Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Kind of Man You Are - full transcript

Tommy executes a plan to divert the attention of prosecutors; Teresi begins a blackmail scheme after learning information about Ghost; Tariq seeks out Kanan.

Previously on Power...

Me and Ghost killed Lobos to start over,

but it was never about that.

He just admitted that he
and St. Patrick killed Lobos.

There's nothing that
ties that to St. Patrick.

I know Tommy Egan killed Ruiz,

and I know the two of
you killed Lobos together.

You are under arrest for the murder

of Special Agent Gregory Knox.

I don't want you discussing
your father's arrest with anyone.

He did that shit. He guilty as fuck.

I knew it.

His business partner's a
guy named named Thomas Egan.

Milan is gone. I'm the new connect now.

Andre, I'm gonna need you to step up.

I got everything on lock.

What are you doing to get me out?

They got your fingerprints and your DNA

under Greg's fingernails.

I don't know what
other evidence they got.

Got something.

They think you killed
Greg to protect Tommy.

I think they're gonna try
and prove that Tommy is Ghost

so they can prosecute both of you guys.

Murder one for St. Patrick.

- We're gonna bury him.
- Literally.

DOJ approved the death penalty.


I need you to take care of my family.

I got you.

Proctor should be here in a minute.

You get any sleep?


did you do it?


I didn't do it.


Juries don't find that likable.

We'll have to work on that.

Hey, James.

You already met Terry?

Not exactly.

James St. Patrick, Terry Silver.

Silver's gonna be our
secondchair counsel.

He has a threetoone success rate

against federal capital
punishment cases.

Silver, why don't you tell
James what we discussed?

The Feds are gonna argue
that you killed Agent Knox

to protect Thomas Egan from prosecution

from the death of Felipe Lobos.
Now, I understand from Joe

that you're still very close with Egan.

I am.

So we can't attack the motive, but

if we can establish an alibi

or at least a timeline

that makes you killing
Agent Knox impossible,

motive won't matter.

I want you to walk me through
the day Agent Knox was killed.

Don't leave anything out.

- We already went through this.
- Go through it again.

I got to Truth in the morning.

I met with you, Proctor,

and Karen Bassett.

I was there the rest of the day,

and then...

I can't protect you

unless I know everything, so...

And then I broke into Greg's apartment,

looking for any sign that he
and Angela were back together.

I heard about you and AUSA Valdes.

I didn't kill him, all right?

I went in. He wasn't there.

I looked around; I left. That was it.

No, I know. Not helpful.

Not at all.

Wait a minute.

His phone wasn't there.

Why does that matter?

I was helping AUSA Valdes
look for a suspected mole

in her office, a prosecutor,

a federal agent who
was working with Lobos.

It matches the phone I found

when we were looking for the mole.

But it wasn't there when
I was in Knox's apartment,

so I'm telling you whoever killed him

must have left that phone to frame him.

It worked.

It's a nice story.

Do you have any proof?

No, I don't.

I'm telling you, I didn't do this.

I'm not here to judge
your innocence, brother.

I'm here to save your life.

Go. I release you.

Go get smarter than your Uncle Tommy.

- All right, see ya.
- All right.

'Riq, 'Riq, hold up a minute.

See you, Baby Girl.

See ya.

Yo, man, what's up with you?

Why all the shade to your Mom?

It's nothing. II'm fine.

'Riq, it's an uncle's job

to make sure you're all right.

Look, I know it's hard on
you. It's hard on everyone,

including your Mom.

She needs your help.

I don't really care about helping her

or my Dad right now.

I don't even care if he goes away.

Probably did it anyway.

Yeah, well, he told me that he didn't.

Uncle Tommy, he lies about everything.

Pretty sure he's lying about this too.

Yeah, he don't always tell the truth.

I don't always trust him either.

But Tariq,

I swear to God, I do about this.

Look, Tariq, I didn't have a Dad.

No one looking out for me
at all when I was your age.

Whatever may be true about him,

your Dad would never

put our family at risk
by shooting that Cop.

Maybe you haven't been around
us that much until now, but

the family's not that
important to him anymore.

I'm late.

All right.

Go do good.

Julio Antonio Moreno.

It's "hoolio."


How long have you known,

James St. Patrick and Tommy Egan?

Can you really ever know anybody?

You know, I know I can do this all day.

Andre Coleman. Misdemeanor theft,

charge of felony assault, dropped,

and a felony conviction of

possession with intent to distribute.

