Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 4 - First Down - full transcript

Michael, Linc, and Nika are captured by Bellick and Geary, who intend to retrieve Westmoreland's money in Utah. Tweener continues his drive with Debra Jean. Abruzzi is reunited with his ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

Those ass-hats are worth more dead
than you and I are alive.

Somebody's gonna get that money.
Might be me.

A job like that might go a little smoother
with an extra pair of hands.

I want divers down in the river.

-Are you Scott Kolbrenner?
- You must be Debra Jean.

-It's nice to meet you.
-Same here.

Apparently, Fibonacci's
coming up for air again.

And if he testifies at that hearing,
a lot of people are going down.

Caroline, they're taking her in.
Of course. I'll keep an eye on her.

Hi, my name is Sara and I'm an addict.

-Hi, my name is Lance and I'm an addict.
-Hi, Lance.

-You did one hell of a job, doc.
-It's okay for you to leave now.

Oh, I'm leaving, you're not.

-Where to, sir?


-So which one of them was it?
-Might be Scofield.

Probably gonna find
his brother in there too.

Are you meeting up with her?

-Your doctor?
-I don't know.

I knew the little whore
would take us right to them.

What happens when you get to Mexico?
Where will you go?

It's best if you don't know.
It's best for everyone.

We'll drop you off in the next town,
and I'll wire you that 1 0,000, like I said.

Shouldn't take more than a week or two.

Michael, we got company.

What the hell's he doing?

-Hold on! Hold on!
-Hold on!

Who is it?

Who is it?

It's Bellick.

Hold on!

Hold on, hold on.

-Duck! Down!
-Hold on, hold on.

Hold on.

Can this thing go any faster?

What do you think?

Look out!

Hold on!

-Look out! Look out!
-Hold on!

Nobody move!

Nobody move!

Oh, good to see you again, boy.

No need for anyone to get hurt, boss.

Boss? Oh, there's no need
for formalities anymore there, Sink.

I'm no longer an employee of the state,
thanks to you.

I think somebody wants that reward.

Oh, it's not about reward money, friend.

Your pal Manche
told me all about your little treasure hunt...

...for Westmoreland's stash.

Get in the car.

We're going to Utah.

Season 2
Episode 4
First Down

Cops following you all over the country...

...when all they had to do
was tail the tail, you know.

Move that moneymaker, sweetheart.

Let's move it, convict.

If you know about the money in Utah,
why do you need us?

In the excitement of the escape, Manche
didn't hear everything Westmoreland said...

...before he kicked the bucket,
but he heard enough.

Utah and five million.
You'll fill in the blanks.

-Don't even think about getting cute.

You and your brother are gonna take me
to where that money is...

...or the whore gets dead real fast.

Ask me if I'm bluffing.

The dredging of the river beneath
Scofield's apartment bore some fruit.

Found a hard drive under the riverbed.

Serial numbers match an order
that Scofield put in with Dell...

...a few months
before he was incarcerated.

They've recovered about 1 2 percent
of the data so far.

And this is helping us how?

Blood tests came back.
B negative all over that crash site.

-Scofield and Burrows are--
-B negative, I know.

-I'll reach out to the media.
-How about don't?

If it gets out that the guy...

...who masterminded this whole thing
is possibly dead...

...the other six cons are gonna get
their guards up more.

It is our policy-- Excuse me.

It is our policy not to announce deaths
until they're confirmed.

We found an exploding car
and a blood match.

-Well, then do more tests.
-On what?

On the bumper. I don't know,
I don't care. Just delay.

I want those guys out there getting
more complacent, not more careful.

But the Iranian government promises
to forge ahead with its nuclear program.

In national news,
the eight escaped convicts...

...from Fox River Penitentiary
in Illinois are still at la--

I was listening to that.

-Yeah, I wanna hear this.
-Really? You like John Denver?


-Don't quit your day job.

No, I just need a little tequila
to get my karaoke on.


Hey, yo, slow down.

-We're doing, like, 65 in a 60--
-Yo, slow down.

