Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 7 - Buried - full transcript

Michael's plan has hit a snag when the home owner's daughter, a cop, arrives. Mahone argues with Lyle Sands about how to proceed, but ultimately hopes that Tweener, in FBI custody, will ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

-The ranch is gone, Michael.
-We gotta do something.

-It's not gonna involve hurting anyone.
-I got an idea.

Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
Is your electricity out?

Those cons are in one of these towns.

They couldn't have gone further
than 64 miles in any direction.

I want everything in that perimeter.

You know, to be honest,
I was expecting to brief the president.

You report to me now.

Frankly, the biggest issue
we have to address...

...are the charges facing your daughter.

PIeasure to meet you, sir.

Sara, did you remember that guy
that I met with you in your apartment?

I want you to stay away from him.

-What are you talking about?
-I found out some other things too.

-Where is that?
-Oh, it' s Holland.

It's beautiful.

Gas up the car. And we'II meet you
right back here in an hour.


Put your hands behind your head
and drop to your knees.

-Oh, God.
-Don't say a word, you old whore.

Or I'm gonna cut your throat out.

You try that again, I'II pry those vocal cords
right out of your throat.

She's coming up.

What's she doing?

She's coming up here.

Stay there, stay there.

Hey, Mom, you home?

Stay here. Stay quiet.


-It's okay. It's okay.
-Back away and put your hands up.

-Just go easy.
-Go nothing.

She ain't the one carrying the cards here.

Back away and put your hands up.

I put my hand up,
I'm gonna take her jugular with it.

I don't want anyone
to do anything stupid, okay?

Don't move.

Let's be civil.

Stop, relax. Here you go.

Guy at the garden center said Burrows
was strong as a gorilla.


-It was 1 p.m. when they tangled it up.
-The guy ID'd both of them.

Scofield, Burrows.
No doubt about it in his mind.

That was 1 p.m., they could be
300 miles from here by now.

You have picks, shovels and power tools
missing from that store.

They're here and they're digging.

Five million dollars buried somewhere
beneath the streets of Tooele.

-You really believe that?
-They believe that.

And that's the important thing.

They could be anywhere now.
We don't have the units to go door to door.

And we won't need them.

He's gonna tell us where to Iook.

Season 2
Episode 7

It's so funny,
I was just about to text you.

-Today's your Iucky day.
-Is it?

Yeah, my Aunt Maxine finally gave me
her famous chocolate-chip-cookie recipe.

And if you're free tonight,
I'd Iove for you to be my guinea pig.

I can't. Not tonight.

Come on. You sound just Iike Daniel,
"Not tonight. Not tonight."

You know what? If you don't mind,
I've actually gotta go.

Are you okay?
I mean, your cart's empty....

I'm good. Yeah, I just gotta go.


-This is going wrong in every possible way.
-This is stupid, man. We cannot do this.

Hat's over the wall now.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

I mean we committed.

It's time to go get the hat.

-We don't have a choice.
-Yeah, we do.

We can walk right up
out of here right now, man.

And then what?

We are already in the house.

Those women are bound.
We have already committed this crime.

We Ieave, it ain't gonna change
any of that.

Why couldn't there just be a silo
in the middle of a field with no one around?

We'II figure it out
and get the money another way.

Yeah, maybe I can rob another bank.

You know what Charles once said to me?

He said there's no such thing
as an ex-con.

Because I used to think there was a way
we could wipe the slate clean.

Make up for everything we've done.

The hat's over the wall, Linc.

For everyone.

Sorry isn't gonna mean anything
to you right now.

But I wanna say it anyway.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

One or two hours, tops,
and we'II be out of here.

You have my word, no one will harm you.

Keep your eyes open, okay?

Nothing happens to them.


The doctor is suspicious.

She should be. She was on the Iine
with the governor when you walked up.

You were Iistening.

Both lines are tapped. We're not rookies.

Did her father tell her what he found?

Not over the phone.

But he knows who you are.

And so does she.

Seeing how she was supposed to Iead you
to Scofield and Burrows...

-...we're back to square one.
-Not necessarily.

-There are other people they care about.
-The kid.


-Now, in terms of the governor, Bill--
-The Burrows kid, Paul.


Governor Tancredi's office, please hold.

-Governor Tancredi's office. Hold, please.
-Is my father in, Chris?

-Just a second.

-Governor Tancredi's office.
-Hey, Bruce.

-Oh, hi, Sara.
-I'm trying to get Dad.

-I need to reach him on his cell.
-He just Ianded.

-Should be home soon.

-Don't know if he'II be in a talking mood.

Your father got a call from the White House.
They withdrew his nomination.

What? I talked to him two hours ago.
He didn't say anything about that.

