Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 12 - Hell or High Water - full transcript

Michael, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady escape from Sona - but not everything goes according to plan, and the exchange is compromised.

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Previously on Prison Break:

We leave tonight.

It's got no electricity
and no running water.

- A hundred bucks a month.
- Deal.

You ready?

I hope this works, papi.

That book of yours,
it's just a bunch of coordinates, right?

Among other things.

Does your father still have
that number I gave you?

- I think so.
- Well, tell him to call my brother.

- Papa, make that call for my friend.
- The American?

If time runs out and I don't have
the second half of those coordinates...

...L.J. And the se?orita stop breathing.

I just wish there was another way
to do this... save L.J.
Without handing Whistler over.

Look, man, that's it, there isn't.

What is that?

When heated to a certain degree,
it eats through steel.

- As soon as Linc cuts the power, we go.
- What about the backup generator?

There's a lag when power cuts
to when the generator kicks in.

- How long a lag we talking about here?
- Thirty seconds.

We only have 30 seconds. Go!

Move it, move it.

Shh, shh...

Come on.

All right, let's go.

Okay, let's go.
- Not yet.

We have to go now.
We're running out of time.

Trust me.

Come on, mate.
Is there a holdup, Michael?

Just a little bit longer.

- What happened?
- They got caught.

Bring them over here.
Bring them over here.

- What's going on?
- Shut up.

- What...? What...?
- Don't try anything.

Bring them over here.
Bring them over here.

Get on your knees. Get down!

Don't move,
or you're like your friend over here.

What's going on, Michael?

This sure as hell better work out.

For everyone's sake.

You two, on your feet.

- Where the hell is Scofield?
- Shut it.

If he doesn't get caught,
he could still fix this mess.

What do we do now?
The lights are on...

- What's your plan, Michael?
- This is the plan.

how is getting caught your plan?

You told them 30 seconds. You knew
the generator was gonna kick in sooner.

- I must have miscalculated.
- We've got 10 minutes till sunrise.

There are soldiers out there.

- They'll take count, we gotta get back.
- We're not going anywhere.

It's almost time.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Nothing. It's probably my wife.

We live a couple miles away,
she must have heard the siren.

You can make your calls when I'm done
with you. What else you got?

- Sucre?
- I'm not here, say what you gotta say.

Sucre, where are you?
We're counting on you to be here.

If you're not there, we're dead, man.
Now, call me back, please.

Put these with his personal effects.

- What's going on?
- Some prisoners tried to escape.

Did they get out?

They got caught.

And one of them got shot pretty badly.

- Sucre, Sucre?
- No, it is Alfonso Gallego.

- You where you need to be?
- Yes.

I left the Suburban on the road. The keys
are in the wheel well. Check them out.

- Ah. They're here.
- All right, good, good.

You will be here too, on the 312?

Yeah, yeah, the 312. See you there.

These all the men?

Tell me. How did you get there?

How did you get out there?

You don't wanna tell me.

How did you get out there?

A tunnel.


Under Lechero's room.

Show me.

- How much longer?
- It's just a matter of seconds now.


- A door.
- I don't know the combination.

- Then improvise.
- This is insane.

Let's go.

Are you all right?


That son of a bitch sold us out.

It wasn't me, it was Scofield.
He did this. Just check the yard.

Him, Whistler and Mahone
and that basketball kid...

...none of them will be there.

This is
Captain Sojo. Other inmates are missing.

I want a post and protect around
the entire perimeter of the precinct.

General, we see no one.

Are you sure there's prisoners
out here?

You won't find the prisoners here
in no man's land...

...because they're already gone.

This way.

Get off the bus, now.

Get off the bus!

He was about this tall, um...

Come on, move it. Go.

- What's wrong?
- My ankle, I've torn it apart.

Come on, it's not that far.
Help me out.

I'll drag you by your hair
because we gotta go.

- I'll slow you down. Go, leave me.
- We both know that's not an option.

It's a quarter of a mile to the beach.

We stick to the bush, we can make it.
Alex, a little help.

Go, go. Come on.


Hey, we only have a few minutes.

- We got soldiers behind us.
- Cops as well.

- We got what we need?
- Yeah.

What do we need?

Always picking up the strays, huh?
This way.

