Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 6 - Manacled Slim Wrists - full transcript

Cosima is forced into an alliance with Susan Duncan when an old enemy returns to the Island. Meanwhile, on the mainland, Krystal stumbles onto a vital clue to the Neolution endgame.

Hey, guys, I'm Krystal.

- And I'm Brie.
- [camera shutter clicking]

Welcome back to our channel.

Before we begin this week's segment,

we just wanna give a big shout
out to all of our subscribers

because there are now...

[both] 50,000 of you.

- [shrieking]
- Oh, my God. That's all over the world.

Yeah, and we love getting
comments from you guys

who can't really speak English.

- It's so adorable.
- It is.

Your support just gives
us strength and courage

to keep exposing the
lies of big cosmetics.

- Anyway, so, speaking of celebrating...
- [giggles]

Today, we are going to show
you how to do this incredible

hot, sexy, effortless party look.

The great thing about this
is that you literally need

- zero product.
- What?

So, what you need are these cute,
little, colourful bendy straws.

I put them in last night.

So, we will start by taking out
all of the cute, little straws.

And you'll be amazed how the curls, like,

totally spring from your head.



[both shrieking]

I know, I know. I know
it's so hard to watch.

[stammers] We're still not sure
what we're seeing here, Krystal.

I know, right? Like...

not even a top scalp specialist
knew what was going on there.

But I told Brie I have
white-hot friends so...

- Thank you for helping me.
- Yeah.

Yeah, thank you.

Sure, with what, exactly?

She's been poisoned.

By big cosmetics.

What about... What about
that is confusing?

- Sarah?
- Dyad's here for Kira.

Good morning.

Mum, she's not well.

How are you, Kira?

- I barfed this morning.
- So I hear.

She doesn't have a fever.

You don't want to miss a
visit with Rachel do you?

You're too sick, babe.
You're gonna stay here.

No, Mum, I wanna go.


[door opening]

[bell tinkling]


You're wearing a bell? What
are you, his livestock now?


It's my own punishment.

Yanis and Salvador are
both dead because of me.

No, no, no, no. That's all Westmorland.

You've gotta get over this place, Mud.

Mud, Mud, come on, break
the spell. Talk to me.

Talk to me. Where are you from?

Where are you from? [sighs]

I'm just a girl from Seattle, okay?

Nobody cares about me.

Then I came here and saw wondrous things.

It's not wondrous, Mud. It's all a lie.

He's not who he says he is.

I'm not letting you out.

Look, you know what he's doing to
my niece, who is eight years old?

He's gonna fertilise
over 1,000 of her eggs

and implant them in surrogates.

Experimental children.

Like Yanis.

Come on. Let me out.

Let me out so I can warn my family.

- No.
- No, no, no, Mud!

My niece! Think of my niece! Please!

- He's gone.
- You did so well, babe.

You really did, love.

I'm sorry, but you should
be done being sick.

Syrup of ipecac usually
does three good pukes.

So, what the hell, S? We did all
of this on account of Delphine?

She travelled here from the
island at great personal risk.

To warn us to keep Kira away from Dyad.

And she and Cosima have identified

whatever gene they're looking for in Kira?

[Mrs S] Westmorland's
fountain of youth gene.


Maybe that's the same gene that
makes my mouse's skin grow back.

Delphine is gonna rendezvous
with Adele and Felix in Geneva.

They've sent new dirt
on the Neo money trail.

Rachel has been busy.

Neolution-infiltrated companies

have made huge acquisitions in healthcare

and also some...

Some kind of odd sectors,

but maybe Delphine can give
us some context with that.

Okay, I see how Delphine
can be involved in this,

but is she the source who got you Coady?

I have more than one source.

And you know when to
leave well enough alone.

- Made you tea.
- [mobile phone ringing]

Yeah, Art, what's up?

[Arthur] This is gonna sound
crazy but we may have a lead.

Are you near a laptop?

So, our blog is super popular.

We exposed inconvenient
truths about big cosmetics.

