Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Scandal of Altruism - full transcript

Seeing that it is the best overall solution yet not perfect by any means, Sarah and Cosima decide with Kendall's OK to set up an agreement with Susan Duncan, which they will not divulge to ...

- Hello, Ms. Goderitch.
- What happened to your voice?

Nothing. This is my truth voice.

She's more than suspicious.

She's investigating this shit,
she's starting to piece it together.

Krystal is a naive subject.

She has some delusions about her
circumstance, but she's harmless.

Gotta keep her on the move.

I thought my DNA
was supposed to make it better.

It takes time to develop a therapy.

You don't wanna go sticking your neck
out for the Hendrixes.

And why's that?

He says they're dealing pills
out of Bubbles.

I created you as a beautiful baseline.

You've seen the alternative.

The carriers? The device

in Sarah?

But share the original's genome,

and together, we can make a cure.

Beth, what the hell are you doing?

Now, you're off the case. But you keep
digging, and digging and digging.

You can do this.

Your ID, please.

Your ID, please.

Ma'am, your ID.

Thank you.

I'm glad the morale is good.

Two dead test subjects
in as many weeks is not.

We've got it under control.

What good are your implants
if patients keep tearing them out?

Thank you.

Oh, dear!

- Uh, never mind...
- Here, Susan.

I'll go find
someplace to wash up.

Susan Duncan.

I know you.

I know everything.

Are you ready to meet our original?

After all these years...

I feel electric.

And when it's done? When I have my cure?

Perhaps we could go back
to Tristan da Cunha.

The summer you rescued me from Yale.

I was researching

the pathogenesis of rare disorders,

you remember?

I remember the villa.

With the lovely topaz roof.

- It was red.
- Of course.

What was the name of the town nearby?

You're testing me.

- I'm not glitching.
- I'm sorry.

It's been two months
since your last cognitive exam.

Hook me up right now.

Susan gets to restart human cloning

with new lab rats to study the genome.

And in return,
you get that bot out of your face,

and we get to collaborate on a cure.

Aren't you and Scott
well on your way to that?

The last viral vector didn't work.

And even if the next one does...

I may not have that much time, Sarah.


So what are you gonna tell Siobhan?

She's just gonna say no,
so I think we set it up first.

Are you sure?

Yeah. It's not her life, is it?

It's our decision.

But we can't help them cure CASTOR.

If we give the Neos Kendall's genome,

they'll have the sterilizing
pathogen again.

I may have a workaround,
but you're not gonna like it.

And I'm trying to,
like, change my life right now.

Like, I shouldn't have
to live my life that way.

I need protective custody now.

Because if Dyad doesn't get me,
then Brightborn definitely will.

All right. Can I have your name, please?

Krystal Goderitch.

With a "K," in Krystal, obviously.

Yeah, of course I'm available,
but you can't call me here.

What kind of attitude did you expect?


Mother or mistress, huh?

What are you doing, Arthur?

Nothing. I just wanted to, uh...

I wanted to thank you,
for warning me about the Hendrixes.

Yeah, you're welcome.
just, uh, just stay out of it.

I'll do that.

Are you taking any medications, Ma'am?

No. God, everyone thinks I'm crazy,

or they try to get my number.

Oh, you know what, Constable,
why don't I handle that for you?

Hi, Detective Bell, homicide.

Krystal Goderich, manicurist.

You know, why don't we take
this somewhere more private?

You're the boss.

So I was kept in this room
for like an hour,

and then they just
gave me free samples.

Like, can you believe that?

Like, I'm a whistle-blower,
I'm not gonna just, like, be paid off

with free samples.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Let's just back up for one second, okay?


These people who are after you...

They're targeting beauty professionals.


Yeah, and some of us know
what they're actually doing,

which is hoarding patents
in stem cell cosmetics.

And totally testing on human beings.

- Like, I'm against animal testing.
- Okay.

Like, humans is, like, too far.

- Do you know what I mean?
- Right.

Does "LEDA" mean anything to you?

Yeah. I love their eyeliner.


Dark Confidant
and Time Walk are key.

I never play without them anymore.

Most people think rare cards
must be awesome. Not so.

Tell your son to play the game,
not the market.

Stop pestering my driver.

- No smoking.
- Here you go.



I'm glad you're here.

You all right, Ma?

Because you're being really nice.

It's about my other daughters.

I'll let Cosima explain.

Sarah Manning.

Welcome to Brightborn.

You're Evie Cho, right?

I'm gonna pass on the tour,
Cosima doesn't recommend it.

