Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Don't Thank Me - full transcript

Silver warns Ghost that Tasha may have to testify; Angela tries to find a way to stop the prosecution after she learns of Ghost's innocence; Teresi has new plans for Ghost.

Previously on Power...

DOJ approved the death penalty.

Yeah, cameras don't work, son.

You know, we lost an inmate
last year just like this.

So if you rat me out as Ghost,
then I'll spill

what I know about you.

Your tuition check
for this quarter

was returned by the bank.

Insufficient funds.

This establishment is closed
until further notice.

The hell are you talking about?

You can't shut me down.

Yo, Julio, hit me back.
Truth got shut down, man.

- Trust me.
- Trust you?

You're Ghost's lawyer.

Yeah, I'm yours too.

Your duties of loyalty
and confidentiality

to both of your clients
are clearly compromised.

I'm not your attorney anymore.

Everything he's done,
he did for you.

It's not his gun, Angela.

And if it's not his gun,

what does that say
about the rest of your case?

He didn't hide the gun.

Holy shit.


I said I'd try to keep up.

I tried.

You been sprinting like
you stole something...

since we left your place.

You wanna tell me
what's going on?

What are you talking about?

I just want to run.

Yes, but what are
you running from?

I think Jamie's innocent.

Oh, my God.

I know, I got no information,
and I kind of just...


I can't believe
you think he's innocent.

After everything
he put you through,

you still got feelings for him.


I'm still angry at him.

He still made me a fool
and broke my heart.

But my feelingsfor him
don't change the facts.

This new information...

the people you work with
know about it?


And if I bring it to them...

Could have major consequences,
not only for me,

but for my entire task force.

But Paz, if he didn't do it,
if he didn't kill Greg...

I can't let him die
for something he didn't do.

He's a loser, a liar,
and a cheat.

But if you know something
that can get the truth out...

you gotta fo it.

If he's innocent.

James, I get that you're scared.

I'm not scared.
I'm fucking angry.

I'm angry that the lawyer
I trusted just got disqualified.

I'm angry that
I'm standing here with you

wondering if you ready
for this shit.

You didn't pick me, I get it,

but you need to
get over that shit.

And you need to do it
pretty goddamn quickly,

because if we can't
trust each other,

I am no good to you

and I'm the nigga standing
between you and a needle.


tomorrow is your
asset forfeiture hearing.

In front of the judge, the
prosecution is going to present

whatever it is
they found in your financials

that they believe
links you to this crime.

Any idea what that might be?

Just like with the gun,
I didn't do it, so...

there's no evidence
for prosecution to find

to prove that I did.

And Tasha runs our finances.

But I can tell you, there's
nothing they'll find there.

Okay, well,
there's one more possibility.

A RICO case,
uh, enterprise corruption.

But that only plays
if you actually have

a criminal enterprise.

If the business that
you shared with Thomas Egan

was completely legit, we don't
have anything to worry about.

Do we have anything
to worry about?


Mike, may I have a word?

Yeah, sure.
What's up?

I reviewed the
surveillance tapes from Truth.

Nowhere on there does it
show James St. Patrick

hide the gun.

Look, if James had placed
the gun behind the bar,

the tapes would have shown him
going to the bar area,

but he never does, not once.

I think he may be innocent.

Valdes, the defense
already won their motion

to suppress the gun.

What does trotting out
the speculation

about surveillance tapes
to Judge Tapper

do for us to win this case?

It's the truth.

I want justice
for Greg's murder,

but if St. Patrick
didn't do it...

He did it, Angela.

I thought so too, Mike,
but now, how can you be so sure?

We should take this to Mak.

At minimum,
the tapes are exculpatory

and should be presented
to the defense.

These tapes are out, period.

We're not risking what chance we have
at winning this case on speculation.

Ah, buenos días,
my Latino brethren.

Today is a good day.

The decision to free
St. Patrick's finances

bore fruit.

A seven-figure check

written from one
Thomas Patrick Egan

to St. Patrick's nightclub,

after they supposedly severed
their business partnership.

We don't know what it's for,

but the payment could
have been for killing Greg.

This could have been
a murder-for-hire.

This is great work, Coop.

Oh, I know.

If St. Patrick was
using the nightclub business

to hide a murder-for-hire

we could argue
the whole company is corrupt.