So, it's retaliation obviously.


Thanks, Krystal.

Uh, Art, what are they on about?

She's been poisoned, okay?

Probably by those Swedish Neolutionists.

Like that Russian guy
whose hair fell out

when they put a nuclear bomb in his tea.

Is she actually necessary?
'Cause she is so rude,

every single time.

Okay, she's an operative,
like you, Krystal.

Okay? So right now we just
need to stick to the facts.

Now, you said that they were targeting
a cosmetics exec that you met?

Oh, yeah. Leonard Sipp.

Len is like...

[chuckles] He's like an
artist in the industry.

We met at a trade show.

Girl, he's totally into you.

He's only the CEO of Blue Zone Cosmetics.

It's an amazing company. So ethical.

Yeah, and I was totally
cultivating him as a source.


So what? My deep throat's
totally hot. Get over it

Anyway, he invited us to this really
amazing party at his penthouse.

But then, the day that
they poisoned Brie's hair,

he totally stopped calling me.

He didn't return my calls or my
texts. He just, like, ghosted me.

They got to him for sure.

Nobody ghosts Krystal.

It's difficult at first, but
you get used to it eventually.

[Sarah] All right, guys.

Just grabbing this document that
confirms that Len Sipp sold

Blue Zone Cosmetics to a Dyad subsidiary.

Just last week.


Yes, Mr Frontenac?

Kira Manning seems to have
come down with the flu.

I verify it as,

"She emptied the contents of
her stomach onto my shoes."

Mr Westmorland wants to begin
her hormone treatments.

As she is ill, I thought it best
to let her recover at home.

Not arouse suspicion by
dragging her out of there.

We'll let her rest for now.

With Yanis gone, perhaps you'll
focus on what's important.

Kira's mutation.

For that, we need Cosima. Kira will
be much easier with her on side.

Cosima can rot.

Your mask is slipping, Percival.

She saw through you.

[bell tinkling]


- What's wrong with your kidneys?
- Nothing.

Stop fussing. Go.

Should I be concerned?

You may be dying, but I am here
to make sure it's not fatal.

Do you remember who I am?


Of course I remember.

But no one else does.

If you think we don't need
the myth, you've gone mad.

Was I mad when I began all this?

No, you were... Magnetic.

If a meddling student.

And you were brilliant.

But it was 1962, and you were a woman.

And what I couldn't get
with brains, I bought.

By fortune and fiction.

That's how the patriarchy works.

John, what is your point?

Your fictions. Your lies. Your
crafty little workarounds.

All to push your crazed ideals.

But you weren't the only
scientist I bought, were you?


Guess you weren't expecting me.

Been a long time since the three
of us were in this room together.

You bought me from that
mercenary, Ferdinand.

Locked me up, drooling
on myself for months.

Guilty. I disapprove of genocide.

She is not a Neolutionist.
She is a maniac.

We do not need to cull
segments of the population

to genetically advance the human race.

Well, it sure would speed things up.

Thirty years ago, I separated CASTOR
from LEDA at Susan's request.

Now, I have you both here... I
realise that was a mistake.

Progress requires equilibrium.

Balance of opposing forces.

No friction... No fire.

Well, welcome back, Virginia.

Cosmetics. Why would Neolution
be expanding into cosmetics?

Well, because it's a $700
billion industry, for one.

- More research dollars than cancer.
- Piss off.


Well, it's got to be connected to LIN28A.

Did Krystal just fall arse backwards
into something big again?

I do not know how the girl does it.

Seriously, you don't?

Wonder if Krystal... Could
make Len Sipp talk?

Oh, chicken...

Is that a good idea?

That is not a good idea.

That was my initial thought too, Arthur.

But we did buy ourselves
some time with Kira.

There's a window here to
figure out the bigger picture.

It's a good way to connect the dots.

If they're using LIN28A,
this guy would know.

Just get Krystal to set me
up with a meeting with Sipp.


I'll try.

We need to move quickly, Arthur.
So set it up for tonight.

