Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 12 - Odd Man Out - full transcript

C-Note overhears Michael and Lincoln discussing that there are too many fugitives for available time and they share the information with the group telling that one shall be left behind. ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

What you're doing in the infirmary,
what's it gotta do with here?

Four days from now,
on the night of the escape,

we'll have 18 minutes
to get the bars off the window

and for all seven of us
to get across the wire and over the wall.

- Is that doable?
- Of course.

Maricruz, what the hell is going on?

Yeah, well, Hector says
you can serve your full sentence.

What are you doing here?

She's not gonna be
coming around here any more.

- It's ajoke, right?
- She's with me now.

I just need to know
what Michael Scofield wanted from you

in exchange for the green card.

Why would you need a credit card?

If I'd known how this was gonna turn out,
I'd have gotten some crap job with the Feds.

Keep talking like that,
I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.

I need to get out while I still got my life.

Daddy! Daddy!

Things have changed. I want in.

- So?
- We've got too many people.

I've done the math. One of 'em has to go.

- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Oh, it's not a problem.


- Impressive r?sum?.
- Thank you.

Tell me why you chose to pursue
a career in engineering.

Well, um...

I've always been interested in structure.


How things fit together.

How an object that performs a function
can also be a work of art.

What about the future?
Where do you see yourself in five years?

One suit, black.

That baby boy all growed up yet?

Oh, he's gonna raise hell the next few years.

Take after his momma.

Yeah, you know. Same old same up here.

But, uh...

things are getting pretty tense.

Like they're fixing to, uh... collide.
You know what I mean, Jimmy?

There's a potential situation.

I found our access to the infirmary.

- I'm gonna need time to make it work.
- How much time?

Enough for me to find my way up a 20ft
vertical drainpipe without using a ladder.

I'll probably need to skip PI tomorrow
if I wanna get this thing done.

You can'tjust skip it. It ain't class.
What if one of the bulls decides to drop in?

I don't have a choice, do I?

Once we get through the pipe
below the guards' room it'll be easier.

I can come and go without using the door,
and with Westmoreland as lookout,

we'll have one more man for digging.

He's a problem. All seven of us
can't break over that wall in 18 minutes.

You said it yourself. It's impossible.

- Listen, man, one of us has gotta take a hike.
- I know.

Mind if I share that with the rest of the class?

Apparently, college boy here did the math.

Figured out that we got too many clowns
in the car. So one of us is in here digging,

- but his seat ain't guaranteed.
- How's this your problem?

- He doesn't know what he's talking about.
- I won't dig if I'm not gonna go.

- We need to decide who gets cut.
- I think we all can agree who that should be.

Pardon me for interrupting,

but, uh...

what's that smell?

It smells a little like conspiracy.

- We need to get back to work.
- I have an announcement to make.

I've been growing leery of the way
you all talk like I'm a lesser man,

so I bought an insurance policy.

I called up my guy on the outside
and I told him about our plan,

and I told him in all likelihood
I'll be seeing him next week.


if he don't hear from me five minutes
before the escape and 20 minutes after,

I told him to call up the warden,
blow the whistle on the whole thing.

So if y'all got ideas about getting rid of me,

I suggest you make other plans.

Son of a bitch has got
a countermove for everything.

Not for this.

Odd men out. Me and you.

- What do you mean?
- Look who you're walking with right now.

You should be up there,
calling the shots with the rest of the suits.

Yeah? So?


Scofield is only here for one reason.

His brother.

And he only needs two things. The old man's
money, and the mob boss's plane.

He don't need you. You just happened
to be in the same cell when he got here.

- You and the toilet.
- I've done a lot of work on this thing.

Exactly. Me too.

We're just the labourers on this thing, man.

The night that fish goes into that hole,
you think he wants all that extra baggage?

Cos that's all we are.

I don't know about you, but I'm going.

How much does he tell you, anyways?

Or does he keep it all to himself?

Yeah, he probably tells you
the less you know the better, right?

