Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 3 - Scan - full transcript

With hospitals and clinics under surveillance, Michael brings Lincoln to Nika's home to heal his wounded leg. Then he returns to the place where he parked his Accord and finds that the car has been towed. Meanwhile agent Mahone retrieves Michael's backpack with his passport from a vagrant that broke the rear window of Michael's car to steal the backpack. Michael goes to Brewster Towing yard to recover his car. Meanwhile Sucre finds that Maricruz will marry Hector in a couple of days and he heads to New York in a stolen car. Sara is arrested and her father visits her, pays her bail and orders her to tell a fake version about the incident in Fox River since he will be the next Vice-President of United States. Later she goes to rehabilitation where Kellerman is pretending to be an addicted patient. C-Note schedules a meeting with his wife, but his conversation is bugged by agent Mahone. Bellick and Geary meet each other by chance and later they team-up to get the US$ 400,000.00 reward for capturing Michael and Lincoln. They go to Fox River and Bellick interrogates Manche Sanchez, who discloses the plan of the fugitives. Michael and Lincoln forge a car accident to escape from Mahone, but they do not see that Bellick and Geary are in their tail.

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Previously on Prison Break:

Hey, y'all, we're headed out, man.

Good luck.

-I hope you find the girl, buddy.
-Baby, what the hell's going on?

Hector says that you could serve
your full sentence.

-What you doing here? Where's Maricruz?
-She's with me now.

What's this I hear about you coming home?
You getting your daughter's hopes up?

You sitting down?

Your man is coming home this week.

We can make it
to the courthouse on foot.

You don't understand.
Everything is in that car.

I've been clean for 1 8 months now.

I wanna help people get
from where I've been to where I am.

You're right. I should never
have gotten you involved.

I just need to know
what Michael Scofield...

...wanted from you in exchange
for the green card.

Caroline, I've been doing this for 1 5 years,
it's never been about anything...

...other than you, your family
and most importantly, this country.

Now, I need to know
who I'm working for here.

You are working for me.

Are you aware of any arrangement
Officer Bellick had...

...with any inmate
regarding Prison lndustries?

Yeah, he sold it to John Abruzzi.

Officer Brad Bellick to be terminated,
effective immediately.

They just announced
the rewards on the TV.

-How much?
-A hundred thousand dollars apiece.

The money. Just outside of Tooele, Utah.

-I got him.
-He's on the wall!


Get men at all the area hospitals. Wherever
they are, one of them's bleeding good.

-We gotta move.
-I can't.

Put in all that work, break out of prison...

...only to end up dead
at the bottom of a ditch.

Kind of sad, really.

So which one of them was it?

We got a blanket on all the hospitals.

Free clinics?

If they got Band-Aids and Bactine,
we got a body in there.

The brothers come in for a medical,
they're getting it in a van back to Fox River.

Anything break on the other six?

Eyes and ears on the families.
So far, no hits. Maybe just laying low.

What's the hardest thing
in the world for a con to do?


-Two things in life are certain, Miss...?

Death, taxes and the fact
that a man on the run...

...will make a mistake
in the first 72 hours.

Needing distance, he'll steal a car.
Needing money, he'll rob a store.

Needing help,
he'll trust someone that he shouldn't.

And when he does...

...he will leave behind the crumbs
that will take us right to him.

-I need your help.
-Michael, what are you doing?

-Cayenne pepper.

In your kitchen, do you have any?

Yeah, maybe.

I'm gonna need some rubbing alcohol,
some towels and painkillers.

-Whatever you got.
-And some booze.


Easy, easy. Easy, easy.


It's fine, man. Let's just keep moving.

We keep moving
and that leg keeps bleeding.

That leg keeps bleeding
and we're not getting out of lllinois.

This is gonna hurt.

That's good, that's good, that's good.

This will seal the capillaries.

You should not have come here.

The police have been here
asking questions.

We didn't have a choice.

I'm thankful for the help with the green card
but I just don't wanna get involved--

It wasn't part of our deal.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. There was nowhere else to go.

When I saw you on the news,
I was worried.

I just hoped you'd crossed
the border by now.

So did l.

Keep giving him these.

-See if you can find him some clean clothes.

I gotta go back and get our car.

Forget the car. We can get another.

I don't need a car, I need that car.


