Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 11 - Under & Out - full transcript

As Michael finalizes plans for the escape, his fellow plotters begin to turn on him. Meanwhile, Whistler ponders a betrayal when Sofia is threatened.

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Brace gonna be tricky

?????˨Ǥ伵???? ???M?|???
Must get the tunnel properly supported or it will come down to our heads.

Ĭ?? ?N?|??A?n?H??
Susan will call you for information

???o?ӱ??A ?M??i?o????
Make sure sure she picked you up, and get in the car , all right?

Eager to call you up

Just thought what you want to know

If you really leaving,

?бa?W?? ?D?A?F ?ڤ??Q?ݳo?F
Take me with you, please. I dont want to be here anymore.

You dont want to get inpart with this.

There is a part of me that I dont believe he doesnt work with them.

Cause he is the man I love.

?L?٭n?a?ڥh?ھ? ?ڪ????
The man is going to take me to my first trip to Paris.

?L???|?a?A?h ?ڷ|
If he doesnt take you, I will.

?u?O?O?H??İ? ?ݵۧa
Impressive blanco, enjoy it

Now we can settle this back

All right, we got 24 hours to dig that tunnel

?ӳo?Ӽˤl ?o?ΤW3??
You mean you want to take our guys three days to dig it first time

?o?򻡧a ?Y?ϯu?????n?F
Let's just say by some America

We are able to park the dirt,then what?

Have plans to get rid of guards tower?

?ڧJ ?f???ǻ?
Michael Mr. Whistler here says

You know you got stop less time by clock

I am still working on that

???k?H?|?ԧԦA?h???ɶ? ?Ʀܵ??ڭ̶R?ܪ?
I like to know this girl could put up with spend any more time and buy us some drinks

?ڤ]?P?N ?ڧJ ?j?a???֤F
I agreed Michael. You know we are all out of energy

I just say there is no better.

I dont give nos what

How could we get out of this hell everyone gonna fall apart

You come?

Not today.

James and I got a lot things to clean up

But I dont trying to do with

You ever wish that you could back time?

Just remember how I was things make sense

Everyday for last three years.

Is that Whistler's girlfriend?

Why she's staying in the car?

Cause she think she will see you tomorrow.

It's expecting we have time you getting on


You sure that was?

Where are we?

????i?? ???ȫ?ڭ????ӥi?H?X?h
Behind schedule, we should be on the same side by tomorrow afternoon.

What do you mean should?

The tunnel get us into no mans land,

???o???]?? ?ڭ̻ݭn??D?׶}???
but it get the fence, we're going need new diversion for the tower guards.

What time?

Daytime's still our best option.

They double the guards at night.

And the jeep patrols?

?O?? ?c ?٦??ǧO??
Yeah. and, uh there's something else.


???ծ?[?J?F ?٦?????
T-bag's coming. and Mahone.

?٦????اJ ?٦??@?Ӭr?c?l
Bellick. oh, yeah, there's a drug lord, too.

???D??? ??L?̵L??
You know what? it's not about them.

????O?f???? ?ڭ̱o?ɤ@????k
It's about Whistler. we got to do whatever

You don't need to know who Whistler is.

???L???h?j???ȧA???D?a ?ڨ?l???R
What about what he's worth? my son's life.

I justish there was another way to do this.

?n?ϥXlj ???????f???ǥ浹?L??
To save lj without handing Whistler over.

ť?? ?ڭ̨S?????
Look, man, that's it. there isn't.

I know.

ť?? ?A?ѨM?G?D?????D
Listen, you worry about the tunnel,

I worry about the guards.

-???Ѩ? -???Ѩ?
See you tomorrow. tomorrow.

???ǬW?l ?N?ɶq?Χa
Hey, now, don't skimp on the braces up there.

?p?G?٭n???? ?N?u??
In fact, if you want to add a little extra, just

You know, we can work on this railroad all

The livelong day, but it don't matter

If Scofield doesn't know what happens once

We get off the train. once we get

Out of here, it's every man for himself.

Scofield's not responsible for any of us.

Is that so?

You obviously don't know him very well,


When we broke out of fox river,

He tried to screw every one of us.

Half the men ended up either

?n??Q?? ?n??Q?? ?Ϊ̧??V
Dead, captured or worse.

The guys who are easiest to catch

Are the one's who spend more time

Pissing and moaning at each other than running.

