Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 8 - Bang and Burn - full transcript

Lincoln tells Michael that they have four more days to rescue Whistler, but Michael is upset with his brother that used him. Gretchen has a meeting with General and they decide to use power...

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?S?????F ?֦^?h
We're losing the light Go back


Is it your cell?

?A?dzƶV?? ????Ẹ?w????
You are breaking out of this prison, Mr. Scofield.

And you're taking me with you.

So with this deal

what specifically are they expecting from me?

They need to know everything.

They want to confirm that you have viable,

incriminating information

and that you can be a cooperative witness.

Show me the pictures.

?S?Ӥ??? ?S??
I can't show you the pictures, man.

?o???F ?ڧJ
She's dead, Michael.

???O???n?F ?A?̦n?O?ӳo??
I thought we agreed it was best for you to not come here.

I need to know how this delay is going to affect things.

four more days

If I'm out of here by then

I can still do it.

I'll let the brothers know.


You like this?


It's a special occasion.

My dad's coming today,

so I'm just gonna wait here till he shows up.

You look sharp.


????Ẹ?w ???X??
Scofield , you have a vistor

-LJ ?L?? ? -?٬???
-LJ. Is he ? -Alive.

Giving us four more days.

Okay, good.

ť?? ?b????a?I
Listen, back at the exchange point,

I saw three body bags.

?A ?? ?٦?LJ??
You, me and LJ,

we weren't getting out of there alive.

That's the last time I get caught flatfooted.

???N?h???A?Ӱ????? ?L??
Then do what you got to do, Linc.

?ڷ|?ަn?ڳo?ت??? ????
As long as I take care of my end, right?

?ڧJ?ڪ??D??Ԫ??? ?A?ܥͧڪ??? ??
Michael, I know you're angry with me about Sara, but

You lied.

I had to lie.

Your son is my nephew,

and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him.

But apparently

apparently you only think I only care about myself.

I know you don't care about yourself,

but you cared about Sara.

You loved her.

And I'm sorry.

But LJ's my son.

?? ?ڤ??????L????
I-I couldn't let anything happen to him.

You know that.

?A?Q?ΤF?? ?L??
You used me, Linc.

So I guess you and the Company have something in common.

I don't know where he is.

I have tried every number I have.

ť?? ?ڷ|?A?h?`???d?d
Listen I will check back in headquarters

and see what they say.

Never mind.

I found him.

Carter Blue Label.

You always had such

high-end taste for a girl from Wheeling.

Since I paid for it

?A???D?ڦ??h??h??|?B?b?i ??p?^
You know how much I hate to travel, Gretchen

???O?Ҽ{??o?ت????p ?ڤ??o???}?ҨӤ@??
but considering the mess down here, I made an exception.

?b?ڨӤ??e ?o?شN?V?ä???
It was a mess before I got here.

And it's time to clean it up.

We're ending this today.

Bang and burn.

?N?x ?ڤw?g???R?L?F
General, that was analyzed.

What you're asking for

?ӦM?I?F ???p
is too dangerous, not to mention

next to impossible with the given time frame.

I remember

a substantial wire transfer to an offshore account

that took the word"impossible"

out of the equation or tell me,

did I hire the wrong person?

?????A???ƭn?T?? ?]?O?ڪ??u?@
I am doing my job when I tell you to seriously reconsider.

???{?b ?ڭn???ڪ??N???F
And now, I have to do my job.

I don't pay you to be my advisor.

You're my operator.

?A????R?O ?N?o????????
You have your instructions, now get it done.

Beuse if you don't,

I'll make what happened to you in Mosul

feel like a massage.

?o??ƬO?ӿ??~ ??p?^
This was a big mistake, Gretchen.

You can't make a habit of coming to Sona.

I won't.

Because we're going with the bang and burn .

That's suicide.

We have more time.

My boss wants things to move a bit faster.

Well, tell him you can't pull it off.

I might get killed if we do this.

And I might get killed if we don't.

Between you and me,

who do you think I care about more?

