Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - Tweener - full transcript

John Abruzzi's boss has grown impatient over the non-appearance of the witness Fibonacci, and has withdrawn financial support from his jailed capo. This, in turn, has led Bellick to remove Abruzzi from work duty, since the guard's monthly payment from Falzone has stopped coming. Without work duty, no more progress can be made on the escape, and the next group to enter the storage room is certain to find the gaping hole in the floor. On the outside, the Secret Service agents are closing in on LJ through his telephone signal, and he inadvertently directs them toward the cabin that Veronica and Nick are hiding in. To save LJ, Lincoln needs to break out. But for that to happen, Michael must sacrifice Fibonacci, an innocent witness, to a ruthless mafia boss.

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Previously on
Prison Break:

Think of this place
like a map of the US.

Our cell over there, that's New York City.

Infirmary, our exit, that's California.

The pipes beneath our feet
that connect the two...

- Route 66.
- Our ticket out of here.

Route 66 runs
directly beneath that building.

It's the only building
sitting on top of those tunnels.

All we gotta do is get in there on PI
and dig ourselves an on-ramp.

- Which one?
- Right there.

This goes down four feet.
It connects to the main line below.

All we've gotta do is widen it,

and we've got ourselves
an on-ramp to Route 66.

I'm gonna find out, you know,
what it is you're doing up there.

You told me that that you had been up
in the crawlspace for PI,

and PI was never assigned to go there.

We got you a little get-well gift.

What's your name?

There was an explosion.

Gas line. Everyone inside was killed.

These people we're dealing with
won't stop until we're dead.

We can't hide forever.

How about that kid?
The one they say killed his parents.

- Oh, they got him.
- They did?

He's in custody.

I know what you look like,
you son of a bitch!

Philly Falzone.

Word is there's someone in here
that knows where Fibonacci is,

and you're not doing anything about it.

Help me.


You'll have to forgive my boy.

He has the propensity
to be a bit gregarious

when he shouldn't be.

Fraternizing in the prison shower.
Come on.

Maybe you ought to cut the kid a break.

You wouldn't be meddling in my affairs
now, would you, Scofield?

You can't be that stupid.

Not when I'm so fully invested
in your affairs.

What's between you and him
is between you and him.

That's what I thought you said.

You've gotta help me.

You gotta help me.

You're talking to the wrong man.
This is a matter for the police.

This is my son we're talking about.

For God's sake, he's missing.
Do something!

You have got to understand.
I am the warden of a prison.

When it comes to the law,
there is absolutely nothing I can do.

Whatever happens out there
is out of my jurisdiction

until it comes through those gates.

It just did. Let me out.

- What?
- Let me find him.

I know how he thinks.
I know where he'd run.

Burrows, I would've thought that
by now, under the circumstances,

you'd understand your position
as a death row inmate.

There is no way I can honor that request.

That ain't true. You got the power.

In case of a family emergency,
you can grant an inmate supervised leave.

Your son is the prime suspect
in a double homicide.

Hey. What do you think this is, siesta?

See that? See my face up there?

Any idea how it got there?

Work ethic.

Those two words mean anything
in your country?

You're on PI, so quit slow-walking me.

I'm not gonna warn you again.

What are you looking at?

The bulls find this stuff,
they'll know we're digging.

That's why we gotta get rid of it.

One piece at a time.

Attention in the yard.

All prisoners remain 40 feet away
from Gate A.

New prisoners arriving in five minutes.

I repeat. Attention in the yard.

All prisoners stay 40 feet away
from Gate A.

New prisoners arriving in five minutes.

Attention in the yard.

All prisoners maintain
a 40-foot perimeter around Gate A.

- New prisoners arriving.
- Freshmen.

Best put on a jail face, BG.

These crabs see you puckering,
they gonna bitchify you in a heartbeat.

Looks like I gotta find
something else to call you now.

- Why's that?
- 'Cause you ain't a fish no more.

You ain't the newest con in the tank...

Oh, man!

