Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - Sleight of Hand - full transcript

Michael hands over an address to Falzone, allowing work to resume on the tunnel. Meanwhile, the VP enlists the help of a dangerous specialist.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break:

It's the only building sitting
on top of those tunnels.

All we gotta do is get in there--
on PI--

and dig ourselves an onramp.

I'm gonna find out, you know,

what it is you're
doing up there.

If we talked about who had motive to
kill Terrence, we'd be here all day.

Have anything to
do with EcoField? Faccia i conti

Do the math. CEO of a corporation
gets indicted for fraud,

investors start losing money.
Lots of money.

You call Nick Savrinn,
works for Project Justice.

They're here.

Who's here?

LJ? LJ?!

You gotta come get me.

We can't, okay. We're not in Chicago.
You have to come to us.

First of the month
is coming up, John.

Yeah, so?

Checked my balance online,
it's looking seriously deficient.

Apparently, Fibonacci's
coming up for air again.

And if he testifies at that hearing,

a lot of people are going down,
including me.

Listen, there, uh,

there's been a restructuring.

This comes from Philly himself.

So I'm the man in here now.

What the hell are you doing?

Uh-oh. We got a problem.


What's going on?
That's PI.

I run it.

Not anymore you don't.


Hey, boss.
Check that volume, inmate.

We been doing business too long.
We can fix this thing, right?

Let's get something clear.

You and I haven't done crap.
Falzone's the one been paying me.

Falzone is just an envelope.

You've been doing business
with me face-to-face.

You think I like getting
piss thrown at me?

Spit on?

These other chumps might do
it for the 40 grand a year
and the little blue uniform,

but I'm not that dumb.

Falzone's envelope is the only reason
I come through that fence every day.

And it's the only reason
I'm gonna keep coming
through that fence

until I have enough money to
buy that house on Lake Gray.

I'm thinking early
retirement, John,

and you're
interfering with that.

Hey, boss,
just give me some time,

and I can match whatever
Falzone's paying you.

You're out of business.

Get used to it.

Hey, boss. Boss!

They're gonna find it.

The longer they're in there,

the sooner they're gonna find it.

Then we got to
get back in there.

I'm gonna say something
crazy to you right now.

Surprise, surprise.

I don't give a damn
about Fibonacci anymore.

You're right. That is crazy.

Because I got bigger things to
think about, like survival.

You see,
I'm kinda short on friends in here,

in case you haven't noticed.

I need to get out. Right now.

While I still got my life.

Then why are we talking
about Fibonacci?

Well, the only way I
can get that room back

is if I can prove to Falzone
that I'm still worthy,

that I still got
what it takes. Yeah?

And the only way I can do that
is if I can give him Fibonacci.


You see, this is not a "me
versus you" thing anymore.

This is us,
an "us" thing, all right?

It's us for the escape.
Is it?

Or is this about you getting
back in good with the mob again?

That life is over for me, Fish.

I mean, they clipped my wings.

They want me to rot in here.

So I got no allegiance
to them anymore.

Yet you still want
to do them a favor.

Falzone is desperate.

You see, if Fibonacci testifies in
front of the congress next month,

Falzone's going to
go down in flames.

But if we give him Fibonacci,

he will give us anything--

anything-- including
that very special room.

What do you say, Fish?

"And the lord said unto satan,

'has thou considered my servant,job,

'that there is none like him in the earth,

'a perfect and an upright man,

one that fears god and shuns evil.'"

Give him up.
If I do, they'll kill him.

Maybe he deserves it.
That's just it, he doesn't.

Who is this guy?
You told me he was Mafia.

He was working for the Mafia,
he just didn't know it.

Otto Fibonacci is...

is just like you.

An innocent man.

Caught in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

What are you doing...?

You know...

I didn't steal from you, John.

He was middle management at
one of Abruzzi's warehouses.

Just a normal guy.

Working class, religious.

I didn't steal from you, John!

Hey, Nicky. Nicky, Nicky, Nicky.

Shh, shh, shh.

What did I tell
you about talking?

John, please.

John, please! No!

And somebody that couldn't
turn his back on murder.

He realized that Abruzzi and Falzone--
the men he worked for--

were killers.

And he had the key to
all their dealings.

Things that could put
them away for life.

And now he's in witness
protection for life.