?ݵۧ? ??i??
Look at me, James.

See if you can tell how serious I am.

If you don't play ball,

I will leave you in Sona to rot.

I promise.

5?I?? ?dzƦn
Be ready by 5:00.

That's when it happens.

Everybody goes.

What about Scofield?

Kill him.

?p?G???H?ݨ?ڭ̭ǻ??? ?A???D??G??
You know the consequences if I'm seen talking to you?

The military's reinforcing the bars on all the windows.

Can you talk to the colonel,

get him to postpone that for a few days? .

After your performance yesterday,

I have no further sway with the colonel.

Well, then I'm afraid you've brokered your way

into an escape plan that no longer exists.

I have an idea.


Wait to hear from me.


Some of the men don't feel the need to pay their debts anymore.

It's been one week, man,

and we lost three men.

?{?b ?p?G?ڭ̭n??????Ǻʺ? ?ڭ̻ݭn?H??
Now, if we gonna keep Sona, we're gonna need numbers.

?o?اڲ{?b?ֳ????H ?ר?O?{?b
I don't trust nobody here right now especially now.

I work with the men I have.

?O?? ?S???
Really, brother?

You, me

?٦????Ӽo?? ?N?a?ڭ̤T???
and the gimp over there, we gonna run this place?

I want to bring on Cristobal.

?L?a?o?? ?Ѥj
He's solid, man.

One of them Darrien ghetto boys.

Bring him up.

But I promise you nothing.

Find me anything that can sustain heavy RPGs

and small arms.

?@????w?\ ?@??B???
A Cougar, a Stryker.

Not gonna happen.

?ڽХܹL???J???h ???O
I do have a call in to a Sergeant York, but

Yeah, that's not going to cut it.

????Ĭ????? ???L?ݩR
Call Suezamel, put him on standby,

tell him we might need him.

Is there a problem?

We're doing this at 5:00?

well we could wait until tonight

when our guys are moving too fast

for our night vision to work properly.

You could even tag along if you want.

Get it done.

Escape Atrevido Disuelto


Yes, I'm trying to locate the family of Mr. James Whistler.

?? ?ڬO ?L?d?l
I-I am his I'm his wife.

Who's calling?

My name is Tommy Day.

I own the apartment building Mr. Whistler rents from.

There's been a busted pipe in his unit that's caused

some damage to the apartment next door.

I'm sorry.

I think you have confused James with someoneelse.

He's not renting another apartment.

Oh, I assure you Mr. Whistler is my tenant.

I couldn't find anyone to contact after his conviction,

but when the mail came, I checked his phone bill.

There were numerous calls to this number.

If you could please come to the apartment,

the address is 40 AbelBravo in Obarrio,

Unit 4.

Tell your men the intel says

the Panamanians have no access to SAM.


There's been a development.

The Company's giving us four more days.

-?n?? -???D?O
-Okay. -Problem is

?? ?????D?ڭ̫??X?h
I, uh, I don't know how we're getting out of here.

?ǻ??γ\????k ???٦b??
Lechero might have some ideas, but I'm still waiting

to hear from him.

?藍?_ ?A?{?b????K??
I'm sorry, is this a bad time for you?

It's been an intense 24 hours.

I have things on my mind.

Yeah, like your last trip to visitation maybe.

??? ?A?ʵ????
What, you're a spy now?

?p?G?????F?O?ǧ? ???L?o?ݰ_??
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but she didn't really strike me

as the girlfriend type.

She was Company.

?A?V?????ѫ? ?o?Ӵ?????
After your failed escape, she came to remind me

that I have a stake in this, too,

which you seem to have forgotten.

So forgive me if I don't jump for joy

when you say you're working on a plan

that may very well fail again.

I've got to get out of here,

and it's getting to the point where I don't care how.

Got what we talked about?

You never met me.

Oh, my God.

What the hell is going on?


What about Oscar Shales?

?L ?j?? ???H ?h??
He raped, killed, tortured.