- [Kira] Mum?
- Mmm-hmm.

I have a new codename for the island.



And if I have to, I'll hustle Rachel.

No, no, no.

You've done your part today.

- [imitating Krystal] Now it's my turn.
- [chuckles]

- What? Do you like Krystal?
- I love Krystal.

I love you.

You've got it wrong. Len is Mr
Vegan King of the industry.

He would never sell his company to Dyad.

Okay, that's all I wanna
talk to him about.

Well, I should talk to
him. He's my source.

You and that Australian girl are
gonna, like, mess the whole thing up.

Okay, look, Krystal, I think
the best thing for you to do

is to stay here and support Brie.

Scott is gonna run some tests and
believe me, you're in good hands.

[Scott blows nose]

Okay, look, just call Len, all right?

And tell him that you wanna
meet him at your place.

I'll take care of the rest.

Fine, give me your phone.

We never met, but you know me.

I knew the previous occupant down here.

Your sisters too.

Sarah and Helena.

You're Virginia Coady?

Just re-familiarising
myself with the facilities.

This lab's an old friend.

- Are you taking inventory?
- Don't worry.

You're not deadstock yet.

Still Susan's beautiful
baseline, aren't you?

I never accepted that.

I don't get it.

Your family...

Kira's mutation, Helena's
fetal stem cells...

they will be exploited.

If you shifted your thinking one
step... you could be part of it.

There's a pet project I could use you on.

They've developed the most
ingenious delivery systems

while I've been gone.

Frankly, you're all too insane.

[Ira] Virginia Coady is here?

Yes, she escaped.

And he brought her here.

Her influence is the last thing we need.

He's losing his grip. He's
going to destroy everything.

- Did she ask about me?
- Ira, she is a monster.

Yes, but she created CASTOR.

As a weapon.

I raised you as a human being.

I would still like to learn about myself.

[softly] I'm sorry.

She's evil.

I locked her up to keep
her away from my science.

And P.T. has resurrected her?

I should've killed her
when I had the chance.

Susan. [breathing heavily]
You're not a murderer.

No, I'm everything but.

And that may have to change.

Well, then...

Let me try and get close to her.

Okay, I need to take a blood sample

to test for any toxins in your system.

Yeah, you should take
off your sweater, Brie.

What? So you don't get any blood on it.

- Right.
- [chuckles] Okay.

- [Scott] Sorry.
- Obviously.


- Dr Scott.
- Mmm-hmm.

Are you really a doctor?

- No, but I dropped out of a doctorate.
- Still pretty good.

My hair is super fragile

and I was wondering if you could
help me take off my sweater.

Uh, yeah.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Great.
- Maybe I'll just...

You can hold my hair and I'll... Yeah?


Oh, jeez... Krystal, can you...


[Ana speaking indistinctly]

This was Salvador's dream.

But now he's gone.

We believe in the founder's promises.

A longer life.

We came for the fountain.

And only found death.

What happened...

Baby has no father.

Where do I go from here?


Do you remember me?


Well, you were only four
when Susan separated you.

It was tough for everyone.

How you screamed, leaving your brothers.

Are there any of my brothers left?

Hold here.

Pick. Just one. Good boy.

These children...

What is this all for?

Susan certainly remade you
in her image, didn't she?

Some singers are dancers.

All dancers are slim.

So, there are no slim singers.

True or false?

Have you shown any symptoms?


Did Susan tell you?

I'm close to a cure.

She never even tried to fix you, did she?

[Arthur] Krystal, you took off.
I told you to leave this to us.

[Krystal over phone] This
is my operation now.

Listen, hold on a second.

You don't know what you're
getting yourself into.

No, you don't know what
you're getting into.

I'm getting into a dress. And then,
I'm gonna get down to the truth.

- Oh, well, she's gone rogue then.
- Yeah, that's right.

If anybody should know if Len
Sipp is a hypocrite, it's me.

No, no, we don't need to
know if he's a hypocrite.

