Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 5 - Interference - full transcript

A test with a rat proves the tower snipers are very good, so Michael figures breaking out with Whistler within 24 hours has to be at 3 PM, during a distracting soccer game. Sucre accepts ...

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NARRATOR: Previously on Prison Break:
What are you doing?
I have what you need, and I'll give you the rest...
...after I know that Sofia, L.J., they're all safe.
My book.
My book.
MAN: Get up.
-What is this place? -Where we're gonna make the exchange.
A warehouse five miles down the road.
Be there in 20 minutes with my son.
They must've closed the roads out of Panama.
Papa, what do we do?
LINCOLN: Whistler pretending he's a fisherman?
MICHAEL: lf he's not a fisherman, what is he?
I don't care what he says. I don't know anything about Michael Scofield.
Are you sure you don't wanna change your story, Fernando?
I guess this is where I say goodbye.
Hey, my truck.
What are we gonna do now?
MAN: Hey, hey. No.
Do you have a cell phone? Uh...
WHISTLER: I lost them. You need to pick me up.
Where are you?
Let me guess.
-If anything happens to him-- -That depends, doesn't it?
I'm at the warehouse like you said. Where are you?
Chasing your buddy. Where do you think I am?
Why don't you get back here?
I have L.J. and Sofia, ready to do the exchange.
-I'll call you back. -What?
-Plan's shot, she's there. -All right, now what?
Well, took me two weeks to hook up that warehouse.
-We'll figure something out. -I can fix this. I was--
-You were calling them to pick you up. -So no one else would get hurt.
You really think I would put anyone's life at risk?
You already have.
I can't go back to Sona, Papa. I can't.
FATHER: You're not going back to Sona.
Okay, okay.
Do you want some more?
Or do you wanna tell me where Michael Scofield is?
I don't know where he is.
RAFAEL: You know, the first day you started here...
...I knew there was something off about you.
I guess I just know a con when I see one.
Well, you'll get to be employee of the month.
-I'm waiting. -There's been a change in venue.
Oh, well, well, well. I finally get to talk to the brains of the outfit.
We're at the Plaza de Francia.
So you're thinking public place, safety in numbers.
Witnesses to protect you.
I'm thinking public place, wanted men, police.
Lots of witnesses to identify you.
Plaza de Francia, 1 0 minutes. Be alone.
Round everyone up.
It's anarchy in here. We gotta hide.
I gotta help him.
He's the most hated person. We start rubbing elbows with him again--
BAGWELL: He gave me a home.
He gave me third-degree burns. He can go to hell.
I owe him this much.
You don't wanna help, then don't.
Get out of here.
Just a few more steps, patrَn, few more.
Then it's home sweet home.
This is my house.
Whoa, whoa. Easy now.
Get out.
Come here right now.
-He's gonna get us killed. -He's gonna get us out of here.
What can I get you?
Club soda.
You've been to Panama before?
First time.
What did you do back in the States?
I'm in sort of a transitional period right now.
In between jobs.
Sorry to hear, huh?
Yeah, we've all been there.
I'm sure something will come up before long.
I'm hoping it's right around the corner.
[IN ENGLISH] You're gonna give me some real information on Michael Scofield.
Or it's gonna be your funeral.
I don't know where he is.
I don't know how to reach him, I swear.
Well, which one is it gonna be, papi?
-Hello, Gretchen. -Where's Whistler?
Over my right shoulder.
You know, you're the first to ever break out of Sona.
Where are they?
Bring them out.
I've worked with a lot of intelligent people in this business, but you...
Maybe you wouldn't have to worry about the Company...
...if you were on their side.
They certainly pay well.
There they are.
Give me Whistler and I will give you L.J.
You move, you're dead.
MAN 1 : Wait for handoff. MAN 2: Roger that.
SUSAN: What is he doing? MAN 2: I've lost him.
This is not the point of exchange. Just a confirmation everyone's alive.
They're alive. Let's trade.
You'll get a call in five minutes telling you where to go next.
And when the exchange is over and L.J. is safe... and I are gonna spend some quality time.
When the exchange is over, you better run for your life.
One more stop.
