Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 9 - Unearthed - full transcript

Michael tries to retrieve an item from Blanding Botanical Garden in Utah, but Mahone's people got to it first. Mahone believes that someone on his team is leaking information to the press; meanwhile Michael does some research on Mahone at an Internet café, then makes a trip to Durango, Colorado, to see a woman there. Linc and L.J. are on the road in Arizona. C-Note is in Chicago, and Agent Lang tries to use his wife to capture him. Bellick and Geary phone C.O. Patterson, at Fox River, to get information on where they should look for T-Bag. Sara is at a motel in Elgin, Illinois, trying to crack Michael's code. T-Bag arrives in Tribune, Kansas, for (as he puts it) "romance". Kellerman is on the trail of Sara.

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Previously on Prison Break:

Excuse me, Iadies.
I need to ask you a few questions.

And that dirty Southerner,
he snuck out the back.

Do you really think
the Diaper Sniper got all of it?

If you were Bagwell and you just
got your hands on $5 million...

...where would you go?

I'm right in the city.
In the Rainbow Room.

Restaurant in New York City.

I am gonna be waiting in that spot.

And that's all that I want
in this whole world... for my two girls
to be waiting there for me.

Three dots, third Ietter.


The question is, where?

Sundown, hot.

What? What are you trying
to tell me, Michael?

I think I owe you an apology
because I Iied to you...

...about Oscar Shales.

Right there.

That's where I put the bullet in him.

What are you doing, man?

You've been hired to do a job.
The reasoning does not concern you.

Don't ask any questions about us...

...we'II continue to make sure
no one asks any about you.

Are we clear?

They all die.


Are you new?


No one told me
we were getting a new volunteer.

I've been working, the night shifts.
CIean up.

And Jimmy said
I could change my shift, so....

You know what you're doing?


-I'II see you around.

-This might be Scofield.
-Copy that.

You take that side.

-Take it easy, man.

-Stay on the ground.
-What's the deal?

He's gone.

-How you feeling?
-Okay, I guess.


I'm a target, kid.

As Iong as you're with me, so are you.

Things will get a whole Iot worse
before they get better. Understand?

After we meet up with Uncle Mike
and get to Panama.

Panama ain't a sure thing.

Your uncle's plan is dangerous.
I mean, really dangerous.

Listen, all the charges against you
have been dropped.

You're free and clear to start a new Iife.
A good Iife.

Not be running,
Iooking over your shoulder--

You want me to Ieave?


-Good, because I'm not.

Here you go.

Turn the sound up on the tube, Jenny.

Sure, Hank.

Do you have any thoughts
on the death of David Apolskis?

-It was unfortunate.
-Tests show he was shot at close range.

-Was there ever any opportunity--?

Let me remind you that despite his age,
David "Tweener" Apolskis was...

...a fugitive who made a move
for my weapon.

I did not want to have to kill him.

Sometimes things happen
that are just out of your control.

That good old boy's
hunting them all down, ain't he?

Sources claim that you have
recovered Scofield's hard drive.

-Obtained substantial data from it.
-What sources?

Retrieved information detailing
not only how Scofield broke out...

-... but how he plans to stay out. Comment?

The event at Blanding Botanical Gardens
earlier today...

...that was a result
of hard drive data you collected.

No comment.

Have you found other locations
where Scofield might be?

-I believe I said no comment.
-There's something about this guy.

It's like he knows where we're going,
what we're thinking.

-Tell us where you're heading.
-What role will the hard drive play?

Details of this investigation
are extremely confidential.

Heard it came back from the Iab.
Any findings?

Yeah, 3200 nitroglycerine ampoules.

Scofield knew these needed to be
stored in a cool, moist area.

Best place for that in the Utah desert
is the botanical gardens.

-AII medical grade.

Safely used by heart patients
all the time.

But in the aggregate--

It can take out an entire building.
That box right there.

This is why we can't have Ieaks...

...coming from this office.

God help the agent
who goes behind my back...

...and talks to the press.

