Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 11 - Bolshoi Booze - full transcript

In Maljamar, New Mexico, Michael takes what he needs from a sporting-goods store, then has a crisis of conscience. In Tribune, Kansas, T-Bag narrowly escapes the police but has to leave his hand behind. In Trinidad, Colorado, the three Burrowses discuss politics, but face an unexpected threat. In Gila, New Mexico, Kellerman ties up Sara and resolves to get what he needs from her. Mahone meets Kim for the first time. Bellick receives treatment for the blow to his forehead, and interacts with a local police detective.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break.

There's one big difference
between you and I, Michael.

You can't kill.

I will get you.

This is in case you run
into trouble down the road.

Lincoln, he really wants to
see you and your brother.

He hasn't seen Michael
since he was 10 years old.

Let's go. Huh?

Michael never met
your grandfather.


I got Burrows.

Take care of them.

SARA: You think there's a
part of you that enjoys this?

It feels to me like
chasing a high.

And I should know better by now.



Hi, Sara.

Hey, what is this?

(SLURRING) It's for
my blood pressure.

Geary, come on, we can make
a deal, man. Really. Come on.

No deals. You just crapped
out your last bargaining chip, pal.

Ain't that the most beautiful
thing you ever seen?





is the Tribune police!


This is the Tribune police,
make yourself known.

OFFICER 2: Code 4, all clear.

CLERK: Hey, you're in luck.

Had a case in the back.


Fishing reel oil.

And you want the whole case?

Whole case.

And the GPS?

And the GPS.

Must do quite a bit of fishing.

Yeah, a lot of fishing
and a lot of catching.


You know, I'm just
gonna take the reel oil.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hey! You have to pay for that.

Just take it. Please
don't hurt me.

Please don't...


CLERK: You have to pay for that.

The vault. Open it.

T-BAG: One for the team.

I wasn't going for me.

I was going for my daughter.

Give Anna her papa's love.

I'm gonna cut your throat out.

I loved you, Michael.
But you just used me.

Cops found your girlfriend fish-belly
white, gargling her own puke.

What do you care?

As long as she left
the door open for you.

POPE: I feel very
fortunate to have met you.

I'm sorry, Henry.


ALDO: It's about corporate
interest taking over the government.

Buying elections, fighting wars,

people dying so
they can turn a profit.

We're trying to stop it.

What are you, a bunch of spies?

Just a handful of
senators, congressmen,

people like me that once
worked for The Company.

People willing to expose
the President for what she is,

a shill, working for
these corporations.

We bring her down,
we bring them down.

What's it got to do with me?

Because the way we're
gonna bring her down

is also what we're
gonna use to set you free.

About a week ago,
we finally got a break.

An NSA analyst
sympathetic to our cause

finally worked his way up

and got clearance into
the Echelon program.

Emails, cell phone calls,
all across this country.

If it's transmitted, it
goes through Echelon.

It's cataloged, interpreted and
then stored for Homeland Security.

Nothing is missed by them.


Including, by accident,
for a few months after 9/11,

the White House.

The analyst got his hands on a
phone conversation the President had

with Terrence Steadman

two weeks after you
supposedly killed him.

Now, the analyst tried to get
this information out of the building.

Excuse me, sir.
Come with us, please.

We need to ask you a few
questions, sir. Right this way.

ALDO: Turns out someone
else was snooping, too.

Someone else wanted
answers about the President.

Tancredi convinced him
to turn the information...

GUARD: Aldo and Lincoln
want to be left alone.

Sure, I understand.

Twenty-four hours
later, Tancredi is dead,

the analyst is missing

and the White House Echelon
tapes have been deleted

from the mainframe.

The tape is still out there,

and judging by how hard
they're going after Sara Tancredi,

I'm pretty sure
they think she has it.

And I think they're right.

She's the key to this
whole thing, Lincoln.

LJ, come with me.



I would imagine that you're
feeling slightly betrayed right now.

I understand.

As you can see...

Hi, my name is not Lance,
and I am not an addict.


There is one thing about me

that should mean a
great deal to you right now,

and that is I am reasonable.

If you tell me what
you know, you get to go.

Okay? And then maybe,
when this is all behind us,

we get to grab a piece
of pie for old times' sake.

Okay? Come here.

I don't know where Michael is.

It's not about Michael,
this is about your father.

He left Washington with
something that didn't belong to him.

We need it back.

And you killed him
for it. I didn't, no.

For what that's worth.

But I hope that his death

properly illustrates
the magnitude

of the situation that
we're in right now.