Because in that car
is everything we need to disappear.

-What have you got?
-Here we go, boss.

One of the blues hauled in a vagrant
a couple of hours ago.

It seems the man was in possession
of an item or two...

...that didn't exactly belong to him.

Looks like we got our first mistake.

Season 2
Episode 3 Scan

Hey, you got any of that Oriental jerky?

Excuse me?

Teriyaki flavor.


Well, you got any in the back?

Let me check.

And get me a bottle of that Early Times
while you're back there, junior.

Feel free to earn your paycheck today.
Watch the store, I'll be right back.

How goes it, Roy?

To be honest, Roy, I could've done
without the knee to the junk.

You bit me, Brad.
Like a little girl, you bit me.

-Well, you had it coming.
-Yeah, probably did.

You know, it's crazy, us taking it out
on each other for how things turned out.

You want someone to blame,
how about those convicts staring up at us...

...from the papers every morning?

They took my job,
my pension, my dignity.

When they went over that wall,
they took all of it right along with them.

Everything I worked for my whole life.

You see that reward they got?

Those ass-hats are worth more dead
than you and I are alive.

-Not for long.
-What do you mean?

I mean somebody's gonna get that money.
Might as well be me.

You know, a job like that...

...might go a little smoother
with an extra pair of hands.

You really think I'm gonna split
that reward with you?

I'm just saying, you run into those brothers,
two of them, one of you... might find yourself wishing
for a good wingman.

Just get it done, Mike.

-How you doing?
-Can I help you?

Yeah, I hope so, Chuck.

I think you may have towed my car.

-What'd it look like?
-What did it look like?

The car you stole the backpack from,
what did it look like?

I don't know, man. Maybe it was gray.

-It's a gray Accord.
-License number?

Look, man, that's all I know.

I wasn't after the car.

-I thought the bag had some clothes in it.
-You remember where the car was parked?

Where'd you park it?

Corner of Hancock and 1 5th.

I don't know,
maybe around 1 5th somewhere.

-But it ain't gonna be there anymore.
-What do you mean?

That's the reason
I didn't get to grab anything else.

-Tow truck rolled up.
-Already on it.

Okay, it's gonna be 60 bucks
for the tow...

...and 24 for the overnight.

All right.
I'll be right back with your vehicle.

Shouldn't take but a few minutes.

-Petey, it's Sucre.

As in Fernando Sucre?

-ls there another one?
-Man, I hope not.

But my boy, Sucre, would not be calling me
on the telephone...

...thereby making me an accessory
to his dumb-ass escape, man.

I'm sorry, bro,
I just need you to get ahold of Maricruz.

I can't call her cell because the feds
will be all over the place.

Homes, listen, man,
you have got to forget about that girl.

If I could forget about her, pendejo,
I'd still be at Fox River...

...sitting in cell 40 on your old bunk.

I hope you're holding onto something tight
because I'm about to break it down for you.

She's getting married to Hector
on Saturday.

-What day's today?
-Thursday, bro.

Sorry, man.

All right.

-You gotta get her to your place tonight.
-But hang on, man.

I got one last shot
to make her change her mind, dude.

Just find a way to get her there, okay?

Wait, Sucre, hang on, man.

About the broken window--

We got a disclaimer posted on the wall,
says we're not res--

I don't care about the broken window,

I had a backpack inside.

Not when we got it.

Got some paperwork for you to fill out.

You look familiar.

Yeah, you were the attending
when I first started here.


Would one of you mind
calling me a cab, please?

I don't think so.

Look, Dr. Tancredi, l--

-I just wanna say good luck.
-Sara Tancredi?

-I'm sorry.
-You have the right to remain silent.

Please place your hands
behind your back.

If you have any questions,
I'm happy to come down.

Ms. Tancredi, out of respect for your father,
I'm gonna ask you again.

My father?

I'm sure he'd prefer that this went
without incident.

You have the right to speak to an attorney
before you speak to the police.

Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law.

You may have an attorney present
during questioning now or in the future.

Caroline, they're taking her in.

Of course, I'll keep an eye on her.

All you gotta do is sign here
at the bottom.

You'll be one your way.
Excuse me, please.

-Brewster's Towing.
-This is Agent Mahone with the FBl.

-Who am I speaking with?

