Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 10 - Rendezvous - full transcript

Captain Bellick tortures T-Bag for the money during which T-Bag swallows the key and Bellick uses dirty tricks to get the key out.Bellick and Mac leave T-Bag on the boundary of the police.Sarah and Michael Scofield meet,but they are constantly chased by Alexander Mahone.Michael gets close to Mahone's helplessness.Meanwhile Lincoln Burrows and LJ are rescued by Lincon's dad but they are still not shielded from the dirty political games. Sucre tries to contact Maricruz but that plan fails because of the state police doing rounds.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break.

SARA: I need a number
for a Sundown Hotel, please.

in Gila, New Mexico.

MAHONE: N-M six three.


Who is this?

I think you already know.

If I buried someone
in my own backyard,

I'd think about it all the time.

Let me and my family disappear.

And in return, I'll
keep your little secret.

I know it's not how you
wanted this to play out.

But sometimes things
happen that are just

out of your control.

MAHONE: I'll see
you soon, Michael.

It just may be
sooner than you think.

You can't be here!

Where's your sister? I
need to see Maricruz.

The wedding's at 2:30.

Maricruz, she told him
no. Can you believe that?

Go on, get your girl.



Both of you face down! Now!


OFFICER: Suspect in custody.

Possible ID, Lincoln Burrows.

Now, you're going
to tell me where

you stashed
Westmoreland's money,

or I'm going to pluck you
like a chicken, stitch by stitch.


♪ Whoa, whoa

♪ I'm walking on
sunshine, whoa, whoa

♪ I'm walking on
sunshine, whoa, whoa, whoa

♪ And don't it
feel good Hey, yeah

♪ And don't it feel good

♪ Now, don't it feel good

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

For a millionaire,
you travel light.


Hey, what is this?

It's for my blood pressure.

Lookie what I found.

Guess Miss Hollander
liked to beat some meat.

Maybe a couple of whacks
in the temple with this

will help you remember
where you put the money.

Hey, we've been
beating his ass all night.

He ain't coming off the goods.

We need to do
something different.

It don't matter
what you do to me.

I ain't talking.

Well, I ain't stopping
till I get what I came for.

How about we
listen to that again?

T-BAG: Please.


Tell me where that money is, or
I'm gonna read it on your tombstone.


Okay. Okay. I will
give you a little clue.

It ain't here.


♪ Now every time I
go for the mailbox ♪

Confirmed. Burrows
is in custody.


Unbelievable. He made
it all the way to Arizona.

Another day, he'd
have been gone.

You find Mahone?


Keep trying to call, it
goes straight to voicemail.

This is Alexander Mahone.

Please leave a message.



Mr. Kellerman.

Lincoln Burrows is in custody.

That's the reason I called.

Who has him?

Willcox, Arizona PD.

We need to extricate
him right away.

Where's Mr. Mahone?

I'm getting in touch
with him right now,

but I can take care
of this one myself.

This is why we hired Mr. Mahone.

He's the official face here.

Don't worry. This
won't be official

and there won't
be any questions.

Of course there will.

Just make sure no
one's left to answer them.

My son had nothing
to do with this, please.

The judge will decide that.

Did you call in?

Yeah, Phoenix is sending backup.

I don't think that's
one of ours, Jimmy.

COP: What the hell?




Come on!

Move it!

Move it! Run! Don't stop.

Come here!

Let go of me.

WOMAN: Okay, calm
down. Calm down.

You try that again...
Who the hell are you?

We're on your side!

We're with your father.


Mahone, Lincoln Burrows
has been apprehended.

Where? Arizona.

I'm on my way and I need your
talents on the ground as well.

I'll get there as soon as I can.

I don't think you heard
me. Get to Arizona.

I'm this close to Scofield.

And we have a bird in the hand.

Yeah, well, so might I.

You wanted me to figure out
Scofield's rendezvous with Tancredi?

It's happening today,

and I'm sitting
right on top of it.

What are you looking at?

Where are we?

It doesn't matter.
You're safe here.

You can take a seat.

I ain't doing a thing
until I see my dad.

All I can tell you
is he's on his way.

His flight lands in an hour.

Why should I trust you, lady?

I don't see you have
much of a choice.

I could drop you off back
with the cops if you'd prefer.

You have somewhere else to be?

Matter of fact, we do.

Well, we can't let you leave.

And your father was expecting
your brother to be with you.

Do you know where he is?

Do you really think
I'm gonna answer that?

You need to start
cooperating with us, Lincoln.

We're only trying to help.

MAHONE: Michael Scofield,

escaped from Fox River
Penitentiary a week ago.

No, never seen him.

Well, if you do, please
call me at that number.

Will do.

There's another
hotel down the road.







MAN: You got a fax.

Could you put it
under the door, please?

Thank you.



It's Fernando Sucre.

Fernando. Theresa.

She's not here.
Please don't hang up.

I'm so sorry. Please.

I just need to know something.

