Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 4 - Episode #5.4 - full transcript

Hello, Susan.

You're looking much better.

Colour in your cheeks.

See what I brought you?


Floors can be chilly.

You'll be up and about soon.

You turned my daughter against me.

We treated you

with synthetic, platelet-derived

growth factor.

Wound healing.

I'm not dead.


Because I need you.

Hi, Chomper. Hi, Crazylegs.

Where's Daisy?

I don't know. Where is Daisy?

- Daisy!
- Daisy!



Let's go.

No. Something's not right. Come on.


She's bleeding.

Who left this out here?

HEY! You shouldn't be here!

Come on, back to the village.


Hurry, come on!

- Can we talk a bit?
- Gonna be late for gym class.

- No, you're not. No.
- Yes, I am.

Look. I'm not happy

sharing you with Rachel,
and you just make it worse

- when you don't talk to me.
- She didn't hurt me.

Have you seen my Grey runners for gym?

- Can you tell me what happened?
- She clipped my fingernails.

- Your fingernails?
- Yes, and...

she took some blood,
and she talked a bit.

- What did she talk about?
- Science stuff.

And she gave you a mouse to take home?


Have you seen my Grey runners or not?

- Thank you.
- Come here.

Gonna munch on you.

Ow! Ow!

- What happened?
- Uh, nothing.

- Come here.
- No.


Oh, my God, babe, what did she do?

- Nothing! Let me go!
- What did she do?

Hey. What do you got?

Man: Hey, I've got the stuff.
Come by when you're ready.

- Fine. Yeah. We'll stop in.
- Leave me alone!

- Stop it! Don't worry about it!
- What's going on?

- Hey! What happened?!
- Stop!

What do you mean, "don't worry
about it"? Look at this! Look!

- What?
- Rachel bloody

vivisecting her! Look at that!

- Oh, my God.
- Ohhh...


Look at me. What did she do to you?

It was me! I cut myself!

- Stop blaming Rachel!
- Why? Why?

I wanted to see how fast I could heal.

It doesn't hurt!

Can I please go to school?

Um, honey, go upstairs,
will you? Just, um...

You know where we keep the Band-Aid,

- just get the whole tub.
- Um, OK.

Felix, you take care
of the school today.

And you're gonna pick her up afterwards
and take her to yours for a sleepover.

No! No!

And stay awake, someone's
coming to visit you.

- Who? What are you up to?
- S, what are you doing?

You get your stuff,
you're coming with me!

I'm not going anywhere.
Did you see that?!

I'm not leaving her right now!

We have three days,

three days 'til her next visit
to Dyad, and we have nothing.

We need some leverage,
some... We need anything,

- and I have a lead.
- What's your lead?

It's our best chance at helping Kira.

Too many memories here.

Imagine how I feel.

Remember your greenhouse?

Oddly, you let everything die.


Well, you were the one
with the green thumb

And your hands never get dirty.


Only my beautiful, filthy mind.

Still got that, do you?


I know you've had a breakthrough.

That's why you're doing this.

But I am finished with you, Percival.

I can never forgive you.

Oh no, don't say that.

- Ira.
- Hello, Susan.

Think about it, Susan.

We can't let our history

stand in the way of the future.

P.T. Westmorland.

Born in 1843, allegedly.

Educated Eaton and Cambridge.

Member of the Royal Geographic Society

where he published a number of papers.

We've been antiquing.

"The Management of Reproduction

in Feebleminded Populations
by P.T. Westmorland."

I mean, of course, it makes sense.

He was one of the original eugenicists.

Good work, Scott.

Also studied primitive
societies in 1894.

He disappears into the jungles

of Borneo never to be heard from again.

Presumed dead, 1898.

It's all here. I cracked her email.

- And the window's today only?
- Mm-hmm.

But I don't get it. What's this
person's connection to all this?

Right, need to know basis.

What are you two up to?

Keep pushing on P.T. There must be

some record of him in
the last 100 years.

- He might have assumed a new identity.
- Publishing under a pen name?

Yeah. So when we get back,
can I have a timeline?

