Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 11 - And Then There Were 7 - full transcript

Michael gets a visit from his wife, while Veronica and Nick get a visit from Quinn.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Prison Break":

We're through the hard part.
Another 18 inches, we'll hit that pipe.

We'll be there by Friday.

Now, we got a hell of a lot
to talk about, don't we?

- This guy says he's on the job in here.
- Concrete is my speciality.

OK, boss. Sign him up.

Whites don't want you, blacks don't want you.
You're just caught in the middle, aren't you?

A regular tweener.

- Hello?
- It's me. It's time.


Why are you so cynical?

I think there's cynicism
and then there's realism.

And there's optimism. Hope. Faith.

Thank you for trying to make me smile.
Not today.

(Michael) You never know.

You want the Cooper story?
I can't give it to you.

Cos I'm not him.

The lawyers, they're still running around.

Same thing goes for the kid.
You gotta hand the reins over to me. Now.

First of all...

You and your partner
are off the job until further notice.

(alarm beeps)

(turns on tap)

- (Michael) That one.
- (man) Nice choice.

Platinum. Brushed.

- 6.25?
- 6.25.

She's a lucky woman.


She is.

- You kept it.
- Kept what?

- The flower.
- I'm a pack rat. I never throw anything out.

Yeah. All this clutter, it's overwhelming.

- You should see my apartment.
- Whoa.

Haven't even had our first date yet,
and you're already inviting me in.

- I thought you were a nice girl.
- Michael, we all know nice girls finish last.

So where do you finish?

That depends on where I start.
Deep breath.



Sara, we're backing up out here.

Right. I'm sorry.

I'm gonna get your shot.

This is not what I signed on for.

What do you want us to do?
Wave the white flag?

- I just want to get Lincoln off death row.
- Lincoln?

Vice President Reynolds funnelled millions
of dollars into her brother's company.

That money was filtered into small accounts
that made small donations to her campaign,

setting her up to be
the leader of the Free World.

This doesn't end
with us stopping an execution.

(Veronica) For me it does.

OK. Let's rotate.

Sergeant Sodomy, you're up next.


- Come on.
- I don't know about y'all, but...

This room is getting
a little too dark for me to dig.

Are you telling me that there's a hole
in Fox River that you don't want to get into?

Hey. No one gets hurt.

Hey, you know, I got a question.

Now, how come Fusilli over here
ain't grabbing a shovel?

I handle arrangements on the outside.

Really? What is that?
Transport, paper, what?

Exactly. Makes me manager.

- And that makes us just labour, right?
- Mm-hm. Now you're getting it.

You know, management better keep
a close eye on the conditions up in here.

Or the labour's liable to go on strike.

- Get back to work.
- Whoa, CO coming.

(Sucre) Hurry, you guys.

Come on, cover it up.

Put that back up there.

Scofield. Move it.

It's time for your conjugal.

Your wife is here.

So you're Mrs Scofield?

Ever done this before?

Had a conjugal, I mean.

(woman) No.

Don't worry,
I'm just trying to make conversation.


She look familiar to you?

No, Captain.

I know her from somewhere.

You came.

Of course.

- How've you been?
- Fine. I found a job.

Good. I'm glad.

Is it awful, being here?

Remember the first place you stayed?
That hotel, by the airport?

Only difference is $69 and the free shampoo.

Always the brave face.

You're still wearing it.

Every day.

I worry about you.


Is there anything else that I can do?

Just what we agreed on.

I was so nervous when they were checking.

One question.

Why would you need a credit card in prison?

The riot didn't change anything.
Have you seen the budget cuts?

- Another 10% from healthcare.
- And 35 from prevention.

He's the governor, but also your father.

Maybe he thinks if he cuts enough,
they can't afford you.

(Michael) Thank you.

You understand this is standard procedure
following a conjugal, right?

Never can be too careful.

All right. Bend over.

You have a good time
in the romper room with that Euro?

Whatever you say, boss.

- She come around here before?
- First time.

You sure? Cos damn
if I don't recognise her from somewhere.

Maybe she visits some other con.
Killing two birds with one bone.