All right, Dad.

You know, we can't be having that, man.
Tickets are, like, 200 bones.


I never thought I'd say this, Scofield...

...but I thank God
for the day you walked into Fox River.

And out of it.

It's gonna be okay.

I don't wanna hear from you right now.
You told me nothing would happen.

You promised me.

Oh, that's one pissed off commie
you got on your hands there, Scofield.

Didn't your mama tell you how to treat
a lady, or was she a whore like this one?

-Got a problem there, Burrows?

We only need one of you
to take us to the money.

Remember that.

Let's go, buddy.

Let's go.

I'd been really drunk
at the wedding speech...

...and this was the first time
that we'd spoken since then.

And it was cleansing.
It was really cleansing.

Thank you.

Good share, Ralph.

Well, we're out of time,
unless there are any burning desires....

Actually, I'd like to... know, if there's time.
-Of course.

I'm Lance, and I'm an addict.

-Hi, Lance.
-Hi, Lance.

My mother died of MS last week.

She just gave out.

Just like my grandfather did,
just like my sister did...

...just like l....

If I may?

-MS isn't usually considered genetic.
-Really? What are you, a doctor?

I am, actually.


Thank you.

All right, everybody, face the wall
and look straight ahead.

Eyes front.

-How was your flight?
-Bumpy. Everything's ready?

We got a container ship down
at the navy yard. Captain's one of ours.

He's got a stateroom listed
as a cargo hold on the manifest.

You and your family will be on it
when it sets sail tomorrow.

Six days from now, John,
you'll be in Sardinia.

Good work.




We missed you.


I missed you too.

It's over, it's over.

Come on.

Come on, come on.

What the hell are you doing?

Mind your own business.

What kind of son of a bitch
doesn't have a spare tire in his car?

The kind that already used it.

Well, then you're just the sad sack that has
to go back into town and get a new one.

That's like three miles.

That's right.

All right, everybody out.

That way. Go on.

-Don't touch me.

Just relax.

You know, I believed everything
you told me, and I did everything you asked.

I risked my life for you.

For what?
For $10,000 I risked my life?

And this entire time
you've had $5 million just waiting there.

You're a bastard, Michael.

For all that aggravation, I hope you get
to hit that a few times, Scofield.

We're gonna wait it out in that shack.

Just keep moving. Come on.

Come on, come on.

Fantasia, get going.

I need to talk to you alone.

-What do you want?
-To ruin his life like he's ruined mine.

-And what did you see, sir?
-I was overheating, so I pulled in.

This car was already here.

-What about you?
-Oh, I was reading. I didn't see nothing.

Hey, buddy!

Where you coming from?

Me? I was just hitting the head, boss.

What's your name?


-Clyde May.
-You got any lD, Mr. May?

I don't drive anymore,
so I don't really have any lD per se.

Camel jockey left a big box of boom-boom
under my jeep back in Kandahar.

-You military?

-Which one's your vehicle?
-These two sleds right here.

That is, the in-between rides, anyhow.

Ain't much of a bag
to be hitchhiking with.

I travel light.

You're just hoofing it out here,
middle of nowhere?

I do have the right to see a little bit
of the country I lost my hand for, don't l?

Why don't you tell me
what this is about?

We got a vehicle here without a driver.

And at present, you're the only driver
without a vehicle.

Hell, is that what this is all about?
Why didn't you say so?

Dirty hippie kid
dropping a deuce in the facilities.

He came in with that car
not two minutes ago.

Check it out.

What were you, Army?

Hell, no. Corps.

Well, then, semper fi, brother.
What outfit were you?

Hundred and ninety-sixth.

Hundred and ninety-sixth?

Never heard of it. Where they out of?

Hey, sarge.

Hell, man, I didn't do nothing.

Found these in his knapsack
after he said he had no car.


Semper fi, brother.

Semper fi.

Stop stressing. It doesn't do any good.

Maybe you ought to start stressing
if they're gonna put a bullet in our heads.