Neolution from day one.

Where are you guys going?

Do you think she tells me anything?

Guy in the ball cap?

It's fine, we're not being followed.

There was a black sedan, but I
lost him back at the house.

Wanna tell me what we're doing here?

We're just going for a drink, you and I.

- Operational security.
- Seriously?

- Would you like to see a menu?
- Just a Scotch and soda.

Bourbon, neat.

- You were casing the joint.
- So were you.

Birds of a feather...

Who's the mark?

You tell me.

Laptop, red wine.

Well done.

Elizabeth Perkins. Bit of a drinker.

She's got two DUI's on
her record already,

but that's not the play.

She has a daughter. Hates her
so much, she's suing her.

I need to be with Kira, S.

And you will be.

But Dr. Perkins may have the
key to P.T. Westmorland.

Please trust me, Sarah,
this will help, I promise.

But we need to get her ID.

- This is bullshit.
- Sarah, please.

- Not here.
- Well, where then?

You wanna talk about it
somewhere else? I'm sick

of your bloody secrets! I'm sick of it!

- Here we go. Look...
- Don't! I'm not a child.

Stop acting like one. It's not
always about you. You're just...

Excuse me.

Oh my!

Are you alright?

I'm so sorry.

- Did we get it on you?
- No, no, no.

It's... it's fine.

It's your daughter, I take it?

I'm-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

At least, she's talking
to you. Silence is worse.

At least it's quiet.


You're gonna want another drink.

Thank you.

OK. Big breath. Big breath, go, go, go.


Awesome volume.

You're getting stronger.

- What have you got there?
- Oh, we found this

in the forest. Daisy the pig escaped,

so Aisha and I went out
to try and find her.


They said there's something
in the woods, did you see it?

No. We heard it though.
It sounded scary.

Mud saved us.

She says it's a bear;

I think it's an ogre.

Umm, what's the scientific
name for ogre? Ogre...

"Ogre-us not-real-icus"?

I don't know, it looks pretty human.

OK, I have a theory.

This bullshit story about
a bear in the woods,

you made it up, right? 'Cause

honestly, it's totally
lame, nobody's buying it.

So do you want to tell me
what's actually out there?

OK, first of all,

the bear is real. It's
deadly and dangerous...

- Right. Liar.
- And no, I am not! And second...

You were out there this morning;

you helped the girls. Charlotte told me.

We're on the Island of Dr. Moreau here;

whatever weird shit is happening,

it's coming from the big house.

I know that disturbs you, Mud,

so talk to me, tell me the truth.

- It's not his fault.
- Who are you talking about?

Mud, who's out there?

You're gonna get me in trouble.

Why are you so scared?

Stay out of the woods!

There's a bear in the woods!

She's relentless, always has been.

And she knows exactly
how to make me mad.

How much of yourself do
you see in your daughter?

Oh! Are you going to charge me now?

It's not rocket science. Your
problems with your daughter

can trace right back
to your relationship

- with your own mother.
- Jesus!

We'll be here all night.

"Dr. Elizabeth Perkins.
Department of Psychology."

Trauma? Is that, um,

PTSD? Survivors of abuse?
That sort of thing?

I'm looking at how PTSD co-occurs

with major depressive disorders.

- And you're in town for...?
- Some case studies for a book.

A place out of town. Let
me give you a card.

You know what? Don't go to any trouble,

- I'll just lose it.
- No.

Take it anyway. You never know.

- Calmed down, are we?
- I'm just back to say

you keep drinking. I'm
leaving. I'm taking a cab.


Sarah, please! Take a lift with me.

I'm sorry. I just don't want

- to let her get away.
- Go! Go! I'll get these.

Oh, thank you. Thanks so much.

Hey! Listen.

Your daughter is struggling
on the threshold

of what it means to become you.

Remember that.


Let me get this straight:

you got Madame LaRue for French,
and then you got that, uh,

scrumptious Mr. Mitchell for
homeroom and everything else?

- Mm-hmm!
- Well...

Hey, how's that cut in your arm
doing? Should we have a look?

