Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 5 - Map 1213 - full transcript

Michael and Linc arrive in Tooele, but the map they need to locate the double-K ranch is missing. They run into T-Bag and Tweener, who have also come to Tooele for Westmoreland's money. ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

There's something about this guy.

He knows where we're going,
what we're thinking.

It's a matter of time before
he finds out about the money in Utah...

...and our way into Mexico, everything.

You can have an attorney present
during questioning.

Caroline, they're taking her in.
Of course. I'II keep an eye on her.

I did it, Dad.

Just do as you're told.

Otherwise, there will be consequences
that will affect us all.

My dad's an Air Force colonel.

When I told him I was staying in a hotel
with a guy that I maybe sort of Iiked...

...he Iost it.

-What're you doing here? Where's Maricruz?
-She's with me.

-Just tell me where she is.
-Hey, Fernando, slow down, man.

I was trying to tell you
the wedding is in Vegas.

-So which one of them it was it?
-Might be Scofield.

Probably gonna find his brother
in there too.

-Where to, sir?

This morning, authorities in Illinois issued
an update on the escaped convicts...

...known, until now,
as the Fox River Eight.

Chicago mob boss John Abruzzi...

... was gunned down outside
a Washington, D. C. motel last night...

...after investigators received
a tip from an informant.

The other seven escapees are still at large
and considered dangerous.

A Florida man wanted in--

I didn ' t think Abruzzi'd
be the first to eat it.

I have a feeling
we're in for Iots of surprises.

They said seven are still out there.
So much for faking our deaths.

I bought us some time.
That's what counts.

-How much further?
-Seventy, 80 miles.

Means we should be hitting
Double-K Ranch by this afternoon.

We could keep driving,
pick up L.J. and hit Panama.

We can't hit Panama. We can't hit anything.
We can't do anything without the money.

We need to find Charles' stash.

I know some other guys
who are thinking the same thing.

The money is buried under a silo
at the Double-K Ranch...

...just outside of Tooele, Utah.
There's $5 million there.


You know, when I was in Cheyenne,
I pulled my ticket out of the bag.

It tore in half, and I have no idea
what happened to the other part.

-They didn't issue you a replacement?

The young Iady,
I think her name was Sherry...

...she actually said that this half was okay
because the barcode was on it.

Well, you really need the whole ticket.

This is exactly
what I was trying to avoid.

She said everything
would be fine because--

That's okay. It'II do for now.

But make sure you ask for a replacement
when you get to Provo.

I definitely will. Thank you.

-It's always something, huh?
-Oh, God, I know.

I don't wanna go home.

I wish we could keep driving.

I don't think your pops
will be down for that.

Wouldn't it be fun?

We could go to Hawaii.

-No, you can't drive to Hawaii.
-I know.

I know.

I'm just saying, I wish.

-No, don't get it. They'II Ieave.
-Just Iet me see who it is.

It's a cop.

No, no, no.

Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
Have you happened to see this person?

Season 2
Episode 5
Map 1213

Last night, we got a few phone calls
that he was spotted in the area.

So we're going door to door.

Why are you Iooking for him?

He escaped from prison in IIIinois
a couple of days ago.

Have you seen him?


He doesn't Iook familiar.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

AII right. Thanks for your time.

This ain't--
This is not what you think, all right?

Look, trust me. Just Iisten, okay?

AII I did was steal a baseball card, okay?
I'm not Iike those other fools up in there.

I'm gonna go for a walk, okay?

I'm gonna Ieave my keys right here.

And when I come back,
my car will be gone.

I'm sure in a few hours,
they'II find it somewhere...


Wait, wait.

I wish it could be different.

I have to go.

-I think it's "Tooele."

-Hell of a town.
-Small is good.

Means the ranch'II be easier to find.

AII we gotta do is get that money...

-...and be out of here by nightfall.

Oh, sir. Soil tests came back
from Scofield's crash.

Not that you need any more proof,
but he really went out of his way this time.

What else do you have?

A man was assaulted in Nebraska by
a hitchhiker matching Bagwell's description.

He was headed west on the I-80.
Omaha's putting together a photo Iineup.

What do you have on Scofield?

