Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 1 - Manhunt - full transcript

It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone has been ...

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Previously on Prison Break

I didn't kill that man, Michael.

If you didn't kill Terrence Steadman,

how the hell did someone make it look like you did?

I'm getting you out of here.

That's impossible.

Not if you designed the place, it isn't.

Better be open, bro.

You're asking me to break the law.

I'm asking you to make a mistake: forget to lock up.

We're in.

Who killed Terrence Steadman?


Terrence steadman's still alive.

Hello, Terrence.

Sound the alarm!

What's going on?




What do we do now?

We run.

The escapees, who were they?

Got a list right here.

Read it to me, if you could.

Michael Scofield, structural engineer,
five years for armed robbery.

Benjamin Miles Franklin,

former U.S.Army,
eight years for possession of stolen goods.

John Abruzzi,

don of the crime family of the same name.

Life without parole for conspiracy to commit murder.

Charles "Haywire" Patoshik,

60 years for second-degree murder.

Fernando sucre,

five years for aggravated robbery.

David "Tweener" Apolskis,

five years for grand larceny.

Theodore "T-bag" Bagwell,

life for six counts of kidnapping,
rape and first-degree murder.

And Lincoln Burrows,

scheduled to die next week for the murder
of president reynold's brother.

How long has it been since they got over the wall?

8:00 last night.

Scofield-- he and Burrows were brothers.

That's right.

And he's the mastermind of this whole thing.

That's what they're saying.

I want everything they've got on him.

Where are they?

What the hell is that?

Let's go.

All we got to do is make it to the other side.


Make it to the other side.

Come on, guys!

Pick it up!

The thing is gaining speed, man!

It's going too fast!

Go through!


Go through!


I will gun you down, Scofield!

Where's the aerial and the others?

They're back on the ground refueling.

Son of a bitch.

Season 2
Episode 1


media's ready.

I'd like to, uh,

talk about John Wilkes Booth for
a moment if I could,

Abraham Lincoln's killer.

12 days,

that's how long it took to find him.

In his journal during this period,
he wrote that

the shadow was his friend,
the night his domain.

He acknowledged that whatever neuroses drove the
criminal to commit the original crime is compounded,

magnified by flight,
by the sounds of dogs at his heels.

Fear becomes paranoia,

paranoia ultimately psychosis.

I bring this up,
because, in 140 years,

the fundamental mind of the
escaped man has not changed.

The escaped man is still human.

He is still afraid, and he will stop
at nothing in his attempt at flight.

Fortunately for us,

while our quarry has shadow
and night as his ally,

we have something far greater:


I would encourage everyone who is watching,

everyone in this country

to take a good look at these faces.

These men right here are now the
eight-most-wanted men in America.

I thought I thought this out.

You saw all those guys back there?

The key is they're back there,
and we're up here.

Yeah, and how long is that going to last?

Yeah, especially since we don't have a pot to piss
in thanks to Abruzzi's magically disappearing jet.

Hey, you were never going to
be on that plane, brother.

And don't think I don't know where
you were going either, Scofield.

Where am I going?

Oh, I don't know. Utah?

When were you planning on
telling us about the money, man?

What money?

$5 million that westmoreland
planted in the desert in Utah.

You don't know what you're talking about.

You wish I didn't know.

Wait, wait. What money?


It's a little early for the fbi
to be showing up, don't you think?

Look, I get it.

It's still your investigation,

but once those criminals cross state lines,
it'll become a federal matter.

Yeah, well, that is not going to happen.

I hope you're right.

That's why I was going to suggest that we cut
through any interagency politics from the outset.

Full transparency.



Then maybe you can tell me about Dr.Tancredi.

There's nothing to tell.

From what I'm hearing,
she may have abetted the escapees;

opened the door that allowed them to get out.

Like I said, there's nothing to tell.

You're not being very transparent, warden.

Look, I don't discuss my staff.

Maybe you should,

because she may be the key to this thing.

We need to speak with her.

Right now, Mr.Mahone,

she's not going to be eating with anyone.

How are we doing?

Well, the IVs are hydrating her.

We got her on a naloxone infusion,
half milligram per hour.

What do you think the chances are?

Well, we've done everything on our end.
It's really up to her.

Either she fights and lives,
or she quits and dies.

hey! What do you think...

do whatevething you got to do, man.

Oh, and...


you call the cops,
I will put this thing right here... your eye.

Thank you.

Structural engineer, huh?

Not the kind you'd expect to get
that much ink.

