Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 8 - Dead Fall - full transcript

In his efforts to try to get hold of all of the money Sucre runs into some unexpected difficulties. And Captain Bellick and his partner have not given up on finding their old inmates.

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Previously on Prison Break:

-I got nothing against you, kid.
-What are you doing?

But they do.

Your pal Manche told me
all about your Iittle treasure hunt...

...for Westmoreland's stash.
We're going to Utah.

-Fooled you.
-Put your hands behind your back.

-Make yourself at home.

Your father got a call from the White House.
They withdrew his nomination.

According to them,
his confirmation was a problem.

My father's not a suicidal man.

Governor Tancredi, not part of our plan.

Anyone who knows anything
has to be dealt with.

If someone is a liability, they go.
Tancredi was a liability.

-So is his daughter.
-Wait, what?

Burrows is scheduled to be released...

...from the Clifton detention center
in Kingman, Arizona tomorrow morning.

L.J. ' s out there. I ' m gonna get him.

Take care.

Charles Westmoreland, God bless you
and your wrinkled old sack.

-It's all here.
-Where's Sucre?

Drop the pack. No one's going anywhere.

What the hell are you doing, man?

-Sucre, whatever it is you want--
-I want the money.

-AII of it.
-What? Are you robbing us?

The money was never yours to begin with.
This is about business.

Five million dollars worth of business.

So this is how it's gonna go down, huh?

After everything?

Once a thief, always a thief.

You just figuring that out?

The backpack.


Don't do this, buddy.

Yo, take a Iook around you, papi.

There's three of us. There's one of you.

You are outnumbered, man,
and we will come after you.

-It'II be the Iast thing you do.
-What, are you gonna shoot all of us?

Probably not.

But I will get two.

Now, which two is it gonna be?

That's what I thought. Adios, amigos.

I don't believe this.

We have come all this way
and done all of this work, man.

Thought you was compadres, Tattoo?

So Iook,
what are we gonna do now, man?

Police are gonna be here any second.

Ain't no way I'm Ietting
that dunderpate ride off with 5--!

It's your choice.

It's all right.

AII right, I'm gonna give you this...

...and you should be able
to cut yourself free in about an hour.

-Yo, so, what's the plan?
-Well, you can do what you want.

I Iet that psychopath T-Bag Ioose once.

I'm not gonna do it again.

Make a nice Iittle present for the police
when they get here.

Where is he?

I don't know, man. Look, I gotta--
I gotta go, all right?

Good Iuck.

They're gonna get you.

Ms. Tancredi.
Oh, I didn't mean to startle you.

-What are you doing in my house?
-No need to be frightened.

I used to work with your father.

I'm so sorry for your Ioss.

My father didn't commit suicide.

-What are you doing?
-Making sure it doesn't Iook Iike I did.

People ask questions
if the day the governor kills himself...

...his daughter is found dead
in what Iooks Iike a struggle.

Well, then...

...what if they don't find her?

In an apparent attempt
to avoid jail time...

...the governor's daughter skips bail
and disappears.

We're talking about your Iast minutes,
Ms. Tancredi.

-PIease don't do this.
-That stuff on the table is premium.

Grade A.

Do yourself a favor: go out on a high.

Look, Iook, I'm begging you here.

One Iast ride.


"Adios, amigos," huh?

What? Too much?

You were great.

-This thing is freaking heavy, dude.
-It won't be after we split it up.

Three ways: me, you and Linc.

We gotta send a share to Charles' daughter.

With her father's Iove,
just Iike I promised.

What about C-Note?

-Feel bad about the whole thing.
-No way to know if we could trust him.

Once we get to Panama,
we'II send something to his family.

Make sure he's taken care of.

Five million dollars.

I can't believe I'm gonna--

Where the hell's the money?

Where the hell is the money?

The backpack.


Season 2
Episode 8
Dead Fall

Here you go. Watch your head.

Mr. Burrows,
merry Christmas from the state.

Here's a Iist of options available to you.
PIaces to stay...

...businesses that are more open to hiring
men out of the correctional system.

Any questions you might have
about your immediate future?


Well, the number on there is toll-free.

If you encounter any problems,
you can call that 24/7.

-Wait a second, Iisten. You know what?

Why don't you tell me
where you need to go...

...and I'II make sure you get there.

-You know what? I think I'II be all right.
-You sure?