We need to know why Dyad is
buying up cosmetic companies.

Great, then pay attention

because I have a surveillance
kit and an earpiece.

- You do?
- Yeah, I do.

I am texting you the passcode right now.

[knocking at door]

He's here.

So, I'm point. You're
backup. Get over it.

Okay, how do I look?

Testing, testing.

- I look cute, right?
- Krystal.

- Don't yell. I can hear you.
- [Sarah] Just be careful.

Sipp might not be the guy you think he is.

- Hey.
- Hey, Krystal.

- What's happening?
- Nothing.

You look nice.


Well, you totally ghosted me.

Len, what happened?

Baby, I'm sorry.

[Arthur] What are you doing?

- Krystal?
- No, Krystal.

[Arthur] Keep it together.

Do not kiss him.

[Krystal moaning]

[Len muttering]

Hey, Krystal, come on now.

Pull back, think of your roommate.

- Shut up.
- What?

- No, don't stop.
- Stop.

- Stop, don't yell.
- I'm not yelling.

- [Arthur] Get him to talk.
- Okay.

Len, talk. Talk to me.

Len, why... Didn't you return my calls?

[chuckles] Come on.


You're great, Krystal.

- Thank you.
- I've just got a lot on the go, you know?

Yeah, well, me too.

I'm fine, emotionally.

Like, I just thought we had a connection.

Look, I just gotta prioritise my
career right now, babe, you know?


I just closed a huge deal.



I've been partying for days.


- [Leonard] You wanna join the party?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

[mobile phone ringing]

Oh, shit. Babe, I gotta take this.

Be right back.

Okay, steer him to Dyad.

- Don't make it obvious.
- Len, you sold your company to Dyad.

How do you know that?

Because we're insiders, Len.
People in the beauty game talk.

- Well, they shouldn't.
- [scoffs]

They sign non-disclosures.

How could you sell to Dyad?

They, like, product test on bunnies.

And humans.

I'm just gonna take this.

Okay. [scoffs]

Yo, Kev. Hey, man.

The good news is, it doesn't look like

anybody fed you any
radioactive isotopes.

Just a little hair loss. Some
erythema. That's rashing.

It's probably an allergic reaction.

You haven't been poisoned.
You're not going bald.

[both chuckling]


[Brie sighs]

Thank you.

I'm weirdly into smart guys lately.

- You're like, what? Normcore?
- Yeah.

The normest.

That's so interesting.

[clears throat] So...

Have you eaten any new foods or
tried any new products lately?


Okay, so, I probably
shouldn't admit to this

because Len Sipp is such a big deal...

but I kinda have a tiny
problem with stealing things.

[whispering] I haven't
made the budget either.

Okay, when he gets off the
phone, you go after him.

Yeah. Ask him why Dyad would be
interested in a cosmetics company.

See if it has anything to do
with this gene called LIN28A.

- Lin what?
- [Arthur] 28A.

Listen, Krystal. I know you can do
this, all right? I believe in you.

Just for the love of God,
keep it in your pants, okay?

Congratulations to you too, brother.

All right, ciao.

- Now... Where were we?
- [chuckles]

It was, like, somewhere around here.

- Or was it there?
- [Krystal moaning]

Stop it. Uh, stop it.

You're making me wet and
I'm super mad at you.

I am. Dyad is a bad corporate citizen.

- Well done.
- Thank you.

Well, it's a business, you know.
[grunts] I have shareholders.

Yeah, but why would Dyad
want a cosmetics company?

I don't know, it's like,
why did I buy a yacht?

It's 'cause it's cool.

Len, I know you, okay?
You're an innovator.

Together, we could stand
up to big cosmetics.

That's why you approached
me at that trade show

because we're truth tellers
and you liked my vlog.

I liked your vlog?

Your vlog is great. It's a great vlog.

I also liked that dress you were wearing.

That was a great dress.

Just give me a minute.

He is such a liar.

[Arthur] All right, just
hang in there, Krystal.


He didn't even like my vlog.