Not the kind at all.

How long do you think it'd take
to get something like that?

Hundred hours...


Tattoo artist who gave it to him must
have spent a lot of time on him then.

I'll find out who it was.


Don't talk to me.

Fine, but it's going to make
collaboration kind of hard.


I got men out here in harm's way,
and you're giving press conferences.

The press is a tool.

It'll bring those men back
quicker than bloodhounds will.

We don't need you.

We're hot on these guys' trail,
and it's just a matter of time till we nail them.

The problem I find with being on a trail

is that by definition you'll
always be behind your prey.

We'll see about that.


I'm not armed.

You'll have to excuse me if I'm a
little short on trust at the moment.

I assure you, young woman,
I'm the furthest thing from a threat.

I think the percocet pretty much ensures that.

Good, then you won't mind if I
capture this moment for posterity.

Won't do you any good.

You don't care that someone's going to be executed
for your murder while you're just sitting here.

I'm not the one choose Lincoln
Burrows as the fall guy.

Who did?

Your sister,
the president?

You don't understand.
I'm a prisoner to all of this.

Oh, come on.
You could have come forward.

You could have stopped this
thing before it even got started.

No, I really am a prisoner.

And now, you are, too.

The moment you let that door shut behind you.

Didn't it strike you as curious

that there wasn't any security out there?
The doors only open from the outside.

The glass is two inches thick, bulletproof.

There's no getting out of here,
young woman.

We got to dump them now.


They know about Utah.

All the more reason to dump them.

If they get caught, the feds
will know exactly where we're going.

They'll tell them.

We just got to make sure they stay
afloat until we're off in Utah,

doing what we got to do.

You really think the money's
going to be there?

Charles might have had a flexible
relationship with the truth,

but at the end...

at the end, there'd be no
reason for him to lie about it.

I figure once we bag it,
we cross over into Mexico,

take a whole bunch of mpy
second-class bus rides till we hit panama.

You really got a fix on
this dive shop thing, huh?


Right now, I wouldn't mind swinging
in a hammock for the next ten or 20 years.

We got half the country after us.
We ain't making it to Panama or Utah.

Not without help.

Veronica can't help us.

How can you say that?

- We don't have money, clothes...
- I already got all that.

I thought the plan was Abruzzi's jet.

Abruzzi's jet was plan A.

- Then we got...
- everything we need.



Scofield designed the tattoo, not you?

He brought the entire thing in,
every element.

I mean, look at it; it's the
Freakin' sistine chapel.

I knew the guy was an engineer or whatever,

but man, his skill as an artist was unbelievable.

What else? What can you tell
me about him as a person?

he was cool, you know.

But talk about a detail nazi.

Everything had to be perfect,

exactly as he drew it.

I always sort of had the feeling that
the whole thing...

was some sort of inside joke that
only he was in on.

We have your number, right?

I may be calling you.

Thank you.


What was the name of that long road
we took to get to the prison?

English boulevard

and out in front of the prison,

the two streets that intersect with it?

Fitz and Percy.

Thank you.

Saddle up.

Where we going?

Somewhere where we can stop being
cons and start being civilians.

You know, why don't you cut out
all the riddles, snowflake?

and just give it to us straight.



little one.

What are you doing?

we're just fishing.

With no poles?

we like to fish with our hands.

Yes, eh...


I think the question is...

what are you doing out here?

- Hunting.
- Gracie?

Get away

Gracie, get away.

Get back

You're those guys from fox river.

don't any of you move a freakin' muscle.

Get away from her!

Get away from her!

Okay, okay, just...




you stay where you are.


Put the gun down.

- Let her go.
- Right now.

You let her go!

John, Let go of the girl.

Shut up!

John, put the girl down.

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun!

Drop it now.

Drop the gun!


I'll pull the trigger.


Good boy

Good boy

Get the gun.

Pick it up!

Don't you hurt her, don't you...

You're going to be all right.

Run to daddy.

I ain't going to say anything,
to anybody, man.

you are not going to get hurt,
so just calm down

Where's your car?

Up on the road.


You're being considered
an accessory to this;

you know that,
don't you?

I know very little right now.

You opened the door to the infirmary that

allowed Scofield to escape,
didn't you?


Did you have a sexual relationship
with Scofield?


But you had feelings for him.

Seven other men got out, you know.


I am sorry, sir.

It's saturday; we're not open.

that's sort of the point.

Sorry, sir?