Yeah, thank you.

Kid didn't bite.

-He's on foot.
-All right.

Have your men follow him.
Remember, it's the father we want.

We can't go back.

You said it:
without the money, we're screwed.

-We can't--
-Just Iet me think.

-Maybe there's--
-Just Iet me think.

Maybe it's still back at the house.

The money's not back at the house
unless T-Bag is.

He must've switched the packs.

What--? What do we do--?
What do we do now?

We still got the 5 grand we took
when we pocketed the money.

It's not gonna be 5 million...

...but it might be enough to get us
where we're going.

All units be advised,
escaped convicts from Fox River...

...have been positively ID'd
at 1 1 3 1 Monterey Lane.

We have dogs being dispatched
to the location.

I want every road in or out
of town blocked off.

I don't care if it's on wheels, rails
or hooves. I want it stopped and searched.

You said we would have a head start.

It was the gunshot, buddy.
One of the neighbors must've heard.

-How fast can that thing go?
-I don't know.

Both of us, it could probably,
I don't know--

We're never gonna get out of here
on the roads.

We need to find another way.

He's in your office.

Can't believe they're calling me back.
My escapees are out there.

-I wanna know who this guy is.
-Said his name was Sullins.

Son of a bitch.

Let me know
if anything breaks on the convicts.

-AIex, thanks for coming in.
-Wanna tell me why Internal Affairs... pulling me out
in the middle of a manhunt?

It's been a while
since we've had a sit-down, hasn't it?

-Not since Shales escape, right?
-Yeah. What's going on, Richard?

Well, that's precisely what I'm here
to find out.

You're not getting out of here until I do.

Oh, my God, civilization.

Jenny, how about another round
over here?

What can I get for you, boys?

You tell me.

Two waters, then.

And the use of your phone,
if you'd be so kind.

Don't worry, it's a Iocal call.

First thing I do we get home?

-CIean underwear.
-Then what?

Guess I'II go back to that Iiquor store
and beg for my job back.

We had it. We were so close.

I can still taste that money
right there in the back of my throat.

Well, nothing that a couple of Keystones,
a Hungry-Man Salisbury steak dinner...

...and a night in front of the TV
won't take care of.

Hey, Ma. It's Brad.

Hey, Iisten, me and Roy,
we ran into some car trouble...

...and we're wondering
if you can pick us up.

Well, I don't know.

What the hell town is this?

-Thought you said this was a Iocal call.
-Hey, Bradley, check this out.

Just a minute, Ma.

These individuals were reportedly
the prisoners who escaped...

...from the Fox River Penitentiary in Illinois
just a couple of days ago.

What were they doing all the way out here
in Tooele, Utah?

Well, Jeanette Owens, whose garage
they dug up, has her own theory.

They pretended that they were
some kind of workers...

...from the power company
and that they had made a mistake...

... that they would
have to do some digging.

Investigators just....

Hey, Ma, on second thought,
can you wire us some extra scratch?

Turns out we're not done yet.


-Bruce, I need your help.

Bruce, my father didn't commit suicide,

-Okay, just calm down. Where are you?
-He was looking into the Burrows case.

He found something
that they didn't want him to know.

Now I think that they think
that I know it too.

I want you to Iisten to me.
I'm gonna send someone to pick you up.

I'II bring you back here,
we'II sort all of this out, I promise.

Just tell me where you are.

I don't know. I'm at a payphone.

-Third and Harper.
-You have your cell if I need to reach you?

I do, but I thought it would be tapped.

-I don't know.
-Someone's on their way.

Just stay right where you are.

Thank you.

-I'II give you 80 bucks for them.
-Come on, man, they're worth--

Worth a Iot more to the person
they actually belong to.

These are Iadies clubs, doctor.

I'm guessing they're hotter
than a monkey's jockstrap.

Eighty bucks.

Throw in the cooler and you got a deal.

-We gotta Iose the bike.
-No way.

Roads are sealed.
It's the only way we'II make it out.

I can't. I promised Petey--

We're not getting that thing
across the river...

...and every minute we spend trying
is a minute we don't have, okay?

I'm sorry, but we gotta move.

I heard about these kind of places.
They got Ieeches, you know?

I'II take the Ieeches in here
over the handcuffs back there.

I don't know, papi.

It depends where the Ieech Ieeches,
you know--?

Stop kidding around.

