Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 5 - Ease for Idle Millionaires - full transcript

While Sarah and Kira spend time at home bonding, Cosima unlocks the island's biggest secret, discovering a link between the village's so-called creature and the science around Kira.

I wanted to trust you.

You can trust me.

COSIMA: We're property.
Our bodies, our biology.

Any freedom they promise is bullshit.

I'm sick, Delphine.

They'll never accept you.

RACHEL: Who would you choose as
the first face of human cloning?

I'm not dead.

I need you.

We came for the fountain.

DELPHINE: Rachel is
ramping up their agenda.

And this has something to do with it.

Where are you taking her?

I'm going to Sardinia.

Do you remember your car accident, Kira?


Kira, stay with me.

KIRA: Mrs S said it was a miracle.

It might actually be
something in your genes.


SARAH: There's something
in the woods, Cosima.

Mud says it's a bear.
I think it's an ogre.

COSIMA: I don't know,
looks pretty human.

Years ago, he chose another scientist.

SARAH: Coady.

P.T. and Susan recruited me.

We pushed forward. And
we created a monster.




MUD: Oh, my God.

You need to leave right now.




Seriously, who is it?


"This organism and
derivative genetic material

"is restricted intellectual property."

You can't let them win.


I'm intellectual property, Delphine.

This... None of this matters.

They made me sick.

DELPHINE: Then we'll find a cure. Okay?

There's nothing... Nothing that's mine.

Hey, you have me.



You... You were paid to lie to me.

I'm sorry.


Come here.

I can promise you one thing, here.

I will always work to protect you.

And you will win.

They own me, Delphine.


No, they don't.


They do.

DELPHINE: Not your integrity.

My integrity.

Not your intellect.

My intellect.

Not your humour.

My humour.

Defy them.

Defy them.

DELPHINE: Live your life
with every ounce of passion

that I know that you have.

Then they will never own you.




Ray's going to be fine.

He had some trouble in
the woods last night.

Nothing life threatening.

YOLANDA: Okay, good. But
that thing is attacking us.

It's attacking us near our home now.

We're dealing with a bear, Yolanda.

There's nothing to worry about.

WOMAN: Salvador, everyone
knows it's not a bear.

When do we get the truth?

My husband would not lie to you.





AISHA: I'm coming, I'm coming.



COSIMA: Hey, you look healthy.

Would it be okay if I...
If I examined you?

The messenger said
you're not supposed to.

I know, I know. But he's
such a grumpy Gus, isn't he?

You okay with it?

Yeah? It's okay?


Can I see?

It's a lot smaller, isn't it?

Magic water.

Drew a spring for me.



She says he can cure
cancer, he can cure death.


- Look, see.
- Thank you.

I'm getting better.

Can I borrow this?

Hey, there you are.

Yup, I'm right here.

Morning, love.


Where you off to?

I'm going down the lab to see the boys.

I'm just trying to fit this

Coady story into the mix.

Yeah, making monsters with P.T.
and Susan back in the day.


Wish we could talk to Cosima.

I know.

You don't have to whisper.

I'll go upstairs.

Okay, okay, we won't, we won't.

There's a familiar look.

We're... We're talking about Neos.

And trying to put the puzzle together.

And where are the pieces?

We all have to do our part, love.

Your mum and I were off figuring
out what the Neos did in the past

so we know what they're gonna do now.

I'll leave the rest to you.

- Yeah.
- See you later.


Sentries every 50 metres around the
perimeter. Any sightings, they tell us.

We deal with it.

We have to find this thing.

We'll keep everyone in their homes.

Till he's done.

But he doesn't want to hurt anybody.

You know what we do here.
Experimental science.

Sometimes, there are mistakes.

We all have orders.

Get to it.

Says she might calm it down.

Then they take her.


go to your cabin.

Stay inside till we've
dealt with this bear.

It's just a precaution.

SALVADOR: There's nothing to fear.

What's really out there, Salvador?

Ana, please.




Hey, what's going on?

Not now.

It's more and more like a police state.

They just wanna make sure
no one else gets hurt.

I saw his cage, Mud.

What did P.T. do to him
to make him violent?