There's a storm brewing out there in the yard.
You tell them come in, I'm not scared.
Well, I am.
You might wanna put that down.
Now, Teodoro...
You're the last one I expect to see at my side.
-I take offense, patrَn. -I've had many foot washes.
Many men have come in with sheep's clothing...
-...only to let the wolf come out. -Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I am not trying to hurt you. I am trying to save you.
Save me?
I'm gonna die here.
Your life is in jeopardy just being with me.
Not necessarily.
As I was being escorted back inside today... of the guards offered us a chance to buy our freedom.
If a guard spoke to you, he was lying. It's impossible, it can't happen.
Maybe you've been too busy dying to notice...
...but there's a new colonel outside.
Little Susie Sona ain't playing so hard to get no more. She has a price.
And we're gonna need some money.
Then you will die in here.
-Michael. -The lobby of the Museum of Antiquities.
SUSAN: Why? -Because that's where Whistler is.
You're overthinking things.
I've seen it too many times before.
First plan goes to hell, then you start tap dancing.
And trust me, it always ends badly.
You have five minutes.
You know what to do.
-What's so funny? -You.
Thinking you're gonna outsmart my uncle.
Metal detectors. And here I thought we were building a circle of trust.
Come to the southwest corner of the first floor.
Fine. But that's it.
No more stops on your guided tour.
If I don't walk out of here with Whistler, I'm gonna snap L.J.'s neck.
And, yes, I can do it.
Here we go.
-Is everyone in position? MAN: Roger that.
It's the last bottle of rum.
Goodbye, patrَn.
How much did he want?
Fifty thousand.
We're not in Tijuana haggling over a blanket.
We're talking about your life.
Even if I could find the money, who could I trust to bring it in?
There is one person.
How do you know James?
You're working my last nerve. Move your ass.
Everybody stays cool, we will all walk out of here.
As soon as we get L.J., you get Whistler.
But L.J. comes to us first.
Go ahead.
Thank God you're safe.
What about the coordinates?
You said first thing you would do...
...once you had Whistler was to get the rest of the coordinates.
Is she serious?
I'll give her what she wants when we get out of here.
-Darling, it's not safe. We need to go. -I want to see them.
Sofia, come on.
-Let's get out of here. -Wait, wait, wait.
-Sofia. -You wrote those numbers on paper.
Gave half at Sona, promised to give the other half now.
-I know, we'll discuss it later. Come. -Welcome to the real world.
I'm sick of jumping through hoops to keep princess in a bubble. Go.
This is between us.
-Where are the coordinates, Susan? -There are no coordinates.
Come on.
SUSAN: James, stop kidding yourself. It's time to leave.
What the hell are you still doing here?
If I were you and couldn't bring weapons inside...
...I'd have agents at every exit ready to shoot as soon as we stepped outside.
Well, then, it really doesn't matter what exit you take, does it?
Gonna go out that door.
Maybe you should take that door.
Actually, that door is locked in the event of an emergency.
-What emergency? -This one.
We're all walking out of here.
That's very dramatic, calling the cops on yourself.
You must really wanna go back to Sona.
They're not looking for a con, Gretchen. They're looking for a thief.
Whatever I told you, it was always to protect you.
Now, you'll understand if you'll just let me explain.
All this because I knew Michael Scofield?
-[IN ENGLISH]Tell me where he is. -I don't know!
Even if I knew...
All right.
It'll be here shortly.
And now that we have the money, how do we get it to the guard?
We don't.
What do you mean, we don't?
We were supposed to bribe the guard. That was the plan.
This is the plan.
BAGWELL: This is business.
You, of all people, should understand.
-Help me hold him down. -What are you talking about?
Do it.
Do it!
LECHERO: Oh, Teodoro.
Teodoro, Teodoro, Teodoro.
It's just a matter of time anyway.
Well, from one thief to another...
...out of respect, make it quick.
If you don't fight me, I will.
Adiَs, Norman.
Over here.
MAN 1 : What's the problem? -I found this in his pocket.
MAN 2: Would you care to explain this?
I've got no idea what it is.
It's plastic. It's from the gift shop. Now, if you'll excuse us.