-You all right, buddy?
-I can't-- I can't move.

You feel Iike you broke anything?

No, I don't think so.

Can you get it--?
Can you get it off of me?

I'II try.

This thing's not going anywhere.

I'm gonna check your foot.

I'm sorry, buddy. It's stuck.

-I need you to call 91 1.

Take a deep breath for me.

Okay, Kelli, my name is Sara.
I'm a doctor. You're gonna be okay.

Can you hear me?
You're gonna be all right.

I just need you to take some deep breaths
and I need you to hang in there for me.

Okay-- Kelli?


It's gonna be okay, right?

I mean, if you can get eight people
out of prison... can get my Puerto Rican ass
out of this, right?

Can't you?

Damn it!

Did you hear that?

I know that sound.

There's a dam upriver.

It's a signal.

It means they're opening the Iocks.

That means the water Ievel's gonna rise.

When it does,
the Iog will just float right off.


K-23, canine units
at the scene have multiple scents...

...and are spreading out into the field.

These guys can't have gotten far.

There were six cons back at that house.

They'II be tracking us in every direction.

It'II take them hours to make it over this far
and by that time, the water Ievel will rise.

-And we'II be Iong gone.
-Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

I'm sure.

Ask any of the 20 cops there.

John Abruzzi was armed.
John Abruzzi drew his weapon.

He never should have been allowed
to get that far.

Let's be clear. If you knew how things
needed to be handled on a manhunt...'d be out there running one
instead of hamstringing the men that are.

The FBI's primary objective
in investigating fugitive matters... to effect the swift Iocation
and capture of the fugitives.

You have two dead bodies, AIex.

I've got two dead felons, Richard.

Maybe that doesn't play well
from a public-relations standpoint...

...but from a public-safety standpoint,
Abruzzi and Apolskis were by the book.

The shooting of an unarmed kid
at point-blank range is by the book?

Come on.

Incident report,
David "Tweener" Apolskis.

You know, I'm curious.

-Was he cuffed during transport?

It says in here he somehow managed
to grab your primary weapon.

-You carry that in a shoulder holster?

-Left, right? Right, Ieft?


I'm sorry. I get confused sometimes.

So just so I've got this right... were driving along alone
with a cuffed prisoner...

...and somehow he reaches forward
across your chest...

...grabs your weapon.

It's too bad you didn't
react that quickly with Apolskis.

Maybe he'd still be alive.

What does origami
have to do with any of this?

Michael Scofield sent it to her.

And since your brilliant plan
to eliminate...

...Sara Tancredi from the equation
failed completely--

-I wouldn't say it failed completely.
-There's a dead woman in a phone booth.

A civilian.

A certain number of bodies you can sweep
under the rug.

The president's rug is getting so full
you can barely stand on it.

So, what do you suggest we should do?

-Ever go fishing, Bill?
-Just make your point.

There's two ways to catch a fish.

You cast out a big net
and hope you get what you're Iooking for.

Or you choose the right bait
and guarantee that you do.

It's a simple strategy,
it plays across the board.

L.J. will Iead us to Burrows.
Sara will Iead us to Scofield.

How do you intend to follow Sara when
the only Iead you've got is an origami bird...

...with an out-of-service phone number?

Maybe it's not a phone number.

-What do you have?
-Junior's on the move...

...and still no sign of Burrows.

Sir, the guy's in hiding.
Maybe he doesn't even know his kid's out.

The cop that was held hostage in Utah
has Burrows splitting off...

...from the rest of the group just after word
of L.J.'s release hit the wires.

He knows.

Now, if we wanna know for sure
if he's there...

...we need to do something
to draw him out.

Hey, yo, man, spare some change?

-Come on, man.

-No, I'm all tapped out.
-I know you got something.

-I'II take whatever you got.

I just got out of Iockup.
I would if I could.

-So you think you're better than me, huh?

-I don't think I'm better than you.
-Yo, where you running, Iittle man?

I'm not running anywhere.

This isn't how it's supposed to go.

The reason I went along with the break was
to have a Iife with Maricruz and my baby.

And now what? Get some two-bit job?

AIways be Iooking over my shoulder?

What kind of Iife is that?

You can come with me and Linc to Panama.
Start over.

The Ionger you stay here...

...the more the chance there is
you'II never make it to Panama.

You got other people to think about.

Your brother. Your nephew.