Can you elaborate on any of your
tactics in this manhunt?

Sun Tzu said that if you know
your enemy... need not fear 1 00 battles.

I know these men, who they are,
where they came from.

Where they want to go.

These convicts are in a constant battle.

Not only with me...

...but with themselves.

every decision they make.

Do I turn left?

Do I turn right?

Stay or go?

My job is to know
how they'll answer these questions.

The only way to win a war
is to try to know your prey completely.

And then you get to go after
your enemy with everything you've got.

Season 2
Episode 9

Our half price stuff's in the back.

-I'm Iooking for something very specific.

This is it.

-This is exactly what I need.

We were just inches away today.

I want these blown up huge.

-Put them up in my office, on the walls.
-What are these?

In there is information regarding
a rendezvous that Scofield set up.

We're gonna crack that code today.

Today's the day Franklin told his wife
he'II meet her at the Rainbow Room.

-Wrong. Today Franklin's going down.

-Are you ready?
-Everything's arranged.

-It's all here?

Yo, Ray, Iet's go.

Hey, yo, Trey. What's up, nigga?

-I know that ain't you.
-It ain't a ghost, man.

You holding up all right?

Just catching a whole bunch of buses
just to get here to Chi-Town, man.

How you think I'm supposed to feel?

Chris, Jay.
What's up, FIam?

You Iook Iike you Iost a few, bro.

-SIim-Fast, baby.
-Is that what it is?

Feds been in your old Iady's business,
no joke. Up in your crib.

-Following her around.
-Yeah, I know, man.

Yo, I know you Iove Kacee.

I don't know if it's a good idea
for you to come around here.

You're a wanted man.

I'm wanted because I kept
my mouth shut.

And I kept you out of Fox River.

C-Man, we feel that.
And we owe you one.

Good, because I'm collecting right now.

My wife is waiting for me...

...and I am not Ieaving Chi-town
without my family, you understand?

Now, you all are gonna help me.
Let's roll out.

Where you going?

To take my kid to school.

I know about the Rainbow Room.

-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Phone Iines are tapped.

We heard your entire conversation
with your husband.

Since you and Dede aren't booked
on any flights to New York...

...don't tell me the Rainbow Room
is a restaurant in Manhattan.

Tell me where you're meeting
your husband.

Or I can arrest you.
Right in front of your daughter.

You go to hell.
I haven't done anything wrong.

You spoke with an escaped felon
about meeting him today.

You've done enough to be charged
with attempt to aid and abet.

PIease, okay. Listen to me.

One phone call
and Child Welfare is here.

You're going to County,
Dede will be in foster care.

-Don't worry.

I hear the families
in the foster system are topnotch.

You are asking me to choose
between my daughter and my husband.


-I'm on the phone with Fox River...

...checking T-Bag's file.

Hey, what you got for me?

Really, 52 times? Where?

I owe you, Patterson.

We got a Iot of road to cover.

We're good.

No more stops
until we get to New Mexico.

-You forgot your change.

-You were in such a rush.

Thanks. Thank you.

Keep walking. Keep walking.

Come on, keep walking.

Damn it.

We don't have to ditch the car.
We can keep driving.

We can't, the waitress
made me and the car. It's useless.

I'm sorry, you know.
Maybe we can find another car.

Cars aren't exactly
growing on trees out here.

We've got 400 miles to go,
and no way of getting there.

If we don't get to Michael in time,
he'II Ieave without us.

-He wouldn't do that.
-He doesn't have a choice.

It's a one-shot deal out of the country.

I said I was sorry.

-There was a sign for a train station.
-It ain't that easy.

-We follow the road, we won't be seen.
-It ain't that easy.

Hey, I'm not an idiot.
I was on the run too, you know.

Yeah, you were on the run,
and you got caught.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry I'm not a pro
at being a con Iike you, Dad.

Maybe I should've just Ieft
when you gave me the out.

Not Iike you care.

Take it easy.

I'm sorry, all right?

I'm sorry, man, I'm just....