Come on. Come on, let's go.

If you think the Company's gonna let you
swap me for your nephew...'re mistaken.
- Shut up.

They get me, they'll kill all of you.
I don't want Sofia caught in crossfire.

Listen, just let me go.
I'll contact them, I promise.

I'll turn myself in
once I know L.J.'s safe.

You got no say in what happens
to my son, you got it?

We don't need a suntan,
we need to get lost.

- Military patrols roads around the prison.
- Didn't consider a boat?

They show up, we're 10 yards off
the shore, we're target practice.

- We need to be invisible.
- Five guys, four tanks.

Sucks for you, Mahone.

Linc and I will share.

Toss your boots in the box.


- Tell me you have him.
- Yeah, I got him.

- Where's my son?
- With me.

Put him on the phone, now.

- Say something.
- I'll be there soon.

- Just don't hurt anyone.
- You happy?

You have 20 minutes to meet me
in Panama City where we agreed.

We'll be there.

Hey, I need to put my book in that.

My book. My book.

It fell out of my pocket.

- I thought you figured the coordinates.
- I wrote them in the book.

- I'm sure they're still looking for us.
- It's gone. Get in the water.

Would you, please?

It's a picture of my son. Can you...?

In the bag?

Screw you, Mahone. Let's go.



I don't swim so good.

- What?
- Too bad, kid, you're getting wet.

Now, get in.

It's all right. We'll share tanks.

Just hold on to me, we'll switch off,
10 seconds apiece.

Come on, let's go.

- Where is Scofield?
- I don't know.

He didn't tell me nothing.

- Where is he running?
- I told you, I don't know nothing.

Well, there is only one way
to make certain of that.

This is General Mestas.
The men will be sent.

And, Sojo, I expect every prisoner
to be returned to Sona today.

Dispatch fourth platoon.

Hey, look, man.
This is getting crazy here.

Look, I'll plead guilty
for ignoring the warrant.

I'll show up for the hearing.
Let me out.

With these alarms and guns
are making me nervous...

Until things settle in, you go nowhere.
So just sit tight.


Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?

- Where's who?
- Sucre with the boat.

Just hold on here, all right?

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

Come on, hang on.

I'm all right, I'm all right.

We're not gonna make it
out here too much longer, Michael.

Sucre is coming, be patient.

- I'll take it up first thing.
- Okay.

Excuse me.

Boat 312, why is it still here?

Wasn't someone supposed
to take that out?

Someone reserved it,
but they never picked it up.

- Yes, general.
I want an update.

Still no sign of them,
nothing on the coast.

I think they may have gone back
into the jungle.

The jungle?
You asked me to send men to the beach.

Just a moment, general.

General, I think we have to call
the coast guard.

Come on.

You all right?

- My legs are starting to cramp, Michael.
- You gotta hold on, buddy.

We're not gonna last out here
too long.

Where's your friend, Michael?

Sucre is not just gonna abandon us
out here, all right?

He'll show.

He'll show.

They've been in the water. Probably
at the bottom of the ocean by now.

Well, lookit here.

Looks like we have more than a drunk-
and-disorderly warrant for Jorge Rivera.

Failure to pay child support.

You're not going anywhere.

Once we're done processing you,
then you can go. Until then, sit tight.

I should have heard something
by now.

I've lost all damn track of them.

Burrows will eventually reach out
if he wants his son back.

Yeah, well,
that might no longer be an option.

Look! Look!





He's supposed to be flashing a light.

He's not responding, Linc.

The coast guard, they found us.


Put your arm around me.


Michael, if I don't get
another chance...

...I want you to know that
I appreciate everything you've done.

You're welcome.

Come on, son.

- How'd you find us?
- You never showed.

You said you'd be coming from
the southwest, so I took a chance.


- What do you think happened to Sucre?
- I don't know, but we gotta move.

Guess that just leaves one.


Get up.

Let's go.

I saw the boxes in the back
so I took your car.

- I figured you need to change.
- Yeah.

- How's the ankle?
- I need to get off my feet.

All right, guys, get changed, make sure
you don't leave any wet clothes behind.

Listen, uh, thanks for everything.

Thank you for my boy.
I hope you get your son back too.

Yeah, me too.