Yo, get the...
Somebody get this dude, man!

I ain't touching him.

I could have done something.


T- Bag had his hooks in that kid.
There was nothing you could have done.

I could have told the Pope.

He could have transferred the kid
to Ad Seg. He would've been safe.

Go easy, Michael.
You didn't even know him.

And that makes it okay?

I turned my back on him
because I didn't wanna make waves.

It was just easier to look the other way.

Keep the plan safe.

And you did.

But at what price?

That's not how she raised us.

A man's down, you give him your hand.

She'd roll over in her grave
if she knew what I've become.

She wouldn't.

You've given me your hand, Michael.

My son's out there
with a bull's-eye on his back.

Do whatever you gotta do
to get us out of here. Please.

What are you doing?

I was just looking for some coffee.

Oh, there isn't any.

They belonged to my father,
if you were wondering.

How long have they been in there?

I don't know, five years.

You know, Veronica,
we've been through a lot.

And I'm freaking out here
as much as you are.

But you get this look in your eye
sometimes, like...

Like I'm the bad guy.

I don't know who you are, Nick.

You just magically show up
like some knight in shining armor,

ready to save the day.

You know, I think you seem
to be forgetting something here.

I'm in the crosshairs
the same way you are.

All for your ex-boyfriend,
who, unlike my father,

is a scumbag criminal
who just happens to be in prison

for the one crime he didn't commit.

You know something?
I got enough of my own crap to deal with.

You wanna go, you go.

- Mind if I lamp with you, Cuzzo?
- Roll, snowflake.

Hey, man, I'm just...

I'm just new, you know.
I'm looking for some homies.

I said, roll.

What? I'm just launching.

Well, launch somewhere else, white boy.

All right, y'all.

I'm fitting to bounce.


Boy's a bit confused
about his pigmentation.

But he sure does have spunk, doesn't he?


- Yeah?
- What are you doing?

What do you mean, what am I doing?

First of the month's coming up, John.

- Yeah? So?
- I haven't got my monthly.

- What?
- I checked my balance online.

It's looking seriously deficient.

It's gotta be some kind of a mistake,
like an accounting error...

I can tell.

Yeah. Tell Falzone I don't stand
for accounting errors.

I'm going back into my office
at the end of the day.

Gonna check my balance again.

If it's not up to where it's supposed to be,

all these privileges you've got,
like running PI,

they're gone.

Get it done, John.

- Falzone Enterprises.
- Get Philly.

I'm sorry, Mr. Falzone is not available.

You tell him it's John Abruzzi calling.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

- But now you do.
- Just a minute.

I'm sorry,
he's gonna have to call you back.

What? Hey...

I'm sorry about before.

Pressure's getting to us, that's all.

Good news is nobody can reach us
out here.

My old man made sure of that.

Never even hooked up the telephone.
Same with the well and the generator.

You know, I used to think he was
some kind of conspiracy theory wacko.

Turns out maybe he was right.

I can't stay, Nick. I gotta get back.

He's got less than two weeks.

The old man used to call this
his serious tie.

Only wore it
when he really, really meant business.

Be dangerous, you know,
showing our faces again.

Not if they're not looking for us.

- They think we're dead, right?
- I know, but how long is that gonna last?

Gotta be quick. Be smart about it.

Way I see it,
we're just gonna be running in circles

if we think we're gonna find
exculpatory evidence before the execution.

Proof he didn't do it.

I've gone up against pretty much
every prosecutor in Cook County.

Man gets murdered,
the first person they wanna talk to

to see who his real enemies were,
the wife.

You wanna go after the queen bee herself?

Leslie Steadman.

Everyone in town knows the old bird
lunches at the Lexington every day

with the society set.

Hey, hey, slow down. Slow down!

Man, your brother's gonna give us away.

Bull's coming.

Let's move. Hurry up, guys.
Move it!

All right.

Everybody out.

- What?
- I said, everybody out. Now.

Move it.

- Where are we going?
- Down there, around the corner.

