?
- I need to know he's alive.


Follow me.

Now, you wouldn't have some little trick
up your sleeve, would you, son?

I'm done playing games with you.

Good. Now bring Scylla out to me.

If I bring Scylla out,
your man will shoot me.

Then I guess we have a standoff.
The only thing is...

...what I want isn't gasping for air...

...and losing a pint of blood
every 10 minutes.

- Give it to me, Michael.
- You know I can't do that.

Give it to me, Michael.
You're running out of options, son.

- I said, no.
- This is the Miami police.

- Give it to me, Michael!
- Christina, we gotta go.

- Put down your weapons.
- Come and get it.

- Go get it.
- Put down your weapons.

Come on, Michael.

Michael, we gotta go now. Now!

So the government helped you out?

After all we've been through,
you know how crazy that sounds, huh?

Well, the proof is there every morning
I wake up: My little girl.

And she's healthy again, man.

Yeah. So where are you living?

Actually, that's why I came down here
to talk to you, you know.

We were in protective custody...

...while I was waiting to testify
against Mahone...

...but his case fell through.

Anyway, they wanted to not only renege
on my deal...

...they wanted to put my ass back
in Fox River.

So, what are you doing here in Chicago
following me?

Well, I was wondering
if you had any idea...

...where Michael and Linc were.

- Wait, wait. Where you going?
- Look, you got a bind with the Feds...

...and now you wanna know
about Mike and Linc?

- Hear me out.
- You gonna bust me too?

No, I am trying to help you, man.

And them.

Okay, man, don't you watch the news?
They are in a lot of trouble.

Big time.

And the only way they can get out of it
is if you help me find them.

Just trying to find the men
behind this assassination.

Your clearance level isn't high enough
for you to fully grasp the operation...

...that I've been involved with.

How about we tell you
what we've grasped so far.

The dead body of your partner,
Agent Miriam Holtz.

Autopsy shows the bullet she was shot
with was from an agency-issued firearm.

Disappearance of your supervisor
at Homeland, Mr. Herb Stanton.

We got a number
of DHS transportation officers...

...with information concerning
a warehouse in Los Angeles... were conducting
some operation out of.

So when an international political figure
is assassinated on American soil... two men taken into custody
by a Homeland security agent...

...who, by appearances,
has gone rogue... tell us what
we're supposed to think.

What's going on is
you're talking to a federal agent... I'm an accomplice to a crime
that I had nothing to do with.

You have any idea how many years
I've served my country?

Do you have any idea to the extent
I've served...?

What is this, Gitmo now?

As a Homeland agent,
you are aware, I'm sure...

...that anyone who impedes
an investigation into terrorism...

...has virtually no protection
under the law.

Okay, okay, okay.


...where are Scofield and Burrows?

I don't know where they are, okay?

But I could find out.

Well, Michael clearly cares more
about winning...

...than he does about saving your life.

Looks like your not gonna live
long enough to be an uncle.

What? What?

Well, Sara hasn't told anybody.

Christina, Banerjee's on the phone.

He wants to know
why he hasn't received the technology.

If Michael doesn't call in 10 minutes
you're gonna wish...

...he'd let you fry back at Fox River.

- Hello?
- I thought we had an understanding.

I thought I made the stakes
crystal clear.

You did and I'm trying.

And I'm trying not to kill Sara.

That would be a lot easier if I had
something in this hand besides a gun.

Look, every cop and Fed in the city
is looking for me.

I jeopardize her life
by getting arrested...

...and having the very thing you want
locked up as evidence.

I appreciate you taking care
of my interests, Michael. I do.

And, believe me, for that reason,
I will take care of your interests.

But if I don't see Scylla in one hour...

...I'm unleashing Bagwell
to play doctor with the doctor.

- Am I clear?
- I need more time.

One hour.

Doesn't Michael understand?

He's playing chicken
with people's lives.

- My life's been threatened before.
- I'm not talking about yours.

That boy has messed up every chance
I've ever had at freedom.

This is my last shot.

You think when this is over,
you're gonna be free?

A lot better than free,
I'm gonna be employed.

The general's getting me a job
with an office and a desk.

What kind of a job
is he gonna get you, huh?

What's he gonna trust you with?

The general hires professional killers,
not amateurs.

Not uneducated criminals
who rape and kill out...

- You mind your tongue.
- The only thing you're getting...

...when this is over is a slit throat
and an unmarked grave.

Actually, your only chance at a life
is to get out of here.

And if you take me with you...

...whatever has happened between you
and Michael, if you get me back to him...

...the slate could be wiped clean.

With Michael and me,
that slate's never gonna be clean.

