Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 6 - Photo Finish - full transcript

Tyge tells Michael he and 'Mcfadden' where co-employees in a Nice hotel, Mahone worries he keeps observing Whistler. Having to re-plan hastily, Michael tells Linc to drug the second guard's coffee wherever he goes for lunch, and demands pictures of L.J. and Sara before he escapes. Mahone refuses a term reduction to 8 years for testimony against the government and Burrow's conspiracy: now he faces life. Tyge is stabbed dead, Lechero questions Menudo 'McGrady' and has Whistler dragged away for confession. Michael believes Mahone and Bellick's denials; T-bag offers Michael to use a ring he stole from Sammy, his rival for Lechero's confidence, to frame him for Tyge's stabbing, but Michael finds the murder knife under Mahone's bed and goes denounce Alex to Lechero, only he just walks out after accepting a 4 years deal with US Justice, Lechero administers justice his way... Linc and Sofia succeed in the drugging, but Susan finds out the brothers had a different timing planned, gets no recent pictures, Linc confesses Sara's death, Michael makes a drastic decision...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break:

Did you ask for a recent photo
of L.J. and Sara?


- Where is it?
- She showed me the pictures...

...but wouldn't let me keep them.
- All right.

I wanna know who this guy is.

Said his name was Sullins.

Alex, thanks for coming in.

- Hello, Lang.
- What's going on?

There's all kinds of suits
going through your office.

- I know you?
- Afraid not.

- Yeah, yeah. You're McFadden.
- You've confused me with someone else.

You were with the ambassador.

You don't know me, I don't know you,
but it's your job to get me out.

- We break out tomorrow.
- By 3.

- You mean a.m.
- No, I mean p.m.

We're doing this tomorrow,
during the day.

Give me the ring.

Wise decision.

You want the ring, brother?

It's more your style, man.

Hey, hey, no, no.
It's all right, it's all right.

You all go on back. Go ahead.

No, go ahead.

A word.

You should try
and be careful in the future.

Yes, sir.



Hey. What's your name?

- Tyge.
- Michael.

The Australian, you said you
knew him from Nice. Is that true?

You calling me a liar now?

He says you're full of it.
He says he was never an ambassador.

Not an ambassador, the Ambassador.

I was concierge
at the Ambassador Hotel.

I could have sworn he worked there
for a few months.


Who the hell knows, huh?
I was high half the time.

Kind of why I got fired.

Kind of why I'm in here.

What was he up to in Nice?

What, you writing a book?

MICHAEL: We're leaving at 3: 13,
that gives us three hours.

We still don't have a way out.

I'll take care of that.
I need to check it.

And the fence?
Your friend only sprayed it once.

I don't want to get electrocuted.

Would I feel better if he
sprayed it again? Yes.

Is that an option? No.

Unless he had
another reason to be there.

What are you gonna do?
Kill someone to get more spray?

I'd think about killing you
if it helped us get out.

You know what will help us
get out of here? A ladder.

Michael, where are we gonna go
once we get through that fence?

Just get me a ladder.


- This hammock's shorter than the last.
- We might need something to extend it.

All right, I'll take care of it.

I've never been to Nice.

- I hear it's beautiful.
- I wouldn't know.

I don't care if this guy knows you...

...but what I do care about is his
apparent fixation with watching you.


We'll be out of here soon enough.
He won't be a problem.

Scofield, you have a visitor.

Hey, check it out.
They roll bones in your country?

Come to my cell. I'll teach you.

You want me to come back to your cell
and roll bones, hmm?

Real subtle.

Hardy-har-har. Heh-heh.

Yeah, yeah, it's hilarious.

Tell me, are you this friendly
with all the shirtless guys in Sona?

I gave you food yesterday.
I gave you a place to sleep.

I wonder why.

- What the hell is your problem?
- Look...

...I just don't wanna have sex
with you, okay?


Is that so hard to believe?

To make it across no man's land...

...we're gonna have to disable
two of the tower guards.

I've already taken care of one.

With the other one,
we're gonna need your help.

Every day between 1 and 2,
he takes his lunch break, gets coffee.

You need to find out where
and put something in that cup.

Make sure he's unconscious.

You're dropping this on me
with three hours to go?

- I don't know what to tell you.
- Three-thirteen?

Three-thirteen is when it starts.

- We'll be on the beach by 3:25.
- In broad daylight?

The Company thinks
we're doing this at 9?

Listen, I can't lie
to these people anymore, Michael.