They need us.
They need us to get that money.

I admire your optimism.

She's rolling, man. I can feel it.

So you wanna ruin Scofield's life?
Well, get in line.

What are you really looking for?

-Same as you. Money.
-Money? You want money?

Ten grand. How's that sound?

We do it right now,
right there on those floorboards.

Not in a thousand years.

Beat it, then.
You got nothing else I need.

Typical man.
I'm talking about millions of dollars...

-...and you'd piss it away for sex.
-That's right.

And I was hoping you wouldn't
let Michael outsmart you too.

Scofield ain't outsmarting no one.

You think that tire went flat by accident?

-What are you offering?
-I can find out where the money is.

-He trusts me.
-What do you want?

My fair share.

You find out where that money is,
your fair share is $200,000.

-Out of five million? That's not very--
-I got the gun, girl.

You're lucky you're a partner at all.

I'll be right back.

Fibonacci's in DC.

Yeah, and he's in Denver,
Atlanta, Miami.

-I know.
-No, no, no. This time it's for real.

He's testifying again.

He's in Washington right now.

The Globe Hotel, room 1 1 6.

-ls this information any good?
-It's from New Jersey.

Fishhead Tommy wants to pay tribute.

Get the car.

Look at this room, John.


We can be a family again.

But you wanna risk it all, disrespect us.
And for what, for vengeance?

-He betrayed me--
-I don't care.

He betrayed us.

I'm sorry, you will never
understand what happens...

...when you're in prison.

But you could go back to prison.

I swear to God...

...I'd rather die than go back.
There's no going back. Never, ever again.

Christ saved you, John.
Don't turn your back on him.

Don't turn your back on us.


I don't know,
about 20 miles from Gunnison.

He's coming. I have to go.

Who was that?

Nobody. It's just my father.

-All right.
-Hey, listen.

Do you mind if we stop
at the next motel?

-It's only, like, 4:00.
-Yeah, but we've been driving forever.

-That's cool, I'll drive.
-I really just wanna stop.

-But if we get on the road now--

It's my car,
and I'm tired of being in it, okay?

All right.

Heard about the call coming in.

Can you believe it? Of all the players, it's
the rat that could give us our first collar.

If you guys need to use the can, hold it.

You need to tinkle, sweet pea,
I'll watch you anytime. Sit down.

Hands behind your back.

Took your time.

It takes time to gain a man's confidence.

You're right, he'll bite on anything I say.

You just tell me where we trap him,
and I'll tell him that's where the money is.

Hey. You're the guy
from the gas station, right?

I'm the guy
who was having car trouble.

-Seems to be purring along now, huh?
-Yeah. Water pump.

Two hundred bucks for this heap.

They'll get you.

Look, I hope I'm not out of line...

...but I heard you telling the cop
back there about your hand.

My old man was killed in Nam
when I was a kid... I have the utmost respect
for our servicemen.

Just serving my country.

A lot of us are grateful for it.
Listen, if you need a ride or something....

Well, to be honest with you,
my dogs are kind of barking.

Well, all right.

Jerry Curtin.

Clyde. Clyde May.

My kid Danny is riding shotgun.
I hope you don't mind sitting in the back.

Hi. I'm Danielle.

Hi, yourself.

-What do you want?

-I need to use the bathroom.

I have a small bladder.

That ain't all you got.

Get up.


They plan to trap you.
The big one, he's got friends in Utah.

Criminals. A town called Panguitch.

They grow drugs on a farm there.

They'll tell you that's where the money is,
but no money.

Just old friends with guns,
waiting for you.

Easy enough.
We take a pass on Panguitch.

-Where's the money really?
-I'll find out soon enough.

But 200,000 was old price
for this information.

-I want a new price.
-She's trying to renegotiate.

If it wasn't for me,
you'd be face-down in a marijuana farm.

One third.

It's gonna take a lot more than information
if you want a million-six, sweet pea.

-Such as?
-You know.

-Piece of that can, anytime I want it.
-ls that it?