[mobile phone ringing]

- Yeah, Scott, what's up?
- I might have something.

Krystal's gonna be so mad.

Coady was collecting blood
from a healthy child?

Yes, I saw many litres to be processed.

That's what he was
preparing in his study.

He's doing parabiosis.

I think so.

Young blood for old veins.

He'll try anything to
extend his pitiful life.

Highly suspect science.

But we can use this.

Whatever you're thinking, Susan...

We can just leave. I can
help you to the boathouse.

You know me better than that.

He and Coady are too dangerous together.

Coady said she was close to a CASTOR cure.

She's lying. Ira, she was never close.

The best mind for your cure
is locked up in the basement.


She has influence with Mud, doesn't she?

- Yes.
- Good.

We will need her.

I sacrificed everything for Neolution.

People I loved.

Perhaps even my own soul.

But now, Ira, it is time
to bring it all down.

[Leonard] ... Lebanese chicks. [laughing]

Man, they are hot.


Krystal, you still there?

I'm peeing and then I'm gonna
kick him in the balls.

No, you will not kick him in the balls.

Okay, we've got some news from Scott.

Brie is gonna be fine.

But when you guys were at
the party at Len's house,

she stole some face cream.

Oh, my God. She's such a klepto.

[Sarah] Scott thinks it
might be experimental.

There should be some left
in her floral make-up bag.

Which one? She has, like, nine.

[humming] Oof.

My God.

Oh, Lenny boy.

- Shit.
- Krystal, we have a problem.

Yeah, because I have one make-up
station and Brie's shit is everywhere.

No, no, Len found the cream.

[knocking at door]

- [Leonard] Krystal.
- He's at the door.

- I know he's at the door.
- [Sarah] Oh, okay.

This is how you're gonna
play this, Krystal.

- You're gonna go out there...
- [knocking at door]

- [Sarah continues indistinctly]
- [Leonard] Krystal, get out. Now.

What's this?

- You tell me.
- You stole this from me.

Brie did.

My partner in that vlog
that you love so much.

- She used it and now she's sick.
- [scoffing]

- What's in it?
- She used it?

It's a prototype. It's experimental.

Jesus Christ, woman! How stupid are you?

[Leonard groans]

[both grunt]

Oh, I'm gonna be sick.

- [Krystal grunts]
- Oh.

[Krystal] Truth-telling time.

Talk, Len.

- If you don't talk, I swear to God...
- All right, all right, all right.

It's a dermal delivery system.

It's what Dyad wants.

It's the next big thing
in regenerative therapy.

Dermal delivery system?

They could put anything in that.

Is it LIN28A?

What's in it?

- "Linda" something?
- What?

It works on a cellular level.
That batch is the prototype.

It made the rabbit's hair fall out.

[screams] No! My beard. Not my beard.

Get out. Yeah, that's it.

[Leonard groans]

[woman crying]

What's happening, Ana?

Another child, Aisha, has died.


I thought she was getting better.

Where is the founder
now? Why is he silent?

He did this to her.

[woman continues sobbing]


What happened? What's wrong?

Aisha died.

Oh, my God.

We gotta get out of here.

- Don't you have family in Seattle?
- They don't want me.

I'm sure that's not true.

- Ira.
- [Mud] Hey.

You can't be down here.

Susan has a plan.

What are you talking about?

We're talking about taking a
stand against all of this.

But we need you too, Mud.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Yes.

We need you.

We need you.

We need you to tell us when
he's doing his treatments.

He's doing parabiosis.


Are you joking? He's bleeding kids too?

No, it's just plasma.

Mud, parabiosis means he is processing
young blood and transfusing it.

- He's using everyone here.
- [sighs]

Anything to prolong his life.

We need to stop him.

He saved my life, okay?

I'm just a dirtbag junkie.

I stole from my parents.
I ruined everything.

I couldn't even OD properly.

I... I was a vegetable
for, like, six months.

And then I woke up here...

In his house.

And now what?

Now you're his fool?

