Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - We're in This Together - full transcript

Mak brings Angela back onto the prosecution team where she comes face-to-face with Tasha; Julio struggles to manage the primeras below him and Tommy's behavior; Tariq continues running with Kanan.

Previously on Power...

I got scooped up by the Feds,
and they brought Julio in too,

but they kept him a lot longer than me.

I just want to extend
a big congratulations

to Donovan for finding the
murder weapon at Truth.

The asshole left it underneath
the bar in his office.

- What?
- I have a recording from a CI

Greg was running off the
books. He got Egan confessing

to killing Lobos with Ghost.

I'll get you the money. I promise you.

I got proof that you're Ghost.

What's your fuckin' price?

20,000 to this address.

And I want Egan to make the drop.

Tommy, trust me.

Trust you? You're Ghost's lawyer.

Yeah, I'm yours too.

I don't have a choice, right?

Confess to killing Greg.

I'll get your sentenced
reduced as much as I can.

Cop killer.

- Good news?
- .


'Cause we could sure use some.

It's work stuff.

All right.

- Tariq dressed?
- Ha.

I don't know what that boy is doing,

but I haven't heard a thing.

I'ma try to get some breakfast ready.

Yeah, go on, T.

I'll see if Tariq's up.

Yo, Tariq!

You all right, St. Patrick? Yeah.

You know, we lost an inmate
last year just like this,

weights slipped on his neck
and crushed his windpipe.

He was a cop killer, just like you.

Piece of shit.

What you lookin' over there for, man?

The cameras don't work, son.

They ain't worked in over a year.

Too bad, though, if they did.

Maybe they'd find out
how the weights slipped

on the last nigga here.

Ain't nobody give a fuck
about you while you up in here.

Get your windpipe crushed,

just one less bullshitass nigga.

Pull your skirt up, bitch.

What the fuck, Angela?

Are you actually trying
to get this case thrown out

before trial?

I told Angela not to
pursue the traffic stop.

- I told her to let it go.
- And this is the one time

you listen to the guy in charge?

- Really?
- Saxe is right.

It's not like you not to
go the extra mile, Angela.

Look, let's not lose
our cool here, all right?

When St. Patrick told you
about the traffic stop,

did he say anything else
you're leaving out?

Nothing else relevant.

He said he thought Greg

was going to pin the
whole Lobos leak on me.

I thought he was lying.

I'd been spending time with Greg...

Ha, spending time.

Was that the, euphemism
we're using today?

Stop being a fucking asshole, Saxe.

We all want St. Patrick to go to jail

for killing Greg.

Maybe I want it more than any
of you for exactly that reason.

Fuck jail.

I want him to get the needle.

Me too.

Me too.

Then I guess we're in this together.


Without the DNA evidence,
we need to shore up our case.

Come on, let's go.

Angela, hold on a moment.

Valdes, what would you have done

if St. Patrick accepted
the deal you offered him

and then I refused to honor it?

You know, Saxe was right.

I'm not surprised
you went behind my back.

Your lack of respect for
authority precedes you,

as is your inability
to follow the rules.

But in this case, it can help us.

We ran ballistics on Tasha's gun.

They came back completely clean.

So now we need a new
angle on an old target.

I'd rather not go back there again.

Well, I'd rather you'd
never offered the deal

in the first place.

No. Not yesterday,

not today, okay?

I repeat, I've never heard

of a Bailey Markham.

Okay, but you have
heard of Andre Coleman

and Julio Antonio Moreno?


Julio used to work for me.

Dre works for me now. Why?

They were brought in for questioning

by the Feds.

Any idea what they might have said?

The truth,

that I'm an upstanding,
respectable businessman.


Even so, your association with felons

years after you left the hood...

it will confuse the jury
as to your intentions.

Well, then unconfuse them.

Look, man, I pull these
kids out of the hood,

I give 'em life skills
for the real world.

So you're Mother Teresa. In Armani.

No, no, he's a
oneman homeboy industry.

That's a good play.

Speaking of play, Joe,

what about the gun found at Truth?

Can't we get that thrown out?

- That's our intention.
- Okay.

Yes, but if we file that motion

and the prosecution
connects you to that gun

in any way, we're done.

- You're getting the needle.
- It's not my gun.

