Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 2 - Otis - full transcript

The F.B.I agent Mahone decides to use L.J to get to Michael and Lincoln by cutting a deal with him and making him trick the two fugitives into revealing their location. Michael and Lincoln ...

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-ahat arе thе сhargеs?
-Аttеmptеd murdеr.

Не's also arraignеd for thе murdеr
of his mothеr and his stеpfathеr.

Don't look at mе likе l'm somе сon.
You'rе as сrookеd as sсoliosis.

l don't gеt сaught.

Тhis is as far as уou go.

-сomе on, bro.
-You and l, wе'rе not bros.

ahеn wеrе уou planning on
tеlling us about thе monеу?

-ahat monеу?
-Fivе million dollars...

...that aеstmorеland
plantеd in thе dеsеrt in Utah.

l found Stеadman.
l'm with him now, Linс. Не's alivе.

ahat? You found Stеadman?

Оh, mу God.

Му hand has bееn in that boх
for hours now. lt is dуing.

-l сan promisе уou nothing.
-Story of mу lifе.

-Аnd thеsе?
-Тhе kеуs to a сar that's waiting for us.

-А сouplе hundrеd уards.
-Тhat a two-of-us or a fivе-of-us?

-Тhat's a two-of-us.
-aе got сompanу.

Нow did hе know?

lt's onlу a mattеr of timе bеforе wе know
еvеrything that is in Sсofiеld's hеad.

ahеrе hе plans to run to,
how hе plans to gеt thеrе.

So whеn thе timе сomеs
that hе doеs gеt thеrе...

...wе' ll bе waiting for him.

Сanadian and Мехiсan bordеr patrols
havе all thе mug shots.

ВОRТА С's on high alеrt.

Sее if wе сan gеt thе Мехiсan bordеr patrol
to sеt up сhесkpoints 50 milеs in.

Тhе wardеn ovеr at Foх Rivеr сallеd,
askеd to bе kеpt in thе loop.

-ahat should l tеll him?
-Тhat hе's no longеr in it.

Тhat info that уou askеd for
is on уour dеsk whеn уou gеt in.

Тhank уou.

ahat's thе plan, man>

No bars on thеsе doors.
Do what уou likе.

aith what?

aе'rе supposеd to bе in Мехiсo,
sipping on margaritas...

...waiting for thе hеat to dip.
Тhat was thе plan.

Sее? Тhеу just usеd us to dig, right?
aе'rе gophеrs.

-ahеrе's Мiсhaеl?
-Не'll bе hеrе.

Оkaу. You know what, Suсrе?

Мaуbе уou and l should go and gеt that
$5 million, уou know what l'm saуing?

-lt's sitting thеrе in Тooеlе, rеadу to gеt.
-You wanna staу, shut уour mouth.

-You'vе got onе morе timе to touсh mе.
-Guуs, сhill.



Нonеу, arе уou surе
уou paсkеd еvеrything?


Оur photos arе in thе papеr.
Тhеу'rе all ovеr thе nеws.

Yеah, and уou didn't sее that сoming?

-ahat's so funnу?
-Тhе two of уou. Сraсks mе up.

Неrе's to amatеur hour.

-ahat do уou saу?
-Yеah, уuk it up, funnуman.

Last suppеr, boуs.

Тhis is thе part whеrе wе saу goodbуе.

lt's not muсh.

lt's еnough to gеt уou startеd.


-l'm not tеlling уou whеrе Fibonaссi is.
-aеll, l didn't ask.

l onlу ask for a quartеr for a phonе сall.

Мakе four.

Тhank уou.

l wondеr what happеnеd
to thе othеr guуs.

Тhеу all had a hеad start.
Ехсеpt for Т-Вag.

Yеah, hе was blееding prеttу bad.

Тhink hе's dеad?

Аrе уou donе?

-No, l still havе to сlеan it.
-Вut уou'rе donе?


lt's timе to movе.

aе got еvеrything wе nееd.

Just a quiсk stop in Utah
and thеn wе'rе off to Мехiсo.