We need time to survey the site... figure if we can get L.J. and Sara
out of here in case they try something.

- You got the gun?
- Yeah, I got the gun.

How's L.J.? How's Sara?

They're fine.

What about the pictures?

I can't get pictures.

- I need them, Linc.
- I can't get the pictures.

How do we know they're alive?

- They're the reason I'm doing this.
- Susan says they're fine.

You're the one who's telling me
we can't trust anybody... you're vouching for this person?
- There isn't enough time.

Listen, if I don't see pictures of L.J.
and Sara by 2:30 this afternoon...

...I'm not going anywhere.

I can't seem to find
American cheese down here.

I hope you like asadero.

Yeah, this is perfect.

A couple of years ago,
I was serving in Mosul...

...and I was taken prisoner.

A few nights later, I could hear
the sound of U.S. Army helicopters.

Two klicks and closing.

My hands were still tied
behind my back and I ran.

It didn't occur to me that
if this was a rescue mission... captors could hear the choppers.

It didn't occur to me that this
was actually a hostage exchange.

And that my jumping
would be viewed as a hostile act.

I got recaptured immediately.

Six Rangers died in the firefight.

And for the next three weeks...

Let's just say, men are pigs.

Let's be clear.

This is an exchange.

If you don't try to be a hero,
you and your father will be okay.

- Okay?
- Okay.



Norman? Norman?

As you can imagine,
he prefers Lechero.


He kill you before or after
he does your taxes?


He kill you when he pleases.

I'm feeling thirsty.

Why don't you go
fix us something to drink, boy?

Maybe you ain't got the memorandum,
but I've been promoted, boy.

What you say to me?

- Hmm?
LECHERO: What's the problem?

Stumpy here and his mouth,
that's the problem.

I'm calling him out right now.

I'll talk to him. Leave.

This isn't over.


- We were just, uh...
- No, no.

The favor you owe me.
What have you found out?

A thing like this takes time.

I can't walk up to them and say:

"Hey, whoever's been betraying Lechero,
raise your hand."

I ask you to be my ears in this prison
and you hear nothing?

Every time I try and sit down,
begin sussing things out...

...Sammy changes the subject.

- Not that I'm saying he's the guy...
- I don't want to hear your theories.

I want results.

Is everything okay? Is James all right?

Yeah, he's fine.

Where is this from?

Uribe's, the roadside bodega,
a few kilometers away.

If I needed you to ID a specific guard,
could you do it?

I just don't wanna get busted.

- Could you do it or not?
- Yes.


SUSAN [ON PHONE]: Lincoln?
- Yeah.

- What is it?
- I need something.

Teodoro's harmless, man. He's a clown.

He's a dead clown.

Hey, man,
I wasn't gonna say anything...

...but, uh, last night,
I was looking for my playing cards...

...and guess what...

...I found these.

You're holding out on me.


Take them. They taste nasty.

CHEO: Man, you cannot get
a better cigar than these.

Where did you get these? Augusto?

I can't make him stop
sending them to me.

But I don't work for him,
you understand?

You sure you don't mind?


Uh, I was in the neighborhood.

You came all this way to visit?

I came to get you out of here.

I can have you in
Schaum Correctional Facility in 48 hours.

In Saint Louis?

Sullins wanted a medium security,
but, uh, I talked him down.

What sort of deal is he getting me?

Twenty-five years? Life?

The director's giving us a lot of latitude
in exchange for testimony...

...against the government
in the Lincoln Burrows conspiracy.

So how does eight years sound?

As soon as Sullins finishes up,
we can have a van ready...

I don't think so.


Well, I appreciate the effort, your effort,
but, um, I can't do eight years.

You're doing 10 now.

The government is calling in
some favors.

Once you're in the U. S,
if you don't cooperate...

...they'll charge you with everything.
That's multiple homicide counts.

Without this deal, you are gonna be
in prison for the rest of your life.

I appreciate the effort.

Your effort.

- Alex.
- I can't.


While we're getting out of here,
um, if I don't make it...

...can you make sure
this gets to my girlfriend?

All right.

You know, uh,
I could do the same for you...

Tie an anchor bend there.

I was just offering.

If I'm the one who doesn't make it
and you really wanna do me a favor...

...just hold up your end of the bargain.

I'll do everything I can.

I hope that's true.

How's that knot coming?


Did I pass your test?

I told you, I'm a fisherman.

Where are we?

We found a cell that will get us
into no man's land.

It's a longer run to the fence,
but it's gonna have to do.