When did you meet James St. Patrick

and Tommy Egan?

That's not in your
little sheet there, bro.

Look, man, I met them working
at their Wash 'N Fold, okay?

I worked for James' club, Truth.

And aside from the Wash 'N Folds,

were St. Patrick and Egan in
any other businesses together?

Did St. Patrick ever help his buddy Egan

working for the Lobos Cartel?


I don't know who you're talking about.


What about Greg Knox?

Ever overhear St. Patrick mention him?

How he might plan to kill him
to protect himself or Egan?

Absolutely not.

James isn't the type of guy

who would... kill somebody.

So then you wouldn't know
anything about St. Patrick

planning the murder of Agent Greg Knox

to protect Tommy Egan?


That sounds like a crime to me.

And I happen to be totally clean, so...

Totally clean?

Because, that, would suggest that

you're a member of the Toros Locos gang.

Unless you just have problems
remembering your phone number

or need a faster way
to end job interviews?

I used to be a Toro, bro.


Not anymore.

God, that's... That's funny.

Aren't the Toros

"blood in, blood out"?

Well, you see, the Wash N' Fold,

it offered me better medical and dental.


you seem like a smart...

ish guy.

If you're dirty, I'm gonna find out.

You shouldn't be so
loyal to St. Patrick.

I doubt he'd be that loyal to you.

See, you gotta understand this.

Most people like James
who make it out the hood,

they turn their back on it.

He ain't like that.

He hires people who...

who fucked up, like me.

That man looked out for
me when he didn't have to.

He put himself on the
line and made a deal

to get me out of the Toros Locos.

He couldn'ta killed anybody.

That's who he is.

That's who he is.

You've known Tommy
and Tasha a long time.

Tommy since Tasha met
James, about 13 years?

I know Tommy.

Not that well.

So you can't describe the nature of

his relationship with James St. Patrick?

They're men.

They play video games
and watch football.

Right. Tasha's really your friend.

Since the second grade.

And I don't care what you ask me,

I ain't gonna say nothing against her.

I wouldn't ask you to do that.

I just want to clarify some facts.

When did James St. Patrick

move out of the marital residence?

I think you know the answer to that one.

Please answer the question.

A little while ago.

But he moved back in.

To sleep in the office, I think.

Since you're friends so
long, I'm sure you knew

Tasha sold her wedding ring, right?

If that's what it says.

She didn't tell you?

When exactly did you start

receiving her personal bank statements?

I don't know.

I ain't the god damn post office.

Ms. Grant,

you don't have a record.

You haven't committed a crime.

As far as I can tell,

you're a good person.

Answer my questions and you can get back

to your life, your shop, your son.

If you don't cooperate,

I can't help you.

See, the thing is, you already know

the answers to these
questions you askin' me.

You know when he moved out,

when he was sleeping on the couch,

when she sold her ring.

Because of you.

He left her

for you.

So to your knowledge,

they were no longer
functioning as husband and wife?

And that's all you said?


I didn't say anything bad, T, trust me.

I only copped to the shit about

you and James that Angela already knew.

There's no incriminating information

- you could have told her, right?
- No.

But you shoulda kept
your damn mouth shut.

I did the best I could.

Why the fuck was she
asking me all that anyway?

Because she's a bitch!

Well, actually, Mrs. St. Patrick...


Well, if they can prove
that your marriage to James

was really over, a business
arrangement at this point,

they may be able to
break spousal privilege.


The fuck does that mean?

Angela would argue before a judge that

you are now more of an
accomplice than a wife.

She could force you to
testify against James.

And if you refuse, she
could prosecute you.

Even if all you could say is that

James wasn't home the
night Agent Knox was killed,

a jury would take that very seriously.

So now she's coming after me?

- I knew this would happen.
- All right, don't worry.

We will protect you.
That's what we're here for.

But from now on,

no talking to anyone without us present.

That goes for both of you. Kay?

It's gonna be all right.

Do you really think she
would testify against him?

If they threaten her with prosecution?

She got three very good reasons to talk.

We gotta get that DNA thrown out.

I'm sorry, T.


Listen, 'Keisha,

I'll protect you.

They ain't never getting shit from me.

Hey, Tony.


What'd you raise on Egan?

He's a Boss from Queens.

Come up with some moolie
who went by "Ghost."

Started out slinging
dope on the corners,

worked their way up.

I don't know who the
fuck this Ghost is though.