I wanna alert you to a possible situation.
Are you listening to me, Chuck?

An individual may be coming there
to inquire about a vehicle.

A gray Accord,
probably with a busted rear window.

Has anyone come by looking for a vehicle
that matches that description?

-Yes, sir.

Chuck, can you tell me
when he was there?

Right now.

Brewster's Towing. Scofield's there.

Chuck, stall him.

All units, Fox River subject 01 Scofield,
V-lD'd at Brewster's Towing.

It's my supervisor. He says I gotta
get clearance before I can release the car.

Chuck, you there? Hey, Chuck.

Come on. Come on, Chuck.
You still with me?

Yeah, that vehicle might not be here
when you get here.

You need to send somebody now.

Do not let him leave!

Oh, he got the keys.

-Where the hell are those units?
-Still six or seven minutes out, sir.

We got chatter. It's Franklin.

He's at a payphone downtown.
Mistake number two.

I know. Just let me explain, all right?

Were you ever even in the military?

I served my country
and my country served me up, all right?

Now, look, I wish I could lay this
all out for you right here, right now.

But just know, baby, I am sorry
and I love you.

And when the time comes,
I will explain everything.

Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't turn you in right now.

You know what? I'll give you three.

Me, you
and that beautiful little girl of ours.

Baby, look, I got a plan.

I got a plan that is gonna get us
some money...

...where you and I and the baby,
nobody can ever find us or bother us again.

You gotta trust me. That's all I need,
is the opportunity for you to hear me out.

All right?

All right.

All right, listen. Has anybody
tried to contact you about me?


Okay, that's good, that's good.


In the Rainbow Room--

Restaurant, New York City.

--do you remember that beautiful spot
where we took that picture?

The one by the window?

I am going to be waiting
in that spot one week from now.

And that's all that I want... this whole world, is for my two girls
to be waiting there for me.

-Do you understand what I'm saying?
-Look, I gotta go.

Baby, I just wanna know,
are you going to be there?

I don 't know.

But you know me.

-Do I?

Goodbye, Miles.

I'll alert the office in Manhattan.

Send Franklin's picture
to the Rainbow Room.

And go have a chat with his wife,
woman to woman.

Ask her why she never
visited her husband at Fox River.

Pretend you don't know,
the relationship is fragile.

We keep tapping the cracks
and she's gonna break.

Yes, sir. I appreciate the assignment.
I want you to--

Lang, I don't need gratitude.
I need leads, answers, progress.

Anybody that can't deliver that,
just don't even unpack.

-Yes, sir.

-Mr. Wheeler.
-Stand by.

Stay on Scofield. I want
the license plate number of that Accord...

...and I want you to get it out
on the wire.


I'll call you back.

What's going on?

Apparently, I wasn't the only one
looking for this car.

Great. Let's get out of here.

I'm sorry I had to involve you in this.

I mean, any more than I already have.

Good luck.

To you too.


I'll see you.

I hope so.

-You all right?


We're heading west,
toward the money, toward L.J.

Just got one more stop to make.

What for?

You trust me?

Of course, I trust you, Brad.

It's just that
if anybody finds out about this, l--

They won't.

Let me handle this.

Humpty Dumpty climbed up a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Look, I already told the feds,
I don't know anything, okay?

Those suits with pedicures
and penny loafers? Why would you?

They got rules to follow,
codes of conduct.

They got jobs to protect.

-Now me, on the other hand--
-Come on, boss.

I swear, those guys
didn't let me in on any plans.

Are you telling me that in all
your little powwows in the yard...

...they never once mentioned
what they were gonna do...

...once they went over that wall?

That's right.

I may not work here anymore, big-uns...

...but I still got influence
with people who do.

People who will do whatever I ask them to,
to whoever I ask them to.

And a curvy man like yourself....

Let's just say
there's some filthy individuals...

...who might enjoy a cellie
with womanly attributes.

Now, you're gonna tell me
everything you know...

...about where those convicts
are headed...

...or I'm gonna throw your fat ass
to the wolves.

Okay, thanks.

Mistake number three.

Someone reported seeing a man matching
Fernando Sucre's description stealing a car.

-Defiance, Ohio.

Someone's going down today.

I know, mami. I know.


-I paid your bail.
-You took your time.