And if you believe it's my gun,

then why the fuck are you on my team?

James, he has a point.

Don't make it personal.

This is about my life.
It doesn't get any more

motherfuckin' personal than that!

There he is. See that?

That flash of anger,
that loss of control.

You do that in court
one time... One time...

And it plays right into the
prosecution's narrative.

You will be seen as just
another angry black man

who killed a cop in cold blood.

So I'm gonna ask you one last time.

Is there anything we need
to know about this gun?


Then we'll file that motion.


I'll get started.

All right.

Look into a Marshal Clyde Williams.

There may have been an
incident with an inmate

in the weight room
about a year ago, okay?

- Williams?
- Yeah, Williams.

Got it.

And did you talk to Tommy

about making the money
drop for Teresi yet?

I will - Tell him to also see

if he can confirm Teresi's involvement

in the murder of Roberto Solletti.

I got it.

And what about this Silver guy, man?

You sure you bettin' on the right man?


Look, we're all in this together.

You can trust me.

I do.

I absolutely trust you.


Callahan, Poncho, Spanky

all rolled through with their money.

I went to go pay my respects
at Domingo's house.

The fuck is up, man?

Tommy didn't need to do him like that.

Runnin' over my
boy, breaking his legs.

Yo, man, I'll...

I'll talk to Tommy.

I'll handle it.

Don't seem like
y'all on the same page.

And now I got a soldier
who can't fuckin' walk.

Let me ask you this,

if Tommy don't trust
you to do your fucking job,

why should I?


I'm sorry about what
happened to your boy, Domingo,

but he should have kept
his fuckin' mouth shut.

Needed to show a little bit of respect.

And so do you.

I'm the Distro now.

See, that's your problem, Pariguayo.

You think 'cause Tommy
gave you a new title

you're the big man.

Tony who?


Tony Teresi.

I mean, the name sounds familiar.

Capo in the Mosconi crime family.

- Ha.
- Head of their hit crew?

Mosconi... didn't
all those guys snitch

and get tickets to Arizona?

Not this one.

Teresi kept his mouth shut.

He's doing a federal bid.
He's been in for 25 years.

He's in the MCC with James right now.

Well, this can't be good.

Teresi walked up on James

and called him Ghost.

And I got no idea how he knows.

Well, it don't matter how he knows.


He's threatening to go to the Feds

and rat James out if he doesn't
get 20 grand a week from now on.

This grease ball motherfucker.

He asked for you
specifically to do the drop.

- Me?
- He said, "Tommy Egan."


How he knows me too?

I mean, you tell me to lay low,

and now you want me to be an errand boy

to bribe some mobster?

How do we know that he
ain't working for the Feds?

That this ain't some
setup for me to get caught

- with my dick in a ringer?
- We don't.

I could be sending
you right into a trap,

but I got no choice.

We're all fucked together on this one.

When you go,

James had something he
wanted you to find out,

if you can.

Confirmation about Teresi

being involved in a
hit on Roberto Solletti?

Tell Ghost I got this.

What the fuck is this about, Tommy?

Don't worry about it.

"Don't worry about it," he tells me.

Ma'am, can I help you?

You lost the DNA so you need me, right?

I'm not gonna say
nothin' to help you.

You may have the degrees and a badge,

but I'm not as stupid as you think.

I don't think you're stupid, Tasha.

Stupid's not Jamie's type.

Gullible, maybe.

I certainly believed him

when he said he was going legit.

You were right to believe him.

Did you believe him when he told you

that he stopped seeing me?

He told you about that?

I figured it out.

Right after that woman
tried to kill him at Truth,

he came over and he told me

he needed more time
for us to be together.

Later, I realized
what he needed was you.

All that time we spent meeting up,

sleeping together and...

he was coming home to you.

Are you trying to get me
to slap the fuck out of you?

No, I'm saying he lied to us both,

used us both,

because we let him, because he could.

Did Jamie tell you
we offered him a deal?

Yeah, he told me.

So he told you that we came to him

and I showed him that
we could charge you

as an accomplice,

that we could eventually
put you in jail?

I told him he could save you from that

if he took the deal.

Well, he didn't do it, so...

why would he take a deal?

Are you sure?