I'm going to need some work done,

and I'm going to need it done privately.

I'm sorry,

you said you needed the work done?

This is a medical clinic, isn't it?

of course it is, sir,
but for animals.

man, what happened to you?

You need medical attention.

Sir, listen...

hold up.

I'm going to get an ambulance.

nobody's going to be doing any
calling here, doctor.


Wh... what do you want?

You know what?

That's it.

I want eye-tie out of the car right now, man.

That was a little girl!

Don't you have a heart?

God! I have a daughter.

I have a little girl!

I got one, too.

But if I hadn't done what I had to do,

we wouldn't be on our way to
see 'em right now, would we?

Turn right up there.

Hold on.

Where we going?


That's west, man.

We need to go east.

My family's back in Chicago.

And you think the cops
don't know about it?

You think they're not just sitting there,

waiting for you to come running back home?

What's the matter with you?

what about New York?

What about...

I... My girl's pregnant, bro.

Understand your love is
your weakness right now,

and they know about it.

Doesn't mean it has to stop you.

You just got to be smart about it.

Get to Oswego.

Oswego was not on the way, snowflake.

It's not where Oswego is.

It's what's in Oswego.


Scofield's credit card transaction history.

Spent a lot of money here in Will
county before he was incarcerated?


He was from Chicago.

Why does a guy from chicago come
all the way out here

and spend north of eight grand in all
these places in little over a month?

Car wash, voice mail,
storage, car rental...

we got guys looking into it.


captain, what about the feds?

Should we tell them?

What do you think?

Captain bellick?

We got something.

Hunter up by tamarack just ran into
five of the cons.

So this is where Scofield lived?

up until about two months
ago when he was incarcerated.

Mother's dead,
father's a deadbeat.

You got nothing in the whole
world but your brother.

So you plan.

And you scheme for months...

till you get it right...

Every single element.

And then you destroy all the evidence.

I want divers down in the river.

You won't get cell coverage.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

Digital carriers don't have cell towers
way out here in Western Montana.

How about shutting up, Terrence?

Just trying to save you some effort.

They're like a web, these people.

The harder you struggle,
the worse it gets.

Sounds to me like a coward trying
to justify himself.

If I stay out of the way and stay quiet,

I stay alive.

That's what they said;
that's what they told me.

And you're willing to live like this,

in a hermetically-sealed box while
everything out there goes to hell?

Self-preservation is a strong motivator.

So is the truth.


Young woman?

Do not


How you doing, buddy?

I'm pretty freaked out,

that's how I'm doing.

They took your car, didn't they?

1978 Grand Cherokee.

Which way did they go?

Up that way north toward Oswego.


Pardon me.

Scofield's paperwork...
get it, Jimmy.

The credit card stuff.

Right here, captain.

Of course.

Where is he going to put all the
crap you need to disappear?

We're going to Oswego, boys.

You have a visitor

Thank you.


You look disappointed.

No. I thought you were going
to be my father.

You heard from him?

His office.

Brought you a change of clothes.

Figured, you know...


And your purse.

You left it in the infmary.

I'm in a lot of trouble, I think.


I need to apologize to you.

They threatened my job
if I didn't talk, and...

No, no, no, no.


One thing you learn when you're
walking the steps is

that you never outsource a blame that
belongs in your own backyard.

You're not the first correctional
worker that fell for a con,

trust me.

He never cared.

Not one bit.

What are you thinking about?


You had to do it.

Not like i did.

I ruined her life.

There's nothing you can do about it now.

That's not true.

You fell for her, huh?

Where's Oswego?

Half mile maybe


What are you going to do, Terrence,
shoot me?

Blow my guts all over this house?

Then what?

You can't leave, remember?

You kill me,
you're stuck with me.

I'm safe here.

You're a prisoner here.

But I'm still breathing.

If I go outside...

one step,

I won't be.

You look at me...

like I'm the devil.

I gave up my family.

My teeth.

I eat percocet all day

just to dull the pain of
my miserable existence.

You have no idea what
I've been through.

What you've been through?

This isn't about you, Terrence.


Blackfoot Sheriff's department.


Blackfoot Sheriff's department

My name's Veronica Donovan.

I need you to send a unit to the house

at the end of light road
as soon as possible.

I'm sorry, ma'am,
but are you calling to report a crime?

By the President of the United States.

Send the car.

I'm sorry, sir,

I... I don't think I can do this.

There are nerves...


You need a specialist, okay?

I don't...

You... You need somebody
who knows what they're doing.

