Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 4 - Good Fences - full transcript

Lincoln finds the content of the dreadful box left by Susan but he does not tell Michael during his daily visit. Michael asks Lincoln to contact the gravedigger. He meets with Susan, who tells him that they are just soldiers, from different armies. Michael distracts the paranoid Mahone, who is having hallucinations, asking him to get a black pen to forge some documents, and borrows the crucifix from McGrady. When there is a failure in the power supply to Sona, Lechero asks Michael to fix it. Lechero calls the Colonel and he and Michael go to work in the no man's land between the prison and the fence. Meanwhile Sofia visits Whistler and she presses him to disclose the break-out plan. She then seeks out Lincoln and tells him that she wants to help him. Lincoln tells Sofia and Sucre what happened to Sara and schedules a meeting with Sona's gravedigger, who asks for US$15,000.00. Bellick tries to approach to Michael and then he betrays him telling Lechero that Michael is plotting to escape from Sona. T-Bag kills Lechero's drug dealer, Nieves and he is invited by Lechero to work for him distributing drugs in Sona. T-Bag gives heroin to Mahone.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break.

I just want to go.

It's okay.

What special talents do you
have that The Company might

make the decision that you are
worth more to them alive than dead?

Be careful, Alex.

Were you able to
find my book? Yeah.

But there was
this guy. He took it.

He said to tell you that
Scofield's brother has it now.

You're gonna have to
break them out of there.

LJ! Sara!

You're never going to
try anything like that again.

But just to make sure, I left you
a little something in the garage.

What's so interesting out
there, other than our freedom?

The vine's alive, so the
fence is dead. No current.

Yeah? Everyone in here
knows that fence doesn't work,

and it doesn't
mean a bloody thing,

'cause there are soldiers
out there that'll shoot you dead

before you get
within 30 yards of it.

Well, I guess I got a
lot of work to do, don't I?

Listen, mate, I get what
you're doing with my book.

They hold your girlfriend,
you hold what they want.

Countering needs. Churchill 101.

Soon those bastards are going
to ask me what progress I've made

in figuring out what they
want, and I'm going to say nil,

'cause Lincoln
Burrows has the book.

You know what?

Threatening the brother of the guy
who's supposed to get you out of here

might not be the smartest move.

I'm not threatening.
We're on the same team.

But if we play games with that
book, people who want me out of here

will take action against us all.

I never worry about action,
only inaction. Churchill 101.

Now, like I said, I
got a lot of work to do.

Linc, you all right?

I'm sorry, man. I'm just... All this stuff,
it's starting to get to me, you know.

Listen, our situation could
change very, very soon.

The grave digger for the prison,
I need you to reach out to him.

Tell him what?

It's all written down. But
we gotta get started now.

What are you not telling me?

All these people that have been
hurt because of me, you know, it's...

I'm so sorry, Michael.

They did this, not you.

Okay? It's not your fault.

Just get to the grave digger. I
feel like we're running out of time.


I am just a soldier in this
war, Lincoln, just like you.

I did not want to do that.

Can you even comprehend
the intimacy of the mechanics

of what I had to do to
that woman? It's horrible!

Now, if you and your brother are
done playing games, LJ will be fine.

If not, the last thing I want to do is
start mailing pieces of him to you.

But if you push me, and
not even that far, I will.

I'll do anything you want.
Just don't hurt my son.

That's really up to you.

I know the past few days
have been hard, for me, as well.

If you want to talk about it, I
know what this pain feels like.

I just want to get your boy out
of Sona and get my son back.

Michael's got a plan.

I need details.

We need to bring someone who
works at the prison onto the team.


The grave digger.

Get it done.

Lincoln, I'm going
to need that book.

The Company did handwriting
analysis on the one you gave me,

and yours hasn't
changed since high school.

Just soldiers, Linc. Different
armies, but soldiers just the same.


I was the best in my school.

All girls?

Kiss my ass, bro.

Twenty bucks says
you can't do that again.

Bet. Wait.

Adjust for wind.

Shut up.

It's just a bit outside.

Hey, bro, you know I don't have
that kind of verde lying around.

It's going to take a while.

The thing is, I
don't have a while.

So, unless you want to...