And if he doesn't give the general
what he wants...'s gonna get a hell of a lot dirtier.

- What are you doing?
- I need to make sure Linc's okay.

I suppose that little explosion
was meant for me?

- Let's pretend that was for the cops.
- Please, Michael, stop.

You're embarrassing yourself.

You should know by now
that you can't outthink me.

I'll always be one step ahead of you
because I'm your mother.

Is Linc okay?

I remember the first time
I caught you in a lie.

I could see it in your eyes,
just like I could see it today.

- Put him on the phone.
- You're not making demands, son.

If Linc is dead,
I have no reason to give Scylla...

...which puts me in the position
you described.

- Yeah?
- Hey. It's nice to know you're breathing.

- How much time do I have?
- Not much.

The general has Sara.
He's giving me an hour to exchange her.

I need to know where you are,
if you can give me a signal.

Don't know.

If I'm gonna save you both,
I need something.

- Banerjee again.
- There's not enough time, Michael.

I can do this, Linc. I could do this.

There's something you need to know.

Sara's pregnant.

It's okay. You're gonna be a dad.

Go to her, Michael.

I'll find a way, Linc.

There's not enough time.
There's just not enough time.

Let me go out knowing
I did something for you.

Give me that.


I'm sorry about
what's ever happening to Linc.

I know you have to protect your family,
I understand.

But what about the rest of us?
What about my wife?


...I don't know
what you want me to say.

You haven't gone a day in your life
without a plan. Please don't start now.

All I know is, I have 43 minutes
to get this to the general.

I am done making plans.

And to hell with everybody else.

Well, maybe it's time I take a page
from your book, Alex.

Hang out on the sidelines,
survey the field.

When the time is right,
back the winning horse.

That's what you think I'm about?

Tell me something, Alex.
Which horse are you backing now?

Because I'm not quite clear on that.

At least you got a decision.

They took my son.

I didn't get to choose.


I'm just trying to do
whatever it takes... not lose everything.

So am I.

So if there's something
you need to do to protect Pam... should do it.

You realize after what you pulled,
you're completely worthless to me now.

You've been worthless to me
all your life.

I know you and Michael think
I was a terrible mother.

Couldn't agree with you more.
I warned Aldo.

I told him I was not cut out for it.
It is not in my nature!

He used to call me his Lady Macbeth.

I knew there was a reason
I hated Shakespeare.

You hated it
because you couldn't understand it.

And you couldn't understand it

...your real mother was as dumb
as a day-old doughnut.

You asked me... I could just sit
and watch my son go into the chair?

It's simple, really.

You're not my son.

Michael already knows.

That must be why it's so easy for him
to play with your life.

I guess we have that in common.

Now go find my son.

If your information leads to an arrest,
the courts can't touch you.

You put that in writing
and then we're in business.

Only thing you demand in writing is
what we put in your tombstone.

Last thing you want
is the brothers killing somebody...

...while you're in here harassing
your only source of intel.

It needs to be in writing
and signed by the attorney general.

I don't trust anyone who says
they work for the government.

All you have to do... call the brothers.

Get them on the phone,
let me talk to them...

...and they can make up
their own minds.

I'm just trying to stay out of all this.

I finally got my family back...

...and I'm not about to risk
losing them again.

I know this feels good today...

...but what about a couple months
from now, huh?

When the only job you can get
is under the table or some labor gig...

...where you'll be worrying about
the guy you're sweating next to...

...if he's gonna drop the dime in
a heartbeat because he recognizes you.

How is finding Linc and Mike
gonna change that?

This guy sought me out, okay?

He knows everything
about this whole thing.

Why? Is he government?
If he's government...

I didn't trust him at first, either, okay?

But there's something about the pen
where you decipher...

...who is a player and who is a punk.

And this guy is a player.
Just like Scofield.

So the only thing that we have to do is
tell him where the brothers are... him get this device thing back,
and so he can put it into the right hands.

And then what, huh?

This brother has juice.
He can erase our entire record.

Now, I'm not talking about cash
and all that flashy stuff.

I'm just talking about
straight-up freedom.

Living like a man. You feel me?

No, of course, Nandu.

It... Yes, yes. We just ran into
a few technical difficulties so...

No, I understand. Now, if you just
give us a little more time then I'm...

No, no, no, don't...
No, please don't get on the plane.

No, I can...

You just cost me
three-quarters of a billion dollars!

Good. At least the day
wasn't a total waste.

I was gonna wait till I found Michael
and just kill you in front of him.

Instead I'm gonna take you out
the same way you came in. Alone.

You better tell me you've got Scylla.

Whoever you sent after it is too late.

Michael's giving Scylla back
to the general in exchange for Sara.