Aren't you gonna slap me?

I've slept with men
for a lot less, trust me.

What happened
to " Never in a thousand years"?

That was negotiating.



We got 150,000 here, John.

With Vittorio's place in Solanos,
we'll be able to live off the interest.

Where's your father?

Everything all right, boss?

Yeah. Let's get this over with... I can get back to my family.

She'll get it done.

Nika and I have come too far together.

-When money's on the line, trust no one.
-Sometimes you have to.

Not if you wanna survive, you don't.

You really don't trust anyone, do you?

Can you blame me
after all that's happened?

No, I mean before that. Before prison.

Every time I trusted someone
I got burned.

Every time I got close to someone,
I got screwed.

I know better and so should you.

That's right, the Lotus Motel.

I don't know the number.
I can't talk anymore, I have to go.

Well, check it, I know this might
be a little forward and all, but....

Let me ask you something.

You got a man?

I mean, a boyfriend?

-No, what am I thinking? You're Mormon--
-I'm not Mormon.

You think all girls from Utah
are Mormons?

They are, aren't they?

Well, yo.
Hey, then you can party, right? Hey.

When I land, I want 12 armed agents
waiting for me on the ground.

Tell them I wanna go
to the motel from the airstrip.

You got it.

I was an ass before. I apologize.

A little bit.

Sorry. Here you go.

I was a huge ass. I apologize.

I'm not gonna argue with you.

Well, what are the odds
that you're actually a doctor?

Fair enough.
They're probably not good, but....

And I should not have interrupted you,
and I'm sorry.

-I'm sorry too.
-Well, then, apologies accepted.

I recommend the blueberry pie.

Blueberry pie it is.

-Hey there, Danny.

Sure was nice of your daddy
to buy me a room for the night.

Yeah, he's always helping out
with vets and stuff.


Good man.

But I was wishing we could've
kept going on toward Utah.

Lots of light left in the day,
lots of road to go.

When Dad's back acts up we stop.

"Young Miss "?

That's kind of insulting, isn't it?

I mean, you're a grown woman.

But adults are always trying
to infantilize girls your age.

Treat you like children.

No duh. My dad
won't let me get earrings, and I'm 1 4.

You see, that's what I'm saying.

You are more than perfectly capable
of making your own decisions.

-Tell my dad that.
-Yeah, but he don't wanna hear it, right?

Because he wants to keep you as a baby.

Right? Even though you're more
than old enough to choose... you wanna dress...

...or accessorize.

-What are you doing?
-ln need of a friend--

-No, no. I'm telling my dad.
-You know, I'm not good at kid--


She's got it all wrong.

Wait outside.

You and I are gonna work this out.

Jerry, you really don't want to do this.

The thing I like about you
is your determination.

I have a family in Kladno
that have been waiting for me... send for them.

They know what kind of work you're in?

They think I work at Starbucks.

How stupid do you think I am?

My daddy always said,
"Fool me once, shame on you...

...fool me twice,
and I put you in the ground."

Any more games
and I stop the whore's air, understand?

Thanks for the dance, sweet pea.

You bitch.

Fooled you.

I carried it. The cons can change it.

Oh, you really suck, Bellick,
you know that?

Roll him. Let's go.

Hands behind your back.

Thank you.

You're as stupid as the prison doc,
you know that?

-lgnore him.
-He conned her too.

Made her think he loved her.
Look what she got.

An overdose
and a shot at 30 years inside.

What are you talking about?

You haven't been reading
the papers, have you, college boy?

Cops found your girlfriend fish-belly white,
gargling her own puke.

-Shut up.
-What do you care?

-As long as she left the door open for you.
-Shut up!

Hit a sore spot, didn't l?


It really is, like, the best pie I ever had.

Do you know what it needs, though?

Some crack.

No, I mean, you know, not a lot.
A pinch.

-A pinch of crack?
-A pinch of crack.

A pinch of crack, a dollop of smack.

-That's good pie.
-That's so wrong.



-Sara. It's me.

What do you want?