It's fine.


If you wanna go sit yourself down...

Real nice bit of light
right on your face there.

Be still.

Ah, I want to see!

No! Go sit down!

You're being impatient.

Come on...

Hmm! I really look like my mom there.

Yeah, you do look like your mom.

Been reminding me of her all day -

stomping around,

- breathing like a pug.
- I'm trying

- to help her.
- What do you mean by that?


She's... acting dumb,

and she gets mad at me for
going to visit Rachel.

But she shows me things,

like about why I'm special.

Darling, you know that even if Rachel's

being nice to you, we can't trust her?


we don't know what she wants to
do with that special part of you.

Dr. Elizabeth Perkins.

Patients' names, emails, histories.

About two hours ahead, there's
a psychiatric facility,

CedarRidge. Her contact
there is Dr. Nimitz.

They've never met. She's
expected tomorrow.

But she's showing up tonight.

With her assistant.

There's a patient, Alex Ripley,

not their real name. Apparently,
a Neolution defector.

High level, close to
old man Westmorland.

Probably being held against their will.

It's a secure facility.

It won't be easy to get inside,

but we're going to make them talk.

How did bloody Hell-Wizard
figure that out?

Well, he didn't, but he found Perkins.

So who found the defector?

Who's feeding you info close to P.T.?

- You always do this.
- I rarely do this.


We got time then, I'm gonna make a stop.


It's a convent, Mom.

I cannot imagine you
here in this place.

You never talked about it,

you never even mentioned
Westmorland was actually alive.

We have a complicated history.



- you're jealous.
- Nonsense.

He's fossilized.

No! You shouldn't

be walking.

Just tell me what happened

between you two.

Years ago,

he chose another path,

another scientist,

someone who was willing to
do the things I wouldn't.

And he led Rachel to stab you.

I don't know

how you can work for him
and his insane vision.

Ira, do not mistake me.

The vision is mine as well.

Our feud is only about the means.

Have there been any other visitors?

Vow of silence maybe?

This one's for you, love.

- Yeah? You... you sure?
- Yeah, I need to get ready.

Give her a hug for me.
I'll meet you here after.


Oi, meathead.


Donnie Hendrix told you our secret?


We are family.

Sestra Irina was kind

to me when I was a child in the Ukraine.

She protect me from other nuns,

so they call her blasphemer
and they take her tongue.


Well, I'm writing my memories.

Your memoirs?

Sit, sestra.

I think

your heart is heavy.

Sorry, darling.

OK. Not the welcome I was hoping for.

- Where's the sibling love?
- Oh, my God!

What are you doing
here? What's going on?

- I'm waiting for my cocktail!
- Shh, shh, shh, shh!

Oh, is Kira sleeping?

- Please tell me S didn't.
- Didn't what?

Tell me everything?
Hahaha! Probably not.

She did shed some light
on those many sisters

- of yours.
- She did not.

Clones, Jesus Christ, what a trip!

She had no right to do that, Adele.

Hey, you know what?

She trusted me.

I'm kind of a sucker for
that. You could have too,

- you know.
- Adele, there was a reason

I didn't tell you: oh yeah,

our life is hell and our people
regularly die violently.


Well, did I ever tell you
why I was disbarred?

I just kind of assumed it was 'cause
you were drinking all the time.

That is a very good
guess, but you're wrong.

I'm an embezzler.

Corporate law, right? So I'm real good

at following the money.
Stealing it? Not so much.

- Oh, my God, this family!
- I know.

Hey, your mom has a job for us.

How do you feel about tracking
patent-hoarding corporations

and global profit flows in Switzerland?

I hate fondue.

I can't give Kira what she wants.

She's cutting herself for
answers I don't have.

I cut myself since I was small,

but I stopped when I found peace

and my sestras accepted me.

She's an old soul.

You should share our horrors with her.

God, I don't want her
dealing with what we do.

But she will have to. You know this.

I wasn't a good sister to you.

Yes, we tried to kill each other.

No, no, after that!

I avoided you.

My twin, my other self.

You scared me... because
of what you felt.

