Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 10 - Dirt Nap - full transcript

Papa is dead and Sammy presses Lechero to kill Michael; Lechero replies that he also wants Michael dead, but he does not want an uprising in Sona. Mahone receives a mail with a picture of his son. Lechero, Michael, Mahone, Whistler and T-Bag inspect the hole in the tunnel and Michael requests a saw and hammer to support the tunnel. Sammy takes the power of Sona with the pistol delivered by Augusto and other three gangsters and promises a box of bottles of rum for the inmate that kills Michael. T-Bag convinces Bellick to give the chicken foot to Sammy promising him to join the escape team; when he discovers that there is no acetone, he unsuccessfully tries to call-off the fight. Meanwhile Lincoln and Sofia visits Osberto and buys a bomb; Sucre plants the bomb under the seat of Gretchen's car but she unravels that she found Maricruz tracking the US$ 25,000.00 check she gave to him. Sammy leaves the fighting with Bellick to chase Michael, who is locked behind the door in the tunnel with Mahone. Sammy beats Whistler, who was left behind, trying to get the combination of the door. Michael removes a wedge from the hole and the tunnel collapses over Sammy, burying him, while Lechero and Mahone kill the three other gangsters. Sofia finds a wallet hidden in Whistler's bag.

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Previously on Prison Break:

How does a simple fisherman
know so much about the Company?

-You gonna do this or not?

Once we're out,
I consider you collateral.

Lincoln causes as many problems
as he solves.

He needs to get out of his own way,
and I think you can assist him.

I stay one step ahead
and you get 50 grand.

-What happened?
-She came up to me.

And offered me a cash
to talk behind your back.

-So we stick to the plan, right?

I found a passport. Who's Gary Miller?

-I've been working for us to be together.
-James, how can I believe you?

How can I believe anything anymore?



You can dig our way out?

-We'll need support brace for the tunnel.
-Or what?

Or the whole thing collapses
and we're buried alive.


No more excuses.
Papo's dead because of this Yankee.

I'll kill him myself if I have to.

-He survived the box.
-So what?

The guards went after Scofield.

Scofield won. He's a folk hero now.

Look, I want Scofield dead as much as
you, but not at the cost of an uprising.





Who's that?

That's my son.

Bagwell gave the okay.
The coast is clear.

We gotta go.


I didn't think I'd see you again.

When someone goes into the box...

There was a misunderstanding.

They wanted to talk to you
about the helicopters?

What helicopters?

Were you really trying to escape?

I don't know what you're talking about
and neither do you.

Just so you know,
Bagwell's coming with us.

You were gone. He had something
we needed, I didn't have a choice.

MAHONE: So, what's the new plan?

-Did you tell them?

-I am coming with you.
MICHAEL: Okay by me.

Everyone hear that?
Did you hear that?

-But you're staying up here.
-Maybe I didn't enunciate myself.

The work downstairs
requires two hands.


We need somebody to stay outside
in case Sammy returns.



I thought we couldn't dig
through this.

Bracing's gonna be tricky.

Unless the tunnel gets proper support,
it's gonna come down on our heads.

We should have materials
for the braces.

But we'll need a saw
to cut them to size and a hammer.

-Can you help us out?
-Yeah, I can do that.

Two days.

And if not?

Two days.

Guillermo should have everything
we need.

-Know who he is, right?
-I think it's--

It's down this corridor on the left.

Halfway down. Cell 40.

Down the corridor on the left, Cell 40.



Are you lost already, Teodoro?


But you are.

This is my room now.

You're done in here.

If you'd gone after Scofield today,
all would've been forgiven.

-This is suicide, man.
-Shut up, old man.


I'll take my chances.

Yeah? You think you run Sona?

You couldn't run shipments
from one dock to the other...

...but I still keep you by my side.

I'll let you walk out of here
out of respect for what you were.

Come on.

You get the hell out of here.


All of you ready to do this?

Until Lechero gets back...

...we should start looking for pieces
about 4 feet in length.




I'm running things now!

Anyone got a problem with that...

...come get it.


First order of business.

A case of rum to the man
who brings me Michael Scofield!





Okay? Gracia.

That's who you wanna talk to.

This guy on the up and up?

The guy I was running things for
arranged this... it's as up as it's gonna get
for this kind of deal, so yes.

Osberto doesn't speak English,
so how do you wanna work it?

I need to meet with Susan.

I'll take Sofia, she can translate for me.
Don't worry about it.

So when I meet with Susan,
what do you want me to tell her?