- A RICO case.
- Exactly.

And once Judge Tapper
hears about this,

we have a whole other way
to nail St. Patrick.

Hey, Marshall,

it was a damn shame
to hear about your transfer.

Danbury's pretty drafty
this time of year, ain't it?

How the fuck
you know about that?

You know how it works
around here.

If there's information
out there to be had,

somebody's gonna cough it up.

I ain't got shit
to say to you, convict.

And what if the topic
was James St. Patrick?

Would you have something
to say then?

We all know he ain't
your favorite convict here.

He and that lawyer,

they got money.

They probably know people,

I'm guessing they got you
booted out of here.

Now, how would you
like to get rid of him?

Why did they kick
Proctor off the case?

They argued that
his relationship with Tommy Egan

compromised his judgment when
it came to your husband's case.

From what I saw, Mrs. St.
Patrick, they weren't wrong.

You may be
in better hands with me.

I see.

They've scheduled
the hearing for tomorrow.

And normally this wouldn't
come up until trial,

but everything with this case
has been accelerated.

I talked to James.

He doesn't seem to think
there's anything

that can be linked
to criminal activity,

but I have to ask,

is that true?


Sometimes I get the feeling
that James

isn't being completely
honest with me.

He doesn't trust me,

but you do, don't you?

Look, I don't know
what you're getting at,

but, like, I said,

there's nothing, okay?

We've always done everything
on the up-and-up.


I may need to
put you on the stand

to corroborate, just in case.

Wait, I have to testify?

It's either you or James.

Well, isn't that a risk for me?

Putting you on the stand
waives spousal privilege,

it's true.

They will cross-examine you.

But if there's really
nothing criminal

about the family finances, we've
got nothing to worry about.


it's an asset hearing.

I'll make sure the prosecution
stays on task.

I don't know if I can do this.

I haven't known you a very long
time, Mrs. St. Patrick,

but I'm pretty sure
that if you put your mind to it,

you can do anything.


You like that?

Yeah, look at you,
rolling that blunt.

Most of the girls I've been with

don't even know
how to roll they hair.

In that case, how do you
roll a blunt, white boy?

Don't y'all usually
use bongs and shit?

Us white boys we use bongs.

Big ole bongs like this.

- Let me see.
- This bong here.

You like that?

Clear it out.
Suck that smoke down.



Yo, on the real, Tommy,

the shop.

What's going on?

I can't imagine
losing something I built.

I ain't gonna lie to you,
'Keisha, it's bad.

And I know it's probably
hard to trust me right now.

I'm staying cool.

I just need you
to stay cool too.

All right, Tasha knows
what she doing.

And things gonna go back
to the way they was.

I promise.

- Mm.
- Mm.

You know this shit
is new to me, right?

Getting the good guy
that I can talk real shit to

and kick it with.

What happened between
you and Holly?

I know you said
she's not coming back, so...

I just don't want to make
the same mistake that she did.

I'm sorry, you say something?


Ow, what the fuck?

When were you gonna tell me
you got kicked off Ghost's case?

You're gonna break my arm.

I don't give a fuck.

Is this about what we did
with that guy from Homeland?

For Christ sake, no.

Let me go!

What about the goddamn

And the weave shop?
They put chains on them!

And now I'm hearing Tasha
might have to testify.

Some asset fortified hearing?

It's an asset forfeiture

Silver really doesn't
have a choice.

If Tasha was running
the family books,

then she would need to
get on the stand

and verify any activity.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Tasha's as involved
as the rest of us.

The weave shop
that she's been managing,

it's being used
to clean my money.

How the fuck am I just
hearing about this now?

Because it was need-to-know, and
until now, you didn't need to know.

This whole time,
Tasha actually is an accomplice.

That's what you're telling me?

So the freezing of the assets,
the weave shop,

they're barking up
the right tree?

Does LaKeisha Grant know?


And that's why
you were telling me

to keep the Feds away from her.

Why wouldn't you tell me
she was implicated?

Because it was too late.

There's no way to know
if they found something

until the hearing.

Silver puts Tasha on the stand
thinking it's all good,

and if the prosecutors
know about the drug money

in the weave shop, she's toast.

All of you are.

I have to go.

Fuck, man.

'Sup, Petar?

You tell me.

I'm gathering updates
as we speak.