Whose word do you have for that?


What if he did it, Tasha?

What if he killed Greg

and he's willing to risk your life

to make sure he walks away?

What if he doesn't care

if you go to jail as
long as he goes free?

You know what?

Yes, he's a liar. I know that.

But so are you.

I know in your mind

I'm your enemy, Tasha.

But what if he's the enemy?

What if for every sleepless night crying

I know we've both had,

for every night wondering
where the fuck he was,

what if this is the answer?

That he goes down

and you and I are the ones who survive?

- My man.
- What's up?

All right, thank you.

This your share of the lick.


You earned it. You a
motherfuckin' G, man.

You gotta get paid what you're worth.

Just don't let your
mom find that shit.

She bad, right?

I wasn't looking
at her, you know...

"Well, well, I wasn't lookin"...

"I wasn't looking at the pussy.

What do you mean?"

- "I wasn't lookin' at it."
- "What do you mean?"

Great job, man.

Let's talk about this business, man.

Set up this next lick.

Tell Ray some more
about your rich friends.

Yo, J, so this makes us all good?

Damn near.

Just need Dre's shit.

What you mean, "We need Dre's shit"?

You tellin' me he didn't show?

Yo, relax, T.

I'll handle fuckin' Dre.

More importantly, T, what the
fuck's up with you running

motherfuckers over now, man?

- The Dominican Shrek?
- Yeah.

Fucker's lucky I took it easy on him.

Now if you would've done your job

and checked his disrespect,
he'd still have two good legs.

Fuck him anyway.

Handicapped people get
all the best parking spots.

Yeah, Tommy, but by doing that, man,

you don't realize now you're
chopping off my fuckin' balls.

Think about it, now I
gotta go and talk Cristobal

back into the fold again.

I mean, there's
only so many extra keys

I can throw the fuckin' Tainos, man.

You see all this you're
talking about right now?

It's not my problem.

And the fact that you're
trying to make it my problem

means that you
are becoming my problem.

You understand?

I got something I gotta do.

I'ma be gone a while.

But I gotta ask you something.

Why was you in with the
Feds longer than Dre?

Yo, how long I was in with
the Feds don't mean shit.

I could have snitched the first
five minutes if I was gonna.

Is Dre telling you this bullshit?

I never said nothin' about snitching.

Just do your job.

And if you wanna be Distro tomorrow,

you get me my club cut by midnight.

Shut it.

I mean, I guess I better get used

to this bitch just hittin' me
up whenever she feels like it.

She lucky you ain't me, T,

'cause I would have broke
her ass in half by now.

I know that's right.

What man you got spending
the night over here?

Girl, please.

Ain't no man up in here.

It's just Tommy.

You sure that's a good idea?

Tommy sleeping over?


Why? 'Cause Ghost is in jail.

You think he would like his best friend

shacking up with his wife?

Ghost asked for Tommy to be here.

Honestly, I don't even know

if I care about what
the fuck Ghost likes.

You know, they offered him a deal.

To protect me and the kids.

He turned it down.

What? Fuckin' serious?

That's why Angela wanted
to meet me, to tell me.

I mean, the bitch could've
been lyin', but...

if she's not,

then that means he made that decision

without even talking to me.

I mean, Ghost and I are
supposed to be in this together,

on the same side.

If I were you,

I'd be thinking about
being on my own damn side.

Yo, man, a primera dropoff?

That shit ain't optional, homey.

Where the fuck were you?

I was just taking care
of some club shit, man.

- Yeah?
- Just chill.

I'll be at the next one.


Yeah, you will.

Yo, what's this shit
you tellin' Tommy

I was in with the Feds longer than you?

The fuck's up with that?

I didn't say nothing about that.

- No?
- No.

I just told him that we both
got picked up, that's all.

And how the hell would I know
if you were in there longer?

Look, bro, on some G shit,

you and I ain't got no more beef.

All right, I'm just movin'
weight like I'm supposed to.

- We cool.
- Do your thing, man.

I heard you were...

offered a gift

the other day.

One you didn't accept.

Yeah, I couldn't accept it.

That gift would have
helped me and the kids.

We should have talked

before you said no.

Your little friend just came to visit

and she offered me a gift too,

one I don't think you
would like me to take.