Let's get out of here.

-Mrs. Pamela Mahone?

Agent Wayne Merrick, FBI.

I'd Iike to talk to you
about your husband.

I'm surprised that you're coming to me
for a background check on AIex.

It's standard procedure.

We run these kind of checks when
an agent's about to be promoted... a higher security clearance.

I know that, I did this dance
the Iast time he was promoted.

I just figured that
since we were divorced....

I mean, I rarely speak to him,
and I certainly don't follow his career--

We really need to get this done today.

So, I promise
I won't take up much of your time.

I've given enough time
to my ex-husband, Mr. Merrick.

I see.

The Bureau can take its toll
on your family.

I understand that.

My ex-wife is, an agent...

...and Iet's just say
I know how you feel.

Promise me
that he won't find out we spoke?

Oh, it's totally confidential.

-Do you mind if I ask why?
-To be perfectly honest, he scares me.


Hi, I need the number
for a Sundown Hotel please.

-What state?
-AII of them, please.

-Got one in Pierre, South Dakota.

Another in Sutton, West Virginia.
And one in Gila, New Mexico.

-What can I do you for?
-A batch of them sunflowers, please.

If you don ' t mind me saying... do not sound Iike
you hail from Kansas.

You got a sharp ear.

I hail from what we call
the Yellowhammer State.

What brings you to Tribune?



Thank you so much.

Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Feds gonna be swinging
bigger bats than these.

-We gotta have ours.
-Look, man, that's all we need.

Is your car, your truck,
and some guts, man.

We don't need all of this.

-Maybe we should think about it.
-I said no.

What's gonna happen, man,
when the bullets start flying?

Can you guarantee
my family ain't gonna get hurt?

Johnny Law's gonna be strapped up.
I'm going in hot.

-I don't think you heard me.
-No, I don't think you heard me.

I'm not going in naked.

I know we said
we'd ride with you on this...

...but I'm not going in there
without some of these.

You wanna punk out, man?

Then punk out,
because I can do this myself.

Ain't nobody punking out. And no guns.

But you better be right about this,
if bullets do start flying...

...the only blood being spilt
is gonna be ours.

You feel me?

I feel you.

Agent Kellerman!

-Agent Kellerman!

That name you wanted me to track.
Kelli Foster.

She booked a flight to New Mexico.
Just Ianded.

-Got someone on her?
-No, but we got an ID on her rental car.

-Should I update Mr. Kim?
-No, I'II take care of this myself.

We got a tip from a waitress who
thinks she saw Burrows and his son.

-Outside St. David, Arizona.
-Get a road team out there to confirm.

Once they get a beat on Burrows,
notify me immediately.

Everybody out. Let's go, come on.


Sara Tancredi just booked
a one-way ticket across the country.

-To where?
-New Mexico.

Of course.

-Any Iuck breaking that code?
-Not yet.

-But this helps.


Every combination that has NM in it.

I want you to check it to see if
it contains a Iocation in New Mexico.

-I want it done now.

Yeah, right now.

So how well do you know Alex?

He knows me better than I know him.

He's a closed book, all right.
But he wasn't always Iike that.

In the first few years of our marriage...

...he was actually romantic.

And then one day, out of nowhere....

-Out of nowhere, what?
-Everything changed.

-He became obsessed with getting out.
-Out of the marriage?

Getting out of the marriage.

Getting me out of the house,
out of his Iife.

He Ieft me.

He Ieft the both of us.

You said you were scared of him.
Why is that?

He started acting strange.

Started spending all of his time
in the backyard gardening, of all things.

I mean, the man was a neat freak.

He'd throw away a pair of shoes
if they even got scuffed.

But he'd be out there,
all covered in dirt...

...and surrounded by these huge bags
of fertilizer and Iye.

We just put this new sod in,
and he just tore it all up...

...and planted a flower bed.

And I went out back once to talk to him.

And he screamed at me...

...and said not to come near the garden.

Said that it was his.

I'm sorry. If you--
If you wanna take a break.