Hey, that's good.
Do we have any?

Chicago's losing their patience.

No, not yet, but trust me,

the clubs will be open soon

and our stuff will be flowing
in no time.

Okay, that sounds great to me,

but, uh, Chicago,
they need answers soon.

My, my, if looks could kill.

Too soon?

Are they treating you right?

You know, I've personally
never been to prison,

but the stories I've...

I don't have time for this.

You know, I, for one,
don't believe you did it,

even though everyone
is saying you did, but... not me.

I'd like to think
you're not capable

of such atrocities.

You're right, I'm innocent.

That's the spirit, James.

You must keep your mind focused

on the case, not about
things on the outside,

like your financial situation,

for example.

I heard about the freezing
of your assets.

It's heartbreaking.

How do they expect
your family to live?

I'd like to float you a marker

until this whole mess is over.

See, I-I was thinking...

I'll save you the trouble.

I won't accept your money.

Businessmen have spats
all the time, James.

You get in our tax bracket,
you're bound to bump heads.

But we still look out
for each other.

Now, please, consider my offer

for a little
financial assistance.

I don't want or need your money.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'd rather be in my cell.

Good-bye, Simon Stern.


Are you enjoying your lunch?

It's fine.

But I'm surprised
you're free this afternoon.

You never have time
to eat with me,

'cause you're always
rushing out to work.

Well, there's something
I need to tell you.

They said I messed up
a few things at work.

And because of it,

I'm not gonna be working
that big case anymore.

But it means
we'll have a lot more time

to hang out and stuff.

That's good, right?

Were you messing up because
I'm staying with you now?

No, sweetheart.

Absolutely not.

Oh, my God, Elisa Marie,
you staying with me

is the best thing in my life.


Who's this?

AUSA Valdes,
my daughter and I would like to

continue our meal uninterrupted,

Joe, we have to talk.


Daddy, it's okay.

You're the boss.

Be right back, okay?

- Okay.
- Don't drink my coffee.

I watched the surveillance tapes
from Truth.

You were right.

James was right.

But you were too fucking busy

arresting him and
disqualifying me to see it.

Help me fix this.

I've already taken it
to my office and they...

Yeah, and let me guess.

Those fucking assholes told you
to leave it alone, right?

And... and I'm supposed to be
the dirty lawyer.

Look, they know if
they present this to the judge,

it's gonna draw suspicion
on the prosecution.

If James didn't
put the gun there, they did.

I can't accuse my office
of a frame job

unless I know everything
about Jamie's involvement

in all of this.

Look, if you really
want to help him,

you need to talk to him

I could call Silver now.

Thank you.

Yeah fucking right.


This red one is nice.

It's nice,
but red is too bright.

You know, if I'ma be testifying,

I need to be in
something more subdued,


This actually is life and death.

I guess I just gotta
pick one of these

and take the rest of them back.

You know I paid cash.

Girl, don't even sweat that.

You know I got my tag gun
on ready.

You would do that.

I do it, all the time.

Can't believe you gotta testify.

Might need to testify.

Silver isn't sure yet.

But Tommy talked to Proctor.

If Silver wants me to testify,

it would mean I would
have to tell him everything,

about us, about the weave shop,


You trust Silver?

I don't know.
I mean...

I don't know if
he would work as hard

to help Ghost if he knew
the truth about all of us.

Who did you want that to be?




A man?

Girl, you out here
getting your back blown out

and didn't even tell me?

Yeah, but it's more than that.

I caught feelings,
which was stupid.

And I don't think
he feel the same way.

Well, first off,

any nigga not smart enough
to know how lucky he is

to be with you, he ain't
worth your goddamn time.

Well, I appreciate that, but...

I never dated
a white boy before.

Maybe they different.

Wait-wait, wait-wait.

You're dating a white boy?

I never thought I'd see the day.

Me either,
but he ain't no cornball.

He got flavor.

Only white boy
I know like that is Tommy.

And he only dates redheads.

Which one of these
black dresses you gonna wear?

The honest truth, Jamie.

No more bullshit.

The fingerprints
left on Greg's window,

did you leave them there
or were they planted too?

I was there.

Damn it, Jamie.

When Greg pulled me over,

he told me he had evidence

pointing to you as the mole.

I went to his apartment
to look for it,

to protect you.