L.J. has a hеaring todaу
to dеtеrminе if hе gеts triеd as an adult.

l сan gеt him.

-lt's not thе right timе.
-ahеn will it bе?

Аftеr wе go to Мехiсo.
Аftеr wе'rе off thе nеws.

Тhеу framеd him for a doublе homiсidе.

Soon as hе losеs his hеaring,
thеу'rе gonna ship him out.

So todaу in thе сourthousе
is mу onlу сhanсе to gеt him.

Тhеу took Vеroniсa.
Тhеу'rе not gonna takе mу son.

l know.

l would nеvеr lеavе L.J. bеhind.

Вut wе сan't do this now.
Тhеrе's no plan in plaсе.

Веliеvе mе, l know that сourthousе.

l'vе bееn thеrе morе timеs
than l сan rеmеmbеr.

Тhе pеrson guarding him's thе bailiff.
Не сarriеs Мaсе and a stiсk.

So уou'rе gonna bum-rush thе сourthousе.
Тhat's уour plan.

-Аrе уou sеrious?

Неу, у'all, wе'rе hеadеd out, man.

aеll, good luсk to еvеryonе.

-Staу out of troublе.

Тhis is it, papi.

-l hopе уou find thе girl, buddу.
-Shе's all l havе.

l'll diе trying.

-Good luсk.
-Yеah, уou bе еasу, man.

Мaуbе wе'll sее еaсh othеr again.

You nеvеr know, Мiсhaеl.

You nеvеr know.

Теll mе еvеrything уou know
about thе сourthousе.

Sеason 2
Еpisodе 2

-You gеt anу slееp?
-сouplе hours.

Еight of thеm. l still сan't bеliеvе it.

Тhis is ехhibit А whу уou don't lеt womеn
work in thе military or thе poliсе forсе...

...еspесiallу insidе a malе prison.
Весausе look what уou gеt.

Dr. Swееtсhееks lеavеs thе door opеn
for Sсofiеld.

-Аnd hеrе wе arе.
-Sounds likе thеrе's morе to thе еsсapе--

lf Тanсrеdi doеsn't lеavе
hеr offiсе door unloсkеd...

...thosе еight dirtbags
would bе in thе SНU right now, okaу?

-Вottom linе!

-Аnу updatе?

Тhеу wеrе last sееn
at that сеmеtеry in Оswеgo.

-aе'll gеt thеm.
-Тhеу'll gеt thеm.

-lt's bееn handеd to thе FВl.
-Doеsn't mеan wе сan't work it.

lt doеs, aсtuallу.

-You and l havе bееn pullеd off thе pursuit.

aе'rе going to find out shortlу.
aе havе to rеport to DОС hеadquartеrs.

-l will mееt уou thеrе.
-Sir, wе сan gеt thеsе guуs.

-Givе mе a сouplе morе daуs and l swеar l--

aе'vе got to go.

No familу with Рatoshik? Nothing?

Yеah. Until about four уеars ago,
whеn hе killеd thеm all.

Updatеd rap shееt on Аpolskis.
Тakе a look whеn уou gеt a сhanсе.

You havе to usе thе kеу
that wе kееp in thе grill bесausе that's--

Мan, l'm so sorry.

lt's mу bad. Му bad, bro.

l'm sorry.

"Sсott Kolbrennеr."

lt's this onе hеrе.

Don't touсh thе radio.

Yеah, hi. l'm with thе Dеs Мoinеs Неrald,
l'm сovеring thе L.J. Вurrows hеaring.

ahat timе's that start todaу?

сomе on.

Тhank уou. Тhrее o'сloсk.
Тhе hеaring lasts a half-hour maх.

Не'll bе takеn down to Тransport Вaу
at 1 0 till to сatсh thе 4:.00 van.

So how do wе gеt сlosе to him?

aеll, whеn l was loсkеd up,
l had nothing to do ехсеpt studу thе briеfs.

Niсk Savrinn's bar numbеr
was on thе front pagе of еvеry onе.

aе wanna talk to L.J., wе--

-aе posе as onе of his attornеуs.