I didn't accept it either.

Of course not.

Look, your friend

seems to think that she and I

should be on the same side.

You know, since we've
both been through so much...


Tasha, what you getting at?

- You agree with her?
- No.

You and I are in this together,

but you need to start
acting like you know that.

You don't make another
decision without bringing me in.


I struck out.

Even if we could break privilege,

I don't think she'll
ever flip on James.

She's loyal to him,

after everything.

What's up, Coop?

Love letter from Proctor.


Proctor just filed a
motion to suppress the gun.

Our chain of custody
is solid, right, Mike?



What you doing here, man?

Hey, man.

You missed the payment drop today.

- Yeah.
- Something wrong with you

and Tommy?

No, I had to do something
for Ghost, but...

now that you mention it,

Tommy has been acting
kind of crazy lately.

Yo, bring my boy a bottle of
Effen and two shot glasses,

all right?

- Here.
- Here you go.

So talk to me, man.

Yeah, he messed up Domingo bad.

My bros are ready to revolt.

And Julio...

He had no fuckin' idea.

Yeah, man, Julio,

don't get me started
on that motherfucker.

Julio ain't ready for prime time...

Here you go.

You let me know if
you need anything else.

How do you work here without
fuckin' all these girls?

Man, it's bad for business.

Hey, we open in a half hour.

So what were you sayin'
about Julio fuckin' up?

Yo, what are you doing?

Snooping in my fuckin' room.

What are you doing?

Where'd you get all that money from?

I'm not telling you shit.

Better not open your mouth to Ma either.

Fuckin' snitch. Get outta my room.

You're such an idiot.

So, you were alone when
you found the body, right?

- No witnesses?
- That's right.

I was alone.

And after being alone at
the crime scene for, what,

an hour?

40 minutes,

until the crime scene techs arrived.

After being alone for 40 minutes

you then oversaw the tech team

as they collected Mr. St.
Patrick's fingerprints

and DNA?

I did,

as Special Agent in Charge.

You also personally

discovered the murder
weapon at Truth nightclub?

I collected it,

and there were three other
agents in that office with me.

Well, three other
agents who report to you.

So, you were not only present

but participated in the collection

of every major piece of
evidence against the defendant.

Who signed the affidavit in
support of the arrest warrant?

I did.

Well, you don't
like my client very much.

Not particularly, no.

But that does not mean that
I didn't follow procedure...

Thank you.

Let me ask you this:

What makes more sense,

that an upstanding citizen
with no personal connection

to the drug world was able to

break into a dirty FBI Agent's home,

catch him by surprise,

murder him, and then escape,

only to leave the murder weapon

poorly hidden at his own workplace?

Or that he was framed?

Calls for speculation.


I think Greg Knox

figured out who the FBI mole was.

- And it was you.
- What?

- Your Honor.
- It was you

who killed Greg to protect yourself,

and then you planted James
St. Patrick's fingerprints

and DNA at the crime scene right
before the tech team got there.

That's ridiculous.

You planted the gun at Truth

right after having the security
cameras turned off, which...

was genius, by the way.

You steered this
prosecution at every stage.

Isn't that right?

- Objection.
- This is some bullshit.

- Don't answer that.
- Donovan.

I risk my life every goddamn
day for my job.

Motherfuckers like you
are the real reason...

Agent Donovan!

We can't ever put the
real criminals in jail!

Someone needs to shut
your motherfuckin' mouth.

That's quite a temper you have, Agent.

What, you're gonna frame me now, too?

No further questions, Your Honor.

You see?

Angry black man.

Now, Agent
Donovan and Mr. Proctor,

I will remind you both

that this is a court of law.

Any cross, Mr. Mak?

No, Your Honor.

All right, well, then Agent Donovan,

you are excused.

I'll, render a decision shortly.

That was just a preview.

We can't call him in trial

to establish foundation for the gun.

We're screwed.

We need a new way to go.

Got a package for Tony Teresi.

Am I in the right place or what?

Yeah, you're in the right place.

Come on.

That the only person I'm
gonna get an accurate answer

from is you...

So this is what retired
gangsters do all day.

They watch Judge Judy.

I like the way she
tells people to fuck off.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

Come on, man. What you doing?

It's all there.