No, no more favors.

All right. Then I'll borrow that
cross of yours. I'll take it in trade.

My dad gave me this.
Besides, it's not even real gold.

That's why I need it. Look, I'll
give it back, okay? It's just a loan.

Come on. I gotta go.

This time, I wanna know why.

It's light again.

Somebody's getting fat off of
everything I've built, while I rot in here.

Don't get upset, patron.

I only have a few more
hours. Let's be nice.

This motherless bitch.


You just get here? Yes.

Listen, I've been thinking
about our little talk, and...

You're in.

I'm in, okay.

Just like that?

I really don't have
a choice, do I?

What's the plan?

I'm working on it.

Meanwhile, I
could use your help.

What do you need?

A black felt-tipped pen.

A pen? Yeah.


Some documents
that need altering.

I'll explain it to you later,
but right now, I need that pen.

Okay? Yeah.

And I'll tell you what else I need. I
need you to get your act together.

I need you to bring yourself under control,
because you're attracting attention,

and that we don't need.

I'm under control.

Of course you are.

This is what happens
when a system is overloaded.

See? Look. Power is out.

Son of a...

Fix it.

I'm a truck driver.

Hey, Alex.

Hey, glad I found you.

Just wanted to see how
you're holding up in here.

Just dandy.

Yeah, well, I've been having
a tough time of it myself.

And I was figuring it
shouldn't be that way for us,

seeing as how we're the
only lawmen here in taco hell.

Hey, whoa, hang on
a second there, Alex.

You and me, we were a team
on the outside, remember?

I was your dog, and I still
got a lot of bark left in me.

I'm busy, Brad.
What do you want?

You and Scofield, you're
up to something, right?

You can tell me, one
badge to another. I can help.

Do you have a
black felt-tipped pen?

Not on me.

Then you can't help me.

I know.

You know what?

I know you're trying to escape
from here with that man, Scofield.

Please, don't lie to me.

Lincoln Burrows, he
told me everything.

There are some very powerful
people that want me out of here.

And they want those
brothers to get me out.

Why? I'm not sure.

Has something to do with
a charter I did in Seattle.

What I do know is their end
game is exactly the same as ours,

and that's me
out of this hellhole.

And once that happens, you
and I will disappear forever.

But I don't wanna
involve you in this mess.

I want to help. It's
way too dangerous.

I'm not asking your permission,
James. I'm telling you.

I can do this on my own,

or you can tell me what you know,
we can work it through together.

I don't understand
everything that's going on,

but these brothers, they're obviously
trying to find out what they can about me.

Let's see what we can
discover about them.

Find out what their plan is,
see what they're all about.

But they're trying to get you
out, and you don't trust them?

I don't trust any of these
guys, and you shouldn't, either.

If you insist on getting into
this, promise me you'll be careful.

Because God knows, I will
die if anything happens to you.




I said I needed a
black felt-tipped pen.

It's black.

It's not what I need.

Keep looking.

He's playing you.

He's playing you.
Do not trust him.

Your amigo, the American.

He's a builder, an engineer, no?

He's no amigo of mine, boss.

And trust me, you do not want
to get under the covers with that...

Is he or is he not an engineer?

Well, yeah, but...


What do you know
about electricity?

Only that we don't
have any right now.

Let me tell you something.

This phone keeps all the
food coming through the gate.

It keeps my business
running. It keeps Sona running.

Electricity die, phone
die. Phone die, we die.

We die or you die?

Boy, you have enough education,
but you're not being smart.

Now, I come to you,
that is an opportunity.

Be wise and take advantage.
Now, can you fix the electricity,

just like you fixed the water?

It's not that simple.

The water pipes
are inside the prison.

The electrical lines are
probably running underground

along an exterior wall, which
means they're out there somewhere

in no man's land.

So, you can fix the power?

Last I checked, they shoot
prisoners who go out there,

so I'm thinking
the answer is no.

Now you listen to me, and
you listen closely, water boy.

Like it or not, soldiers or not,

you're going out
into no man's land.

It's a suicide mission.

I'll make some calls.

And you're gonna keep me safe?

As best I can.

I don't think I can do this.

No, no, no, no, no.