-I'm the governor. I do have things that--
-Go to hell, Dad.

You keep this up, this may be
the only place I'll be able to see you.

Do you even wanna hear
my side of things?

Not particularly, Sara, no.

Especially when I have no idea
whose side you're on.

But I do know this.

Somebody is gonna go down
because of what happened at Fox River.

And it would be in both
of our best interests...

...if that someone was not you.

But to ensure this,
certain steps need to be taken.

One, you should go
to a daily recovery meeting.

Two, you need to go before a judge
and plead not guilty.

-And three--
-Dad, I don't--

You need to tell the DOC
everything you know...

...about how that prison was being run.

And that Warden Pope,
how he was granting favors to Scofield...

...because Scofield helped him
with his personal projects.

Thereby exposing him
to certain restricted areas...

...where he may have been able
to obtain a key to the infirmary.

I can't do that.

Oh, yes, you can, Sara.
You can do that and you will.

I did it, Dad.

I left the door open. Me, and no one else.

That's not true.

-Yes, it is.
-That's not true.


...just do what you're told.

Otherwise, there will be consequences
that will affect us all.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

Yes, sir.


In one week...

...I will be appointed the new vice president
of the United States.

There will be a ceremony,
you will be invited.

You will not attend.

Goodbye, Sara.

-Let's put some music on.

Forgot. No radio.

Man, it's quiet out here.

Inside, there was always noise,
you know.

Someone yelling, guards making rounds.
Kind of got used to it.

You're right. We should go back.

The tats. They weren't just
for getting out, were they?

Breaking out was just the beginning.
Now it gets a little more interesting.

Because me being strapped to the
electric chair wasn't interesting enough.

All I'm saying, is inside,
we had the element of surprise.

No one knew what we were planning.

But there's something about this guy,
the one in the elevator.

It's like--

It's like he knows where we're going,
what we're thinking.

It's a matter of time before he
finds out about the money in Utah...

...Bolshoi Booze,
our way into Mexico.


You ready for this?

Make the call.

Please leave a message.

Hey. It's me.

I've got Linc. We're on our way there.

If, for some reason, you can 't make it,
call me back at 917-454

Just got this from surveillance.

You remember that voice mail Scofield
prepaid for when he went off to prison?

-Someone just left a message on it.


Something about a meeting.

Sounded like he's waiting for someone else
to check the message, call him back.

This prefix, it's a cell phone number.
As long as it's on--

We can track exactly where he is.

Don't do anything stupid,
don't do anything stupid.

Is there a problem, officer?

You know why
I pulled you over today, sir?


Let me see your license
and registration, please.

The thing is, I lost my wallet.

Well, I guess your registration
will have to do just fine.

So this is your car, Mrs. Miller?

Mrs. Miller's my wife.

I'm Mr. Miller.

Well, your tags are expired.

I'll be right back.

Did he sing?

Like a fat, sweaty bird.

Hey, sweet pea.

-Hey, come on.

Oh, look at you, you're so big.

I want you to do me a favor
and grab a piece of chalk...

...draw Daddy a picture
on the ground, okay?

So how you feeling, huh?

You keeping your appetite up?

Sort of, I guess.

That's good. That's real good.

Oh, God, it's so good
to see you, baby girl.

Do you understand what Daddy
is going through right now?

Sort of. But the kids at school
have been saying stuff.

Okay, what have they been saying?

They're saying you're on TV
because you're a bad man.

And what do you think?

I think if I were some place...

...and they wouldn't let me leave
to see you...

...I wouldn't do what they said either.

You know what?

We are gonna be together real soon.

I promise you.

But Daddy needs you to do him a favor.

I need you to get a message
to Mommy, okay?


Now, I need you to tell her
if she understood what I told her...

...and if she is willing to trust Daddy...

...that she needs to turn
on the porch light at 7:00.

Okay? Can you remember that?

That's a good girl.

Dede, stay away from the gate, honey.

Daddy gotta get going, okay, sweet pea?

-I love you, Daddy.
-I love you too, baby.


It's not much further now.

Okay, they've moved off the interstate,
heading north on Route 38.

Talk to me.

There's a patrolman who thinks...

...he has Fernando Sucre pulled over
outside of Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Get in touch with the local dispatch.