I don't know you, kid.

All I know is my friend's
information must be good.

You showing up tells me that.

All I know is that my
boy inside gots kids.

We just want to make sure
nothing fucks up his case.

I guess you didn't go
the extra mile for Teresi.

So why didn't the
Feds ever pick you up?

Or you never did any real work.

You just hung out with made guys.

I was as fuckin' real as they come.

You might want to watch
your fuckin' mouth.

You was?

Teach me, my G. Tell me.

What did you do?

Teach me.

Just tell me the biggest
job you ever done.

You were the guy that
ran over the Gotti kid.

Nah? You went down to Philly

and took out Salvie Testa for Scarfo?

Castellano outside Sparks?

Am I getting closer
here or just talking?

Um, David Caccia? Roberto Solletti?


Who is this?

Who are you?

I'm a friend of your husband's.

My husband ain't got any friends.

He was just leaving, Connie.

Go back to bed.

It's all here. You can go.

Nice doing business with ya.

I have no interest in helping you

or your client.

Yeah, well, why isn't the prosecution

calling you as a timeline witness?

I figured you'd be the cornerstone

of their prima facie case.

You know how this works.

I have subpoena power.

You can answer now or
be dragged into court

and answer on the stand.

Look, the prosecution
thinks Greg is dirty,

that he was working for Felipe Lobos.

I don't buy it, and I'm
not gonna toe the party line

so they're not gonna call me.

I know someone else
who doesn't buy it.

My client, James St. Patrick.

He doesn't think Greg
Knox was the FBI mole.

Maybe we could push
this agenda together.

I... may have a relevant
piece of evidence,

something that could
be used as leverage

if St. Patrick turned
government's witness

against Egan.

The only problem is, if you use it,

you're gonna have to choose
between your two clients.

Is it a recording?

I'll... meet with you.

Not in public.

I don't want to be seen
with St. Patrick's lawyer,

no offense.

None taken.

How about my office?

How about your place?

Hey, Tony.

Egan show up?

Egan just made the drop for St. Patrick.

Connie can call the doctor.
The money's all there.


It's him.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

What the hell is going on?

Good news.

You can call the doctor
and get that new treatment.

Who's "him"? Who's "him"?

You talking about the
kid who was here earlier?

How does Tony know that kid?

Look, Connie, the less
you know, the better.

- No, no!
- Drop it.

- Drop it, okay?
- Fuck you, fuck you.

I'm sick, I'm a woman,

but this is my house,

and I have a fuckin' right

to know what goes on

under my roof!

In 40 years of marriage,

Tony never once... Not once...

Kept a secret from me.

He never once lied to me,

and that shit is not gonna start now.

Tony's just trying to
keep you alive and happy.

So why don't you just

let him?

Hey, I'll stop by tomorrow,

check on ya.

All right?


'Sup, beautiful?

I'm actually glad you're here.


'Cause we need to talk.

Or we could go into
the back and talk later?

Last night when you left...

I told you.

It was about being there
for Tasha and the kids.

I got a kid.

What about you being there for us?

Why you trippin'?


I gotta go, baby.

Are you sure your dad's not
gonna be here till tomorrow?

No, he's fuckin' his
girlfriend in Vegas tonight.

Yo, I hacked his tablet

and she sent him some nude pics.

- Word?
- You wanna see her tits?

- Shit.
- No, fuck outta here.

You gotta Snapchat that shit, though.

Little man got the digits.

Are you sure he got this, man?

'Cause I ain't going back inside

'cause some greenass
nigga fucked up on his end.

Told you it's all good with him, man.

Let's go. Let's roll, nigga.

Hey! Hey!

How long are you two
gonna be parked there?

That's permit parking only.

We have our permits, Officer.

We'll be done soon.

Yeah, you better be.

Movement, ten o'clock!


Yo, you see that dude's head explode?

You gotta hit him, like,
right under the chin

and the head flies,
like, 50 feet in the air.

Shit's fire.

Yo, you heard that?

Hear what?

That noise.

What noise?

It was probably just
the lean hittin' ya.

Just the game.

Yo, maybe I should
call the alarm company.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Have them do a patrol.

Whoa, whoa.

We're skipping school
and we're getting high.