I'm being framed
for all of this.

How can you expect me to believe
anything you say now?

Because when I was
in the apartment,

you came in, looking for Greg.

I was hiding in the bathroom.

You asked him
how it went with MJ?

How does this prove
you're being framed?

Angela, when I looked
in the drawer,

that phone wasn't there.

The mole planted the phone,

and I think the mole
killed Greg.

Or Greg could have
brought the phone home with him

and put it in the drawer
before he died.

Damn it, Angela,
are you listening to me?

The DNA, the planted gun.

Come on, there's gotta be some part of
you that knows that I didn't do this,

Otherwise, why would you
be sitting here right now?

Miss Valdes,
what can you do for us?

In the asset forfeiture hearing,

Mak and Mike are gonna
argue to the judge

that a seven-figure check
found in your accounts

from Tommy is payment
for Greg's murder.

It's bullshit.

Maybe, but to them,
a check insinuates collusion.

Collusion means organization,

and that is a straight line
to a RICO case.

Miss Valdes,
would you excuse us?

I need to speak with my client.

Yes, of course.


I'm gonna need you to be completely
honest with me right now.

This check,

is it anything that
could support a RICO case?

It was a loan.

I used the money to pay
my former security firm

that has since been terminated.

Simply a loan.

It's the truth.

Okay, you mentioned earlier

that Tasha manages the money.

Can she testify to that?

Is that our only option?

My wife on the stand?


But I have to say,
it may be our best.


What the fuck's Cristobal
telling people

I'm giving him extra weight for?

He's been around a lot lately,

talking to Dre.

Saw them together
at the club the other night.

At Truth?

Yeah, I'm gonna be working
at this hole-in-the-wall spot

Dre's setting up for some party.

Do you want me to keep
an eye out for anything?

No, mama, don't worry about it.

I'll take care of it.


Gotta be aware
of your surroundings.

You don't want no one
sneaking up on you.

I heard you coming.

Stop lying.

Yo, I like this gear, man.
Where'd you get it?

It's fresh, right?

Your mom get it for you?

Nah, I saw it,
liked it, and I bought it.

How you got money like that?

Just some cash I saved up.

You know, everybody saying
I'm the man of the house now,

so I ain't want to
bother Mom for it.

Stepping up, all right.

Everything else all right
with you?

Yo, Uncle T,
can I ask you something?

What's up?

How old were you
when you first had sex?

Why you asking?

Oh, no I was just wondering.


did you hit some girl?


When did this happen?

Few days ago.

I thought me and your dad
said come talk to us first.

Well, Dad's not here,
and it kind of just happened.

Well, tell me about it.

If you want to, I mean.

I mean, where were you?

A party.

You strap up?

Oh, yeah.
Hell yeah.

All right, my man.

Tariq, always strap up,
no matter what.

Yeah, I know.

Who the hell did you
go to this party with?

Dre took me.

- Oh.
- He was there with me.

Uncle Tommy, can we keep this
between me and you?


No doubt.

Well, hurry up.

You gotta get ready for court.


I need to talk to you
before I go up there.

There's something
you need to know.

I'm sorry, Mrs. St. Patrick,
it'll have to wait.

Trust me,
everything's gonna be fine.

Good afternoon, Your Honor.

Upon reviewing
Mr. St. Patrick's finances,

a discovery has been made.

We'd like to enter into evidence

a check written by Thomas Egan

to Mr. St. Patrick's
nightclub Truth,

which we believe is payment

for the murder of
FBI Agent Greg Knox.

The defense has spoken
to the long-standing friendship

between Mr. Egan
and Mr. St. Patrick.

How do we know
this isn't just a loan

being paid off between pals?

For one, Mr. St. Patrick's
own statements

that their business relationship
had concluded

at Mr. St. Patrick's behest
several weeks prior.

And the other,
the amount, Your Honor.

Seven figures.
Must be one hell of a loan.

Mr. Silver, those are
some very compelling points.

You have anything you
want to say to dispute them?

Yes, Your Honor.
We'd like to present a witness.

I'd like to call
James St. Patrick to the sand.

You swear to tell the
truth and nothing but the truth

so help you God?

I do.

Mr. St. Patrick,

are you aware of the check
the prosecution cited?

Well, yeah.