It didn't always use to be like this.

He used to have his own room upstairs.

And then...

They started doing these
new experiments and...

(STUTTERING) I just couldn't.

I can't see him locked up like that.

Oh, you let him out?

Keep your head down today, okay?

There's a lot of VIPs at the big house.

Rachel's already here.

Hey, Mud, let's go.


(WHISPERING) Wait, wait...

- I gotta go.
- Mud, wait. Mud.

COSIMA: Delphine.

Back in your shelter, please.


WESTMORLAND: To an historic moment.

All your hard work is
finally paying off.

Thank you.

It's good to be home.

WESTMORLAND: This is a very
special night for all of us.

The villagers are restless, Susan.


This creature that you won't
talk about has everyone on edge,

and P.T. is just...

Polishing the silverware.

I'm steering him, Ira.

It's all I can do to keep
a hand on the tiller.


IRA: Let me help you.

Just be careful.

The villa in Sicily.

Do you remember the colour of the roof?

(SIGHS) I'm not glitching, Susan.

You always acuity-test me when
you want to change the subject.

Only 'cause I still care.

Surrogate selection is complete.

Thirteen hundred subjects

are awaiting hormone injections
to prepare for implantation.

Thirteen hundred. My, my.

I'm so glad that you urged
us to snap up the patent

on those treatments.

All right.

Pressure there.

There we are.

If anyone deserves Cosima's inoculation,

it's you.

More than any of them.

RACHEL: Thank you.

And now, I need you to
pay your mother a visit.

Need to assure certain loyalties.

Security on several fronts.

Well, then, let me ask after
this escaped subject.

Why capture it when you
should have it eradicated?

Because this mutation
is important to me.

Because life, long or
short, is never perfect.

I only meant...

We can't predict all outcomes, can we?

For instance,

how old is Leekie?

Could you have predicted
that he would wind up

buried underneath some
random crone's garage?

I must remember that
you know most things.


But I need a few things
clarified before this evening.



Mr Westmorland, Rachel.

RACHEL: Delphine.

Looking wind-blown.


WESTMORLAND: Splendid work you've
been doing out in the field.

You've brought some samples, have you?

Yes, the Sardinian gene bank
you purchased is a gold mine.

But I was hoping to be on
my way to Geneva this week.

Patience, you're here for a reason.

Everything will be revealed tonight.

Right now, we need something from you.

Your friend, Cosima, she
crosses certain lines.

Threatens sensitive research.

What is it you need to know?


I've hidden the knives.

Hello, Mother.

You're looking well.

The prodigal daughter returns.

RACHEL: Remarkable recovery
you've made for a woman your age.

Women my age either recover

or die.

I'm sorry.

If it helps.

It doesn't.

Work helps.

You need me for the surrogacy programme.

And even though you don't trust me,

I am the only one you can trust.

Because Neolution science saved your
life and now, you are born again.

And because

I want my life's work to go on
for a very, very long time.

That's you, Rachel.

RACHEL: You didn't think
I could accomplish this.

You surprised me.

You said they would never respect me.

That a clone couldn't have autonomy.

I was wrong.

You've shown great restraint in
securing Kira Manning in our care.

My care.


She's in my care.

Make no mistake, P.T. put
me at his right hand.

Corporate runs the science.

Whatever he needs, Rachel.

Whatever he needs.




Nice of you to stop in.

Yeah, I just landed.

You look great.

I heard that the treatment was working.

Yeah. Yeah, it's working.

I saw you go up to the house.

Okay, yeah.

I had some samples to deliver.

I don't know how long I'll be here,

but P.T. and Rachel want
me at a meeting tonight.


So what have you been doing for them?

I was collecting stupid stool
samples from centenarians.

And they say science isn't glamorous.


I don't even know what it's for.

I'm trying to put the pieces together,
but they keep us both siloed.

What have you been able to figure out?

You told me to look into Aisha.



This is hers.

This weird book, but
it's got a med chart

and a kid's diary in the back,
and they reference naked DNA.

They're manipulating tumours.

Not with chemotherapy,
but with gene therapy.

For Wilms tumour.

Yes, a Wilms tumour is caused by a gene
associated with organ development,

and it normally shuts off in infancy.