You knew we were connected.

Kira feels that too.
She feels all of us.

But I didn't, until...

until I was half dead on that island...

She flowed right through me

and picked me up.

Is that what it is? Is
that what it feels like?

Yes. Here.


I don't give a shit about our genetics.

This is what Rachel can't have.

I think, this old man and Rachel...

After babies, we will kill them.

No. You're gonna take
care of your babies.

Miracle babies.

Like us.


Going for a walk. Just clearing my head!

Where was it? Mud! You understand
me? I'm asking you a question, Mud!

Oh, no! I haven't seen anything!

You're lying. Where is
he? Where does he hide?

I don't know! Now leave me alone!

- Where was he?
- I don't know what you're talking about.

Mud! I know he's out there!

Is she alright, love?

Yeah, she's alright. Wow.

Dr. Perkins.

I mean it's not rocket science!

Your problems with your
daughter trace back

to your relationship
with your own mother!

That's not bad.

I've got a shirt for you in the truck.

My assistant.


I'm all about trauma.

- No. I'm all about trauma.
- Gabrielle Chalmers.

- I'll tell you what...
- Assistant/T.A./PhD student.

Mhm. Major... Major depressive disorder.

OK. Let's do it.

We don't take no for an answer.
Keep your eyes open. Stay close.

- Right, Dr. Perkins.
- And tuck your shirt in.

Nimitz lives 30 minutes from here, so...

clock starts now.

No, I believe Dr. Nimitz
went home at five.

- Five? Are you sure?
- Yeah.

I thought he was on night
shift. Didn't you tell me...

In the e-mail you said until two.

What? Is that...

Is that right? Did I...

- Did I screw that up?
- Uhh...

- Is my visit even scheduled?
- Uhh...

She has to do a case study.
She's here for her book.

Dr. Perkins. Tomorrow, nine a.m.


And you're not even on the list.

She won't be on the list.

I was added at the last minute,

and now I've totally
screwed everything up.

And I have that conference call in
the morning. I will have to move it.

Uh, you know what? It's not your fault.

Dr. Nimitz has done
this before, but, um...

You know what? I'm gonna
see if I can get him back.

No, no, don't disturb him,

that would be ridiculous.
It's not his mistake.

Uhh, we're here now.

Why don't we walk around, see
the environment a bit...

Well, it would be something, I suppose,

since we're here.


'Kay. Tell you what.

I can sign you in.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Uh, can I get a piece of ID, please?

Of course.

Here you go.

Welcome to CedarRidge.

This gives you access to Ward One,

but no patient contact
until tomorrow, OK?

- You've been so helpful.
- No problem. My pleasure.

- You alright?
- I've got it.

Alex Ripley?

- 30 minutes til lights out, OK?
- Thank you.

When we get in here and
you see Alex Ripley,

I need you to dig deep
and stay calm. OK?

You know who he is?

She, actually. And you know her too.

Hello, Virginia.


She's out of it.

Can you tell us what they've
got you on? Virginia!

- Hey!
- You faking it,

- you genocidal bitch?
- Buh...

Benzo drip is my guess. Pull
her line. I've got adrenaline.

This should bring her round, quickly.

Look where you ended up, eh?

I hope it's a bloody lobotomy.

- You've come a long way.
- Are you feeling better?

You've got that sparkle
back in your eye. A little.

- How's that, sir?
- That's fine.

I'll ring when it's done.

Do you recognize me now?

Sarah Manning.

And her mom.

I like her.

How's Helena and the pregnancy?

That's from her.


The Castor soldiers and the
women that they infected...

Yeah, but she's going to tell
us about P.T. Westmorland,

aren't you, Virginia?

Well, well.

Haven't you come far.

How things must have changed
while she kept me in here

drooling on myself.


Get me out. Then we'll talk.

You don't get to decide.

- Talk! You're gonna talk now!
- Sarah, stay with me.

- Everything alright?
- Thank you. Just clumsy.

You want to get out of
here, you need to earn it.

Now, who put you in here?

A dear old friend.

We shared the same goal once:

to control human genetics
and modify the species.