-What? MAN 1 : Stay where you are.
WHISTLER: Why? -Where's your identification?
LINCOLN: Sofia. Come on.
L.J. : Dad. Dad, you can't do this.
You can't. The cops are gonna ask questions.
-You've gotta go. -I'm not going, I'm not leaving.
SUSAN: What are you gonna do, James?
You go back and you'll get arrested and that won't do any of us any good.
I will kill you now for what you've done to her.
SUSAN: Enough!
I did what I had to do to get you out, period.
You remember what's at stake, James.
We're moving.
-Stop the van. I can't leave her. -She already left you.
L.J. : Dad. LINCOLN: I'm not gonna leave her.
Dad, you've gotta go. Hey, I'll stay with her.
I promise. You've gotta go.
Dad? Go. Go.
Hey, can I get some help?
Do you have everything?
Book is gone.
What do you mean, gone?
Is it true?
Lechero? He's...
He's really...
How do you want me to give you this?
The guards, they won't let me in anymore.
I only want what I asked for.
Hold on to the rest for a few days.
If you were to consider leaving with all that...
Well, I just want you to know, I'd be very cross with you.
I've been known to have a bit of a temper problem...
...when betrayed.
A deal's a deal. You've done so much for me.
You have my word.
No, no.
It's okay.
I'll wait for you.
You ready?
I'm all right.
RAFAEL: Where is Michael Scofield?
Where is Michael Scofield?
[IN ENGLISH] lf it's him, you're gonna find out where they are.
Or I'm gonna answer it myself... they can hear you scream when I blow your head off.
-Hello? -Sucre, thank God.
-When you didn't show up with boat-- -I'm really sorry about that, papi.
I got into a little bit of trouble here at work.
Are you all right?
-Yeah. -Where are you?
-You guys got L.J.? -Yeah, he's fine.
-What about Linc? ls he okay? -He's fine.
Are you sure you're all right?
I'm fine.
It all worked out.
I'm about to catch a bus, papi. Take care.
Kill me if you want.
No, papi.
You're gonna wish we had.
Lechero is dead!
Lechero is dead.
I come before you now to bury the man.
Not to praise him.
Well, there's nothing praiseworthy about his rule here.
Having one of our own dictate to us?
Well, that's just not the natural order.
All cons are equal.
-Yeah! -Yeah!
I have the last remnants of Lechero's cruel empire... my hand.
An empire which I willingly participated in...
...and witnessed firsthand.
Made of off your backs and off the backs of your family.
It's yours.
And I'm here to tell you, I'm giving it back.
I'm giving it back. I'm giving it back.
Giving it back.
Welcome home, papi.
-She's gonna be okay. LINCOLN: Good.
Uncle Mike, um, I wanted to wait until we were safe to do this.
But I found this in the room where Sara and I were held.
I thought you might wanna have it.
I'm sorry.
MICHAEL: Thanks.
LINCOLN: How's Sofia doing?
L.J. : She's good. LINCOLN: Good.
L.J. : Cops will be leaving soon.
-And you can go up and see her then. LINCOLN: Good.
L.J. : She wanted me to tell you something.
She said there's something in her apartment underneath her bed.
-Something about Whistler. LINCOLN: I'm not interested.
What is it?
Michael, this is over. It's done.
I said, what is it?
MAHONE: You're late.
And you owe him for my drinks.
MAN: Give us a minute.
That's a nice tip.
She handles the money.
You in?
She'd better be able to handle a lot more than that.
Because if she has done what you think she has...
She's the weak link.
And he will find her.
And then Scofield will find you...
...and me.
-And I'm not paying for your mess. -Are you in or are you out?
I'm in.
-Linc? -Yeah?
I need your gun.
Jason Lief.
LINCOLN: You heard of this guy?
No. If he's important to Whistler, he's important to me.
-Whoa, slow down. -I get to Whistler, I get to Gretchen.
No. This is the one chance you, me and L.J. have of sticking together.
They killed Sara, Linc.
I'm sorry about that.
I know.
Listen, man, I...
I did everything I could, you know.
-Everything. -I know you did.
But I gotta go.
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