My only advice to you,

Ecclesiastes 6:13.

"separate thyself from thy enemies,

And take heed of thy friends."

?z????ˤF ?????J???
How we doing, Alex?

Well, if those braces hold,

We could be to the surface

Sometime tomorrow.

???ʰ? ?j?a???n?O???M??
Let's rotate. keep everybody fresh.

?w??i?J?q?| ?p???y
Welcome to the coal mine, canary.

Drop what?

Don't drop your body-water upon me like that

???O?ڪ??? ?ڵo?}
Hey, it ain't coming from me, I swear.

?u?{?v ?L??
Engineer, come.

Look at this.

We hit a pipe or something?

?@ ????
Oh, no.

That's right above our tunnel.

That's not going to hold till tomorrow.

So what do we do?

We leave tonight.


I thought you said a nighttime escape was impossible.

?p?G?~??U?B ?G?D?S?|?~??
If the rain keeps up, the tunnel will collapse again,

And that'll be the end of it.

It'll be the end for you.

You're the one on a deadline.

What if it gives out whilwe're inside?

We end up like buried treasure.

?n???Q?h ???N?u
You want out, get out

ť?? ?n?O?S???j?a???ߨ?O
Look, you're not pulling this off tonight

Without all of us working around the clock.

?P?˪? ?S???L???p??
And none of us

Are ever making it out of here

?ҥH ?p?G?A???
Without his plan, so if you tell me

That you can figure out a way how to do this at night,

Then i we can figure out a way

How to get that tunnel dug in time.

Let's start digging.

I think you dropped something.

I've read in old newspapers that make it to sona

How americans hold others to standards they ignore.

????H?{???O?H?????Ӧ??v?O ???F?L?̦ۤv
How they think no one should have power but them.

?ڧi?D?O?H ?o???O?u?? ?????N?O?u??
I tell everyone it's a lie, but I see it's true.

I know you're leaving.

???ڷQ ?ڬ??A???F????h
And I think that after everything I've done to help,

?A?~?M???a?W?? ?A?ӵL???F
I think it sucks you're not taking me with you

I know it doesn't seem like it now,

?????ڬO?b???A ?e?F?A?@???j§
But I'm doing you a favor. I'm giving you a gift.

?????~??b?b?j?c ?O?a
Oh, wow, life in prison.

???¤F ?u?O?o?v???@??
Thank you. I've always wanted one of those.

It's better than a life on the run.

?ڤ??ݩ?o ?ڥu???L
I don't belong here. all I did was give a guy

You're not going

I'm sorry.

It's for the best.

How do you know what's best for me?

Y cuanto me va costar?

?n ????
Okay, muchas gracias.

It's good to go.

?A???D?ɶ??M?a?I ?O?a?
You know where and when to be, right?

?p?G?A???ǮɥX?{ ?ڭ̴N?????F
If you're not there, we're screwed.

You all right?

I'm fine.

I'm just going to grab my stuff.

?O?? ?γ\??A?M??i???ӻ? ?????O?̦n???F
Yeah. probably best if you and James disappear.

I know. I know.

???D?b?????? ?O?a?
You know where to meet us, right?

???Ԩȥ????J?? ?A?|?b
Playa blanca. you'll be on the


3-12 ?????Ѩ?
3-12. we'll see you tomorrow then.

Good luck.

You, too.

Hey, it's that Susan chick.

She wants to meet again.


Let her know everything's on track.

We want to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

Why shouldn't she be?

?o???ѴN??o??o?n???H?F ?O?a?
She's going to get her guy tomorrow, right?

?O?? ?u?n?ڧJ???}?????S?·Ъ???
Well, if Michael's conscience doesn't get in the way.

What do you mean?

He's having doubts.

About if he can pull it off?

About if he should.

???O?L?@?w?i?H???\?? ?O?a?
But he's going to go through with it, right?

What are you looking for?

Where the power lines connect to Sona's exterior lights.

If cutting the power out there was an option,

Why didn't we do that in the first place?

???? ???ت??q?????O?o?ةү౱?
One, the power out there isn't controlled from in here.

?䦸 ?٦????ӪF??
And, two, there's that.

Every prison has a backup generator.

?N??ڭ̤??_?F?q?? ?????ٷ|?A?G
Even if we cut the lights, they'll just come back on again


?n?a ?o?O?@???Y?©M?ݻŪ????D
Well, that's a big, bloody problem.