Come, we need to get back
to the truck.


Thank you.

Go be with your family, Luis.

- Yeah?
- Where the hell are you?

We ran into some trouble.
We're in downtown Panama.

No, Lincoln, you're not.

We got company.

How'd they find us?

- You have them?
- We're right on top of them.

Okay, hold on.

They must've gotten
to McGrady's dad.

- Bugged his car.
- Or one of us.

Why didn't they find us
when we were in the water?

The water was blocking the signal.

What'd you do with that stopwatch
that Gretchen gave you?

- My God, I didn't know. I didn't know.
- Give it to me.

Okay, hold on, guys.

All right, it's time
to use this rig to our advantage.

Here we go! Here we go!

Uh, this is looking
like a dead end right here.

Stay in the car, then.

This way.

Come on!

Why don't you just tell us
what you know?

And you won't wind up
being beaten half to death.

I know less than you do...

...which is hard,
considering how dumb you are.

I want everything you can find on the
men who escaped. I want it immediately.

He has an outstanding warrant.

Go see the clerk about your stuff.

They're barricaded.

What are you doing? Get back.

All that gunfire
and they only hit your car three times?

Son of a b...

Linc, you've done a great job, but it'll be
for nothing if we end up back in the fire.

There's an exchange, then I'm done.

- You think it's that simple?
- Yeah, they want you, they get you.

This is not about me.
It's about Sofia and your son.

Michael, tell him these people
won't just let us walk away.

We already had this discussion
back at the beach.

- And you were outvoted.
- You're making a terrible mistake.

People might die because of this.

Take off your pants.

- Excuse me, se?or?
- I said, take off your pants.

If I knew you boys partied
in Sona like this...

...I never would have tried to escape.

One cell phone.

One wallet and some change.

There were some papers.
A boat-rental agreement, I need them.

I'll check the drawer.

Take them down.

Come on, now, hombre.

There's no need to refry my beans.

Always with the wise talk.

Never saying anything
we want to hear.

Now, all I want to hear
are your screams:

No, no, no, listen.

I told you, I don't know nothing.
No, I told you, I don't know nothing.

I swear. I swear I don't.

But he does!

He knows everything!
He knows everything!

Hey. Not so fast, mi amigo.

Hey, a little help.

- What is this place?
- Where we're gonna make the exchange.

There's a service road
in case you wanna get lost.

- Assuming you're still alive.
- You still talking?

- Linc?
- Yeah.

Gotta commend you
on that boom-box trick.

Very sophisticated.
You steal that one from Home Alone?

- You fell for it, bitch.
- Ha-ha-ha. If you wanna see your son...

Hey, you're not calling
the shots anymore.

As long as I have L. J...

As long as I got Whistler,
you're gonna do what I say, got it?

Listen. At an abandoned warehouse,
five miles from the barrio's interchange... there in 20 minutes with my son.

And once I get there?

So now we wait?


Think this will work?

Yeah, it'll work.

- You, me, L.J.
- Yeah.

I just hope it works out
for McGrady too.

Oh, no.

They must have closed
all the roads out of Panama.

Papa, what do we do?

You gotta turn around, Papa.

I can't go back to Sona. I can't.

I don't care what he says.

He's a convict.
He's a piece of garbage.

I don't know anything
about this Michael Scofield.

General, here is everything we have
on the escaped prisoners.

- You don't know Scofield, is that right?
- Yes.

You sure you don't wanna change
your story, Fernando?

Hey, this should help
make you a decent brace.

Thank you.


We should be able to see them
coming from up here.

You know, Linc... did great.


I just want L.J. Back, you know?

- It's just a matter of time.
- Yeah.

Considering I don't have a pony
in this race...

...I guess
this is where I say goodbye.

You think I'm gonna
let you just walk out of here...

...after what you did to us?

After what you did to my dad?

- No.
- I was gonna kill you at the beach...

...but I didn't wanna do anything
that was gonna get us caught.

You shot my dad in the back.

I'll give you the courtesy
you never gave him.

Now, turn around.

Turn around.

Linc, think about
what you're doing.

I was told to choose
between your family and mine.

That was my option. I chose mine.

Go to hell.

Linc, you don't have to do this.


Hey, my truck.


What are we gonna do now?