So what you assholes
are telling me is that

not only did we not get
anything from the people

we interviewed that
were actually criminals,

but St. Patrick is the hood's
fairy fuckin' godmother?

Moreno and Coleman both said.

St. Patrick saved them from the streets.

It's bullshit.

Moreno wouldn't talk unless
we had something on him.

Same with Coleman

and his choir boy routine.

I got a Josh Kantos.

Former manager at the Truth nightclub

when Egan and St.
Patrick were coowners.

Says he's got information, but
he's demanding full immunity.

He's shopping for an insurance policy,

or he has an axe to grind.

Either way, he's a soft snitch.

I don't like it.

Angela, did you get anything?

The LaKeisha Grant
interview was productive.

I think I could make
a convincing argument

to break spousal privilege, but

I don't know if that's
the route we should take.

We need the option to call
Tasha St. Patrick as a witness.

The jury will eat that
up, so would the press.

I'm not sure she would talk.

But Proctor won't be sure either.

So it's pressure at the least,
putting her on the witness list.

If we threaten her with prosecution

and she doesn't talk, are
we going through with it?

Their kids are blameless, John.

Is that our goal, to
put them in the system?

Our goal is to put a murderer in jail.

He should have thought about his kids

before he pulled that trigger.

What kind of man is St. Patrick, Angela?

You know him best.

Did he do this or not?

He did it.

Then his kids are collateral damage.

Not our concern.

We go for the win.

Yoyoyo, stop!

Where you going? Why
would you move that here?

What are yous doing?

You guys always move shit
in the fucking wrong place.

Hey, hey.

- Where's Julio?
- What?

Our new distributor?

He is nowhere to be found,

and I just got word we are getting

our first shipment in two days.

The first shipment under our management.

Tommy, we cannot have any mistakes.

Chicago's already pissed

that Ghost's legal woes are not over.

Any investigation into
a man connected to us

is big fucking problem.

Yeah, all right, well,
I got all this shit

to deal with, all right?

Just... relax.

This ain't my first dog and pony show.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- I got it.
- Good.

'Cause it doesn't matter

how many eyes are on you right now.

Chicago expects us to
keep product running

through the club, no exceptions.

It's what we offered them,

when we sold them on killing Milan.

Turn up your fuckin' Beltones, Petar.

I got this.

Hey, Baby Girl.

Funny, um, your Dad didn't

mention murder on Career Day.

Shut up, Ethan.

What, are you gonna cry?

Think she's gonna cry?

'Riq, let go!

Come on, 'Riq, just, please, let go!

Tell the office I went home sick.

The fuck are you guys looking at?


Tariq, stop.

Just wait!

Mr. St. Patrick,

if your DNA was planted...

Not "if."

It was planted.

Then that means one of three things.

It's an outandout
fraud, a lab mistake,

or they had to collect the skin cells

from somewhere in order to plant them.

Did you have any contact at
all with Agent Knox that day,

before or after you
broke into his apartment?

Well, yeah, after, when he
pulled me over that night

like I told Angela.

Wait, what?

Valdes knows the pullover happened?

Fuck yeah, she knew. I
told her the next day.

Motherfucker slammed me against my car.

Fuck me.

That's how they found my DNA on him.

When he put his fucking hands on me.

Shit, Proctor.

Here, look at the prosecution's timeline

of Agent Knox's movements that day.

He went to the Ruiz
crime scene, the office,

and he called and visited
a man named Bailey Markham.

Nothing about a traffic stop.

Even though Valdes knows it happened.

I think I know how we can
get the DNA thrown out.

So have your investigators
find any record

- of that pullover they can.
- I'm on it.

We're gonna need your testimony

to lay the timeline of
Agent Knox's movements

the day he was killed.

He both called and visited you.

Knox came to me

to discuss his suspicions

of St. Patrick and Egan.


Knox and Egan were working together.

He gave Egan the inside information

that got Lobos killed.

So you're committed to this bullshit

about Knox being the mole?

I know it's hard to accept.

- But I'm sorry, it's true.
- It's not true.

He called me that night to tell me

he could prove Angela
Valdes was Lobos' inside man.

Why did he call you?

How did you know he
called AUSA Sandoval?

What exactly do you do at Homeland, Sir?

What makes you think Greg was the mole?

Agent Markham, we have
a piece of evidence

that we found in Agent
Knox's possession...

- What's the evidence?
- That directly implicates

him as the leak.

He was one of very few
that knew the specifics

of Lobos' transfer. He also...