- Did you come alone?
- No, I've got an army outside.

If I'm not out in 20 minutes,
your original takes an acid bath.

You understand?

Then we better hurry. Susan's waiting.

Susan Duncan.

Yeah, that's the same look
Leekie gave me.

I'm sorry. It's just strange
to see an unfamiliar face.

Is that a joke?


You're a mystery to me.

I like that.

Christ, a CASTOR?

Actually, I'm, uh, a Libra.

This is Ira, my assistant.

A breed apart.

From what, Dobermans?

I'm nothing like my brothers,
Ms. Manning.

You're safe here. Sarah, please sit.

Before we discuss Kendall, I wanna
know what this thing's doing to me.

The devices do different things
for different subjects.

For instance,
you mentioned Aldous Leekie.

He had one treating a genetic
predisposition for Alzheimer's.

But what's mine doing?

It's making you sick.

You're immune to the disease.

By activating specific genes,
we hoped to isolate the illness.

Apparently it hasn't flicked off
the right switch yet.

Why, 'cause I'm healthy?

Because you're alive.

We can have it out.

We can start work on a cure today,

if you just share Kendall.

Only her unique biology
makes human cloning possible.

Those same cells
could give you the CASTOR pathogen.

So Cosima's come up with a solution.

What kind of solution?

Kendall Malone has cancer.



You should've...
You should've told me.

And seen that look
for the rest of my life?

We can get a doctor.

I mean, someone we can trust
obviously and...

Chicken, it's too late.

And it's not your choice.

Cosima? Tell her what you told me.


Kendall's cancer might actually save us.

Kendall's a chimera, right?

Half her cells are CASTOR,
the other half are LEDA.

No way to tell which was which.

Until now.

So you have all these white blood cells
and one of them goes nuts

and starts multiplying like crazy,
millions of cancer cells.

All of those are clones
of that first white blood cell.

And luckily for us, the first one is...

It's just got the LEDA, right?

The LEDA genome.

Yeah, exactly.

So, if we isolate those leukemia cells,

we don't give them CASTOR,
we only give them LEDA.

An ingenious solution.
She's good, your sister.


Well, I can see an obvious problem.

You're a biological weapon, mate.

We're not saving CASTOR.


Fetch me a hard drive, please.

Ira, please.

I accept your terms.

But I want to be there
when the samples are taken from Kendall.

I thought you might.

And I want Cosima's research
on the disease

transferred to my hard drive.

She's closer to it than anyone,

I think that her insights
will be valuable.

You're not the first LEDA
to make it this far, you know.

- What are you talking about?
- Ira.


Beth thought she found her enemy.

She was wrong.

I hope you don't make
the same mistake she did.

Put your hands up.

How did you find me?

I'm a cop. I have resources.

I figured it out.

You're the head of the snake.
You're where this all ends.

You're mistaken.

I'm your creator.

- I'm invested.
- Shut up!

Your mother's name is Ruth, isn't it?

- Yes.
- Kind woman.

Wanted a daughter more than anything.

I was happy to oblige.

We had no idea about your father.

We screen for tendencies like that,
somehow he got through.

- I'm sorry.
- Stop it!

- You manipulate us. Turn around!
- We guide you.

I saw you graduate. You recall?

Get on your knees.

You polished that badge
to a mirror shine.

I said get down.

Why are you doing this?

If I kill you, it's over.

The monitors. The testing.
The lies.

You control Neolution.

No one controls the idea.

Kill me and someone will take my place.

But they will not protect you as I have.

Protect us from what?

From my own mistakes.

Beth, whatever you think

you know, you must believe this.

I have devoted my life
to sustaining yours.

Without me,
your sisters will wither on the vine...

and I cannot bear that.

I love you all.

I love you.

Close your eyes.

We knew Beth was in deep,
but trying to kill Susan Duncan...

So what stopped her?

Look at her. Another one thought
she could do it all on her own.

We had to make a deal, S.

You bartered my mother behind my back.

Cosima needs a cure,
I need this bot out of my face.

It's trying to make me sick, S.

Not just your neck's
on the line though, is it, Sarah?

Kendall agreed to it.

I just got her back.


I'm sorry.

I will do my part.

I will keep Susan honest,
and everyone safe.

But this is the wrong play, Sarah.

You're putting us all at risk.

You'll meet Scott at Fee's in an hour.

Bring Benjamin.

Leekie's Alzheimer's bot's looking
a little peaked.

Suppose we should feed it some
blood, like Little Shop of Horrors?

Yeah 'cause that ended well.