You sure you wanna fuckin'
call the alarm company?


You know what, I'ma go check.

Here, take my turn.

- Make some more lean anyway.
- Yo, I want more of that shit.

Yo, y'all need to keep it
down. Chad can hear y'all.

This nigga knockin' over
shit lookin' for a bottle.

Nigga, I was lookin' for dope.

Shh, he can year you.

Rich motherfuckers always
got some medicinal shit

stashed somewhere.

Yo, 'Riq, everything cool?

Yeah, bro!

Your cat just knocked over something.

All right, yo, I'll keep him drinking,

but y'all need to hurry the fuck up.

All right.

Get the door, man.

You went out to Teresi's?

Everything I saw, everything I heard.

You can get that to Ghost?

Yeah, I'm his lawyer.

I can sneak it in.

And before you say it,

I'm being your lawyer too.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

In fact, I got a meeting
with a Homeland Security Agent

tomorrow night who says he
has evidence against you.

- Against me?
- Yeah.

What kind of evidence is that?

I... that's what I'm gonna find out.

Good. Good.

I want to be there too.

- I want to hear what he's got.
- No, no way in hell.

I wasn't asking you, Proctor.

These fuckin' guards, man.

Tell me about it.

I made some
headway with your guard.

I'm gonna get him transferred.

Nice work, yo.


But it ain't all good news, James.

I think the Ruiz recording
may have surfaced.

And it's not good.

The prosecution has it?

A Homeland Security Agent.


Look, if Mak had it,
he'd be introducing it

in court right after
announcing a RICO action

against you and Tommy.
He's not doing that.

You do the math for me.
What does all that mean?

I don't know.

I'm meeting with the Homeland guy.

I'll know more tomorrow, but...

if this recording does
directly incriminate you,

there may only be one
way out of this mess.

It's not happening, come on.

You know that, yo. I'm
not flippin' on Tommy, man.

Did he go see Teresi's guy?

- Yeah.
- Okay, and?

He said he couldn't be 100% sure,

but the guy jumped when he
brought up Solletti's name.

- Bingo.
- So did Teresi's wife.

I thought so.

And the sick fuck wrote everything down,

asked me to give it to you.

Destroy that after you read it.


And whatever you plan on doing, James,

be careful.

- Got it.
- All right.

- I'll see you.
- All right.

Thank you.

Wait a minute.

You know what, um...

you guys stay right here.
I'll be right back.

What are you doing about
the security at this school?

I'm glad you're here.

Actually, Mrs. St. Patrick...

The paparazzi took pictures of Raina

and put it in the "Post."

Now both of my kids are being
bullied by their classmates.

First of all, the paparazzi

haven't been a problem for
any of our other students.

Of course, none of them
has a parent on trial

for murdering a federal agent.

He's going to be exonerated.

And in the meantime,

I think we pay enough money to ensure

our kids are kept safe here.

Actually, your tuition
check for this quarter

was returned by the bank.

Insufficient funds.

Well, that's... That's impossible.

Our accounts are fine.

Resubmit it.

I spoke to the branch manager.

They won't honor any checks
from you or your husband.

So you have till the end of the week

to cover the payment,

or both of your children
will face suspension.

Was there anything else?



The establishment is
closed until further notice.


The hell are you talking
about? You can't shut me down.

I don't even know
what the hell this is.

Not my problem.

I'm gonna need you to
stay out of the premises.

You know what, I'm gonna need you

to kiss my black ass, all right?

How the fuck y'all think
you just can come here...

Lock it up.

And just shut my shit down like that?

Tasha, answer the phone.

Sorry, everyone.

The club's closed.

Please exit.

Yo, Julio.

Hit me back. Shit just got real.

Truth got shut down, man.

- Tasha!
- Yo, Keisha, listen...

- They just shut down the shop!
- What the fuck?

What the fuck is going on?

- They just came and shut the shop down.
- All right, all right,

let me change. I'll be right there.


Tell Mom I went to Calvin's.


You nervous.

You'll be all right.

Yo, man, I got your cut.

But shit's going down with Ghost.

Truth closed.

I don't know how
I'ma pay you next month.

That sounds like a you problem to me.

I don't give a fuck how you do it.

Just get it done.

Hey, what's good, brother?