I don't have the luxury
of choice here, Doctor.

My hand has been in that box
for hours now.

It is dying.

I am not capable of doing this.

I only have one hand,

but I could stick this in your neck
before you get to that door.

Now, if that's not
incentive enough for you,

I see that you have
a Mrs. Gudat out there.

With a name like that in
a county like this,

old Mrs. Gudat would not be too hard
to find now, would she?


I can promise you nothing.

Story of my life.

I'll have to put you under.

Do I really look that stupid?

Sir, I cannot do a procedure like this
without an anesthetic.

I have to cut away dead flesh.

Nobody can undergo a procedure like
this without an anesthetic!

I ain't nobody.

Schweitzer was the plumbing company

that made the toilet Scofield took off
to get out of his cell.

Allen Boltas the fitting.

It's all here, isn't it?

It's amazing.

Ripe Chance Woods

There a place in the vicinity
with that name?

Got someone looking into it.

D.O.C.'s moving on a storage
facility in Oswego.


Manager says that Scofield's
got a lease on unit 164.

It's still active.

We got guys on 8th street, 3rd street,
then the alley.

If they're in there, captain,

we got 'em boxed.

We push right up the gut, then.

Any one of them makes
a threatening move,

put a hole in 'em.

You got it.


this is my collar, smart guy.

Back the hell off.

Close the door.

Still nothing on this place?

They're coming back with nothing.

No place by that name anywhere
in this country.

Or any other country, for that matter.

Let's go.

Son of a bitch set us up.

Not one word.




Oh, that kid's clever.

It's not a place, it's a name.

Your PDA, you got it?


Bring up the census of this county.

Far back as it goes.

Somebody's going to see us.

Keep digging.

We're gonna go to hell, guys.

Swear to god, we're gonna go to hell.

Help me out.

You are one sick cat, you know that?

What are you looking for?

We got to go to the cemetery.


originally, this was supposed to be
a week's worth of clothes for me and Linc.

But, uh, figured you all need just
as much help as we do, so...

you're just doing this out of the goodness
of your heart, fish?

That's right, John,
the heart.

You remember what that is, don't you?

Damn, snowflake,
this is tight, man.

It's like I said,
we got to stop being cons

start being civilians.


Trousers are a little bit too short,
don't you think?

Chop your feet off.
You're good at that.

This jacket ain't exactly the best thing,
you know what I'm saying?

You want variety, hit target?


When do we got?

Money, Passports...

pre-paid phone cards.

- Archie Ryan?
- Did you see mine?

Phineas Mcclintock


Keys to a car that's waiting for us

A couple hundred yards from here.

That a two-of-us or five-of-us?

That's a two-of-us.

They know?

Not yet.

we got company.

Guys, we got to roll.

How did he know?

We're civilians;
remember that.


I'm sorry, uh.

Do you know what time it is?

No, sorry.

I can't go outside.

They'll kill me as soon as
I show my face.

You're wrong about that.

As soon as you show your face,

this whole thing is gonna be over.

You can have your life back, Terrence.


I promise.


V, it's me.

- Linc?
- We're out.

Thank god you're okay.

I saw the news.
You got to stop.

I need you to turn yourself in.


I found steadman.

I'm with him now, linc.
He's alive.

You're going to be exonerated.

Come in.


what are you talking about,
you found steadman?

Terrence, come on, let's go.

- Afternoon
- Veronica

The police are here.

Look, I need you to stay where you are.


I don't want to lose you.

Ma'am, put the phone down.


Mr.Steadman, take a few steps back.




Oh, my god.


I thought you knew that all calls to

the local station are routed through us.

This is federal land, remember?

And, uh, as for your little toy here,

it's contraband.

You gonna tell us how you got it in there?

I brought it when I got here.

Whatever for?

To protect myself.

That's what we're here for, remember?

In less than a day,
the trail has gone cold

in the pursuit of what
are now being called...

Yeah, it's fine

Stay on top of it, all right?

Doc's still doing a sweep of Oswego,

but the guys have basically vanished.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Mr.Ives.

I don't know how you can be so confident.

It's not like these guys left
a map where they're going.

Actually, that's exactly
what they did.

Scofield had the entire thing
on his body...

how to get out of that prison,

how to disappear afterward.

It's all there.

I promise you that it's
only a matter of time

before we know everything that
is in Scofield's head--

where he plans to run to,
how he plans to get there.

So when the time comes that
he does get there

we'll be waiting for him.