I couldn't turn, turn him over

to some scumbag lawyer who was just gonna get him off or

?? ?ڥu?O
or no, no, I just

so I killed him.

?ڷPı ?ܦn
And I felt good.

I felt, I felt really good.

?M??A???D?? ?ڸ????شN?@???X?{
But then, you know, came the visions

of Shales begging for his life,

and I couldn't get rid of them,

so I, I got these drugs that kept me on an even keel.

And then when I got to Sona,

?ڮ??????? ?ҥH?ڤ??o??
I coul get my pills, so I had to


Did you want me to get drugs for you?

I assume that whoever set this up must think

that I might have some value.

It's why you came back for me.

I came here to help a man that I respect and care about.

And I appreciate that.

But I can't testify like this.



One inch of reinforced steel on every window.

Nothing would get through those.

I'll figure something out.

I know you will.

ť?? ??~?ܩ?p
Listen, man, I'm sorry about before.

?N???ڻ??? ?Ʊ??ܱo?ܺ?i?F
Like I said, things have been intense.

So much depends on this working out.

My nephew's life depends on this working.

I know it does.

???٨S?ݹL ?L?h?j?F?
I never asked how old is he?


Oh, hell.

?m?N ?m?N
Knock knocka.

What do you want?

??? ?ڥu?O?ӧ?@?ǪF??
Me? I just came by to slip something

into your mail slot.

It's from El Patron himself,

but it was made for your eyes only.


That don't look like no invitation

to the Sona-Hains Dance.

What do you got cooking up with Lechero, huh?

?????A???? ???ծ?
It's none of your business, Theodore.

You want to keep secrets?

?A???ڬO?@??Q????? ?H?K?A
You want to treat me like a pesky insect? Fine.

???ڰO?? ???? ?N???ѥ]?h
Just remember, information, like crumbs,

always trickles down to the vermin on the floor.


It's a sketch of Lechero's quarters.

?ѹ껡 ?p?G???Ыȴ??e??I?@?~???Я?
To be honest, when a tenant pays a year's rent in advance

and then gets locked up,

I normally rent the place out

?????????? ???L
and double my money, but, uh,

James was a good man.

I was hoping things would turn out well for him.

?ڻ? ?ҤH
Look, uh, miss

a lot of guys have a little something on the side.

?ڬO?? ?o?Ӥ??J ?L?ץL?a?֨ӹL?o??
This apartment, I mean, whoever he brought here,

doesn't mean he didn't love ya.

You said you have James' insurance paper?

?y?? ???W
Right on. Right on.

I'll, uh, I'll go get them.

?@ ?ڪ???
Oh, God.

There's another door in here.


4413 ??a
4413, huh?

What about Scofield?

Kill him.

You know, if Lechero didn't send this,

T-Bag might be setting me up for someone.

I say we get out of here.

?ڧJ ?A?]???ڷS?W?F?o??h?·? ?ܩ?p
I'm truly sorry you got caught up in my troubles, Michael.


I take it there's another code.

I'm the only one that knows it.

For a man who likes keeping a secret,

choosing T-Bag as a go-between

might not be the smartest move.

?O?? ???L???L?Q???ժ??ɭ? ?ڭ̦??N?]???F
Yeah, by the time he figures it out, we'll be long gone.

?Ħ̥??b?^?Ӫ????W ???a
Sammy's on his way back. Let's go.

What the hell's this?

Underground tunnel.

The old administration used it

to travel between cellblocks A and B.

?۱q?ɰʤ??? ?L?̧?ڭ̳??ಾ??FB??
After the riots, they moved us all to B.

And then the soldiers came in,

blew this tunnel up.

Looks like someone already tried to get through the debris.

I never planned to spend my whole life in Sona.

Just didn't expect it to end so soon.

?A?O?u?{?v ??a
You're the engineer, though, right?

You can dig our way out of this?

?O?? ???ڻݭn?X?Ӹ˸???
Yeah, me and a couple of payloaders.

Now, you listen.

You're gonna dig out of this place.