What's Tariq doing here, man?

He here to have a good time.

I think it's time for
you to be getting home

to that beautiful daughter you got.

Look, man, I don't know
what you're doing here,

but you need to come home with me.

Think I'ma stay.

What up, Brains?

You made it, little man.

Here, hit this.


It's your first time?


Yeah, I believe that ain't

your first time for a lot of shit.

Speaking of which...

I got something for you.

A reward for you standin'
up in that last lick.

Hi. Wanna talk?

Get the fuck in there, T.

You ain't gotta pay her or nothing.

Don't ever pay bitches for
shit they'll do for free.

Go on. Split that motherfucker in half.

Or do... do what you can do, at least.

That boy will never be the same.

Where you from?


- Uptown?
- Nah.

Downtown. Tribeca.

Shit, what you doin'
hangin' with these niggas?

I don't know, they real.

Unlike my family at home.

Where you from?

I'm from here. Few blocks down.

Your parents know you're here?

Hell no.



They don't give a fuck where I'm at.

Did Slim tell you to do this?

Slim? No.

I wanted to.

It's okay.

That's what
doing Lobos was about.

Tommy, it's been a long night.

What do you say you leave it alone?

Me and Ghost
killed him to start over.

Play it again.

It doesn't matter how
many times I play it.

It's not gonna change.

Egan implicates he and
Ghost in Lobos's murder.

But he never mentions
your client by name

and he never mentions
that Knox helped them,

because he didn't.

What I care about is
clearing Greg's record.

If St. Patrick wants
to use this recording

and flip on Egan and get immunity,

then he's gonna have to testify

that Greg wasn't killed
because he was working for Lobos

but that he was killed because
he was close to taking down.

Egan and St. Patrick.

Like I said, James doesn't
think Knox was working with Lobos.

He thinks the real mole killed Knox

and framed him.

If we point the finger at that person,

it exonerates Knox and St. Patrick.

Any chance you know who that person is?


But you got to hear this first.

If you play this in court,

Egan doesn't just go down for Lobos.

What's wrong?

The old bitch, she's overheating.

Gotta pull over and check it out.

Older cars, you know how it is.

Hey, Ruiz!

Get me my flashlight in the glove box?

I used to work on my dad's car.

If it's overheating,
you're gonna have to...

Tommy, what are you doing?

- You're gonna regret this.
- No, I won't.

'Cause it ain't me doing this to you.

It's Ghost.

You see why I say you gotta choose.

St. Patrick or Egan.

It only helps St. Patrick if he flips

and builds a case against Egan.

Who specifically on the prosecution team

has heard this?

Well, I told Saxe about it,

but he hasn't heard it.
You and I are the only ones

who've heard it.

Tommy, no!


What the fuck?

What the fuck, Tommy?

I told you to stay the fuck in there!

Jesus Christ!

He's a federal fucking agent!

Yeah, well, now we in this together.

We both implicated.


gettin' Ghost to flip on me

ain't really an
option for you no more.

Is it?

So, let me ask you something.

Ghost set that up?

Ruiz recording me talking?

That was his little plan?

James knew about the recording.

That's why he broke
into Knox's apartment

to find it.

To save you.

- Fuck.
- Yeah.



Just go. Go, get out.

No, no. I'll take care of the laptop.

No, I think I'll scorch
this motherfucker myself.

Tommy, I have to figure out what Markham

was gonna do with the recording.
Just destroying his laptop

won't confirm that
there was only one copy.

All right.

You better do it.

What about him?

I'll take care of him too.


Not by myself.

I know a guy.

Hey, Proctor.

You all right.

I'm glad I didn't
have to kill you too.

Find a new lawyer in New York City?

Fuck that.


Got the payment.

You're good for a week.

I'm gonna need you to
keep 'em comin', though.

I need something else too.

That friend of yours, Tommy Egan,

I want to meet him.

I don't think so.

Not gonna happen.

Not gonna be paying you
any more money, either.

Are you forgettin' I know who you are?

I know you know who I am.

It's just that I now
know who you are too.

And I know that you and
your boy on the outside

killed Roberto Solletti.

So if you rat me out as Ghost,

then I'll spill what I know about you.

See how that works?