Tell Lechero I need his phone.

?p?????? ?L??
Change of plans, Linc.

We're doing this tonight.

????? ?o?ͤF????Ʊ? ?ڧJ
Tonight? what happened, Michael?

?B ?d?g ?a?D ???O???D
Rain, dirt, tunnel, problem.

-?a?D?ٯ????h?[? -?ݱ??p
How long can it hold?

That depends

Depends on what?

When the rain stops.

You said breaking out at night was impossible.

?O???L ???L
Yeah, well

You want to tell me how you're going to pull this off?

???? ?ڻݭnĬ?J?p?????U
For starters, I need to get ahold of Sucre.

Ĭ?J?p ?A???D?ڷF????ѥͶ?
Sucre, do you know what I do for a living?

I have a pretty good idea.

I read people.

?ӥB?A ?ڪ??B?? ???O?@???h?m????
And you, my friend, are a coloring book.

I think you left

This in my car.

?o?ӥu?O ?ڪ??N??O
Look. that that was just I mean

No. no, no, no, no.

My fault.

I guess I just didn't make myself clear

When I laid out the terms of our arrangement.

So I'm going to try again as simply as I know how.

Anything happens

Anything at all that I wasn't expecting

And there will be one less

Pregnant girl in chicago.

?A?? ?ڧJ?M?L?֤???]?S?i?D??
Look, Michael and Lincoln don't tell me everything.

Fernando, this is your last chance.

I want a yes or a no.

Are the brothers gonna break Whistler out of Sona?


Are they planning on handing him over to me?


Where do you want me to shoot Maricruz first,

In the bun or in the oven?


There's one thing I heard.

?O?????ڧJ???Ʊ? ?L?? ?f???Ǧ??Ǿ??
It's Michael. he's, he's having some concerns about Whistler.

What kind of concerns?

About handing him over.

You got to understand,

He broke out some pretty bad guys last time.

I think he's never forgiven himself for that.

He's planning on leaving him behind?

?i??a ?ڤ????D
Maybe. I don't know.


?A?n ?L??
Hello, Lincoln.

It's going down tonight.


Should I be worried?

I called you first thing.

I'm being straight up with you.

That's refreshing.

So I'll see you tonight.

?A??کZ?? ?ڤ]?|?Z?۫ݧA
You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

It'soing down tonight.

Do you know about that?

I didn't know, I swear.

Get out of here.

How'd it go?

?o??쨺?Ӭ??u?F ?L??
She found the bomb, Linc.

The one we put in her car.

?o????쪺 Ĭ?J?p
How did she find the bomb, Sucre?

?ڤ????D ?S?? ?藍?_
I don't know, bro. I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

Look, I'llak mit

Up to you, I swear.

You can start now.

Michael's in a bit of trouble in Sona.

What kind of trouble?

?B???F ?o?O???O?N???? ?
The rain stopped. does that mean ?

???? ?w?g???G?D?y???F?l?a
No. the damage is done.

We can't risk waiting.

Anything interesting?

Like some coordinates

The company might want to get their hands on?

If they didn't want me out of here

?ӥB?A??˻??O?w???? ?A?ٷ|?o?˰????
And yourephew was safe, would you still be doing this?

Breaking out?


Why would you choose to stay if there was a chance at freedom?

Well, I guess that's the difference between us.

I'm willing to pay for my sins.

And I'm not?

That's a good question.

???i?Ӫ??ܧ? ?P??
Water's coming down pretty fast up in here, patron.

?O?? ?ڭ̥????o???I??
Yeah. we hav to dig faster.

You know, I've been thinking.

It doesn't have to be every man for himself.

You and I can help each other.

If I need a hand, I'll find someone with a spare.

?n?a ?ڽT??
While it's true I may be lacking

Something inhe west,

I more than make up for it in the north.

Think about it.

????Ẹ?w???ڭ̨?o?بӰ??W?O ???u
Scofield's got us down here doing manual labor; slave labor.

I ain't no slave.

I'm doing this for me.

?Aı?o ????Ẹ?w?b?W???F????
Why do you think Scofield's up there

And we'rdoe here?

He's planning something.

Who among us isn't?

What the hell is that?

?n?a ?ڭ̴N???b?o??
Ok, let's unload it here.

Make the animals walk through the filth

Come here.

Let's go.