?ڭ̤?????X?h ???L?ڭ̥i?H?ոզV?W??
We're not digging out, but we might be diggin up.

?A?n ?????
Hello, Sofia.

?A?n ?A?O??
Hello. Who are you?

Friend of James.

Old friend.

Well, he isn't here.

I know where he is.

I can see why James loves you.

You are beautiful.

If you keep sticking your nose where

it doesn't belong,

I'm gonna make him miss you very, very much.

Do you understand what I'm saying to you?


You don't need to worry about this.

ť?M???F????? ?o?˧A?~???|????ˮ`
Now listen very carefully to me, Sofia, and you won't get hurt.

?ڭn?A?^?a?ݵ? ?????Y?v
I want you to go home and do your hair

??n???? ?dzƦn
and paint your nails and get all ready

for when James comes home.

You two will live happily ever after.

What do you want from him?

?@ ?A?S??ť?ܤF
See? You're not listening already.

Don't get in the way,

or I promise you things will get very bad for you.

You are truly beautiful.

I hope you can stay that way.

Get the hell out of here

?n?a ?p?G?ڭ̥i?H??L?Ѫ?O
All right, if we can get through

?a?? ?٦??W?????g?h
the ceiling, the foundation and the earth on top othat,

we can make it out into the middle of no-man's-land

and maybe hit the fence before we get shot.

?O?? ?ڭ̥i???Q?Q?g??
Yeah. Well, we wouldn't want that.

?諸 ???L?A?T??i?H???q ??a
Yes, but you can dig out, though, right?

Based on gravity and the kind of sand that Sona's built on,

we're gonna need some kind of support brace for the tunnel.


Or what?

???M????G?D?|?~?? ?ڭ̴N?|?Q???I
The whole thing collapses and we're buried alive.

Go on and relax, huh?

I'll get some rum.

How long will this take?

Maybe two days.

?ڱo?W?ӥh?ݬ? ????ڭ?
I got to get upstairs, estimate exactly where

in no-man's land that tunnel's gonna let out.

?A?h?? ?ڥ??Ҽ{???D?O
Where you going? I'm meditating.

Just getng rum for Cristobal and his boys.

?ԩi?s? ???L???H
Rum? His boys?

No, I said I'd meet with Cristobal,

not every half-breed in Sona.

???L ?L?̲{?b???b?W???O
Well, they up there right now.

So, let's go.

-???ڵ??L?̧??I?ԩi?s?a -?S??
-Let me just get some rum, now. -No, man.

Then drink beer like everyone else.

?ڻ? ???? ???L???I?n?F??
Look, man, offer them something good.

Don't make me look fool.

?o?s?O?ڪ? ?Ħ?
The rum is for me, Sammy.


You have a problem with that?

?S?N?? ????
No, sir.


Let's go.

Let's get back to work.

Hey, only Lechero has the code.

We don't need a code.

Now, get inside.

before Sammy comes back.


Where's Agent Lang?

?o ?????D
Agent I don't know.

?A?o?O???F ?o?ͤ???F??
But what the hell's wrong with you? What's going on?

I have a right to be nervous.

?ڪ??B?ҫܦM?I ???O??
My life is on the line, you know?

What are you talking about?

You have given live press conferences your entire life.

?ڨ??L?ܦh???F ?A?O?Ѥ?F
I've seen you many times. You're an old pro.

Now, splash some water on your face.

???f?????ڭ̲{?b?N?h ???W
The panel wants us there right now, immediately.

-????? -??n??A
-What? -Get dressed.

Or would you rather have me

drag your ass back to Sona?

?~?~?y ??W??? ?ڭ̲{?b?N??
Water on the face. Get your suit on. We're going.

?O ?o?OĬ?L??
Yeah, it's Sullins.

Uh, we're almost ready to move here.

Where the hell is Lang?


Where are we at?

Everything's in place.

???? ?ڭ̷dzƦn?F
Good. We've done our part.

Now it's time for Whistler to step up and do his.