So, where is it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where is it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where is it?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Sara, there's a next
step involved in this,

and you don't want
to experience that.

I swear to God, I don't know
what you're talking about.

My father didn't
give me anything.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

How long has it been
since your last confession?

This is my first
time in a long time.

And what are the
nature of your sins?

The nature?

I'm not really sure.

Deep down inside
your heart you know.

Righteousness, maybe.

Believing the ends
justify the means.

What are those ends?

Saving someone's life.

And the means?

I've broken just about
every law you can name.

But it's not just
what I've done.

It's what others have done

because I let them.

Because I was doing
what I thought was right.

I should have known
better this time.

This time?

When I was a kid,

I watched a man
bleed out and die.

And I was glad

because he deserved it.

Life is only for God to
give and take, my son.

Suddenly, there was this
dark space inside of me.

And I knew it was wrong.

But here I am.

There is a way to stop this.

Surrender your will to God.

If I surrender now,

I'll lose everything I love.

But do you lose your
soul in the process?

Well, we all have
our crosses to bear.

You okay?

This is never gonna stop. They're
gonna keep coming after us.


ALDO: Lincoln!


KIM: Is it done?

You are.

Lincoln Burrows.

Your man's dead.

Just like anyone else you
send to take out my son.

We want you.
This isn't about LJ.

There's a very simple
way for all of this to end.

I'll tell you how
it's gonna end,

me staring in your dead eye
with my hand around your throat.

You don't even know who I am.

How much further?

Right here is good.

MAN: All right, you got it.

Thanks for the ride.

No problem.



Agent Mahone. Bill Kim.

I'm here to pick you up.

I called Kellerman.

He's busy right now.

Does anyone else
know you're here?



Can you open the gate?

And I need a new vehicle.

There's something you
should know about me.

I don't like being
out in the field.

I only do so when
there's been a screw-up.

I'm out in the field, Alex.

Then why don't
you open the gate?

You can hurry back to D.C.
before your shoes get dirty.

We have a lead as
to where Burrows

will be meeting
up with his brother.

It's the place he referred
to as Bolshoi Booze.

Does that mean anything to you?

Yeah, it's one of a hundred
tattoos on Scofield's body.

What does it mean?

I don't know yet.

You'll need to figure it out
within the next couple hours.

If Scofield and Burrows
cross the border,

they'll be out of
your jurisdiction.

Then you'll be of no
further value to us.

Open the gate.

So you can do what?

I want to hear it.

Straight from the
mouth of the guy

who was supposed
to be our closer.

I'll get Scofield and Burrows
and all the rest of them,

and then me and
you and Kellerman,

we're gonna part ways.

I just hope you're
properly motivated.

'Cause as long as you do
your job, we forget about Shales.

And then you can go back
to Colorado and visit your son.

Cameron. He's five, right?

Don't you ever
mention his name again.

There he is.

That's what I wanted to hear.

Get cracking, Alex.

A lot of people
are relying on you.

Jane will take care
of it, you can trust her.

I know this is hard,
but it will work out.

You have my word.

Thank you.

Be careful.



I know.

Jane's gonna look after you.

I don't even know her.

She's all right. She's been
working for Dad for a while.


I'll see you soon, I promise.

Isn't that the same
thing your dad told you?

Yeah, but I mean it.





Hey, it's me.

Just call me when you get
this, okay? It's important.


They're numbers.

Is that my payment?

Medical nitroglycerine?

As promised.


You have no idea how hard
it is to get this kind of grade.

Even with my contacts.

It's time for your
end of the deal.

Where's that plane gonna be?

They call me a couple of hours
before with the drop-off point.

Keeps the DEA off our backs.

So it's gonna be a while.

You might wanna
stay out of the sun.


COYOTE: Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

Is there a problem?

They're just my cousins.


Now, after your father
accessed this information

he made three calls from
his cell phone, all to you.

What did he tell you?

He just said he was
coming back to Chicago.

Good. You're being honest. Good.

Now, there's a half
an hour between

when your father landed
and when he got home

that is unaccounted for.

I know you stopped by his
office. Did you see him there?


The last time I saw my father,
he was dead in his study.

Did your father have
anyone give you anything?

Do you think that I'm just
withholding information

because I like
hanging out with you?

If I knew something, I
would tell you. I don't.

I don't know anything
about any of this.


Then why did you give your
father the file on Lincoln Burrows?

Why did you open the door for
Scofield and help him escape?

Why did Scofield send
you those coded notes?

Why did you come to
New Mexico to meet him?

Don't try to float a
babe-in-the-woods routine by me.