You don't know what you're talking about.
He tells me everything.

If he tells you everything,
then you don't need him.

Now, we can go by ourselves. Me and you.

Or, you know, you can wait, and see if
Scofield really wants to carry a heavy weight.

It's up to you, papi.

Yo. I'm still waiting.

What for?

I swiped you that watch, man.
Where's my PI?

- That's not gonna happen.
- You promised.

I said I'd think about it.
Maybe somewhere down the road.

Yeah, I ain't gonna hold my breath.

- What do you want me to do?
- Get somebody.

No, no, they see a bullet,
they're gonna call the cops.

We don't have a choice!
I'm not gonna let you die.

- Find it.
- What?

The bullet. Just find it and dig it out.

- I can't.
- Do it!

Where's Scofield?

There you are.

Just looked for you in your cell.
Couldn't find you anyplace.

Couldn't find your credit card either.
You know the one I'm talking about.

The one your whore wife
trunked in the other day.

She told me all about it.

Maybe "whore" is too strong.
What do you call a girl

who married a felon
to get into the United States?

Why'd she have to come here, anyway?
No strip clubs in Whazitstan?

- Officer Bellick...
- Captain.

Fine. Do you mind conducting
your inquisitions on your own time?

- I've a schedule to maintain.
- Excuse me, Doctor.

I was just asking Mr Scofield
about the contraband

he had his stripper wife
trunk in the other day.

But you go ahead.
Yourjob's more important.

He's had it out for me since the day I got here.

- Hold still, please.
- Sorry.

I only married her
so she could get her green card.

I saw you coming out of the conjugal room.

That's just business.

You don't have to explain it to me, Michael.

I know.

But I want to.

DB. Oh, is that who you is now?
I thought you was just a cowboy.

- Take a couple of steps back, boy.
- What I can't understand

is why somebody like you
wants to get out anyway.

How you gonna survive, huh?
The world's all different now. It's scary.

They got computer phones, boobies made
of silicone. You wouldn't know what to do.

- I don't have to justify myself to you.
- Oh, you're gonna have to.

Them old bones is gonna be dragging us
down. Maybe I'll just snap a few right now...

- Take your best shot.
- Hey, break it up down there!

Bow out, cowboy.
I'm not gonna warn you no more.

What's up?

Records from the phone in the yard.
James Bagwell lives down in Gary.

- T-Bag's insurance policy?
- Yeah.

My guy's gonna lock him up in a moving van
for a couple of days until we're in the clear.

- Moving van?
- Yeah.

Don't worry. He can breathe, and all.
We do it all the time.

What about T-Bag?

He's no longer a threat. Trust me.

You James Bagwell? Got a delivery for you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

- Ma'am?
- Yes?

- Can I speak with you, please?
- Of course.

You stay here, OK?
Is he gonna be OK?

We don't know yet. I was gonna call
the police, I wanted to speak with you first.

His wound is obviously
the product of a gunshot.

You need to be honest with me.
What was he doing when he got shot?

He was in the garage, underneath his car.

He's in surgery right now.

The blood loss has caused his muscle tissue
to suffer from a lack of oxygen.

He's sustained damage to his shoulder.

With a bullet there's
an increased risk of infection.

So he has to be admitted.
Is there anyone you should call? Family?

No. It's just me.

All right. Well, I'll let you know
as soon as he's in recovery.

Thank you.


- Are you there yet?
- Almost.

Remember. Be patient, follow his lead.
We want the trifecta today.

Yeah, I'm on it.

- It's me.
- Yeah, I got bad news.

Yeah? Like what?

The job you ordered went bad.
The guy was paranoid, he had a gun.

- One thing led to another.
- What? He's dead?

Yeah. And unfortunately...

there was a kid there.

What are you... What are you talking about?
You killed a kid?

It was unintentional.

It's a kid, man.

I know. I'm sorry.

SOB used him as a shield.

- Boy or a girl?
- I don't know. A boy.