5?I?L?? ?L?̦n?dzƦn?F
Come 5:00, he better be ready.

Three feet of concrete and rebar,

plus ten feet of dirt and sand,

before we see sky.

Are you all right?

To be completely honest


not really.

I have this thing for, uh, confined spaces.

Are you telling me you're claustrophobic?

Ever since I was a


Um, you know, I need to be upstairs.

That's not really an option right now.

Well, staying here is not really an option for me, either.

I suggest you get yourself togetr.

I just need some air.

What the hell's the matter with you?

-?ڱo?X?h?z?z?? -?p?G?A?{?b?W?h
-I need to get out of here; I need air. -Hey, you walk

through that door with Sammy on the other side,

you'll never need air again.

?A?????ժ? ?ڱo???}?o??
You don't understand,I need to get out of here now.

Why don't you tell me what's really going on here, Whistler?

Why do you keep looking at your watch?

What are you really up to?

????Ẹ?w ?L?̨??F ?֨?
Scofield, the men are gone, let's move.

I need your cell phone.

???? ?Ħ̰??W?N?^?ӤF ???}?o??
No, Sammy's on his way, get out of here.

-?ڱo???q?ܵ??ڭ? -???? ????o??ڳo
-I have to call my brother. -No, cell phone stays with me. Now,

get out of here

????? ?ڭ̱o?????M??
Well, just so that we're clear, Americano,

?o?Фl?S?q?q ?S???ۨӤ?
she's got no electricity and no running water.

?ӥB???بS???åͶ? ???O?L?l?إi?H??K
Septic's out, too, but there's an outhouse in the woods.

-???? ?@?Ӥ?100 -200
It's perfect. A hundred bucks a month. $200.

A hundred bucks a month.


But I don't want growing no drugs on the land.

No marijuana.

You got that?

-?w??^?a ?B?? -?¤F
-Welcome home, my friend. -Thanks.

???̨? ?p?G?A?{?b???Q?F?F
Listen, man, if you want to get out of here,

?ڷ|?z?Ѫ? ?ڧJ?]?|??
I'd get it and Michael would, too.

You've done more than enough.

If I had a kid in the same situation as your son,

would you and your brother walk out on me?


Here, this is good.

Put it down there.

Okay, hold on.

You ready?


?ڧƱ?o??ޥ? ?٭p
I hope this works, papi.

All right, let's go.


I need your help.

?{?b???? ?ڪ????w?g??F ?ڱo?X?h???L
Not now, bro my father finally got here; I'm gonna go see him.

?ƹ?W ?ڤ]?ݭn?L?????U
Actually, uh, I need his help, too.

What you want from my old man?

I just need someone to deliver

a message on the outside, someone I can trust.

?? ?ڪ????ʮ?ܪ?
Hell, no. My papa's straight as razor blade.

He don't get into kind of trouble like you do.

-???|?S?·Ъ? ?u?O???ӹq?? -??
-It's not trouble, it's just a phone call. -No.

I love my father.

?ڤ]?R?ڭ??? ?p?G?L?S?????????????
And I love my brother, and if he doesn't get this message

something horrible's gonna happen to him.

Look something really bad is going on.


?A?n?? ??l
Hello, son.


You look very handsome.

Like your school picture.


?????@?ӤH?M???F?ж? ???ӤF?o??Ũ?m
I cleaned a guy's cell for this shirt.

You should be in school now

-?S???Y ???? -?M?A???B?ͭ?
It's okay, Papa. with your friends.

?D?A?F???? ?O???L
Papa, please, don't get upset.

I-I have friends in here.

The American?

?O?? ?L?ܦn
Yes. He's Nice.

?L?ܦu?H?? ?b???ǫܤ֨???o?˪??H
He keeps his word, it's very rare in Sona.

And, uh

he needs my help.

Thank God you're here.

Thought you might have come a little earlier,

just to make sure I was okay.

??Ū?F???? ???D?A?٦n
I read the newspaper I knew you were safe.