You've got bigger problems
than my sister right now.

No, no. Wait. Please. Please.

I need to talk to her. Please.

You can't. We're
leaving this afternoon.

Where are you
going? Ixtapa, Mexico.

We won't be back for a week.

We're taking the honeymoon
she had planned with Hector.

She's picking me
up in a few hours.

What time?

A little before 2:00.

She's going to have to call me,
okay? I'll give you the number.

Where are you?

Take this number
off the Caller ID.

Please, Theresa, just
have her call me, okay?

I'll be right here.

Hello, Sara.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

I didn't have a choice.

This isn't going
to be easy for you.

You said in your message that
you had a plan to make this right.

I need to know what that is.

Yeah. Yeah, she
checked in last night.

Was she alone? Yeah.

Kelli Foster. I
put her in room 9.

You the guy that was
trying to call this morning?

A guy tried to
call this morning?

Yeah. He was trying
to send her a fax.

Did he do it?

Yeah, 20 minutes ago.

Does your fax have memory?

I guess so.

Do you know where that is?

It's five minutes away.

Hey, if she comes back, is
there anything you want me to do?

She isn't coming back.

I've arranged for
us to get to Panama.

We're meeting up with
my brother tomorrow.

Wait. That's your plan?

To run away to Panama with the
two most wanted men in America?

Michael, I came here because

I thought you were going
to have real answers for me.

This is an answer.

And right now, it's
the only one we've got.

Running away into the sunset
with the man who lied to me?


I mean, did you know
about the other guys?

Did you know that
I would be putting

T-Bag back out onto the street?

I never meant
for that to happen.

I was doing what I needed to do.

My brother was going to die.

Now my father's dead.

I am sorry about your father.

I'm sorry for a lot of things.

For what I did to you.

I have many, many regrets.

But that's the biggest.

That doesn't help me right now.

I'm sorry for that, too.

I didn't expect you to...

I didn't expect you forgive me.

But I don't want you to...

I don't want you
to be alone in this.

I don't want to be alone.


Let's go. Get in the car.

We can't get out this way.

Michael, that's the
only way out of here.

Then that's the way we're going.

Hold on. Just hold on.

Michael, what are you doing?

Just hold on.

Come on.


SCOFIELD: You all right?

He's still behind us.

Hold on.



On your feet, Bagwell.

Skewers are hot.

God damn!

Come on!

GEARY: He's got a key.

I'm gonna get that
key if I have to...

We're gonna see
that key again, friend.

We're gonna see it real soon.

Give me my credit card.

What did you get me?

What else you get?

Prune juice, smokes, a
little dip, and a bag of sliders.

What do you want first?

Looks like a chew guy to me.

No spitting.

He's had worse
things in his mouth.


What do you want, Fernando,

from the future?

Would you run if I said you?

Would you chase me if I did?


We got to get back to my car.

It's too far.

SARA: If we go now,
before he gets more people?

He's not gonna call for backup.

He wants his privacy.


He's not trying to catch me.

He's trying to kill me.

Your grandfather.

He was the reason I was
set up in the first place.

He used to work for the
people who wanted me dead.

This is all just to get to him.

Your father should be
arriving any minute now.

Jane, right? Mmm-hmm.


Don't worry about it.

You know my dad?



Well enough. We
used to work together.


The Company.

Yeah. But that
was a long time ago.

And now I work against
them, just like he does.

So I guess you walked
out on your family, too.

No explanations, no goodbyes.

I don't have a family.

Lincoln, he really wants to
see you and your brother.

He hasn't seen Michael
since he was ten years old.

They're here.

Wait here.

Let's go.

Where are we going?

Michael never met
your grandfather.



I don't want to get
trapped in here.

There's got to be an
exit on the other side.

You go on. Michael.

I'll be right behind you. Go.


The news is not good.

Burrows was intercepted
before I got here.

It is a setback, but
we're not that far behind.

Paul, Paul, calm down.

It'll be all right. Someone
will take care of it.

Someone who?

Bill, tell me you're not bringing
someone else in on this.

You didn't think you were
alone on this, did you?

You're a soldier.

There's an army.

Tell me, what do you
have on Sara Tancredi?

What does that
have to do with this?

Go back to your
original assignment.

Bill, I'm here
now. I can do this,

and then... The girl.

KIM: We need to know
what her father told her.

When you find
out, give me a call.


This is Agent Kellerman.

I need that rental car
information on Sara Tancredi.



this is it right here.

Seventy-five foot,

twin diesel Azimut.

Flybridge, panoramics.

You pull up in a boat
like that, you're somebody.

Let me see. Give it up.

T-BAG: No!

How you doing, Bagwell?

Get the stool.

What stool?

The stool.

It's from one of them
lockers in the bus station.

I'll try not to think
about where it's been.


WOMAN: 911 operator.
What is your emergency?

No, no, no, don't do
that, now. Come on.

Hey, there. Send the police.