And don't move a damn muscle
till I come get you. Go.

What the hell's going on?

- We're so bad, aren't we?
- You're damn skippy. Let's go.

You gotta give us
more of a warning next time.

I'm sorry. He just showed up.

Oh, we're gonna get caught.

- By who?
- By the Warden.

Baby, right now, in this room,
at this moment,

I am the Warden.

- Then say it.
- No, I'm not gonna say it.

Come on, Becky, say it.

- Say it, Becky.
- You're the Warden, Louis!

Yes, yes.

The sneaky son of a bitch.

You think he found the hole?

Another inch and he'd have found it.

We need to find something
to cover this hole ASAP.

- Broke?
What do you mean, broke?

The C-Corp. The investment accounts.

Even the off-shore stuff.
Caymans, Bermuda.

Philly Falzone liquidated everything.

Hey, I told you from the beginning
what would happen if he screwed me.

And I heeded it.

That's why I warned you from the get-go
not to give Philly power of attorney.

- We had that conversation, remember?
- Yeah.

Look, the only real funds
you have left are the $30,000

in your wife's pocket account.

- I can...
- Don't...

Don't touch that.
Nobody touches that but her.

What do I tell her?
You know, about all this?

Don't tell her anything, okay?

The statements are going to come.

- She's going to know.
- Hey, I told you.

Don't tell her.

All right?

You got a problem with that?

Okay, John.

You know where to contact me
if you need anything else.

The same goes for you.



- Philly.
- Yo.

So good to see you.

- For you the answer's
always yes, Philly.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Come on, John.

Looks like there's no record
of a Fox River medical practice

on our list of participating HMOs or PBOs.

Okay, that's because
we're a state penitentiary.

And we're actually
in kind of a unique situation here.

Mr. Scofield's insurance policy
from his previous employer

hasn't lapsed yet.

For that reason the state's demanding
that you pay for his treatment,

and not the taxpayers.

WOMAN: Okay. Well, it says here
he already met his deductible.


Oh, no, wait.

That's his psych deductible,
not his medical.

Sorry. Psych as in psychiatric?

I give you permission to call Philly?

Hey, I asked you a question, man.

Listen, there...

There's been a restructuring.
This comes from Philly himself.

You couldn't deliver Fibonacci,
so I'm the man in here now.

Hey, tell you what.

Run to the commissary
and get me a bag of chips.

We'll pretend this never happened, right?

Now, I'm telling you, John,
the sooner you face these facts,

the better off we will all be.

I can kill you in a heartbeat.

Somehow I doubt that.

The sooner you face facts,
the better off we will all be.

You're yesterday's news, John.

What's the word, brother man?
You all cooking brownies or what?

Act your race, milk chicken.

Yo, what's the deal, yo?
You got tough buckets or something?

You're a disgrace to your skin,
you know that?

The boy just slipped.

The boy just slipped.

Ain't that right?

Come on, stand up.

All right, fellas,
let's get back to your cells. Go!

What's your name, boy?

- Who's that?
- Stolte.

Stolte, you heard about my kid, right?

Take the tray, Linc.


I just need to call him.

Just take the tray,
or I'm gonna shove it in there

and you can eat it off the ground.

You have a son. Josh.

Don't do anything stupid, Linc.

I'm not.

I just wanna ask you a question,
then I'm gonna let go.

What if it were Josh?

What if it were your son?



LJ, thank God. Are you all right?

No. Nowhere near it.

What do you mean? Where are you?

What they're saying about me,
it's not true.

- I know it's not true.
- They killed her.

They killed her. They...
Right in front of me.

- Right in front of my eyes, Dad.
- You gotta...

- Why are they doing this?
- Listen. Listen.

You gotta step up.

You gotta be the man now.
You understand me?

- You understand me, LJ?
- Yeah.

Okay, I want you to call Veronica.

Her number is disconnected.
I already tried.

Nick Savrinn.

You call Nick Savrinn.
Works for Project Justice.

You call him once we're done. You got it?