I don't have time to talk.

There's every chance
they're listening to this call right now.

But there's a lot I want to say.

Please don't hang up on me.

-I don't wanna talk to you.
-I heard about--

I heard about what happened.

I want you to know--

I want you to know how sorry I am.
For everything.

Sorry's not gonna do me a whole lot
of good with what I'm up against right now.


Anyone with any ties
to me and my brother is in danger now.

I have no ties to you
and your brother anymore.

There is a way I can protect you.

It's already in your possession.

-What are you talking about?
-lt was real, Sara, you and me.

It's real.



-How long to the motel?
-Approximately 1 0 minutes, sir.

Let's make it five.

Yo, I haven't taken a shower
like that in forever.

Where are you going?

-I was gonna surprise you.
-Surprise me how?

I was gonna get some tequila and limes.

-All right, well, hold up. I'll--
-No, no, no. It'll only take a minute.

Stay here and relax.

You seem kind of nervous.

-I do?
-Yeah, you're sweating.

Well, maybe I am nervous.

Trust me, girl, you got nothing
to worry about, all right?

-I'm one of the good guys.
-You seem like it.

Hang on tight.

-I had the manager unlock the door.
-Got it.

If you're looking for the rat, John...

...Fibonacci's 2000 miles from here.

Who are you?

Local cops or feds?

Feds, John. Only roll out the best
for a man of your stature.

I deserve to know who turned on me.

-The man was facing a RlCO rap.

He did not want to go to prison.

I'm sure you can appreciate that...

...knowing what you know
about the place now.

Whatever you're thinking
about doing, John, don't.

You are going back to Fox River today,
or the morgue.

That's your call.

I'm coming out.

Weapons come out first, John.

Forgive me.

Yeah, I'm coming out.

Easy, John. Easy.

-He's got a weapon. Right hand.
-These are serious men here.

They have instructions to shoot
at the first sign of aggression.

Please, I'm asking you respectfully.

Drop the weapon, kneel,
and put your hands on your head.

I kneel only to God.

I don't see him here.


I think I screwed up.

My dad's an Air Force colonel. Total Nazi.

One of those nightmare,
overprotective dads.

-Well, I called him.

Told him I was traveling with you.

Told him that we were staying
in the same hotel room.


You gotta learn how to lie.
What were you thinking?

I don't know-- Yeah, for some reason
I don't know how.

He was mad enough when I told him
I was staying in a hotel room with a guy.

-That was one thing.
-Yeah, yeah.

When I told him I was staying
in a hotel...

...with a guy that I maybe
sort of liked, he lost it.

Wait. Wait, what?

Is that okay?

At least let us take you into town.

No. If I'm seen with you
it's a lot of trouble for me.

I can walk. It's only a mile.

We never would've made it
this far without you.

But now you're crossing the border
without me.

You can't go where we're going.

It's not a life for you.

Then that's it, then.

It's over for good.

Thank you.

Be safe.

Good luck.

I loved you, Michael.

And I thought I was gonna get that back,
but you just used me.

-That's not true.
-I deserve more than this.

I deserve more than just being the girl
that you call when you need something.

You think you're gonna
find the money in Utah?

I don't care about the money in Utah.

I don't want any more crime.

I turn you in, I get $200,000.
Legal money.

You're the policeman's problem now.

-Don't come any closer or I'll shoot you.

No, you won't.

Good luck to you.


HQ called. They're asking
why you didn't intercept Abruzzi...

...when he was walking
towards the motel.

The man was a mob boss.
The right move was to get him trapped.

They're saying the way you played it,
there was only one possible outcome.

HQ has a problem with the way I do it, they
can pick a gun and follow me next time.

Scofield always knew
the rat was the key to Abruzzi.

We just put it out on the wire
and Abruzzi bit.

Speaking of Scofield...

...the crash was staged.

Pig blood.

Smart kid.

The problem with being that clever,
is that sooner or later... end up getting too clever
for your own good.

Good night.

You have no idea what you're in for.