What does anybody have on Scofield?

I've got some results from his hard drive.
The one recovered from the river.

We were able to use the sector editor
to restore the master boot. So from that--

I don't care how you did it.
What do you have?

More than half the contents of the buffer.
About 60 percent.

-It Iooks pretty random.
-Print it up, all of it. I want it on my desk.

Well, guess what.

No Iisting for a Double-K Ranch.

Excuse me. You know where
I might find the Double-K Ranch?

-What'd you call it?
-Double-K Ranch.

-You from around here?

Yeah. Born and raised.

There's no double nothing.

Great. Thank you.

Looks Iike Westmoreland spent
his Iast breath blowing smoke up your ass.

There's one way to find out.

The county keeps property records.

Every plot is mapped out with dimensions.
It's public record.

But if there
is a tax assessor's office here...'s gonna be in there.

In the municipal building.

Lot of cops in there, Michael.


Someone stole my car this morning.
I'm at the Lotus Motel off Interstate 80.

-Did you see who took it?
-No. I went out for a walk.

-And when I came back, it was gone.
-This morning? Why didn 't you call before?

I don 't know.

-Mr. Kellerman.
-Mr. Kim.

-Surprised to see you in Chicago.
-Just Iooking for updates.

Sara Tancredi. I'm on it.

-Is pursuing her the best use of your time?
-It is.

She's in contact with Scofield.
I was there when he called yesterday.

We stay with her, she takes us right to him,
he takes us to Burrows.

AII right.

-If you're that confident.
-I am.

-I'II Iet the president know.
-I contact the president directly.

I'II contact her.

Keep me posted.

If you wanna restore dignity,
you need to take action.

Making amends requires much more
than saying, "I'm sorry. "

It means Iearning to change.

The apology's just the first step.

The most important thing
is that you display honesty...

...courage and compassion
when you extend your apologies.

You need to earn your forgiveness.

We'II talk about it more on Friday.

-I got a great idea.
-What's that?

Since you are such a fan of Iame,
store-bought blueberry pie...

...I'm gonna bake you
a real pie of your choice tonight.

I can't.

I really don't need to be seeing anyone
right now who isn't my therapist.

I've been a hermit Iately too.

My partner Daniel's away on business.

I've been sitting around
every night by myself.

Kind of pathetic.

I'm so sorry. I thought you meant....

I thought....

-The pie....
-Oh, no.

-No, I was really talking about--

Yeah, actual blueberries. Like we'd make pie
and watch Fried Green Tomatoes.

-I get it. I get it.
-I'm the best ex-junkie cook in this town.

Thank you. I just--
I gotta clean my apartment.

It's disgusting.
I realize that sounds Iike an excuse.

-It's not.
-No, no, no, I get it.

You do what you gotta do.

Have a good night.

You deliver?

Next batch.

Just put it on the desk.

-Any of this stuff mean anything?
-I don't know. Ask me Iater.

Is he a genius or a whack job?

We answered that
when we assigned 1 00 agents.

So why don't you go
get me the rest of it?

Does that work for you?


I just found me an in-betweener.

-Where you going in such a hurry?
-None of your beeswax, yo.

I know where.

The same place as every other man
that was in that room that night.

They all coming around here for a big
family reunion at the Ku KIux Ranch.

If they ain't here already.

There ain't no fool in this town
ever heard of the Double-K Ranch.

It seems Iike you been misinformed.
There is a Double-K.

It's just a matter of who gets there first.
The stars are gonna collide in Tooele.

You'II need me on your side.

This ain't Fox River, all right?
I don't need any--

As you can see...

...I need you.

Get your grubby paws off me, you freak.

I ain't your ditch digger.

I don't need nothing from you.

I don't need nothing.

You might.

If a man knew where he was
supposed to be Iooking....


Are you having the Hector Avila
and Maricruz Delgado wedding today?

Avila. No? Thanks.

Hi. Are you having the Hector Avila
and Maricruz Delgado wedding today?





Stay calm. We'II be out of here
in 1 0 minutes.

One at a time.

CIear. Back up.

You wearing a watch?


Nice day.


This is exactly what we need.
It's a map of every parcel of Iand.