?ڬO ?ܤֲ{?b ???A???i??|???w??
I am for now but you might not be.

Now, listen to me carefully.

Promise me you won't go anywhere near Lincoln Burrows today.

-?L??? -?u???ܦM?I
-Lincoln? -It's just too dangerous

?u?n????L ?N?|???M?I
to be around him, to be with him, to be near him.

Just go home and stay there,

and I will call you tonight.

That's all I can say.

Do you understand?

-??????? ?q????? -?A?s??????????
-Call me? From where? -Do you understand me?


Promise me.

Say it out loud.

I promise.

Why are you so scared?

Because I can't have you get hurt.

Because I love you more than anything in the world.

Do you?



I got a call today

from a man who said he's your landlord.

Talking about another apartment.

Should I call him back?

Must have been a wrong number.

He asked for you by name.

The man is clearly confused.

I don't know anything about another apartment.


all I know is that you've got to stay away from Lincoln.


?n?? ??i??
Okay, James.

I'll wait for your call.


I have this.

I don't want to see it.

I'll put it with the others.

I'm not coming home.

Accept that.

You should go.

Make that call for my friend.

?ͤ?ּ? ??l
Happy birthday, son.

Maybe we should pick up some locks

-?⨺?Фl??_?? -???????????ҧ???
and secure the house. It can't have anything new on it.

The place needs to look abandoned.


I have a message for you.

Don't come home for dinner.

Who is this?

I'm supposed to tell you,

don't come home for dinner.


?p?ɭ? ?کM?ڧJ
When me and Mikey were kids,

???@?M?t?? ?Ψӹ?I
we had a code when Social Services

were trying to get me into juvie.

He's telling me to watch my back.

What the hell are you doing here?

?A??򤣦^?ڹq?? ?]???٧ڨ??
Why haven't you returned my calls or my car?

You have him?

Yeah, he just arrived back at his hotel.

But Whistler's girl tracked him down.

And she's talking

to Lincoln and the Mexican.

?o?Q?Ѭݨ?F???ǪF?? ?@?w?|???Ʊ???????
After what she saw today, she could be complicating things.

You have a directive?

I warned her.

Take them all out.

What will Whistler say?

I said take them all out

I don't care about your boyfriend's apartment

?b???ت????J ?????ڪ???
on the side, I just don't care.

?? ?ڥh?F????
No, I went there.

And a woman showed up;

she threatened me.

She knows James.


You know her?

She's the one who has LJ.

Well, she took something I found,

a passport.

It had James' picture and birthday

but his name said Gary Miller.

Lincoln, I don't know what's going on.

I'll tell you what's going on

your boyfriend's a liar.

I told you that from the start.

James told me to stay away from you today,

that it was dangerous.

Let's go.


I need to speak to Michael Scofield.

I'm his brother.

How you get this number?

He called a few days back.

I-I didn't answer.

ť?? ?ڲ{?b?ݭn??L????
But, listen, I-I need to speak to him now.

Let's go.

?A????q???? ?O?ڧJ?P????Ẹ?w??????
You'll never guess Michael Scofield's brother.

Who calls me

and who I call,

is my business.

Where are your friends?

I don't know.

Where are your friends?

?ڤ????D ?D?A?O?}?j
I don't know, Please don't shoot. Please.

Drop it.

Why are you coming after this?

?@???S???t?F?O?? ?L??
Different day, same problem, huh, Lincoln?

????LJ?]?o?˦b?ڤ??? ?A???D??G??
You know how it turned out when LJ was in this position,

and today is no different

so be a good boy and put down the gun.

???I ?L??
Come on, Linc.

I know you've learned your lesson.

?A???o?? ?ڬO???F
You're right, I have.

For the record,

this is an international hearing,

requested by the United States government,

for the purpose of hearing testimony from one Mr. Alexander Mahone.

You gotta be kidding me.

So, Mr. Mahone,

when were you first contacted by anyone

from the group referred to the Company?

They told me

that if I didn't kill every one of the Fox River Eight,

that they would come after me.