- Who the hell is this?
- Alex Mahone.

I don't believe we've had the pleasure
of meeting.

Oh, yeah. Alex Mahone.

Are you calling to rub this in my face?

I'm calling to see if you'll make me
an offer. I can get Scylla for you...

...if you give me what Michael can't.

- What's that?
- Protection for my family.

If you get my wife away from whoever
the general's got watching her...

...I'll get you Scylla.
- You can get me Scylla?

Mahone, you son of a bitch.

- I've got no particular love for Burrows.
- Sounds like the feeling's mutual.

Yeah, but unlike his brother,
the guy's been straight with me.

He helped me track down the guy
who murdered my son. I owe him.

And you don't owe Michael?

Not anymore. His choice, not mine.

I'll tell you what. You give me Scylla...

...and if Lincoln's still breathing,
you can have him.

I like that deal.

Hickory, dickory, dock.

Tell me, has Scofield ever run up
your clock?

Has he been man enough to go there?

Was he saving it up
for the wedding night?

Michael is more of a man
than you could ever hope to be.

How would you know
what a man is like?

Of the two of us,
I bet I've been with more of them.

Look at you.
All buttoned up, frigid.

Tell me, what does it take to loosen up
a gal like you, huh?

Is it music?

Flowers? Touch?

Where fingers do the walking down
to where only...

Stop it!


My, my, I do like a woman
with manners.

You better be calling me
to tell me you're close.

- We're almost there.
- Good.

But I've changed my mind.

The exchange will be made
at a location of my choosing.

Forgive me but I don't really trust you,
except on unfamiliar territory.

You bring Sara, unharmed...

...and I'll meet you anywhere.

There's an old parking lot
where Pelican Drive meets the beach.

Be there in 20 minutes.

I'm supposed to trust
you're gonna let us live our lives?

Believe it or not, Michael,
the last thing on Earth I want... to ever see you
or any member of your family again.

Just stay out of my way,
I'll stay out of yours.

Bring me Scylla.

- Twenty minutes, Michael.
- All right.

Twenty minutes!

About earlier...

...I do think you're in it for yourself.

Fortunately for me, that's meant
you've also had my back.

More than once.

And for that...

...I'm grateful.

Take the case.

- Get out of here.
- What about Pam?

I got it handled.

Good luck.

Looks like your boyfriend
straightened his priorities.

That's too bad.
We were starting to get familiar.

Teddy, what are you doing?

You said we was gonna bring her
on the exchange.

All I'm giving Scofield today
is a slow death.

- So, what are we gonna do with her?
- Whatever you like.

Perhaps we've finally found a job
for which you're perfectly suited.

- Mr. Mahone?
- I'm on my way.

- And Michael?
- I don't wanna talk about Michael.

Well, it seems Michael did a poor job
choosing his friends.

None of us choose this.

This happened to us.
We choose how it ends.

So just get your people in place to help
my wife. How does that sound?

One of our assets with the Bureau...

...says that two agents are questioning
Don Self at Miami Mission Hospital.

The attorney general just issued
a proclamation for his immunity.

You think he's a threat?

Perhaps. The question is, to whom?

- Hello?
- Michael, it's Don Self. How's it going?

Well, well, well,
I thought you were dead.

If I had a dollar every time
I said that about you...

You sound funny, Don.
What do you want?

What do I want?

You saw what that bastard did
to my wife, right? I want revenge.

- Where are you so we can hook up?
- Not necessary.

This whole thing's about to be over.

What do you mean "the whole thing"?
What's going on?

I'm hanging up now, Don.


Scofield's on a burner.
Harder to trace. We need more time.

He's gonna call back.
He gets a little riled up, but he'll call.

After he kills somebody?
This thing's about to be over.

Lord knows what that means. Get him
back on the phone, Agent Self, now.

So this cat said that Scofield and Linc
should recognize him when they see him.

- Recognize him from where?
- I don't know, man.

We've been in
a lot of messed up places.

I'm just saying,
it makes a difference.

Besides, did he say what he
was gonna do with Scylla if he gets it?

All this guy said is that
it couldn't go to the government.

Because no one government
should have that much power.

Look, man, you wanna ask him yourself,
he's right there.

- Did he even give you a name?
- He said call him Paul.


If anyone tries to escape,
aerate them.

Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
Scofield's a tunnel rat.

You know...

...I wasn't the only fox in the River
to fall asleep at night...

...dreaming about treasures tucked
beneath that white coat of yours.

Every guy let their minds wander,
eenie, meenie, minie, mo... between you and Nurse Katie...

...sometimes settling
on the both of you.

You digging that?

Oh, you old junkies
like a little dirty talk.