?ܦn ???_??
Good. Good Keep going

We're good.

We are all right.


?A?n ?L?? ?n?[????
Hello, Lincoln. long time no see.

Not long enough.

I was thinking that we could

Have a little chat in person.

Make sure we're all on the same page

About what's gonna happen tonight.

All right.

30?????? ?b?o?Ӧa?? ?ڷ|???A?o????
30 minutes, this location. I'm sending a text.

?藍?_ ??????
Sorry. What's up?

It's payday.

You're first

You need to pick up your check.

?O?? ?h?¤F
Ah si si glacia

See you later.

-?A?n -?K ?O??
Hello. hey, papi, it's me.


Lincoln said you needed some help.

How much do you know about electricity?

?K ?A?^?Ӱ?
Hey, you're back.

I'm not real comfortable being alone down here with those

What's that?

Syrup; honey. make a little pile of dirt.

Gather some dirt.

Scofield said we got to make

Something to cover the hole once we get out.

So when the lights go back on

It's gonna look like nobody ever left.

?֤z ??d?g?M??
Go ahead. spread it around.

I was thinking

?ڭ????ӬO?@?_?? ?A???D?a?
We should be a team, yoknow?

???u?b?V???L?{?? ?H??]?O
Not just during the escape, but after.

Like, like Butch and Sundance.

Butch and sundance died.

Well, I mean in the other parts.

Here's an idea.

We go along with Scofield's plan,

And then when everyone stops

?𮧮? ?ڭ̴N????L??
To take a breath, we grab 'em,

???|?? ????Ẹ?w ???ծ?
Burroughs, Scofield, Bagwell.

We take 'em back home to face charges.

Hell, we'd be heroes.

Might even get a book deal.

?????J?? ?ڭ̥i?H?@?_?g??
We could write it together, Alex.

-????? -????
How'd that be? a book deal?

?O?? ?o?b

???Լw ?o?˧A?N?????F?
Gonna make you happy, Brad?

You got a better idea?

Yeah, I do.

Something to do with a wife and kid?

?? ?t???h
Yeah, something like that.

You got room for one more?

?? ?????J??
Come on, Alex.

What's a guy like me gonna do?

Let's just let scofield get us out of here,

?M??ڭ̦A?C?C?L??o?? ?n??
And then we'll worry about everything else, all right?

All right.

?? ?A?h?@?I?d?g
Come on. a little more dirt.

?J??ť?? ???ڻ?????
Listen very carefully and do exactly as I tell you.

You sure you don't want Linc to do this?

He knows more about this than I do.

It's not about what you know.

It's about where you work.

?J?M?i?F???Ǥu?@ ?B??
And as a Sona employee, my friend,

You have the unique ability of not getting shot

For being here.

You see the admin building?

I see it.

Go to it and make a left.

?i?h???? ????
To it and left. got it.

On the other side is a berm.

There should be a metal cage.

That's the backup generator.

?n ???դF
Okay, I see it.

Don't let the tower guard see you get too close.

Just act casual.

ť??ڻ? ?}?l
When I say now,

You run and duck behind it.


Hold on.



?n?F ?b????
Okay. there should be

Some writing near the bottom.

I need the name of the manufacturer,

?H?γ]?ƫ??? ?ǦC???? ?ҥH?@??
Make and model number, anything.

?n ?n??
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

I got it, I got it.

?O ?O???ԯǤu?~???q
It's, uh, it's, uh, Prana Industrial.

Model number 3210.

3210 ???Ȥ?A?ȹq?ܶ?
3210. is there a customer service number?


?n ?¤F ?o?ǴN?O?ڭn??
All right. thanks. that's all I need.

You really think you can pull this off tonight?

You want to know the tth?

?? ?ڥu?O?Q???D?@?????b?x??????
No, I just want all of it go down smooth.

For everyone to get what they want.

?O?? ?گవ??
Yeah, I do.

ť?? ?N?????d?w?o?ǿO??
Listen, even if you get this worked out with the lights,

What are you gonna do about the jeep patrols?

We're just gonna have to take our chances.

Maybe you don't.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Where's lj?

?w?????a?? ???P?I
Somewhere safe. take a load off.

Can I offer you a drink?

Ĭ?? ?????
What's going on, Susan?

I just wanted to get everyone together

So we can discuss tonight's agenda.

Maybe nail down a few guidelines.

