Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 7 - Vamonos - full transcript

Alexander Mahone is assured all he has to do is tell the truth, enjoying full immunity. Michael tells Whistler their row is part of a diversion, the escape is now or never, before the ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

Found a cell that'll get us
to no man's land.

- Who lives there?
Papo, Cheo and Sammy.

We're gonna have to disable
two tower guards.

I've taken care of one.
The other, we need help.

Between 1 and 2, he takes
his break. He gets a cup of coffee.

We need to find out where
and put something in that cup.

Make sure he's unconscious.

- Three-thirteen is when it starts.

The exchange point. Everything goes
as planned, you'll have your son back.

I came to get you out?

The Justice Department is motivated
to get to the bottom of this business.

Guard will be asleep in half hour.

So we're good.
Not quite.

She's dead, Michael.

I lied to you. I'm sorry, but...

This is your fault.

- Just think about what you're doing.
- I have.

Explain something to me, blanco.

One minute you plead
for your friend's life...

...and the next minute
you wanna take it?

This man...

This man is no friend of mine!

- What happened to your girlfriend has...
- Her name was Sara!

And she was a good person.

And she'd still be alive
if it wasn't for you.

So it's revenge, eh, boy?
An eye for an eye.

Once you make such a declaration,
there's no going back.

There's nothing to go back to.

Good. Then we have a fight.

Now, both of you,
go and assign your belongings...

...and pray to whatever god is yours.

We come back here in 15 minutes.

Fight, fight, fight!


- You need any more help?
- You've done more than enough.

Here, take that. Not a lot,
enough to get you started.

No, no, I can't take this.
I did this because I wanted to help.

Hey, buy a car, get a bus ticket.

- Do whatever. Just get out of here.
- Thanks.

I'm gonna get some gas, okay?
I'll meet you in the front.

All right.

She coming with you
to do the exchange?


Is that a good idea? What if
something goes wrong, she gets hurt?

Incentive in case Whistler
doesn't wanna go quietly.

You think this is gonna go down quiet?

They're just gonna give you L.J.
Just like that?

Doesn't matter. I know
what they're capable of.

I ain't gonna gamble
with my son's life.

Well, maybe you don't have to.




We'll be arriving at the courthouse
in about 15 minutes.

The hearing will begin shortly.

All in all, this whole thing
will be done within the hour.


That sounds good.

So with this deal, what specifically
are they expecting from me?

They need to know everything.

About the president,
about the Company.

They wanna confirm that you have
viable incriminating information.

And that you can be
a cooperative witness.

If I cooperate fully...

...I won't be just incriminating them.

You're worried about all those skeletons
in your closet.

But you have full immunity.

Everything will be fine.
All you have to do is tell the truth.

Just stay calm.

Better knuckle up.

I don't know what you're thinking.

- Killing me's not gonna solve problems.
- Relax.

- I'm not gonna kill you.
- Then what was all that about?

You wanna make it out without
being seen, you need a diversion.

- Now we have one.
- You're off your head.

- They're waiting...
- Don't have time, it's almost 3:00.

That means
the guard should be drugged by now.

At 3: 13, the sun's gonna hit
the other guard tower.

We'll have the cover we need.
It's now or never.

Listen, Michael, I...

I meant what I said about Sara.

If I were you, I wouldn't mention that.
We're getting out.

Then I'm trading you for my nephew.

And I'm gonna find out
who's responsible for taking her life.

And I'm taking theirs.

- Listen, Scofield.
- Not now.

Just please.

I heard you out there in the yard.

Is it true? About Sara?

- Yes.
- That's not...

I mean, it's...

What she...

I'm sorry, Michael.

I mean it.

She was a good person.

I'm sorry.

Is something wrong?

If anyone asks, tell them
your fuel pump's leaking.

- No, I'm going to the beach with you.
- I need you to keep a lookout.

When they get here, I'll call you.