-She's meeting you down there, isn't she?
-I don't know.

We never talked about it.

-But you're hoping.
-Give it a rest, will you?

Dogs locked in.
We got two trails merging.

They were here,
headed towards Drucker Ranch.

They've gone off-road.
Any additional units...

...we need to set up a one-mile perimeter
and then start closing in.

It's getting deeper.

Yeah, a Iittle.

So how come this freaking tree
ain't moving yet?

Let me check.

You all right?

Look, Michael...

...I understand
if you have to keep going, you know?

Just shut up. I'm not going anywhere.

-No, Iook, just think about it.
-If I Ieave, you drown.

I know, but just--

The water Ievel's getting higher, Sucre.

How many seconds can you hold
your breath? Forty-five?

Sixty? That's how Iong you've got to Iive
if I take off.

How Iong you have if you stay?
Till the dogs Iead the cops here?

-What you're suggesting is not an option.
-I ain't trying to be a hero or nothing.

We both know there are only two things
that can happen now.

Leave me here...

...or we both get caught.


I know we said not to use this number,
but I needed to know you were okay.

My driver went to pick you up
and the place was a crime scene.

The woman that he saw
by the payphone...

...that was supposed to be me.

And I had to leave her there.
I didn 't know what to do.

Who are these people?
They knew where I was gonna be standing.

They knew exactly
where I was gonna be--

-Sara? You there?
-It was you.

What are you talking about?

-I just need to know where you are.
-Oh, my God.

Excuse. We'd Iike to check
on a friend of ours, L.J. Burrows.

-He's getting stitches.
-We wanna make sure he's all right.

And you can see him when he's through.
It's policy.

-You don't get it.
-I get that that kid defended himself.

-Tell us why you attacked him.
-I told you.

-Some guy paid me to.
-Some guy paid you.

-Yeah, of course he did.

-What do you mean, somebody paid you?
-What the hell's it sound Iike, man?

Some dude gave me 50 bucks
to give the kid a beat down.

It's Burrows. He's here.

How you feeling, slugger?


We gotta move.

Hospital security, Wing 3-G.

Hospital security, Wing 3-G.

-There's not much you can do.
-Oh, boy.

Excuse me,
I need to ask you a few questions.

I ' m on the follow-up investigation team.
Excuse me.

-Gotta go. See you Iater.
-We were just curious.

Did you see if the convicts actually found
what they were digging for?

No, but it sure sounded Iike they did.

The Spaniard, he took off
with one of my daughter's camping packs...

...and he Ieft the other ones
in a real tizzy.

Sounded Iike he screwed them
over something fierce.

And they just Iet him Ieave?

Well, they weren't happy about it,
but yeah.

He took off on his motorbike.

-Then they Ieft a few minutes Iater.

No, the pretty one and the black fellow,
they Ieft first.

And then that dirty Southerner,
he snuck out the back.

But he was moving kind of slow, you know,
with the weight of that backpack.

-And that disability that he--
-Wait, he had a backpack too?

Yes. He came back in...

...and slipped this into my brassiere
on his way out.

He said it was to cover the damages.

Well, we're gonna need
to keep this as evidence.

Thanks for your time. Get in the car.

Seven-three-six, space...

...three-three-nine, space,

And what exactly are you Iooking for?

A pattern. A code.


What? What are you trying to tell me,

They say people come into your Iife
for a reason.

Maybe my reason was to help you
get out of Fox River, you know?

-To help you save your brother.

It's okay, papi.

Let me go.

We're a quarter mile downriver
below the dam.

It's now or never, Michael.

-I want you to hold your breath, okay?

Just do it. I'II be right back, I promise.

What the hell are you doing?

All units, redirect to the river.

I want you to go under and then
stick your arm up above the water, high.

AII right.

Then when you start running out of air,
wave it back and forth so I can see it.

-And I'II come back and get you.

Okay? Give me your hand.

One, two...


Come on. Come on.



-Talk to me.
-Well, there is one possibility...

...but it's almost too rudimentary.

We know we're not Iooking
at a phone number...

...but maybe
we're not Iooking at numbers at all.

What's important are the letters
that correspond to that number.

Three dots, third Ietter: R.

Two, D, E.

Three possibilities per number.

That's thousands of letter combinations.

But only one of them spells out a word.

The question is where?