- Catching my drift?
- I wouldn't know.

All right. He's clear, Captain.

Make sure you take a shower, Scofield. You
never know what some women can give you.

# Swing low, sweet chariot

# Coming for to carry me home

# Swing low

You know this one, don't you?

# Sweet chariot

# Coming for to carry me home

Come on, gimme something.
I thought you was a musical people.

You know, your parents
must be so proud of you, man.

Hitting the trailer park trifecta.

You're a racist, a paedophile, and stupid.

You know, it vexes me that I'm made out
to be the bad guy in the room.

Y'all ain't here
for stealing Girl Scout cookies.

None of us murdered
any Girl Scouts in the process.

Michael's coming back from the boneyard.

Alone, alone.

I tell you all about me,
you don't tell me you're married?


(C-Note) Rough day, huh, Scofield?

While the rest of us
are in here slinging concrete,

you got some little girl in
to play on your rusty trombone, huh?

Man's got a point.
Itjust doesn't seem equitable, like.

- Shut up and dig, T-Bag.
- (Abruzzi) What the idiots want to know is,

while we're digging this hole,
what are you doing?

I'm going shopping.

(Sucre) We're good.

All clear.

Credit card? The bulls catch you with that,
they'll be so far up your doggy door...

Don't worry.
They won't be catching me with one.

- How you so sure?
- Because...

I don't have a credit card.


- Nick?
- (knocking)

(Quinn) Help! Please...

- Please, I had an accident, my car is totalled.
- (knocking)

Is there anybody there?

- We can'tjust ignore him.
- The hell we can't.

(Quinn) Help me. Please!

Help me, please.

Ow! God!

- (Nick) What happened?
- I must've dozed off.

I've been driving for 12 hours.

- Should I get some water from the well?
- No, the well's dried up.

I think there's a medical kit over here.

No one's going anywhere.

- All right. Say goodbye to Junior.
- (muffled yell)

(muffled cry)

You know how many pints of blood
the human body has?

The answer is ten. Ten pints.

How many you think Prince Charming
over there on the floor has left?

Eight, going on seven?

I'm gonna take him out to the woodshed,
have a little talk.

In the meantime,
I want you to chew on this.

You tell me everything about the Burrows
case, and who else you've told about it,

and there's a chance that I might let you go
in time to get Mr Savrinn to a doctor.

You decide whose life is more valuable.

The guy waiting to die on death row, or the
guy wishing he'd die out in the woodshed.

One suit, black.

One pair of socks, black.

One pair of shoes. Shoelaces.

One small tape recorder.

One gold watch.

You ever stayed at a fancy hotel, LJ?

You leave your room in the morning,
it's a mess.

Wet dirty towels on the bathroom floor, last
night's room service stinking to high heaven.

Then, you come back at night, it's all gone.

Fresh towels, sheets,
candy on the pillow.

It's just the best feeling in the whole world.

Cos someone else cleaned up your mess.
All you had to do was walk away.

- Don't you hurt them.
- OK.

But you gotta tell me exactly what they know
and who else they've told,

and nobody has to die tonight.

You just walk away.
Let me clean up your mess.

I don't know what's going on.
I swear to God.

Well, I wish I could believe that.

- Bellick assigned me a new cellmate.
- Who'd you get?

Some new fish.
Ran a bump and swipe on an off-duty cop.

Fast hands, faster mouth.

- Yo, what's cracking, my peoples?
- Speak of the devil.

- Michael Scofield, David Apolskis.
- S'up?

I seen you before, right?
You're part of that PI crew.

Maybe you can hook me up. Brother needs to
make some green, some cashish, you know?

- The pay is 19 cents an hour.
- 19 cents? That's slavery, yo.

That's prison, yo.
And besides, PI's all full up for now.

All right. I feel you.

But keep a brother in mind,
if something opens up, yo.

Hell, I'll pay 19 cents an hour
to get me some more time out of the block.

Like having another kid.
Already raised one. I'm too old to do it again.

You ever hear of anything
being stolen from R&D?

Of course.
Bulls steal from personals all the time.

Problem is, you never know what's gone
until you're outside of the walls.