?٬O?M??Ӫ??@?? ?S???ܤ?
It's the same as before, nothing has changed.

?ƹ?W ?ڦb?Q
Actually, I was thinking

We should probably include all the players.

Don't you?

What are you doing in here?

Just keeping watch.

Make sure nobody tries to get down to the tunnel.

Who are you calling?

?A?n ?аݬO?Ȥ?A?ȶ??
Yeah, hi. is this, uh, customer service?

?O ?ڬO
Yeah, I'm, uh

I'm a sub working, building down here in panama,

And, um, we got a clntien-site.

They're asking questions

About the 3210 generator we're installing.

?? ?S??
Yeah. exactly. um

?L?̷Q???D ?p?G?????D?q??
Anyway, they want to know, if the main power shuts down,

How long are they gonna be in the dark,

Um, before the generator kicks in?

?n?? ????
Yeah. thanks.

I'll hold.

You're a very good liar.

That's the timing?

?? ?o?O
No, that's, uh

That's it.

Appreciate it.


We gonna make it

We should have

Just enough dark to make it out.

With everyone?

You with Whistler?


Susan has got a message.

?????? ???L??
Why? put him on.

It's for you.


?n?? ?ڥh??L ????{?b
All right, I got him. what now?

?i?D?L ?ڭn?L?J??ť?n
Tell him I want him to listen

Very carefully to the following instructions.

She wants you to listen real care

I can hear.

Instructions about what?


?O????ȶ? ?o?b??
Was that Sofia? is she there?


What's going on?

He wants to know what this is about.

All right.

I'll tell him.


?? ???O
Was was that just

Is that Sofia?

Is that Sofia?

Have you figured out

???T?????ФF?? ??i??
The coordinates yet, James?



Wrong answer.


?ڭ̥X?ӫ? ?ڷ|???A???L?̪?
I'll get them for you when we get out

Of here, I swear.

?Ҧ??A???ӿ? ?A???O??
All your promises, your guarantees

They mean nothing.

I'm pretty sick of waiting around for you boys

To screw me over.

I want those coordinates by the end of the day.


Gotta figure it out.

Gotta do something.

Gotta do something.

We both know that you can't just hand over that information.

?????? ?????򤣯?
Why? why can't i?

Once they get what they want,

They'll have no reason to keep you

Or your girlfriend or my nephew alive.

So what do I do?

?? ??
I, I just,

I just let them torture Sofia?

We'll work something out.

We'll think it through.

I already have.


?f???? ?L?쩳
Whistler. what is

So special about him anyway, huh?

You think he has anything to do with why them people

Wanted Scofield down here in the first place?

It's really none of my business.

??????O???A???ƪ? ?????J??
What exactly is your business, Alex?

Something on your mind?

I'm just saying

?p?G?j?a?n?o?˰Q???ٻ? ???۲q??
If we needed a bargaining chip,

Do you think

A sharp stick in that dull limey would help us out?

There is no"us."

You and me are a lot more

??A?Q??????? ?????J??
Alike than you think, Alex.

We both know how it feels

To lose a great love.

How it feels to kill a man.

?{?b ?ڭ̳??b?o?ت????F ???O?]???ڧJ?P????Ẹ?w
And we both ended up in here because of Michael Scofield.

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if we could just

Return the favor?

Justice, huh?

If there was an ounce of it left in this world

You'd be lying face down in the same unmarked grave

As the restof our inbred family.

?ڭ̤????ߤ@?????P ?????J?? ?N?O????
The only difference between me and you, Alex, is a badge,

?ӥB?̫?@???ڵo?{ ?A?ڥ??N?S??
And the last time I checked, you didn't even have that,

?A?i?H?~????ݧA?????ֲ??I ?????J??
So you can just keep on hoping for your happy endings, Alex,

You just keep on plowing ahead with them blinders on,

You know, but the thing abouthem blinders is

It makes it really hard to watch your back.

?@?|??N?n?F ?ګO??
It's gonna be better soon, I promise.

?L?O?諸 ?p?G??i??
He's right, you know. if James loves you

?u???L???????˷R?A ?L?|???ڭ̷Q?n??
The way he says he does, he'll give us what we want,

?M??O ?A?M?A???հ????l
And then you and your white knight

Can ride off into the sunset.

Unless you're already with him.

?A?`?ȤF Ĭ??
You scared, Susan?