Topography, buildings, everything.

Karl Kokosing. Double-K.

I don't Iike the way
this guy's Iooking at us.


Where's 1 21 3?

-Hey, Seifert. I need to speak with you.
-Come on, man. We gotta roll now.

-Hey, Seifert.
-Come on. You got the map?


Someone else does.

Someone got here before us.
It's the only explanation.

Son of a bitch is still alive.

-Hey, pretty.
-What the--?

What you gonna do, scream?

How the hell are you still breathing?

What the helI'd you do to your hand?

Easy, easy.

I recently had some work done.

Where's the map?

Easy, easy, easy. I don't have it.

-Well, where is it?
-I'm telling you, I don't have it.

-Don't have it, huh?
-You were there. We saw you.

It was gone. Why don't you keep
your pooch away from me?

I'II tell you everything I know.

It's the kid. He has it.

I saw him this morning.

I needed some help.
We made a deal, all right?

He said that he would dig.
I told him where we could get a map at.

What kid?

What kid?

The best thing to do is nothing.

That's how I'II get the U.S. Senate
to confirm my vice-presidency?

-Do nothing?
-Shows them you can do the job.

Wait a minute. It's my daughter.

Sir, we need to talk about your daughter.

What about her?

Well, the media
is all over this Fox River situation.

We think it would be best
if you could distance yourself from her--

If I hear this one more time....
I paid her bail. I walked away.

I have distanced myself.

Give me a minute.

Hey, Dad, it's me.

When you get a chance, I really need
to talk to you about some things.

Actually, a Iot of things.

The most important one is that...

...I owe you an apology.

I realize that I've made things
difficult for you Iately.

And I wanna take responsibility for that.

Call me back. Bye.

-Hi. I know I'm early, but I brought dinner.
-Come on in.

-You're not a vegetarian, are you?

Just shut that behind you.

-Do you mind if I check my e-mail?
-No, not at all. Here.

-Oh, you're so kind. Thank you.

-Do you happen to have a pen handy?

Thank you so much.
I'm so sorry to bother you.

-No, Iook, I have a Iittle pencil and pad.
-Thank you.

-Sir. Sir.

No Sherry in Cheyenne.

Your ticket is not valid for travel.

Oh, well, hold on, now.
That can't be right. That can't be right.

-Excuse me for a second.

AII right, now, Iisten, brother,
I'm gonna give it to you straight up.

Seriously, I don't-- I'm broke, okay?

Now, that's the truth.

Now, I just ran into some trouble
a while back.

I'm just trying to pull it all together now.
You understand?

Well, you can tell that to the authorities
in about five minutes.

Come on, brother,
we don't have to get the authorities--

It's too Iate.

They're already waiting at the next stop.

These guys here are gonna sit with you
until we stop.

I understand. I understand.

-Come here.

-Hey, you can't go in there.

Oh, my goodness.

Okay, we've got a confirmed sighting
on Franklin.

He jumped out of a moving train
in Preston, Idaho.

What is a black man from Chicago
doing in Idaho? He's gotta be Iost.

Franklin's in Preston,
Bagwell's in Nebraska.

Both men have never been
across the Mississippi.

Visiting friends and family?
I don't think so.

And not south of the border.

They're due west,
and we need to know why.


-What's going on?
-Where'd you say Tweener was headed?

Up on the main drag.
He's supposed to find a shovel.


-No, no, no.

You're coming back, right?
You're coming back?

-Hey, you guys.


Come on, man. I'm boiling up in here.

I was on my ATV and I was hauling ass.
I was right on her tail.

I pulled out my gun and...that bitch
treed herself.

And I brought her down in one shot.

-What'd she weigh?
-At Ieast a hunny.

-Maybe 1 1 0.
-Come on out and see us if you want.

-It's gonna be a good time.
-Yeah, I just might do that.

Hey, now. What you digging?

Some stuff in my grandpa's yard.

I got a bigger one in the back
if you're going deep.

No, this'II do.

Damn it if I don't know you
from somewhere.

Maybe I know your grandpa.

Doubt it, man.
He moved here Iike a month ago so....

What's his name?

His name's Grandpa, all right?
Can you just ring this up?