Needless to say, we didn't
always get it right.


We knew from the start we'd
have to break a few eggs.

But she never really had
the guts for the wet work.

Tell us who it was.

You know who put me here, Sarah. Think.

When Castor fell,

Leda won.

Susan Duncan. How did that happen?

I was young. P.T. and
Susan recruited me.

- Out of Castor?
- It was before cloning,

before we found Kendall Malone...

- we found someone else.
- Who?

Our very first human subject.

P.T. Westmoreland's original obsession.

But too many mistakes were made.

- What are you doing here?

- Mud.
- You can't be here.

- You need to leave right now!
- What is this place?

Is this where he lives?

What did they do to him, Mud?

Tell me! What did they do to him?

- You need to go, OK?
- Just tell me!

- He can't find you here.
- Mud?

- You need to go!
- I need you up here!

Who is he?

- Get out of the house!
- Mud, who is he?

Through here. There's
a back stairway. GO!

- Who was he?
- A child.

A beautiful child.

A unique genome.

We tried to unlock it, but...

it was early days.

- The science was crude.
- So what happened?

He started growing tumours.

Brain damage, physical deformities.

Susan wanted to stop,

but I've never been squeamish.

So we pushed forward.

And we created a monster.

It's Mud.

It's Mud!

Hey, you. It's so cold.

I thought you could use this.

Hey, big guy.

It's Mud. It's just me.

Susan never forgave me.

I took Castor, she took Leda,

and P.T. kept the two of us apart.

You say the science was crude.

But what were you trying to do?

You want more?

This time of night, that keycard,

you can roll me right out.

- We need her. Come on.
- Dr. Perkins?

- Yes.
- What are you doing in this ward?

- I'm a guest of Dr. Nimitz.
- Yes, I'm Dr. Nimitz.

Oh! Well, finally! So lovely to...

- This is Gabrielle...
- Keri!

Ms. Ripley's line is out.

There seems to have been
some... confusion...

Yeah, can you two come with me?


Michael! Michael...

Get off...

Clear the ward! Wait for me outside!

GET OFF OF ME! Take your hands off...

Give Helena my love!




I've told you, Ira, it's all
about the means for me.

Imprisoning Virginia Coady,

the woman who ran Castor?

I had to keep her away from Percival.

Her methods are... indefensible,

and her science unsound.

But he thinks she's dead.
What if he finds out?

She's a dangerous liability.

When I made that decision, I
was at the helm of Neolution.

Now look at me.

If he has made his breakthrough,
it has to be Kira.

After all he's done,

you'd work for him again?

To protect her?

To protect us, Ira.

Wow. I thought my life was intense.

Well, we thank you for helping, Adele.

This wasn't your call, S.

- Yeah, it was, actually.
- What?

We're on a whole new
level with Westmorland.

We have to trust S now more than ever.

So what am I meant to do
in Switzerland, then?

Hmm? I need to be here for Kira,

and I have an art
opening in three weeks.

The boys have been digging. There
are at least six different

subsidiaries of Neolution registered
in Switzerland. So we start there.

- Follow the money.
- Adele needs you.

You're a quick study. You're a survivor.

We do this as a family.

Well, Susan. Shall we share a glass

of this excellent port?

If we do, we can have

the kind of conversation
both you and I love:

a conversation filled with deep

and far reaching


Now, if we don't...

The conversation is very short.

Yes. And it's a pity.

Worse than death really,

to be left out of the future

after you've put so much into it.

You overvalue ruthlessness, P.T.

You always have.

Rachel is too damaged for
this responsibility.

She's done pretty well so far.

She tried to kill me.

I didn't intend for her to go that far.

- I'm sorry, Susan.
- No, you're not.

Your corporate-raised psychopath
is finally paying dividends.

But admit it: scientifically,

you're lost without me.

That's why I need you, Susan.

I'd require real-time access

to all Rachel's new
data on Kira's anomaly.

Very well.

Exclusive access.

Nothing hidden. No more secrets.


Rachel has the reins.

So... To the future?

To the future.