The judge asked him why he was coming
forward with all this information.

He said it was because he thought
it was the right thing to do.

What's the right thing
to do now, Michael?

I don't know.

But if I don't give him up,

this whole thing's over.

What you're telling me is, if...

if I'm to live...

A good man has to die.


You're in the
place we discussed?

I'm still not exactly sure
why we're here, but...

A friend of mine should
be along there shortly.

- A friend?
- Just to see where you are with things.

I think we're clear on
where we are with things.

Everything's under control.

Nothing is going to affect tomorrow,

- if that's what you're worried about.
- I'm not worried about tomorrow.

My friend is a problem solver,
that's all.

He's there at your
disposal if you need him.

Do me a favor.

Make him feel like
part of the team, hmm?

Talk soon.

- What?
- She's bringing someone in.

- What does that mean?
- Something in her tone changed.

You think she knows
about the kid?

We don't know that.

We shouldn't have lied.

- Shouldn't have told her we had the kid.
- What is it you don't understand?

We tell her that kid got away,
you and I, we are not here right now.

I swear to God,
it just get deeper and deeper.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means if I'd have known
that this is how this whole
thing was gonna turn out,

I would've gotten some
crap job with the feds.

Push pencils, drink coffee all day long
behind a desk.

God, that sounds good.

Keep talking like that, I'm gonna be
forced to put a bullet in your head.

As for her friend,

whoever that is,

we find out what he wants,
we play nice,

we deal with it accordingly.

Michael, you better see this.

Hey, Jersey.

Putting that carpet
in the guard's room?

Yeah. Think so.

Mm-hmm. When?

Got to tear up the
old stuff first.

Soon as we're done with that.

Tonight. Tomorrow maybe.

They're gonna find it, bro.

They're gonna find the hole.

We got to do something.



What's this?

It's for, uh, you know,
your last meal.

Write down what you want.

Linc, you gotta
write something down.

I don't gotta do nothing.

You don't fill it out,

all they're gonna give you is
what's on chow for that day.


You don't want that for your last meal,
do you, man?


In case you think of something.

Hey, eye-tie.

Something you need
there, rughead?

Yeah, a job, man.

Why don't you hit the DQ down
the street. We aren't hiring.

I'll put a hundred in your kick,
every month.

You want to pay me to work?

Man, I've been in the
kitchen for eight months.

I scrub one more tray,

I'm gonna go J-Cat,
you know what I'm saying?

Hey! Fiorello, how about it?

One fifty.

Sign me up then, baby.

I was thinking
about what you said.

That it's not a "me
versus you" thing.

It's an "us" thing.

That's right.

How far are you willing
to go with that?

As far as I have to.

Then set up a
meeting with Falzone.

I want to talk to him directly.

Falzone doesn't talk to
guys like you directly.

If he wants Fibonacci,
he's gonna have to.

No, no!

No, you heard me right.

You're telling me this kid
is gonna give up Fibonacci?

- You're sure?
- Definitely--
Only one thing.

He wants to meet with you directly.

Son of a bitch,
you actually did something right, John.

That's good.
Guess I'm gonna have to call off
those guys I hired to shank you.

- That was a joke, John.
- Funny.

Good. I'll come out
there this afternoon.

And John...

If I come all the way out there,

and this turns out to
be a waste of my time,

I'm gonna castrate you.

I hope you understand that.

Be well, my friend.

I love you, too.

He's coming.

Don't mess this up.


It's me.

I know.

I saw "Inmate" on the caller ID.

Remember when I said I might
be calling you on Fibonacci?


Well... it's time.

You seem distracted.

Got a lot on my mind, I guess.


Got anything to do with the
people who took these toes?

- Nice flowers.
- Right.

Do we have an admirer?

They're from my father.

Ah... what's the occasion?

- It's my birthday.
- Today?
- Mm-hmm.

- Happy birthday.

- Thank you.

- Okay.
- Hmm.


Birthdays aren't usually a sore subject,
that's all.

Unless the celebrant
is feeling her age,

which I don't see
how you could be.

I'm 29 years old, Michael.
I'm not feeling my age.

It's just that out of
those 29 birthdays,

my father has actually managed to
see me on precisely... six of them.

So... I get flowers instead.

Flowers that end up dead and
in the trash a week later.

That sounded bitter, huh?

Kind of.