Nick Savrinn. Okay.

Okay, I'll call.

- I'll call.
- All right, man.

Hang in there, man.
It's gonna be all right. Okay?

- They're here.
- Who's here?


Move. Move!

You hear that?

Did you hear it?

You know what that means?

Why don't you ask your mom
what it means?

Oh, I'm sorry.

You might have trouble getting an answer
out of her right about now, huh?


- I saw that.
- Just getting connected, that's all.

There she is.

Mrs. Steadman?

I'm Dick Sisler.
This is my associate, Francette Kelly.

We're with
the National Victim's Rights Association.

We provide assistance
for victims of violent crimes,

gather support
for tough-on-crime political candidates.


Look, if your organization's
looking for a handout, young man,

you can go through my business manager.

Ma'am, that's not why we're here,
actually. May we sit down?

Ma'am, that's not why we're here,
actually. May we sit down?

We were hoping you could help us
with one of our more public cases.

The Lincoln Burrows case.

As you know, he's making
unfounded claims that he's innocent.

That others had motive
to murder your husband.

I really don't have time
for a long conversation.

Mrs. Steadman, it doesn't have
to be a long conversation.

If we talked about who had motive
to kill Terrence, we'd be here all day.

- I'm sorry?
- Look around.

Half the people in this place were
shareholders in his company.

Every one of them sat
at my husband's memorial

and every one of them was
thinking the same thing.

"Thank God he's gone. "

- Why would they think that?
- Money.

As soon as rumors
of the indictment started

you should have seen them run
for the exits.

I wasn't aware of any indictment.

It never came down.
He died before it could.

- Did it have anything to do with Ecofield?
- Do the math.

CEO of a corporation gets indicted
for fraud, investors start losing money.

Lots of money.

If I didn't know for sure
Burrows pulled that trigger,

I'd say it was any one of these people
in this restaurant.

We're talking half a billion dollars,
Mr. Sisler.

People have killed for a lot less.

Hey, what's up? What's up?

Not a good position
you find yourself in, is it?

Whites don't want you,
blacks don't want you.

You're just caught in the middle,
aren't you?

A regular tweener.

We're different, you and me, lot of ways.

But, you know, the funny thing is,
we're also a lot alike.

A couple of dogs with runny noses
that nobody loves.

How's that knee, by the way?

- What the hell you doing?
- No, no, no. Don't get me wrong.

- I'm just a friend.
- Yeah, a fruity friend.

- I don't need none of that.
- Easy now.

No, you think you're getting up in this,
you got another thing coming.

You homo.

- You got a foul mouth, you know that?
- Yeah, I do.

And you come near me again,
I'm gonna kill you.

Well, then you're just gonna
have to, little man.

You'd best sleep
with one eye open, girlie.

- Bring it on, bitch.
- Oh, I'm gonna.

I'm gonna bring it on in spades.

Maybe you ought to
leave that kid alone.

And maybe you're in no position
to be telling me my business.

That's what I thought.

I'm sure you can understand
my reluctance to discuss past patients.


My understanding is that under HIPAA,
we're allowed to share information

as long as it furthers
the care of the patient.

I'm not accustomed
to making inquiries like this, but I...

I feel like I can get through to him.
I can help him.

I imagine he needs it in there.

What did you treat him for?

Well, Michael suffered
from a couple of things.

One was a condition called
low latent inhibition.

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the term.

Well, people who suffer from
low latent inhibition see everyday things

just like you or I do,
like this lamp, for instance.

But where we just process
the image of a lamp,

they process everything.

The stem, the bulb, the bolts,
even the washers inside.

Their brains are more open
to incoming stimuli

in the surrounding environment.

Other people's brains, yours and mine,
shut out this same information.

We have to do it
in order to keep our sanity.

If someone with a low IQ
has low latent inhibition,

it almost always results in mental illness.

But if someone has a high IQ

it almost always results in creative genius.

Do you think Michael's a genius?

Well, I think that word's been derogated
in the media these days.