?ڬݰ_?Ӯ`?ȤF?? ?L??
Do I look scared, Lincoln?

To pull something like this

You desperate?

You need to stop fighting with me.

If you really understood

?s???o?ͤF???? ?A?N?|???D
What was going on, you would know that

We're not the bad guys.

Could've fooled me.

Haven't you ever done

The wrong things for the right reason?

???T???z?ѬO???? Ĭ??
What are the right reasons, Susan?

What is it abo Whistler that's so important.

I could tell you.

But then I'd have to kill you.

You're gonna do that anyway.

Whistler gives us what we want,

Maybe I won't have to.

Linc called.

They're on their way.

I figured them out.

The coordinates.

I'm gonna hand them over.

I thought you should know

So you can take whatever precautions you can.

What if, uh

What if you give them the wrong coordinates.

It might buy us some more time.

Maybe Linc can get Sofia to safety.

Like he did with Sara?

I'm sorry. i

I didn't mean to.

I, uh

I just don't know what else to do.

I'm damned if I do.

I'm damned if I don't.

There's way to win.

It's not about winning anymore.

It's about surviving

Which is not the same

As giving up.

But you can go gracefully.

There's honor.

Protecting the ones you love.

?aģ?Ӱ??פF ?ڭ̳??t?ᤣ?_
Honor's a luxury men like us can't afford.

Can you promise me we' llmake it out of here tonight?

No games.

Can you honestly promise me?

I can promise you I'll do everything in my power.

I wish that were good enough.

If you do this

If you give them what they want

?N?βΥ??ѤF ?ڭ̴N???򳣤??O?F
Everything that's been lost

what's up?

take it easy


no problem

?O?? ?ڷQ?n??s????ĵ?x ????
yes,i'd like to speak to Officer Monjares,please

?s???? ???A???q??
hey Arturo -phone for you

can I talk to you for a minutes

I'm kind of hurry

I got some place to be

where's that

Friends of mine are moving tonight

and they need my help

tell them you're gonna be late

Let's go


?f???? ???X??
Whistler,you have a visitor

whisler ???X??
whisler,you have a visitor

He's gonna give it to them.

?S?ƨ? ?ڤ@?????H??h?ݧA
Relax. I'll see you in a minute.

What are you talking about?

?ڧJ?P????Ẹ?w ???X??
Michael Scofield,you have a visitor

?ڧJ?P????Ẹ?w ???X??
Michael Scofield,you have a visitor

I suppose

Introductions are unnecessary at this point.

?A?b?o?طF???? ??p?^
What are we doing here, Gretchen?

We're here to say good-bye.

?ګO?? ?˷R??
I promise you, sweetheart,

They're not going to hurt you anymore.

?A???S?????? ??i??
Do you have the coordinates, James?

-???? -?ܩ?p
Yes. I'm sorry.

I tried to run away

This is not your fault.

It's mine.

When took this job,

I knew they weren't good people.

I just didn't know how bad they were.

And everything that's happened

It's all because of me.

And for that I'm truly sorry.

The coordinates.

Just pass them through.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm buying some goodwill.

You're buying her funeral.

You know I have

?A?̷Q?n?? ?ڷ|???A?̳ѤU??????
What you need.

and then I'll give you the rest

But only after I know

????? lj
That Sofia, that lj,

And that these men here

they're all safe.

Do you understand me?


Everything's gonna be all right.

I'm impressed.

It seems our fisheanrmgrew himself a

Can you really trust these men

With her life?


?S?? ?ڬ۫H?O??
Yeah, I believe I can.

?n?a ??i??
All right, James.

But there's been some confusion

About the timing of things last-minute changes,

Et cetera.

I'm gonna make this clear for everyone involved.

?p?G??ɶ? ???٨S??
If time runs out and I don't have

The second half of those coordinates,

Lj and the senorita

Stop breathing.

???A???a ?_??
Say good-bye, sweetheart.

?L?? ?L??
Lincoln Linc

?O?̤F ?L??
Don't be stupid, Lincoln.

I've helped you.

Now you help me.


Just get us out of here.

You sure about t timing on the backup generator?

?O?? ?ڭ̲{?b?ҭn?????N?O
Yeah. all we got to do now

Is cut the power to the exterior lights.

How are you gonna do that?

?ڿ줣?? ?????O?S?k?d?w??
I'm not it can't be accessed from the inside.