Valdes helped St.
Patrick and Egan before.

Hasn't she?

Look, we're all here

to put away St. Patrick, right?

So we disagree on motive.

As long as we get the win,

what does the story matter?

The truth matters.

I can help you make your
case against St. Patrick,

if you investigate Valdes as the mole

and present Greg as
what he was, a good man

who was killed in the line of duty.

I can't make that promise.

Well, I got nothing else to say.

Did Angela ask you anything about me?


She wanted to know
about Ghost and Tasha.

Like when he moved out.

When she sold her ring.

- And Proctor said that if...
- Proctor?

You talked to Proctor?


What did he want?

He said

Angela could force
Tasha to snitch on Ghost.

Something about her not being
his wife but his accomplice.

What? Bullshit.


They said if she says
no, they can arrest her.

And you know if they do that,
she gonna give us up, Tommy,

to protect her kids.


I wouldn't even blame her.

I mean, what are we supposed to do

if Tasha starts talking?

She won't.

'Keisha, she won't, and they won't.

You know Tasha.

She's harder than... Chinese algebra.

All right, she ain't gonna
give up you or anybody.

Come here.

Listen to me,

Proctor ain't gonna let that happen.


He ain't gonna let
nothin' happen to anybody.

It's like a formula.

That's enough for this size.

You a'ight?

What's wrong with you, little nigga?

You look all fucked up.

Dad, he might get the...

The death penalty for
killing that FBI agent.

Everybody in school's talking about it.

Wonder how long my Mom knew.

She ain't say a fucking word.

Hey, try not to think
about that family shit.

It don't matter.

What you gotta do is
take care of you, right?

Remember the plans I was talking about?

Well, it's time.

Ready to do some work?

I'm ready.



Bailey. Greg's friend.

Your sister never called
me after the double date.

Right. Right.

I hope it's all right, me dropping by.

Sure. Come in.

It's been a while.

Actually, I saw you at Greg's funeral.

Seemed like you were
trying to stay out of sight.


I didn't think Greg's
family would want to see me.

Yeah, I don't know if they blame you,

but I do.

I know Greg was so
focused on St. Patrick

because of you.

If you had never left Greg

for St. Patrick in the first place,

Greg would still be alive.


Being with James St. Patrick was
the biggest mistake of my life.

I blame myself too.

Is that what you want to hear?

And now it seems the
best possible outcome

ends with both Greg and Jamie dead.

That's the remedy our
justice system offers,

an eye for an eye.

But I am going to see this through.

I would do anything to
get justice for Greg.


Then you should clear his name

and finally admit to being the mole.

I won't confess to
something I didn't do.

You're talking about
justice, but you won't do

what it takes to get it?

You testify about St. Patrick,

I'll testify about Greg
trying to nail you both.

You go to jail, St.
Patrick gets the needle,

and Greg gets colors on his grave.

Everybody gets what they deserve.

Ellen, nice work.

I'm good with my hands.

Yeah, I bet you can
handle two at a time.

- What are you doing here, man?
- We gotta talk, bro.

What's up?

What'd the Feds ask you about?

Usual shit, just fishing for
anything on Ghost and Tommy.


Same, man. Yeah.

So what'd you tell 'em?

Not a goddamn thing.


So listen up, man, we got
way too much heat right now

to keep dealing in the club.

So we gonna shut it down.


Girls, you can stop. You're done.


I forgot to finish the liquor inventory

at the VIP bar last night.

Could you do a bottle check for me?

- Sure.
- A'ight.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

All right, listen,

you keep prepping
these and don't say shit

to anybody else, especially her.

You and Greg were friends,

at least he thought so.

I need your help.

I have a recording from a CI

Greg was running off the
books to collar St. Patrick.

But instead, he got Egan confessing

to killing Lobos with Ghost.

You fuckin' serious?

With Ghost?

You mean Ghost and Egan
aren't the same guy?

We might be able to
clear Greg's name with it.

Does Egan identify Ghost on the tape?


Does he identify Angela
as the inside man?


Then it contradicts our
narrative that Egan is Ghost

and St. Patrick was just
one of his associates,

but it doesn't prove
St. Patrick is Ghost.

And it does nothing to clear
Greg's name as the mole.

Yes, it does. It changes the motive.

I think St. Patrick killed Greg

to stop him from arresting
Egan, Valdes, and himself.

St. Patrick is still the doer,

but Greg is not the mole.

Fuck me in the ass.

Nice of you to join us.