It's not that big a deal.

You are all set.
I will see you tomorrow.


I'm sorry you feel that way.

About the flowers, I mean.

Hey! Somebody get on this.

- I want these in the other room.
- I got it, boss.

Chill, lily white, I got it.

Come on,
I know you're around here somewhere.

He's not doing well, is he?

Just lost his mother.

Ten days from now,
he loses his father.

How are you holding up?

You know, I, uh...

I sort of get what you're
going through here, LJ.

No disrespect,
but I don't know that you do.

No, with my dad.

I was in the same spot
when I was your age.

He was in prison.

And like your dad,
he was innocent.

What happened?

I mean, you know, at the end.

What I hope happens here.

He got exonerated.

What'd they say he did?

A lot of bad things.

They weren't true.

And we proved that.

Every day,
every day was a lost cause...

but we kept fighting.

I mean,
what else are you gonna do?

When you love somebody,
you gonna let them go out like that?

So you fight.

You keep fighting.

You never give up.

We're gonna beat this thing.


- Hello.
- Hello.

You were expecting me.

A mutual friend arranged the...

- You mind if I...
- Please.

Hey, how are...

I'm sorry,
I didn't get your name.
- Quinn.

Mr. Quinn,
mind telling us what you're doing here?

You can probably tell just by looking at me,

I'm not a wave-making sort.

Just think of me
as a supervisor,

here to make sure things are
under control, as we approach,

you know, the big event.

I wasn't aware that things
are out of control.

You'd be the one that would know,
wouldn't you?

Well, the reason I'm here
is because there's a discrepancy

between what you know,
and what you've said
to the vice president.

The lawyers you tried to blow up,
they're still running around,

healthy as thoroughbreds.
You know it, I know it.

Same thing goes with the kid,

Who you were silly enough
to tell the old lady that you
were actually in possession of.

Tutto cio' che sto dicendo si
riassume in questo.

You got to hand the reins over to me now,

so that I can save your ass.

First of all...

No! No!

See? Now you made
me make a wave.

You and your partner are off
the job until further notice.

That doesn't come from me,
doesn't come from the White House,

it comes from the company, understand?

Your proximal and middle
phalanx are broken.

Ice it for 45 minutes,
then splint it--

that's what a doctor
would tell you to do,

so you don't need
to go see one.

EcoField's SEC filings?

Terrence Steadman was murdered

so the information from his indictment
wouldn't be made public, right?

Sure, but since it never
saw the light of day,

we have no way of knowing what
they were trying to cover up.

Steadman's wife said there were
hundreds of millions of dollars

at stake if her
husband went down,

so I figure we follow the money,
and see where it takes us.

$109 million.

$212 million...

Over half a billion dollars

that I've found so far
in federal grants to EcoField
for alternative fuel research.

That is a hell of
a lot of money.

But for what?

Not only did the
company never make a profit.

As far as I could tell,
they never made anything.

No fuel cells, no patents,
no findings-- nothing.

So EcoField was a sham,
it was a cover?

Question is, for what?


Sit down, kid.

So... Fibonacci.

- How'd you find him?
- Did my homework.

You get elliptical with
me for one more second,

and I will cancel you.

You understand me?

Give it up, Fish.

Before someone's transferred to the U.S.
Marshall Service
to be placed in Witness Protection,

they're guarded
by a local sheriff from the county
where the trial will take place.

Sheriff Solomon, please.

Please hold.

Andrew Solomon here.

If the sheriff was available,

then he wasn't the one
guarding Fibonacci.

Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

Yeah, is, uh,
Sheriff Pronzo there?

I'm sorry,
Sheriff Pronzo is on vacation.

- Really?
- Yes, sir.

There were only four
sheriffs in the county.

And since Pronzo was the only
one who wasn't in his office,

and his wife and kids were
waiting for him at home,

I knew the only vacation he
was taking was with Fibonacci.

Watching him until they
could put him in Protection.

Thing is,
sometimes it takes weeks for the
Marshall Service to set up a
new identity.

So some local sheriff is stuck in
the middle of nowhere with Fibonacci.

He gets lonely and calls home...
a lot.

I called the phone company,
said I was Pronzo and I'd lost my bill.

I asked for another copy.

Seems Mrs.
Pronzo was receiving dozens of calls

from an area code a
long way from Chicago.