Now you know I'm in here

for multiple life sentences, right?

So even if you could
prove this, that I did it,

the Solletti kill would
just up my juice in here.

Yeah, but what about the new trial?

How does that affect your sick wife?

Connie? Is that her name?

All the stress, you know, the press...

Your keep her name out
of your fuckin' mouth!

You hear me?

I'm sure the Solletti
family, of course,

would love to know who
really killed their father.

And with all due respect, old man,

then what happens to your wife?

Especially when they
find out where she lives,

and you and I both know
that's gonna happen.


Goes both ways, old man.

No more money.

No more threats.

No families get hurt on the outside,

and you don't meet Tommy Egan

or a single person that I know.

Just nod your head so
I know you heard me.


You want to tell me what's going on?

- Is this about that recording?
- I don't know.

They must have found something

that... that screws us
in the financial docs.

- What's that mean?
- They seized your assets.

- What?
- Froze your accounts

so they can scrutinize the data.

What's my family supposed
to do about money, man?

Think bigger, James.

What could they have
found in those records?

I don't know.

Look, I have rarely seen
the Feds seize assets

for a murder.

RICO cases, sure, but this one?

- What do you think they're after?
- All rise.

What the hell are you
two not telling me?

Your Honor, may I approach?

Please do.


well, we're gonna
recess to chambers now

and the defendant will
return to his holding cell.

Mr. Proctor
should be disqualified.

He can't adequately represent
Mr. St. Patrick's interest.

Well, your concern
for James's interest

is touching,

especially since you're
trying to kill him.

What's the basis of your claim?

Mr. Proctor represented Thomas Egan

in a drug conspiracy case we brought.

There's an inherent
conflict of interest

between Egan and St. Patrick.

They are grasping at straws, Your Honor.

There's no proof of any conflict.

Then why have you been
seen speaking to Tom Egan?

Who's your client, Proctor?

Egan and St. Patrick's
interests are aligned.

Really? So when we offered.

St. Patrick a deal to flip on Egan,

that didn't generate a
clear conflict of interest?

Mr. Proctor?

They've known about
this since day one.

Your Honor, they're
only bringing it up now

because I'm beating them.

Your duties of loyalty
and confidentiality

to both of your clients
are clearly compromised.

I am granting the
request and ordering you

to withdraw from the case immediately.

Judge, are you kidding?

Your Honor, I believe
fundamental fairness

demands a mistrial be declared.

Losing lead counsel
this close to the trial,

it makes it impossible
for Mr. St. Patrick

to present the best defense.

That's a nice try, Mr. Silver,

but I think you can come
up with a decent defense

without us starting over.

And besides, no jury has been impaneled.

No mistrial.

And I'll, um, distribute

the decision this afternoon,

but the gun is out.

Mr. Proctor,

you're very convincing. Nice job.

Yeah, thanks.

We're through here, no?

Those 18 holes at Shinnecock
aren't gonna play themselves.

They told me I had a visitor.

Why are you here?

Why are we not in the attorney's room?

That's what I need
to talk to you about.

I'm not your attorney anymore.

You jokin', right?

The prosecution made an argument

that I had a conflict of interest,

that by you not accepting
the deal they offered,

I wasn't representing you.


you alone.

Yeah, but I would have
never taken that deal, man.

And I would have never turned on...

The judge doesn't know that.

So what do we do now?

We don't do nothing.

Silver's your guy now.

Now, I know you don't like him,

but he's your only way out.

How the hell do you know where I live?

Thanks for getting me
thrown off the case.

That wasn't me.

- Yeah.
- You're drunk, go home.

Scumbag Mak's gonna file a charge

with the New York State Bar.

I'm gonna get suspended or disbarred.

Everything that is happening to you

is happening to you because your client

murdered Greg Knox.

If you can't understand that...

But he's innocent.

He's innocent.

And you wanna know what
the worst part about it is?

Everything he's done, he did for you.

Yeah. And I told him.

I said, "You have a choice."

"You have to choose:

Her or your own life."

And that stupid motherfucker chose you.

You're full of shit.

It's not his gun, Angela.

And if it's not his gun,

what does that say about
the rest of your case?

Get the fuck outta here.

Not his gun.

Holy shit.

He didn't hide the gun.