LIN28A, right?

But with Wilms tumour, the
kidney continues to grow and...

Becomes cancerous.

Leekie was studying skin
and organ regeneration

using the same gene in spiny mice.

Did you know that spiny mice have
90% of the same genes as humans?

- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.

And you're supposed to pick
them up by the tail, like this.


When you put him down he feels
safe and crawls all over you.

You know, I saw... Um...

Auntie Helena.

- Really?
- Yeah.

How is she?

She misses you.

I know.

Yeah, that's kind of
why I went to see her.

To try to understand this connection
that you've got with all of us.

You feel it too, don't you?

I know you saved me when
I was on that island.

Kira, if you can teach me everything
you know about that feeling,

then I'll tell you whatever
you want to know about

all the grown-up stuff we do.


So this is all the more recent stuff?

Right, so Project LEDA,

Project CASTOR, this is pro-longevity
research on the island.

And Leekie's book.

We know about P.T's early life.

Elite boarding school, university.

Publishes on the science of Neolution.

Disappears into the jungles
of Southeast Asia.

At the beginning of the 20th
century, the movement goes dormant.

Until the late 1950s,
when the name Neolution

is revived by obscure academic
circles at Cambridge.

Where Virginia Coady meets Susan
Duncan for the first time.

Exactly. Coady was a visiting
scholar in the early 1970s.

So, we need crossovers.

We need lovers, benefactors.

Men who might have
died around that time.


Well, obviously, love.

We're trying to figure
out if this man here

is the same one as this man here.

This was Aisha's genome when
her tumour was advanced.

Look, low promoter methylation.

Yeah, right at the locus of LIN28A.


One second, I have a hunch.

Whose DNA is in the sequencer?

Whose is this?

It's another one of
P.T.'s research subjects.

He's been experimenting on
someone up at the house.


SALVADOR: This thing attacked Ray.

Like a wild animal.

So how are you gonna calm it down?

MUD: I don't know if I can.
He just... He knows me.

He used to, anyway.

I brought my wife here for the fountain,
and now, I'm hunting a monster.

MUD: He's not a monster.

And you have orders to take him alive.

Listen, people are scared, amiga.

It gets near me or my family,

I'll put a bullet right through it.

Look, see, they're manipulating
the expression levels of LIN28A

in both of these subjects.

This is Aisha and this is...

The human experiment that P.T.
had chained up in his basement.

Yeah, I saw him.

I saw the cage that
they're keeping him in.

- Cosima, stop.
- And they're doing horrific...


You are pushing too hard.

They know you're digging.

I have to.

No. Right now, you're risking everything
that I'm doing on the outside.

What are you doing on the outside?

You can't tell me, right?

- Right.
- Okay.

- Why am I not surprised by that?
- Okay, just listen to me.

I'm listening.

Rachel has access to Kira.

They've been testing her at Dyad.

What? Why didn't you tell me?

I just got here. I'm telling you now.


Delphine, you're requested for dinner.

I'm coming too.

You're not invited.

Just stay here until I get back.


Tell Westmorland I found his fountain.

You are not suitable for dinner.

Come on, follow me.


Does he want us to dress up for him?




- Dress or leave.
- We'll dress.

Thank you.

Rachel's studying Kira at Dyad.

That means that it's connected to
whatever shit they're doing here.

Yes, okay?

It is related to Kira.

But we'll endanger her if
you ask too many questions.

So what should I do, sit
back and just let it happen?

We'll learn more if we play along.

Play along in a dress like this?

Frock that.

This is not appropriate.

It's totally appropriate.

He wanted to speak with me?

Follow me.

What? Hey.

What are you doing?


COSIMA: Susan.

Still alive, yes.

I didn't know whether to believe it.

You're breaking bread with Rachel?

Over there, please, Ira.

You along for the ride too, Ira?


Your people wish you well.

Let me see how that goes.

Ah, yes.

Rachel will be along shortly.

Yes, here we are. Sorry
to keep you waiting.

DELPHINE: Thank you.

Susan, I believe they're onto us.

They've discovered our
interest in LIN28A.

Oh, so that's why you're here.