You will help me with this.
Look, I will do something for you.

I'll get you a new pillow, a
goose-feather like mine, or a small TV.

All right. Get me that.


It's the first one to get
sunlight in the morning.

You get me that cell,
I'll get you electricity.

Hey, Linc.

Look, bro, I'm gonna be
out of your way real soon.

I saw these flyers for
migrant workers in Colombia.

It's coffee-bean season, and
they're letting Panamanians in,

so I figure with a good ID, I could
pass. Bus leaves today, okay?

All right, before you
get out of here, man, I...

I'm meeting someone,
and I need a translator.

Linc, I appreciate everything
you've done for me...

It'll just be a couple hours. It'll
just be a couple hours, that's it.

When I was 15, my
cousin told me about a job

that only lasts a few hours,
and I got three months in juvie.

I can't do this without you.

I'm in Panama, I don't
speak the language...

And I can't miss that bus.

I'm gonna make
money and send it home.

On the run or not, I'm
gonna be a dad, Linc,

and you out of all people
should understand that.

I spoke to James.

He confirmed what you
told me about the escape.

You and I, we both have
people in there we care about.

Please, let me help you.

Your Spanish as
good as your English?

Yes, Colonel. I just
have one favor to ask.

It's just outside of the gate.
No, you can bring your men.

The phone is dying.

Make him one.

This is it?

Not everyone has it yet.

We let credit go a week,
and there is still time.

The money's in
your veins, adicto.

No, patron. I don't use anymore.
I swear to you. I swear to you.

I swear to you. I swear to you.

Chin up, pal of mine, chin up.

Si, Colonel.

Yes, thank you, Colonel.
We'll be right there.

Come with me.

Excuse me. Do you...

Do you have a pen? Pen.

Not the brush but
the pen. Pen! Pen!

No, pintura.

Damn the pintura. Yeah.

He's leaving you.

He's leaving you, he'll be gone, and
you'll be stuck in this maze forever.

Thank you for arranging
this for us, Colonel.

I'm getting something out
of this as well, I assure you.

You know you can fix
this electric problem?

I won't know for sure until we can
start digging, but, yes, I think so.

My men will shoot you
in the back of the head

if you so much as
look at the fence, huh?

And you, patron, if anything goes wrong,
it will not only be his life that is lost.

You have my word on that.

It's no worries, Colonel.
I'll keep this boy in line.

I'll dig.

I don't need your help.

Hey, come on
now, don't be proud.

I heard you talking just
yesterday, talking to Mahone,

you know, about how us
Americans should stick together.

So I help you now, and I'm sure you'll
help me down the road, right, Mikey?

What is it, a '66 or a '67?

The car.


What is it, 325 horses?


What's he saying?
He recognizes me,

but he doesn't realize
it was at the prison.

Ask him does he want
to make enough cash

to get this car
cherry by next week.

He knows we're not
talking about cars.

That's right.

Come on, Scofield, I know
you're getting out of here.

I heard it all about
you and the limey.

I'm just fixing the
electricity, boss.

Yeah, right, and I'm just
single 'cause I'm choosy.

Don't make me tell
anyone what I know.

What is it you think you know?

Something called The
Company wanted you in here

to work with that
Whistler guy. Am I warm?

What's The Company? What
do they want with Whistler?

I don't know, but you do.

It doesn't sound like
you know much after all.

I don't need to know
how to change a diaper

to know when it
stinks to high hell.

You're doing
something here, Scofield.

You're right, I am.

I'm fixing the electricity. Now,
you wanted to help dig? Dig.

Hey, this is it.

I assume we're doing more
than just playing electrician.

Don't worry. We're exactly
where we need to be.

The heat's getting to me,
Scofield. It's quitting time.

You mind telling me why
he's even out here with us?

He knows something's up.

And how the hell
does he know that?

Let's just say I
have a bit of a rep.

From Fox River?

I know who you are, mate.
Figured it out just lately.

It finally made sense why they'd
pick you of all people to send here.

No worries.

It's in my interest to
keep your little secret.

But Bellick can't be trusted.

I can handle Bellick.
He's not in on this.

Okay, good.

But Mahone is.