It just happened. According to them,
his confirmation was going to be a problem.

-We had the votes, right?

Okay, so President Reynolds
pulled the plug on a sure thing... order to start over from scratch?

How often does something Iike that
happen in politics?


Since when did we become kidnappers?
It ain't right.

Well, we can buy a conscience

Yeah, well, yeah, closing your eyes
ain't gonna make it go away.

I'II take five minutes
of a situation I can control...

...over 50 years of one I can't, any day.

Hey, Mr. Hundred Dollar Bill.

What's it Iike being
with the African persuasion, anyhow, huh?

-Yo, shut the hell up.
-Oh, hit me a nerve.

-Why don't you get in that hole and dig?
-How about you backing up, dark fella?

You're a Iong way away from home,
Trailer Park.

I can put you in that hole.

-And nobody would ever hear you scream.
-Knock it off.

We have security expert
Mark Bruni with us...

...who will explain how other prisons
are ensuring...

... that they are not victimized
by the next Fox River Eight.

Should be the Fox River Seven
now that Abruzzi's taken his dirt nap.

God rest the man's soul, of course.

Speaking of numbers, we're short one.

Kid's taking a Iong time
to fill that gas tank up.

I Ieaned on him
in every way I can think of.

He's not talking.

Are you Catholic?

Are you Catholic?

Not much good in it. A Iot of guilt.

But the one good thing is confession.

Whatever you got eating at you,
you just give it up.

Feels good, I have to say.

Guess it's Ietting it out.

-Letting another human being hear--
-I got nothing to say to you, man.

What if I told you something?

A secret nobody else knows.

Oscar Shales.

A guy I was chasing a few years back.

Smart as hell.

I kept just missing him.

It became kind of a game, Iike chess.

Would've been fun
if it weren't for the fact...

...that he were killing people
all along the way.

Bodies kept stacking up, and I started
to feel that it was because of me.

Because I couldn't do my job.

Because I wasn't smart enough.

Never did catch him.

But I did Iose it.

Saw things when I would drive at night.


Nightmares to the point
that I couldn't sleep.

It was a complete break from reality.

That's what these Iittle guys are for.

Keep me in the game.

So now you know.
Now it's off my chest.

Ought to try it sometime.

Like I said before...

...I ain't gonna tell you nothing.

You know where those guys are.

If you're Iooking for a rat,
you've got the wrong guy, man.

No, I'm just trying
to spare you some guilt.

Bagwell was free Iess than 24 hours
before he killed his first victim.

If you don't tell me where he is now,
he's gonna kill again.

And that blood is gonna be
on your conscience and nobody else's.

Confession might not be
such a bad thing, huh?

He just arrived, L.J.

That's impossible.

I don't have a meeting scheduled
with my Iawyer.

He's a court-appointed public defender
in IIIinois.

I doubt he would come to Arizona
without calling me.

Let's go.


We're all set in Arizona
with the Burrows kid.


The kid's as good as gone.

What'd you say the name
of that Iawyer was?

Didn't give it to me.
Gave it to the warden.

Then I want to talk to the warden.
Hey, you hear me?


Hello, L.J.

-What do you want?
-They didn't tell you why I came here?


I'm an ADA here in Mojave County.

I'm here to serve you with these.

What are those?

Your release papers.

-Hey. Is my dad in?
-Ms. Tancredi.

-In the study.
-Great, thank you.



I need my pills.

PIease, I need my pills.

-I need my pills.

-Forget it.
-No, you don't understand. I need them.

They're for my baby.

They're Metformin,
to prevent a miscarriage. PIease.

They're in the drawer in the kitchen.

That one right there.

-How many?

And water. PIease.

-Now I gotta put the gag back on.

Before you do,
I just have one more question.

You seem Iike a really good guy.

Why are you doing this?

I'm not a good guy.

And these changes, do you really think
they'll help keep predators...

...Iike Theodore Bagwell
safely behind bars?

Without a doubt.

Picture makes me Iook Iike a sociopath.

I'm not joking with you, Trailer Park.
Now, get in here and dig.

I am incapable, thanks to all y'all.

Just remember, my X marked the spot!
You remember that.

We got a bigger issue. The kid.

-How Iong's it been since he Ieft?
-An hour and a half, maybe.

An hour and a half to fill a tank of gas?
That ain't right.

There has been a breaking development
in the double-homicide prosecution...

...of Lincoln Burrows, Jr.

Due to the sudden disappearance
of crucial blood....

Hey, Linc, I didn ' t know you had a boy.

--the Cook County District A ttorney's
Office had no choice...

...but to drop all charges
against the 1 6-year-old.

Burrows is scheduled to be released...

...from the Klipton Detention Center
in Kingman, Arizona...