If everything works out today... and me, we're both gonna get
what we want.

Stay here.

- Sorry about that.
- It's okay.

I know you're just doing your job.

Bet you're as ready
for this to be over as I am.

Hey, once we get out of Panama..., my dad and my uncle, we're
gonna open up a scuba shop.

- Build a house on a beach.
- Lovely.

Go swimming every day.

- I never lived by the ocean.
- Stop.

- I always wanted to, you know.
- I get it.

You're a human being with dreams,
plans for the future, all that.

Whether you see it
isn't up to me anymore.

It's in your uncle's hands now.
So let's just hope that he does his job.

- Write it down.
- Come on, man, come here.

What are you waiting for?

Where's Mahone?

He's gone.

Well, just like that?

Why? I mean, how?

How about we worry a little bit more
about ourselves?

No, he got out of here
kind of suddenly.

How do we know
he's not ratting us out right now?

Sullins. Yeah.

When did this happen?

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'll handle it.

Something wrong?

Couple of Panamanians
might have gotten cold feet.

- Exactly how cold?
- They just need some convincing.

It's nothing to worry about,
it's all gonna work out.

Meantime, we're gonna take you
to a hotel.

Up until an hour ago,
this was a done deal.

So, what's happening?

Relax, this is still your best bet.

Unless someone else is offering you
a get-out-of-Sona-free card.

Remember, we only have
four minutes of cover.

So once you hit the ground,
run straight to the fence.

Don't look up and don't look back,
and don't say a word.

What if they see us?
- Lf somebody yells stop, you stop.

- That's it?
- That's it.

It's time. Where's Sammy?

So who goes first?

Now, my life isn't worth a damn
without yours.

If this doesn't go as planned, first guy
through that window is gonna get shot.

That guy can't be you.

I'll go. I got it.

Come on, come on, come on.

This is it.






- The glare. Where's the glare?
- I don't know.

Come on, come on.

This is it.

Someone's coming.

- Good luck.
- You too.

We're losing the light.

Go back. Go back.

Go back.

Come on. Come on.

That was our only chance.

Damn it.

Find out where they are.

Do you hear them out there?
They're waiting for us.

- It's only a matter of time.
- I know. Come on.

The damn thing's not coming off.

Hey, gringos.

Come out and play.

Come on, come on.

Ain't nowhere to hide, malditos.

Gringos, come out and play.

We gotta go. They can't find us here.

- Well, what about this?
- Stash it.

Come on.

Come on.

Go, go.

Where you off to, bakra?

Where you boys been?

In the bathroom?

This has all been a terrible mistake.

Has it been?

We've worked it out.

There's no need
to take this any further.

No, you clearly don't understand.

I can't have your foolishness
in this place.

I gave you every chance to pull out.


We know the rules.

Two men go in, one man comes out.

Now, this quarrel must be settled.

Let's go.

Fight, fight, fight!

What are you gentlemen waiting for?

You don't make this
more interesting, I will.

Sorry, mate, but if only one of us
is getting out...

- How's it look?
- They got L.J. In the van.

He seem all right to you?
- Yeah, I think so.

How many people they got?

- A driver and a bodyguard, that's it.
- All right.

I appreciate you hanging around.

Hey, we started this together, bro.

Let's finish it that way.

Come on, Michael. Where are you?

You're supposed to be keeping watch.

Just checking.
Making sure everything is all right.

We're running a bit late, that's all.

So, what's the plan?

You gonna swim out,
wait for the police to pass...

...and meet with a boat somewhere?

Something like that.

- And then what?
- You know what?

- You need to get back to the car...
- Don't move.

Wow. I'm impressed.

You got the guts to look me
in the eye as you stab me in the back.

- What you gonna do, shoot me?
- Don't.

I can't let you
hand over James to those people.

- Think about what you're doing.
- I have.

Ever since you told me
what they did to Sara.

When they get here,
James and I, we're leaving.