Wanted a seat at the table, did we?

I'm not so sure any more.



SALVADOR: You scared of the dark?

MUD: No.

That thing got Ray at night, too.

Not far from here.

In the dark, he might not know it's you.

(ON RADIO) Sal, it's Cooper. Come in.

Go ahead, Coop.

COOPER: Sentries spotted
something near the woodshed.

One of us needs to confirm what it is.

Copy, we'll check that out.

Let's go find your friend.



You have a lot of dead things in here.

Yes, aren't they delightful?


Did you kill all of them?

Taxidermy is the fading
art of faded species.

But you see,

Darwin never would have gained
a spot aboard the Beagle

without knowing taxidermy.

He learned it from a freed slave while
in medical school at Edinburgh...

Darwin flunked out of medical
school in Edinburgh.

Yeah, thanks.

You're right.

Yes, he always felt...

Thank you.

that he had failed his physician father

and his adoring mother.

And by the way,

how are your parents?


- My parents?

WESTMORLAND: Sally and...

- Gene.
- Yes, Gene.



(CLEARS THROAT) They, uh...

They still think I'm in
school in Minnesota.

I haven't spoken to them
in I don't know how long.

Uh, which isn't unusual for us.

They're... They're, uh...

Professors and they live on a
houseboat, so they're pretty remote.

Anyway, but...

But, um...

They're in love.

And they love me.


I haven't even told them I'm sick.

Because if I did that,
then I'd, you know, crack.

And I'd have to tell them everything.

I'd have to tell them that I'm a clone.

And then they would

know that everything's a lie.

Mmm. Oh, my.

What a delicate balance you have.

The clinical and the humane.


So sorry I'm late.

Hello, Cosima.

I'll be right down.



Okay, so Cosima's codename is Sunfish.

- KIRA: Yup.
- Yes.

And Helena is Shark.

Shark, that's good.

Great name.

What about Rachel? What's she?


is Elephant.

Oh, and here's her cane.

- Why is she Elephant?

Elephants are scared of mice.

She's scared of you, mouse?

(GIGGLING) We don't want her to be.

- Hello.

What's S?

S is what? What? What?

- Home.
- Home.

- S is home.
- Yes, I am home.

What's going on?

Kira wants to be in on the, uh...

The action.

- Oh.
- I'm gonna be a hustler, too.

You just jumped her right in
there with both feet, did you?


We're finding a way to be safe, right?

Little tricks and then,

maybe even gain Rachel's trust?

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, well.

That is the hustle, isn't it?

How do you go about that?

How do you gain someone's trust?

You have to figure out
what they want first.

And then give it to them

without them realising it.

And what is it that Rachel really wants?


The so-called Fountain of Youth gene.

We're decades ahead of popular science.

You're both lucky to be here.

It's a momentous time.

'Cause you've isolated the
mutation in Kira, haven't you?


Of course.

Her healing ability is a
self-regulating mutation of the gene.

Which does not cause cancer.

Unlike Aisha, whose cancer
you've manipulated, not cured.

You mind your tone.

No, no, hear her out.

I'm very interested to hear
what else she's learned.



Delphine told us you took
a tour of my basement.


Well, so sorry to cut this short.

Duty calls, Rachel.

RACHEL: Yes, I'm afraid it does.

The helicopter should be leaving soon.

Delphine, I know you have
important work in Geneva.

Yeah, that's right.

What? Are you serious?

Better leave while you can.

Thank you.

cut your reunion short.

(SHOUTING) See her out, if you wish.

What in the actual hell?

Why would you tell him that
I was in his basement?

He wanted information. I
had to give him something

so that he'd let me go to
Geneva before it's too late.

What's in Geneva?

What's so important that you
would throw me under the bus?

Felix is there.

- Felix?
- Yes, he's there with Adele.

We're all working on the endgame,

but I can't share information
that endangers that.

Yes, I know. Right.

Jesus Christ, this again.

Hey, hey, hey.

Do you remember when you
told me you were sick?

You remember?

You feel this?

I made a promise.

I promised to protect you.

And I promised to defy them.

This is what we do. I push too hard
and you do things without my consent.