I don't know where you grew up,

but when somebody gives you
a check for seven figures,

you tend to remember...
That's a lot of zeroes.

Can you explain
the purpose of the check?

Yes, the check was a loan

to pay a security firm
that I hired some time back

to secure my three nightclubs.

And why did you need to go to

your friend Tommy Egan for this?

I mean,
you're a successful businessman.

You have three nightclubs.

Why not a bank?

Tommy's my friend.

I was in negotiations
with the Bassett Hotel Group

at the time.

I'd invested all of
my liquid money with them,

so I needed the immediate cash.

I'm sure that put your family
in a pretty tough spot.

It did.

As a father,
uh, it keeps you up at night,

hoping that you're providing
everything for your children.

That's why I'm fighting so hard
to get back to them,

back home.

When Mr. Mak comes up here
to question you,

he's going to say that
you were desperate for money.

Lucky for you, your friend
Tommy Egan had that money,

but he did need
something in return.

He needed you
to kill Agent Knox.

Which absolutely couldn't
be further from the truth.

I get it.

Where I grew up,
Southside Jamaica, Queens,

people think as
a young black man that

you're given one coin
with two sides, Your Honor.

Death or jail.

Fortunately for me,
I'm living proof

that it can go another way.

Tommy's loan was simply that,
a loan.

No quid pro quo.
No strings attached.

I'm a businessman.

I'm a husband, a father,
and a friend.

Nothing more, nothing less.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

All right, you may step down,
Mr. St. Patrick.

We will take a 30-minute recess.

It was bad, but we still have
the upper hand here.

By putting St. Patrick
on the stand,

Silver's made him fair game.

This is our chance.

I agree.

And I know how to get him.

Tasha St. Patrick.

I'm so sorry to see you
under these circumstances,

but... you look wonderful.

Thank you, Simon Stern.
It's good to see you.

How's the single life
treating you?


You'd be surprised
how energized you feel

when you're free.

Speaking of freedom,

such a shame

an innocent man
is being railroaded.


Well, that's nice to hear,

but James has plenty of support.

Oh, of course.

I saw your beautiful family.

I also heard about
financial issues

you're facing.

The last thing we want to see
is this unfortunate case

beginning to
affect your children.

Let me help.

That's nice of you,
but... we're good.


Now, if you'll excuse me...

Mrs. St. Patrick,

if you change your mind,

give me a call.

- Yo, Dre.
- It was supposed to be

a one-off thing to get their
shipment in.

And you telling me that you want
to open it back up again?

I mean, I figured
it worked well last time

with the club being locked down.

We need to make
some money somehow, so...

supplement the loss.

I like it.
Smart thinking, Dre.

This time I need it to be more
underground, word of mouth.

I mean, it can't be permanent.
Can't be selling product here.

In case anything happens,
we can just pack it all up,

get the fuck out of Dodge.

I'm way ahead of you.

I was thinking if we don't
want to move the weight in here,

then we open the courier system,

sell the drugs that way.

Club, it offered us protection.

We hide in plain sight.

This place is risky.

And what about the women?

How do we know they're
not going to say anything

about what's going on?


And where is fucking security?

We don't need to
worry about security.

Niggas gonna be way too focused

on getting ass
to start some shit.

My guys can vouch for
each one of these girls.

They ain't got big mouths.

They just want to be
where the ballers at.

So what you think?

That something Chicago
could get on board with?

Yeah, I will call
and confirm with them.

you call and confirm with them.

Yo, man, look at you.

Corner boy to entrepreneur.

- Yes, sir.
- Not bad.

I wish I could say the same
about what you did with Tariq.

What the fuck was you thinking
taking him to a party?

What are you talking about?

You keep playing stupid,
I'll break your face.

Tariq told me that
you took him to a party

and he fucked some girl.

Wait, he fucked some girl?

I dropped him off
at his friend's house.

I ain't take him
to no party, man.

I don't know what
Tariq's talking about.

So you're saying he lying?

I'm not saying anything.

I'm just saying
I never took him to a party.

Look, anything
happening with Tariq,

hell, the whole the family,

you run it by me first.

Make sure this shit
goes off without a hitch.

Mr. St. Patrick,
earlier you stated that

Thomas Egan was a close friend,

that he'd do anything to
help you in your time of need.

Within rea...

And in turn you'd do
anything for him.