- Where to?
- I don't know.

Somewhere they won't find us.

- This whole time you played me.
- Like you've been playing me.

Bringing me here to be your lookout?

But it's okay.

We're both here doing what we have to
for the people we love.

You do this, you may as well
be shooting my son yourself.

I'm sorry.

- Yeah?
- They should be out by now. Any sign?

All quiet. How much longer
do you wanna give them?

I know you wanted to live
by an ocean.

The closest you'll get
is being buried under one.

- You're not gonna kill me.
- Oh?

You need me.
You already killed Sara.

Anything happens to me,
you're out of bargaining chips.

Michael doesn't get Whistler out today,
I don't need to bargain anymore.

You'll all be dead.

Kick him in the junk, Scofield.

What are you looking for?
There are no draws here.

If this isn't finished by one of you,
I'm coming down to finish both of you.

End it.

God. God, forgive me.

- They should've been here by now.
- They should be on their way.

- They didn't make it.
- So, what do we do now?

I don't care what you do,
I'm taking the car.


What the hell's going on?

Put your hands over your head.

You, come down here.


We are going to find out
who is behind this.

- What?
- Gonna let me know what's going on?

- I'm here.

Good. Where are they?

- They're in the car with me.
- I heard the alarm.

They were long gone
before that went off.

If they got such a head start,
why are you so far behind?

Do you want me to talk to you
or drive?

I want you to put Whistler
on the phone.


Put him on.

He's in the trunk,
but if you feel that strongly...

...I can pull over,
and you two can talk.

If we're lucky, cops will swing by,
because they'd like a word too.

You know what? Just get L.J. Ready.

Whoever tried to escape
assaulted one of my men.

And as you know, any attempt
on the life of a Panamanian soldier...

...warrants the death penalty.

This attempt was made
from cell number 212.

And if memory serves, that cell belongs
to members of your crew, no?


You are one of the milkman's boys.

Is it your cell?

I'm going to take that as a yes.

I thought we were compadres,
you and I.

I let you run your business,
have your whores.

When you asked me
for your own supply of water...

...when the plumbing went down,
did I not provide it?

You asked me
to get rid of the phones...

...make them contraband,
so you could control the trade in here...

...did I not comply?

I do all of this for you, and in exchange,
you were to do one thing for me.

Keep these men in line!

Maybe we just backed
the wrong horse. Hmm?

Perhaps there is another in here
better suited for the job?

Good luck, bredda.

You know none of us tried
to break out of that cell.

I do.

Then you must know there's only
one guy here foolish enough to try.

Hey, nice to see you back in form.

Thanks. Any news from Sullins?

He's working on it.

It doesn't matter what people say.

What do they say?

You know people, how they talk.

- About?
- The men, the ones they say you killed.

Is it true?

Because if it is,
you can talk to me about it.

Oh, God.

Is that a fact?

Yes, you can trust me.

So let me get this straight,
Sullins sends you to be good cop?

- That's not what this is.
- There never was a deal, was there?

Sullins wants me to confess.

- So he can bring me up on more charges.
- The deal is legit.

The hearing was supposed to be an hour
after we left, and I'm still waiting.

So why don't you just come clean,
Felicia? For old time's sake.

How about it?

How about you do me
the same courtesy, Alex?

I'm not blind, my brother was a user.
I can smell the stuff a mile away.

Don't you accuse me of being the one
who's hiding something.

The perimeter is secure. No one got out.

- Yeah?
- I just got confirmation from the radio.

Guards took a head count
and secured the perimeter.

No one made it out of there today.

Sucre, what's going on?

Looks like they're packing up.

Whatever you do,
don't let them take L.J.

- Just...
- Linc? Linc?


Get the hell out of here, now.

Look out!

- Let her go.

You touch him,
I'll put a bullet in her head.

- And you let him go, let him go now.

L.J., I'm gonna get you out of this,
I promise.