Which one? Who lives there?

Papo, Cheo and Sammy.

Look, I know what you're thinking.

It's the only cell on the second floor
with a direct line to the fence...

...where we won't be seen by guards.
- How do we know they won't be there?

By 2:00 everyone should be
out in the courtyard...

...for the lunchtime soccer game.

You sure it hasn't started already?


Someone went outside the ring
to settle a dispute.

Now, anyone who affronts
our justice system in this way...

...must be punished.

Now, I know the coward
won't come forward.

But if anyone has information
about this shameful act...

...I demand to know.

SAMMY: Let's go, Menudo.
- Why?

Lechero wants you. Move your ass.


Every day I see you out in the yard.

Play your American sports,
wear your American clothes.

I don't think
I've heard you speak Spanish.

- I like to practice my English.
- Ha, ha.

And why shouldn't you?

Huh? America is a great nation.

One nation indivisible with liberty
and justice for all. Is that right?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Justice for all.

Justice for you and justice for me.

And justice for whoever killed
the blanquito in the yard.

Now, I know why you didn't say
anything out there.

But you play your silly American games
all day long...

...right in front of the stairs
where the body was found.

Now, if you don't tell me
what you saw...

...there will be consequences.

Well, I saw one person
go into the stairwell.

And then maybe a minute later
I heard an argument.

Who did you see?

So after we tie the cord off...

...we dig out the bar,
we pop open the grate and we're down.

Does anyone wanna say anything
about what we just saw out there?

What is there to say?

You said we should kill someone
and then someone gets killed.

I didn't say that.
This is what we should be focusing on.

Let's spend a couple of hours worrying
about another dead body.

- What do you want?
WHISTLER: What are you doing?

- Lechero wants you.
- I don't have information.

He doesn't want information.
He wants a confession.

- I didn't do anything.
- Listen to him, he's innocent.

If you want to confess,
you can easily switch places.

Maybe now we should start worrying
about who the real killer is, huh?

Yeah, but in this place, there could be
a hundred people on that list.

Except I'm thinking a stab wound to
the base of the neck looks professional.

I was in visitation, Kojak.

What makes you so sure
that Whistler didn't do it?

- He had the run-in with the guy.
- No, he's got too much to lose.

Whistler's gone, if not now, soon,
so it's you and me...

There is no you and me.
We're not leaving without him.

In two hours,
I'm going through that fence.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, that's right.

- Where are you gonna go to?
- Anywhere but here.

There's only one road out,
and the jungle's patrolled by police 24/7.

So again, where are you gonna go?

Three-thirteen, I'm gone.

I told you, I know nothing about this.

I shouldn't... I shouldn't be here.

I can promise you, l...
I did not kill that man.

Someone saw you
go down the staircase.

Stairca...? Is there any other proof?

- My men will find something.
- Do you see a weapon on me?

LECHERO: I didn't expect to see
a weapon on you.

Why not look for that?
Find that, you'll find the killer.

- Maybe they'll find where you planted it.
- What, I'm framing someone?

- Maybe someone's framing me.
- Who would bother?

You know why I'm here.
I have powerful enemies.

You think my judgment is swayed by
the mayor's friends? Sit your ass down.

When I was 13... mother worked for
a wealthy man as a maid.

Until one day...

...she was alone in the house
with him and he...


Everybody knew what he did.

But because he was rich...

...and we were immigrants...

...the police wouldn't even
take a report.

So a week later,
to gain access through his gates...

...I dressed as a milkman,
a lechero...

...and I made sure
that fair punishment was rendered.

Now you want to tell me
how I favor the rich?

I understand the rules here...

...and I respect them.

But why the rush to judgment?

Is there a rule saying you must convict
a suspect within 10 minutes?


We have all the time in the world.

Thank you.
Now, obviously, I'm not going anywhere.

- lf you need to talk, I'll be in my cell.
- No.

You'll be right here in this chair.

What the hell do you want?

I don't like you.

- I certainly don't respect you.
- Stop, you're hurting my feelings.

I've seen what you're capable of.

But I gotta say,
I never pegged you as a murderer.

You think I killed Tyge?

I saw the two of you
in the courtyard this morning.

I was trying to be nice to him.
He started with me.

- lf you didn't kill him, who did?
- Not me.

Come on, Brad.
Who wanted him dead besides you?

You think I killed that frog? How many
times have I had you at gunpoint?

You think I didn't wanna
pull that trigger?


Hell, I can't even kill myself.