Like going to
Agent Knox's apartment.


I didn't go
to Agent Knox's apartment.

But your fingerprints are there.

It's a rookie mistake.

But after all,
you're a businessman,

not a contract killer.

You made a deal.

You had to uphold your end
of your deal with your friend,

you had to kill Agent Knox.

Objection, Your Honor,
badgering the witness.

Your Honor, Mr. Silver
knew the risk of putting

his client on the stand
before he did it.

Oh, he's got you there,
Mr. Silver.


I'm sure there was
a part of you hoping

you didn't have to kill him,

but then you saw it,

that look in his eyes
when he realized

why you were really there.

- You pulled out your gun...
- Your Honor...

You hadn't committed
a crime yet.

You could walk away
and no one would ever know.

Except Knox would know,
wouldn't he?

He'd know what you were.

Tommy Egan's henchman,

a criminal, a killer.

I'm not a killer.

He didn't know what
was at stake for you,

who you were protecting,

who paid for you to be there
with the check we found.

When Knox went for your gun,

you had to shoot him.

Isn't that right,
Mr. St. Patrick?

I didn't shoot anyone.

And when he didn't die
right away,

when he held his hand out
to beg you to stop,

you didn't have a choice.

There was no going back.

In cold blood,
you shot Agent Knox again.

You saw his lifeless body
laying on the ground,

and you panicked.

So you climbed out the window

and left your fingerprints
behind, isn't that right?

I didn't kill Agent Knox
and, I repeat, I wasn't there.

But your fingerprints are in
his apartment, Mr. St. Patrick.

How can we believe you?

Your Honor, we know what,
a murder.

We know who, the defendant.

We know where and when.

And now...

We know why,

because you were paid,

Mr. St. Patrick.

Because a good businessman

always holds up
his end of the deal.

I didn't kill Greg!

Your Honor,
this speculative rant

by the prosecution
has no bearing

on the matter at hand
and should be stricken

from the record.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Although, I am curious,

how does the defendant
know the victim well enough

to call him "Greg"?

- Your Honor...
- Withdrawn.

Mr. St. Patrick,
you can step down.

And if the defense
has no further witnesses,

I will make my ruling

on the check being admitted into
evidence tomorrow morning.

- Good job.
- In the meantime,

Mr. St. Patrick will be
returned to the MCC.

Where were you in there?

Isn't it your fucking job to make
sure that that doesn't happen?

You let him call me a fucking
murderer in front of my family?

We knew this was a possibility
with you on the stand.

We took a swing and we missed.

All we can do now

is prepare for
the realities of trial.

I'll be bringing on some
more associates from my firm

to help assist with the case.

Yeah, well, let's hope
they're better than you.

We'll need forensic experts

to conduct tests and testify,

private investigators
to find all of the evidence

that the FBI chose to ignore.

All of this costs money.

I don't think I can afford it.

You're gonna have to find a way.

The media attention
is also going to increase.

Right now, the Feds think that they
have a cop-killer on the ropes,

and they are going to
increase the pressure

on your family until
all of this is over with.

And we're gonna have to
lean on them,

especially as
character witnesses

for the penalty phase, if
the jury does, in fact, convict.

You think we can win?

What's your rush, killer?

I just want to
get back to my cell.

Get back to your cell, huh?

Must have been
a hard day in court,

sitting there with
your little niglets,

watching they daddy get told how he ain't
nothing but a murdering piece of shit.

You ain't gotta
talk to me like that, man.

And your beautiful wife, wow.

It ain't gonna take long
for her to find another nigga

to come dig that pussy out.

Maybe even a nigga with a badge.

Think she might come up to
Danbury, give a nigga a visit?

That'd be something,
wouldn't it?

Your wife and kids

calling me "Daddy."

Teresi, what are you doing?

Sorry, kid.

Change of plans.

That's it.

There you go.

Take your clothes off.

Take your fucking clothes off

We're gonna make this
look like a suicide.

They fought.
This kid killed him,

and realized what he did,

and he didn't want to
take the death penalty.


switch clothes with him.

How'd it go in court?

Not well.

I thought you were
going to your bosses

with the information you got.

I did.

They chose to ignore it.

If this case goes to trial,

Jamie's gonna get
the death penalty.

You did what you could.

It's out of your hands now.