I just got questioned by the Feds, bro.

So did Dre.

Look, they just fishing for
anything they can get, Tommy.

We're all good.


You all right?

Yeah, I just gotta talk to somebody,

go get this warehouse in order.

The Serbs fucked everything up again.

Our first shipment
is coming in two days.

- Yo, J.
- What's up?

This is the most important
shipment of your fucking life.

You know,

most guys, they come in here,

they want everybody to
know how tough they are.

But you're hiding it.

When Biscuit tried to fuck with you,

you snapped his wrist like
it was a fucking breadstick.

And there ain't no
candyass businessman

who can do that.

Listen, old man, I was
just trying to defend myself

like anybody else would.


No, no.

Not like anybody else, pal.

You knew exactly what you were doing.

You just don't want
anybody to know who you are.

Right, Ghost?

Wrong guy.


You and Tommy Egan,

you come up together,
pushing drugs in Queens.

I said I don't know what
you're talking about.

All right, wrong guy.

All right.

Then you won't mind if I go to

that chink prosecutor
with this, will you?


What do you think he's
gonna do if I go to him

and tell him I got proof

that you're Ghost?

How fast do you think
you'll get the needle then?

What proof?

I ain't telling you shit.

You're either gonna pay me

and I'll keep my mouth shut

or you ain't gonna pay me

and I ain't gonna keep my mouth shut.

Now, what's it gonna be?

What's your fucking price?



to this address.

And then every week after that.

And I want Egan to make the drop.

'Cause ain't nobody else
gonna be as committed

to making sure I get my money

and that I lose my singing voice.


You get that done.

Hey, Tommy, I was gonna call you.

What the fuck is going on?

How close are the Feds to
bringing the heat down on us?

Us? Wh... slow down.

What are you talking about?

Julio, Dre, LaKeisha Grant,

all getting pulled in.

She told me something
bout the Feds trying

to force Tasha to snitch on Ghost?

That's just a theory I have

about one of the prosecution's
angles about the case.

- We won't know anything till...
- No.

We are never gonna know

because you're gonna make
sure that never happens.

This heat never touches
Tasha and the kids

or LaKeisha.

She good people, she don't deserve this.


don't worry, okay?

They just turning up the pressure

to see who will make a mistake.

They want everyone close to James

to have this reaction.

If everybody plays it straight,

everything's gonna be fine.

How involved is LaKeisha anyway?

She's just a family friend, right?

She known me and Ghost
a long time, all right?

She seen some things.

But she ain't about that life, you know?

You make sure she
doesn't know anything real

about your drug business.

Because she's a weak link.

You... you...

You have the stuff for my ex?

Tommy, it ain't a good situation,

but I got it under control.

Just gotta stay cool

and trust me.

Trust you?

Yeah, you're Ghost's lawyer.

I'll never forget that.

Yeah, I'm yours too.

I don't have a choice, right?


Met with Tommy Egan last night.

And this is the list

of people the Feds are questioning

as potential witnesses against James.

And why did you meet with Egan?

I represented Tommy before James.


If you represented Egan, you
can't represent St. Patrick.

That's a clear conflict of interest.

- You have to recuse yourself.
- There's no conflict.

St. Patrick and Egan's
interests are the same.

St. Patrick goes home...

everybody's happy.

I hired you because you
get innocent guys off.

You get results.

I don't need a portable bar committee.

Innocent? St. Patrick?

Look, I can't find any
record of that traffic stop.

The... how do you know he's not lying?

Just because he says he told Valdes

doesn't make it true.

It's true.

James wouldn't lie to me.


Because he's special?

He ain't like the other boys?

What makes you trust him so much?

Is there something you need to tell me

about your relationship
with St. Patrick?

With Egan? 'Cause I see
you handling their needs

like a goddamn concierge, Joe.

Staking your reputation
on these cats isn't smart.

And you're one of the
smartest lawyers I know, so...


I been doing this long enough to know.

St. Patrick's not scared
because he's innocent.

He's scared because
he finally got caught.

If James said the traffic stop happened,

it happened.

You come back to me with
proof of the pullover,

not excuses.

We're filing a motion
to dismiss the DNA.

What do you want, Saxe?

Okay... hypothetically,

what would happen if I had a recording

that implicated Egan and St. Patrick

of the Lobos kill?

Why am I only hearing about this now?

And where did this recording come from?

Hypothetically, now, Judge,

it was, um,

obtained from an illegal CI

that Knox was running him off the books.