-Hey, what are you in the market for?
-Four wheels and a gas pedal.

Hey, Petey, it's me.

Listen, I got something to tell you.

I was wondering
when you were gonna call.

Yeah. A Iot has come down
since we Iast talked, and....

Yeah, I know. I heard. You ruined it.


-You heard already?
-Well, brother, everybody's heard, man.

And Iet me tell you something, man.
Hector is pissed.

-What does Hector have to do with it?
-It was his wedding.

-Wait a minute. What are you talking about?
-Your bike. What are you talking about?

-The wedding.
-What about the wedding?

Well, you know the part
where you say "I do "?

Maricruz said, " I don't."

-She did?
-Left homeboy standing at the altar...

...holding his Spam in his hand,
if you know what I'm saying.

What were you telling me about my bike?

AII right. I'II go get your keys.

We've got a couple of stops to make.
First, there's this place call BIanding.

-We meet up with Linc in a couple of days--
-I can't go.

She said no, papi.

Maricruz-- Maricruz told that son of a--

She told him no. Can you believe that?

-That's great.
-I know.

Now, I just....

No, go on. Get your girl.

-How about Panama? We said--
-Some other time.

Panama's not gonna go anywhere.

And this is in case you run into trouble
down the road.

The river.

I told you to Ieave me behind.

Yeah, well, I tried.

But, you know,
I got tangled up in the rope, so....

-Okay, here you go.
-Thanks. And....

Think we'II need another car.

Do you really think
the diaper sniper got all of it?

Only one way to find out.

If you're Bagwell
and you just got your hands on $5 million...

...where would you go?

You think you're the only one
that feels betrayed?

I'm gonna get out of here someday.

And when I do...

...don't think I won't remember
what your front steps Iook Iike.

Let me get this straight.
You paid that meth head to whup my ass?

Yeah. Feds were waiting for me
to come get you. It was the only way.

-It worked, didn't it?

Yeah, it got me four stitches.

Adds character. Here, take that.

There's some ice in there.
Put it on the eye.

Keep the swelling down.

I've been in a few fights in my day too.

Too many.

"Rendezvous. Sundown. Hot."

There's one more bird.

CIean it. Every surface,
Iike she never came home. Go.

Waiting for your flight from Utah...

...we had a Iittle extra time
for due diligence.

I decided to dig a Iittle deeper
on your history.

Or rather Iack of one.

Starts off simple enough. Poor family.
Mom Ieaves, cites spousal abuse.

Somehow your dad holds on to custody,
and by the Iook of these pediatric meds...

...he beat you Iike a harp seal
for the next four years.

Big shock: poor abused kid,
not a Iot of options, he joins the military.

Will there be any actual questions
or is this just a show-and-tell?

Okay, I got one.
How does a guy go from Infantry grunt...

...with Iess than stellar marks... the Gulf I Special Ops,
to the Federal Bureau of Investigation...

...Ieading the Iargest manhunt
this country's ever seen?

I have all these dots.

And there's just no way
to connect them.

Looks Iike you need to work
on your clearance Ievel, Dick.

-Maybe I'II just work on you.
-You wanna do this?

I will chain you to this desk until I get
answers I cannot fertilize my Iawn with.

You sure you wanna do this?

I know what they tell you to do overseas,

...and Iet me make it perfectly clear.

We do not do it on American soil.

Sir, there's a phone call for you.

I'II take it Iater.

Sir, you're gonna wanna take this now.


Yes, sir.

I'm with him now.

Yes, sir. Bye.

Where you going?

I thought we were really starting
to get somewhere.

Let's go.


You got something for me?

Open it.

The numbers correlate to the Ietters
on a phone.

Only on this one, none of the possible
combinations make sense.

We think it's a Iocation.
A rendezvous point for Michael Scofield.

You find it, you find him.

You could've gotten me
out of there sooner.

Even we have to go
through certain channels... make sure
things appear on the up-and-up.

You know all about that,
don't you, AIex?

Keeping up appearances.


I'm just making sure that we're still clear
on the directive of this manhunt.

You know, I understand the reasoning
behind Burrows and Scofield.

But the other men,
criminals that they may be...

-...there's nothing in their profiles--
-You've been hired to do a job.

The reasoning does not concern you.

You don't ask any questions about us...

...maybe we'II continue to make sure no one
asks questions about you. Are we clear?

They all die.

They all die.