He's looking about as
stable as a three-legged chair,

and he's escaping with us?

No, he just thinks he is.

But he needs his meds.

Without them, he'll self
destruct. It's just a matter of time.

And if he doesn't?

I'll string him along, tell
him what he wants to hear,

and then I'll cut him loose.

How do I know you're not
going to do the same thing to me?

You don't.

You need a hookup, my friend?


Take your time.
I don't hard sell.

My product speaks for itself.


I took something that's

a prescription drug called Varatril.
And I was wondering if you...

This ain't no farmacia,
but what I got right here,

it's better than anything your
doctor gave you back in the States.

That's tar.

Just take a taste,
algo pequenito.

You know, keep it in check.

I don't have any
money right now.

Then I don't have any drugs.

But there are a few ways for a man
to make a few dollars in Sona, though.

Servicing the needs of others
is not something I'm into...

You think I'm a punk?

I'm just helping you get well, my
friend. Just helping you get well.

Senor Lechero.

Senor Lechero.

What do you want? Look,
I know you're a busy man,

but I wanted to tell you, I don't
know exactly what he's doing,

but Michael Scofield's
taking you for a ride.

No, cerdo. I don't think so.

Listen, I heard him talking about escape
yesterday, about breaking out of here.

If he's talking about escape,

why are you here telling me
and you're not going with him?

I would if he'd let me, but
he's already cut me out.

He says he's square, but I know
the son of a bitch is up to something.

So I figured, if I ain't
running, I might as well tell you

and that'd make my time
in here a little bit easier.

Every man fantasizes
about escaping from Sona.

Yeah, but they aren't all in
no man's land with shovels.

I gave him the
shovels. Get him out.

I gave him shovels, too, and
guys to work with, just like you.

I worked in the
prison he broke out of.

He said he was doing me a favor,
fixing damage from a fire he started.

And you know what I got?

Hog-tied and left in a
pipe under my own prison.

There's nothing he can do.
The soldiers are watching him.

That's what I thought, until he
tunneled out of my guard's room.

He's buried something
in a junction box out there

and covered it with dirt. I
saw him. Go see for yourself.

If I'm lying, I'm dying.

Trouble keeps finding you
here in Sona, doesn't it?

Let's take a walk, huh?

There are rumors about
that you're trying to trick me.

I'm just doing what I'm told.


Let's hope for your
sake that's true.

But just to make sure,

let's go on out to no man's land
and see what you buried there.

Just wanna make sure my men
are doing a good job for the Colonel.

Get in there.

Get in there.

Open it.

Move the dirt. Now!

It's duct tape to
fix the frayed wires.

That's why the power
was so inconsistent.

I didn't want the tape to come
loose, so I packed it down with dirt.

It's beautiful.

Where you going?

I gotta turn the main
power switch back on.

I had to turn it off so we
could work on the wire safely.

I'll come with you.

It's just a switch. I
can handle it myself.

You can, but you won't.

Hey, water boy, it's back here.

I don't need the
chain, just the cross.

It's the perfect size and it's not
real gold, so it won't conduct current.

Keep the circuit open. No power
even when the main switch is turned on.

Take the cross out,
Sona lights up again.

Lechero find out you messed
with his electric, you're dead.

That's why he
can't ever find out.

Now, don't make me come get
you. Nobody back there can help you.

It's some kind of mistake.
It should be working.

The only mistake I made
was trusting you. Sammy.

Transformer delay.
It's an old prison.

Now, if you don't mind, I'd
like to move into my new cell.

Thank you for your
words before, blanco.

Working for Lechero, not an
easy field to plow, comprende?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I comprend.

But you and me,
we're amigos, Nieves.

When Lechero is in a better
mood, I'm gonna put in a good word,

help you, how you
say, move up the ladder.

I appreciate it, compadre,
but I was always taught

that God helps those
that help themselves.


Because that's what he wanted.

Relax. I'll get you the money.

And I will meet you there. Okay.

How are you holding up?

I just wanna get this done.


Stay here. I'm coming with you.

Stay here.

Do you expect me
to stay here and wait?

I don't care what you do.

You don't care?

Who the hell are you
to say you don't care?

You're not the only
one affected by this.

Yeah, I know,
that's the problem.