Angela, who are you calling?

Whatever you're going to do...

please do it without
hurting yourself, or our family.

This is AUSA Angela Valdes.

We need to talk.

I have to go
back to court today.

It didn't go well.

Tommy, we're staring
at a mountain of shit,

and it includes all of us.

Which is why I need to know
if you're fucking LaKeisha.




I ain't stupid.

I know you two.

She going on and on
about this white boy

who's hitting it right.

I know it was you.

When did it happen?

Tell me the truth, Tommy.

She said I was hitting it right?

When that Milan shit popped off.

He saw LaKeisha as a problem

and solving it meant one thing.

So instead,

I stashed her away.

I didn't plan on hitting it,

it just... happened.


A bunch of times.

I guess I should thank you

for saving my girl's life

behind my back.

But God damn,
not for breaking her off.

Now she's all into you.

And it's clear as day,
you ain't feeling her like that.

I thought you were
really into Holly.

I know you broke up,
but I thought

you'd at least try to find her

after I told you
she was pregnant.

Holly ain't coming back, Tasha.


We didn't break up.

She didn't run away.

She dead.


What the hell happened?

Lobos wanted me to kill Ghost,

and I couldn't do it.

So Holly went ahead
and tried to do it herself.

I-I fucked up.

I didn't know about the baby.

I never would have
put hands on her if I knew.

I thought she killed Ghost.

I thought Ghost was dead.

I understand if you
want me to get out.

I want me to get out.

I just...

I can't get away from myself.

I understand why
you did what you did.

We're a family,

and we protect each other.

Thank you.

LaKeisha wants something from me

that I can't give her.

I don't think I can
give that to anyone again.

But you still need
to protect the family, Tommy.

You can't let her down.

You can't let me down.

We cannot predict what she'll do

if you walk away
and break her heart.

And you know I'm right.

What the fuck do we do
if she talks?

I mean, I know she your girl,

you know... I got you.

I know.

You sure you don't know
what this is about?

No idea.

Where's Angela?

Mr. Silver,

court is on the record.

I have received
your motion to dismiss.

- Call your first witness.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

The defense would like to call
AUSA Angela Valdes to the stand.

Your Honor,
we have to strongly object.

You can't allow AUSA Valdes
to testify.

She's a prosecutor on this case.

Your Honor, AUSA Valdes

is going to testify to
a repeated pattern

of prosecutorial misconduct
throughout this case,

due to institutional bias
against Mr. St. Patrick.

I'd say,
as a prosecutor on the case,

she is uniquely qualified
to provide testimony

as a material witness.

Well, I'd like to hear
what she has to say.

Do you swear to tell the truth

and nothing but the truth
so help you God?

I do.

The court already knows
about the prosecution's failure

to present knowledge
of the traffic stop

between Agent Knox
and Mr. St. Patrick.

Apparently now there's a...
A surveillance video

that's exculpatory
for my client?

The surveillance footage
from Truth nightclub

from the night of Greg's murder

until the arrest
of Mr. St. Patrick

doesn't show him or anyone else

placing the murder weapon in
the location that it was found.

It is clearly exculpatory.


And to whom did you
report this information

about the surveillance video?

Mike Sandoval.

And how did
Mr. Sandoval respond?

That he wasn't going to
turn the tapes over to you

because it shone a bad light
on the prosecution.

I also reported doubts
about Mr. St. Patrick's guilt

to John Mak,
who, in turn, ensured

that I was formally kept
out of strategy on the case.

Do you now believe
that my client is innocent

of killing Agent Knox?

Yes, I do.

I was wrong.

I have to do what I can
to make things right.

Even if it means facing
suspension or termination?


No further questions,
Your Honor.

So, Miss Valdes,

you're testifying to
prosecutorial misconduct.

I'm just curious why you're not
including yourself on that list?

I violated no Brady Rules
while working this case.

Oh, I'm not talking about
this case.

I'm talking about your personal
relationship with the defendant,

your sexual relationship,

and how it led to him stealing
evidence from your home

and afforded him access
to classified information

about Felipe Lobos,

including the fact that
he was still alive.

Miss Valdes,
is all of this true?

Miss Valdes,
I asked you a question.

It's true, Your Honor.