I went online,
reverse-traced the number, and voil?,

there was Fibonacci's
exact location.

How do you know
he's still there?
I have someone
looking after him...

watching from afar,
in case he moves.

This is about money, isn't it?

- You're an astute man,
Mr. Falzone.
- What?

Your friend here, John,
is trying to extort me.

Not extortion, insurance.

I plan on being out
of here one day.

And I don't think my new resume's
gonna cut it in most places.

- How much?
- $200,000.

- I'm gonna kill you.
- Quid pro quo.

You scratch my back,
I scratch yours.

Well, I'll give you
some quid pro quo.

Where did you get this?

Who took this picture?

Well, since you took
it upon yourself

to have some people watching over
our interests on the outside,

we took it upon ourselves to have
some people watching over yours.

So who's it gonna be?

Fibonacci or your pretty
little girlfriend there?

Yeah, you should be careful with
who visits you in here, Fish.

These walls have eyes.

If you touch her,
I'll kill you myself.

One, that is an empty threat.

You are less than a gnat to me.

And two,
all you got to do is give me the address

and we avoid all this
melodrama all together.

The address, you gnat.


Promise me.

Promise me it'll be
quick and painless.

- Do you believe this guy?
- Promise me.

The next thing that
comes out of your mouth
that's not that address,

there's gonna be a lot of pain...
in a lot of places.


345 Hamilton Avenue.

Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Get out of here.

Nice work, John.

I guess the demise of John
Abruzzi was greatly exaggerated.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Could you do me a favor and
fix this Bellick thing for me?

Consider it done.

Thank you.

And Philly,
before you pull the trigger,

look that son of a
bitch in his eyes and
tell him John Abruzzi
said good-bye.

Montgomery, Illinois

"In the race toward worldwide peace and
prosperity, America will set the pace."


Rat race. Arms race.

Can you think of a word with
a worse connotation?

Fix it.

- Did you send me a baby-sitter?
- This is not the
time or the place.

- This is the time and the place.
- Don't take that tone with me.

Remember who you
are talking to.

I am the Vice President
of this country.

No, actually, you're Caroline
Reynolds from Montgomery, Illinois.

I know exactly who you are.

Come with me.

There is something you
need to understand.

If you had done your job,

I never would've had to ask for Quinn.

And there's something
you need to understand.

You woke a sleeping beast when
you called these guys in.

They have a bigger
agenda than any of us.

And they get real nasty real quick
if things don't go their way.

So now, no one is safe.

Not you.

Not me.

Let's not overreact.

I mean, I know everyone is nervous
about tomorrow.

I understand that.

But the one thing both
of us have to remember

is that we are in
this together, okay?

All I'm saying is these guys
are into this thing now.

And there's no going back.

That's bad news for everyone.

Sebastian Balfour?

Yeah, I'm Nestor Pollack.

Midwestern Life and Casualty.

I'm already covered.


Oh, no,
I'm here to discuss Veronica Donovan.

What about her?

Well, we've been trying
to track her down

with respect to the property damage
from the apartment explosion.

- Explosion?
- You didn't know.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's just that her records list
you as her fianc?.

- So I assumed...
- Hold on.

- Is Veronica okay?
- Well, there has been a fatality.

No, but the medical examiners
haven't been able to identify the...

remains with any certainty.

So Veronica could be okay,
we just can't find her.

We were hoping you could help.




Blueberry pancakes, huh?

All right, man, you got it.

Blueberry pancakes.

Veronica. Are you there?
If you are there. I am worried.

I'm fine.

Thank God. Where are you?

Can't say. Have to go. Bye.



This is it.

All right, that's it, kids.
Time for bed.

Give me a kiss.

You okay, down there?


All right, sweetheart,
give me a kiss.

- Kids are down.

- Thanks.

Tonight, we send a
message, gentlemen.

We are gonna hurt him and his
family the way he hurt ours.

- Oh, honey?
- Yeah.

Um, can you change the timer on the
sprinkler while you're out there?

Oh, okay.

- Love ya.
- Love you, too.


Police! Drop your weapon!

I said drop it!


Hi. It's John.

You wanted to talk to me?

Yeah. You hear the news?

Falzone got popped last
night up in Canada.

International gun charges.

Parole violation.

He's in deep.

You threw away your flowers.

Yeah, like I said,
they don't last.