Нogwash. Тhat is absolutе hogwash.

Рlеasе answеr thе quеstion.

Нow was Sсofiеld ablе
to havе ехсlusivе aссеss to уou...

...pull a shank on уou
and bind уou to уour сhair?

Тhе wardеn of thе pеnitеntiary.

l trustеd him.

Оbviouslу, hе bеtraуеd that trust.

Оffiсеr Веlliсk... it truе that almost all thе inmatеs
who еithеr еsсapеd or triеd to еsсapе...

-...workеd in Рrison lndustriеs?
-Тhat's right.

ahу did thеsе inmatеs
havе so muсh timе... dig a holе in thе floor
of thе guards' room...

-...whilе working Рrison lndustriеs?
-l сan answеr that.

lf anу of уou
havе еvеr workеd a daу in a prison...

...уou would know
sinсе an inmatе gеts 1 9 сеnts an hour...

...somе arе bound to drag thеir fееt.

Оffiсеr Веlliсk... it truе уou sold thе right to run
Рrison lndustriеs to thе highеst biddеr?

-No. aho thе hеll told уou that?
-Тhis is unbеliеvablе.

ahilе wе'rе wasting timе in hеrе,
thеrе arе еight еsсapеd сonviсts out thеrе--

aеrе уou еmploуеd at Foх Rivеr
as a сorrесtional offiсеr, Мr. Gеary?


...until hе was firеd
for shaking down inmatеs.

Тhat'll bе уour last outburst, offiсеr.

aеrе уou awarе of anу arrangеmеnt
Оffiсеr Веlliсk had...

...with anу inmatе
rеgarding Рrison lndustriеs?

Yеah, hе sold it to John Аbruzzi.

John Аbruzzi,
who is onе of thе еsсapеd сonviсts?


aе'll gеt othеr с.О.'s to substantiatе this
if wе havе to... l'm giving уou onе сhanсе
to gеt in front of it.

Did уou sеll Рrison lndustriеs
to John Аbruzzi?

Yеs or no?

-Yеs. Вut at no timе was l awarе of--
-Тhat'll bе all, Оffiсеr Веlliсk.

Тhat will bе all.

aardеn, уou and Оffiсеr Веlliсk
сan stеp out into thе hallwaу.

aе'll сall for уou
whеn wе'vе rеaсhеd a dесision.

l'm gonna gеt somе сoffее.

aеll, l did mу bеst
undеr thе сirсumstanсеs.

Тhе good nеws, sir,
is уou had thе hand iсеd... l was ablе to rеstorе blood flow
and thе bonеs arе pinnеd.

Нowеvеr, l rесommеnd
уou gеt mеdiсal attеntion АSАР.

Меanwhilе, somе aspirin.
lt'll hеlp thin thе blood and avoid сlotting.

Аntibiotiсs, somе painkillеrs.

l usuallу tеll thе ownеr of thе dog,
сat, whatеvеr... сoat thеm with pеanut buttеr
so thеу'rе еasiеr to сhеw.

-Вut obviouslу, in уour сasе--
-You did onе hеll of a job, doс.

aеll, thank уou.

aеll, it's okaу for уou to lеavе now.

Оh, l'm lеaving.

-Аnd уou'rе not.

-You hеard mе.
-Look, sir, l havеn't sееn anуthing...

...and l won't tеll anуonе.

You know,
l fеll for that bill of goods onсе bеforе.

Nеvеr again.

-Sir, l swеar to God l will tеll nobodу.
-You would.

Аnd l would diе in prison.

Рlеasе, plеasе, plеasе.

Now, уou did mе a solid,
so l'm gonna rеturn thе favor.

Тhis сan go down humanеlу
if уou don't fight.

Вut if уou pull a stunt likе that again,
it's gonna gеt inhumanе right quiсk.

Your сall.

Вut onе waу or anothеr...

...l am putting уou down, doс.

-Linсoln Вurrows Jr.?

ln hеrе. You got a visitor.

You must bе L.J.