AII I wanted was an explanation
why things ended so suddenly.

And all AIex could say was:

"Sometimes things happen
that are just out of your control."

So the picture
in your daughter's bedroom.

The exact Iocation where it was taken
was a merry-go-round, right?


AII you have to do
is wait by the merry-go-round.

Right where Benjamin's expecting you.

Is that necessary?

-I mean, Benjamin's not even--
-It's precautionary.

Look, I do this,
you Ieave me and my child alone.

You have my word.

Is my wife there?

-Yeah, she's here.
-Well, let's go get her.

Number three, please confirm
you're in position, number one.

In 1 5 seconds a black jeep is gonna
pull up by the parking Iot entrance.

Run to it.



-I can't, they're gonna take Dede.
-No, they won't.

Is that guy talking to her?
Get a read on him.

-Move to positions.
-It's taken care of. Go!


She's running. She's running.

Go, go, go! Move, move!

Get in! Hold on.

It's a 2007 black Jeep.
License plates have been removed.

We're in pursuit, headed-- No!

Move the truck.

Move the truck.

I said move it!

-Where is my child?

-Hey, it's me, baby.

Hey, Iook, I just wanna tell you
that everything is gonna be okay.

We're gonna be a family again,
I promise you that.

Where is Dede?
He said that you had her!

No, no, no, no, no. Be easy, baby.

Be easy. Trey is picking her up
from school right now.

Dede Franklin, Dawson EIementary.
I want her pulled from school, now.

-What the hell is going on, man?
-They say she's taking a test, man.

But I think they're stalling.

What about Oscar Shales?

Oscar Shales? Why is he important?

Well, he's just the only fugitive
to ever successfully elude...

...your ex-husband.

AIex was consumed with finding him.

I mean, after what Shales did to all
of his victims, who could blame him?

It was all he worked on,
all he did for a year.

But I don't think that it was the stress
of chasing Shales...

...that caused AIex
to start behaving erratically.

Why is that?

Because AIex changed
after the trail went cold.

I remember it Iike it was yesterday.

He just walked into the kitchen,
after 1 2 years of marriage...

...and says that he wanted me
out of the house immediately.

I'II never forget the date.

It was June 1 5th.

I think I have everything I need.

You didn't even ask
about social history or education.

-That's standard in these checks.
-That's been handled.

I have to get these reports filed
with Strategic Operations, ASAP.

-You're with Strategic Operations?
-They handle these checks.

Not since the 9/1 1 realignment,
Mr. Merrick.

The chief information officer
does them now.

They handled AIex's Iast check.

When an agent reaches a Ievel
as high as your ex-husband's...

...S.O. takes over...again.

Bureaucracies. Thank you for the coffee.

Look, just get her out of there.

They're here.

No, no, no, no.

-No, see, we gotta go.
-Don't worry about it.

Just get the car started, all right? Go.

-Hey, baby.

-You ready to go?
-Where are we going?

-Mr. Franklin, you can't....

-FBI, stop!
-Get him, get him!

Come on, Iet's go!

Let's go, baby. Let's go, baby.

Come on, go, go, go!

Franklin has the child!
Repeat, Franklin has the child!

Evening, Mrs. Hollander.

Don 't you look lovely this evening?

You should've told me what you were.
My God, I Iet you near my children!

Don't think I won't remember
what your front steps Iook Iike.

Come on now, get away from the road.
You wanna get caught?

I saw you checking out those girls
back at the diner.

-Come on, fess up.

No, I was making sure
they weren't staring at us.

With what, their asses?

Beautiful girls in Panama.
They Iove Americans.


So how Iong you known about girls?

Long enough.

Since when?


With who?

-Donna Anselmi.
-She was the kid next door.

-She was about....
-Four years older than me?

Your mom was paying her
for French Iessons.

Well, she earned the money.

Come on. Away from the road.

You're still way too close. Let's go.

-You want to learn some tricks, Gracey?
-Like what?

I let you into my life.