That's our relationship.

Now, we can end it...

Or we can just accept it as it is.

That felt like "accept it".



This is what he does, he divides women.

Then you just go back in there

and act like he's divided us.

- Go first.

I don't... I don't see anything.

- I think we should back.
- Check inside.

Maybe it was just
livestock or something.


- See? There's nothing.
- Shh.

Put your rifle down. We're
supposed to take him alive.

- Shut up.
- We're not supposed to kill him.

We're all safe when the thing is dead.



Yanis... (STRAINING)

Yanis, please. It's me.


MAN: Oh, God.

We found him

in a Latvian orphanage.

He showed remarkable healing.

He was our first LIN28A subject.

He's a person.

He's my deepest regret.

SUSAN: For the record, I was not the
scientist conducting the trails.

But I did synthesise the gene.

You synthesised it?

And put it in the LEDA genome.

To see if accelerated healing
would manifest in you.

Which it didn't.

It manifested in Kira, the
unexpected second generation.


There's an emergency. It's
in the village now, sir.

God's sake, Percival,
what did I tell you?

All right. We'll see to this.

You'll be safe here.


You lock the door, you stay put
till I give the all clear.

That thing is in the house.

Be quiet, Ira, close the drapes.

- Chickens coming to roost.
- These are not my chickens.

Yes, they are. That man
that's coming after you,

there's a direct line from him to Kira.

IRA: Listen to her, Susan.

How are you going to
exploit Kira's mutation?

SUSAN: Don't you know?

- No, no, I don't.
- What do you think?

We have to know if the
trait is heritable.

You're going to harvest her eggs.

MAN: This is where it got in.

But it's injured.

We'll find it.

No, it won't be necessary.

I know where it is.

I won't need that.

Just in case.

He's unpredictable, sir.


- How many surrogates?
- Thirteen hundred to start.

Thirteen hundred? That...

Those are Kira's children.

Sarah's grandchildren. Do you
even think about it like that?

You can stop him, Susan.

I can only steer him.

And you can help.

Together, we can mitigate the damage.

She's a little girl!

You're a woman, you're a human being.

If you don't start there, there's
nothing left to mitigate.

I'm gonna stop him myself then.

Lock the door behind me.

- The roof... Red. Roof, red.
- What?

It was red.

Are you glitching?


Mud, what's going on?

Is he down there?

Is P.T. down there?

- COSIMA: Okay.
- He... He knows I let Yanis out.


His name's Yanis?

(SOBBING) He was shot.

- Let's go help him.
- No.

- Don't... Don't.
- Come on.

P.T., he's not well, that's why
all of this has been happening.


Don't go down there.

I understand now.


Why you're doing all
this reckless science.

Focussing in on one gene when you
know it's never about one gene.

She's getting warm, Yanis.

Oh, look at the poor fellow.

- Oh, the poor boy has been hurt.

He only wanted to come home.

You're dying, P.T.


This is your legacy.

- Yanis.
- Huh?


He was a healthy kid.

Like Kira.

And you dismantled him.

All this suffering just so
you can extend your life?

You're not even 170. That's all smoke.

You want to end the suffering?

Here, you can do it.

I warned you.

Go ahead, you do the ethical thing.

- Go on.




You gave me life.

I know you can take that away.

You can't take away my humanity.


COSIMA: Please, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm... I'm Cosima. Okay?



I don't have much time. My
flight to Geneva leaves soon.

MRS S: Well done on securing that.

Felix and Adele are
making inroads there.

How's Cosima?

She's healthy, at least.

But we found out what they're
really after in Kira.

It's a specific gene.

Everything I know is on here.

Siobhan, your Deep Throat, the
one that led us to Coady.

Can we count on them again?

I'm not sure we should
have in the first place.

But why?

Because however they are planning to
exploit Kira, it's happening soon.



Let me out!


I'm not letting you out.

Cosima can rot.

Think of my niece, please!

- It's them.

IRA: You're not a murderer.

No, I'm everything but.

You've been hiding someone from me.

Oh, jeez.

I'm weirdly into smart guys lately.


She's been poisoned by Big Cosmetics.

What about... What about
that is confusing?