-I gotta get out of here.
-Sure thing, fella.

I'II ring it up.

I'II ring it right now.

I know where I've seen you. On TV.

You're one of them Fox River boys.

-You got it wrong, man.
-No, I think I got it right.

We're closed.

Sorry, bud.

We're closing up early today.

Hey, hold on. Stay right there.

You're going down just Iike your buddy,
you son of a bitch.

Where's the kid?

-Where's the kid?
-He's back here.

Get up.

Come on, tough guy.

Let's go.

Maricruz? Baby, open up.

It's me. It's me, okay?

Fernando, what are you doing here?
You can't be here.

I know. Where's your sister?
I need to see her.

She's getting her picture taken
with my mom and dad.

-The wedding's at 2:30.
-I need to see her now.

-You have to go.
-She's the mother of my kid, Theresa.


You don't want her
to marry Hector, do you? Do you?

I'II go see if I can go get her.

-Wait in here.

-Lance, I got a question for you.

You know who I am?

I happened to see the news
Iast night, yes.

Hey, I don't care.
I've got some skeletons in my closet too.

One of whom wears a dress.

Thank you.
I appreciate your Iack of judgment.

From what I can tell,
you didn't do anything wrong.

But it's none of my business,
and you don't need to talk about it.

The whole thing just....

I never meant for it to happen.

Okay, you do not need
to answer this question.

But were you and that guy, Iike...?

You're right, I don't wanna talk about it.

-You're done?

Does it worry you that he's out there?

Give me one second.

-Sara, hi.

I got your message.

PIease, come in.

Lance, this is my father, Frank.

-How do you do?
-Dad, this is my friend, Lance.

PIeasure to meet you, sir.
And I voted for you.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

-Sara, I can take off.
-No need.

Only take a minute.

You step into my office.
And you make yourself at home.



So in my program, we've been talking
a Iot about making amends.

And I've been thinking a Iot about....

About some of the choices
I've made Iately.

And I know that that affects you.

And I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.

-Well, you don't have to say you're sorry.
-Yeah, I do.

And it must be hard to understand
why I did it.

I had no idea that I was putting
these guys back out on the street.

I thought I was saving the Iife
of an innocent man.

And I know that you didn't read
the information I gave you...

...on Lincoln Burrows,
but he is innocent...

...and a Iot of the people
involved right now are dead.

I'm sorry. This isn't why I called you.

I'm fine.

But I'm scared.


I'm gonna help you through this.

We're gonna get through this together.

-Thank you.
-I promise.

-We ran that trace you requested.

-What'd you get?
-The line is disconnected.

-And whose was it?
-Apparently no one.

-What does that mean?
-It's been out of service for 1 7 years.


-Where is she?
-Now, calm down. Calm down.

She's gonna come down and talk to you.

She's on her way down right now.

You and I got history. We're family.

Out of respect for that,
I'm gonna Iet her make her own decision.

-I'm not Ieaving without her.
-That's for Maricruz to decide.

-You've been filling her head with this crap.
-She's a smart girl.

I personally don't think she's gonna
wanna Iive her Iife on the run.

-We'II see.
-You know she doesn't Iove you.

-I don't wanna get into that right now.
-You're not raising my kid.

That don't sound good, cuz.

-Maricruz? Baby? Where is she?
-You have to go.

-Where is she?
-PIease. They're coming.

Did you tell her I was here? Did you?



I'II be right down.

-Mr. Mahone.
-Where are they?

I had a hard time getting my hands
on these. Be easier to go to a doctor.

You need something to calm your nerves.

Doctors take notes.
That's why I have a deal with you.

The way things have been going,
I thought our deal was over.

-You don't ask me about Shales no more.
-That part is over.

I no Ionger need
an informant on the case.

I thought that's all you cared about,
was finding him.

-Can't get them all.
-I can keep an ear out on the street--

Midazolam, 1 500 milligrams every 30 days.
That's all I want from you.

We understand each other?

You gonna pay me for it?

Right there.

-What are you doing here?
-We had to come for you, buddy.

-How'd you know?

Hand over the map.

-The map.

Hand it over.

He told you I had it?

We are gonna sort this out right now.