Some scumbag
broke into my house.

Your address?

Yeah, 1605 Midberry Hill.

Is he still there?

Yeah, you better come quick.

Let's hit it, Roy.

Come on, now,
please don't do this.

Just don't leave
me like this, okay?

I can take you right to the
money, I know right where it is.

So do I. Adios.

I'm begging you,
don't do this. Please!

Geary, come on, we can make
a deal, man. Really. Come on.

No deals. You just crapped out

your last bargaining chip, pal.



I wouldn't do that
if I were you, Alex.

You smell that?

It's propane. It's
filling the room.

And if you pull that
trigger, we both die.

I'll do it. I'll do it!


But before you do,

let me ask you a question, Alex.

Do you think you're still
one of the good guys,

fighting the good fight?

Because I think we both
know you've crossed over.

You're on the wrong side
chasing the wrong guys.

My brother is innocent.

He never killed anyone.

Oh, thanks for opening my eyes.

Okay, Alex, shoot.

We both know what'll happen.

The propane will kill me anyway,
what difference does it make?

Might as well do it right now.

That's a good point.

There you go.



That'll give you some time to
think about what you're doing.

But first, a word
of advice. Stop.

Because when you get
close, I will win every time.

You think?

I'm not the one in the cage.

No, you're not.

There's one big difference
between you and I, Michael.

And you just proved
it. You can't kill.

And that's what it's
gonna take to stop me.

Because I don't have the
same reservations. I can.

So whether it's today in Gila
or tomorrow in Albuquerque

or two months from
now in Panama,

I will get you.

I don't have a choice.

I bought us some time.

You okay? You're bleeding.

Let's go.

Get your seatbelt.

Here, 804.


Ain't that the most beautiful
thing you ever seen?

All that green.

It's prettier than
the Grand Canyon.

You know, Roy, this is a
monumental moment for both of us.

Hand over the bag, Brad.

Put down the pounder, Grandma.

Hey, hey. I'm not
kidding around.

Oh, you think your pansy ass...

Next time, you pick
through the crap.

Okay, first aid kit, disposable
phones, couple of toothbrushes.

What about the motel?

They charge by the hour,
so they didn't ask for ID.

Do you have the keys? Yeah.

Want your hat?

THERESA: Sorry, we're not home.

Leave a message at the
beep and we'll get back to you.

Theresa. This
message is for Maricruz.

I was right there
waiting for your call,

but the cops showed up and
I couldn't pick up the phone.

I know probably
that's the exact reason

why you may not
want to be with me.

Listen to me. My aunty Dallas,

she lives outside Mexico City,

in the mountains, on a farm,
with a llama for the baby to ride.

So, next week when
you fly back home,

when you go to the airport,
I'll be there in the airport,

in Ixtapa waiting for you.

I promise you, mi vida.

I love you, mami. I love
you more than anything

and I can't live without you.

I just know I can
make it work, baby.

This is in case you run
into trouble down the road.

I have a way.


Where is she? Who?

Maricruz. She wasn't at
home and she's not at work.

Well, she's not here. I
don't know where she is.

You're trying to cause problems

for me, bitch? Don't lie to me.

She went to Mexico, didn't she?

Went on our honeymoon.

Paid for with my money.

This isn't gonna feel good.

I have a high
tolerance for pain.

You know that.

And you're not a
diabetic, are you?


Michael, tell me something.

You think there's a part
of you that enjoys this?

Peroxide in an open wound? No.

I mean escaping from prison

and being on the
run and the danger

and the fear and
the rush, all that.

It feels to me like
chasing a high.

And I know what that's like,

and I should know better by now.

I never thought
about it like that.

I know you've heard this before,

but it won't
always be like this.

From everything you've
told me, it's just getting worse.

They can't chase us forever.

The guy who caught up with
us today, he stops at the border,

that's why we
have to get across.

And I have the people in
place to help us do that.

We're meeting them tomorrow.

One more day, Sara.

One more day.

That's all I'm asking.

You can go get cleaned up.

Keep this dry.


I'm glad you came.


this is him.

Lincoln, Jr.

You named him after yourself.

I wasn't gonna name him Aldo.

LJ, this is your grandfather,

Aldo Burrows.


I've waited for
this for a long time.

I've arranged a safe place
for both of you to go to.

Well, thanks for bailing us
out, but we got to meet Michael.

Where is he?

Down by the border, a
place called Bolshoi Booze.

I can go alone and get him.

No, no.

Things are different.

There's some evidence.

We just need a little more time

and we can blow this
whole thing wide open.

There is no time.
I trust Michael.

He has a plan to
get us to Panama.

You don't understand, Lincoln.

You don't need to go to Panama.

You don't need to run anymore.

Where is he?


I can go alone to get him.

KIM: Tell me good news.

Hey. I got
Burrows, the trifecta.

Take care of them.

What about Scofield?
They're gonna meet him.

It doesn't matter. Do it now.




Hi, Sara.