- At that point, you can't do anything about it.
- What if you knew now?

Look, I told you. Leave me out
of whatever it is you've got going.

I just need to know
if you've seen a guard with a gold watch.

There's a lot of people
can get you a gold watch in here.

- Yeah, but I need this specific gold watch.
- (Lewis) Westmoreland.

Pope wants to see you. Let's go.

Look, I haven't seen nothing.

But there is this one CO.
Word is he's the worst thief in here.

My wife faxed this over
from County Records.

Copy of Scofield's marriage licence.
She says you owe her, big time.

Looks legit. He wasn't trying
to sneak in some whore for a conjugal.

Says here they got married
the day before Scofield robbed that bank.

Why the hell would he do that?

- Heard from Veronica?
- No.

(Lincoln) Just a note from LJ
saying he was with her, he's safe.

But it's been a while.
Doesn't feel right. Feels wrong.

- I gotta go.
- Really wrong.

(guard) I'll see you.

(Quinn) I, uh... I've come to a realisation.

Either Ms Donovan and that boy
don't like you very much,

or they have an unreasonable amount of faith
in your cardiovascular system.

So tell me, Nick.

This all you got? This paper trail
of an indictment that never even happened?

Is this it?

We know you don't have a surveillance tape
any more, you have nobody to testify.

So is this really all you've got?

Mr Savrinn, that bullet
went through your teres major,

ripped the lateral margin of your scapula,
leaving you no medial rotation of your arm.

So if you try to swing
that piece of lumber at me...


It's gonna feel like
your arm is ripping out of its socket.

Come on, Nick. Mr Project Justice.

We both know why
you're really here, don't we?

And it ain't to save Lincoln Burrows' life.

(PA) All prisoners, 15 minutes of walk time.

(raps) # Inside these walls,
I creep and I crawl, looking for a way out

# But I know there's gonna be no easy route

# This is gonna be a 12-round...
12-round bout

- # Bellick and T-Bag on my mind
- (Michael clears throat)

# This grind in here...

You still interested in getting in on PI?

- Does my momma got big breastices?
- I wouldn't know.

Hell, yeah, she does. And hell, yeah, I do.

All right, look. I need a favour. Word is
you made your trade as a snatch and grab.

That's right.

I need you to steal something back
that was stolen from me.

- What kind of something?
- Just a watch.

Uh-uh. There ain't no such thing
as just a watch.

Every design has a different clasp,
every clasp has a different swipe.

It's Italian. A Remedi.
Gold band, pearl face, all-weather.

- What year?
- 2003.

- That's a butterfly clasp on that bitch.
- Which means what?

Hidden deployment. There ain't no way
to snatch it without the mark feeling it.

Which just means I'm gonna
have to get whimsical on this ficky.

I get you this watch,
that means I get in on some PI?

It means I'll think about it. No promises.

Why you need this watch so bad, anyway?

Let's just say it means a lot
to someone in my family.

Come in, Charles. Sit down.

What's going on?

I've got some bad news, Charles.

Your daughter is very sick.

She's got oesophageal cancer.

Now, she's at Sacred Heart, in Indianapolis,

and she wants to see you
while there's still time.

How much time?

Doctors say a few weeks.

The problem is, the DOC isn't gonna
let you go. They think you're still a flight risk.

- She's my only child.
- I know that.

Believe me, Charles,
I've lobbied on your behalf.

It's state policy.

They will only extend furloughs
in the case of funerals.

You're telling me I have to wait
until she dies before I see her?

Mr Scofield. Looks like
I'll be administering your shot today.

- Where's Dr Tancredi?
- We've got a busy schedule today.

- She's with another patient.
- (shouting)

(guard) Hold his legs! Hold his legs down!

- Hey, we need a doctor here!
- What happened?

The kid was in chow, all of a sudden
he collapsed and started spitting up his food.

Looks like some kind of seizure.
Get him up here.

Get him up here,
make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

I'll need O2 and cardio from you.

Hold him. Hold him!

(door opens)

So, Ms Donovan.

How is that background in real estate law
going for you? Is it a big help?