Hey, you seen anyone see Whistler
go down the stairway?

We only been out here a minute.

Well, hurry up then.

The sooner Whistler dies,
the sooner I give you the chicken foot.

Or if you prefer,
you can give me the chicken foot.

You know, try and go out like a man.

Either way, you're getting
in the ring with me today.


Z ylafol.
It's used to anesthetize dogs.

Two drops and the guard
should be out within an hour.

I was expecting Whistler's girlfriend
to join you.

- Where is she, around the corner?
- She came to me.

I don't mind that she's helping.
I mind that you kept it from me.

What difference does it make?
We're done by tomorrow.

No more surprises, Lincoln.

- What? Say it.
- Can you get any more pictures of Sara?

Alive? No.

You didn't tell him.

You didn't tell Michael
that Sara's dead.

Can we get pictures or not?

I'm sure we can cobble
something together...

...but smart move
not telling your brother.

He seems a little sensitive to me.

This is the exchange point.

L.J. and I will be waiting.
You will meet us there.

Everything goes as planned,
you'll have your son back by 9:00.


Nine o'clock.


Which one is it?

I think the taller one.
The other always drinks orange juice.

- You sure?
- I think so, but they look the same...




Watch where you're going.

Hey, look, uh, this is a buddy's.

Please. Please, I insist.


No, really.



Thank you, anyway.

Excuse me, senor.
I just need to go to Sona.

l... And my car's run out of gas, and...

I'm sorry, I'm heading
in the wrong direction. I'm...

I really need to go to Sona.


Thank you.

Watch the lid.

My condolences.

You finally make a friend
and now he's about to die.

Damn shame.
You can stop it, you know.

If you hadn't noticed,
my position enables me to hear things.

I'm listening.

The only proof Lechero's got
is that your man went down the stairs.

- What if you had more evidence?
- Well, I don't.

But if you did?

Are you suggesting
I make something up?

Blame it on somebody
who deserves it.

Someone who's killed
and gone unpunished.

Yeah, like you, maybe.


You want me to tell Lechero
his right-hand man should die?


You don't tell Lechero squat.

Lechero knows this is Sammy's ring.

If you drop it in the blood
by the staircase...

...then yell up to Lechero
what you found...

...the whole entire prison will hear
clear-cut evidence of Sammy's guilt.

Lechero will have no choice
but to comply.

This is Sona. Don't worry
your pretty little head about it.

All you have to do is drop the ring
in the blood and say it was Sammy.

I'll take care of the rest.

You wanna save your friend's life?

Someone else has to die.

Explain your disagreement
with the Tyge-man.

From what I heard,
he knew something about you.

He thought he knew
something about me.

Opportunity and motive.
That's not a good combination.

There's discontent from many
of the prisoners over how you run Sona.

Now would not be a good time
to insult me.

No. No, no, my point is this.

You execute me, get swift justice,
and you may placate the masses.

But when they find out who really did it,
they'll know you killed an innocent man.

You're still not answering my question.
What was your disagreement?

He was a nosy guy,
he got into my business.

I'm sure he did the same
with someone else.

- Just admit that you had an argument.
- This is prison.

If someone makes accusations,
I can't back down. Respect that.

I answered your questions.

I've acquitted myself the best that I can.
What can I do to make you trust me?

I don't trust anybody today.






- We have the picture.

- How does it look?
- It looks like Sara.

I'll be at Sona in a half hour.
Meet me in the parking lot.

Is everything okay?

Hold on, hold on, hold on.


Norman? Norman St. John?




I'm waiting.

There was a complication
with the guard.

- Complications drugging the guard?
- Yeah, but it's been taken care of.

Why are you drugging the guard now
when you're escaping tonight?

- It takes that long for the drugs to work.
- They take an hour like I told you.




You're getting sloppy, Alex.

What are you talking about?

- Is this a joke?
- I stopped hiding things a long time ago.

Found that under my mattress?
Somebody put it there.

Oh. You're gonna have to do better.

Did you find some fingerprints?
Huh? Did you get some fibers?

Gonna take it to the Sona crime lab?

They got Whistler for being
in the wrong stairwell.

This is enough to get you guys
to switch places.

You know what I mean?

- What does that prove?
- Everything.

- Gonna make sure Lechero thinks so too.
- Michael.

Michael, I did not kill that man.
I did not kill the man.

What's...? What's going on?

Is everything okay?

What the hell are you doing? Huh?

What's that for?

Your father tried to be a hero.

No, no. Hey, please, please, please.