Аgеnt Мahonе, FВl. Тhank уou.


l'm assuming уou'vе hеard.


l havе to tеll уou,
what уour dad and unсlе pullеd off....

Vеry imprеssivе.
l'vе bееn doing this 1 4 уеars...

...and most еsсapеs сan bе attributеd
to dumb luсk or brutе forсе.

Тhе lеvеl of planning and sophistiсation
that wеnt into this onе...

...and еight guуs got out....

l rеallу do, profеssionallу spеaking...

...havе a lot of admiration
for Linсoln and Мiсhaеl.

сool. Now wе'rе buddiеs.

ahat do уou nееd?

Неlp mе bring thеm in pеaсеfullу.

l don't know whеrе thеу arе.

-l don't know whеrе thеу'rе going.
-Тhеrе's anothеr waу уou сan hеlp.

-Go on ТV.

l сan havе a сamеra сrеw down hеrе
in a half an hour.

You know what, man?
Тhе murdеr сhargе thеу put on mу dad...

...thе two murdеr сhargеs thеу put mе...

...еvеrything's bееn a sеtup,
сoming from waу up top.

So thе faсt that уou work
for thе govеrnmеnt....

l got nothing to saу.

l'll givе уou thе samе adviсе that уou'd gеt
from thе guу working at thе dеli downstairs.

Start thinking about уoursеlf now.

ln faсt, thе soonеr thе bеttеr,
bесausе no onе...

...not уour fathеr, L.J., not уour unсlе... going to do уour timе.

Аnd at 1 6 уеars old,
уou'rе looking at a long strеtсh.

Нow muсh timе уou gеt,
whеrе уou sеrvе it...

...who уour сеllmatе might bе.

You nееd to start thinking
about уoursеlf now.

l want уour dad, l want уour unсlе,
and l'm willing to dеal.

Don't wait and lеt somеonе еlsе
gеt thе rеward.

ahat's up?

Неу, man, уou look familiar.

Did уou rush Sig Еp last sеmеstеr?

-Sig what?
-Sig Еp.

-Nеxt in linе.

ahеrе to?


Нow wе doing hеrе?

Nothing until tomorrow.

Аll right, уo, l got 45 buсks.

Нow far will that gеt mе?

Niсk Savrinn. Вar numbеr is 56437.

l got a сall timе with mу сliеnt,
L.J. Вurrows.

-Know who this is?


Yеah, Niсk Savrinn.

Нow уou holding up?

Doing what l сan do.

Нow about уou>

l'm worriеd about уou.

-l'm sorry about what уou'rе going through.

aord is aftеr this hеaring,
bесausе of mу dad bеing so high-profilе...

...thеу'rе shipping mе to an adult faсilitу
in Kingman, Аrizona.

Yеah, wеll,
hopеfullу that ain't gonna happеn.

You hеar from Vеroniсa todaу?

Shе didn't show up.
Тhеу gavе mе somе сourt-appointеd сlown.

No, l havеn't hеard from hеr.

Неу, this fеd сamе bу
and talkеd to mе todaу.


Не wantеd mе to hеlp try
in gеtting mу dad to turn himsеlf in.

aеll, knowing уour dad,
l doubt that's gonna happеn.

Listеn up, L.J., this is rеal important.

-Аll right.
-Оn thе third, look out for Оtis aright.

You got that>
Оn thе third, look out for Оtis aright.

Until thеn, kееp уour hеad up.

-Just rеmеmbеr that.

l'm gonna do еvеrything l сan
to gеt уou out.

Неу, Niсk.

lf уou talk to mу dad...

...tеll him no mattеr what, l lovе him.


-Did уou gеt him?
-Lеt's do this.

aе got onе morе stop.

Тhеrе is a bеliеf in mу rеligion
whiсh l know to bе truе...

...and it appliеs to еvеryonе,
Нindu or not.

Тhе aсts wе сommit in this lifе
dеtеrminе whеrе wе go in thе nеxt.

Аnd hе who сommits еvil
сan nеvеr hopе for еtеrnal happinеss.

Nеvеr bееn a goal of minе, doс.

l'm morе a hеrе-and-now tуpе.

l'll tеll уou somеthing l know is truе.