Let me see where those track are.
I think I can, I think I can.

If you let me go, I can tell the courts
that you saved my life.

Teddy, if you let me go,
I can petition for leniency.

I could tell them you saved my life.
I still have connections from my father.

You know, I was always thinking...

...the way I was gonna get revenge
on Scofield was to kill him.

Just driving that knife right into
his bleeding heart.

And now...

...standing here and looking at you...

...I'm thinking there's something worse
than death for him.

Please, no.

I'll return you in one piece.

But that piece gonna be
a little used.

That's all.

And every time he looks at you...

...any time he wants to be with you...

...he's gonna see me.


We gotta get back to the loft now.

Michael, this is Don calling back again.

Listen, I know you have a beef with me,
and I understand.

But I think I have a way
to get us all out of this.

Okay, just please call me back.

How many messages we gonna leave
this guy before we move on to Plan B?

Look, he's gonna call back, okay?

Excuse me, gentlemen,
I need to check on the patient.

Just take a few minutes.

He's gonna call back, okay?

- Coffee down the hall.
- He's gonna call. Just be patient.

We're gonna get him.

- How's it going, doc?
- It's going well.

Is this your first time with me?

What is that? I know you, right?


I bet you was a tomcat
after you was using, huh?

See, nowadays,
you like to look a fella in the eyes.

But back then...

Back then...

Back then, I bet the last thing
you wanted to do...

...was see who you
was keeping company with, huh?

That's self-worth for you.

See, I've always felt that
the partner you choose to be with... just a reflection of how you're really
feeling about yourself in that moment.

And I gotta tell you, sister, right now,
old Teddy is feeling like a million bucks.

Oh, yeah.

And I'm gonna be a gentleman
about this...

...and I'm gonna let you choose.

You tell me how you like it, Sara...

...and I'm gonna give you
just what the doctor ordered.

What? You got something to say?

Just that while you and the other cons
were taking care of yourselves at night...

...Katie and I were going over
your records trying to figure out... best to manage your care,
figure out what makes you tick.

The thing I remember about you,

...nothing makes you tick.

That you can't tick.

What exactly are you implying?

That the reason you rape
and kill and make pain... because you can't make love.

You've got neurologic ED, probably
caused by injuries you sustained...

...during your own
childhood sexual abuse.

That is a lie.

- That is a lie.
- Talk all you want about...

...what you're gonna do to me.
You know there is little...

...that you can actually do.

All right. Now you are just gonna
take back every word you just said.

Do you hear me? You hear me?

There's no reason to be ashamed of it,

- So many men suffer from ED.
- Shut up!

I don't know what is more insulting.
You thinking I'm erectorally challenged...

...or you think I'm gonna let you
break out of here.

Let me think about that.
I'm gonna go with the first one.

Now I'm gonna show you
just how functional I am.

Michael, please.

It's all right.

Come here.

- You all right?
- Can you get me out of here?

Show me.

Why don't you come inside, Alex?
We have a lot to talk about.

Before we do any business...

...I'd like some proof that Pam is safe.

We have an asset embedded
in the Company operations room...

...who is able to access the details
of her location...

...and the position of her bird-dog.

That's great. That's not good enough.

I need to know that she's in the clear.

I'm ready to execute that order.

But first, I need you
to hand over Scylla.

It's only a matter of time
before the general realizes...

...that I turned my back on him...

...and Michael.

And when he does...

...he's gonna want revenge.

Go make the call.


...this isn't about threats,
this isn't about games.

This is about how people do business.

I would be a fool
if I gave you everything you want...

...before I had some kind of guarantee
that I'm gonna get everything I want.

You've been busy.

- Here it is.
- Where's the rest of it?

All right, I've kept my end of the deal.

Time for you to make good on yours.

Make the call
and Linc and I will be on our way.

If it's okay with you,
I'd like to check this first...

...make sure everything works
before anybody goes anywhere.

Lock him up.

What are you doing here?

Saving your ass.

I couldn't make that choice, Sara.

I had to save you both.

If there's something you need to do
to protect Pam, you should do it.


There may be some way
we can save everyone.

The bad news is my mother
can read my every move.

She says it's because she knows me.

The good news is,
she doesn't know you.

I knew the general would never honor
his end of the arrangement.

I knew he'd never bring you
to the exchange.

So I did what I had to do.

How big an explosion
are we talking about?

Big enough to end all this.

So we can...

...maybe start something new?

I mean, if that's what you're feeling.

Come on, you gotta get off the table.
We gotta get to the other side.

Come on, Linc, over here.
Just slide down, slide down the wall.

- You ready to get the hell out of here?
- Yeah.

There's something wrong.
I'm not getting any kind of connection.