Tell her whatever you think
she wants to hear.

-Buy us enough time to do our thing.
-Home stretch, papi.

I wanna thank you for everything.

-When we get home, I got your back.

-Whatever you need, whatever you want.
-That won't be necessary.

When I'm back home, I'm a saint.

I'm not even jaywalking.

Osberto. Don't forget.



If Scofield steps outside that tunnel,
he's a dead man.

As far as I can tell,
we have two options.

We can invite Sammy on the escape.

He can go to hell.

Which brings us to option number two.

You wouldn't last a second
with Sammy.

Would you?

Then I guess
we'll just have to outsource.


I felt sorry for the guy, but you don't
chicken foot an ex-Delta Force...

...and expect to make it out alive.

You're Delta Force?
Like Chuck Norris?

Norris? He wouldn't have made it
through boot camp.

-Excuse me a sec.

I see you're making friends.

Hey, once you get the hang of it,
this place ain't so rough.

-Too bad.
-Too bad what?

You were right.
We got a little plan going on.

-But if you're putting down roots, then--
-No, no.

You were saying?

We're supposed to be out of here
in 48 hours.

Not through Scofield.
You heard the town crier.

College boy's life
is barely worth a case of booze.

Hence our current conversation.

I know how you got your cherry


Dabbing your wraps in acetone...

...smothering the guy
until he passed out from the fumes.

You do the same thing to Sammy,
and you're in.

-Chicken foot Sammy?
-Chicken foot Sammy.

It's all riding on you, champ.


Thank you.


-This shouldn't take long.
-What are you getting?


I don't wanna get caught
flatfooted again.

-You know what that means?

These people have a plan.
We're gonna need one too.

Does that plan
include screwing over James?

-Is it James or Gary Miller?

There is a part of me that doesn't
wanna believe he works for them.

He's the man I loved,
the man who went to prison for me.

The man who was gonna take me
to my first trip to Paris.

I haven't turned my back to that man.

Do I have your word
that he's gonna be all right?

Yeah. Now, get in.

Do I have your word?

Yeah, you got my word.

Now, get in.



You know what I just found out?

That sucre means sugar.


So every time I say your name,
I'm calling you sugar.

-Basically, yeah.
-I like that.

Look, I don't have a lot of information.

Which, I guess,
that's good news for you, right?

You care to elaborate?

Lincoln isn't cooking anything up.

He's still planning on exchanging
Whistler for L.J.

He hasn't been talking
about running any games.

And did he become an Eagle Scout
last night too?

Lady, he got the message.

He knows he doesn't have a choice.
He has to play it straight.

Look, I could've come up here
and made something up just to get paid.


I'm not trying to get
on your bad side either.

You know what?

I believe you.

So I'll call you if anything comes up.

Whoa, whoa. What am l,
a toothless crack whore? Sit down.

I keep my promises.

The people I work for,
they don't like to deal in greenbacks.

It's just too bulky.

Cashier's check, payable to cash.
Same thing.

Half now and half when you're done.

Keep your ears open, sugar.





-Hold it steady.
-I am steady. I am.

We need a little help here.

I got it. I said I got it.

WHISTLER: That little piece of metal
is gonna hold all this weight?

All right, let go.

Let go.



How many more are we gonna need
before we get to the top?

Twenty, maybe.

That gets us to no man's land.
Then what?

Helicopter would be nice.

Hey, I was supposed to kill you.

So you're not a fisherman.

They threatened to come after my family
if I didn't kill you...

...and jump on their helicopter.

-But I didn't.
-I'm so grateful.

-What happened to your family?
-I don't know.

Maybe I'll find out
if we get out of here.

Well, it's a crazy world, isn't it?

We all agree on that.
And we have a lot of work to do.


Where the hell is Lechero?

LECHERO: ls everything set?

Is everything set?

Yeah. No problemo.

Excuse me, sir.

Do we come to you
if we need the chicken foot?

That depends.

Who you got beef with?

I don't know his name.
Some Caribbean guy.

Stole my wallet a while back.

You better think long and hard
before you say another word, eh?

He's got this fruity little mustache
and this ugly-ass vest.

Please, I'm begging you.



In the ring. Fifteen minutes.

BAGWELL: I never thought I'd say this,
but I envy you, Brad.

I've wanted to shank
that calypso kid since I first met him.

I'm not violent...

...but if a man makes me
walk around in my grunds for two days--

That's great. Just don't take
too long in finishing him off.

The sooner he's dead,
the sooner we can escape.