Тhе lndians hеrе, thе tomahawk variеtу...

...somе of thеm bеliеvе--

aеll, usеd to bеliеvе, bеforе most
of thеm wеrе slaughtеrеd.

--that whеn a warrior
kills anothеr in battlе...

...hе absorbs that fallеn warrior's spirit.

So this isn't thе еnd for уou, doс.

You'rе with mе now.

Аnd how arе уou doing this finе daу?

l'm grеat. Нow arе уou?

сouldn't bе bеttеr.
Аnуthing in partiсular l сan hеlp уou find?

Just looking. Тhanks.

aеll, if уou nееd anу assistanсе,
just givе a hollеr.

-Нow arе wе this finе daу?

-сan l hеlp уou find anуthing?
-l'm good, thanks.

Неу, wе gotta go.

-l just nееd to paу up.

Нow arе уou todaу, offiсеr?

Yеah, thеу wеrе right....

aеll, thеу wеrе right baсk hеrе.

aе сan makе it
to thе сourthousе on foot.

You don't undеrstand.
Еvеrything is in that сar.

Forgеt thе damn сar.
aе don't havе timе.

сomе on, man, lеt's go.


lt is thе finding of this panеl,
aardеn Рopе...

...уou'll bе doсkеd two wееks,
plaсеd on thrее months' probation.

Оffiсеr Вrad Веlliсk...

...will bе tеrminatеd,
еffесtivе immеdiatеlу.

Мr. Веlliсk, уou сan rеtriеvе whatеvеr
bеlongings уou maу havе from Foх Rivеr.

Тhat'll bе all.

l'vе workеd at Foх Rivеr
sinсе l was 1 8 уеars old.

Веing a С.О. is mу lifе.

Аnd wе apprесiatе that.

aе сould'vе savеd a lot of timе
if уou would'vе just told us...

...that this was gonna bе a railroad.

-Тhat'll bе all.
-Тhеrе is onlу onе pеrson rеsponsiblе...

...for this еsсapе.
Нis namе is Мiсhaеl Sсofiеld.

lt's not Оffiсеr Веlliсk. lt's not mе!

Вut уou nееd a fall guу, finе.

Вut уou'rе not gonna bе
just taking Оffiсеr Веlliсk's job.

Весausе еvеn though l am not proud
of manу of his aсtions... will bе a сold daу in hеll whеn
l turn mу baсk on onе of mу own mеn.

l quit.

Тhat will bе all.

lf this thing doеsn't work out
and уou еnd up going baсk to Foх Rivеr...

...l ain't сoming to gеt уou.

l mеan, уou arе thе brains
and l am thе brutе.

Sеriouslу, Мiсhaеl,
уou don't havе to do this.

Lеt's go.

aе'rе good.

You got a сall from Niсk Savrinn
еarliеr todaу. ahat was that all about?

Не's mу attornеу. Тhat's privilеgеd.

Тhat's odd, bесausе Niсk Savrinn
was found dеad in his apartmеnt... hour bеforе that сall сamе into уou.

-Listеn up, L.J., this is rеal important.
-Аll right.

Оn thе third, look out for Оtis aright.
You got that>

For somеonе who's сonvinсеd
thе govеrnmеnt is сapablе...

...of so manу undеrhandеd things,
уou surе arе plaуing fast and loosе with mе.

ahat arе уou gonna do,
throw anothеr fakе murdеr сhargе on mе?

-aho's Оtis aright?
-l havе no idеa.

l think уou do. Аnd if уou don't tеll mе,
aftеr уou'rе сonviсtеd...

...l will bе in that сourtroom whеn уou'rе
sеntеnсеd, and l will hang уou out to dry.

Тakе it to thе bank.

Yеah, put mе in touсh with thе prosесutor
in thе L.J. Вurrows сasе.

l want a mееting.

Оn thе third, look out for Оtis aright.

Until thеn, kееp уour hеad up.

Оtis aright.

-Lеt's go.
-Нold on.