Well, frankly I think we caught a break.

If Lincoln had nailed a girl with half a brain,

she probably would have
brought this whole thing down already.

But you know what the worst part is?

You dragged these people into this knowing
that you had no clue how to get them out.

I mean, if you had just minded your own
business, people like Leticia Barris,

she wouldn't have
a mouthful of maggots now.

Your fianc? would not
be lying in his apartment

waiting for the smell of his rotting corpse
to let the neighbours know

that something had gone horribly wrong.

That's right. Their deaths are on your head.

You made this mess. Nobody else. You.

But you are also the one person
that can end it all right here.

All I need to know
is who else you've involved.

So you just nod,
and I'll know you're ready to talk.


You know, Ms Donovan,
I think that you look a little cold.

Maybe you'll find it easier to talk
after you've warmed up a little...

Where is he? What happened?

We gotta move.
Come on, we don't have time. Come on.

Come on. We're getting out of here.

- Where are the keys?
- Pocket. Left.

- Start the car.
- Is he gonna be all right?

Go start the car, LJ.
Come on. We're gonna get you to a hospital.

Come on!

A gift from my cellmate.

Thank you. And thank him.

The watch. What's it for, anyway?

Thought you didn't want to know about this.

Things have changed. I want in.

- Why the sudden change of heart?
- I have my reasons.

Don't take this the wrong way, but everyone
who's in is bringing something to the table.

- How about money?
- How much?

I think you know.

I remember several conversations
that ended with "I am not DB Cooper".

- I lied.
- You lied.

We're cons. We tend to do that.

I checked your alibi.

According to records, you were incarcerated
at the time of the Cooper hijacking.

My father and I share more
than just a weakness for easy money.

We also share a name.

Charles Westmoreland Senior
was the one locked up that day.

- Now, do you want the money or not?
- No offence, but it's a little convenient.

You want in, and suddenly you're the guy.
How do I know you're not lying now?

(guard) Hey, Old Man River. Keep it moving.

Hey, Sucre.

I got a question about you
and the rest of the Mexicans.

I don't think I'll be able to help.
Seeing as I'm Puerto Rican.

Geographical semantics, amigo. I'm speaking
about the general Latino population.

How is it that a people so historically lazy

ended up being such a big part
of the nation's workforce?

The way I see things,
it's everyone else that's lazy.

Otherwise, there wouldn't be jobs
for the immigrants.

The ones sitting at home,
collecting unemployment, the lazy ones...

it's not us.

You gonna let him talk
about your people like that?

Whatever, Deliverance.

You know what? We may be a team in here,
butjust so that you know:

The minute we get over that wall,
it's every man for himself.

Or sooner.




(whispers) LJ?

You know how the Russians do things?

They let you live, and they kill everyone else
in your family and anyone you've ever loved.

- How's that sound?
- Go to hell.

Oh, come on.
Is that any way for a lady to talk?

What, you think I'm an idiot?
I'm just gonna walk into a well?

Seriously, Ms Donovan...

You all right?


(PA) Attention, inmates. Weight pile
is out of bounds until further notice.

Weight pile is out of bounds
until further notice.

Scofield! No sitting down on the job. I want
you out here working where I can see you.

I'm on it, boss.

Move it, Scofield, move it!

(loud music)

- Hey, Brad. Good to see you.
- Hey, baby.

(man) All right, put your hands
together for our next lovely young lady.

Up on the main stage it's Jasmine.

(# "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith)

Would you like a private dance?

Why don't you sit down and chat for a while?
See if we hit it off?

So, what's your name?

Brad. Yours?

- Jasmine.
- Come on, your real name.

- It's Nika.
- Nika.

That's a pretty name.

Tell me, Nika...

How's your husband feel
about you working here?

I'm not married.

I hope you're lying for the sake of titillation.

Otherwise, your little visit to Fox River this
morning would have been breaking the law.

Mrs Scofield.

We are married, but they tell all the girls to lie.
It's better for making business.

I'm not here to get you in trouble.

I just want to know
a little more about your husband.

- Well, he's a very good man.
- I'm sure he is.

But even good men do bad things.