How old?

Four, maybe five.

- Who's here to see me?
- Hell if I know. Some lady.



You look so beautiful.

I came here cos I have to tell you something.


I'm pregnant, Fernando.


With your baby.

I'm gonna have your son.

You... You're gonna... We...

We're gonna have a baby?

Oye, papi, you hear that?
I'm gonna be a dad!

- I'm not finished.
- What, mami? What?

OK. Hector, he asked me to marry him.

- What?
- Look, it's crazy, I know.

Tell him no. Tell him you're having my son.
We'll be a family.

Fernando, look.

My mom, she says that having a baby
is the hardestjob in the whole world.

And it's even harder if I do this by myself.

And all I know is, I'm really scared.
I'm really scared to do this alone.

- You won't have to.
- Well, I haven't told him no yet.

Wait, wait.
You're not actually considering this?

Oh, baby. I don't know. I don't know.

My God, baby,
you gotta stop listening to these people.

They're poisoning your brain.

Your hormone things are out of whack.
You're not thinking straight.

This is our child we're talking about.

I want you to listen to me.

I want you to wait. I'm gonna be out.
Sooner than you think.

You keep on telling me that.

All right. Visiting time is up. Let's go.

Tell me you're gonna wait.

Hands off, Sucre.

You're all I got left in the world, baby.

I love you.

But you'll learn to love again, right?

Tell me you're gonna tell him no, honey.

I don't know.

I don't know anything any more.

Sucre. Come on.

The kid's here.

Follow him back to the lawyers, call me back.

- Where you going?
- I'll be back in ten minutes.

- What do you have to do?
- It's complicated. I can't explain.

But if it works, you'll see soon enough.

I want to go with you. I want to see now.

Someone has to stay here. I need a lookout.

- I'm always on lookout.
- You're my cell mate.

Who else is gonna do it?

I'll be back in ten minutes. OK?


We're all lined up for tomorrow.
Where do you want him?

John. Tomorrow.
Where do you want T-Bag?

- In the shop or in the shed?
- Shh.

I don't care. You decide.

Thank God.

Are you OK?

Yeah. I'm OK.
She didn't do anything.

She didn't deserve it.

I know.

- Here you go, man.
- Yeah.

These were seriously hard to get.
What you need 'em for, anyway?

None of your business.

Thank you for waiting, Theodore.
I don't mean to deny your time in the yard.

What's this all about?

I, uh...

I'm afraid I have some terrible news.

Your cousin, James,
was shot and killed in his home yesterday.

His son, James Junior, was killed as well.

I'm very, very sorry.

What does it mean?

Am I chosen?

Or what?

Often, the Lord appears when
you're in particular need of forgiveness.

Maybe that's what's happening right now.

John, it's never too late.

If you agree to accept Christ into your heart,
and turn from your sin,

he will forgive you, and save you in eternity.

Do you agree?

Revelation, chapter three, verse 20.

"Jesus said,
'Behold, I stand at the door and knock."

"If any man hear my voice
and open the door, I will come in to him."

He got to the infirmary building last night,
through the old sewer pipe.

It's the same pipe
that runs under the guards' room.

That's all I know.

There's the little thumbsucker
that swiped my watch.

- Who? Tweener?
- Solid gold.

Took it off my arm.
It was a half hour before I noticed.

Whose was it in the first place?
I don't care if you stole it. You can tell me.

Michael Scofield.

What are you looking at?

I'll be right around the corner.

- Westmoreland.
- You scared me, boss.

Get back to work.

All right, let's go.

Move it, Scofield.

"For me, I would call upon God,
and the Lord shall save me..."

"...cry aloud, and he shall hear my voice..."

"...he shall hear my voice... hear my voice..."

"...he shall hear my voice..."

"...hear my voice..."

He shall hear my voice.

What are you doing?


Well, keep an eye on the tier for me,
will you?

When are we getting out of here, exactly?

- I need to know the time.
- As soon as possible.