-No games. I'm in.
-You're in.

BELLICK: Oh, no, no, no.
-What's wrong?

-We gotta call off the fight.
-You know that's an impossibility.

No, no, no. You don't understand.

There's gotta be more acetone
around here.

No, that's it.

I can't go against Sammy straight up.
I'm a dead man.

If you don't kill him, we are all dead.


This isn't the best neighborhood.

I've been in a lot worse.
Just stick close.



You wanna do this?


Yeah, yeah, I got it.



Where is the money?


I wanna see the product.


-Money first.
-Show me the stuff.


-Lincoln, please, let's get out of here.
-Tell him to stop wasting my time.


Tell him.


Oh, my God.



Ask him how do I trigger it by remote.





Dial 1 1 send.

-1 1 send?
SOFIA: Yeah.


SOFIA: Why didn't you tell me
you were gonna buy a bomb?

You never would've come otherwise.



We need that saw.

You know, I am a fisherman.

I am. I'm just maybe a little bit
more connected than I've let on.


-I think this is gonna work.

You know, I run charters, just like I said.
I have for years.

Then one day, Gretchen...

...asked me if I wanted to be exclusive
to her corporation, right?

And, well, with the money
she was offering...

...I had a good idea
she wasn't just trolling for salmon.

-So you two have history.

And she's been an absolute nightmare
in my life ever since that first job.

-Alex, I need a wedge.
MAHONE: A wedge, a wedge.

I took them where they wanted.

I have to figure out coordinates,
take them back.

-Quit embarrassing yourself.

We're not chicks to pick up.
You need to hear this?

-Good. You work for the Company.

When you break out of here...'re gonna do whatever
the Company asks you to do, period.

They're using me
like they're using you.

I'm glad you shared that. Why don't we
go back to work. How's that sound?


Let those idiots chicken foot themselves
all they want, huh?

But if one of them tries
to use it on us...

You don't have to fight that guy.

It's my farewell tour.


The rest of those pieces are no good.

We're gonna need those tools,

I guess we'll just have to wait.

That book of yours.

It's just a bunch of coordinates
in there, right?

Among other things.

So you wouldn't mind?

It's just a bunch
of numbers and dates.

"Gate. "

Gate Netting Company.
It's where I rent my trammels.


-That's my buddy's Cape lslander.
-This is important to us how?

Because I'm accused
of being someone I'm not.

I don't want Scofield ditching me.

He's not ditching anybody.

If he could have,
he would've gotten rid of me.

If he leaves the city, he knows
we'll turn him in before he gets out.

I'm going upstairs to find Lechero
and his equipment.

I'm with Alex.

Do you mind?

Sounds like someone's up there.


If Lechero gets stranded up there,
we're not getting out of here... when you think it's safe
or it feels like it's safe, we gotta go up.




We've been talking about
chicken footing Sammy for months.

No one had the courage.

-You have any paint thinner?
-Paint thinner?

Shoe polish? Lighter fluid? Glue?


There you are, champ.

-It's time.
-Stomp his face, Brad!

You know, this has all been
one big misunderstanding.

I wasn't talking about Sammy.
It was--

That's him.
That's the guy I was talking about.

Yeah, I don't see no fruity mustache.
And where's his ugly-ass vest, Brad?

Don't worry. You stand a real chance
of winning this one.


You cannot just hide out all day.

What else can I do, huh? I've ruled
these men for a year with blood.

They want the head
of the man who wore the crown.

Be that as it may.

Bellick is about to lose
his head to Sammy.

You may not wanna hear this...

...but once that happens,
we are both very much aware...

...Scofield's gonna get curious
about where you are.

He's gonna come crawling out
of his hole and right into Sammy's arms.

And then he and our escape
are gone forever.




Hey, we get the tools
and we come straight back.

Come on, I say.


Come on.




Hey, you guys wanna watch the fight?

You know, chill out.
I'll get you a beer.




Come on.


Sammy! It's Scofield!



Scofield's in there.

-It's locked.
-Open the door.

-I don't have the combination.
-I said open it now.

We can't. We can't.

-Open it now!
-I don't have the combination.

Hey, I got your man out here.

If you don't open the door,
he's the one who's gonna pay the price.

No. We need him alive.

You saw those guys.
What do you think they got planned?

You're trying my patience.

What do you suggest, Alex?

Let's be ready for them.

Time's up.


You want another one?

Then you better be persuasive.


Don't open the door! He's got--


-Are you gonna tell me what it's for?