They had all worked with-with Scofield

on-on-on the escape,

so the Company wasn't sure what they knew.

???????? ?ЧA
Mr. Mahone, I'm going to ask you

to please keep your answer related to the question.

It's-it's all connected.

???O?? ?O?i???????j??
It's just it's-it's a web.

And-and it's a web that I got caught in.

And-and Lincoln Burrows got caught in,

and Michael Scofield got caught in.

I, if I may,

I think what Mr. Mahone

-?ڭ̳????a?Ǥ@?? -?ڬO??
-We're all just like flies -was trying to say

???§A Ĭ?L??????
Thank you, Mr. Sullins,

but we're here to hear from Mr. Mahone.

?{?b ?ڭ̦A?Ӥ@??
Now, we're going to try this again.

When were you first contacted

by the Company?

I cannot say.

You know

?L?̤???ɭ??p???A ?Ϊ?
they could be in contact with you or-or-or

????ɭԧA?Q?p?? ???O??????
you could be in contact with them, you'd never know.

It's-it's they could be in contact with us right now.

I know

?oť?_?ӤӺƨg?F ???O???
it sounds crazy, right?

It's crazy and

???o?ܦ??i?? ?Өƹ?W
and it would be, except for the simple fact that

It's true.

The government that I had dedicated my life to

Manipulate and extorted me.

Blackmailed me.

So that I would kill for them.

And I did the things that they made me do

so I could protect my family.

And so

I would like to go home.

So can I do that, please?

Where have you been?

I came looking

for scrap metal for the support brace for the tunnel.


Looks like a pretty tight squeeze up there.

You sure there's enough fresh air,

or does the claustrophobia come and go?

What's it like going through life always distrustful?

?A?i?D?? ??i??
You tell me, James.

???Q???_?A?̪????n ???ͭ?
Hate to break up the brouhaha, gentlemen,

but Lechero would like to see you.

Says it has something to do with your big brother.

???ڭ̳?W?ݷ|?n?? ???ծ??
Give us a moment, will you, Teodoro?

If your brother should ever call my cell phone again,

you tell him you're the one that's gonna pay.


-?A????????F -?O?? ?A?O?諸
-You got the message. -Yeah, you were right.

They just tried to take us out.

I know.

Whistler got a visit from the Company.

He's been acting strange ever since.

?L?? ?ڧi?D?A ?֩w?X?ƤF
I'm telling you, Linc, something's up.

?S?? ?٦???欰?ϱ`???Y????
Doing more than acting strange, man.

He just told Sofia not to be

near me 'cause it's dangerous.

The Company's coming after us.

They don't need us anymore.

Here we go.

They're breaking him out on their own.

We're 100 yards from the target.

?O??ĵ?? ??ʭn??
Keep your eyes open. Let's get in and out fast.

Come on


Come on

???I ?[??l
Come on Keep it coming

Come on Hey

I've got a helicopter and two inmates.

?ڬݤ??M?L?̪??y ???L?̦b?γ?
I can't make out their faces, but they're on the roof

Come on

Can't get a clean shot

?ڭ??C???? ?a?L?̨?
I'll get lower, take 'em out

Is that Scofield on the roof with Whistler?

Is that really a question?

He's supposed to be dead.

???H???j ???H???j
Man down. Man down.

?֨? ?ڭn???U?h?F
Let go I'm slipping.

?f???DZ??U?h?F ??ʤ??? ??ʤ???
We lost Whistler. Abort. Abort.

Mission failure.

Return to Base One immediately.


I'm so sorry.

I'm going to have to take you back to Sona.

?A ?_??
You, get up.


Mr. Scofield,

there have been two escape attempts in the past two days.

Somehow I don't think it's a coincidence

that you arrived shortly before they happened.

I had nothing to do with that.

You've caused too many problems here in Sona,

so maybe you shouldn't be here in Sona.

Get him out.

?M???ǻ??A???a ????Ẹ?w????
Say good-bye to Sona, Mr. Scofield.