Score another one for your crooked Cop.

Your Honor,

Knox was right
about a lot of things.

The CI recorded Egan
admitting that he killed Lobos

aand potentially
implicating St. Patrick.

Your colleagues don't know that

we're having this conversation, do they?

It's just a hypothetical.

Yeah, hypothetically, John Mak

would eat your fucking face
off if he knew you were here.

An illegal wiretap off a bootleg CI?

Look, I hope you can prove

that Egan killed Lobos,

and if St. Patrick is
involved, even better.

But I can tell you conclusively,

there is no chance of ever

hearing that inadmissible bullshit

play in my court.


I'm gonna fuck off.

Yeah, fuck right off.



I need you to do me a solid.

Need you to find out anything
you can on a Tony Teresi.

He's an inmate in here.

Ye... I gotta be careful, James.

Every time I stick my neck out for you,

I open myself up for exposure.

He called me "Ghost."

Didn't bat an eye.

And he asked for money
to keep his mouth shut,

so I think we're way past
possible exposure, Joe.

What did you do?

What do you mean, what did I do?

How did he figure it out?

I was gonna ask you how
he fuckin' figured it out.

You started without me?

Anything on the pullover?

Not yet.

I'm still looking.

You got everybody on it, right?
The whole team of investigator...

If it's there, we'll find...

I'd like a meeting with him alone.

- Out of the question.
- No chance.

My lawyers stay right here, Angela.

I don't trust you.

What is this?

Whywhy are you here?

Confess to killing Greg,

give us Tommy for the Lobos murder,

and I promise

I'll get your sentence
reduced as much as I can.

I won't confess to
something I didn't do.

Jamie, we'll break spousal privilege

and force Tasha to
testify as your accomplice.

And if she refuses, we'll prosecute her.

What will happen to your kids

if you and Tasha both go to jail?

If you die by lethal injection,

will Yasmine even remember you?

I'm being framed.

I was at Truth the whole
night. Angela, think, okay?

Whoever killed Greg Knox was careless.

You know me. You know
I'm not careless...


Don't say anything else, kay?

James, stop it.

Stop lying.

You did it. I know you did it.

I'm being set up.

You set me up?

Is that why you want
me to take your deal?

If you're a man with
any ounce of goodness

left in you,

the man I thought you were,

take this deal, stay alive,

and spare your wife and kids

all the pain you're causing them.

I'm only thinking about them,

my family.

We both know, when you want something,

your family doesn't matter.

No one matters but you.

The offer's on the table.

Think about it.

We should... We should
discuss this offer.

How much time they might ask for.

- James...
- What they require you to...

This is bullshit.

She doesn't have the authority
to make this kind of a deal.

Now, you know that.


put this out of your mind.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Don't make any decisions.

Get to the bottom of this shit,

and it is bullshit.

Hey. You don't know for
sure she's not authorized.

And you can't tell him
not to take that deal.

John Mak would never send
Angela down here to flip James.

That smug prick

would want this moment all for himself.

She is uniquely qualified

to fuck with our client's
head. Or at least, my client.

I don't know who you're serving, Joe.

James. I'm serving James.

And he's innocent, Silver.

Even if that is true,

Valdes is right, man.

We're gonna lose this.

If James... James...
Is really your client,

then tell him to turn on Egan.

Or walk away.

Yo, yo!

You gonna leave it there?

Tickleshit, Dookie Shoes,

you think that you can put that table

within missile range of the bar?

All right, everybody! Listen up!

In order for this to work,

can't nothing go wrong.

No felonies.

Everybody gonna buy in offpremises.

And no cash on site.

Bring everything in
through the front door.

And make sure you're seen doing it.

But bring the customers
in around the back,

so they ain't seen.

That's it. All right?

Let's get it done.

I need a minute, and it can't wait.

What's up?

Julio shut down the drugs in the club

'cause he thinks we got too much heat.

Look, I'm telling you,

my bottle system is on lock.


The Serbs need that club money.

Listen, you keep running
the product through the club.

- A'ight.
- But don't get pinched.

I can't deal with one single fuck up.

Come on, man, trust me. I got it.

- Anything else?
- Yeah.

Got scooped up by the Feds,
and they brought Julio in too.

Listen, dog, on the real,

I don't know what the deal is with them,

but they kept him a lot longer than me.

You know, Dre, you were right
to bring me this information.

But I already knew about Julio.

Now go move that weight.

Got you.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I blame it on bad parenting.

Lock it up!