Okay, here it is.

One terabyte of data.

Three months of blood, sweat,
and fluid samples.

Two relationships.

One missing soulmate.

Well, Shay was a rebound,
so one-and-a-half relationships.

One-and-three-quarters tops.

I just don't know
if sharing this is a win, or...


We would have cracked it,
if we had the time.


- Yeah, let's do this.
- Yeah.

LEDA is everything.
I wish you'd understand.

I do understand.

You need your girls
to build a better human.

My life is expendable.

Oh, please. Don't talk like that.

I don't wanna die, Susan.

I wanna be with you.

I will find a way, for you as well.

I promise.

You believe me?

Sarah, I don't get it.

I'm sorry, Art, I think when Beth
couldn't pull the trigger on Susan,

she just couldn't live with it.

No, I watched that video hundred times.

The wig, the gun.

And then she comes back again.

I mean, if she didn't
shoot anybody then...

- Why did she have blood on her hands?
- Exactly.

What about this thing here?

Krystal thinks
Vidal Sassoon's after her.

Krystal, shit.

Uh, I'll get Fee to call you, all right?

- He's, uh, got a way with her.
- Okay.

You sure you and Cosima
don't need backup at Brightborn?

No, we've got it covered.

I should be bot-less in an hour.

Sarah, you watch your back.

This is what killed Beth.

Arthur, this is a hare-brained scheme,
who would buy it?

Actually, Krystal.
Okay, yeah, fine, I'll be there soon.

Susan's en route.

You call me when you're done
with the hairdresser.

She's an aesthetician.

We need to keep this situation
under control, Fee.

Just promise me that Adele
is not gonna walk in.

It's a moot point, she went home.

Felix, when this is all done,
bring her back.

I want the whole family here for Ma.


Kendall's a tough old badger, Mum.

Okay? You've still got time.

- They're coming up.
- Yeah.

They're here.

You all set?

Ready to separate the original's cells.
just need one original.



Mrs. Malone.

It's an honor.

Maybe this isn't such
a good idea after all.

Hey. We're gonna get
that thing out of your face.

- Uh-huh.
- Okay?

Then we'll take you for ice cream...

if you're good.

The extraction is safe, but delicate.

We'll put you under.
You'll sleep right through it.

- No. Not her.
- Why not?

I can still taste
your partner's fingers in my mouth.

Yeah, I'm assisting.

I got your back.

You can watch Scott work from there.

Take a seat.

Thank you.

Cosima says they've started.

Last needle, I promise.

Do you know why your biology
is so unique, Mrs. Malone?

Just my bloody luck.

Yes, you're a true anomaly.

The only clonable subject
my husband ever found.

No wonder he hid your identity so well.

Hid me from the likes of you.

Ethan saw the best in people.

I see the most.

And right now, you are the
most valuable person in the world.

What are those striations?

Neuromorphic grid,
biofeedback, not hardcoding.

More resilient that way.

So it has instincts?

- Sorry.
- Syringe?


The implant reacts
to heat and pressure variance.

This enzyme neutralizes those receptors.

Puts it to sleep. No toxic failsafe.


There you go.

You're doing really well, Sarah.

Almost there.

Ugh. It's leaking toxin.

I can't extract without rupturing it.

You're okay.

- Okay, we plug the leak, right?
- Yes.

Just breathe, Sarah.

If that toxin hits
her blood stream, she's dead.

Okay. Here we go. Don't move.

- Don't move.
- It's tearing. Now or never.

- Don't move.
- Careful.


All right, now pull it out
very, very carefully.

Slowly, slowly.


Good job. Great. Great.

You said it was safe.

You must have damaged it
trying to remove it.

Hey, you did it.

I'm ready to aspirate the cancer cells.

I'm so sorry.

You're getting
what you want, aren't you?

I'd spit, but she'd probably bottle it.

- What's happening?
- It's out. I'm coming.

- Get Kendall on the move.
- Okay.

Is Cosima still with Evie?

She'll leave Brightborn
as soon as Susan has her samples.

Finish up, Scott. You're done, Ma.


Before you leave, Mrs. Malone,
I want to thank you.

You won't live to see it, but you have
given us all a better future.

Let's go.

I'll see you later, Ma.
You... You did good.

Watch her. It's not over.

- You got that lighter?
- Yeah.

Wham! I popped that husky
masseur right onto his behind.

But he must have had
backup or something,

and she must have had a green belt,

'cause she, like, had me in an arm
lock before I could even block it.


- Is that your guy?
- Listen, just relax, okay?