Your accent. You're from, don't tell me...

- Budapest, right?
- Prague.

Prague. How recently did you come over?

Only a couple months, I bet.
You like it here in America?

I have to move. They don't like us
to spend too much time in one spot.

Now, I don't want to have to check into
your immigration status.

I just need to know
what Michael Scofield wanted from you

in exchange for the green card.

We met while he was studying overseas.

I don't want to know
what you memorised for the INS.

Now, you answer
my questions about Scofield,

or I call my guy in the Chicago PD.

And maybe he starts
asking some questions about you.

Credit card.

He asked me to bring him a credit card.
That's it.


(phone rings)

Yeah. Trace this call.

Come and get me now.

New Glarus. I'm in New Glarus.

No, thanks. I brought my own.

(whispers) Dorothy Andrews Elston Kabis.

United States treasurer, 1971.
The year of the DB Cooper hijacking.


The first number in the series of bills
used in the ransom drop.

(whispers) Thanks for the history lesson.
All it proves is you did the research.

Same as me.

So you're married?

Uh, well...
Not in the traditional sense of the word.

Michael, we're both adults.
Put your cards on the table.

OK. I'll go first.


As one of the very few women around here,
I'm used to a certain amount...

of innuendo and flirtation
being thrown my way.

- I'm not used to enjoying it.
- Look, Sara...

It's Dr Tancredi.
And please let me finish.

I'm not a jealous woman.
But I'm a careful one.

And for some reason,
when I'm around you I'm not careful.

- You don't have to be.
- Yes, I do.

There's so many questions surrounding you,
Michael. There are way too many.

So here's the deal. Um...

From now on, your shots, medical concerns,
they're all fine, as long as it's doctor/patient.

But personal questions and favours of any
kind are no longer a part of our relationship.

The questions you have about me...

There are answers.


Hey, I was getting worried.
You guys get lost?

We called you again to pinpoint your signal,
but you never picked up.

Battery went dead on the damn cellphone.

So, uh... How'd it go?

Well, I got a broken leg down here.

Listen, you know,
I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

You got bosses, I got bosses, but at the end
of the day we're all on the same team.

Right? Just trying to tie up loose ends.

- I could not agree more.
- Yeah. So can you guys get a rope,

or a ladder, or something?

What the hell's that?

Hey, hey! Hey!

- Just tying up some loose ends.
- You son of a... Hey!

Don't do this. Don't do this!

(Quinn) Come on, please.
My leg is broken. I can't stand.

You can'tjust leave him down there.
He'll die.

He's the only one who knows
we don't have the Burrows kid.

- The only one.
- (Quinn) I got a family!

There's room for you down there too, Danny.

(Quinn) Don't leave me like this.
Don't leave me. Please!


Coming back to PI today?
It's getting kind of testy in there, you know.

(Michael) Yeah.

I just needed to find something out.

- What the hell's that?
- Listen.

(tape hiss)

- Am I supposed to be hearing something?
- Shh.

Just hold on.

(tape hiss continues)



What? We sat around here
for 20 minutes waiting to hear that?

18 minutes, actually.

And yes.

- What was it?
- Keys.

The guards' keys.

18 minutes between each time

the guards pass the infirmary windows
on their rounds at night.

Cons aren't allowed out after hours.
Only way I could find out the timing.

- What does that mean?
- It means...

Four days from now,
on the night of the escape,

we'll have 18 minutes
to get the bars off the window

and for all seven of us
to get across the wire and over the wall.

- Is that doable?
- Of course.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

- Hey, I know that look. What's up?
- (clinking)

I hit it. I hit it!

(Sucre) The pipe!

(C-Note) Guys, guys.

All right, all right.

- Come on, Michael. Talk to me.
- You want the good news or the bad news?

- The good.
- Westmoreland and his money are in.

- What's the bad?
- I've done the math.

It'll take at least five minutes for us to get
the bars off the window in the infirmary,

two minutes each
to get across the wire and over the wall.

- So?
- We've only got 18 minutes.

We've got too many people.

One of 'em has to go.

Visiontext Subtitles: Paul Burns