Tell me that's not what I know it is.

It is. But don't worry.

Before I destroyed it, I committed it
to my photographic memory.

Coming from a compulsive Iiar,
I find that hard to believe.

I'd have tattooed it to my body,
but I didn't have the time.

Whenever you strip-search a Iifer,
you should always check his coin purse.

Tell us where the money is.

Now, Iet's not dissolve
into threats, all right?

I'm gonna take the high road here.
Suggest a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I have the information.

You have the manual requirements...

...necessary to unearth
Westmoreland's buried booty.

-We're partners.
-And why is that?

Because as of this moment,
I'm your map.

So then, yo, we split it four ways, right?

Wrong. Get in.

You're not worth 1.5.

-Get in.

Excuse me. Can I help you?

Oh, yeah, sorry. Yeah.

It's hot.

I was really wondering how much
you're selling your RV for.

-Probably out of your price range.
-Come on. Give me a shot.

Forty thousand dollars.

Look, I tell you what.

I'II be back in a couple of days, okay?

I can't hold it for you.

I said I'II be back.

With cash.

Nice bike.

The wedding's at 2:30, Fernando.

We just got confirmation
on Fernando Sucre.

He was in Las Vegas around 2.

Then a gas station attendant...

...spotted a guy on a bike matching
his description in Mesquite... hour Iater.

Out west. Just Iike Bagwell and Franklin.

Yeah, but he was heading east...

...and Bagwell's in Nebraska
on I-80 heading west...

...and Franklin's train was heading west,
but he jumped off to the....

-You know D.B. Cooper?
-Yeah, the hijacker.

-But he was never found.
-But he's gotta be somewhere.

Someone hijacked that plane in Portland and
jumped out over the Pacific Northwest...

...and someone was arrested
two days Iater in Bisbee, Arizona.

-Not the same guy.
-Same guy.

Same guy who was treated
for a broken knee... a free clinic
somewhere around Salt Lake City.

Same guy whose Nova blew a head gasket
1 0 miles short of the border.

Same guy who almost got away
with a stolen car...

...but he ran a woman down in Bisbee.

Vehicular manslaughter.

Arrested and booked
as Charles Westmoreland.

But he didn't have the money on him.

Which means...

...he got rid of it
somewhere along the way.

-This is fact? You figured all this out?
-No, Scofield did.

That's why he was bringing the old man.
The money's in Utah.

And they're all going to get it.

You know, in Thailand,
they got a black market...

...where you can get any surgery
you need, even a hand transplant.

You're sick, you know that?

Keep going.
The turnoff's just up here somewhere.

Before or after Sheep Road?

What's the matter? Did you forget?

How could I forget a road called Sheep?
It's after.

Don't you feel all warm inside
now that we're working together?

We aren't working together.
You're just here to Iend a hand.

Wait, wait, slow down. That was it.
That Iittle bitty road right back there.

How far is it from here?

A quarter mile,
if I remember the scale properly.

Let's start walking.

-Yeah, I'm almost ready.

-What time did you say the flight was?

Listen, I hope you get this nomination
more than anyone, but be prepared.

This Burrows thing may steamroll.

-Well, we'II wait it out, just Iike you said.
-Problem is too many headlines.

His Iawyer, Nick Savrinn, is already dead.

His kid's awaiting trial
for double homicide...

...and now his Iead counsel
is classified as missing.

Well, is she missing or is she dead?

I just thought you should know
before you go to Washington.

Bruce, is there something
connecting all of this?

It's probably best you don't ask
a whole Iot of questions.

Where now?

Right up there.

The hill borders the property.

The K.K. is on the other side.

First thing I'm gonna do
with the money:

-Buy new shoes.
-Second thing, tacos.

Third thing, ice-cold beer.

Fourth thing, a Iittle toothpaste.

-Agent Mahone, your car's out front, sir.

-The flight to Utah leaves in an hour.
-I'II be there. Thank you.

Ninth thing, a shower.

-Tenth thing, a good night's sleep.
-A nice hotel. CIean sheets.

Look, stakes marking the property Iine.
Should be dead ahead.

Can you see the silo?

The bastards built over it.

It's gone.