It's really gonna piss
me off, so, come on.



Okay, come on.


You're okay.

All right.

Look, Sara,

we're gonna have to
come to an understanding.

You know that, right?

WHEELER: Yeah, you were
right. They are coordinates.

Plug them into your
GPS, they'll take you

to a spot in the
New Mexico desert.

It's in the middle of
nowhere, basically.

All right, thanks.

Yeah, no problem.

Sir, who are you meeting...

What the hell is he doing?

He's keeping us out of the
loop, that's what he's doing.

COYOTE: And I'm constantly
running from the law with a bad heart.

Mexico, where I'm from,
has got a lot of great things,

but healthcare
ain't one of them.

You all right?

You look a little nervous.

I don't do this every day.

I just want to get the information
on that plane and move on.

Is that it?

That's it.

'Cause I know who you are.

You don't have to worry.

We can't go within 100 feet of a
federal marshal to collect the reward

'cause we got U.S. and
Mexican warrants on our head.

But this plane to Panama...

Sit down.

This is all for your brother?


I got four brothers,
two in prison.

Accept a call? Yes.

(SCOFFS) But break them out?


My brother gave me a baseball
mitt for my fourteenth birthday.

I owed him.

You're a better man than I am.

Time will tell.


Shouldn't they
have called by now?

About the plane?


You know, I have a question.

I thought that these
came in glass vials,

not plastic.

I thought so, too.

But the guy I bought it from
said he packed it in plastic

for transportation over long
distances to prevent a fire,

or an explosion.


I never heard of that.


What's going on?

We're gonna do a
little quality control test.

It's the best available.

We got time.



For the last time, some
black male, early 20s,

jumped me from behind.

I didn't get a good
look at his face.

The assailant attacked
you from behind?

That's what I just said.

Yet he managed to make
contact square on your forehead.

That's right.

With what, a boomerang?

Come on, why don't you
tell me what happened?

Look, I'm a retired
correctional officer out of Illinois.

How about showing some
professional courtesy, honey?


This is Roy Geary,
leave a message.

You thieving son of a bitch,

you'd better get
down on your knees

and pray to God
that I don't find you,

because if I do, mark my words,

I'm gonna gut you bow to stern.

WOMAN ON TV: President
Reynolds was in Tallahassee, Florida,

early this morning

attending a $5,000-a-plate
breakfast fundraiser

for Senator Martin Pineman

who's running for
reelection later this afternoon.

Her press conference
was derailed

when a reporter
asked her to comment

on Lincoln Burrows'
escape from custody.

She declined.

It's become clear in
her first month in office

that she cannot separate
herself from this manhunt

and as long as it
continues, pundits say

questions about Burrows will...




Let's get this party started.

LINCOLN: For the last
30 years I've hated you.

You walked out on me.

You haven't even seen Michael.

I've seen him before.


Not in the papers, Dad.

I'm trying to work out what
kind of man abandons his family.

Now I'm doing the
same damn thing.

You'll see him again.
I'll make sure of it.

How much further?

About three hours.

It's gonna be a few minutes.

My brother should be here soon.

Maybe I should go outside
and make sure he can see me.

That's a good idea. I think I'm
gonna send Ernesto to do that.





SCOFIELD: Was that the call?

Yes, it was.

About the plane?



Sugar water, huh?

Well, you just made a
big mistake, blanquito.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry,
okay? I'm not a chemist.

The guy I bought it from
swore it was medical nitro.

We both got screwed.

Yeah, but only one of
us is gonna pay for it.

Look, I just wanna get out of here,
okay? And you want your payment.

My brother's gonna be here soon.

We'll work something out.

Just name your price.

I already named my price.

You didn't come through.

When's your
brother getting here?

You were planning on turning
us in the whole time, weren't you?

When's he supposed
to meet you here?


Drop it or I'm gonna shoot him.

Let him go or I'll shoot you.



Where is it? My father
didn't give me anything.

Who are you
risking your life for?

Lincoln Burrows.

Street thug.

And why is that your concern?

I mean, is there somewhere in
the Hippocratic oath where it says,

"I pledge to risk my life for
those who don't care about mine"?

Because they don't
care about yours.

Burrows and Michael Scofield?

They just used you.

Are you that surprised that
there are people in the world

who'll stand up
to people like you?

Are you that far gone?

That's cute.



but cute.


A Cleveland what?

Don't worry, I'll
talk you through it.

And we got a glass
coffee table right here.

Hell, no.

I'll do it for $1,000.




All right.

What the hell?



You know, it's amazing

what you can pick up
at an Army Navy store.