Eighteen, 27.

Evening, Mrs. Hollander.

How you feeling, Iittle Teddy?

NM, six....




NM, 6-3.

NM, NM, NM....


Pam, I really can't talk right now.

Maybe I should call back.

-Who is this?
-I think you already know.

If you've done anything to Pam.

-Or my boy--
-We both know your family's fine.

Although Pam did seem a little upset
about you leaving.

But then, you had to, didn 't you?

Because you couldn 't let her find out.

-Find out about what?
-Oscar Shales, you remember?

The one that got away.

Except he didn 't get too far, did he?

-You're slipping, Scofield.

Let's hypothesize for a moment.

Let's pretend
I was the one who caught Shales.

I don 't think I could have just handed
that psychopath over to the courts.

Not after he had eluded me for so long.

Made me Iook bad.

You've been out in the sun
way too Iong, boy.

You Feds make a nice living.

But not so nice you go around
tearing up expensive sod.

Not unless you had to do a Iittle digging.

Not unless you wanted
to hide something.

Or someone.

That's what all the Iye was for,
wasn't it?

See, because there are two kinds of lye.

Small amounts of the first kind
can be a gardener's best friend.

And Iarge bags of the other kind
decomposes bodies.

Oh, you should write mystery novels.

I don 't know about you...

...but if I buried someone
in my own back yard...

...I'd think about it all the time.

I'd think maybe I should
move that body.

Then I'd remember...

...that DNA leaches into soil,
so even when the body was gone...

...the proof of what I ' d done
would still be there.

I can imagine how it feels.

The pressure.

The constant fear.

It's more than a man can bear.

I'm gonna give you a chance.

Back off, Iet me
and my family disappear.

And in return, I'll keep your little secret.

How does that sound?

Like a dead man talking.

I know it's not
how you wanted this to play out.

But sometimes things happen
that are just...

...out of your control.

This is one of those times.

Take care of yourself.

I'II see you soon, Michael.

Oh, and Michael,
it just may be sooner than you think.

Did you have a nice nap?

Visions of 1 2-year-olds
dancing in your head?

-You're trespassing.
-Nobody Iives here anymore, Goldilocks.

Seems the owner hit the bricks... soon as she heard a certain someone
had re-entered society.

Left in a hurry too.
Even Ieft some stuff behind.

So this is where Theodore
practiced " Pervert Knows Best."

This is where he had his family supper.

And that, I believe... where you and Mrs. Hollander
expressed your Iove.

Tell me, Iittle Teddy,
did you make her wear Dr. Dentons...

...and hold a Iunchbox
to help you get all worked up?

Bradley, I couldn't possibly expect...

...a grown man
who still Iives with his mama... understand the machinations
of Iove.

You want to know how we found you?

Fifty-two mash notes
sent by you to this address.

AII of them begging Mrs. Hollander
to take your white-trash ass back.

And every one of them
boomeranged to Fox River...

...marked " Return To Sender."

The guards had a real Iaugh
reading them, didn't we, Geary?

Oh, damn right, we did.

That is one mangy Iooking paw
you got there, slick.

What happened, Boy Scout fight back?

Now, you're gonna tell me...

...where you stashed
Westmoreland's money.

Or I'm gonna pluck you
Iike a chicken, stitch by stitch.

Fine, you wanna know
where the money is?

I did spend a whole bunch of it
Iast night on your mama.

Wrong answer.

Come on, baby.

How are you?

You're good?

-She's okay.


What do we do now?

We didn't have to wait too Iong at all.

What are we gonna do?

Get a ticket on the train. Come on.

Just wait here until the train comes.

Yeah, I think that's the guy
right over there.

Two Caucasian males on foot,
fleeing the Willcox station.

I'm running.


-Hold it, right there.

-Don't move.

PIease, please.

-He's got nothing to do with this.
-Face down!


Cuff them.

L.J., I'm sorry.

Suspect in custody.
Possible ID, Lincoln Burrows.

I'm sorry. L.J., I'm sorry.