But you will still run off
and do whatever you want?

What kind of a man
are you that just...

They killed Sara and put her head
in a box! And they've got my son!

Oh, Linc, I'm sorry.

You still here?

Lechero wants to talk to you.

I was just about to
get a little trim here.

Lechero said I was
looking all bhutu!

It'll wait.

Did you know about this?

Do you know anything about this?

Me? No! No! Nieves...

Nieves, we was friends, man.

Yeah, that's right!

Now, if you knew that he
was using and didn't tell me,

his death is on your head.

Patron, patron,

patron, I don't know nothing
about drugs. I don't. I don't.

I mean, hell, I... I tried me
some reefer when I was 12,

I almost coughed up a lung.


That's good, Teodoro.

There appears to be
an opening on my crew.

McGrady, here's
your cross back and

thank you.

You're a real smart guy.

What the hell are
you doing in prison?


It's perfect.

How did you get it?

It's what you wanted, right?

Yeah. Good work.

So what's the next step?

We wait and I'll
keep you posted.

You know what you need to do.

What do you think?

I know you fixed the
electricity for a reason.

But it can't have been to make that
fence sizzle like the third bloody rail.

Unless you want to
make the Colonel happy.

Actually, it's in both of our best interests
to make that fence as deadly as possible.

Now all we got to do
is wait for my brother

to come through
with the grave digger.

He wants more.

You said 15,000.
You said 15,000!

You said 15,000!
You said 15,000!

Lincoln, I got it.

No! No! No! No!

What the hell are you
doing? We need him!

He will sell us out to the cops after
he takes as much as he can from us.

No! No!

He's packing up to go.

Kill him. He's gonna betray you.

Kill him.

Good news, Agent Mahone.

Due to the untimely demise
of Senor Juan Nieves,

I have now been
promoted manager in charge

of retail distribution
and customer liaisons.

Get away from me.

All in due time. Now,

I'm not your mama, and I
ain't one to wipe others' noses,

but let's just say
you've looked better.

I want nothing from you.

But sure seems
you need something.

On the arm, no strings attached.

Get your head straight, Alex.

Come on in, man. Come
watch the match. Come.

Oh, yeah. You guys call
this football down here, right?

Very good, very good.

It's World Cup, football without
the silly hats you wear in America,

where they all jump on top each
other like a bunch of batty boys.

Have a seat. Come.

Teodore, cafe.

The only thing I hate more than
a rat is a rat with bad information.

Yeah, look, I'm sorry about all
that, but my information was good.

It's just that Scofield
is a tricky bastard.

He'll try something
again. You'll see.

Wait! Wait a minute! Come on,
guys. What are you doing to me?

Come on! I gave
you good information!

Scofield's planning to
escape! I'm telling you!

He's a sly bastard!

Come on, guys. Come
on. What are you doing?

Don't do this to me.
What are you doing? Don't.

Look, I gave you
good information.

Now, look, you said
something this morning about,

"If I'm lying, I'm dying." Just be
thankful I don't hold you to that.

Come on, Bagwell, help me
here, man! Come on. Bagwell!

You left this in your old cell.

Thanks, Alex.

You're welcome.

It's funny that you could forget
something as important as this is.

Well, I'm glad
you found it for me.


Oh! Oh, look.

You are breathing only
by my grace, Michael.

Now, you remember the next time that
you're going to send me on a goose chase.

Okay? I didn't.

No, no, you did. And you
think you can manipulate me,

just like you did
Sucre and Tweener

and Haywire.

I'm not your errand boy. I'm going
to go with you when you escape.

And if you think, in any way,

that you'll leave me,

I will put this piece of metal right in that
very small space right between your eyes.

I will.

How's LJ? How's Sara?

They told me they're fine.

Listen, the grave
digger, he's gone.

What do you mean he's gone?

Linc, we can't do
this without him.

I know, I know, that's why
we went to his supervisor,

the guy who approves
any hires for that job.

It turns out he could
use some cash.

Mail call.

This is how we're getting out?


With a little help
from an old friend.

What is that?


It's a chemical that kills the odors
caused by decomposing bodies.

And when heated
to a certain degree...

it eats through steel.