Please. No, stop. Stop.

Once I cut the spinal cord,
you won't feel a thing.

No, no, no.


No, no, no.

Susan, I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to do that.

Dad, they're gonna kill me.

What? L.J.

They got a knife at my throat.

- L.J.!
- Dad...

LINCOLN: Don 't you hurt him!
- The truth.

The truth.

Michael's getting out at 3: 13.

We're meeting him at 3:45.

Susan, we did this because we wanted
to make sure the site was safe.

That's it.
That's the reason why we did it.

Sounds to me like you're planning
another end around. Another rescue.

No, no. We're not. We're not planning...
We're not planning another end around.

No. Please, just let my son go.
Leave my son...

Come on.


Living the good life, huh?

Is that what this is?

Having too good a time here
to contemplate leaving?

I needed some time to think.

I needed some time to finalize
our agreement with the Panamanians...

...but instead,
I get dragged down here.

Yeah, I'm sure it was really hard
to convince you to come down here.

I'm gonna be honest.

I was looking forward
to seeing you like this.

But now that I'm here,
I, uh, wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Can we save this
till after he's processed?

I don't know.
Have you made up your mind?

Eight years, minimum security?

I got them down to four.

I leave for the U.S. tonight?

Once the special prosecutor
clears you...'ll be on your way.
MAHONE: Whoa, whoa.

What about a special prosecutor?

You stand in front of a guy,
tell your story...

...he determines if you're gonna be
a useful witness.

It's a formality.

It's a formality?

It's just a formality?

If it were up to me, you could rot in here
for the rest of your life.

But the Justice Department is extremely
motivated to get to the bottom...

...of this President Reynolds business.

Alex, this is 100 percent above board.

SULLINS: You've made a lot of mistakes
in your career. You and I know it.

Intentional or otherwise.

I've got eight files
in my office attesting to that.

And if you don't take this offer...

...then I assure you, it would be
the biggest mistake of your life.

- I know who killed that man.
- Sure you do.


- What do we have here?
- I found this in Alexander Mahone's cell.

Convenient to blame this on a man
who can't even be questioned.

Enough of this already. Cheo.

Get the prisoner up. It's time.


- You know Whistler didn't do this.
- He found the shank in Mahone's cell.

- Doesn't that prove I'm innocent?
- You're a joke.

You talk about equality, but at
the end of the day you're a dictator.

Just like any dictator,
you're terrified of losing your power.

Be very unwise to go any further.

You don't care who the killer is,
just as long as you get somebody.

That's all that matters.

I've determined who's guilty
and the punishment is death.

You're making a mistake,
this is murder. You know it.

- At least have the guts to admit it.
- You're right.

It's murder.



I found this in the yard.

Augusto used to give them
to me as tribute.

And now you reek of them.






He will be okay.


I question your love for your son.

He was two seconds away
from being decapitated because of you.

- I told you the truth.
- Maybe.

If you have anything else planned,
now it's scrapped.

Because what happens
if you try something?

- I know.
- Oh, good.

This is the same newspaper
as the last one.

That's what my guy could get.
He didn't give me much time.

- You think Michael's not gonna notice?
- Yeah.

- Hey, Michael, here's the pictures.
- He'll wanna see this close-up.

I'm done doing favors for you.
Get out.

I'll see you in an hour.

No football today?

No, no football today.

You my brother, Sammy?

Of course.


It's done?

Guard will be asleep in a half hour.

So we're good?

Not quite.

They, uh... They know
we're breaking out this afternoon.

- You told her?
- Man, she worked it out.

- Why didn't you lie?
- She worked it out.

So, what are we gonna do
to get the upper hand?

- Nothing.
- Think they're gonna turn them over?

- This is too dangerous. We try anything...
- What, hurt them?

Not if they want us to deliver
on Whistler, they won't.

We're playing this one straight.
No games, no surprises, all right?

Show me the pictures.

Show me the pictures, Linc.

The pictures.

I can't show you the pictures, man.

I, uh...

Why not, Linc?

She's dead, Michael.

I lied to you.

I'm sorry.

If you don't break out today,
they're gonna kill my son.

They're gonna kill L.J.

Michael, we gotta do this.

Michael, we gotta do this!


Sara's dead.

They killed her.

Man, I'm so sorry.

I loved her and now she's gone.

And it's all because of you.


Hey, take it easy.

Wh...? What?

This is your fault.


He's told me his grievance.

This fight is gonna happen.

Just think about what you're doing.

I have.


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