You sure you wanna make promises
you can't keep?

- Watch your mouth.
- I'll let you in on a little secret.

When you choose this line of work...'s all gonna come down
to a moment like this.

So kill me.

Let him go.

- Let him go.
- Kill him.

- Dad, Dad.
Kill him.

It doesn't matter what you do to me.
The operation failed.

So put your gun down, Linc.

- Kill him.
- Dad!


- Give me one more shot.
- To do what?

Let me find out what happened at Sona.
Let me talk to Michael.

We can still get Whistler.
We can make this happen.

We can make this happen, we can...

- We can do this.
- Put him in the van.



- You all right?
- What happened?

Body bags.

- Look, what happened out there...
- Happened out there. It's over.


Right. But just so as you know,
I wouldn't have gone through with it.

Lucky for us
we'll never have to find out.

So, what do we do now?

You know why we here, boy?

I'm no doctor, I'm guessing...

...your mother had a bit too much
to drink one night, and...

Keep talking
and you're gonna be next.

How you want it, brother?
Fast or slow?

I think I'd like
to handle this one myself.

Do you have children, Mr. Scofield?

Maybe someday.

That's very optimistic for a man
in your position.

Myself, I have five.

Three boys, two girls.
Now, I used to tell them a story.

I do believe in your country they call it
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf. "

You know it?

Then you know the moral of that story
is when liars tell the truth...

...they can never be believed.

But your life's on the line, boy.

Are you trying to break out
of this prison, Mr. Scofield?


- Are you trying to break out?
- We both know that's not possible.

- Answer me...
- What do you want?

Tell me the truth. I want to hear it.

- You want a reason to kill me.
- No. I have good reason to kill you.

Because of you, it's no longer possible
for me to govern this prison.

Justified or not,
the men no longer have faith in me.

That leaves only one thing for me to do
to guarantee my survival.

You are breaking out of this prison,
Mr. Scofield.

And you're taking me with you.

Well, I got some good news
and I've got some better news.

Let's start with the good.

Panamanians are back on board.

And the better news?

You're gonna get to have
a really nice sleep on that bed.

I thought that after the hearing...

...I was gonna be on a plane
back to the U.S.

You said...

I did and you will be.

But it's just too late to do the hearing
now, we'll get to it tomorrow.

- Tomorrow morning?
- Sounds about right.

Please, is there something,
is there anything that we can do... help speed things up?

When a genie grants you a wish,
you don't tell him to make it snappy.

This hearing needs to happen today.

This... The hearing needs to happen
right now.

Listen to you.
You know, you are unbelievable.

I have dropped everything
to come down here.

- Drag your ass out.
- You don't understand, I can't.

- I made you a deal.
- I can't wait.

I can't wait.

You know, I am so glad
I have made this trip... help your esteemed colleague.

I am just tickled.

Cuff him.

- Is that necessary?
- Cuff him.

I'm sorry.

I can't wait.

- Hey, have you seen Whistler?
- No.

You know, I spent my whole career
trying to keep bad people behind bars.

Like somehow, by doing my job,
I was making the world a better place.

And then, then you hear about
what happened to someone like Sara.

Damn, it doesn't seem like there's
more bad people out there than in here.

I warned the brothers
what would happen if they failed.

If I give them more time now...

...I may as well hand them
a condom and a cigarette to go with it.

You know,
I came all the way down here.

The least you could do
is offer me an opinion.

I thought we agreed
it was best for you to not come here.

And I thought you needed
to be out in seven days.

I need to know how this delay
is gonna affect things.

Well, it won't be comfortable,
but it will be possible.

Well, thank you, James, but that doesn't
exactly ravage me with confidence.

- And what would?
- Your ass on a plane.

Four more days.

If I'm out of here by then,
I can still do it.

Trust me, it'll be fine.

I'll let the brothers know.


About Sofia...

She's fine.
Burrows is taking real good care of her.

Good luck, James.