... where he 's currently being held,
tomorrow morning.

Keys to her car. Where are they?

-Just hold on, okay?

-You can ' t do this, Linc.
-Why not?

-We are five minutes away in there.
-We've been five minutes for four hours.

-Just give me some time. Be patient.
-You think I give a damn about the money?

-I'm doing what's necessary.
-You're afraid to fail.

You're afraid this plan ain't gonna work.

You wanna get caught proving
you can pull this off, be my guest.

L.J.'s out there. I'm gonna get him.

We have come 1 500 miles
across country.

We have made it this far.

Then I guess this is where we part ways.

-Any word on the interrogation?
-No, the kid's still stonewalling.

But we've got confirmation on Patoshik.

His prints were all over
that old Iady's house.

So he Ieaves the cash and the jewelry.

The only thing he steals
is the $1 0 oil painting.

What the hell does he want with that?

Is there something I can help you with?

What? No.

You know, it'd be a Iittle easier
if you used a cart for all that stuff.

I'm just....

I wanted to see if it all fit in the bag.

What happened to your knee there?

Motorcycle accident.

So you don't move around
too well then, do you?

Not really.

-Well, that's good.
-Hey, hey. Hey!

You can still come with me.

No, I could....

I could do this.

-And if you can't?
-Then we still meet up.

-Exactly where we planned.
-Bullshai Booze.


L.J.'s gonna be with me.

-You remember how to get there?
-How can I forget?

Thursday night, 6:00.

It's our Iast shot.

If we're....

If we do this right, we're gone forever.

A Iot of ground to cover in three days.

A Iot of ground.

AII right.

Take care.

They'II be gunning for you.

They'II get you any way they can, so....


Tell L.J.... Tell him I said there'II be
a surfboard with his name on it.

Nice. Bolshoi Booze.

-Three days.
-Three days.

Keep your head down.

Ms. Tancredi.


...I just want to Iet you know
that the M.A...

...she's finished her preliminary
examination of the body.

She found no signs of foul play.

I know it's a shock, but we've also spoken
to the detail guard stationed outside.

And he didn't see anyone, other
than your father, enter or exit...

...since he came back
from Washington.

My father's not a suicidal man.

Look, is there any extended family
I should call?

I'm an only child
and my mother passed away.

-Could I have a moment, please?

That's a hell of a good deal, son.

I mean, we're talking no additional time
on your sentence for the escape.

You want it in writing,
I'II put it in writing.

We will put you up at CIub Fed.

You'II spend your days playing racquetball
with stockbrokers and Iawyers.

Four years from now,
you'II be on the street.

Twenty-two years old,
with a clean slate...

...and your whole Iife ahead of you.

And no blood on your hands.


There's a woman in the house.

If you guys show up...

...they're just gonna turn her
into a hostage.

T-Bag, he ain't coming out alive.

And he's gonna take her with him.

Let me worry about that.

No, hell, no.

The only way that
that woman comes out free... if someone shows up
on that porch that they trust.

Being you.

Being me.

I'II take you to them.

Oh, you Iike....

You Iike jerky?

You Iike jerky.

What were you in for?

I don't want to talk, Iady.

I'm a prisoner in my own house.

The Ieast you could offer me
is a Iittle conversation.

AII right.

Just Iet me know when I hit it.

Murder. Rape.

Kidnapping. Sexual abuse.

-Child sexual abuse.
-Aggravated robbery.

-How Iong were you doing?
-Five years.

How much Ionger
did you have Ieft to serve?

Eighteen months.

Why on earth would you break
out of prison with--?

What's her name?

Doesn't matter.

So, what? She was running away
with another man?

-You should've Iet her go instead of--
-She's having my baby.

-How far along is she?
-I don't want to talk about it.

I'm two months. I just had
my first-trimester sonogram on Tuesday.

Ten-five. Dispatch to all units.

Has she shown you pictures of--?

Transporting David Apolskis in FBI custody.
Stand by.

Yo, this is gonna take all day.
We need more manpower.

Standing around and jabbering
ain't gonna get the dirt out of that ground.

AII right, that's it.

You son of a bitch! Now what?

-We gotta roll.

They got Tweener. It was on the radio.

Nice knowing y'all.

-They say anything about where we are?
-I'm not hanging around to find out.

Yo, maybe you should.

Maybe you should.

Maybe we all should.

Let's go over this again.
None of them were armed?

Guns? No.

Bagwell had a screwdriver or something.

-Do we really need this, man?

In case you decide to do something stupid,
Iike tip them off.

You don't have
a problem with that, do you?

Compass, check.

Map, check. Rope, check.


I bet you're wondering what we're doing
down here by Lake Michigan, huh?

It's because if you go far enough that way,
you get to the ocean.