I don't think they're dead yet.

I don't like getting attached to
things if I know they won't last.

There you go.

Why are you so cynical?

Michael, I think there's cynicism,
and then there's realism.

And there's optimism...

Hope. Faith.

This coming from a eight-toed guy
locked away in a penitentiary.

Mm, toes are overrated.

Thank you for trying to make me smile.

Not today.

- You never know.

- We're all set.

You and I have a lot to talk about,
don't we, Fish?

Seems Philly Falzone ran into
some problem up in Canada.

Just because of the
information you gave him.

What kind of trouble?

International gun charges,
parole violation.

He's gonna go away
for a long time.

How'd you feel about that?

Pretty darn good.

- And what about PI?
- Got that back, too.

Falzone paid Bellick yesterday,
so we're good for now.

- It all worked out.
- Sure did.

Nicely done.

You're a hell of an actor.

Thank you.

Well, this helped.

It's nice.

Nice shot.

Where did you take it?

It's Lincoln's,
from back in the day.

Camping trip or something.

So, when do we get
back in that room?

- Right away.
- Well, let's get to it.

Oh, there's one more thing.

You are going to
give me Fibonacci
once we're outside of
these walls, right?

Of course.

Thank you.

But I think I'll keep this.

As insurance.

More juice?

Why can't we have
breakfast every day?

You should have
breakfast every day, LJ.

It's an important meal.

No. Why can't I have
breakfast with you every day?

Nothing would make me happier,

but, uh, your mommy and me...

we don't live together anymore.


Well, um, sometimes that happens
with mommies and daddies.

But you know what?

You're the luckiest
boy in the world,

'cause your mommy
loves you very much,

and I love you very much.

I'll tell you what...
how about every Sunday,

we have our own special breakfast,

just you and me?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Little bit or a hand full?
- Hand full.

- Hand full.

Here we go.

Take a walk.

Anyone else want
to walk with him?


This is my game.

Looks like our friend
got his throne back.

Looks like it.

Something tells me we may
have you to thank for that.

- You don't want to know.
- You got that right.

Stretch your legs, old head.

Now, we got to have us a
lot to talk about, don't we?

I got nothing to say.

You think you can
play me, snowflake?

'Cause you got college?

Big school learnin', huh?

Well, let me school you.

Darwin wins inside these walls.

Not Einstein, Darwin.

Yard time's over, ladies.

Let's line it up.

I'm not done with you, Fish.

You never even got started.

All right.

We're through the hard part.

Another 18 inches,
we'll hit that pipe.

We'll be there by Friday.


Better start making
travel arrangements.

Maricruz, here I come, baby.

Sardinia, here I come.

- Where are we going?

- Panama.
- Panama.

- Panama.

Darien Gap, South of the Canal.

No roads, no electricity,

no cops.

Nothing but white sand
beaches and ice cold beer.

Well, that's nice,
but what about our lives?

I don't know.

We'll open a scuba shop.
Hey, I don't dive.

Neither do I,
but we'll have plenty of time to learn.


This con says he's
on the job in here.

- No, I don't think so.
- You heard the paisan.

- Move your ass.
- C.O., hold on one minute.

Now, you sure about that?

Now, you sure you can't
use an extra hand?

You know anything
about construction?

Concrete is my specialty.

Can you dig it?

- Okay, boss.

- Sign him up.
- You got it.

All right, looks like Darwin
wins after all, hey, Fish?

I have a lot of dots,
but no way to connect them.

Nobody's getting rich here.

What about shareholders?

Oh, profits were minimal, and they
were all converted back to shares.

Looks like they subcontracted out
some research and development,

but it's pennies in the
grand scheme of things.

Nobody was pulling
early retirement.

You can't hide $500 million just
by moving a few decimal points.

In a move anticipated
by many pundits,

Vice President Reynolds announced
she is running for the Presidency.

She made the announcement from her
hometown of Montgomery, Illinois.

The move toward worldwide peace and
prosperity is a marathon, not a sprint.

But I assure you,
America will be setting the pace.

Money like that just doesn't disappear, Nick.
You could run a small country with that.

The Vice President is reported to have
the largest campaign war chest
in history.

It is so large, in fact,
that prognosticators
are already casting her

as the favorite in
the presidential race.

Maybe not a small country.

Maybe this one.