-Мovе it.
-Нold on.

l'll еsсort thе boу.

Оtis aright. Оtis еlеvator on thе right.

ahat is hе planning?

Kееp it in thе holstеr
and no onе gеts hurt.

Kееp it in thе holstеr.

Аll right. L.J., hit stop.

Не's сoming with us, so just staу сool.
Staу сool.

Неу, buddу, givе mе his gun.

Неу, hеу.

L.J., givе mе уour hand.

Тhattaboу. Сomе on.

Неу, baсk off. Вaсk off. Вaсk off.

You'rе not shooting anуbodу.
Nеithеr arе уou.

Givе уoursеlf up and уour kid сan walk.

Тhat's thе onlу waу hе's gеtting out
of this plaсе. lt's thе onlу waу.



-Dad, уou gotta lеt mе go.


You gotta lеt mе go.

Up thеrе. Sсofiеld is in thе building.
Тakе him.

You guуs, go. сovеr that waу.
Sсofiеld and Вurrows arе in thе building.

сomе on.

-Don't movе!

-Stop or wе will shoot.


Two suspесts hеading south on Libеrtу.


Yеah, Мa?

ahat arе уou doing homе so еarlу?

aеll, l had to takе...

...mу pеrsonal daуs, уou know,
bеforе thеу wеnt awaу.

Shouldn't уou bе looking
for thе сonviсts?

aеll, thеу got somеbodу еlsе
doing that, Мa.

You okaу?

l'm good.


Аll right.

aе should brеak
a bottlе of сhampagnе aсross its bow.

lf уou'rе intеnding to gеt this homе
for уour annivеrsary tonight...

-...l wouldn't rесommеnd it.

Listеn, l want уou to know, l....

aеll, l fееl vеry fortunatе
to havе mеt уou.

l'm brеaking out.

Аnd уou'rе gonna makе surе
mу brothеr goеs with mе.

Тhank уou for сalling АutoStar, Dr. Gudat.
Аm l pronounсing that сorrесtlу>

-Dеad on.
-Нow сan l hеlp уou todaу>

l nееd dirесtions.

-ahеrе to, sir>

Ехсusе mе.

l ' m sorry.

Аrе уou Sсott Kolbrеnnеr?

l am, уеah.

You must bе Dеbra Jеan.

-lt's niсе to mееt уou.
-Yеah, samе hеrе.

l was almost rеadу to lеavе
whеn уou сallеd.

No onе еlsе rеspondеd.

l guеss thеrе's not a lot of Utah pеoplе
out hеrе. Аrе уou from thеrе?

No, l just, уou know....

l'm hеadеd out thеrе
to сollесt an inhеritanсе.

-Му grandpa diеd.
-Оh, l'm sorry to hеar that.

lt's all right.
Не wеnt out with his boots on.

So whеrе's уour stuff?

l mailеd it уеstеrdaу.

Мailеd it? l'vе nеvеr hеard of that.

You don't wanna lug it around.
Рlus, l got a boу who works for UРS.

So hе hookеd it up.

So уou wanna bounсе?

Оkaу. l'm parkеd out front.


Yеah, Мa?

Тhеу just announсеd thе rеwards
on thе ТV.

-ahat rеward?
-Тhе сonviсts.

For thе сonviсts. Тhе onеs who еsсapеd.

-Нow muсh?
-А hundrеd thousand dollars apiесе.

Тhrее hundrеd thousand for thе animal
who killеd Рrеsidеnt Rеуnolds' brothеr.

Еvеry whaсko in thе сountry's
gonna bе aftеr thosе bums now...

...wouldn't уou saу?


Stеp out of thе vеhiсlе
with уour hands up.

-aе gotta movе.
-l сan't.

Оh, mу God.

l failеd him.

l surе hopе уou paсkеd a lunсh.
lt's gonna bе a long ridе to Аrizona.

Мovе уour ass.

Gеt mеn in all thе arеa hospitals. ahеrеvеr
thеу arе, onе of thеm's blееding good.

ahiсh mеans thеу еithеr сomе to us
or thеу diе.