You know what's out there.


We're gonna Iive in a windmill.

AII we need is a raft.

I'm gonna build it.

AII starts with this....

No, this stick.

Charles Westmoreland, God bless you
and your wrinkled old sack.

It's all here.

I owe you a profound thanks, Pretty.

Couple of days from now...

...I'm gonna be walking the streets
of Bangkok with a million U.S.

That's about 40 million baht
in the Iocal currency.

What the hell is up with you
and Thailand, huh?

BIack-market surgery,
anonymous transplant donors.

Hes dressed Iike shes.
What's there not to Iike?

Are you really gonna try
to replace that hand?

Body ain't taking to this one.

-AII right, Iet's move.

You know, that hand
ain't gonna be white.

-The new one.

Even if you get down there,
it ain't gonna be white.

Hey, Johnny KKK over here's
gonna have an Asian hand.

No mistakes. Let's get them clean.

I need to know if I can trust you.

They're escaping.

No, you can 't leave me here.

-Not like this.
-We had a deal, remember?

Now walk.

-I don ' t got much time, all right?

I had to tell you something.

What you did for me
that day at the motel....

Ain't nobody in my Iife
that's been to bat for me Iike that.

-Get him. Go, go, go!
-And I Iied to you, okay?

My name ain't Scott.

-My name's Dave.
-Oh, my God.

-David Apolskis.
-Go now, go!

-Get away from the door!
-Get down. Now!

-Put your hands on your head!
-And I just....

Put him in the car.

I wanted you to know, all right,
I'm gonna be writing to you.

And I sure as hell hope
that you write back.

AII clear!

Can I help you?

I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Contractor. Got some electrical issues.

No, you can't help me.

Excuse me, is there a problem?

-Ms. Owens?
-She's not home.

Yeah, well, I'm supposed to drive her
to the club for--

She already went to the club.

Yeah, she came out,
said she was going to the club.

She got in her car and Ieft.

I don't know what else to tell you.

Yeah. Okay, thanks.

He's gone, but we gotta get out of here,
because once he gets to the club...

...he's gonna find out she's not there
and he's gonna be back.

You know what? You were right.

It does feel good
to get stuff off your chest.

I'm sorry I had to play you Iike that, bro.

Yo, what's up?

Come on. It's gonna be a Iong drive.

Stretch your Iegs.

AII right.

Kellerman, I thought you were gonna deal
with the L.J. Burrows situation.

Oh, I did.

Then why is he being released
from custody?

In and of himself,
the kid is useless to us.

His only value
is in who comes Iooking for him.

More importantly, Bill.

Governor Tancredi. Not part of our plan.

Last time I checked,
you Ieft no shortage of bodies in your wake.

No, I did what I had to do
to get Caroline where she is.

Now that she's there, Iet's not draw
any more attention than we have to.

You think getting to the top
is the hard part?

She's a hundred times more visible.
Has a hundred times more enemies.

Anyone who knows anything
has got to be dealt with.

If someone is a Iiability, they go.

Tancredi was becoming a Iiability.

So is his daughter.

Wait. What?


Goodbye, Paul.

You walk out with those guys now...'s only a matter of time
before you get caught. You realize that?

You're not just dealing
with escape charges.

Assault, unlawful imprisonment,

-I don't need to hear this.
-No, you do.

How much Ionger do you really think
you can stay ahead of the cops?

Look, if you turn yourself in...

...I will testify at the sentencing,
I will say that you cooperated.

-That can make a difference.
-Shut up.

Be smart.

You have a baby on the way.
Wanna be around for its second birthday?

-Or its 22nd?
-Shut up.

If you didn't wanna hear
what a big mistake you were making... would've put that gag back on--

Fernando! It's time to go!

You can still do the right thing,

Hey, Iooky here.

Looky here.

Pocket change, in case you wanna
tip the valet when you're at the Ritz.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, boy.
Where's Sucre?

Right here.

What are you doing?

Drop the bag.

No one's going anywhere.

Hey, yo.

Just so you know, man,
I'm not gonna roll on those guys.

It ain't gonna happen,
so if that's what this is about....

We were talking about confession earlier.


I think I owe you an apology
because I Iied to you...

...about Oscar Shales.

Smart-ass just kept pushing it.

I snapped.

Right there.

That's where I put the bullet in him.

I don't care about none of this.

Mistake about that is that forensics
will tell the whole tale.

Powder burns.
The gun was right against his head.


-We should go back--
-That's what's good about confession.

Because you say something,
you get it off your chest...

...and it just goes out there
into the whole world.

I'm so sorry about this, kid,
because I hope you understand.

-Yo, yo, hold on--
-I got nothing against you, kid.

What are you doing, man?

But they do.