All that torture stuff,
that was Bellick's idea.

And if you ask me, he took
the whole thing way too far.

Listen. Why don't I just
give you half the money,

we'll call it a day?

All right, 60-40.

Come on, T, we can deal.

Where's the plane gonna land?

Kiss my ass, cobarde.

What are we gonna
do? I don't know.

We're not gonna get across
the border on the ground.

Without that plane
we're screwed.

losing too much blood.

He'll never make it like this.

He should have thought of
that before he tried to kill us.

Gotta take him to
hospital, or else he'll die.


The plane and we'll let you go.


Finley Road, off Highway 8.

There's an airstrip there.

There. Okay? Now let us go.

Let's go. No, no, no. No!

Michael, let's go. No,
no. Don't go. Please.

Michael, let's go.

CARLOS: Please help him.

Don't do this, all right?

Don't do this.
Don't do it. Please.

Let's go! Michael.

If we were bleeding, they would
not lift a finger. You know that.

He was gonna kill
us both. Let's go.

No, that's not true.

Michael, we're
gonna get to that plane

and we'll call when we're safe.

Let's go now, please.

Please don't do this! Okay?

CARLOS: Don't do this!

Don't do it, all right?
Don't listen to him!


KELLERMAN: I care about you.

This is not what I wanted, Sara.



KIM: What's going on with Sara?

Has she told you anything?

Don't go anywhere.

Not yet.

KIM: I trust you've
been persuasive.

Yes, absolutely.

Then kill her.

Well, she knows something.

You disobey me, you are done.

Do you understand me?

Put her in the ground, Paul!


♪ I can't sell my
mama short on loving me

♪ I guess that's why
she let me go so far

♪ Mama tried to stop
me short of stealing

♪ I guess that's why
I had to steal that car

♪ She told me not to smoke it

♪ But I did and it
took me far away

♪ And I turned out to be

♪ The only hell my
mama ever raised

♪ And I rolled into Atlanta ♪

Michael, let's go! Michael!

Hold still.

Michael, you're doing it
wrong, let's get out of here now.

He was gonna call the cops or go
and get his buddies or something.

He's not gonna make it!


We'll call when we get safe.

Let's go. Michael, let's go!

Thank you. Thank you.

You gotta get him
to a hospital. Okay?




Wait, wait a minute. Wait, wait.

Hey man, forget Finley Road.

Plane's gonna stop at
the seven-mile marker.

Route 4 at sunset.

He's gonna stop
for five minutes.

It's gonna go to Oaxaca, Mexico.

You miss it, you're out of luck.


out on the way over.


Yeah, Roy Geary.
Just an out-of-stater.

You know him?

He's a friend of mine.

SLATTERY: Mr. Bellick? Yeah.

Do you mind answering
a few more questions?



It's Pam.

What's going on?

I just wanted to say hey.

Well, are you all right?
You said it was important.

I know things got kind
of ugly toward the...

You know, the end.

I got ugly.

But I want you to know that
there were circumstances that...

It was better that
you and Cameron...

That you were not with me.

Why are you telling me this now?

If I had to do it
all over again,

I'd do it different, you know.

We'd still be a family.

I'd give anything for that.

I just wanted you to know.

Alex, what's going on?

Nothing, I just
wanted to call and say

that I'm sorry,

about everything.

Where are you right now?

I can come get you.

Wouldn't that be nice, huh?

No, I'm serious. Where are you?

One more thing,

if you hear anything
in the media...


What are you talking about?

I love you. Give Cam
a kiss for me, okay?

Well, I'm glad I told
you about this place.

I'm glad I figured out
how to work a GPS.

Could you make it a little
more difficult next time?

I owe you one.

No, we're even.

But we gotta leave.



Hey, buddy.

How you doing?

Where's LJ? Safe.

The money?

I'll tell you later,
we gotta go.

I brought someone.


We've met before.


This is happening
right now, okay?

Don't make me do this.

Don't make me do this.

Even if I knew, I
wouldn't tell you.

You wouldn't? Really?

Are you that stupid?

Are you that stupid?

Because now you
are going to die!

You're going to die.

And all you had to do was tell
me what your father gave you.

I know my options.

I can not tell you and die
or I can tell you and still die.

No, wrong, Sara.

Come on, smarten up!

For once in your life.


Go to hell.

You know what?
Drowning is horrific.

Don't get me wrong,
but once you give in,

you just let the water
come into your lungs,

it has a certain
euphoria, I hear.

I guess as a junkie, I thought
maybe you'd appreciate that.

You did this to yourself.