Hey, you know the code?

The code to turn off damage?

I can't get through
this track without it.

Yeahyeah, I got you.


There you go.

Thanks, man.

Now you can finally get through it

without your training wheels.

Damn, kid.

I wonder what it's like

not to have to worry
about no paper and shit.

That's what we here for.

Take their shit so we don't
have to worry about paper.

Just don't touch nothing that
you can't sell, all right?


Look at this shit.


You have a collect call from the

Manhattan Correctional Center.
Will you accept the charges?

Um, yes.


Are you there?


I'm still here.

I saw the photo... of Raina

in the newspaper.

How is she?


she's not okay.

I mean, she blames herself.

She's doing her best to soldier on,

but I don't think she can handle it.

Can I... can I talk to her?


Come here, baby. It's your father.

Daddy, I'm sorry.

Noshhshhshh. Don't say that.

Don't say that.

I'm sorry.

I know how hard this is on you.

Are they going to kill you?

No, Baby Girl.

Nobody can kill your daddy.

We're gonna beat this.

I promise.

Baby Girl, Baby Girl...

It's all right.

Come here.

She can't talk.

She really can't.

Look, I gotta go.

Let me go ahead and take care of her.

Tasha, thank you.

Goodbye, James.

So far, nobody's made a move,

but I'm pretty sure
I shook all the trees.

Unless you have my teriyaki sliders,

you better start talking.

Something I couldn't tell you
yesterday in front of John.

Can I sit down?


The night he died,

Greg called me to tell me his theory

that Angela Valdes is the mole

and that she's been aiding
St. Patrick and Egan all along.

Did you think he was right?

I've never believed Greg was the mole,

but that's the story John
wants to push to the jury.

And I tried to have him look
at other suspects, Valdes...

But when they found that phone

and given Greg's record,

they wouldn't hear it.

Now I don't know what to do.

I have a piece of evidence that suggests

Greg wasn't killed
because he was the mole,

but it is inadmissible.

Wwhat is it? Maybe
I can work around it.

This isn't the right time or place.

But if we work together,

I think it should be enough

to spook St. Patrick
into flipping on Egan.

At the least, they both do time

and Greg gets exonerated.

Just let me know where
you'd like to meet.

Yeah. I'll be in touch.

I looked into that Teresi guy.

- Yeah.
- Nasty fucker.

He was with Bell Boulevard
Crew back in the day.

Ran a hit squad.

Hhe's implicated in dozens of murders.

They're trying to nail him

for the Roberto Solletti murder.

Yyou've never heard of Teresi?

From Queens?

Look, Proctor, I need you to have Tommy,

and only Tommy, take $20,000 cash

to the address underneath
my right sleeve.

James, what is this...

Please, Proctor, not
now, okay? Just do it.

Right sleeve.

Okay, is this what couldn't wait?

No, it's about the trial, man,

and what it's doing to my family.

You see Raina in the paper?

I did.

- I'm sorry.
- It's your fuckin' fault.

Getting the media involved
in the first fuckin' place.

It was the right move at the time.

Fuck your right move.
That's my daughter, man.

You got one of those.


And they're just trying to break you.

Angela's deal...

- How much time would that be?
- Don't...

How much time would it be?

We will find a way out.

I promise you.

But you have to trust me.

Come on.

What you want?

Why'd you do that at
school the other day?

You talking bout Ethan?

Ain't gotta worry bout
that bitch anymore.

If a teacher had seen it, 'Riq,

you'd get suspended...

I don't give a fuck.

If you keep skipping...

- Yo, come on.
- Shut it off.

If you keep skipping school...

you're gonna get expelled.

I already messed up by
getting photographed.

We have to be perfect right now for Dad.

We can't have anything look bad.

And you getting into fights,

I mean, it doesn't look too great.

Raina, look around.

The club got shot up. Shawn died.

Now Dad is on trial for
killing some FBI agent.

Think this is all some
type of coincidence?

Everything they're
saying about him's true.

It can't be.

Dad wouldn't kill anybody.

Okay, so why don't we
know anything about them

before we were born?

Why haven't they taken
us to where they grew up?

Because everybody would know them

for who they really are.

You're supposed to be
the smart one, Raina.

Wake the fuck up.

Move out my way.

Get the fuck out of my room.

Are we about ready, Mr. Proctor?


It's all there.

Your Honor, I'd like to present evidence

in the motion to dismiss
the DNA against my client

pursuant to a clear misconduct.