Mud, are you here by choice?
'Cause I'm not here by choice.

I just want to tell my parents I'm sorry.

Then help us.

[mobile phone chiming and vibrating]

Rachel Duncan.

[Westmorland on phone]
Good evening, Rachel.

Mr Westmorland?

I thought you didn't like the phone.

Why isn't Kira at Dyad yet?

You are well-informed again.

All your recent corporate
acquisitions are rather fruitless.

Or a bad piece of the
puzzle, wouldn't you say?

Yes, of course.

I'll take care of it.

Yes, you will.

[knocking at door]

Not now, busy.

Why didn't you tell me that
you're using parabiosis?

Because I knew you'd have qualms.

Blood of the innocent.

Bloodletting won't harm the child.

It's worth a try, I suppose.

At least, until the
LIN28A mutation is ready.

- Oh!
- Oh, dear. Here, let me help you.

[bell tinkling]

Yes, good.

[bell tinkling]

[breath trembling]

My child.

I've been watching you for a long time.

You have been a great comfort, my child.

Now, remove that bell
and forgive yourself.

- Thank you, sir.
- Hmm.

Ira. Did Mud come through?


- You okay? What's happening?
- [groaning]


Ira, are you glitching?

I don't know if I can make it.

Take Susan with you.

Don't worry. We'll all get
off the island together.

I'll get Charlotte, and the
cure is in the medic trailer,

so you get Susan to the
boathouse. [coughs]

You need to take this, just in case.

[knocking at door]

[door opens]

[Mrs S] What are you doing here?

[man] You know why we're here.

Let's not make this any harder on her.

[Mrs S] Just have your men stay back.

Hello, sweetheart.

Would you like to come recover with us?

It's, uh... It's late.

We never agreed to any overnight visits.

It's a sleep study.

Completely benign.


- Okay.
- [Rachel] Good girl.

Rachel, look at me.

There will come a day when you need us.

[Kira] I'll be okay, S.

Just tell Mom I'll keep writing my story.

[door closes]

What were you doing in there?

- More of Westmorland's experiments?
- I'm allowed to be in there.

- What are you hiding?
- Hey, hey, hey!

No, no. No, no, no, no, no!

- What's in here?
- Stop it!

- We're done being your lab rats.
- Let go of me.

- What is this?
- No! No, no, no.

No, please.

- More of what killed Aisha?
- That's my medicine.

That's my cure. I need that.

- Cosima!
- Just let me leave with my sister.

We are keeping the kids here now.

Yes, you're right to
protect the children...

From him.

Westmorland isn't... Isn't 170, okay?

Look, look.

He's a liar.

Okay? That's him and Susan Duncan in 1967.

Look, he's a young man.

[man 1] How's that possible?

[man 2] What about the fountain?

I'm sorry, but the fountain isn't real.

- He deceived you.
- [crowd chattering]

I know that's really hard to
hear, 'cause he deceived me too.

My family, scientists, governments,
military, all over the world.

He used you all.

He's experimenting on your children.

Aisha's dead because of him.

Would you please just let me leave?

[crowd chattering]

[man 3] They lied. The
whole place is a lie!

[man 4] I thought he
was telling the truth.

[machine beeping]

"I heard a thousand blended notes."



How... How does it go?

"To her fair works

did nature link this human
soul that through me ran.

If this belief from heaven be sent,

if such is nature's holy plan.

And much it grieved my heart to
think what man has made of man."

[door slams open]

Hello, Virginia, what's happening?

She was trying to kill you.


I was trying to save us all.

[engine starts]

- Cosima?
- Yeah.

It's too far from the mainland,
and I can't even swim.

Hey, hey, this is something
you don't know about me.

I grew up on boats.

And we've got a compass
and we've got charts,

and we've got extra gas.

It's really calm tonight, see?

Can you take care of that?

Thank you.

I don't think they're coming.



Susan, we have to go now.

[man] Burn everything!

Revival is a lie!

Get the children out!

Burn every building!