Make it clear that we want this man
in custody, not in a body bag.

Yeah, dead men can't tell us
where their friends are. You got it.

-Do you have a positive ID?
-It's gotta be. It looks just like him.

-Can you take care of it?

-I'll take care of it.

-Proceed with caution.
-I will.

Mr. Miller...

...I'm gonna have to ask you to place
your arms outside the vehicle, please.

Mr. Miller, I need to see some hands.

-You ready?


This is the one.

-You see him?
-Nope. Maybe he didn't get your message.

They've stopped.

A couple of miles up ahead. There's--

There's nothing up there.
What are they waiting on?

Or who?

All right, that's good, that's good,
that's good.

Oh, come on. Come on.

Go red. Now! Go red!

There's one more thing.

You trust me?

Of course.

How do you throw the hunter
off the scent?

Get rid of the prey.

Remember, once I hit scan, we'll have
about 30 seconds before it reaches 1 03.7.

Then she blows.

-That's right. Ready?

All right, let's go.


The music's not changing.
Wait, wait, wait.

Something's wrong.

What happened?

I don't know,
but we're gonna need that explosion.

He's here.

He's here.

The radio must've jammed.
We're gonna have to set it off manually.

The car could blow any second, Mike.

The feds are gonna be here
in about two minutes.

If it doesn't look like we're dead,
we will be.

Rock, paper, scissors.

-It's my turn.

Better pray for reception.

How many stations
between 1 02.1 and 1 03.7?

Way out here? Just one, probably.

Where's Maricruz?

-Hey, look, man--
-No, no, no, Petey, you look.

I haven't slept in 72 hours.

I've seen a man's hand
get chopped off...

...I've been shot at, dug up a grave,
stolen a car, jumped on a freaking train.

So please, just tell me where she is.

Hey, Fernando, slow down, man.

I was trying to tell you
but you hung up the phone, man.

The wedding is in Vegas.

-The city?

And they left a few hours ago, bro.

Now, wait. No, no, no.

Come on, man. Hey, Fernando.

It's pristine, man. It's just--

Gonna be back to you in one piece,
I promise.

Can we go back to the part
where I said no?

-I wish I had another choice.
-You do have a choice.

I mean, come on, man.
It's a 1 952 Ural motorbike.

-Bro, if you so much as scratch it--
-I won't scratch it, I promise.

She's the love of my life, bro.

I gotta do something.

-You look like hell, man.
-Been through hell, papi.

Now, I just gotta get to Vegas.

Hi, I'm Sara, and l....

Over the years, I've worked
with more than a few people...

...who had a history of addiction.


...I would tell them that I could understand
what they were going through...

...because I used to be just like them.

I used to be an addict too.

And I think....

I think that what's becoming clear
to me is that...

...the reason I understood them
is because I am like them.

I never used to be an addict.


Hi, my name is Sara and I'm an addict.

Hi, Sara.

Hi, my name's Lance and I'm an addict.

Hi, Lance.

I guess a lot of what Sara
just said resonates with me... what I'm going through.

Put in all that work, break out of prison...

...only to end up dead
at the bottom of a ditch.

Kind of sad, really.

So which one of them was it?



Scofield. Might be Scofield.

Probably gonna find his brother
in there too.

Oscar Shales is this guy
Mahone tracked for a while.

Nasty little bottom feeder,
you know the type.

He's still in the wind.

Can't get them all, right?

We should have a pretty clear path
to Utah now.

They'll turn their attention
to the other guys...

...which means we'll be off their radar
for a while.

They're gonna get the lab results back
from the accident.

We'll be in Mexico by then.

Provided the transport comes through.

Oh, come on, baby.

In the Rainbow Room... you remember that beautiful spot
where we took that picture?

The one by the window?

I am gonna be waiting there
in that spot one week from now.

She sleeping okay?

Yeah, like a baby.


So you said you had some information
you wanted to tell me about your husband?

Looks like I owe you another one.

-It's okay.

Well, once we get to Mexico,
I'll send you 1 0,000...

...Iike I promised,
plus another 3 for the car.

Are you meeting up with her?
Your doctor?


I don't know.

We should get moving.
Next town's a few miles away.

That's fine.
I can catch a bus from there.

Thanks again, Nika.

I knew the little whore
would take us right to them.

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