That's not a time.
You tell Abruzzi the time?

- He needs to know.
- Why does he need to know and I don't?

Because he's arranging the plane.
Why the sudden curiosity?

Why would you want to be responsible
for potentially dangerous information?

The less you know, the better.
It's for your own good.

I have to go. I'll meet you in PI.

Stealing from a guard.
You could get thrown in the SHU for that.

Maybe even add a few years to your bit.

- I don't know what...
- No, don't deny it. I already know it's true.

Lucky for you, I got some pull around here.

I can make this sort of thing go away,
like it never even happened.

That's good.


I'm sure you've heard the word "rat".
I don't like it.

"Snitch", neither.

Those sort of words aren't appropriate
for what I need from you.

What I need is a little information.

Like when you're hanging out with Scofield...

Just come back and tell me what he said.

I got an extra burger.

But, man, I'm full.

So what do you say, kiddo?
Want a cheeseburger?

Or you want to go to the SHU?

That's my boy.

Hey, honey, what are you doing here?
I thought you left.

What's wrong?

I, um...

I been thinking.

- I think we need to make a change.
- What are you talking about?

When we got married,
we thought about moving out west.

Yeah, we were 22.

Well, maybe we should give it a shot.
It's not too late.

I don't understand. What brought this on?

It's just work.

I'm tired of being on the road
working for somebody else

while you sit at home all alone night
after night. I want our lives to be about us.

I do too. But there's so much to think about,
with the kids and the house.

We gotta go.

You're in trouble, aren't you?


Crowd has thinned out in here.

- How you doing, Sucre?
- Almost there. Switch me out.

You're up. Then Westmoreland.

We gotta get through,
Michael's gonna be coming back this way.

Katie, go ahead and bring that up.

- Hello?
- Veronica Donovan?

Who is this?

I... It doesn't matter who I am.
Don't hang up.

I have information
that you may be interested in.

Information that will lead
to the exoneration of Lincoln Burrows.

- What? What is it?
- I can't tell you that now.

Meet me tomorrow
at the Highland Caf? on Kennedy Avenue.

This isn't a trap.
I will tell you everything you need to know.

Highland Caf?, eight pm.

All right. That's enough.

- Leave us alone.
- You sure?

Get out of here.

You don't have to do this.

You don't have to do this.

You don't have to do this.

You brought it on yourself.

I'm just an emissary
for all the pain and suffering you caused.

All the families you ruined. All the kids.

What about Jimmy?

He had nothing to do with this.
You didn't need to kill him.

And what about his beautiful son?

His whole life in front of him.
Why did you need to kill a beautiful child?

After all I've done, maybe I do deserve to die.
But you are no better than me.

But I can be. If I want.

God has given me the chance to choose.


And maybe I should
give you a chance as well.

You should. Anything. Anything. Please.



Back out.

Of the escape?

Or die.

I wouldn't...
I wouldn't make it out there anyway.

Not with my proclivities.

I want you to give me your word.

You hear me?
I want you to give me your word!

You got it. You got it, John. You got it.
Come on, you got it.


I'm out, I swear.

I swear to God.

I swear...

I swear...

All right. All right!

I have forgiven you. I have forgiven you.

You just have to pray
that the Lord Jesus Christ will do the same.

Hey, John.
You know, actually, about Jesus...

Say hi to him for me, will you?

- I'm through.
- Keep it up.

Come on. Stomp it.


Oh... Hurry, hurry, hurry up.

Come on, come on, come on. Hurry, hurry.

You gotta stall 'em.
We're not ready.

- Hey, boss.
- What you doing out here?

- Taking a break.
- I gotta check the status in there.

- It's all good.
- Then you won't mind me checking it out.

Hey. Hey!

What the hell's your problem?

Hey, hey!
Step off or you're going to the SHU.

Burrows! Get off him!

Get off him.

Get off! Get up.


Well, we leave tonight.

Where's my brother?

Michael, we got a big problem.