But in the classic sense of the word,
yes, I do.

You said there was something else
you treated him for.

He came to me
with absolutely no sense of self-worth.

The loss of both parents
very often does that to a child.

But with the low latent inhibition,

something interesting happened
to Michael.

He became very attuned
to all the suffering around him.

He couldn't shut it out.

He became a rescuer.

One of those people
who are more concerned

with other people's welfare
than their own.

I didn't know all this about him.

Then maybe
you don't know Michael Scofield.


I checked my voicemail at work.

Lincoln's son LJ just left me a message.
He's in trouble.


LJ, it's Veronica. Where are you?

Oh, Veronica, I don't know.
You gotta come get me.

We can't, okay? We're not in Chicago.
You have to come to us.

All right. Where's that?

Oh. Oh.

LJ: How the hell do they know where I am?
VERONICA: What's going on?

How the hell do they know
where I am? God.

- LJ, I want you to listen to me.
- No, you don't understand.

Everywhere I go, they're there.

I want you to listen to me, okay?

I need you to come to us.
We're in Lake Mercer.

- Where's that?
- It's a small town.

It's on the Iowa border.
There's a bus station.

I want you to buy a ticket.
We'll meet you there.

They're still alive.

Looks like a bird in the hand
just became three.

- Make sure you keep your cell phone on.
- Let's go.

I need to be able to stay
in contact with you.

- But the kid's right...
- Let's go.

- Okay.
- Okay what?

Okay, I'll keep it on.

They're leaving. They're leaving.

LJ, I need to know
that you hear me, okay?

- Lake Mercer.
- Lake Mercer. Okay.

All right, bye.

What the hell are you doing?

Delivering yesterday's news.

Your bus leaves from Depot 6
in just a few minutes.


- Yo, man, get off me, bitch.
- Let's pants him.

Wait a minute. I'll be right back.


just wanted you to know that

if you're looking for someone
to talk to in here, you're not alone.

It's part of my job to counsel inmates
and help them with their problems.

I think I have things
pretty well figured out.

I sort of backed into some information
about you.

I hope you don't mind.

But you have to understand
that there's a reason I became a doctor.

It's in my nature to want to help.

From what I understand,
it's in your nature, too.

You did a lot of good things
before you were in here.

A lot of community work,
a lot of charity work.

What happened?

The man you're talking about died
the moment I stepped inside these walls.

All right.

Shuttle now arriving
at Platform 1.

Shuttle to depart in 10 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen,
United States Secret Service.

Please remain calm.
Remain where you are.

Watch your step, son.

Hi. Come here.

It's okay.

They're leaving.

You're safe now, all right?

You received communication
from your attorney.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Please sign this document

certifying that I inspected
the communication for contraband,

without at any time
breaching attorney-client privilege,

reading the materials enclosed herein.

What are you grinning about?

Just the fact that I'm gonna be out
in the real world here in a little bit.

The fact that I'm gonna get me
one fine piece of tail

certainly don't hurt either.

Nothing like tail, eh, Scofield?

- Son of a bitch!
- This ends right now.

Oh, you just screwed
some major league pooch, pretty.

I'm gonna sing
like a whole tree-full of birds now.

- Badge!
- You wanna sing, then sing.

But you know what I think?

You don't have the guts.

You want out of here
just as much as the rest of us.

We got a problem here?


I thought we was

missing some tools here. My bad.

Get back to work.


you and I may be stuck together
in this little dance,

but I call the shots.

First shot, that kid out there,
you don't touch him, ever.

Do we understand each other?

We do.

Out of the way, Julio. Abruzzi!

You and me,
we gotta have a conversation.

How come he didn't fall through?

- What?
- I warned you.

I'll get it together.
You got to give me more time.

You've had your time, John.

You tripping on something, Alice?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Lamp it up in here again,
I'll be fitting to break some shop.

We got a problem.


Boss. Boss. What's happening?

- What they doing?
- Fixing the break room.

What are you talking about?

That's PI. I run it.

Not anymore you don't.