- Objection, Your Honor.
- Overruled.

I've found some of the
prosecution's tactics

to be quite questionable, Mr. Mak.

Mr. Proctor, proceed.

Your Honor, I'd like to play
city traffic camera footage

that is evidence of a traffic stop

between my client and Agent Knox

from the day he was killed.

Objection, Your Honor.
The prosecution has no way

to test the authenticity of this video.

I'm glad Mr. Mak mentioned that,

'cause I'd also like to
enter cell phone records

that show both Agent Knox
and Mr. St. Patrick's phones

were pinging off the
closest cell phone tower

to this location at the exact time

the events in the video occurred.

Objection overruled.

Proceed, Mr. Proctor.

Your Honor, prosecution

is in clear violation of the Brady Rule

by not presenting exculpatory evidence

that is favorable to the
defendant in the criminal case.

They're claiming Mr. St. Patrick's DNA

under Agent Knox's fingernails
came from a struggle

in the commission of his
murder, when in truth, it came

from Agent Knox's illegal
traffic stop of my client.

Well, this will be a
question of fact for the jury.

I'll admit the video into evidence,

but I'm not throwing out the DNA.

I'm sorry, Your Honor, it's...

It's not that simple.

AUSA Angela Valdes had
knowledge of the event

and never presented it to the court,

even though it was captured
by a cityowned traffic camera.

It's exculpatory evidence
and it was suppressed

by AUSA Valdes.

AUSA Valdes, please approach the bench.

Is this true?

Did you have knowledge of this incident?

I did, Your Honor.

Did you share it with anyone

or did you keep it to yourself?

Your Honor, AUSA Valdes

did bring this to the
prosecution's attention,

but since the stop was
never logged by Agent Knox

we believe this information to be false.

We just didn't pursue it.

But Mr. Proctor was able
to discover the tape.

So either you didn't look,

as you say,

or you knew it was there
and didn't hand it over.

But we'll never know.

So I'll split the baby.

If we allow the DNA evidence into trial,

I will also allow Mr. Proctor

to imply that you covered
this up intentionally.

That'll bias the jury
against us, Your Honor.


You could withdraw
the DNA evidence, John.

And then I won't mention it.

Your Honor...

It's your call, John.

We withdraw it, Your Honor.

Your Honor,

the defense moves to have
all the charges dismissed.

Let's not get ahead
of ourselves, Mr. Proctor.

There is still the matter of
the gun and the fingerprints.

The charges will not be dismissed,

but we are adjourned for the day.

Good work.

All right.

Let's keep it crackin'.

And remember, if it dies down...

Everybody get a blue chip on the house.

That's right. But never
interrupt me again.

Spanky, nothing pops off, all right?

Yo. Mayweather.

Nothing pops off.

I heard you, motherfucker. We good.

All right.

I'ma go get the mail.

Get out the way. Let
'em watch the fight.

Tickleshit, Dookie Shoes.

All right.

This plan gotta go down just
like we planned, all right?

You two ready?

Let's move.

What is this?

Let it go.

Just watch for Egan.

Let's do this.

Fuck's this all about?

You never know who you
can trust these days.

Right, J?

I'm sorry that I didn't
take the traffic stop

more seriously when
you brought it to me.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.

You're back on.

I almost forgot why
you're the most valuable

person on this team.

That's right, I am.

Thanks for coming in, Silver.

I appreciate you

finding the tapes.

You're welcome.

Just doing my job.

I'm not... here because
you're innocent, St. Patrick.

I'm here because you can pay

and your money will allow me

to help those who actually deserve it.

Look, man, I admit I need you.

What I don't need is your judgment.

Wow, that...

That's why you really called me here?

It kills you, doesn't it?

Someone being able to see through you,

someone... someone reminding you

that you did it the cheap way,

just like the rest
of these cats in here.

Hey, look, I get it, man.

Yyou have every advantage:

Money, polish, intelligence.

And yet still, your
choices brought you here.

Look here, man,

your parents went to college, right?

Raised you in this big
house, big backyard,

house full of books, right?


So you're the one with the advantages,

not me.

Look, man, it's real easy for you

to feel superior about my choices

when you haven't had to make 'em.

It's not about education or economics.

It's character, my friend.


you're my client, man. I got your back.

I'm gonna do everything I can

to make sure you get off
for this crime, but...

I know what kind of man you are, James.

What's that?

This, brother.

And no matter how hard you try

to convince yourself otherwise,

you know it too.