This guy knows more about this
than anybody alive.


- What the hell are you wearing?
- What?

International intrigue lacks flair.

Look, I just need to know
that you can do this, all right?

I don't want her to rabbit on us.

She's not gonna rabbit, okay?
It's gonna be fine.

- Krystal...
- Oh, my God!

- It's okay. It's okay.
- Oh, my God!

You're that guy who stole my wallet
right before I was kidnapped.

- Oh, yeah.
- Um, well, Krystal,

this is, um, Inspector Dawkins.

From the Yard.

What ya rd?

- Scotland Ya rd.
- Yes.


He's a cop.

From London.

You said Scotland.

Okay, that's as far as that's gonna go.

Krystal, truth voice, right?

Do you remember what I said
to you the first time we met?

- That I wasn't alone?
- That's right, darling.

And you're not alone in... Oh, my God!

- Oh, Jesus!
- Oh, God, it burns!

- Oh, shit.
- Put the mace away!

- I'm... I...
- Put it away!

What is wrong with you?


- You all right, Sarah?
- Brilliant.

- Susan.
- Hello, Sarah.

- How are you, love?
- Been better.

- These are done? The samples?
- Uh, 52 LEDA cells.

Just enough for a sustainable line.

Which I will hand over
once I get confirmation Cosima is free.

She's remarkable, Cosima.

I wish Rachel had
such an inquiring mind.

They're all so different.

- Yeah, you have no idea.
- Whoa! Whoa, is that bleach?

- Are you out of your mind?
- Benjamin!

Thought I smelled trouble.

You've just destroyed yourself,
you stupid girl!

Sarah, you wanna tell us
what you're doing?

Kendall's driver's not answering.

I found her cigarettes
in a pool of blood.


- What have you done?
- I haven't done anything.

Bollocks! Where's my mother?

If anything's happened, it wasn't me.

We have to go, S.

Yeah, you're coming with us.

And your life depends
on what happens next.

- Do you understand me?
- Not just mine.

What about Cosima?
She's still at Brightborn.

The power source is metabolic,
from the host's own tissue.

A synthetic ATP chain.

Nature is just a set
of spare parts to you, isn't it?

Well, I think of it more as a palette.

Your research?

Tell me what happened
to Delphine Cormier.


The former head of Dyad.

Oh. Doctor Cormier. Of course.

Dyad's not my purview.

I'm sorry. But I knew of her
and her dedication to you.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

It's her research on there too,
isn't it?

I couldn't have done it without her.

And what you started together,

we can all finish with Kendall's genome.

Susan's gone dark.

What? What's going on?

I'm so sorry.

I'm taking self-defense classes,
so it was just, like, a reflex.

Oh, is that what happened?

- I have Visine in my bag if you want it.
- Nope, that's all right.

Uh, nothing more from your purse.


Listen, just pull yourself
together, okay? She's scared.

Buck up.

Oh, God.

Aw, your poor skin.

- No, really, it's just a flesh wound.
- I'm so bad.

Look, Krystal...

You need to know
that you figured it out.

It's all true. All of it.

There is this dirty war
being waged on stem cell technology,

trying to control it,

and it's all being orchestrated

by the cosmetic companies.

I knew it.

Yes, yeah. All the big players
are involved. Right, Art?

- Uh, Brightborn, Neolution...
- What's Neolution?

They're Swedish.

- Oh.
- Yes, quite European.

- Oh, God.
- Look, Krystal, the point is,

while the case is still open,
you need to just live your life

as normally as possible. Go home.

They can't know we're onto them.

Our numbers are in here.

For emergencies only, though.

Are you okay? I keep...

Ever since I smacked
this French doctor at the Dyad,

I just keep injuring people
everywhere I go. I'm so sorry.

Do you mean Dr. Delphine Cormier?

Why, do you know her?

Is she involved in this?

Well, she's a friend of ours.

What can you tell us about her?

I'm so sorry, um...

I saw her get shot.

I saw everything.

No one will find you here.

Where is she? Where's Kendall?

You think I'd kidnap Kendall and then
allow myself to be taken hostage?

You'll do anything.

You hunted her down for 20 years.

It wasn't me!

It doesn't make sense, does it?

You don't actually believe her?

She's got the genome,
she doesn't need to do this.

But Ira does.


He was there when we made the deal.

A deal that denied him a cure.

He wouldn't betray me.

Not even to save his own life?

Where would we find him?

There's a key card in my pocket.

We keep rooms at the Palmina, 708.

You got my ma into this.
You better get her out.