Your Honor, AUSA Cooper Saxe
has just brought to my attention

that after speaking
to the CSI tech

that coded
Mr. St. Patrick's fingerprints,

it appears that Miss Valdes

admitted those into evidence
24 hours later

than he originally stated
in his report.

Your Honor, I can't deny
what John is saying...

It's... I've heard enough.

The allegations suggested today

are the most egregious
that I have ever heard.

Your blatant disregard
for the oath you took

as an officer of the court
is appalling.

- Thank you, Your Honor.
- I am not finished, Mr. Mak.

You and Mr. Sandoval,
you stand there,

pointing your finger
at Miss Valdes,

but you failed to acknowledge

that all of these
lapses in judgment

happened on your watch!

Is what she said true?

Your Honor, it is...

Mr. Silver...

the prosecution's
willful misconduct

was improper and
conducted in bad faith.

I see no alternative but

to dismiss the charges
against the defendant.

Mr. Mak, Mr. Sandoval,

I will be recommending
to Main Justice

that all of the members
of this prosecution

be suspended pending
an investigation.

Mr. St. Patrick.

Your Honor.

You will be processed
out of the system

with this court's apologies.

If you are guilty of this

or any other crime,

I hope a more professional
prosecution team

will bring you to justice
in the future.

But for now, sir,

you can go home.

Thank you, Angela.

Don't thank me, Jamie.

You didn't do this one.

Maybe you didn't do this crime,

but we both know
you're not innocent.

Yo, Grim,

I'ma need a new clean ride.

Place is a little dusty,
but the bitches ain't bad.

The fuck you want, nigga?

Take it.

That's the final payment.

From this point forward,
everything stops with Tariq.

What the fuck makes you think
everything stops?

Because Tariq is in
over his head.

He ain't like us.
He ain't from where we from.

And the shit you got him
involved with is changing him.

He's lying and...
And if I can see it,

you best believe
Tommy and Tasha will.


you got back in this because
you want what's yours, right?

Well, what's yours
can still be had.


Because Milan's dead and I'm in.

With Milan being dead,

your path back to the top
is wide open.

And I want to help you, Kanan.

In fact,

I need you.

Keep talking, nigga.

Bet you feel like you did
something noble today.

All you did was free a killer.


But not Greg's killer.

I'll find out
whoever murdered Greg

and bring them down
no matter what.

The truth always comes to light.

We're not out of
the dark completely.

The judge threw out
all the charges,

but he did so without prejudice,

which leaves the door open
for future prosecution.

But, frankly,
they played their hand

and they came up empty.

James is currently
in processing.

Shouldn't take more than a few
hours before he's a free man.

I can't believe it.

Thank you, Terry.

I mean, you...
You saved our family.

I'll never forget that.

Thank you.

Just doing my job.

The next step will be
for them to reverse

the freezing of the assets...

- Okay.
- And allow you guys to open back up for business.

With your family taking
such a hit financially,

I would advise in some way
you getting a floater,

until things
return back to normal.

If you need anything, uh...

advice, anything,

give me a call, please.


Oh, I meant to ask.

In court yesterday,

what were you gonna tell me

before your husband
took the stand?


Good night, Terry.

Good night, Tasha.


I'd like to speak
to Simon Stern, please.

Yo, Slim, you here yet?

Oh, what's up?

What you doing here?

Clean enough?

This ride should
get you to Chicago.

Keep my phone, all right?

And make sure it stays on.

What if something happens?

How we supposed to reach you?

You're not.

I, uh...

I want you to give this
to Tommy Egan.

Have him call me.

That's the second time
you asked about Tommy Egan.

Why you want to
talk to him so bad, huh?

What is it with you and him?

'Cause I know you
inside too long to know us.

What, you know his father
or something?

You could say
something like that.

You give him that fucking phone,
all right?

Or else what really happened
to Marshal Williams

is gonna become
public information.

And you're gonna end up
right back in here

with the rest of us.


Let's go, St. Patrick.


Where you at?

You looking for someone?

Where's Tariq?

He's fine for now.

And you heard
about Ghost, right?

He's a free man.

He'll be back at home
in a minute

with easy access to his money.

Our plan is right back on track.

So you got the kid?

You damn right I got him.

Just like we said
from the beginning,

we gonna get the money
from Ghost for holding his son.

And then we gonna kill 'em both.

You good with that, right?

So what you need me to do?