How much time have I got?

Let's say, uh, 5:15 tomorrow morning.

That should give us enough time

To dig out the tunnel before the sun comes up.

-?n?a ???f???ǩQ??? -????
All right. what about Whistler? what about him?

?L???{???ܨk?H ?L???i?H
Well, he manned up he could've handed over

??X???ФF?ƪ? ???L?S???o??
The information, but he didn't.

Still concerned about handing him over?

?L?? ?ڮt???h???C?ӤH?????Ҽ{
I've got my concerns about pretty much everybody, Linc.

You know what I mean?


Mostly, I'm just tired.

Tired of choices


?ڥu?Q???I???? ?N?b????
I just want this to be over tonight.

Let's do it.

When you're on the run,

?A?|??Ѻï??ð? ???ɦ^?Y?ݬ?
You're always looking over your shoulder,

Listinenfor the sirens,

Wondering if that

Pretty girl across the street is staring at you

Because she wants you,

Or because you're wanted.

You change your name,

The way you look

And leave everything you ever knew behind.

And the ones you love,

They're the ones who have to pay.

That's what's waiting for you on the outside.

That's why I couldn't bring you on.

Because nothing good can come of this.

Can anything good come from staying in?

It has to be your decision.


I cannot be responsible for you.

You won't have to be.

Does your father still have that phone number I gave you?

I think so.

?n?a ???L???ڥS?̥??q??
Well, tell him to call my brother

If he wants to find out where to pick you up tomorrow.

Does that mean

It means if a million things fall into place

I'm gonna see my father tomorrow.

Don't let anyone see you with that phone.

?ڧJ ?ڷQ?ڭ̷d?w?F
I think we did it, Michael.

I believe we're ready.

?}???M???I?? ???O?i?H?W?F
She's a little wet, but she's ready.

Makes me think of the first thing

I'll do when we're gonna get out.

Just, does anybody know what's spanish for"don't shoot"?

No dispare (?` ??Z???y ?O?}?j)
No dispare.

"No dis"?????
No dis what?

???P?I ?S?H?|?Q?g????
Just relax. nobody's gonna get shot.

Just don't panic.

?L?֤@???_?q?? ?ڭ̴N??
As soon as Linc cuts the power, we go.

What about the jeep patrol?

Taken care of.

What about the backup generator?

Backup generator?

Nobody said anything about

There's a lag from when the power

Cuts out to when the nerator kicks back in.

Well, how long a lag are we talking about here?

30 seconds.

You expect us to run in 30 seconds?

?O?@???? ?ڴN?X?o
As soon as the lights go out, I'm gone.

With or without you.

?B?? ?D?A?F
Please, my friends.

They're expecting me and

?S?? ?ڦ????a????
I have some bad news, Jorge

We won't be able to pay you today.

?S???Y ?ڥi?H??
That's fine. I-I can wait until

???ڭ̵???B?z???ɭ? ?d??A????
When we ran your identification through processing

we found a slight problem

What kind of a problem?

You have warrant out for your arrest.


Let's go.

?U?? ??
Off the bus now

Get off the bus

?u?n?O?@?? ?ڭ̴N?dzƦn???}
As soon as the lights go out, we got to be ready to move.

You want to tell us what the hell the taquito's doing down here?

-?L?M?ڭ̤@?_?? -?ڥi?S????
He's coming with us. I don't think so.

That's not up to you.

I should I think.

Oh, you got to be kidding me.

See, we made up our own decision here.

Well, with the time frame

Being so short and all,

?ڭ?ı?o?????@?B ?|?n?ܦh
We'd feel a whole lot better about things if we go first.

?A?|??? ???F???
What are you gonna do, kill me?

?? ???| ť?? ?p?G?ڭ̤?????
No, no. see, if we ain't first,

-?L?]?ڥ??????F -??F
He's not going at all all right.

All right just

ť?? ?ڥi?H?????o?@??
Look, I think I can explain all this.

If I could just get some paperwork from my car

You're not going anywhere.


All right.

?n?a ?? ????
All right, go. just go.

Just go.

?H?????v ?Ѹݦa???O?a?
Every man for himself, right?

?A?]?Q?ƶ??W?h ?O?a?
You want to move up in line, too?

?? ?ڷ|?u?b?̫?
No, I think I'm gonna stay back he.

I just don't want to turn my back on anybody.

30 seconds.