I'll go with her.

Shit. He's glitching!

Hey, hey. Wake up! Where's Kendall?

Hello, where's Kendall? Hey!


Stupid bugger. He's OD'ing.

Call 911.

He's a dead end, Benjamin.

Where's Kendall?

So how're we doing back here?

There you go.

Why am I out here?

It won't be long.

If you're too cold,
I have a spare blanket.

Nasty business
that we're wrapped up in, isn't it?

Someone's got their hooks in ya.

I've been hunted around the world.

What's your story?

I'm just in over my head, lady.

Just like everybody else.

We can help you.

My daughter, she hides people.

How's that working out for you?

Least I can look her in the eye.

You're shivering.

I'll get you that blanket.

Ira tried to kill himself.

Benjamin's watching him at the hospital.

He's had his stomach pumped, he's fine.

Forget about Ira. What have
your vipers done with my mother?

S! S! S! That's enough.


There's some kind of Trojan
wiping our research.

Wha... How's that possible?
Your system's offline.

It had to be introduced
on the hard drive from Brightborn.

Sarah, we're done.

Everything's gone.

Cosima's data's been wiped.

It's a coup.

- Competing technologies.
- I'm sorry, what's happening?

Whoever did this doesn't care
about Kendall's genome.

They just want LEDA destroyed.


The engineer.

Mrs. Malone,

you should've stayed hidden.

I take it this is the one
who has you all twisted up.

I'm sorry, it has to play out like this.

You have your precious original.
Let her go.

Stay there.

This is compressed triethylaluminium.
Burns at 1,200 degrees.

And we've confirmed
all her samples are destroyed.

There will be nothing left.

Susan, please, you have to tell us,

where would Evie take Kendall?


What are you talking about now?

That's why she wanted to kill me.

Beth held a gun to my head.

And Evie put it in her hand.

She didn't do it, Detective Duko.
She left Susan on her knees.

I'm in the car. Get down here.

- Beth...
- You set me up.

No, I didn't.

You... You said you wanted
to put an end to this,

to free your sisters.

By killing the head of Neolution.

She made us. She needs us.

Not you.
You just want to take her place.

It's not happening!

Oh, it is. I'll find another way.

Susan's done, just like your sisters.

- Don't talk about my sisters.
- Beth, you know too much now.

If you run,
Neolution will cauterize your life.

Alison, Cosima, your parents, Paul.

- Then I'll pull the trigger right now.
- You won't end it.

You wanna save the people that you love?

Use that gun on yourself.

Do you think I'm afraid to die?

Do you think
I'm scared of anything right now?

Why are you doing this?

I never understood
what Susan saw in that face.

In the decades of watching
your tedious lives,

while technology just passed her by.

Clones are obsolete.

You're Betamax.

Because of the bots?

We don't need your baseline, we...
We can fix people now.

You can't perfect the human genome.

You can't know what perfect is!

I know. I was born sick.

I'm sick, too.
That doesn't justify this.

Da Vinci robbed graves to study anatomy.

In hundred years,
they'll call me a pioneer.

Please don't do this.

Say goodbye.


- Please, please.
- Stop there.

Kendall, what'll we do?

No tears, Cosima.

These shites aren't worth the salt.

Tell Siobhan

she's done right. Always.

And tell your sisters

I'm proud to have been part of them all.

Step back.

Turn around, love.

Turn around.

Good girl!

Delphine Cormier was shot dead
at the Dyad parkade.

Oh, my God!

Tell Susan the original's dead.

Tell Sarah it's over,

or Beth died for nothing.


- Don't make me kill a cop.
- Don't make me.

Is it true?

Will my sisters die for what I know?

They've done it before.

What's your play, Beth?

It's over! We're done.
I'm done! I screwed it up.

We can't fight this anymore, Mika.

Neolution will cauterize your life.

Alison, Cosima, your parents, Paul.

You wanna save the people that you love?

Use that gun on yourself.

You need to drop all this.

Go back into hiding.

Drink iced tea,
play video games, whatever.

Just stay hidden.

I have to keep everyone
that I care about safe.

Please don't leave me.

And you want that, too. Don't you, Beth?

Watch the others for me.

♪ I will always follow
What is moving through my bodyline

♪ I could never hold onto
something That doesn't stick inside fl

You came to me an orphan.
That's all you'll ever be.

Welcome to The Island of Doctor Moreau.

Listen to me,
because this is about Delphine.

I wanted a bit of fun.
You can't even get it up.

- She has a daughter?
- Sometimes.