-Because you think I might tell James.
-Because you don't need to know.


It's gonna be all right.

-How'd you go?

I told her what she wanted
just like you told me.

-Is that it?

Cool. I want you to call her up,
tell her you got information.

Make sure she picks you up,
and get in the car.

Okay. Is everything okay?

-Yeah. Why?
-She looks upset.

I'll call you later.

MAHONE: Got something down here
we can use, Michael.

They come through that door,
you hit them right here.

Go ahead, take it.

Go ahead.

It'll puncture their heart.


You're hiding Scofield in your room?

Look at you.
The power make you mad already.

Come along, Norman.

Let's go.

What is so urgent?

-Lincoln bought a gun.

I asked him what he planned on doing
with it, but he wouldn't answer.

So I just thought
you might wanna know.

If anything changes,
I'll get back to you, okay?

The other day, when you and Lincoln
had your little spat in the lobby...

...and you, all distraught and jilted,
went across the street to the bar...

...a cynic might think
that was staged.

I'm a cynic, sugar.

And you're high, sugar.

If it's any comfort,
you guys almost pulled it off.

The Puerto Rican and the gorilla--

You had me scrambling there
for a minute.

If you don't want my help, fine.
I'm out, okay?

It's a little thing called a tracing number
on the check I gave you.

Apparently your extensive expertise
in banking failed you that day.

You promptly wired all 25K
to Maricruz Delgado... Chicago at 1 23
Please Don't Hurt Me Lane.

-I swear to God, if something happens--
-If what?

What, jackass?

You're gonna go back there.

And you're gonna get me
some real information...

...or Maricruz and her head
are gonna part ways.

Get out of my car.



Hey, blanco,
I got your good buddy Lechero here.

Why don't you give him
the secret knock so he knows it's you?


-The combination.
-What makes you think...

-...I have the combination?
-Hey, just do what he says, huh?

How many times
you gonna pull that out?

As many times as I feel necessary.

What, you think it make you
look strong?

All it does is magnify your weakness.

Funny, I'm feeling pretty secure
right about now.

Now, the combination, old man.

We are not asking again.


-I'm opening the door.
-Michael, do not open it.

Drop them! Drop them, I said.

Now, move!

You're escaping with him?

I was gonna tell you all about this,

It just never came up, eh?


Take it. It's yours.

The tunnel, the escape plan,

We can go together.

Oh, I'm taking everything you got.

But you ain't going nowhere.

How you finishing up this hole?

Promise me
you'll take Whistler with you.


You making demands on me, huh?

I understand why you're going to kill me,
but he's done nothing wrong.

I'll tell you everything
you need to know.

Just take him with you.

You need him. He's the only one
who figured this all out.

Don't you worry,
I'll take care of your friend.

All right, first, you need to keep building
braces to support the tunnel as you go.

-How you do that?
-Whistler can show you how.

Look like you just make some
wood squares from these boxes here.

Like I said, Whistler can show you.

How much further to the surface?

Not far.

Can't be more than 1 0 feet.

Professor Blanco...

...too bad you won't be around
to enjoy it.





How long is this gonna set us back?

What's gonna is if the guards
are looking at a sinkhole...

...out in no man's land.



We're good.


We're good.



Back in business.

-I'm in.
-For what? Getting your ass kicked?

I'm in or I shout it from the rooftops.

You're in, champ.


Okay, I want you to stay here.

I gotta get something, all right?

Don't move.




LINCOLN: Can you get home from here?
-Yeah, I'm two blocks away.

If he doesn't take you, I will.



Here. Use this.

-Right up there.

After all the times you wanted me
to prove I was a fisherman...

...I should've been asking
if you were a real engineer.

-That could be one of us buried there.
-I'll do better next time.

I'm gonna go back down
and try to salvage some braces.

Yeah. I'll go with you.


Never gets any easier.


All the side jobs I do in Sona
for three years, I save all my money.

It's $1 73.

If you're really leaving, it's yours.

Take me with you, please.

I don't wanna be here anymore.

You don't want any part of this.





You got a plan
or we back to square one?

I have a plan.

I got something cooking outside.

I'm not walking into a buzz saw again.

-How you doing with the animals here?
-Actually, it's starting to feel like home.

-Whistler pretending he's a fisherman?

Sofia found a passport in one of his
apartments. Name's Gary Miller.

-I'm shocked.
-The guy's a fraud.

As far as I know,
there ain't no fish in Scottsdale.

Well, if he's not a fisherman...

...what is he?

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